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8.5 really. Paul is a clever comedy with lots of bits of genius in it but at the same time, a fair bit of Hollywood clichés thrown in. Science fiction fans rejoice, because if you know your science fiction you are bound to love this one as you will pick up lots of cool references.

The story line is pretty good actually, and the movie gets funnier and funnier as it goes. To be honest this one feels quite different from "Hot Fuzz"and "Shaun of the Dead", more than likely because Edgar Wright had nothing to do with it. But like those two I just mentioned, it has that cleverness to it you can't really explain.

Good watch, I recommend it if you:
1. Like comedies in general.
2. You know your science fiction.
3. You like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Sgt. Bilko
Sgt. Bilko(1996)

Maybe I am just not in the right generation or maybe it is the type of person I am, but Steve Martin just doesn't seem to entertain me with his comedy. This film is by no means the most painful thing you could watch, but it did make me wish I had skipped it, it's still pretty bad. It just isn't funny. A chuckle or two don't make up for the other hour and twenty something minutes of not laughing and just staring at a TV without any emotions whatsoever. Any positives? The acting by all felt decent I suppose. But honestly this one should be reserved for those who find themselves laughing a lot with Steve Martin's comedy.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

A film that won't dissapoint. The acting is very solid by all and Jeff Bridges is utterly brilliant. A few unbelievable bits do not bring this down much as they provide some entertainment that the movie could've very well lacked without them. The cinematography is awesome as usual by the Coens, and at the start I wasn't all that sure I was going to like it this much, and I am glad it proved me wrong. The dialogue can be a bit hard to understand at times (specially Jeff) but make sure you try hard to understand it as it is actually quite good, both interesting and funny at times.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Funny but not hilarious. Recommended watch if you are with your mates. By the way I didn't like Janet Lynch's character much in this movie, but Sean and Paul were cool.

P.S. does Sean W. Scott look like Andy Roddick or what?

Creature from the Black Lagoon

I could be a bit inaccurate on this one since I watched a long time ago. But this is what I remember:

-Acting: Pretty bad actually, I mean, some of the cast was decent but others, specially the Spanish speaking guy were kind of laughable even.

-Story: I like the idea and the premise, I like it a lot actually but it could have developed a little more in some things. Some stuff is explained pretty quick and in very basic manners. (Spoiler Begins)(Spoiler Begins)Come on, they talk about how you can't just shoot the creature dead and then at the end that's how they kill it. (Spoiler Ends) (Spoiler Ends.)To some degree however, that helps add to the entertainment.Just getting through with stuff fast and bringing the monster. The thing is, to me, "Creature from the Black Lagoon" is one of the funnest films to watch, definitely more entertaining than the classic "The Wolf Man" with Lon Chaney Jr. and more fun than Boris Karloff's classic "The Mummy" which I actually did not like.

-Characters: To me Gill-Man is an awesome monster, and he makes up for a lot of the other less interesting characters. Gill-Man is awesome and you can't deny it! I guess I got a few laughs from the terrible imitation of a Hispanic person but at the end of the day, that character is the poorest one in the film.

-Dialogue: Fine, nothing special but nothing bad.

Overall, this film is more fun than a lot of people might think, even I was surprised I was so entertained considering I watched this early last year when I thought of old films as well, bad! Glad I chose to rent this one though, 'cause this one led me into watching more films from different eras and appreciating them.

The Mummy
The Mummy(1959)

(Possible Spoilers)

So some things could have been given more sense, I mean, why the hell is Peter Cushing so fine about the death of his dad and uncle? That's probably more of a directional problem because I reckon Peter is able to show more emotions towards those matters if the director asked for it. Not to mention the storyline can be a bit ridiculous at times. Peter Cushing's wife just happens to look like Ananka the empress.

Overall though, it's just a very fun movie to watch. Its entertaining and I think they did a good job with the mummy's look, besides, Lee did great playing the mummy. Good movie, nothing great.


What to say? I expected to have a blast in this movie, but it was only the last 20 minutes that were actually very fun. I don't think I need to talk about the cheesiness, the generic story, Arnold's hilarious acting and one-liners. We all know that already don't we? No-one watches this expecting rationality and seriousness.

To be honest I don't take many points of this movie for that, I just expected to enjoy it a heck of a lot more. Maybe that was my problem in the first place. I don't know, I guess this would be a rotten without Arnold, who in some way saves the movie. Scrap that, not in some way, he does save the movie!

2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa

It was an enjoyable world cup, but at the same time it was missing a couple of things that could have made it perfect. These things are:

-A player that stood out from all the others and ruled the matches. I am sorry, although Iniesta and Forlan were great, they don't really make the category Ronaldo and Rivaldo made in 2002 or Maradona in 1982 or Zidane in 1998 or 1962 Pele. By the way Robben was awfully overrated.

-The final, good but not great. For some parts kind of boring and nothing too exciting happened apart from the goal scored by Spain. Maybe if the final had been Brazil vs Spain it would have been more exciting. I expected to see a technically impressive and fun to watch Netherlands. Like they were known for back in the Cruyff days. This style has obviously died away since then, as they are such a dull team to watch. They are too defensive, almost reminded me of Italy. Spain was clearly the entertaining part of the match, but they are only half the match.

Apart from that, we got some real cracking matches throughout the cup. Teams like Uruguay and Germany were great fun and the fact that a team that's never won before won deserves a few points as well. This cup definitely beats '06 in my opinion, but '02 remains my favourite. (I've only watched 3 world cups.)

P.S. Bubuzellas, not half as annoying as some people make them out to be.

The Crimson Rivers

I actually thought I would enjoy this a lot more, but it honestly wasn't that fun. And the plot, well, I don't know it didn't convince me as very good not to mention the twist is meh. Not even a great set-up for it or cool way to tell it. The film has its fun moments (I gotta admit the fight with Tekken sound in the background was pretty awesome.)

