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Whale Rider
Whale Rider (2003)
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Saw one critics opinion as a one liner, "what a childrens film should be". Yes, it can be apprecated on that level as a fable which holds true to its tribal story telling roots. However, it runs a little thicker in substance than that and has a cinematic essence which can only be grasped by a director who is a female, a part Maori and an artist of neutral opinion who can capture the last reminense of a culture about to lose its identity in the wave of capitalism and corporate go forward. No one more dedicated to the protectionism of Maoridom and the representation of minority rights could place it so well on an international stage. With the help of some heavily reacognised actors and a stand out performance from a debutante, of which an Oscar nomination ensued, a film began, middled and delivered an end, not only the nationals, but the world, and is something to be remembered. Watch and be awed

Idiot Box
Idiot Box (2001)
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well..a pure Aussie classic. With classic scenes like the cokaburra charity bucket robbery fight scene and lines like "I've had a longer piss than that.." it is hard to believe that you can find anything funny from an ocker since bonny doone and the Castle? Highlighted with supurb acting and a snap shot of surburban Sydney life in a newly formed society in a low to middle (questionable) class of living which makes you wonder why it doesn't happen more often with better planning, better luck and even maybe more success than the comedic ending. You don't have to be a South Pacific native to enjoy this one. But it helps.

From your arch rival cousin from next door
Senor Kiwi

PS I am a Kiwi so cannot give it the full 100