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The Skeleton Twins

Very gripping and real story plot lines plot points in this movie surprisingly Bill hater and Kristen wig do a pretty decent job at performing these deep type of rules??It's interesting to see your favorite SNL cast members (SNL alums Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader) taking on this dramatic and depressing sort of film. They are always great together (on SNL, Adventureland).??But still they did a pretty decent job.
Between the two of them, Bill Hader was my favorite of the two. This is one of his best rolls he's done since he departed SNL. He gives an amazing performance. Totally random that Luke Wilson played Kristen wig's husband.
Amazing film.
The Skeleton Twins, I give you a 90%.


Some "one-character one-location" films (such as "All is Lost") are successful at keeping the audiences attention and becoming a tour de force achievement. "Locke" only achieved one of these.

"Locke" is about a man (Tom Hardy's Ivan Locke) who is driving 2 hours on steady traffic to witness the birth of his child from a woman he cheated on his wife with once. While on his journey, he has a list of things he must do while driving. One is that he must break the news of his lie and his past actions to his wife and another is to walk one of his colleagues through what was called the biggest concrete pour in England's history. So big that Locke was fired over the phone for his job "abandonment."

Everything he does, there is no turning back.

This film only slightly kept my attention with the rich dialogue (which I had to have subtitles for (rich accents)) but overall, there was nothing that sparked or gave me any sort of satisfaction from watching it. Tom Hardy proved himself as a decent actor but it wasn't a tour-de-force performance.

The ending didn't help at all.

Locke, I give you a 60%.


Hands (and feet) down, my favorite film of the summer.

Such a wondrous take on childhood, relationships and growing up. It's such a beautiful film I can't take it.

Words cannot express my deep feelings and emotions towards this film. Not being lazy.

Please please please! Go see this film. Everyone needs to see this film, especially if you were born in the 90s. And also take your family, especially your parents.

With the 12-year long dedication to this film and its perfected screenplay that tells us an incredible story of the growth and journey of a boy from age five to 18, this film is exactly what everybody is saying. Simply put, Boyhood is a cinematic revelation the likes of which we have never seen.

It's amazing how Richard Linklater was able to pursue this project, bringing the whole cast and crew back together once every year for 12 years to film the next stage of the film.

Boyhood, I give you a 100%.

Wish I Was Here

I can hardly see anything wrong with this film. I truly enjoyed every minute of this film; I really mean it. This film made me feel so many emotions, I can't even believe it. The writing and cinematography were both incredible.

I guess one small fault is that the film didn't seem like it had a well structured plot with rising and falling action or even a real conflict.

Wish I Was Here, I give you a 90%.

Life Itself
Life Itself(2014)

I have reading Roger Ebert's memoir waiting to celebrate his life by viewing it on the big screen in this fantastic documentary.

If you love movies, movie critics, or the celebration of life and a great man, I urge you to see this film.

I can't believe how much Ebert has done in his life to shape pop culture, movie criticism and the way we view films today.

Life Itself, I give you a 100%.

Begin Again
Begin Again(2014)

One of the best independent films of the summer.

Begin Again is such a lively and honest experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.

All performances from the main cast were all so superb (excluding Hailee whats-her-name). I didn't even know Adam Lavine could act. My favorites were Knightly and Levine.

I love this. Great story, tapping into the roots of director John Carney's "Once" and filling the script with amazing dialogue. And I can't forget the music too, which was also beautiful.

Begin Again, I give you a 90%.


Lucy in "Lucy" does what Bradley Cooper's character did in "Limitless" except for a few major changes.

In Lucy, there were two major aspects that built the story: science and humanity. Science was used to answer questions pertaining to the drug that Lucy took into her body. Humanity was used to answer questions pertaining to the beginning of the human race and what we could be and are currently capable of. Morgan Freeman's character in Lucy was an important person who helped answer these questions.

In Limitless, there was no back-story on the drug Cooper's character took, on either aspects previously stated. The only time the audience go a glimpse of anything scientific was when Cooper's character hired a scientist to reproduce a supply of the drug. Cooper's character only used his powers for himself while Lucy thought of how she could help mankind.

So overall, I believe Lucy is much better of a film than Limitless, based on the films' stories and main characters.

Even though I feel this way, I did have some issues with Lucy.

I heard that Angelina Jolie was the first choice to play Lucy, but she turned it down, leaving it to Scarlett Johansson. I would've preferred Jolie hands down. But I can understand that due to Johansson's success from playing Black Widow in a few Marvel films, that she would be the second choice.

Nearing the end of the film when the flashing imagery was occurring, I felt that it overstayed its welcome in the film, and that it became quite foolish and childish for the film. This sequence of images and animations seemed to have dragged on and on until it became the star of the film. The film is only 89 minutes.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. I was decent for my expectations.

Lucy, I give you a 60%.


What a terrifying and gripping film. One of the best dystopian sci-fi films I've seen. This film takes a great look at what society sort of defines itself as and what it can turn into.

Snowpiercer, I give you a 70%.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

With a scattered screenplay confusing to keep track of, this film fails to be the least bit interesting, but succeeds at portraying the wonder of food, cooking and culture as something that should be cherished as an "art" instead of a "science" and with the people you love.

I despise that the film's poster has Helen Mirren front and center while the true and main character, Manish Dayal's Hassan Kadam, is seen as a sub-character. This tells me that we need an old rich-looking white lady to get people's attention and they seem superior to an Indian man.

The Hundred-Foot Journey, I give you a 60%.

And So It Goes

The only reason I saw this was because I love Diane Keaton to death, even though I am not quite fond of when her characters where glasses. Her eyes are one of the best parts about her.

Basically, this film was just like any other dopey love story. Cheaply written with a predictable and "meh" kind of ending.

And So It Goes, I give you a 40%.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Another achievement by writing genius Wes Anderson. He's one of my favorites.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, I give you a 90%.


Nothing too great about this nothing film that tried too hard to be a big summer blockbuster. Hated it.

Hercules, I give you a 30%.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

I can't believe how beautifully crafted this film was, and also on how much I connected with it.

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" (DPA) is the second installment to an unknown amount of films that make of the prequel story to the original film "Planet of the Apes." The first prequel film, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" (2011) (RPA) starring James Franco began the story of Caesar, Franco's character's prodigy ape who would, 10 years later, become the leader to hundreds of apes in the San Francisco district; this is in DPA.

In DPA, after the Simian virus broke out among humans, all except those who were immune to the virus have been dead for at least 10 years. The immune humans of San Francisco now live in a small-secluded colony while the apes roam a section of the forest outside the Golden Gate Bridge.

The humans now want to investigate a water dam that is located on ape territory. If Malcolm (Jason Clarke) can earn Caesar's trust, some of the humans will be allowed to use the dam for what they need, which is to harness its energy for the human existence and so a chance at rebuilding the human race can be possible.

But Koba, a friend of Caesar's is suspicious of the humans and believes that they are only out for themselves and will eventually try to kill out all apes. But with the memory of his late father, James Franco's character from RPA, Caesar is willing to trust the humans.

The rest of the story is filled with such rich story telling and true emotion that captured the audience purely and with a tight grip. Even though the story may not seem all that original, having some inspiration from Avatar (2009) and The Lion King (1994), which may just be coincidences, this film is overall a true story of trust, strength, brotherhood, love and family.

(SPOILER) What was interesting to me is that each opposing side (humans and apes) both had one person who was the enemy of their own side. The humans had Carver (Kirk Acevedo) while the apes had Koba (Toby Kebbell). They both shared hatred towards their opposing sides, which ultimately led to entire destruction.

Overall, I loved this film. Well down by all involved.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, I give you a 100%.

Under the Skin

Wow what a film. I only watched this film due to my former film professor's recommendation. And I am so happy I listened to him. For a film with not a lot of dialogue, it sure kept my attention.

Not only is this film aesthetically pleasing to the eye, although some, like my mother, may call it "weird," but even though I was trying to figure out what was happening and how everything was connected, I still enjoyed and appreciated the overall production design and cinematography.

This film is basically one you can describe as one that is about a woman who drives around, picking up men and kidnapping them in what looks like a pool of tar. That's it.

For this film, you truly have to just sit back and enjoy the mise-en-scene and wait till the end when your predictions of what the hell is going on are deamed true or not.

(SPOILER) What is really going on is that Scarlett Johansson is actually an alien whose true form, revealed at the end, is that of pure tarry black skin. She is dressed in a woman's skin and is on a mission, from her employer or whomever from her home planet, to seduce people into her apartment. After that, she would trap them in a pool of what seems like tar and she would steal their skin for other aliens to wear so they may live on Earth as well.

(SPOLIER) Here is the beginning paragraph from the synopsis from IMDb: "A gothic horror story about alien predators who lure humans, through the suggestion of sex, into a secret lair where their skin is harvested so other aliens may move freely among the unsuspecting humans they hunt."

Once I figured this out at the end, it was like a huge shock hit me.

Not only is this film cinematically and aesthetically brilliant to its core, the screenplay, which was conceived beautifully for having the least bit of dialogue, is genius.

Something else I quite enjoyed was the aspect of Johansson's character trying to appeal to other humans by trying to act like one. She tried eating human food, she tried interacting with humans and she tried to actually have sex but was halted due to the fact that her vagina doesn't have a hole, so I was told. Johansson's character might have also ended up wishing she could be a real human based on her adventures.

Overall, such an incredible picture.

Under the Skin, I give you a 100%

Midnight Cowboy

One of the best film's I have seen starring Dustin Hoffman. But in this film, I wasn't too fond of his snobby character.I was more focused on the handsome Jon Voight and his character.

Voight stars as Joe, a young prostitute from the country who travels to New York City where he believes he can become rich off of his dream job, what with all the rich women in the town.

Joe meets Hoffman's Ratso and the two of them take on the city as determined as they can as it is undergoing the time of the beginning of the gay rights movement.

In this film, the theme of gay people is used under a terrible light, making gay people seem like they are predators, and with Joe's scared expressions as he feels forced to hook up with guys, gay people are portrayed as just people who want sex.

At this point when the movie was released, it was given an X rating because of the fact that it used themes of prostitution and homosexuality, it was scary and new back then.

But today, it has been changed to a simple R rating.

I loved this film, Jon Voight gave an incredible performance, one that earned him a special Golden Globe award for Most Promising newcomer.

Gripping and touching film.

Norma Rae
Norma Rae(1979)

Such an inspiringly written screenplay and performance by the ring leading lady Sally Field.

I love Sally Field in this, I need to see more of her films. The next one will be Places in the Heart.

She is so pretty and she knows how to use her talent of acting well.

This is such a great film.

Bonnie and Clyde

I had no idea how handsome Warren Beatty was and still is. And he also made one hell of a performance in Bonnie and Clyde as Clyde. Faye Dunaway was good too.

It seems like this film may have been a real hit with some people, besides being one of Hollywood's top films. I'm sure the audience had fun watching what they wish they could do, as in, do what the want and never have any responsibilities.

(SPOILER) But the film can also teach you a lesson on getting carried away too quickly and too recklessly. You will get shot or sedated as the two in this film did.

Great film.

Sex Tape
Sex Tape(2014)

Not as funny as I hoped it would've been. I was getting bored and tired with Diaz and Segal being on screen for 90% of the movie.

Not good at all.

The Purge: Anarchy

The Purge was not all that great to begin with, now it's sequel, Anarchy, is even worse. Even though is may lack quality, it's concept of story and character structure, with taking the purge to the rest of the town and seeing how they use the Purge and then panning to what the government's take on it is, is very interesting and I loved learning about it.

This film actually scared me, making me think if this was ever real, I was asking myself, "what would I do?"

Poor acting and cheap scares make this a low quality movie, but with interesting points.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

Finally glad I was able to see this classic film that has paved the way for all romantic comedies, after Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally of course.

Julia Roberts is golden in this and I loved every minute of when she was on screen as well as the early 80s/90s fashion.

For some reason, some part of me though Richard Gere's acting was a bit off.

Overall, fantastic film.


This film is my first Faye Dunaway film. But she's just one part of this incredible film with top of the line acting, incredible writing, and it never had a dull moment, it even was always eye opening to watch.

I enjoyed every moment of the film and the ending hit me hard.


Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys(2014)

I haven't seen the show on Broadway or at my local theatre; I actually chose not to see it. I don't think it would've been my type of musical to pay the Broadway price for.

But the film version seemed like fantastic and fabulous version of the Broadway show. Clint Eastwood used the same original Broadway cast to be casted in his film. The singing is incredible.

The cinematography is great and the production design is gorgeous. Great film. Enjoyed it.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I have already seen the Ben Stiller remake of this film, which I felt was such a joy to watch. And because I love older films, I just had to see the Danny Kaye version too.

This film is less artsy but more quaint and has much more comedy. My mother told me Danny Kaye was a real comedic actor.

I absolutely enjoyed this film. I am so happy I watched it. I recommend everyone who watched the Stiller version to watch this version too.

The Rover
The Rover(2014)

The Rover is an independent film based in Australia. Ten years after society has crashed, it's ever man for himself in this dead beat land.

Basically the story is that a group of guys steal Guy Pearce's character's car, his only possession. With the help of Robert Pattison's character, who is related to the stealers, the two of them track the group down in this completely dull and slow paced film.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

To be honest, I thought Edge of Tomorrow was going to be either terrible or simply put as "meh." But actually, the concept of the story and the lack of dull moments made this film a pretty descent film, for being a big Hollywood Tom Cruise action movie for the summer.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

I actually am not much of a fan of the How To Train Your Dragon story. Yes it is a successful take on a children's movie that has it's dark adventures, family values, values of trust and friendship, and its needed comic relief, but it's just not one of those children's movies for all ages that speaks to me.

But nonetheless, this sequel is a great extension to the story.


It's so interesting to think that this is Hitchcock's first ever R-rated film he has ever directed.

Before the film was released, film ratings were officially introduced, leaving Hitchcock responsible for an R-rated film instead of one that was just "Approved" for audiences. This allowed Hitchcock to introduce nudity into his film, which he did.

"Frenzy" takes place in London and is about a 30-something year old man, Blaney, who is said to be the infamous Necktie Murder. But he is innocent and his friend, Rusk, is actually the sadistic killer.

This film is racy, intense and a good watch.

Definitely watch if you're a film buff and enjoy Hitchcock films. You'll love to watch as to how Hitchcock got to make his first R-rated film.

Frenzy, I give you an 80%.

The Fault In Our Stars

TFIOS (yea I'm using that abbreviation) is clearly the romance film of the summer. Not just because of the extremely gripping story and strong love the audience feels from the film's main characters, but also from the strong fan base that has been most likely the film's main source of support.

All the (mostly) pre-teen white girls have read the John Green novel and fell in love with the love that is clearly conveyed and they couldn't wait to see it portrayed on the big screen between power couple Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (unusual name lol).

I also read the book, after someone recommended John Green in general and after I heard that one of my Hollywood loves was set to play the female lead.

I fell in love with the book and with the deep story, I could not put it down.

You can probably guess that I was anxious to watch the trailer after I heard it was released and you can also guess that wept for it, I did.

You can also guess that like almost every other TFIOS fan, I could not wait for the film. I gathered some friends and watch the 9pm Thursday night premiere. And yes I cried.

Part of me was not as affected by the film as I thought I would be, maybe it was because I was a little stoned (lol) and because I had watched the trailer so many times that the film itself wasn't any different. But nonetheless, I still greatly enjoyed the film.

I feel that the film did justice to John Green's vision. Although I heard that the ending of the film was different then the book's ending.

The ending of the book and the movie were generally the same except in the book, Hazel says something like I Do to her choice of person who she allowed to hurt her. But in the film, Hazel says "Okay," the legendary word that Hazel and Gus would say repeatedly as a sign of their love.

I guess I like how they ended the film as compared to the book itself.

Overall, a fantastic film. Sweet, romantic and sad. Bring your tissues.