I ought to give it to Jean Reno, this isn't a particularly amazing performance by him but as far as having to play the "Cop who's been around for years and knows all the tricks,etc" he is pretty good. I also think the plot had potential but was not executed very well in its way of telling. The movie seems to expect you to give reasoning and make logics in your head of why someone would do such things portrayed in the film. I mean, it's not something like it wants to leave it up to you for a bit of mystery and stuff. It moves onto different scenes and makes you think, "so why would someone do that and what the hell is the point!?"

If it improved a bit more on storytelling I'd probably give it a 70%. If it had kept me more interested and gripped as well it could get an 80%. But it didn't.

The Usual Suspects

So, what's up with this movie? It starts off fine, missing some grip for a few moments. Not boring, just not very captivating at times. But wait for the last half an hour, oh boy, that last half an hour is just fucking brilliant. Let's hope you've been paying attention to the plot, 'cause it gets very gripping in the last 30 minutes. Not only that, but the twist ending is very impressive. To me, it wasn't so much the twist itself but how they've set it up for it to happen and how they show it. There is also a perfect quote to go with it which I am not going to say so that if you haven't seen this, you won't be thinking about it and maybe ruin it for you.

The movie is filled with very good acting from both Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Spacey. The dialogue is great, especially when you can connect all of it to some of the events. The directing and cinematography, well, nothing special I guess but it is steady and holds through fine. Definitely a recommended viewing.

The Flesh and The Fiends

The directing was good and the acting by Peter Cushing and both the murderer's in this film is impeccable. The scene where both murderers are killing an old drunk woman especially demonstrates their great acting.

Overall, all the cast did a good job and the story is very interesting. I just wish it had let itself wrap a bit more on some things at the end. Some things really aren't explained very well and it felt like the kind of movie you would want explanations from. We can assume what happened but we can't be sure, why is one of the murderer's let free of charge? Why do people end up clapping at Peter Cushing after knowing all the evil he has done?

Maybe if it had reflected on those things a bit more I could have been entirely satisfied. But I do recommend this film for those interested on the Vicent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing horrors.

Theater of Blood (Theatre of Blood) (Much Ado About Murder)

I often find myself struggling to rate comedies (Yes, this flick is probably 60% comedy, 40%horror) because a lot of the stupid things one finds or some flaws in the story are there because they are supposed to be there to add a comedic effect. So can I really say that this movie should have points taken off for its ridiculous premise (Vincent Price decides to murder all critics who didn't give him the "Critics Circle Award for Best Actor)? Or for having some more stupid than usual cops? Probably not.

What to say, Vincent Price is magnificent as is the actor who plays the main critic. The story is original and very interesting, not only does Vincent Price decide to kill some critics but he will kill them in the ways Shakespeare kills some of his characters in his plays. This one is also quite entertaining and a good watch. There's a small twist at the end which isn't quite the "big thing" as a twist, but it is very impressive just because I couldn't believe I didn't notice it, they did it really well. If you watch you will understand.


The last time I reviewed this movie, it was quite a short, weak review. So now that I had to write a new review for it for a multimedia assignment, I decided that I would delete my old RT review of it and paste the new one I made, because it works much better and it's only fair for my favourite movie to get a more proper review.

"Fargo" is a film written and directed by the "Coen Brothers." Not only is this the film that rose them to bigger fame but it also defines what their movies are generally like; darkly funny, quirky comedies with their stylistic film-noir touch. "Fargo" tells the story of Jerry Lundegaard, a man who has a huge debt to pay for and decides to hire two other men, Carl and Gaear, to kidnap his wife Jean Lundegaard. This way, Jerry can get his rich father-in-law to pay for the ransom and so split the money with the hired kidnappers. And so, Marge Gunderson, a pregnant cop comes into the case when the kidnapping plan goes wrong.

The reason "Fargo" is a film that works so well, is because it has gone against all the rules of a mainstream cop thriller and still managed to entertain and impress a lot of its audience in a gripping, interesting manner. There are no high-speed, unbelievable car chases in it, there is no "bad-a** cop" to be seeing, no punk or rock music playing in the background, there's not even many shots fired and yet, it's not a dull film at all. It feels very real to watch, it truly does feel like something that could happen and so, it achieves what it aimed for perfectly. Its brilliant cast helped out a lot to this feeling as well, Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi and William H. Macy all deliver a mind-blowing performance; with Steve Buscemi's character being my personal favourite.

Darkly funny, quirkiness as I mentioned before, is a Coen Brother's trademark. This is found through most of the dialogue we listen to in the movie, given the situations the characters find themselves in, quotes like "You're darned tooting" become funny and so do some of their reactions as well. It may not be quite the "laugh-out-loud" comedy movie but it is certainly a great touch from the Coen Brothers in a movie which given to other directors, might have just been a very serious, perturbing, let's completely shock the audience as much as we can thriller. Don't misunderstand though; the comedy does not get carried away or ruin all feeling of the serious matter of the movie.

The film has been shot in a non-overly complex manner, in fact, as far as editing and transitions go, it can be quite simplistic, then again going against the rules of cop-thrillers. There are nice scenery shots to be found throughout, the Coens took advantage of the snowy setting of the story and executed it perfectly, without overdoing the scenery to the point of dull. The plot is simple to understand but at the same very impressive, it always makes me wonder how they came up with it. It avoids clichés without an ounce of arty pretentiousness or arrogance. And so I believe, Fargo is one of the most impressive movies to have been made.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

This movie is just perfect cast-wise. From Bruno Ganz playing Hitler to Alexandra Maria Lara playing Traudl Junge. From Juliane Kohler playing Eva Braun to Götz Otto playing Hauptsturmführer Otto Günsche. The movie has been beautifully shot and is bound to keep one interested whilst watching. There are some very interesting pieces of dialogue and also some very intense moments which I don't want to spoil, so I'll just say they will probably keep you gripped to the film.

You may find that towards the last 20 minutes of the movie the scripting goes a little slack and it just becomes a matter of watching people commit suicide for a while with not much else, but that's probably how it was I guess. Nevertheless though this movie still belongs among the best war movies of the decade. Make sure to pay attention to the lighting of the movie, it's been very well done, the director really took advantage of the setting he had to film in.

