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Bloody Pom Poms (Cheerleader Camp)
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ok Good and and Bad Things about this film but i must tell you it a personal favouirt for me but ill be profesional

Good Stuff
The Movie Poster wow thats all i will say its amazing lol

Its A Good Plot too

Bad Stuff

Blood Looks too fake

The Fact it states it has a play boy model and an ex porn star in it lol but although it say this i dont think they were sexiest i think they expected this to be a hit film lol.


Ok is there or isint there a Second one yes and no they were told if they mad a proffit they could do a second one and they did make a profit strange as it may seam and they made the script but they never made the film now not many knew this until the same people were making a film call Camp Fear with one of the Actress from Cheerleader Camp people asumed it was a Squeel than they story came out i just told you lol

Nora's Hair Salon
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ok People Say this is bad but quite frankley i also think so but only from a movie piot of view i personaly think this could be a TV show i felt this was a piolt ep of a show and over all it was ok but not my Type of film realy the main reason i like this is mainly cause i like Lucia Soong best know for well nothing realy she has never had a main part as such but is in the film 9 Dead which is curtnelty relased as of 2009 not relased were i am yet but will be i expecting it soon as of 2010

National Lampoon's Gold Diggers
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ok hear we go people say in there reviews if you watch this your an idiot but i gather the people who said it watched it there for you are idiots. Now people say this is vile and bad but i think diffirent Renne Taylor played in the nanny what can be described as a sex crazed old woman and in this film she is the same only thing is you see rather than hear talking about it. like ib the nanny she will talk about having sex in this you see it althought most people hate this film i think it is ok but could of been better a lot better.

Best and Funny Scean at the end were she is dancing for the priest and pops the bloon

Worst Scean at the start were he pull the girls prostic arm off