The Fault in our Stars, I give you a 90%.

22 Jump Street

"22 Jump Street" is actually a successful sequel compared to what I imagined it would be like. I was afraid that the film would pull a "Hangover Part II," but I guess I can confidently trust directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and screenwriter Michael Bacall.

What 22JS does is that it basically has the same plot as 21JS had. The audience is confirmed this by the comedic dialogue conveyed by Ice Cube's character. He continues to say that Tatum and Hill must do the same thing that they did last time. The two of them were put in this position once again because they failed at performing regular projects that any other cop would be great at, like your basic infiltration. So now they're going to pose as college students to stop a drug bust.

(SPOILER) What makes this film different from its prequel is that Hill starts to date a girl who turns out to be Ice Cube's character's (Dickson) daughter. And the audience gets to see the cameo Queen Latifah makes as the mother and wife. This makes for one hilarious and crazy scene.

(SPOILER) Another difference is that Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) sort of "break up" in the middle of the film because Jenko has a better chance of succeeding in the drug bust while Schmidt is not succeeding in any field and is not fitting in in school. The two of them reconcile and they confirm their brotherly love for each other.

22JS is a successfully made sequel and I can't wait to watch it again. It's comedic writing and lack of dullness makes this for one of the summer's best films.

22 Jump Street, I give you an 80%.

Gosford Park
Gosford Park(2001)

What a very complex story line for some to follow, but nonetheless, this film is a very well constructed one with great character development and coverage.

Gosford Park is about a weekend long house party that has many friends of the hosts come from different areas to attend. Rumors immerge and gossip is spun around.

All of the sudden a murder occurs on the patriarch of the house and so many questions suspicions occur as a result.

I really enjoyed Altman's other films "The Player" and "Short Cuts," but maybe because "Gosford Park" took place in 1932 England and the fact that the film was dull are what made me dislike the film.

But disregarding that, this film was still directed well with a great screenplay.

Gosford Park, I give you a 70%.

Postcards from the Edge

I am quite a fan of director Mike Nichols (The Graduate, The Birdcage, Working Girl (can't wait to see Virginia Woolf and Heartburn)) and I absolutely love Meryl Streep. So you can imagine that I would love this film, right?

Well, I didn't love it. I only liked it. I loved Meryl Streep's hilarious and gripping performance which earned an Oscar nom. Shirley MacLaine also gave a great performance.

Overall, it was a well conceived story, but it didn't hit home for me. And even though Meryl Streep can sing well for an actor, her singing did fit into the story for me.

Postcards from the Edge, I give you a 60%.

The Country Girl

I mainly wanted to see this film to see how Grace Kelly compared to Judy Garland. Grace's performance in this went head to head with Judy's performance in "A Star is Born" for the Oscar that year.

Grace's performance from sublime, but for me, it clearly fell short compared to Judy.

The rest of the film was superb with its character development and writing.


An interesting concept for a comedic film by Woody Allen. I don't think I ever saw another film like this.

An oldstyle comedic mockumentary on a fictional figure.

What's better is the type of person this film is about: a human chameleon named Leonard Zelig, someone who can literally transform to match the people he is around to fit in. If he is around black people, his hair and skin will change. If he is around doctors, he will pose as one. When around anyone, he will fit in with them.

It came from when Zelig was younger and was asked if he's read Moby Dick. He was embarrassed to say no. He was humiliated and never wanted to feel like that again. So from then on, he's made sure he could always fit in with the crowd and not negatively stand out and potentially be humiliated.

With this story concept, Allen add hilarious lines all throughout the film.
This film is added to my list of favorite Woody Allen films.

Zelig, I give you a 100%.


Pretty good performance by Angelina Jolie.
Great opportunity for her to be in this role.

But the film it self sucked.
The whole time I watched the film, I could see how transparent it was.
It's so lifeless and the visual effects were terrible.

The story was a good idea, the writers just should have worked on it more.

I was bored the whole time.

I'm sure the kids this was made for even hated it.

Maleficent, I give you a 40%.


This film is very pleasant even with its uneasy story.

This film is one of the many films that makes me enjoy and appreciate independent films and independent filmmakers. Using B and C list celebrities to act out a simple yet smashing script that packs a punch towards my heart.

This film is about a married couple, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Kate) and Aaron Paul (Charlie), who connect through drinking and getting drunk. But after one interesting night that led to vomiting in front of her class of first graders, Kate decides that it would be best to work on her drinking. She decides to quite drinking all together and she begins to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Because of this decision Kate is courageously making, her and Charlie's marriage begins to hit a rough patch, now that they don't connect through drinking.

This film is so touching and beautiful. It takes a great look at the negative effects of drinking as well as what makes a relationship or a marriage work.

"Love is the easy part. It's the rest of the shit that's hard." -Kate

A breakthrough performance by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Smashed, I give you an 80%.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

To be honest, I liked the first Capt. America film more than this one.
I can understand how people loved The Winter Soldier more, but I did not.

The First Avenger's story was more engaging and entertaining to me.
The Winter Soldier's story was a fine continuation of one of the avenger's solo career but it was too serious and bland for my taste.

Still intense and action packed; also a great mix of comedic lines.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I give you a 70%.


So incredible funny mostly due to the writing and the star studded cast.

All within the main cast are incredible, especially Rose Byrne and Dave Franco.

So happy Byrne kept her natural accent.

Every time Zac Efron's character spoke, I was distracted by how cute he looks and his gorgeous eyes.

Overall, so funny; never a dull moment.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The movie of the summer. So much action and intensity.

But at the same time, this film makes a huge mark on the X-Men franchise. (you'll know when you see it).

But that's not it. There is going to be the next installment: Apocalypse in 2016. Where we will meet Quicksilver played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. (stay tuned after the end of the credits for the special scene).

Great film. So epic!

Million Dollar Arm

Not as bad as I thought. Actually was a decent inspirational sports film.


Chef is about a famous Los Angeles chef, Carl (Favreau) who quits his job at a famous restaurant after publicly yelling at a food critic who wrote a terrible review on his food. The two also got into a twitter fight.

Carl eventually purchases a truck to make up his own food truck business. With his business partner (Leguzamo) and his son Percy, Carl opens up in Miami where he first began his career years ago and he travels back to L.A., making stops along the way to build a following.

All the while, Percy is building his reputation as a modern day marketer by using all the latest social networks to please Chef Carl's fans that first came about after Carl yelled at the food critic a month ago.

At one point, Carl professes to Percy that this is what he loves to do. Carl loves and lives to touch people's lives with the food he can create.

Watching the middle if this film, I was unsure as to what the conflict of the film (after the rising acting and before the falling action) would be. It turned out to be a talk Carl had with Percy, talking about how Percy's life would go back to the way it used to be once school started back up again. Percy is upset about this because he has had the best time spending the time he did with his father. This is the conflict of the film.

This entire film is one hilarious, inspiring and yummy one.

Through its screenplay, it's nothing like I've ever watched before. Favreau is an impeccable writer, average director (but all his films are great). I've connect a lot with this film (Carl reminds me of my uncle).

I absolutely loved the film's use of modern day social networking. It really tells the audience if where society is right now and it was also a way Carl was able to connect with mostly young/college aged fans.

Overall, this film is amazing, one of my favorites of the summer.

Chef, I give you a 90% (95% if I could).

The Kings of Summer

A fantastic and comedic look into the relationships between teens and parents and what could be done to fix those uneven relationships.
So funny and cute but never really a clear solution to the story's troubles.
A great movie to be seen by all high school teens with angst.
This was a fun and comedic ride.


Belle is about a young African-British woman who was born from a Black woman and a White British official. Her father began to care for her as she lived with him ever since she was a little girl. After her father died at sea, her great uncle, living with him, her great aunt and her cousin, had cared for Belle.

Belle was named as the heiress to her family's fortune and that was the beginning of her prejudices.

This story is a true one. It takes place is Britain in the early 1800s and Belle is in a very interesting and rare position in her life: someone with her skin color while also being part of a royal family. She is higher than the slaves but seems to be low enough to not be able to dine with her family and their guests.

What tops this story off is a famous occurrence that happened where a slave ship full of diseased slaves were forced to be drowned. The ship's captain claims that there was never enough supplies to last the slaves ending in their killing with no where else to turn.

But what a friend of Belle's finds out is that the ship had multiple opportunities to have the slaves replenished and cared for but they never took the opportunities because the insurance for the slaves would pay them more than any slaves owners looking to buy slaves would because they were diseased. This was a famous court case back then, it was a big mark on the journey to President Lincoln's abolishing of slavery.

This film's story and plot are very well crafted. It seems like this would be one for the Oscars to consider.

But there is simply no life to this film. Everything fits well in this film. The directing, music and acting are all great. But simply put, there is no spark or life to this film. It seemed like a film that could have been shown on TV instead that was marketed towards the elderly.

On the other hand, I quite enjoyed Gugu Mbatha-Raw's (unusual name) performance. The only film I ever saw her in was Tom Hank's Larry Crowne and I have to say, this is a big step up for Gugu.

Belle, I give you a 60%.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

This movie tells the story of a lowly sheep farmer (MacFarland) who lives in a small town in Arizona in the late 1800s where multiple people die everyday and no one takes a second look. This sheep farmer is one who has low amounts of confidence within himself and an outsider (Theron) helps him out.

With this concept of a story and Seth McFarland's history with Fox and "Ted," this was not what I was hoping for.

Seth has an amazing comedic style but it definitely did not match well with this ill-conceived plot and story idea and arc.

What made it worse is that he even starred as the main character with this horrendous genre. Seth would fit well with another one of his films set in present day Boston but not is late 1800s Arizona.

Overall, I did not like this movie. I did not laugh more than five times during the entire film and I love Family Guy, American Dad and Ted.

A Million Ways to Die in the West, I give you a 40%.

The Player
The Player(1992)

The Player is one of the top-notch stories to hit Hollywood's door.

Tim Robbins stars as Griffin Mill, a movie studio executive who spends days listening to screenwriters pitching their stories. Mill gets to decide if the story concept has a chance at being made into a feature film for their studio. Later in the film it is revealed that the studio gets around 500,000 movie pitches per year and only 12 of them actually get made into a film.

Mill finds out that a screenwriter he once turned down has been anonymously sending him threatening postcards as revenge for turning down his idea. Mill finds the writer and has drink with him. After rejecting Mill's apology, the two of them get into a brawl and Mill accidentally drowns the writer.

Throughout the film, Mill meets the late writer's girlfriend and Mill struggles to keep his crime under wraps as he continues with his job.

The ending of this film is an exceptional bang to the entire beautiful film.

This film really takes its audience into a whole new level of reality vs. what is just in the movies. This film is hilarious, entertaining and an interesting piece of art.

Robert Altman's directing and cinematography is also amazing.

The Player, I give you a 100%.

The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog takes place in the Jazz-era of New Orleans, Louisiana. Tiana is a young waitress who has been saving cent after cent ever since she was ever able to make an income. Her dream is to one day own a restaurant of her own so she can create the reality her late father was never able to pursue. With enough money, Tiana can make a down payment on her future restaurant that will bring people from all around together to taste her food.

But along her journey, Tiana comes into contact with Prince Naveen who lives as a free spirit but has been financially cut off by his rich parents. The prince is cursed by a magician, turning Naveen into a frog. As the old story goes, the princess (Tiana) is supposed to kiss Naveen, turning him into a human again. Not the case. After the kiss, Tiana is actually turned into a frog herself.

The two of them, Tiana and Naveen, must join forces, no matter how incompatible they may seem to be, and figure out a way to be turned human again, with the help of some friendly bayou-native animals they meet on the way and the lovely songs they sing as well.

This is such a wonderful and lovely Disney film. It is so innovative (introducing Disney's first African-American princess) and it definitely takes a fresh stance on the old Frog Prince story.

The songs are fun, the story is well crafted and I loved every minute of it.

The Princess and the Frog, I give you a 90%.

Eyes Wide Shut

This film is so eerie and incredible.
With the use of Arthur Schnitzler's novel "Traumnovelle," the film's story takes a journey with Dr. Harford as he embarks on a night of sexual and moral tangents after finding out about a sexual fantasy his wife once had about another man.
This film gets so confusing so slowly but in an instant, it all becomes so clear and you being to enjoy it.
The screenplay and dialogue are incredibly crafted. The directing and cinematography are top notch.
Overall, this film is amazing. If you love Stanley Kubrick as well as unusual stories, you need to see this.
Eyes Wide Shut, I give you a 100%.

Mildred Pierce

What a film. I quite enjoyed it.
This was the first Joan Crawford I have ever seen and she is miraculous to say the least.
I enjoyed her graceful yet powerful acting abilities and she greatly deserved her Oscar.
Mildred Pierce is about a mother of the title's name who gets separated from her husband and she must now figure a way to stand on her own, financially, to provide a life for her and he two daughters. (btw, the gender stereotypes and transgendered undertones are amazing).
Mildred ends up becoming a successful waitress and owning her own line of restaurants.
But at the same time, Mildred struggles after losing her younger daughter to pneumonia and trying to keep her older daughter in line as she is a real brat.
Throughout the film, we see how Mildred becomes a strong independent woman. Her character is one that breaks the chains of gender stereotypes.
Mildred Pierce, I give you a 100%.


Pretty good for a godzilla movie. The previous installment was said to be horrible. But with our new screenwriters and technology, we were able to make this film descent.
Great visuals and descent acting.
Overall, this film is an average action/godzilla which means it was pretty good.
Nothing amazing yet nothing terrible. In the middle.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Great filming and great visual effects.
I myself am not a fan of this series. I just saw it just to be kept up to date on the story for when i'm practically forced to see the next film.

Only God Forgives

Decsent visual effects. Visually stylish and stunning.
But too slow moving and disconnecting towards the audience to enjoy.

Hobo With a Shotgun

Terrible acting but descent gory effects.
Good if you watch it high.

Magic Mike
Magic Mike(2012)

I love Soderbergh's style of filmmaking. I love the color/look he gives the miss-en-scene. Like we saw in Side-Effects.
I really enjoyed this film and its story.
Channing Tatum plays Mike, a male stripper/dancer who recruits Alex Pettyfer (Adam), who was kicked out of college, into working as a stripper/dancer as well.
Mike is keeping a protective eye on Adam, who tends to get in trouble, while also trying to get into his own business, selling his one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that he enjoys making. But with a low credit score and working a job that only pays with cash, Mike is unable to receive a loan for his dream.
As much as I dislike Channing Tatum, I did enjoy this film. This story is well told and I was never bored. I also love Matt Bomer and Matt McConaughey.
Magic Mike, I give you a 70%.

Stardust Memories

A film that is still as funny as any of Woody Allen's other films, but it's not one of my favorites. I can always appreciate his writing. He is one of my favorite filmmakers.
In this film, Allen once again plays a comedic and smart filmmaker who is beloved by all his fans. But some critics believe that he is not as great as he was in his early years.
Within the story, Allen's character is also dealing with three different women in his life.
One of Allen's films I was lost in, in captivation and trying to figure out the characters.
Stardust Memories, I give you a 60%.


A great story to be used by director Ron Howard. He truly made this film incredible.
The cinematography, the score and the acting are all so wonderfully perfected.
I love how this film is a dramatic rivalry movie with race car driving, not the other way around.
I did not expect this film to be this amazing, I'm glad I finally watched it.
Rush, I give you a 90%.

Labor Day
Labor Day(2014)

One of the many films out there that should remain the book version instead of being made into an actual film.
But nonetheless, this film was well acted and well shot.
Not a role suitable to Kate Winslet's talent.
I was not convinced that Adele and Frank loved each other. Adele was a woman who needed someone in her life that could satisfy her in a way her son couldn't.
Overall, not so great of a love story. Not realistic.