I really hope Bruno Ganz got some kind of nomination after this film, he might very well be the best Hitler we've had put on screen ever. And the movie succeeds at making us see just how far pride can get to some people to the point of sacrificing your own city people for the sake of not surrendering and also not disobeying the fuhrer no matter how crazy he might be because of a few phrases you swore before joining the German Axis.

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run(1999)

Interesting storytelling and premise. "Run Lola Run" tells the story of a German girl whose boyfriend has lost a bag of 100 000 Marks and she has to somehow get the money within 20 minutes just like her boyfriend will try as well. Only he tells her he will wait 10 minutes for her and if she isn't there with the money in time then he will just get it himself by robbing a supermarket. Should they fail, they fear he will get killed.

Something you are bound to notice throughout the movie is that the editors have put a lot of effort to the imagery and transitions, which works for the most part but sometimes also gets a tad annoying. I liked the way they connected the "...and then" bits but other times like the first time we see Lola run along the river it just didn't work for me. If there's another thing I didn't like very much about the movie it was the soundtrack, I was surprised to see it mentioned on the consensus.

So, the movie's premise is to show us how tiny differences of how people react to something or what happens when you make different decisions can entirely change the outcome to something; which I thought was great. The movie shows us three different outcomes to how the same plot could end, and this is shown to us very well, even though the last outcome was a little unrealistic, it wasn't anything that bothered me or turned the movie down for me.

To end this I just have to mention the magnificent acting by the whole cast, especially Lola, her performance felt very real. If you don't mind forcing yourself to read some subtitles and enjoy seeing original stuff. I definitely recommend "Run Lola Run".

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

"The A-Team"is a flawed film, the way it was edited wasn't quite the best. There was even a scene that felt like a trailer (court-case) and I kept expecting it to go: "Coming Soon". Quite a few of the transitions don't feel right either most notably in the non-linear parts, they don't flow too well.

I posted a comment on the Jackie Chan "Total Recall" the other day explaining my dislike for action movies revolving around explosions, because, they are lame. And I mean fucking lame! You see one you've seen all, person to person fights with lots of blood are way cooler. "The A-Team" however is one of those that takes advantage of its budget and chucks in lots of explosions. It also took advantage to go way over its running time, when it could have been cut a lot shorter. So how does this movie get a fresh out of me? Why does this guy (monkey) who keeps ranting it out give this a fresh. The reason is simple, while "The A-Team" does do all of these things I've mentioned, it only does it at the first 4/5. But in that last 5th, you know the one where everything is set-up for it to have a big shoot-out and end, it improves over the previous scenes and you get to see some cooler action with guns instead of missiles and hands instead of bombs. Thanks to this, I left the movie quite happy. Look at it this way, watching a movie that is really good and then has a shit ending and ruins all is worse than watching one that is bad throughout the start but achieves a cool ending and lifts the movie up a bit.

At times, I felt "The A-Team" tried to take itself a little more seriously than it should (Far out, the Gandhi scene deserves to be cut-out)and it also contains a little cheesy romance in parts.

On the bright side, the casting was perfect. I mean, for once, a wrestler has done good acting. Rampage took the role with bravery and delivered a just right Mr. T, definitely not upset they didn't use the original. The rest of this A-Team also offered good acting and Liam Neeson (hope I spelled it right) delivers a very good performance. The acting in this film is another point for its worthy fresh.

The A-Team has definitely got its moments and I suggest watching it with some friends and just having a good time with it, although I myself found the first 4/5 boring even though I told myself to just let myself enjoy it and not be serious with it, I think I don't quite represent what most people would have felt throughout those parts. Because my friend seemed to enjoy them. Well, at least I can assure you all that the end is very enjoyable.

The House That Dripped Blood

It's quite an enjoyable movie, in fact, lately I find myself being more entertained by old movies than new ones. Maybe it's because I've been watching quite a few of them lately and I've gotten used to steady shots and easy transitions. Nevertheless, it's been a long while since I reviewed a movie mainly because it's being a long while since I watched one, I've been incredibly busy but now I am glad to have broken this "movieless" chain.

Written by the same author of "Psycho", "The House that Dripped Blood" is a pretty original movie which achieves its premise well, and that is to be creepy. Christopher Lee gave a very impressive performance in both his roles and John Pertwee was very good as well. The rest of the cast did okay, not bad, just okay.

The movie is told to us in flashbacks revolving around a guy who is selling this blood dripping house to a detective investigating the case. Now, you can see with this one some similarities with "Psycho" in the sense of all the psychological references the movie gives, even the final conclusion which, although not predictable it was just okay. I mean, it wasn't a conclusion that would leave you amazed or open mouthed at its creativity, but it will leave you satisfied.

One thing that "Psycho" exceeds over this one is dialogue, for "Psycho" had some memorable quotes, this one doesn't.

Overall, this is a fine flick that isn't quite groundbreaking, but entertains and satisfies in its ideas.

The Day of the Triffids

I had a good time watching this sci-fi classic. It shared some interesting ideas that I liked (nearly everyone going blind was pretty cool) and for the most part was very entertaining. I have to say that I've always preferred robotics and prosthetics over CGI so maybe that helped to me having a good time with this one. There are some few scenes where it drags a little bit and also some rather cheesy and clichéd bits.
But hey? What's to expect from a sci-fi adventure?
This one won't be able to be compared to Star Wars, but in my opinion deserves a fresh for its sheer entertainment and interesting ideas.


If you can find anything wrong with Scorcese's gangster/mafia flick "Goodfellas", then you are looking way too deep into movies. This is probably my favourite Marty flick up to date. It is filmed in a very interesting manner, the dialogue is some of the funniest shit I've heard. The acting is awesome by the whole cast, with Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta giving the best performances in my opinion. Story and plot are top notch. A masterpiece!

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

What I liked:
-The idea of a prequel to the original.
-King John's acting.
-Battle scenes are very entertaining and you are bound to have a blast with them.
-I guess cinematography was alright.

