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Mauro's Review of Paul

11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


8.5 really. Paul is a clever comedy with lots of bits of genius in it but at the same time, a fair bit of Hollywood clichés thrown in. Science fiction fans rejoice, because if you know your science fiction you are bound to love this one as you will pick up lots of cool references.

The story line is pretty good actually, and the movie gets funnier and funnier as it goes. To be honest this one feels quite different from "Hot Fuzz"and "Shaun of the Dead", more than likely because Edgar Wright had nothing to do with it. But like those two I just mentioned, it has that cleverness to it you can't really explain.

Good watch, I recommend it if you:
1. Like comedies in general.
2. You know your science fiction.
3. You like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.