Pink Flamingos

Besides the remake of Hairspray, this is the first of the films by John Waters that I have seen and I understand why some people say what they say about John Waters.
This film is filled to the brim with terrible acting (not Divine), terrible cinematography, unfitting dialogue, and creepy and filthy acts.
What the hell is with Edie and her eggs. Omg.
I need to watch this again, begin really high.

Happy Christmas

A not so typical real life story, but still an interesting take on life as Anna Kendrick's character (Jenny) gets dumped by her boyfriend (maybe she thought they were bound to get married) and she moves in with her brother and his wife and child.
Jenny takes some time off from her life after being dumped, and she goes out to parties and smokes a lot of weed. She then begins to help her sister-in-law with the writing of her new book, a take on Twilight and Fifty Shades, lol.
The climax of the film is that Jenny nearly burns the house down after cooking a pizza, while high.
Director Joe Swanberg also stars as Jenny's brother. Swanberg's previous film was something of the same type of story. Drinking Buddies was a simply made film about a close knit group of friends and the open emotions that create dysfunction.
Happy Christmas is basically like that but with a different take. Jenny is relying on her brother to give her a roof over her head after being dumped. But her brother already has a child to take care of. He can't also worry about his 27-year-old sister who comes home drunk one night and comes home high and drunk, cooks a pizza and nearly burn the house down.
This film is a simple one where the story declines, the direction and acting make up for it.
Happy Christmas, I give you a 70%.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

A terrible kids movie take on the famous story of Dorothy. This film is just for young kids or Lea Michele fans.

The Gay Deceivers

I watched this film as part of my class project on how the depiction of the gay male character in film has changed in the past. This film is definitely a great film to use as part of the time period of right after Stonwall had happened, despite the fact this film was released only 1 month after Stonewall, it still depicts how homophobes bully gay people in this time and how gay people were perceived to be, as either flamboyant or big & hairy.
I enjoyed watching this film. I love it.
I encourage any Queer Rights activist to watch this. It's free for Amazon Prime members.
The Gay Deceivers, I give you a 60%.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A suitable sequel to the new Spiderman franchise. It has its flaws and areas of where I could've seen changes being made but it was still a fun ride and it definitely added to Spiderman's story.

The Royal Tenenbaums

I am not totally a Wes Anderson fan, like OMG (i haven't seen Budapest yet) but I definitely enjoy and appreciate his writing and directing styles. I loved Moonrise Kingdom.
I also enjoyed R.T. mostly because of the writing and character development. This film is pretty good.
Wes Anderson is a great member of Hollywood filmmaking.
The Royal Tenenbaums, I give you an 80%.

A Haunted House 2

Truly a piece of shit. But also so funny. (I was on something when I saw this. tee hee)

Meet Me In St. Louis

Yes I agree that this is one of Hollywood's classics, as well as one of Judy's best roles. It's a real happy go lucky type of musical that has the values that were present in real life at the time of this film's filming.
This film is a classic but still has that corny ending.
Meet Me in St. Louis, I give you a 90%.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

This film takes a look at all rural slasher horror films and gives it a comedic twist.
In this film, the two redneck looking guys look the part as the killers in a regular slasher film, but these two men, played by Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk, are just two regular 30-something friends who are just trying to enjoy their vacation. The group of college kids are just too dumb and closed-minded to figure out that they are not actually being haunted by, by Tucker and Dale.
This film is cleverly written and is a great comedic take on the average redneck slasher movie.
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, I give you a 70%.

Requiem for a Dream

So mad at myself for putting off seeing this film for so long.
This film is mainly about the abuse of drugs and how they end up ruining your life one way or another if you have no self control. But then again, heroin is said to be quite addicting.

Harry (Jared Leto), girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connolly) and friend and partner Tyrone (Marlon Wayans) are good friends who like to do drugs. But they either do it to feel good in general or to stop themselves from feeling bad in a bad situation. This film gives a great look into how addicts do drugs and everything is all better to them. Harry and Tyrone get into a sticky situation when they are in need of more drugs so they take part in a drug lord's operation, making them eventually travel from their hometown of Brooklyn to Miami, where Harry is forcibly taken to the hospital by Tyrone so doctors can take a look at his dead arm. At the end of the film, the two of them end up going to prison and Harry's arm is amputated.

Marion on the other hand continues to support her addiction by taking part in prostitution and sex rings.

As for another important character, Sara (Ellen Burstyn) is Harry's mother who is widowed and stays home and watches her favorite infomercial/game show all day long. She gets a call one day saying that she has been chosen to appear on said show. To lose weight, she tries to go on a diet, failing, and then succumbing to horribly addicting diet pills.

It's a sad road Sara travels on. She becomes addicted to these pills and becomes mentally unstable, waiting to hear from the producers of the show to tell her when she can be on the show.

In the end, all four characters curl up in a fettle position.
I cried deeply.

This film is so sad but also, so incredible well directed and edited with great camera work and great fast paced scenes (hip hop cuts), especially cuts on drug related items during at which time the audience assumes the characters are getting high.

Such a once in a lifetime film. Every mature minded individual should see it.

Requiem for a Dream, I give you a 100%.


Did not enjoy my time watching this film. I mean, I love Tilda Swinton but this film just confused the hell out of me.
I was assigned to watch it for my Gender class.

Dwaj ludzie z szafa (Two Men and a Wardrobe)

A great symbolistic film that looks into the realities of immigrants and how they are pushed aside and looked down upon by Americans just because of their baggage.
Great filming, great acting and great score.

Big Fan
Big Fan(2009)

An interesting look into a fictional life of a die-hard Giants fan and his reactions after his favorite player beats him up.
A great look into some men and their interest in football and how they ridicule and put down the fans of their opposing teams.

Now, Voyager
Now, Voyager(1942)

As usual but still amazing to watch, a great performance by leading lady Bette Davis.
Not one of my favorite old films but glad I still got to experience it.

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

A very inspirational and beautifully made short documentary on the war and revolution within Syria.
The director took great risks to make this film, not only by self-financing it but also filming out in many battlefields.
I saw this film at WAMM fest (women and minorities in media) at Towson University. The director was there, he spoke in front of the audience and I got a picture with him.
This film is on youtube, go watch it now.

Muppets Most Wanted

Very cute and funny.
Greatly enjoyed it.

A Clockwork Orange

Finally got around to watching this movie.
I understand how people can love it.
It's one of the films film teachers use in their film production classes and I can see why.
Very dirty but an interesting look to the future, I guess.

Hannah and Her Sisters

One of Woody Allen's smartest films concerning love and relationships among a tight knit group.


An impressive start to a great career for Spielberg.
Great directing and and an action and suspense packed plot.


Very funny and a great look at what the future possibly holds for society.

The Family
The Family(2013)

Terrible story that we've seen over and over again.
Just wanted to see it cuz I love Dianna Agron.

Damsels in Distress

A boring chick flick with a somewhat followable plot line.
Just wanted to watch this cuz I love Greta Gerwig.

The Starving Games

I don't know why I put myself through these horrid parody movies. They're always so terrible. No wonder why this was straight to DVD.


A stunningly written script about a college school graduate who leaves town to search for something more than what he's used to. He signs up to help at a apple farm, making his up to work at the apple cleaning factory.
He meets some interesting people as he moves from the Apple factory to working with a previous alcoholic turned Christian who ends up turning him away.
It's a sad story but a good one with a breath-taking performance by Jonathan Groff.


Wonderful performance by Kutcher.
Basically this film told me how Steve Jobs was passionate about helping society by giving them the computer, but he also had anger and trust issues.
Loved Kutcher in this.

Boogie Nights

Such an incredibly told story about young man who goes from high school drop out loser to a major success in the adult film business with the guidance of adult film director Jack Horner (nominated Burt Reynolds), but then struggling to juggle fame, drugs, and trust.
A career-making performance made by Mark Wahlberg, so surprised he wasn't nominated for an Oscar.
Great film.

Don Jon
Don Jon(2013)

A sweet and hilarious little success by JG-L.
Film meaning - Half of it is about Jon's addiction to porn and the other half is about him struggling to find the perfect woman to love who can be better than porn for once. (to Jon, porn is always better than sex)
A great story and a great first film for JG-L.

The Fifth Estate

A well constructed film but one of its many flaws is a huge one, that the film's story is completely serious with no balance between drama and some other emotion or drama. Simply this film could just as well be made into a tv movie, that's how insignificant this film is.
But at the same time, this film sent a great message to the people of the fifth estate, the bloggers, the muckrakers and the news reporters reporting from their living room. That we are more powerful than we know.

She Wants Me
She Wants Me(2012)

A very cliche and down right stupid screenplay filled with shitty acting.
I'm sad to see Hilary Duff in this.
I am mad at myself for watching this.
But I still love Hilary Duff and Josh Gad.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

A fabulous performance by Ellen Page and a great plot line.
Ellen Page plays a 14-year-old girl who poses as a girl looking to have sex with a 32-year-old man (Patrick Wilson), going to his house, and trying to expose him for the pedophile she knows he is.
In her quest for justice, Page's character actually becomes psychotic, castrating Wilson's character and calling over his old girlfriend so she finds out about his pedophilia.
This film is a fantastic two-person drama and an achievement on Page's part.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

The only thing above average in this film (which is just your basic action flick) is Denzel's performance and I still don't believe his was worth the Oscar.
I love Denzel, he's a fantastic actor. I just can't see how his performance was good enough for the Oscar, better than Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind or Will Smith in Ali.
Still, Dezel was great in this.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

An epic and thrilling classic action flick.

Stuck in Love

One of the best romantic independent films I have seen since Ruby Sparks.
Such a lovely and beautiful love story. I could not stop watching.
Loved every character and every performance.

The LEGO Movie

Many many many small laughs and some big laughs.
Truly a well-rounded funny children's film for the whole family.
Not so important seeing in 3-D but would be amazing to see it high.


A beautiful and thrilling performance by Hoffman.
This film is about Truman Capote and his several year long process of researching and writing one his most celebrated novels "In Cold Blood" by talking to two murderers who killed an entire family.
Great writing and lovely performances all around.

Riddles of the Sphinx

Had to watch this avant-garde film for my "women and gender in film" class.
Tough to watch when your a little tired. But the visuals are very interesting.
But seems too much like a freshman in college student film.
Not so much avant-garde but he filmmaker attempts to keep us watching with the colors and visuals but the film is too dull.


This film was the only film of this year's Oscars to truly make an impact on me. This film is incredibly beautiful, touching, and hit my heart hard. I cried as many as five times during the whole film.

As soon as I left the theater, I immediately felt very sad and almost depressed. The film was so good and felt so real and beautiful to me that it made my emotions race and crash down like a crashing airplane.

"Her" is written and directed by Spike Jonze and the story takes place in Los Angeles in a future date not specified, where technology has evolved enough to where humans rely on their computers almost fully. Some scenes show the humans not even conversing with other humans and just looking down as they talk to their computers, either telling it to check their e-mail, send a message, anything.

"Her" stars Joaquin Phoexix as the film's main character Theodore, a lonely and sad, recently separated, letter writer. He eventually makes the decision to purchase a brand new operating system called OS1 that is programed to meet the users every need, programmed with fast paced, major intelligence and a peculiar human like personality.

The operating system's name is Samantha and Scarlett Johansson plays her voice. Johansson's voice is so well known yet unique that it sounds like the perfect voice for an operating system that is programmed to be a typical female personality to talk to and relate to.

Throughout this film, the audience witnesses as Pheonix's character becomes happier than what we've seen. We see him and Samantha create a one of a kind relationship. And even though it's a relationship between a human and computer operating system, we see nothing wrong with it. We fall in love with their love.

Something I can understand is that I definitely see this happening in the future. Today, we already have people glued to their iPhones and other modern gadgets. It's only a matter of time until Apple creates an iPhone with a full human like personality that someone can converse with. In the movie, Samantha and other operating systems were able to compile works of art and other information to create an artificial version of a dead philosopher. Maybe Apple can create very intelligent operating systems like ones that can thinks of new ideas and help the world. And it also won't be a surprise if there are people like Theodore who fall in love with their operating systems.

To me, that is a version of today's issue of Gay Marriage. Who's to say that two humans of the same gender cannot join in marriage? In the distant future, it may lead to a human and a computer. Who knows if that will be a reality. But just like Amy Adams' character says in the film, "Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. It's kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity."

This entire film is literally one of the most beautiful films I have seen in a while that made me cry a lot and feel extremely saddened towards depression as a result. I haven't reacted to a film like this since "The Impossible."

Her, I give you a 100%.

Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding

I want Grace to be my grandmother! Haha.

This movie is about an uptight new york city lawyer, Diane, and her two teenage kids. After her husband asks for a divorce, Diane leaves with her kids to stay with her hippie Woodstock native mother for a week. As the days pass, Diane and her mother struggle to make amends from Diane shutting her out of her life for 20 years because of her irresponsibility. But through her daughter's words and her son's award winning documentary film he made while in Woodstock, Diane comes to realize how true her mother is and how she should not be such a fighter against love.

Catherine Keener plays Diane, jane Fonda plays her mother Grace, and Elizabeth Olsen and Nat Wolf play Diane's children.

This film is a waste of Jane Fonda and Elizabeth Olsen's talents but I did enjoy this movie a lot, despite the lack luster acting and cheesy dialogue, and even the decision to cast Chase Crawford.

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, I give you a 50%.

The Lifeguard

A simple and cheaply made movie that does not stand out from the crowd.

In "The Lifeguard," Kristen Bell stars as a New York journalist who becomes mopey and decides to just leave her full time job to go back to her home town where she works as a lifeguard as a summer job.

She reunites with her family, old friends, and starts to fuck everything and everyone around her. She sparks a relationship with a 16-year-old boy who dreams of leaving the small town to live in Vermont with his dad.

This film is so cliche and sappy that I can't stand it. The story has been seen before and the only thing the filmmaker thinks he can do to make it original was what to make the title.

The Lifeguard, I give you a 40%.

Devil's Due
Devil's Due(2014)

Devil's Due is actually worse than the first The Last Exorcism.

This film puts paranormal found footage films to shame.

We were told why they filmed everything in their lives, which was because so they could save every memory, simple and great, and share them with their future family. It was even sweet for the husband to get a clip on camera so his life wouldn't be distracted by physically holding a fairly big camera in his hands.

But a film about a woman who gets impregnated with the antichrist shouldn't necessarily take place from marriage to birth. The story telling just becomes too sped up and eventually becomes just ridiculous and you realize that you have been cheated into spending your money to watch just another stupidly made paranormal movie.

Aspects of the impregnated woman and her affect on the people around her (priest, niece, sister, husband) were shown but we never were given a follow up on the situations or the reason for it. Maybe it was Satan's way of keeping his unborn son safe but still.

Acting was partially ok.

This was a terrible film. And Paranormal Activity films are my guilty pleasure.

Devil's Due, I give you a 30%.


I could not stand Julanne Hough's acting and her character.
But nonetheless, this film made a great point on how low one can get once they stray from the people who care about you and are trying to help you.
Hough's character is 21 years old and left home for the first time to live a wild life outside of her old, conservative, christian lifestyle she has been living with her parents.
She heads to Las Vegas and in less than a day, she chickens out, which is totally unrealistic.
I have to so, I though I would've hated Russell Brand in this but his character was a relief from what I've seen him do in the past.
I live right next to a casino and before it was built, the people of my county were able to vote on whether it would've been built or not. I voted against it. Now that I am 21 years old, all I care about using my age to pursue is consuming alcohol and not gambling. Not only do I not have the money to splurge on it, it is pointless, just as pointless as playing the lottery. I'd much rather find another way to make quick money like proper investments in companies... haha I'm rambling.
Overall, not one of Diablo's best, but still just ok.

Drinking Buddies

Not on my list of top independent romantic dramedies.

The only aspects of the movie I liked were that the chakra actress drank beer like it was water and the very ending was funny in a cute way.