What I didn't like:
-Hardly any grip, found myself near falling asleep at times. When they are talking, it is rather uninteresting stuff.
-Bow and arrow shooting from Robin. The ads made it feel like you would see a lot of cool arrow shots from Robin, you see I think 3 in the whole 2 hours and...
-Is anyone else getting tired of the man who is about to die but whispers out his last few sentimental words while the protagonist stares at him attentively as he slowly dies?
-A cinema topic I've always despised, small kids or teens who have their own little world and survive by themselves and also have to be awesome at fighting, killing or protecting people.In this case the orphan outlaws.
Examples of movies that portray something similar:
Children of the Corn. There was also a show here in Aus which was pretty much about that.
-It may sounds harsh, but I am glad Maximus has his son and wife killed in "Gladiator", otherwise I could see where the love between him and his wife would have gone. No, honestly. Russell Crowe's and Cate Blanchett's relationship is one of the most annoying things in the movie. It goes in every clichéd direction which I guess you are to expect when watching this. But still, very annoying.
-There are a hell of a lot of stupid bits in the movie. Cate Blanchett killing ramdom French Guy with a dagger for example, that scene was freaking ridiculous.
-And last, although I like Russell Crowe and think he is a good actor,I have no idea why he goes from the heavy british accent to speaking in a "cool, sexy voice" every ten minutes.

I don't think I would even recommend this movie to a pop-corn goer because even them will probably get bored with this one.

The Man on the Train (L'homme du train)

I was actually expecting something a lot better. I find that there were a few problems with this movie. The main one being that it is missing grip, I was never quite engaged into this movie as much as I have been with other character studies (Taxi Driver, Motorcycle Diaries.)

Another one is that although I think the study of the old guy was exceptional, the younger man is never quite studied or explained to us very well, he is weird, but it is never explained why very well. Also the movie provided a lot more feel towards the older man, making the younger character even less interesting. My English teacher mentioned today in class how he preferred foreign movies to Hollywood ones mainly because they provide more characterization and thought towards the movie's protagonist/s. So I had this in mind a lot while watching this movie and somehow had to agree with my teacher, but for only one of the mains in "man on the Train".

The movie isn't a bad one, but I just wasn't as impressed by it as the critics seem to have been. You know what (I may be wrong) sometimes I think critics praise foreign movies for the sake of being foreign. I guess in some way the average foreign movie has more thought and is better elaborated than the average Hollywood one, but claiming so many of them as perfect and masterpieces? I don't know. (By the way is there a single foreign drama that doesn't have some sort of nomination or prize to some kind of award in Europe?)

I was originally going to give this one a 60% but that last scene where the shots jump from bank robbery to the operation (no this isn't a spoiler) I thought were very creative and I got totally engaged. A little cheese does kick in at the end but nothing to disappoint you from seeing this, interesting movie.

A History of Violence

I absolutely loved this movie nearly all the way through, it's ideas on the origin of violence where interesting and Viggo, what a great fucking actor. I also enjoyed the story line and the dialogue was pretty good. It's protagonist is also one of the most memorable characters of the decade to my standards.

The one thing holding this one down was the final fight, if you make an action film you either make it ridiculously stupid (Shoot 'em up) or serious, at least relatively. But anything in between ruins them a bit. "A History of Violence" was very consistent on its dark, serious tone right up until the last fight. I won't spoil this for anyone but I'll just say I didn't really like the last fight, a bit unreal. Maybe this wasn't so much an action as a drama, but hey, that doesn't really help? Right?

Apart from that all I can say is that the film is incredibly gripping and that I wish this film had gotten a bit more attention when it came out because it definitely deserves it.


It feels like Hitchcock's little masterpiece. This based on a true story murder will manage to keep you entertained (assuming you are used to old movies) with the use of only one camera, yes, one camera and not filmed like its handy-cam. Most of the film, is also filmed in one shot, overall I think it only swapped shots 3 times in the entire movie, so it's almost like watching a play.

The way the actors have managed to keep it going very well for long periods of time is amazing. And they all acted very well. Particularly the three mains, it was amazing, the camera didn't stop rolling for about half an hour and there they are swapping between each on who has to go in front of the camera. It also shows you how great a filmmaker Alfred was.

Sort of in response to the review before me, yes we are let know who the murderer was and there isn't much mystery, but one still wants to find out how they will catch these guys and what Rupert's reaction will be which kind of leaves something for us to want to know and find out.

License to Wed

Wait, was this supposed to be funny? Was this supposed to entertain me? This movie more than certainly makes my top 5 most hated films. Seriously, this was just shit!

The film just dragged and felt painful to watch, the jokes sucked and the acting was bad. Robin Williams certainly hasn't had a good role in years.

Dialogue: shit
Cliches: Filled with them
Funny: Not at all
Story: Fucking crap!
Anything you could say was good about this one: Nothing about it was.

I cannot get over how painful this movie was to watch. It was so dull and horrible. It's moral was crap and Robin Williams' character is just annoying,and so are the couple. Just do yourself a favor and not even consider watching this one!

Gangs of New York

Flawed at times, such as when it tries to show off its high definition cameras or when McGloin gets smacked by the priest and then he is back with the butcher felt kind of weird. The movie however is very enjoyable and some great performances by Day-Lewis and DiCaprio boost it up.

Diaz was ok, but next to those two she didn't shine much, maybe it was just her character. The movie holds with it an interesting topic and is for the most part nicely filmed and enjoyable. The love story within, well, I didn't like it much felt a little cheesy sometimes. The dialogue is fine but sometimes goes a bit off, Scorcese's good direction and the strong acting from Daniel and Leo make this worthy of an 80% though.

Burn After Reading

A very fun and funny Coen flick. I laughed really hard with this one, surprisingly though, I didn't really like Brad Pitt's character much. It wasn't that he did bad acting he acted very well, it's just the character I found a tad annoying at times, but nevertheless there's probably a good reason for Pitt's character to be like that. I really enjoyed all the mixing up in the story and found myself laughing really hard especially at Malkovich. Such a great actor. This one isn't the Coen's best flick (at least for me) but I think they just kind of wanted a fun comedy to work with and they achieved it.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Great movie with great cinematography and awesome storyline. Awesome dialogue and amazing acting by pretty much all cast. Such a great movie deserves a lot of respect.

