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Mauro's Review of Creature from the Black Lagoon

12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon(1954)

I could be a bit inaccurate on this one since I watched a long time ago. But this is what I remember:

-Acting: Pretty bad actually, I mean, some of the cast was decent but others, specially the Spanish speaking guy were kind of laughable even.

-Story: I like the idea and the premise, I like it a lot actually but it could have developed a little more in some things. Some stuff is explained pretty quick and in very basic manners. (Spoiler Begins)(Spoiler Begins)Come on, they talk about how you can't just shoot the creature dead and then at the end that's how they kill it. (Spoiler Ends) (Spoiler Ends.)To some degree however, that helps add to the entertainment.Just getting through with stuff fast and bringing the monster. The thing is, to me, "Creature from the Black Lagoon" is one of the funnest films to watch, definitely more entertaining than the classic "The Wolf Man" with Lon Chaney Jr. and more fun than Boris Karloff's classic "The Mummy" which I actually did not like.

-Characters: To me Gill-Man is an awesome monster, and he makes up for a lot of the other less interesting characters. Gill-Man is awesome and you can't deny it! I guess I got a few laughs from the terrible imitation of a Hispanic person but at the end of the day, that character is the poorest one in the film.

-Dialogue: Fine, nothing special but nothing bad.

Overall, this film is more fun than a lot of people might think, even I was surprised I was so entertained considering I watched this early last year when I thought of old films as well, bad! Glad I chose to rent this one though, 'cause this one led me into watching more films from different eras and appreciating them.