But overall, a sort of cute independent movie about beer.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Not one of the Coen brothers' greatest of their collection of great films. Although the film title does fit the story itself as well as the film's record album recorded by the title character.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" is about Llewyn Davis, played by Oscar Isaac, who is a struggling folk musician whose former music partner committed suicide. Now Davis is trying to make a solo career for himself on the financial limitations he has to bear.

This entire film, Davis is struggling to find places to sleep at night while also struggling to get his name known among a few music producers. He even took a two-day road trip from New York to Chicago and back to New York just to sing to a producer, get rejected, and drive back to New York.

This film is a little interesting and enjoyable to watch Davis' adventure in 1961 but it simply did not do anything for me. Also, the ending was very depressing.

One of the only things that I truly enjoyed about this film was the beautiful picture color, the old-timey sepia looking color that created the saddening feeling to the story.

I also enjoyed the lovely songs that added a lot to the film, of course, because it is a music film about a folk singer. I enjoyed all songs. They are all written and sung beautifully. Isaac has a wonderful voice.

I am a huge fan of Adam Driver who I love in "Girls" and Stark Sands who I loved in "Kinky Boots" on Broadway. They both portrayed profound characters.

Overall, this film has a beautiful soundtrack but a somewhat slow moving story, not one of the Coen brothers' best.

Inside Llewyn Davis, I give you a 60%.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Terrible acting, cheap scares (the first official one is one of the characters just jumping out from a door way), and just like other ones.
The first three-fourths of the film are terrible but the ending packs a punch that I was waiting for the whole movie. The ending i like "WHOA!" and it connects this movie with all the other Paranormal Activity movies and you understand the connection. It's great.
(This is my 500th review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Bruce Dern gives a superb performance as Woody Grant, a close to elderly father who believes he has won one million dollars from a letter he got in the mail. Grant, with the help of his son David, surprisingly played by comedian and SNL alum Will Forte, travel from their home in Montana to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect his supposed winnings, stopping by their old home of Hawthorne, Nebraska to visit family and old friends.

While visiting his old hometown, Grant reveals of his supposed million-dollor wings, giving his family reason to ask for money due to the fact that they let Grant borrow money years back. One of Grant's friends Ed, played by Stacy Keach, even threatened to involve his lawyer and a lawsuit if Grant wouldn't settle the score between the two of them.

What was even mentioned was that when Grant used to live in Hawthorne, he did not say much and he was always very kind, giving everyone a reason to take advantage of him. Now that everyone thinks he won a million dollars, they think they must take their chance to try to squeeze some of his winnings out of him while he is still in town.

It's interesting to see Will Forte in this drama, but I do appreciate him in this. I also appreciate his nice looking face. He has a nice face, when I don't think about him in Macgruber.

June Squibb is a pure comedic delight in this film. Her role is hilarious and reminds me of so many of my own family members. Her dialogue is insane and I love her.

This film's use of a black and white picture conveys the sadness and darkness that came from Grant's realization of his family and friends superficial-ness and the fact that his family and friends were not who they thought they were.

This film has an amazing screenplay, and it definitely has a chance to win some awards.

This is a lovely film about family, fathers and sons, loyalty, and love. I encourage everyone to take a chance to see this at least once, on DVD.

Nebraska, I give you an 80%.

August: Osage County

In "August: Osage County," Violet Weston (Meryl Streep) lives with her husband Beverly Weston (Sam Sheperd) and their housemaid Johnna (Misty Upham).

Violet is a drug addict, a smart mouth, and a mouth cancer patient. She is quite a handful.

When Beverly suddenly disappears, everyone goes up in arms about this tragedy and the entire Weston family and more gather from around the nation to visit Violet in her time of need.

After another day, they find out that Beverly has committed suicide and they all plan a funeral for him.

Everyone who visits the Weston house are Violet's daughters Barbara (Julia Roberts), Ivy (Julianne Nicholson), and Karen (Juliette Lewis). Also Barbara's daughter Jean (Abigail Breslin) and separated husband Bill (Ewan McGregor) tag along while Karen's fiancé Steve (Dermot Mulroney) comes too.

But the first to arrive at the house are Violet's sister Mattie Fae (Margo Martindale) and her husband Charlie (Chris Cooper). Their supposed son Charlie Jr. (Benedict Cumberbatch) joins them later after waking up late for the funeral.

This film is all about family, secrets, strength, and loyalty between loved ones. But also, this film is extremely dark and depressing at some points.

(SPOILER) We find out that Charlie Jr. is not Charlie Sr.'s son but the son of Mattie Fae and Beverly, making Charlie Jr. the brother of Violet's three daughters. That's not all, Ivy Weston and Charlie had a secret romantic relationship between the two of them. They both thought it was not a big deal and they knew how in love they were. Barbara tried to tell her to stop this relationship, but now there is no way they can remain together in a romantic relationship, unless they become like Donny and Marie, because they now know they are in fact brother and sister.

(SPOILER) When Beverly commited suicide, Violet went to empty out their safety deposit box because it was in Beverly's will that Violoet could do that. But Violet revealed at the end of the film that there was some sort of agreement, if I'm not mistaken, that the two of them made so Beverly could relinquish his money to his wife so she can use it towards helping her cancer, but some part of me says she will use it to satisfy her drug addiction. This part of the film was so over the op saddening to me, I can't believe how sad this whole movie was.

This film has great performances all around, I feel like "August: Osage County" and "American Hustle" will both go head to head in receiving the awards for best cast/ensemble performances.

The performances I liked especially were by Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Margo Martindale. The three of them touched my wrenching heart through the entire film.

What's fantastic about this film, truly fabulous, is the fact that the screenplay was written by the original playwright who wrote the original play on Broadway, the captivating performances all throughout, and also how relatable each character is to its audience.

I could easily see my grandmother as Violet, my mother and older sister as Barbara, my younger sister as Ivy, and myself as Karen. I could see this happening to my family, but I'd rather not let that happen.

This film is incredible. I love films based from Broadway plays, including Carnage. They are always so simple in the set but they pack a huge punch in the story and performances.

August: Osage County, I give you a 90%.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

This could be summed up as a light porno with a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, and strength.

This film is a French coming of age film about a young girl, Adele, in her late teens who meets another girl, Emma, who defines the phrase "love at first sight" to her.

They first made an innocent glance at each other and later met and talked at a lesbian bar.

Emma has blue hair, she is an artist, but she is not the main character of this film, Adele is.

Adele is an aspiring teacher who meets Emma and after they meet and hang out at multiple times, they eventually become insuperable and decide to live together. They make love constantly (I will talk about this more later in the review).

Later in the film, as Emma is getting more involved with her passion for painting and drawing, Adele begins to feel alone and she makes the huge mistake she eventually regrets later of sleeping with another person, this making Emma crazy mad. Emma kicks Adele out of the house and forces her out of her life.

Adele is heartbroken and feels saddened by the whole situation as well as her mistake. Even though she lives with the guilt and cannot stop crying, she continues to work hard at job as a teacher.

Three years pass and Emma agrees to meet with Adele at a restaurant. They talk, share how their lives are going, and they even tread delicate territory; enough to make them pounce on each other, making out. But they stop themselves and with Emma having a family at last, she insists that there could never be anything between them again. But Emma does admit that she will always feel tenderness towards Adele.

This film is a simple beauty, full of great acting, real looking sex scenes, and beautiful imagery.

Adele Exarchopoulos does an amazing job with her character of Adele. I can tell that she truly taps into the emotion that Adele feels. She also has a very pretty face.

The sex scenes are something else, not to gross you out. I believe there are about three or four sex scenes between Emma and Adele and they get so close to each other that they might as well be having sex. I never actually saw one girls tongue or lips on or near another girl's vagina in the film, but they might as well have been there. For example, Emma's face was deep into Adele's crotch and I couldn't even see anything but her hair. It was intense as well.

For the imagery, one scene stood out the most.

When Emma was hosting a gathering dinner for her art, there was a dancing scene. Adele was dancing with a guy while Emma was smiling and talking with another girl, which Adele could clearly see. At the same time, an old black and white movie was playing on a big screen at the back of the party behind Adele.

As Adele could see Emma having a good time with the other girl, the audience could see Adele's jealous yet saddened face. At the same time, the camera would focus first on Adele's face, then switch the focus to the movie being played in the background, bringing focus to the movie's female character and her saddened face. The camera would switch the focus back and forth between Adele and the woman in the movie and her multiple emotion-filled faces that matched Adele's emotions at times while looking at Emma.

This film is gorgeous and a great love story for today's growing acceptance of gay people.

Blue is the Warmest Color, I give you a 100%.

All Is Lost
All Is Lost(2013)

Robert Redford stars in this film, named as "Our Man" and he spends the entire film trying to survive out at sea through various obstacles.

Who knew why he was sailing the Indian Ocean in the first place. But nonetheless, he had to struggle to survive through crashes, floods, and two massive rainstorms.

After having to let go of his sinking ship and remain on a life raft, he tried to get the attention of two cargo ships but failed; but third times the charm.

(SPOILER) At the end, he is drowning because he just gave up because there was nothing left to do but die. But as he was drowning, he sees a boat light. He quickly changes his mind and quickly swims up to meet with his rescuer. At the very end we see his rescuers hand reaching in the water and Redford reaches for the hand too. The hands grab. Fade out.

This last scene was so beautiful. It was a great scene, but it did not make up for the entire film, which was just a chance for Redford to act again.

I know that some critics may say that this simple yet gripping film with no dialogue is amazing. I do believe that some parts were great. But all I could think if was that this great actor, the great Robert Redford, is here fixing up a boat.

He is too famous to be taken as an everyday human being. The filmmakers attempt to capture me failed slightly. They should have taken after "Life of Pi" where they casted an up and coming, unknown actor.

But needless to say, Robert Redford still did a great job. He will always be my daddy bear at heart.

Side-note, it's interesting how similar this film is to "Gravity." The main character is alone, adrift, and afraid of giving up. They both want to survive so badly and they both do not give up.

All is Lost, I give you a 70%.


This film is merely a very interesting, true story full of intriguing facts and details about a real persons life before he died of AIDS in 1995.

Philomena stars Dame Judi Dench as the title character, a close to elderly devout Catholic living in Ireland who, when she was very young, had pre-marital sex and had her baby Anthony who was forcibly adopted by Americans through the hands of a bunch of "evil" nuns.

When Philomena reveals this story, that she had kept a secret for 50 years, to her daughter, her daughter tells Martin Sixsmith about it while at a party she was catering. Martin eventually decided he would like to write about this story as a human-interest story.

Thus, Philomena and Marin take a journey around Ireland, to start out, and eventually heading to Washington D.C., taking this big adventure to find Philomena's long lost son.

There is a lot more to this story, but I feel that it is too much to reveal on a simple review.

Although this film is quite heartbreaking and a little depressing and also that I believe it is worth the eyes and time of many people, at least on DVD, I feel as if it is not Oscar worthy.

I do believe that Dench gave an enjoyable performance filled with enough laughs to balance between that and the soberness but I feel that her performance may not be worth the Academy's attention.

I know for sure that the Dame will be cherished by the Academy for the rest of her life and afterword, but this year, she may have to just enjoy the show and wait for another chance at a nomination.

Side note, I don't mean to make the Oscars out to be the ultimate goal in an actor's life, I am just choosing to talk about Dench's chances just because it is Oscar season.

Philomena, I give you a 70%.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Yes! This film is director Martin Scorsese's next hit film "The Wolf of Wall Street," starring his partner in filmmaking, Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio stars as Jordan Belfort, a young money loving and drug addict living in New York City, working as a stockbroker and CEO of his own company on Wall Street. He schemes his stock investors, illegally, as a means to make a wild and wealthy living.

Even though this movie was three hours long and I could feel as if I was in the theater for a whole three hours holding in farts, the film was still entertaining enough to keep me in my seat and not take a short bathroom break. I wanted to keep my eyes glued to the screen because I loved the high energy portrayed through the music, the scenes themselves, and through DiCaprio's amazing and energetic acting skills that are clear.

I am having mixed feelings on whether Jonah Hill deserves an Oscar nomination for his wild supporting role of Donny, Jordan's best friend and business partner, in this film.

Obviously Leonardo DiCaprio will receive a nomination for his role as Jordan Belfort, one of two possible nominated roles for him of this year, the other being Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby." But I wonder if Jonah Hill's fascinating, yet unsurprisingly easy role (a money and lady loving partier with funny lines) is worth the Academy's attention.

I'm sure the Academy is well aware of Hill's past immature roles including ones from "Superbad," "Knocked Up," and "This is the End," but they did give him his first nomination for his role in "Moneyball" which, I'm sure felt like a big break for him. This role in the Scorsese film; it looked like it wasn't much of a challenge for him. He has his dick shown for heaven sakes. But I bet he thought how amazing it was to be in a Scorsese film. I believe Hill will surely get some recognition for his performance; his work probably won't be impressive enough to the Academy, compared to his work in "Moneyball."

If there are two items that would represent this film well, they would definitely be cash and drugs, for sure. The use of drugs is excessive to point where they become more than a part of Jordan's times for partying, but they become part of his entire life where he becomes addicted to the drugs. Jordan is living the high life in this movie as a millionaire, and he is living the high life as in he is always getting high. He becomes addicted to both forms of being high, with drugs as well as money. The excessive use of drugs in this film is used perfectly.

Yes, this film was a smart solid piece of work depicting the life of Jordan Belfort, his insanely wealthy rise as a CEO stockbroker, his struggles with his job, family, and drug and alcohol addictions, and his long fall as he was sent to prison for 36 months for cheating his stock investors in a widespread Wall Street scheme. This is a great way to sum the story up. But I can't help but wonder if this work by Scorsese and DiCaprio was too safe and too much of a fun activity between the two of them as film buddies rather than a making of art. I feel like I must mention this even though it's only a tiny feeling I am having. I wonder this, even though this was a great film.

Overall, I can't wait to see DiCaprio's name on the list of Best Actor nominations and I'll be content with Scorsese's name on the list of Best Director.

With a familiar feel of "American Psycho," "Wall Street," and "Pulp Fiction," this was a wild, well-written and greatly directed film.

"The Wolf of Wall Street," I give you a 90%.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

I was skeptical about this film, just because of some of the critics reviews, but I must admit that this film is another great piece of inspirational and historical storytelling, as well as one hell of an impressive performance by Idris Elba.

This film, directed by Justin Chadwich who also directed "The Other Boleyn Girl," is the true and incredible story of the "long walk to freedom" Nelson Mandela took from his days as a leading protester, to his 27 years in a grueling prison, to his struggle to get back on his feet with the support of his family, friends, and loyal followers.

Nelson Mandela, played by Idris Elba, was born in 1918 to a tribe in Mvezo, South Africa. As an adult with his friends and wife Winnie Madikizela, Mandela strived to protest against inequality and white supremacy within his home of South Africa.

He fought for his people's rights and began to commit message-sending acts, that some thought were of violence, and eventually was sent to prison for life.

While he spent his 27 years in prison, Mandela kept his confidence and all of his hope. South Africans continued to riot in the streets until the president of South Africa agreed to free him after a courageous and convincing support campaign to release Mandela had been strongly held by his supporters, followers, and family.

I personally thought this would have been the end of the film, but no. Mandela did not waste his precious middle ages in prison to give up. Once he was a free man (from prison), he worked extra hard to earn the trust and support of all of South Africa, again protesting the wrongdoings and inequality in the country. He ran from president of South Africa and as history tells it, he won.

Idris Elba gives his best performance of his career yet. Seriously, I can't believe how well he depicted the great Nelson Mandela. His accent was spot on and his appearance with the use of makeup in his character's later years made him look almost like Mandela's twin. Great job Idris.