The movie triumphs at making areas like the slums look like great scenery but without letting you forget that living there, can be a trip of death. Very powerful and also manages to be funny at times without the use of terrible comic relieving.

I really liked the ending to this one as well, kind of funny really. "City of God" is a great movie from Brasil that I think almost everyone I know would enjoy.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

Can't say too much about this one since it's been a while since I watched it. But I do remember I loved it and the enemy in this one is just great, and the actor does really well as him. Some of the scenes like the one in the hospital are pure awesome. I really liked this one and I find it hard to choose between this and "The Dark Knight" as my favourite superhero movie. I was really blown away when I watched this at age 12, and it will remain one of my favs.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

When I watched this I just kept feeling it dragging. Honestly not very good, filled with way more comic reliefs than it needs and they weren't very funny. Only thing keeping this one all right is Downey Jr and Mickey Rourke's acting. Apart from that not much, storyline is average and unlike others I didn't feel very impressed by its high budget effects. I am sure they ain't easy thing to do but I still feel this one can be let passed and taken for granted. I would normally let something like this pass if it entertained me, but it didn't.

The Dark Knight

A very good movie with great acting from Heath Ledger. This one really stands out from most other superhero flicks and it is very enjoyable. Only thing taking it down a bit is Christian Bale and his voice. But I really enjoyed this one, darker than most.


It's a fun, wildly funny ride to take on and its characters are fairly memorable. I especially liked Nicolas Cage. The ending was bit Hollywoodised but then again I don't think this movie is supposed to be taken too seriously.

I wouldn't give this movie 100% like other people seem to be offering it because it's nothing too new apart from the fact that they had an 11 year old kill over 10 people. By the way she did great acting.

If there's one thing Kick-Ass is very clever at is its references to the internet generation.

Dead Poets Society

It's a different and at times, strange story. I would have never imagined college kids having a group like that. But anyway, saw this a long time ago and can't remember everything. The ending though was pretty good.

The Cable Guy

My personal favourite from Jim Carrey. I once heard someone say:
"Jim Carrey, you either like him or you don't"
I think it's true, even when he is in crap films (referring to "Me, myself and Irene" and "Fun with Dick and Jane) he is always fun to watch, just him and himself and his character, he has an amazing acting talent. He is just, very different from others, his face expressions and stuff. Maybe that's why some people can't stand him. But nevertheless he is a great actor and trust me, Will Ferrell will never be as impressive at acting as Jim Carrey in terms of comedy actors.

Anyway, back to "The Cable Guy", the movie feels like it drags a bit at times, but it is overall good and very funny. I liked the ending i'll tell you that. This one is somehow a tad darker in tone than the usual upbeat comedy, and maybe that's why it worked very well. If you like Jim Carrey or enjoy watching straight-forward comedies, I truly suggest this flick.

The Simpsons Movie

You can't really go wrong with "The Simpsons", hmmmm, maybe if you watch the new episodes you will find 80% of them r crap and unfunny, but the old ones r still great and have aged perfectly. I guess the one thing the movie didn't achieve was to show us something we would never see in the show, apart from Bart's penis which wasn't that great a thing because in the show we've never been let to want to see it. I reckon they should have given us comic book guy's real name for example. Nevertheless the movie contains enough satire and good laughs to make up for an 80%

Bombon: El Perro

Now this is how a movie about a dog (and a man) should be like. They need to cut out that "Hotel for dogs" and the "buddies" movies out. I don't care if they are for kids they are terrible.

Being John Malkovich

What to say about this movie that hasn't been said before? Hmmmm. I guess it was highly original like the concensus says, and amazingly avoided many possible cliches. I wouldn't say it was hilarious but there were some bits where I laughed a lot. I suppose the whole cast did a good job at acting, especially Malkovich xD


I actually laughed a lot throughout this movie just hearing some of the stuff the old women said. "You should be
-ASHAMED- of yourself not being married at 30" xD

Anyway, I guess Ernest Borgnine did pretty good, a bit of an abrupt ending but nevertheless not a bad movie.

Full Metal Jacket

"Full Metal Jacket" is one hell of a war movie. To me, this movie felt like it could be separated in 2 halfs, and it was hard for me to decide which half was better. The greatness of the sergeant and private piles is something truly unforgettable, some may think the dialogue at the starts is just swearing, I think it's a fucking hilarious way to start your movie.

When the movie finally gets to Vietnam it becomes something very powerful to watch, the craze of the soldiers, the want for more deaths and kills. One thing Kubrick also did well at was adding the humour found in the book to the movie. And I have to say some of the camera shots in the movie were pretty fucking awesome. And the scenery was nice too.

Sir Kubrick, I salute you for making this movie!

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

There's something about this imaginary CGI world's thing that puts me off, and I wasn't very entertained by this one.

The Entertainer

Laurence Olivier is the main highlight of this so-so drama. He did quite good.

North by Northwest

Whenever I watch a Hitchcock movie, I can't help but ask myself whilst I watch it whether if that movie is where it all comes from. I can't really explain myself but there's always something awfully familiar about his movies in relation to today's mainstream cinema. Just a thought.

"North by Northwest" was quite enjoyable but nothing great, probably better than the birds in the sense that this one actually let you know what was happening. Then again it had a few cheesy moments which brought it down a bit to me, but I decided to go easy because maybe back then those elements hadn't been recycled as much, therefore wasn't really cheesy. Apart from that I have to say I found the plot and its twists quite interesting.

Out for Justice

Its unintentional laughs didn't quite make up for a fresh.

The Silence of the Lambs

So awesome, so quotable, and such fucking great acting. If you ain't overly squeamish watch it now 'cos you won't regret it. Such a different take on a murder story... EPIC!


Interesting to watch and nicely shot. I think Claudia has a good ability of making movies slightly disturbing without the use of very graphic scenes, it's partly the great topics she chooses to film. I'd recommend this to anyone who is willing to get out of mainstream a bit. And by the way, the ending is epic.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

Jackson has done it. He has made a really good remake. "King Kong" was visually impressive and just a very fun wild ride. I am very happy for Jackson, I've been reading his biography recently and it leads you to see just how much he loved "King Kong". Too bad "The Lovely Bones" was pretty bad. All the same, he is still an amazing, incredibly diverse director.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

To me what makes "The Shining" such a memorable horror movie, is not so much the plot but instead two things:

-The two little girls. If you think about it they have kind of become classic characters that are constantly referenced in cartoons and such.

-Jack Nicholson... Far out has that guy got talent?! Without him the film might have only been average, and quite possibly not very memorable. He is one of those actors that has so much talent, he can raise a bad film into a good film, and an average one into a great one.

One thing I didn't like very much:

-Jack Nicholson's wife in the film. I don't know, I didn't think she acted very well that's all.

Enter the Dragon

I watched half the movie late at night, and the other half next morning when I woke up. I was quite impressed. I loved the fighting without fighting scene it was so clever, only to expect from someone like Bruce, such a top bloke. The movie also contains a fine balanced level between action scenes and philosophical insights, to please both action/fight lovers and deep and meaningful thoughts type of people.


Alfred Hitchcock, arguably the most imitated director. I think he could very well be, if you think about it all the suspense we get from horror/thriller movies nowadays originates from Alfred, not necessarily from Psycho, but from Hitchcock it is more than likely. Now I've seen some of the really old horror classics like "The Wolfman" and "The Mummy" which were before the famous Alfred flicks, and I can tell you those carry hardly any suspense.

One question I asked myself after seeing the movie was, is this where the whole having 2 personalities thing comes from? What a great movie, and unlike "The Birds", this one did explain why?! It all happened and how.

Good acting by Anthony Perkins I must say, and the rest of the cast was fine. This movie is truly deserving of all the respect it has got,and I would recommend it to any fan of horror/thriller movies who is not a dick and goes around saying: "Old horrors/thrillers are slow and dull".

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

The one thing I could criticize from this movie is that Hitchcock didn't give an explanation as to why the birds were doing this. It didn't have to be a huge explanation just a brief one to give us an idea. It felt to me that that would have been a key thing to explain in this movie, 'cos it's not an action it is more of a thriller. Apart from that I was very impressed, and considering how old this movie is I thought it was pretty cool how Alfred filled some of the scenes with so many birds.

Romper Stomper

Great Aussie movie. Really grabs you and makes you wanna keep watching it. Russell Crowe did some fine acting in this one and the plot is very interesting. It was a really fun movie to watch. If you get the chance do.

No Country for Old Men

I am gonna be honest and say that when I watched it, I only semi-got the ending. I didn't see the connections between the dreams of Tommy Lee Jones and the characters of Josh Broslin and Javier Bardem. Only noticed them once I searched them up so that I could understand them (let's face it how many people saw the connections?)What I did get was that the they sort of explain the fact that TLJ, an old police man, can't really do much about these new wave of criminals who don't really give a shit 'bout anything, and who kill for the simple reason of joy. I fucking loved this movie and the ending didn't bother me like it seems to have bothered other people, I didn't mind it. I still prefer "Fargo", "Miller's Crossing" and "The Big Lebowski" over this one, don't ask me why I thought this one was one step from perfection 'cause I myself can't work it out. I have to say the crew did a fantastic job at acting, pretty much all of them. Also, make sure to watch this movie twice, it becomes funnier!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Potentially one of the biggest pieces of crap ever to be put into cinema. Honestly, why the hell do people like these series so much? Even more so, why do people like number 6 so much? It's just, CRAP! An hour of watching Hermione cry on screen for the most pointless of reasons. "Oh no, Ron is going out with another girl. I hate that girl, why does she go out with him? I am the one in love with him, she just asked him out before..." Pretty much what I got from her. Where they by any chance trying to show off some acting within the cast? Not to mention the last battle scene was so horribly lame! Sorry to all the Potter fans, but I didn't get anything out of this one.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Potentionally one of the funniest movies "ever" to be made!If you get a chance to watch this one, then do! Smart, offensive,hilarious,ridiculous in a good way, etc. Not to mention Sacha Baron Cohen is a fucking genius when it comes to acting. He is damn great, you really do feel he is someone completely different, and also improvises his dialogue well (I am assuming he improvised some parts.)

Raising Arizona

Another film I enjoy by the Coens. It was really interesting to watch, and as usual, I find the characters the Coen brother's create interesting. I especially liked Frances McDormand's character, and although I've never even met someone from Arizona, I just felt that I could really relate to the stereotype of her character. You know, the woman who gets overly joyful just by seeing a recently born baby, and says ridiculous stuff like "Can I sneak a peek-a-loo?" I also thought Nicolas Cage did a good job for this movie, I like to think of Nicolas Cage as a good actor who for some reason goes around acting in crappy character roles in crappy movies (not always but a lot of times.)

Now some bits in the movie I found to be quite dull or even annoying, like the bit where he kidnaps the baby but also has all the others crawling around, making noise, etc. I kept thinking "please don't turn this into some Baby Geniuses kind of crap." And thankfully, they didn't. Anyway, overall the movie didn't make me laugh as much as some of their others, a few good laughs every now and then but nothing hilarious. Although I found some parts annoying, it was all fixed by the rest of the movie which tends to be quite good. Watch it if you get a chance.

Shutter Island

Beautifully shot and it did keep me entertained. The final conclusion was quite satisfying for me. And as the consensus says, it obviously doesn't rank amongst Scorsese's best. But it's definitely worth a watch if you enjoy thoughtful thrillers with a twist at the end. DiCaprio delivered a fine performance to my standards.
This is definitely a new approach from Scorsese and he did it well. The only thing from the movie that I could take points away from was that the scenes where DiCaprio sees his wife and children weren't all that good for me. Especially when they weren't flashbacks but rather just hallucinations. Anyway, before I give it all away I should probably end this review by saying I actually give it 7.5/10,I know that's closer to 80% than 70% but 80% felt too high.