I actually also enjoyed the performance given by Naomie Harris, who appeared as Eve Moneypenny in the James Bond film "Skyfall." Her performance as Winnie Mandela was interesting and quite impressive for one who has not been able to prove her acting abilities in the past as much. I hope she manages to snag a few awards this season. She may not snag an Oscar nomination but I'm sure she can snag a future film role worth one. Enough "snags?"

While this film was great with its two leading performances and its gripping storytelling, it did sadly have some points in the film where it could have been shortened so as to not drag on or be dull to its audience. My mom was even snoozing off a little. It was close to nighttime so I guess it was ok. But still, some scenes could have been cut out and other could have been shortened, there were countless boring drag-ons.

Other than that, this film was surely enjoyable and a important and inspiring true story that most should see.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, I give you a 70%.

American Hustle

And the award for Best Acting Ensemble in a Film goes to? Yes, please let this award in every award show possible go to the brilliantly dramatic cast of David O. Russell's next hit film "American Hustle."

"American Hustle" is just what the title makes you predict what the film is about. Christian Bale and Amy Adams star as Irving and Sydney, two lovers who partner up to con people as a loaning company that doesn't pay its loans.

After a while, they make a good life together, and they have a good thing going for them, they then are visited by Richie (Bradley Cooper) who is an FBI disguising himself as a person in need of a loan. Richie reveals his true identity and proposes something to the two of them: to include the FBI on a much bigger and more dangerous mission against politicians, powerbrokers, and the mafia.

Jeremy Renner stars as the mayor of New York City, warm hearted, loving husband and father who just wants to make good for his city. He is also included on the heist.

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Irving's lonely wife who has a son and is a bit thick headed who must learn to think before she speaks. She kills her role.

David O. Russell may know how to direct his films, but he also knows which casting directors to use.

Both Lindsay Graham and Mary Vernieu have worked beside Russell in both "American Hustle" and "Silver Linings Playbook" as the two casting directors. With hiring the cast of "The Fighter," Russell used only one person for the job, Sheila Jaffe.

It was a great move to bring his past film actors to have them reunite in this hell of a film. Christian Bale and Amy Adams from "The Fighter" and Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert DeNiro (sort of a spoiler) from "Silver Linings Playbook" all came to together to kick Hollywood's butt in this great film.

Christian Bale was absolutely appealing with his incredible acting chops that he clearly has through his impressive accent work, his characters visuals, and his overall convincing acting. I hope to see Bale nominated for Best Lead Actor.

This story is about the consequences that come from the lives of the people who choose con other people.

(SPOILER) Renner's character, mayor of NYC, was a good person who wanted New York City to thrive and flourish by good means. By Irving's actions of using the good to do bad, karma turned against him. I loved that aspect of the film's themes.

From the beginning of the film, I could tell how far Amy Adams has come ever since her big break in "Enchanted." With her on the screen, I was purely captivated. She was extremely enchanting with how skilled she is in the art of acting. I haven't heard from others about her, but I definitely hope to see her name nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Everyone says it. I just agree with them. You cannot go wrong with Jennifer Lawrence these days. 2013 was her year. She is still on fire. Her acting is nothing like I've ever seen from a single actor or actress. She sells her character to each of the audience members in the theater. I wonder where, if so, she went to acting school. If anyone should get nominated for supporting, it should be Jennifer Lawrence, Adams is icing on the cake. Plus, the little kiss in the bathroom between them was unexpected and I loved it.

"American Hustle" may be a bit slow at some points for some people but the brilliant acting through out the entire cast makes up for it.

"American Hustle," I give you a 100%.

Dallas Buyers Club

The role of Ron Woodroof is one of Matthew McConaughey's most captivating and award deserving roles I have ever seen, after Mud in "Mud." The way he really dug into his character to give the most convincing performance possible is amazing.

Based on the true story, Matthew McConaughey stars in "Dallas Buyers Club" as Ron Woodroof, the Dallas alcohol and drug addicted electrician who gets diagnosed with HIV in the early 1980s and has his whole world turned upside down.

Having only an estimated 30 days to live, Woodroof started stealing the HIV medication AZT, not approved by the FDA, and was able to live a little longer, giving him the time to research various medicine and drug combinations to help with his illness. He also crossed the border to Mexico to look for other sorts of medication not approved in the U.S. that may help his illness.

Having survived on different drugs in Mexico for over three months, Woodruff comes up with the idea to purchase almost all of the drugs in the inventory and brings it across the border as priest who takes 33 pills a day.

With the help of Rayon, a transgendered AIDS victim played by Jared Leto, the two of them fight against the FDA as they sell $400/month memberships to members of the Dallas Buyers Club, its members being allowed to all the drugs they need, drugs that are not approved by the U.S. FDA and drugs that are actually much healthier than AZT which actually is pretty harmful to human bodies.

This film is an amazing and inspirational historic masterpiece that tells it audience the remarkable story of Ron Woodruff who took a stand against the FDA in the midst of the AIDS epidemic due to the wrongful and over excessive distribution of AZT to AIDS patients. Woodroof proudly stood for all AIDS victims until his unfortunate death in September of 1992.

Matthew McConaughey gives an unbelievable performance in this film and I do not doubt an Oscar nomination coming his way. His physical form was so skeletal and it was amazing to see his look that way just for a role in a film. I really enjoyed his rich performance.

Jared Leto also gave an interesting performance as Rayon, a transgendered AIDS victim who works as Woodroof's business partner in the Dallas Buyers Club. In one of his last scenes on screen, Rayon had nothing on but briefs and the audience was able to see his unhealthy body, as he was extremely skinny with his ribs bulging out. It was a horror to see how AIDS victims looked, or possibly still look.

This film is a pure triumph with a award deserving performance by McConaughey and a story so touching and inspirational that needs to be told.

The message of the film is said by McConaughey, "Enjoy your life, you only have one." This sticks with the audience as they depart the theater. Although I believe this message, Woodroof did enjoy his life, and look where that got him. I say enjoy your life, in a safe and healthy manner.

Dallas Buyers Club, I give you a 100%.

12 Years a Slave

This film is a tearjerker and it is another film that tells its audience of how ruthless slave owners were in slave times.

But in "12 Year a Slave," it specifically talks about the undeserving kidnapping and selling into slavery of Solomon Northrup, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Solomon was a free man who was loved through out his hometown of Saratoga, New York. But after a night of drinking in Washington D.C., he was kidnapped by two strangers who sold him to Master Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch. Ford was a nice master, while someone in his family, played by Paul Dano, was especially cruel, to the point where he was going to hang Solomon, but he was thankfully saved.

At the scene of the hanging and when Solomon was saved, Solomon was saved from dying, but he was forced to stay hanging, barely planting both feet on the ground, until his he was saved hours later. The camera was on him for most likely a full minute. It was heart wrenching.

Solomon was later sold to Master Epps, played by Michael Fassbender, who Solomon spends the most time with in his 12 grueling year journey where he also meets a friend, Patsey, played by Lupita Nyong'o.

Master Epps is extremely cruel and unreasonable towards his slaves. He even forced Solomon to whip Patsey after she appeared from missing because she was retrieving soap to wash her body with because she was gagging on her filth.

After Bass, friend of Epps played by Brad Pitt, helps Solomon by writing a letter to Solomon's old friends who he worked beside back in D.C., Solomon was finally able to return home as he truly was, a free men.

Yes, he fled that plantation, returning to his family crying tears of joy.

Solomon went on to become an activist for civil rights, helping slaves along the Underground Railroad.

This film is full of saddening silent shots of scenery and emotion. Some of them were quite effective, but one or two, I just wanted the movie to keep going. Jeez!

Where this film lacks in speedy scenes, it makes up for in its casting and acting.

Ejiofor is obviously receiving an Oscar nomination for his compelling and rich performance and I am hoping that Lupita Nyong'o also receives a nomination that she greatly deserves for her supporting role of Patsey.

Overall, this is a gripping period piece with enchanting acting and rich cinematography.

12 Years a Slave, I give you a 90%.

Saving Mr. Banks

Emma Thompson gives a hell of an emotional performance as P. L. Travers, the author of "Mary Poppins" the book, and in this film, she struggles with Walt Disney and his production company as they turn her book into the classic Julie Andrews musical.

Travers comes from an Australian family and she looked up to her alcoholic father very much. She learned much from him and she was deeply saddened and scarred after his death when she was just a young girl.

Just before her father passed away, Travers' family hired a nanny, the inspiration to the Mary Poppins character in Travers' books, hoping that she would magically save her family as well as her ill father.

Travers' first Mary Poppins book was published in 1934 and Walt Disney became a fan of her books.

In 1961, Travers traveled from her home in London to Disney Studios in Los Angeles to meet with Walt Disney, played by Tom Hanks, and the team behind the upcoming film's production team.

In this film, the audience takes a look at how Travers had trouble giving care to the ideas the Disney team had as they were creating the film we have today because she wanted to make sure that the film was being made on good terms and on her pre-determined terms because of the delicacy of the memory of her late beloved father Travers Goff, played by Colin Farrell.

This story of P. L. Travers and the emotional and tragic background is told outstandingly through past clips of Travers' childhood coinciding with the present time.

I don't doubt Emma Thompson receiving an Oscar nomination for her gripping performance as Travers and although I do not see Hanks receiving one for this film, I definitely see him receiving a nomination for his performance in Captain Phillips.

This film is an incredible triumph and I encourage all Disney fans to experience it, just know it may not be the best for young ones. It contains alcohol, some blood, and the sight of a corpse.

Saving Mr. Banks, I give you an 80%.


Yes, I did not care for the character of Roger Greenberg, but nonetheless, Ben Stiller gave it quite a compelling performance that proves Stiller's worth in acting business of cinema.
The screenplay was very Baumbach-y, compared to Squid and the Whale and Frances Ha, but it didn't grab be like I expected it to. The story was just dull.
I did enjoy Frances Ha but I did not enjoy Squid and the Whale or Greenberg.
The only thing I love from Baumbach is Greta Gerwig who is a joy every time she's on screen.
Greenberg, I give you a 50%.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller gives a hit-to-the-head performance in this film he also directs. With the thrilling story line, amazing cinematography and the beautifully compiled soundtrack, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty won my heart.

Ben Stiller stars as Walter Mitty, a lonely and shy young man who works with photo negatives at Life Magazine in New York City.

Walter lives day by day with the same routine. He never likes to take any chances on life or do anything exciting. He just goes to work everyday and admires a lady from a far. He is a member of eHarmony but he has not gotten any winks and he has noting to say about himself or any of his "been there"s or "done that"s.

When he gets into work one day, he finds out that Life magazine is going solely digital and will just be called Life Online, an online magazine, so management decides to lay off most of its staff members.

Walter has worked with Life for 16 years, mostly with one persons photographs from around the world, Sean O'Connell, played by Sean Penn.

On the same day, Sean sends in his last photo roll to Life, and a letter to Walter telling him how much Sean appreciated his work with the magazine as well as their partnership. Sean also said that one of the photos on his roll is to be the cover for the last issue, photo #25.

Photo #25 was missing from the roll.

Walter's co-worker searched high and low for the lost photo while Walter was making an acquaintance with Cheryl, played by Kristen Wiig, who also works at Life and who Walter has a secret crush on.

Walter thought diligently and he knew that if he wanted to keep his job through the layoffs and impress Cheryl, he must go out if his comfort zone and into the unknown.

This film is a visionary masterpiece. It feels like a simply made film, but when you observe and take the film in deeply, it packs a punch straight to the heart.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I give you a 80%.


Cute little independent theatre camp film.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

A great sequel. Still struggling to figure out if the first one was better or if the sequel was.
I love the movie's take on the news and how it was changed during the 80s, how rating became all the rage.
I did not like the emphasis on race and sex, but it's Will Ferrell.
Anchorman 2, I give you a 70%.


Very, very thrilling and once you understand the story, your mind gets blown.
Very interesting and exceptional way to tell this compelling story about this man with short term memory loss who struggles to track down his wife's killer with clues from notes, tattoos, and Polaroid pictures.
Based on the short story by director Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan Nolan, this film goes down in history as one of my favorite psychological thrillers.
Memento, I give you a 90%.

The English Teacher

A complete and total waste of Julianne Moore's time and talents, however, this story line was very interesting and I rather enjoyed some of it, and not just because the film also starred such Broadway legends like Nathan Lane and Norbert Leo Butz, whom I adore.
This film is about what happens when a lonely high school english teacher runs into a former student of hers, reads his play that he attempted to have produced on Broadway, and decides to have the play put on in the high school. The relationships that blossom, the drama that happens outside of rehearsal, and the reputations that are struck down and brought back up again, all happen as a result.
Very interesting story and worth the netflix.
The English Teacher, I give you a 60%.

Love Actually

Not entirely a good or well written romantic comedy. I was inclined to believe that this was not only one of the best christmas romance movies, but also one of the best romantic comedies.
But for these type of films where it is stuffed with well known actors with very different and co-habitatng story lines, sometimes the film can work out, like Magnolia, Crash, or Short Cuts. But on the other hand, it may not always work well with the audience, like Cloud Atlas and this, Love Actually. Too many story lines to keep track and not enough resolutions.
Yes this film was one of those, aww, snobby lovey dovey romantic comedy but it hardly worked for me.
Love Actually, I give you a 50%.

Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots(2006)

A fun and fabulous frenzy of a film. Can't wait to see Chiwetel in 12 years a slave.

The Sound of Music

A masterpiece. Saw it before Carrie Underwood ruined it.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

An absolutely beautiful and stunning piece of filmmaking that comes from the mind of director Steven Spielberg and Brian Aldiss, who wrote the short story the film is based off of.

This film takes place in a futuristic world where life like robot humans are commonly manufactured. But Professor Hobby, played by William Hurt, wants to go further. For the purpose of replacing a lost child and filling a hole for sorrowful parents, Hobby creates David (Haley Joel Osment); the first child robot made by his company, who becomes the son of Henry and Monica Swinton, two parents whose child, Martin, has been in a coma.

But when Martin comes out of his coma, situations take place where Monica and Henry feel its best to abandon David all together and let him go free instead of having the company destroy him.

Knowing what Monica's intentions are, David pleads to Monica that she let him stay with her. He says he loves her and that he can become a real boy and everything will be better. After Monica drives off with David far behind him, David vows to visit the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, which was read to David and Martin by Monica, so David may wish to be a real boy so Monica will accept and love him.

This is David's journey.

Haley Joel Osment gives a stunning performance, better than Sixth Sense.

I know I have seen the beginning of this film, up until the abandonment scene, many times, but now that I have taken the time to watch, experience and enjoy this film, I understand how visionary it is.

The visual effects, the symbolism and the entire beautiful meaning behind the story are all so magnificently brought well to life on the screen by Spielberg.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, I give you a 100%.


One of the best Disney children's films I have seen in a while, probably since Wreck it Ralph.
This film is so sweet and touching, it makes it even better that its a musical, with the talents Idina Menzel. Oh my god I can't stop listening to "Let It Go" by Idina.
I just saw her in her new musical "If/Then." I love her so much.
It is true, Olaf steals each of his scenes. Josh Gad's voice is so warm and cute.
This film is like a Broadway gathering, with Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Santino Fontana.
I love this movie.
Frozen, I give you a 100%.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

A very successful sequel to the Hunger Games franchise. Jennifer Lawrence give an amazing performance as Katniss Everdeen.
Just about to finish the book too.


Who knew Jason Bateman can do drama?
Disconnect (perfect title) is about three different groups of people in their own different situation that all involve technology and the bad that it can be used for.
Jason Bateman is the father of a kid who gets catfished, has his nude photo sent out to his entire high school, and attempts suicide as a result. Overall, this is called cyberbullying.
Alexander Skarsgard, a distant businessman, and his wife have their money and information stolen over the internet from conversation the wife had with a stranger on a website for parents of the deseased. Overall, this is called identity theft.
Andrea Riseborough is a reporter who reports on Max Thieriot who is one of several minors who work for an online adult chatroom. The FBI gets involved and the reporter becomes guilty and feels the need to help Max's character make a better life for himself. Overall, this is called online sex.
This film does an outstanding job of showing us how technology can ultimately lead to horrific consequences. But I feel like this movie should've been released years ago when this sort of topic was in the mainstream and the news a lot. Would've made a bigger impact on its audience.
Max Thieriot, Jason Bateman, Jonah Bobo, Alexander Skarsgard, and Colin Ford all give wonderful performances.
Disconnect, I give you an 80%.

Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude is a beautiful, touching and funny film about a 20 something year old Harold and a 79 going on 80 Maude and the relationship that sparks between them starting from when they first met at a funeral.

Harold and Maude first share a connection when it is revealed that they both enjoy attending funerals. They share a few talks here and there, and they both begin to share a special bond between them that I have never seen before; a bond that could only be found in this movie.

Both Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort give breathtaking performances that make you fall in love. I absolutely loved the character of Maude for her zany and care-free personality.

This film is incredibly funny all throughout, touching and beautiful as well. The ending will hit you like a ton of bricks and you will leave with a life-long for this Hal Ashby film.

Harold and Maude, I give you a 100%.


A very interesting and incredible film about the decay of urban cities and how the figure of Jesus Christ was used to symbolize RoboCop and he was to save people from crime or sin.
Bad graphic work (its the 80s) but hella good movie.


Brilliant idea but overall a "stupid" waste of my time.

The Collector

Interesting traps and ways to die. Only part I liked.
Otherwise, a nothing horror movie.

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

An ok horror movie. I hate the son, he's so stupid and doesn't think before he acts. I never knew how ugly Ethan Hawke can get.

Tiny Furniture

Simple yet intense screenplay.
If you love Girls, you'll like Tiny Furniture.
Fun fact: the woman and girl who play Aura's mother and sister are Lena Dunham's actual mother and sister.

Scary Movie 5

A few chuckles but overall a waste of time.


Just an average action flick.


A well done remake of the original Sissy Spacek film.
Even though Chloe Moretz is hot right now, I would've chose maybe some other actress to play the title role, or have Moretz change her voice a bit to be more convincing.
I loved the new ideas and ways the students died in the film's climax, especially how Chris died.
Julianne Moore gave a great performance but still not as memorable as Piper Laurie.
Carrie, I give you a 70%.


A very frightening and thrilling horror flick that makes all other horror films compete to be just as great.
SIssy Spacek gives a worthwhile and eye-popping performance which was mainly led by her ability to keep her eyes widened throughout the film's climax.
A very fitting halloween flick.
Carrie, I give you a 90%.


A fantastically made film with great directing and amazing cinematography.
I saw this at my college and I got to Skype Lisa (Director) and Josh (one of the stars) afterwords.
Great film.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Great horror film.
Not so bad acting.
Great gory effects.

Nowhere to Hide

Very funny. Pokes fun at itself.

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks. As mature as he becomes in age, his fans still remain hooked to his alluring appeal. But in his latest film, Somali pirates refer to him as "the ugly one."

Suiting a white goatee, an official Captain's uniform, and an inspiring performance based on a true character, Tom Hanks showcases an honest portrayal of Captain Richard Phillips in "Captain Phillips," this fall's latest action thriller.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, who also brought us the 9/11 based film "United 93," "Captain Phillips" tells the true and compelling story of Richard Phillips, a 'Yankee Irish' captain who, in 2009, is forced to cooperate with armed Somali pirates as they hijack his cargo ship as it's on course to deliver food, water and supplies to the Eastern parts of Africa.

In the film, the audience can see that Phillips is as dedicated to his family, as he is to his career. He learns of recent pirate hijackings along the Somali Coast, and in an effort to bring precaution, Phillips orders his crew to execute security drills, in the case of an actual hijacking.

But in the midst of it, the drill becomes real life as Phillips spots two small speedboats, the Somoli pirates, on the ship's radar. This is the first out of two attempts to hijack the ship as both speedboats retreat: the first boat out of fear and the second due to a broken motor.

After the crew endures a restless night, the pirates return the next day with more determination. Once they hook their ladder onto the ship and the film's background music drops, the audience realizes that the hijacking has officially begun and Captain Phillips must keep his crew safe while also keeping his own fears in check.

After seeing "United 93," it's safe to say that "Captain Phillips" is right up Greengrass' historically thrilling alley. It seems Greengrass enjoys working with true stories about hijackings against the U.S. It gives his audience a chance to be touched and emotionally changed by witnessing such tragic (reenacted) happenings that had previously occurred in real life.

"Captain Phillips" has Greengrass' unique directing style. It's choppy and shaky, in the best way possible. That style manages to create a sense of intensity and realness to the scenery. It gives the audience the opportunity to feel the emotion that the characters on screen are feeling. It's as if the audience can imagine themselves on the ship with the crew. Ultimately, Greengrass' style of directing is what creates the overall emotion of the story, which couldn't be any better for the film.

When it comes down to the film's leading actor, that choice also could not have been any better for the film.

To be a possible Oscar contender, the producers needed someone who would nail this role. They made the right choice. They hired the big and beloved Hollywood name that is Tom Hanks.

The film's producers had to know that whomever they casted to play the lead role would make it his own and it would become his film, his shining moment and his name praised; no better man for the job than Hanks'.

The suspense and energy of this true story helps the film set sail, while Hanks' authentic performance is what keeps this film afloat.

Tom Hanks truly proves his worth as an actor at the film's conclusion. His performance hits a forceful and wonderful finale just as the film does.

The Grudge
The Grudge(2004)

Scary but boring at some points.


Gravity is insanely gorgeous with its amazing visuals, effects, directing and cinematography.

It pretty much went without saying due to the fact that it's main plot location is in outer space, I'm sure director Cuaron had such excitement for which he could exercise his directing abilities which he had previously used on "Children of Men" and the third Harry Potter film.

The directing and the cinematography were the layers and layers of icing on the cake and they were just as satisfying as the visual effects.

(SPOILER) One aspect of the film I loved is when Ryan (Bullock) had finally made it to the nearest station just in time to refuel on oxygen, when she had closed the door that lead to the outer empty vacuum; Ryan remained in the fetal position for about 30 seconds. It sort of gave off the impression of birth or rebirth. Either way, she was incredibly relieved to finally breathe again just as she was only less than 1% full of oxygen in her tank.

It's hard to tell if, even though Sandra Bullock gave a great performance, she will receive an Oscar nomination. But I feel like the awards given for this film will mostly be pertaining towards the visuals, the art, and the directing.

Overall, this film is stunningly beautiful and everyone needs to watch it, and if they can afford it, definitely in 3-D.

Gravity, I give you a 90%.

Reservoir Dogs

A simple yet intense film about six men who take down a jewelry story but their plan alters once they realize that the police have been waiting for them. The six men are hired by one man with his son as his partner. They all know someone tipped off the police about their planned robbery but their not sure. Two of them die right away with the other four hiding out in an abandoned garage with a kidnapped police officer. Two of them are trying to keep their cool, one other's intentions are to torture the kidnapped cop, and the last one is dying from a gut wound.
This film is intense basically from the outstanding performances that are given, from Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, Michael Madsen, and especially Harvey Keitel.
This film could quite possibly be adapted into a staged play and it would be just as fantastic.
I was watching this film with my floor mates in college and most of them said it was boring. They were hoping for more, plus we just watched Pulp Fiction last week.
Me and some other guy seemed to agree that we liked this film.
I love this film. This film makes me like Steve Buscemi more and I'm glad to see he made something of himself before Adam Sandler "adopted" him. But now it looks like he's getting his career back with Boardwalk Empire.
This film also makes me appreciate Harvery Keitel. The only other movie I saw him in before I saw Pulp Fiction was Little Fockers. Yea I know. lol.
Overall, a well done piece of work that I greatly enjoyed.
Reservoir Dogs, I give you a 100%

Our Idiot Brother

Very cute and an enjoyable Paul Rudd movie with his whole acting gang (Rashida Jones, Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, Zooey Deschanel).
In the middle when Ned couldn't stop blabbing about everyones issues and secrets, I wanted to punch Ned in the face and yell STFU!
I'm happy where he ended up at the end.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

An overall pretty good psychological thriller. Not one of my favorites, personally. Great performance by Brad Pitt.
Very confusing at some points in the film.
Is it just me or does Madeline Stowe's voice sound a lot like Laura Linney's?

Behind the Candelabra

An incredibly well directed film based on the relationship between Liberace and Scott Thorson during the 70s and 80s.
Michael Douglass is literally captivating with his amazing performance. He captures Liberace so well.
I enjoyed every minute.

Game Change
Game Change(2012)

Saw this when it was first aired.
I am a Democrat and can't wait for Hillary to run for 2016 but I still enjoyed Julliane Moore and her breathtaking performance as Sarah Palin.

Some Like It Hot

SLIH is a true romantic comedy. A romantic comedy that has a perfect balance between adoring romance and hilarious comedy.
I sort of get this tingling feeling when i watch Marilyn act and talk. I love her voice and I just love her in general. She truly has her own unique way of acting that we have never seen before.
Jack Lemmon was incredibly hilarious, mostly in the beginning half of the film. The way he acted as Jerry acting as Daphne was such a joy to watch. Daphne was was adorably cute with a hilarious laugh that I could not stop laughing at.
Tony Curtis was amazing and the chemistry between him and Marilyn was divine.
Jerry and Joe play two musicians who witness a mas murder between two mobs. The murdering mob is set to hunt them down so they don't rat them out, so the mob wants to kill the two of them.
Jerry and Joe take a job as two female musicians, going in drag, undercover. They meet Sugar Cane, played by Marilyn, who Jerry takes a liking to.
This film is full of laughs and romanitc moments of pure joy that makes you fall in love with the film itself.
As I like to say nowadays, I am so happy I have finally watched this film. I love Marilyn so much.
Some Like it Hot, I give you a 100%.

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

Very scary. Great use of the dolls to use as scary objects.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

This film is evidence of Tarintino's unique greatness. This may be one of his best films, if not his best yet.
I absoulutely adore his mind for directing. I love his style. You can see some commonalities between his pictures. The way the camera is on Christopher Walken when he's talking to Butch and the way the camera is on Samuel Jackson in Django when he's talking to Django while he's tied upside down.
Everyone of his directed scenes is either a scene with a lot of intense, intelligent, and meaningful dialogue (like any scene with Sam Jackson), a scene with absolutely no dialogue but the blocking and the scene itself is brilliant (like the scene when Butch is retrieving his watch to find Vince there too), or a scene with epic and greatly choreographed fights, violence, and at least some gore.
I agree with every Academy Award Tarantino has received for his writing.
Pulp Fiction, I give you a 100%.


Way too long of a film and way too overrated.
Seems like this film was pretty good. Hugh Jackman gave good performance, so did Mellisa Leo.
But it just seems like this film was a long and drawn out missing person thriller that could've ended sooner.
(SPOILER) I think the film is this long so the audience will feel what the parents felt. It had been too long, until they found their children.
Was this film truly that well done? Maybe.
Someone said this film marked the beginning of Oscar season.
If this film receives any nominations, I would see it receiving one for sound, makeup, and Hugh Jackman's performance.
Overall, I somewhat successful nail-biting thriller.
Prisoners, I give you a 70%.

American Graffiti

Great character development and great story telling overall.
American Graffiti takes place on one night at the end of the summer of 1962. The night before students leave for college.
They are out on the town, cruising, hanging out with girls, and drag racing on the streets.
I loved Richard Dreyfuss in this. He's so adorable. And it's funny to see Ron Howard after he's gotten older after he was a little boy in the Andy Griffith show.
This film is very funny, compelling, and just a fun film to feel like you are a part of.
American Graffiti, I give you a 90%.

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

More of a dramatic thriller than a major suspense ride on Hitchcock's part.
Very original and very compelling.
Great performances by Tippi Hedren and Jessica Tandy.

Sixteen Candles

Not better than The Breakfast Club but Sixteen Candles is still such a cute and romantic teen film; a success on Hughes' part.

Cute and funny.


A simple made film by Hitchcock, yet it is still filled with nail-biting suspense, great performances, and genius directing.

Even though the relationship between Phillip and Brandon is not clearly told, I like to think of them as boyfriends or partners. The two actors portray their chemistry perfectly.

These two young men pursue the perfect murder with no suspicion or questioning. That is until they begin hosting a small party of people in their apartment.

I love the small scene when the door to the kitchen is swinging and the audience is able to see Brandon dropping the rope into the kitchen drawer ever so sly like.

I love Hitchcock's clever cuts using the back of a coat for one second to make the audience believe that the story is still progressing even though cuts were made.

The directing is phenomenal and the acting is superb.

Rope, I give you a 100%.

Never Let Me Go

Cinematically brilliant yet frequently slow paced and a little boring at times, Never Let Me Go is a unique and intelligent sic-fi drama.
Garfield, Mulligan, and Knightly star as three of the multiple children from an English boarding school who were cloned for an experiment, to set their lives up to where they would be called on to donate their organs to those in need during their 20s or early 30s.
The three of them are in a special love triangle but their love and friendship are tested due to the fact that they have this "impending doom" upon them that they cannot avoid.
This film has themes of love, friendship, value of each individual life, stem cell research, and abortion.
The cinematography is so gorgeous you could add it to the list of reasons to cry while watching this film. The symbolism for the empty and abandoned boat on the beach shore is brilliant.
Even thought these three young people are to die very early, in a technologically advanced world where the average life expectancy is 100 years old, they still long for a valuable life filled with achieved goals, companionship, and true love.
This film is beautiful, touching, sad, depressing, and overall brilliant.
Never Let Me Go, I give you a 90%.

Insidious: Chapter 2

Very scary and creepy, maybe even more than the first one.
Showed some of the same themes and elements seen in The Shining.
An ok ending, there is no reason for a third film.

The Hills Have Eyes

Great use of blood and great killing scenes.
Overall, typical.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

A successful horror film with chilling music and horrifying imagery that creates such a classic horror flick based off a work by Stephen King.
Very disturbing with a great performance by Nicholson and great directing by Kubrick.


Definitely a fantastic film for it's time, Jaws is drama and thrill filled ride with great performances from all three leading men. (I'm starting to fall in love with Richard Dreyfuss).
Just as the first month of summer has gone but, the chief of police for the town of Amity believes there may be a shark roaming the main waters of where the townspeople typlically swim in. After the second attack and kill of a young boy, the town is certain there is a shark, and Chief Brody (Scheider), professional fisherman Quint (Shaw), and oceanographer and lover of sharks Hooper (Dreyfuss) must set sail to kill this shark once and for all.
Even though it takes a little more than half the movie to get to the climatic scenes out at sea, the first half of the film is riveting. The mayor of the town is worried that the townspeople may get cranky and want to leave for another beach that doesn't have shark and for the mayor, that means a loss in revenue and reputation.
This film is so riveting and greatly written. I don't think there was ever a dull moment.
Is it just me or does Roy Scheider have a close resemblance to James Woods?
Overall, this film even made me scared at the jump out moments, and I greatly enjoyed this classic film. I am glad I finally watched it.
Jaws, I give you a 90%.

The Shawshank Redemption

Yes, after years of putting it off, I have finally sat down and watched The Shawshank Redemption.

This film tells the story of Andy Dufresne, a convicted but innocent felon who was accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Dufresne is sentenced to life in Shawshank prison. There, he befriends a Morgan Freeman's character Red. The two of them become inspirable and they become each other's support as they both serve harsh time.

The audience watches as Dufresne makes his special mark on Shawshank prison. Whether it was because he helped expand the range of books in the library, he helped a young misunderstood boy achieve his high school diploma, or he helped most of the guards as well as the warden file their taxes just in time for tax season, Dufresne seemed to have made Shawshank a little less like a prison and a little more like a center for rehabilitation.