The Hudsucker Proxy

I am a huge Coen Brothers fan, but honestly, I didn't enjoy this one much. I thought the acting was quite good and the story was quite original, but hey, having an original plot doesn't necessarily make a movie good, sometimes a movie is original but it's still bad just 'cause it wasn't such a great idea to start with. The movie wasn't crap, but I didn't think it was worthy of a 60%. I just didn't laugh much or felt very entertained unlike other Coen Bros' movies I've seen.

A Serious Man

most mature, quite likely. Their best to date, hmmmmm, nah not for me. Still very enjoyable and unique. What's the name of the lead actor? I've never seen him before but he did great. I would say this one just makes it to the Coen's top five movies in my opinion. I thought the way it was filmed was interesting and there were some scenes that were really funny such as the counting to ten one. To be honest I pretty much got the message of the movie but I didn't get the ending, if anyone got it please comment and explain.

Although it was very good, I don't think it was "perfect", which is why I didn't give it a 100%. If you haven't seen this one be sure to rent it or buy it (or download it off a torrent I guess). It's worth seeing.

Matando Cabos

The first crime comedy I ever saw, and I laughed a lot. Very fun experience.

The Proposition

Second favourite Aussie movie!

The Lovely Bones

Honestly expected something better. For a murder film it was a little too light and although I was engaged to it at times, for most the film I was quite bored. I think it would have worked better if it took the fantasy world away, and went on to be more of a murder/mystery film. I also felt that the "Vistas" Peter Jackson tried to give us at times were ruined by the amount of animation and CGI that was added into it. I don't know if anyone else felt this but the way the movie moves on to go all sentimental and even romantic at times kind of took the whole suspense that I had for a while away. The ending phrase was also a little cheesy for my liking as well. Out of all the things that annoyed in the movie, the one that by far bothered me the most is that somewhere around 70% of the movie is narrated by Sussey, and it honestly wasn't very a interesting narration. So where does the 40% I gave it come from? It only comes from the fact that a few of the scenes where Sussey wasn't narrating or wandering around the middle between the world and heaven, were pretty good, like the bit with Sussey inside the underground small wooden house together with the murderer, Peter managed to keep the suspense quite well in that bit. However, there wasn't much of a twist or any interesting ending to the movie, you always know what's gonna happen and it's mostly because the movie is allowing you to, as if they expect the narration is enough to keep you entertained.

Silly Movie 2

Oh god, it doesn't get much worse than this, honestly! Such a shit waste of time, do yourself a favour and stay away from it. It is terrible. And I watched this back when I liked stupid as, unfunny movies and I still hated it! Please, if you see this one at a shop just leave it.

The Hurt Locker

Brilliant, the war genre is truly a great one when done well. I think I prefer Basterds to this one just because I am a dark comedy type of guy, but far out! The performances were good and this film really makes you see, that war is a shithole! I think the scene where William goes to the cereal section at the supermarket in the USA was kind of funny, but also interesting at the same time, very well thought how he just came back from all that crap and he is looking at the cereal boxes with names like "Lucky Charms" and "Cheerios". I also liked the fact they didn't use any overly famous actors, because watching this guys really feels like you are watching soldiers. The film manages to keep the suspense well and not overuse the anti-war message in every line, but it ain't supporting war at all, it's not. The scene with the suicide bomber at the end is really an unforgettable one.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Pure visual art. Such an awesome movie! I like the way "Che's" thoughts of Latin-America slowly take shape and make him realize that the injustice there is around him is bigger than we usually think. His ideas of the social indifferences between the rich and the poor are completely right. If only he had executed his revolution in a better way then maybe he would've actually made a huge difference, but because he decided to make his revolution with guns and shots, it failed. It was so obvious that governments wouldn't stand up for it and would search his death. I remember a scene in the movie where "Che's" friend Alberto gives his idea of how to start the revolution and "Che" tells him that a revolution with no shots is impossible, well, I guess Gandhi is proof enough that that isn't true. Anyway, I still agree with all of his ideas of the social differences and the injustice that's lived in Latin-America and the speech he gives just before he leaves the leper center in the Amazon is admirable. I understand why some people might have gotten bored with this film, the movie does spend a bit of time trying to give some nice "vistas" of South America making it a little slow (so if you are one of those people but you still think you will give this movie a go, make sure that you aren't tired when you are watching it), I however find that incredibly entertaining and one day, if I am able to, I'd like to go on a road trip like their's, whether I do it in South America or Australia (or both.)I also think that being from South America (like me) helps relate to this movie better and enjoy it more. 2 thumbs up for this movie!

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

A good movie as expected from the Coen Brothers. I thought the fact that it was based on "The Oddysey" was pretty cool. Although I laughed a lot in this movie, I still think "The Big Lebowski" was funnier (probably because of John Goodman's character which cracked me up)but "O brother, Where art thou" will still deliver laughs for anyone who enjoys a good Coen Brother's film.

Inglourious Basterds

I just watched this movie again and damn it, it's hilarious! Laughed harder than the first time. All about it is great. Hope this wins the "Oscar", if not, well. Out of the nominated movies I've seen I think I'd have to say "A serious Man" or "District 9" would have to win but Basterds still beats them. This movie really had it all. And Cristoph Waltz (Did I spell it right?) Had an amazing performance!

Easy Rider
Easy Rider(1969)

Didn't like it as much as "Motorcycle Diaries" but I guess they're a bit different in there message and the 2 main characters of each movie are completely different as well. I think I also preferred the visuals in "Motorcycle Diaries". "Easy Rider" has some of the most obscure camera techniques and transitions I've ever seen but they work well and they ain't annoying. Now the ending was unexpected and you could even call it abrupt, but it still feels right in the sense of the message the movie is trying to give you. And if they had lengthened the end and had Peter Fonda save Dennis Hopper it would've felt a bit unbelievable since they were in the middle of nowhere and even ridiculous. So I think the way it ended worked just fine. Guess I really like this movies because I myself dream of one day travelling around Australia on a caravan or a motorbike or even just a big, wagon car kind of thing. One day... One day...

The Blair Witch Project

Scary? No way! Boring and dull? Of course. I honestly did not find the ending impressive or appealing. All I can say is the actors and actresses did all right.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

Well I thought it was pretty good, the ending was shocking but very, very good. I liked it 'cos it was unexpected, I would've thought something was going to come save them before he shot the kid.

There Will Be Blood

Such elaborated and well thought out dialogue is not common in movies. Daniel Day Lewis' acting was well deserved of an "Oscar" and Paul Dano is nothing short of a great actor. The plot of the movie was not predictable at all and that deserves a lot of credit. The whole "I drink your milkshake!" bit was hilarious but interesting at the same time. This is the first Paul Thomas Anderson movie I've watched and I will definitely look out for more.

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

A really fine movie, Robert DeNiro puts on a fine performance as usual and the movie shows an impressive character's life and it keeps itself very entertaining with the boxing sequences and also the both funny and interesting dialogue. Also thought the way it was filmed was quite interesting. Have to watch "Taxi Driver" and "Goodfellas" now.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

Don't care if people say "Disaster Movie was bad but the original Scary Movie is actually good!". It's not, think I chuckled once. Not even 3 minutes into the movie and they already put on a fart-joke. Want to watch good spoof movies? Watch "Hot Fuzz" or "Shoot 'em up!". Seriously, this one is absolutely terrible. I don't mind stupid-comedies, sometimes they are really funny. This one... Well... It sucks!


My favourite Slasher/Horror/Suspense Thriller/ Satirical Comedy, call it what you like out of those. Fucking awesome plot and very, very enjoyable too. 83%? A little surprised but meh, still great! It kind of spoofs itself and horror movies in general too which worked perfectly.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I've seen a few of the original slasher films such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, Killer clowns from Outer Space (I know KCFOS is a bad example but it's still an 80's slasher), etc. But this one takes the price by far. In this one I really felt that the plot and storyline were much more interesting and thought out than the others. Not to mention that unlike the following nightmares, in this one, Freddy actually acts creepy. In the sequels he acts like a clown and it really puts the films down. Anyways, the original is absolutely great and any horror fans should watch it if they haven't seen it yet. Cos' they will be in for a treat!

The Big Lebowski

The funniest Coen Brother?s movie, specially the final scene which I won?t spoil. A very clever plot, again one the best dark comedies to be made. John Goodman?s character has to be the best one of the movie.

Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear

I thought I should review the movie from which I get my profile picture. Nothing great, but I expected a much, much worse movie. But in the end it was fine and the storyline made sense. Sure watching a monkey go around killing people seems very unreal and stupid but at least it had a plot that gave a reasonably good explanation to why it all happens.

Trick 'r Treat

Possibly one of the best recent horror films. Trick 'R Treat might feel familiar at times but it ain't a predictable movie. I think the writer Michael Dougherty combined the four stories well and lead an interesting movie.

Jurassic Park

This was pretty much the "Avatar" of its era and also a movie that marked my youth. Unlike Avatar though, I didn't find any corny dialogue, in fact the dialogue is great, just watch the scene where they discuss the idea of whether the whole idea of Jurassic Park is good or bad. The plot that Michael Chrichton created to explain the way the dinosaurs are created was also very smart and close to realistic (in my opinion.) Really one of Spielberg's masterpieces, I reckon I've seen it 20 times.


Possibly the worst movie I have seen. Boring and not funny, on the least bit! Not even the fact that Eddie Murphy managed to play 3 different characters well can save this one from me giving it 10%. I would give it a zero if I could.


It may not be completely accurate with Chopper's life, but far out, this is a truly great movie! The best Aussie movie I've seen. Eric Bana is fucking magnificent,why he didn't get himself an Oscar for this is beyond me, what a great piece of work. This really is more of a dark comedy than a drama. I was left amazed. "Why would I -BANG- shoot a guy, and then drive him off at a hundred miles per hour to the hospital? It defeats the whole purpose of shooting him in the first place!" Laughed my ass off with that quote. 2 thumbs up!

Sherlock Holmes

Predictable, boring, tries to be funny at times but isn't. Teenagers will probably come out of this one thinking it was very fun. And it would not surprise me if the year 7's that watched this movie at the cinema while I was watching it came out bragging about it having a gory scene with pigs which really, was nothing. And to be honest I think Robert Downey Jr has had better roles with "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Tropic Thunder". Seriously, if you want to watch a movie that's a bit like this but much, much better, watch "From Hell" with Johny Depp.

Paranormal Activity

Definitely not the scariest movie ever, but then again I ain't never seen a movie that I have found scary.I really doubt the audience in the trailer was left physically shaken. But give this movie a break guys, it had a budget smaller than 100,000$ and it is the freaking director's debut. I guess sometimes when a movie gets this much hype people expect more, or then again some people just want to go against the hype. I also dislike it when people complain about the ending, the movie is made to appear real, I know it ain't but it is made that way. Think about it, if you and your girlfriend went through this, do you think you would end up filming a part explaining how it all happened? Or why it's happened and coming to a big conclusion? Probably not, that's why I think the end was fine. I don't see how "The Blair Witch" has a better ending but people seem to give that one more credit.


I agree with pretty much what all critics are saying about this one. In a technical level, it is magnificent and very enjoyable to watch. A really fun experience. Whoever went through all the CGI work really deserves a lot of credit and this movie will definitely win an Oscar for CGI and FX. However, as a piece of dialogue and storyline, it is nothing great. And I have to agree with my friend when he says that if this movie had been made with a $40,000,000 budget no one would give a rats ass about it. But in the end, I thought that the message the movie was trying to give is very true and come on, who cares if storyline wasn't great and dialogue is terrible, the whole world of Pandora and the FX are worth the price.