As 19 years came up, Dufresne discovered who had actually killed his wife and her lover. Dufresne is determined to become a free man, one way or another, even if the warden should attempt to gets in his way.

This film is a piece of art and I encourage everyone to experience if just as I have. This film is about friendship, loyalty, strength, truthfulness, and fighting for what's right, even when you seem outnumbered.

No words can describe how beautiful this film truly is. The film's title even gives it an epic kick to it.

The screenplay was written beautifully smooth with no dull moments. Thomas Newman composed such a lovely and pleasing yet epic score that I fell in love with. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman give once in a lifetime performances that melt your heart.

Overall, this film is amazing, simple as that.

The Shawshank Redemption, I give you a 100%.

Burn After Reading

Another fantastically made Coen bros film with wonderful performances.
This crime dramedy centers around the lives of two loony fitness trainers, and alcoholic ex-CIA agent, his cheating wife, and a sex-aholic treasurer.
This sort of dark comedy is incredibly fun to watch and I never experienced a dull moment. Malkovich and McDormand give incredible performances that I will always remember.
Overall, this is one of my favorite Coen bros film that I look forward to watching again.
Burn After Reading, I give you a 90%.

How to Train Your Dragon

Very entertaining, very funny, and very cute, How To Train Your Dragon is a triumph.
HTTYD is definitely a well perfected piece of work. It is the best DreamWorks picture since Shrek.
This film takes place in Scotland during the age of the vikings, and the strongest men must face off against many dragons that come to harm the viking's village.
The strongest and bravest of all vikings, Stoick, has a "wimpy" teenage son who is determined to live up to his father's title. He truly believes in himself, but everyone else around him does not, not even his father.
This touching and beautiful story is about trust, love, friendship, and believing in yourself as well as others.
Overall, I am very happy I finally watched this film, I can't wait to watch it again sometime and then the sequel.
How to Train your Dragon, I give you an 80%.


A very touching film with great writing.
Anjelica Huston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt give great performances but I believe Seth Rogen was a terrible choice as Adam's best friend.
You do get a few laugh out loud moments, plenty of chuckles and aww's, and you may even cry once or twice, but this film still does not fulfill the job of winning me over because there is no originality that separates it from any other "bonding for the better" film "during a tragic time."
Overall, for me, 50/50 somewhat succeeded with keeping my attention and even making me cry a couple times, but the very ending was terribly cliche like any other happy-go-luck film. See it and you'll know.
50/50, I give you a 60%.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Such a beautiful story about a transwoman whose faulty operation left her with a one inch penis, hence, the angry inch.
The story of Hedwig is told through cartoon animations and songs that she wrote. She tells us of how she was born in Germany when the Berlin wall was built. Hedwig and her mother ended up remaining on the communist East side of Germany. Hedwig tells us of how she met her first lover, an American soldier who ended up leaving her later. Hedwig later met Tommy. The two of them shared their love of rock music and performing. While Hedwig was already well experienced with music and performing live, she helped Tommy become one of America's most popular rock stars, Tommy Gnosis.
As Tommy is majorly popular, Hedwig created her own band that travels around America performing small gigs at restaurants and other small venues to try to make a name of themselves and so Hedwig may feel whole as who she feels she is, despite her angry inch.
John Cameron Mitchell gives a hell of a performance and I cannot wait to see NPH take on the role on Broadway.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch, I give you a 100%.

Hyde Park on Hudson

A great story to be told and a funny & well written screenplay.
A waste of Laura Linney's time and talents but Bill Murray is remarkable.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

An average creepy, jump-out-of-your-seat scary movie.
Great makeup and very gory.

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine(2013)

An exceptionally well written story with incredible depth to each character.
This is nothing like Woody Allen has ever done before and it is his best writing yet.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

This is such an inspiring and beautifully directed film with amazing acting from all of the main cast.
Forrest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey are both outstanding and incredible in this film and if I had to pick one of them to be nominated for an Oscar, I'd pick Oprah, she owned that role.
The presidents' roles had some problems. The best one was between James Marsden as Kennedy and Alan Rickman as Reagan. The worst was John Cusack as Nixon. It just looked like John Cusack, no major changes to his physique.
Overall, a fantastic film.
The Butler, I give you an 80%.

Shall We Dance

This is simply another comedic musical with the great duo that is Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers.

In this film, Astaire plays a famous ballet dancer in Paris, named Petrov. He is also extremely fascinated by the art if tap dancing and he wants to move towards that.

He discovers a famous tap dancer, Linda, played by Rodgers. He views a flip book of her dancing and he wants to meet her.

He meets her and secretly finds out that she is to depart for New York via the Queen Anne. He buys a ticket and somehow a rumor starts that the two of them have secretly married.

This is another joy if an Astaire/Rodgers film.

Shall We Dance, I give you an 80%.

The Spectacular Now

This film is basically an extremely touching and above average coming of age story with a tremendous performance by Miles Teller, well, for someone whose previous roles were from Project X and 21 & Over.

Sudder is a high school senior who loves to party and, as he says, live in the now, this moment. That is his life at the moment. But he struggles with trying to create a future for himself. He has no interest or motivation to move on, get good grades, or go to college.

He meets Aimee (Shailene Woodley) who is a new type of girl that he has never experienced feelings for before.

Sudder and Aimee meet Sudder's father after he left his family several years ago. Sudder's excitement quickly hits rock bottom as soon as he gets to know him and when he discovers that his father made the choice to move out despite his children's feelings.

Sudder and Aimee enjoy their time together and as they both seem to fall in love with each other, Sudder begins to wonder if he is right for her and if he will become just like his father, and he does not want to do that to Aimee.

This emotional and wonderful film is a triumph, both on the writer as well as Teller's part.

This role that he managed to achieve, is a great sort of transition if he plans on taking on more serious roles. He played a partier boy with some serious tones also.

An incredible teen coming of age and romance story.

The Spectacular Now, I give you a 90%.


For a 1932 film, Freaks is such an enjoying film to watch and such a well directed and well acted hour or so long film.

The audience views the lives if the various different talented and unique performers and "freaks" in a traveling circus.

In particular, we follow Cleopatra and Hercules, "normal" able-bodied performers and lovers, Hans and Frieda, two midget performers, and Venus and Phonso.

Hans is attracted to Cleopatra but after she learned of Hans' mass fortune, she agrees to marry him, and she slips poison in his wine, but not enough to kill him, resulting in being temporarily bed ridden.

I can't believe how interestingly brilliant this film is and how much I enjoyed it. It's one of Hollywoods early classics that sticks with you through life.

The costume design, makeup, and special effects are fantastic.

Freaks, I give you a 100%.

Were the World Mine

An interesting story that corresponds with the lgbt community and how homophobes really create a hurtful mark on gay people because of their remarks.

Timothy is an openly gay high school senior with low self esteem who gets the lead role in his all male academy's production of Midsummer's Night's Dream.

He manages to concoct the purple flower mentioned in the play, this flower having the power to turn anyone gay and makes them attracted to the first person they see of the same sex.

This musical fantasy film is fantastic but the acting could've used some work.

Were the World Mine, I give you a 60%.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

A thrilling drama that keeps you plugged in the whole way through.

Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller give great performances, Miller more than Swinton.

I still love Tilda Swinton to death. She was great in Benjamin Button, I am Love, Kevin, and even Chronicles of Narnia. I actually don't see her as the perfect choice for Eva.

An overall gripping and well directed film.

We Need to Talk About Kevin, I give you a 70%.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

A satisfying sequel to a great story about teenage superheroes.

Chloe Moretz is spectacularly awesome recurring her role as Hit Girl.

Overall, a thumbs up as a sequel.

Kick Ass, I give you a 70%.


Average sci-fi action movie. Jodie Foster wasted on that embarrassing role.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

One of the best Marilyn films I have ever seen! She plays the role of this smart dumb blonde female performer who is obsessed with diamonds. She performs the role perfectly.
A joy of a musical film.
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I give you a 100%.

We're The Millers

This movie is just another below average family road trip movie thats is really cheesy at many parts.
Jason Sudeikis is made to be the lead actor, obviously, but he fails at being the leader. His comedy is so bad and it makes me sad for his sake.
This movie simply reassures my disinterest in Jason.
I did enjoy Jennifer Aniston and her big stripper scene. She has an amazing body, and I'm gay so...
Overall, such a disappointment and there were supposal funny parts where no one even laughed. Very bad.
We're the Millers, I give you a 30%.

A Star is Born

This film is the second remake of the classic story, after the 1934 original, which was then remade in 1954 starring Judy Garland.

This remake, starring Barbra Streisand, is a fantastic remake that suits the time perfectly. Society was a little out of the Broadway and musical movie era and it moved over to the rock and roll music era which started the introduction of the Grammy awards in 1959 and with Woodstock in 1969. This was a new age of mainstream pop culture with rebellious teens, braless women, and rock and roll seemed to be the only loved type of music.

With all of this, Barbra Streisand was at the top of her game. Some people may have even known her as the next Judy Garland. She was the perfect choice to play Esther.

Kris Kristofferson plays John, a rebellious and lazy alcoholic rock and roll star in a band. He is one the majorly popular music stars during the time in this film. He meets Esther (Barbra) at a nightclub as she is singing lead on the small stage. He is won over by her and they come together by chance after they both escape the club after a bar fight commenced that John was partially responsible for.

Eventually, John gets Esther in at his studio to record an album of hers to try and get her the fame and success that she has always dreamed of.

Esther becomes a raging success and John becomes just a memory.

I greatly enjoyed this film and the many connections and similarities that it shares with the Garland version. I believe the 1954 version is slightly better, mostly because of the endings.

The 1954 version's was simple yet went off with a bang. Garland was very distraught and did not want to sing at her next show. But her friend said that she must even though she is said, because that is how she would keep the memory of Norman alive. She introduced herself as Mrs. Norman Maine and the film ended with the audience's standing ovation.

The 1976 version's was too long in comparison. We saw that Esther was very sad over the death of John but it seemed like she was ok to sing again right away, despite the tragedy. Then she sang for about 7 minutes. I enjoyed it, but I feel like I was forced to enjoy it.

Barbra I love you.

A Star is Born, I give you an 80%.

A Star Is Born

This is such a beautiful and sad love story and it is the best musical I've seen since Guys and Dolls.

Judy Garland is incredible in this outstanding film and it is such a shame that she did not win the Academy award. That's one of things I hate, when I watch a great movie and I'm won over by a certain performance and I'm convinced that they did win some big award for it but then it turns out they didn't. I guess I have to watch The Country Girl so I can watch Grace Kelly's award-winning performance.

Everything about Judy Garland's character in this film was made to win the Oscar. She truly captured all the emotions and this role goes down as one of her best, if not her best, performances of her life.

Judy Garland is such an incredible singer and this role was made for her.

James Mason was also good in this movie and I'm not surprised that he got an Oscar nomination as well.

Judy Garland plays Esther, a striving young talent who dreams of making it big in Hollywood with her singing talent. She meets Norman, an alcoholic actor whose career is slowly drifting away. Norman protests of how talented Esther is to her and she agrees to quit her job as a small singer in a band to take part in a screen test and get a job in Hollywood, as Norman said, being in the band is a waste of her talent.

That is just the first half hour of the film, the next two hours is even better as Esther becomes such a huge success as she starts in a small commercial, a few roles, and a major musical film which her performance is awarded the Oscar.

All the while Esther and Norman's love for each other grows as well as Esther's time spent filming in the studio and Norman's drinking addiction.

This emotional drama/musical fits the time that it was created beautifully and the George Cukor captivates his audience with his direction amazingly.

I got the chance to see the first-order version. The version with more footage, extra images, and more to the story and the use of those photographs and the extra audio was superb cinematically.

The cinematic achievement truly lives as one of the best musicals of all time and obviously a great Hollywood classic.

A Star is Born, I give you a 100%.


Another great, thrilling, and suspenseful Hitchcock film with outstanding acting and wonderful cinematography that create great visuals.

Fruitvale Station

I am surprised that this type of situation filled with such racism and injustice would happen in this day and age. I am also surprised that I never heard of this story before.

Yes, the story told in the film Fruitvale Station is a true story based on the killing of an innocent African American on the dark morning of new years day in 2009 outside of San Francisco.

Oscar Grant, played by Chronicle star Michael B. Jordon, is a former convict and struggles with his finances as a caregiver and a father.

On the night of New Years Eve, his family, his girlfriend, and his daughter celebrate his mother's birthday. Later that night, him, his girlfriend, and their friends travel to San Francisco to watch the fireworks and have fun during the holiday.

On the train coming back from the city, troubles stirs up after Oscar accidentally confronts a former prison mate of his. After the police show up and after the former prison mate gets away, Oscar and his friends struggle to defend themselves in this situation and try to go home safe.

This film, while it shows us of how flawed our government and police force is, tell us the tragic story of how careless mistakes, injustice, and racism took the life of young innocent man just because of his race and how white privilege is still one of America's symbols of shame and hatred.

Oscar was in the middle of cleaning his life up so he could be a better son and brother and be able to provide for his family. That night was a just a night of fun and togetherness; it had come to a halt so suddenly due to stereotypes, racism, and lack of care.

Michael B. Jordan gave a marvelous performance, as Oscar Grant, and I can't wait to see him win some awards.

Fruitvale Station, I give you a 90%.

I Am Love
I Am Love(2010)

This story of love, family, and of following your heart is tremendously beautiful in that of the emotion, the story, as well as the scenery.

The fact that it takes place in Italy most of the time and the most spoken language is Italians really packs that extra kick of sensuality and pure beauty.

Tilda Swinton is simply marvelous in this foreign film and she truly sets the tone for her character (Emma) that is a mother of three who is torn between her husband and family and her son's business partner (Antonio) whom she finds extremely attractive.

Emma's daughter reveals to her that she is a lesbian and that she is in a relationship with her teacher. While very proud of her daughter, Emma agrees that she should wait to tell her father.

After her son finds out that she and Antonio have been having an affair and he storms out of a dinner party, Emma runs after him to talk with him. He loses his balance, slips, and falls into the swimming pool, hitting his head pretty hard on a sharp corner of the pool, resulting in a severe hemorrhage as well as his death soon later.

After some grieving and her son's funeral, Emma reveals to her husband her love for Antonio and she quickly goes home to change and pack to depart for Antonio. Emma glances at her daughter just before she leaves for good and they share something very beautiful, understanding of each other and how nothing is more important than following your heart if you want to achieve pure happiness.

This film is incredibly stunning and has amazing cinematography and visual effects for emotional depth.

I Am Love, I give you a 90%.

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

With a name like "The Queen," I expected this film to simply be a biographical drama about Queen Elizabeth II and her life as Queen of England with her hardships and complications. When actually this film is about Queen Elizabeth II's relationship with Tony Blair, as the new prime minister of England, as well as both their reactions to the death of Princess Diana of Wales.

Yes the audience gets to see how Queen Elizabeth II may have taken charge of herself through this difficult time but I still don't believe this movie was just about the queen, but also about the image of Princess Diana and the paparazzi attacking her.

This film is definitely a shining moment for Helen Mirren as a result of her well-deserved Academy award win for her performance.

I am, however, disappointed that Michael Sheen was snubbed for an Academy award nomination. I believe he gave an incredible performance as Tony Blair. But I am happy he was recognized enough for a BAFTA nomination.

Great music and wonderful cinematography.

Overall I did enjoy learning about some of the behind-the-scenes happenings, among the royal family as well as England's government, that went on during this tragedy in the United Kingdom and I am happy that I took the chance to enjoy this movie.

The Queen, I give you an 80%.

Your Sister's Sister

A somewhat unique story line and character development.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was a play first or it will be turned into a play. The plot is serious with some comedy and it would be a great opportunity for some up and coming stage actors.

The cliffhanger at the end was very unnecessary and underwhelmingly uneventful.

Your Sister's Sister, I give you a 60%.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

A pretty well told story about a selfish money loving young man (Tom Cruise) who finds out that he has a brother (Dustin Hoffman). Not only that, but that he is severely autistic.

Dustin Hoffman, I suppose, deserved his Academy Award for his captivating performance. But I am disappointed that Tom Cruise was snubbed for a lead actor nomination. His performance was just as good, if not, slightly not as good, but still good enough for a nomination.

Overall, I couldn't keep my eyes off this interesting film. A film that should be seen at sometime in anyone's life.

Rain Man, I give you an 80%.

Taking Woodstock

A great story yet, if you didn't know it, you wouldn't be able to tell that it is an Ang Lee film. I feel this was a waste of his talents, as it visual effects. This film was was simply a great retelling of a great story that began a revolution.
Taking Woodstock, I give you a 60%.

Girl Most Likely

Quite a funny drama right up until the part when the strange man with the gun held up the family in the house near the end. I thought everything from then was a bit over the top corny.
Once again, Kristen Wiig plays this character that has all this potential with her talents but becomes downhearted.
As soon as I heard about this movie, I could not wait to see it. I love Kristen Wiig and I love Darren Criss even more. I just saw him in concert a few weeks ago. He's so talented.
Overall, I thought this was a sort of a failed dramedy that starred a great team of actors including the great Annette Benning. Kristen Wiig is to Tina Fey as Girl Most Likely is to Admission.
Girl Most Likely, I give you a 50%.

Lola Versus
Lola Versus(2012)

An enjoyable romantic comedy. Many funny parts. Greta Gerwig does a great job.

A tiny bit better than your average romantic comedy.

Lola Versus, I give you a 60%.

The Way Way Back

One of the best independent films I've seen in a while.

Such a beautiful story of how an anti social teen opens up while spending his summer working at a watermark where he meets people who help open himself up.

He basically met people who were so much different than what he was used to, different than his family or friends.

During part of his life and while at the beach for the summer, Duncan had experienced different types of relationships. His parents divorce, his mom and her new boyfriend who had cheated, with a married woman, whose husband had also secretly cheated with another woman, leaving out Duncan's mom. And then there's the emotional tension between the manager if the watermark who is childish and lazy and one of the employees who thought there was something going on between them but after a serious childish insistent, she knew they would always remain coworkers.

The ending is definitely a happy one that would make anyone cry.

A great summer independent romantic comedy film.

The Way Way Back, I give you a 90%.

The Wolverine

This was such a disappointment, but then again, the trailer gave me the impression that this would just be your basic leading man summer action blockbuster.

So apparently, this movie takes place after the third X-Men movie: The Last Stand. Logan is homeless, lives in a cave in a mountain, most likely in his home country of Canada.

A Japanese woman meets him and says that her employer, who's life Logan saved many years ago, is dying and he would like to say goodbye. But when they both arrive in Tokyo and learn more about him, they see that his true intentions are to relieve Logan of his long and unbearable life, which has been immortal, and have Logan's power of immortality transferred to the old man as he is dying so he may be saved.

This movie is full of terrible cliches and is basically a movie made for Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. The story didn't really go towards anything except introducing Wolverine before Xmen Days of Future Past.

Just your basic summer action film that was somewhat a disappointment for me except the bathtub scene near the beginning.

The Wolverine, I give you a 60%,

Out of Africa

A cinematically stunning film with two wonderful actors in a somewhat unexciting story. Just like for The Vow, I shouldn't complain about a true story.

Meryl Streep is golden in this film, as she is in everyone of her films, even Hope Springs.

Out of Africa, I give you a 70%.


Much more graphic and adult themed than I expected. Great fighting sequences and just a great movie for a guys night out, I guess. I basically watched this film so I can get caught up before my friends drag me to see the sequel. To be honest, I can't wait to see it, mainly because Aaron Johnson is super hot and I love Chloe Moretz. Can't wait for Carrie too.
Kick-Ass, I give you a 70%.

Guys and Dolls

The best musical I've seen since Easter Parade. lol. But seriously I loved this musical so much. As soon as Marlon came on screen, I melted. When he started singing, I came back together again. lol. His acting was great but his singing style was below average. Can't believe he was in the original Broadway cast.
Frank Sinatra was great in this as well, much better than his performance in Anchors Aweigh.
Jean and Vivian, I loved them both, Vivian more, maybe because she had a striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.
Great musical numbers and a phenomenal story.
Guys and Dolls, I give you a 100%.

Annie Hall
Annie Hall(1977)

Yes, this film is legendary, but I have to say that I am more fond of Allen's other film Manhattan.

I understand how great this film really is because of the path it paved for all of the romantic comedies that came after it.

Annie Hall is like no other romantic comedy. Woody Allen truly recreated the romantic comedy.

After seeing The Goodbye Girl and Annie Hall, I have come to the conclusion to say that I believe Allen deserved the Academy Award that was given to Richard Dreyfus instead. Allen was part of the base and support of the story as the adorable and misguided Jewish comedian who wanted love. Dreyfus, while a great performer, was a character in, I believe, a failed romantic comedy and Dreyfus' character gave a failed attempt at resurrecting a pathetic and annoying plot.

Overall, I did enjoy Annie Hall but my love for Manhattan, compared, I'd slightly greater. I do understands Annie Hall's greatness and its clear and bold mark that it imprinted on Hollywood forever, It's just a matter of personal preference.

Annie Hall, I give you a 100%.


Woody Allen is definitely one of the greatest filmmakers in all of history. That is without a doubt.
I need to expose myself to more of his films, especially because he is one of the best romantic comedy filmmakers ever and he starred Diane Keaton a lot because they were together back then. I chose to see Manhattan first because it also stars Meryl Streep whom I am in love with.
I can't wait to see Annie Hall. I am also in love with Diane Keaton. I have to see the other two Godfathers.
It's interesting how Manhattan is Allen's least favorite film he ever made. I really liked it.
I am jealous of Isaac and Mary's relationship they had. They were great together. They were so intelligent and so opinionated about various types of pop culture and art.
I wish I had someone who I can be like that with.
Manhattan, I give you an 100%.

The Conjuring

This is not just another b.s. horror flick like The Devil Inside. This is probably the best modern horror movie I've seen since Dark Skies.
I love that Patrick Wilson is capable of performing roles in horror movies, this and Insidious, as well as romance movies, and dramas. He is incredibly hot, good looking, and cute. He is one of my favorite actors. I love him in Morning Glory, Little Children, and Young Adult.
Vera Farmiga (and her firm, direct, yet pretty face) was good in this movie. She sort of tapped into her background acting from Source Code and Bates Motel.
The story in this film was a bit difficult to follow but the scares were true and real along with the suspense leading up to it.
Overall, this was a pretty good horror flick. Lots of screams. Don't see it alone. I heard that a movie theater showing this flick hired a personal priest to have on hand in case any traumatized patrons needed support and comfort. lol
The Conjuring, I give you a 70%.

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2(2013)

There is no story, no rising or falling action, no conflict, no depth, (not that i'd expect any). The jokes are all forced and it is simply a very long and badly written SNL skit with all of SNL's worst cast members in history.
I only saw this so I can balance out my collection of reviews, so I can have another flop.

Easter Parade

Easter Parade stars a powerful couple, Fred Astaire and Judy Garland.

The story begins and ends on Easter Day during the famous Easter Parade. This film is known as the (acclaimed) "happiest musical ever made." The film is about love, trust, loyalty, and is quite a pleasant Astaire type dance/musical film to watch.

I loved Judy in this as well as Fred, as I love him in any of his films. The choreography, the singing, the score, and the acting were all fantastic!

If you love musicals, then you definitely have to see this one.

Easter Parade, I give you a 100%.


Atonement simply is defined as the redemption of someone/thing that had done wrong.

That is what Briony (Saoirse Ronan) had yearned to achieve throughout this film as a result of falsely accusing Robbie (James McAvoy) of raping her cousin Lola (Juno Temple) in 1935.

Briony had misinterpreted a few encounters between Robbie and Cecilia.

The first one was when Briony believed that Robbie had forced Cecilia to take off her clothes when Cecilia did so herself to retrieve something in a fountain.

The second encounter was when Robbie had written Cecilia two letters, one talking about his love for her while also apologizing for his behavior and another telling her what he would do to her sexually, this letter just being a joke to Robbie, but when he wished for Briony to deliver his letter to Cecila, Robbie gave her the wrong one and Briony read it.

The third encounter was when Briony believed that Robbie was attacking Cecilia when really they were both having sexual intercourse which Cecilia condoned.

When two of Briony's very young cousins ran away at night, everyone gathered a search party and this gave the perfect opportunity for Paul (Benedict Cumberbatch), a friend of Briony's visiting cousin, to make his monstrous move on Lola.

Briony had seen the two bodies on the grass with the use of a flashlight just after Paul had finished. Paul ran away but both Briony and Lola couldn't see who the man was due to the darkness. Briony had set it in her mind so surely that it had been Robbie, the sexual deviant, who harmed Lola, when it was actually Paul.

Robbie was arrested and was given the choice to either serve time in prison or at war, just when the Nazis had invaded Poland and declared war. He chose war.

Five years later, we witness Robbie's horrible time at war while also seeing how he and Cecilia were able to see each other at certain times until Robbie had to leave again for war.

Briony then visits the two lovers, while she is working as a training nurse, in order to sincerely apologize for her huge mistake she had made five years ago.

Both Robbie and Cecilia are unable to forgive Briony.

We then see Briony many years later as a somewhat elderly woman at an interview for a novel she wrote entitled "Atonement" which is basically an autobiography and the honest telling of what happened in 1935.

(SPOILER) Briony reveals in the interview that both Robbie and Cecilia had died in 1940. Robby died from a disease he had caught while at war and Cecilia had died from drowning after a bomb went off and water flooded the bomb shelter which was ironically meant to be her safe haven.

This film is absolutely, beautifully tragic. It's a very sad love story that grabs you by the heart until the end credits commence.

The performances are wonderful, the score is beautiful and creative with the use if keys from a typewriter, the cinematography is gorgeous and outstanding, and the story is beautifully and melodically told with a well written screenplay.

Atonement, I give you a 100%.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

I am so glad I finally watched this film. Citizen Kane is such an incredible film.

The story begins at Charles Foster Kane's deathbed. He mutters the word "Rosebud" and then he passes away.

The whole story, we learn about Kane's seemingly fortunate life through one journalist who is trying to discover the truth behind Kane's last word through interviews and stories told from some of Kane's loved ones.

We learn about Kane's life, from when he was a child when his parents had to give him up so he could have a better life, to when he became publisher of the Daily Inquirer, to when he married twice, had an affair, and divorced twice, and to his final word.

As the audience learns of Kane's life and also of his greatest achievement of creating the most costliest construction of any man made masterpiece since the Egyptian pyramids, this, known as Xanadu, we learn that Kane truly had all that he could ever want in his life. He had major wealth, fame, and material items.

At the end, the newspaper, for which the journalist is apart of, comes up with that this so called "Rosebud" "was something he couldn't get, or something he lost."

"Mr. Kane was a man who got everything he wanted, and then lost it."

(SPOILER) In the end, plans go forth to destroy Xanadu and everything in it. The camera pans to this big fireplace that is burning some of Kane's possessions. Someone throws in Kane's sled he had when he was a kid. He was having the time of his life with this sled just before his parents forced him away so he could live a better life. The sled is named "Rosebud" and we learn that his sled is what he was speaking of when Kane passed.

The message in this brilliantly filmed film is quite simple; the message of that money does not buy love. Kane had everything he wanted and cared for when he was with his real parents and his sled. His parents basically forced him to leave so he could make a life for himself.

Kane spent his whole life trying to find love through his job, his marriages, his affairs, and then Xanadu. But all he really needed was his sled.

This is such a beautiful film with outstanding cinematography, writing, and acting.

Citizen Kane is Entertainment Weekly's official number one film from the past 100 years. Shawshank Redemption is IMDb's top film of all time. I will watch Shawshank and I will try to think which one is better.

Citizen Kane, I give you a 100%.

Lost In Translation

This film is definitely one of those incredibly beautiful love stories between two already committed people that grabs your heart.

The cinematography is beautiful, the acting is great, and the writing is fantastic.

Lost in Translation, I give you an 80%.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed in this film and my expectations. I expected a little more from Woody Allen.

I actually could see this as a Woody Allen film, only in a darker tone than he usually does.

This was actually a very simple and too realistic written film according to the usual standards of Allen's writing.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, I give you a 60%.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I've heard great things about this film but never got around to watching it. But ever since I fell in love with Michael Cera, I couldn't not watch it.

This is quite a fantastically made film. The casting is insane, especially for me. I love Michael Cera, Mary Winstead, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Brie Larson, and Chris Evans. They were all so amazing in this.

The special effects for all the battle scenes were great too.

This movie was very enjoyable and it is for any youngster or anyone who loves video games, hot guys battling, or just Michael Cera.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I give you an 80%.

Bus Stop
Bus Stop(1956)

Bo needs to get out of the ranch more. He was incredibly insane and had major issues with love, women, and possession.

I loved Marilyn's character, she was a victim of an "abusive" "boyfriend" and she knew how to defend herself even though she always seemed to get caught anyway.

If I were Cherie, I wouldn't have given up my life dream to be discovered in Hollywood to live with some virgin cowboy who was crazy before and said one little line that win her over.

Still, this is an interesting Marilyn feminism film.

Bus Stop, I give you a 70%.

Despicable Me 2

Pretty good family type story which is Gru trying to find love that can turn into marriage so Gru won't remain alone in his life and also the girls can have a mother in their lives. This continued from the prequel which mainly was about family in general when Gru official adopted the three young girls.

They literally used the same common marketing scheme that was used for the Hangover part 2 where they took the most popular character in the main cast and they gave them more screen time and gave them more to say as to satisfy their audience. These characters are Zach Galifinakis' character in the Hangover trilogy and all the little yellow minions in Despicable Me 2.

What's amazing is that it feels like Kristen Wiig wrote the lines for her character herself and its like she literally became that character because the character's mannerisms and comedy stylings were like the Kristen Wiig everyone has fallen in love with from SNL to her big break in Bridesmaids. Great job Kristen.

Overall, a pretty good sequel with a good story, but the first is better.

Despicable Me 2, I give you a 70%.

Pitch Perfect

Very entertaining and fun. I love Glee so I knew I would love this movie. Ever since Up in the Air, I have loved Anna Kendrick and I loved her in this.
The songs are great.
Pitch Perfect, I give you a 70%.

Frances Ha
Frances Ha(2013)

Frances Ha stars the suddenly enjoyable Greta Gerwig who plays the title character.

Frances is a 27 year old dancer from Vassar University living in Brooklyn paycheck to paycheck.

In the beginning, Frances is living in a small apartment with her best friend Sophie, who went to college with Frances.

Frances works as an apprentice to a dancing company. She relies on her apprentice job to keep giving her jobs so she can keep up with her rent.

The whole movie, she is moving from apartment to apartment and from small job to small job.

The way this story is told is that Frances is the typical college graduate New Yorker who is trying to stay afloat while also doing what she loves, dancing.

The story, I feel, rests on the shoulders of Gerwig's performance, which, as I know of, is impeccably well done. She truly represents this girl who wants more who is willing to put on a "mask" to impress others to get ahead. She is quite talented, she has the determinability as anyone would but rather no confidence in her own unique self.

When I first saw her in the remake of Arthur, I saw her and I knew she could do better, and I wish she would. Then I saw her in Woody Allen's To Rome With Love, and I knew that Allen saw something in her enough to put her in his movie.

I enjoyed this film and the fact that it was filmed in Black and White.

Frances Ha, I give you an 80%.

Broadway Danny Rose

Incredibly funny and clever as any Woody Allen film always is. I was a bit skeptical that Allen chose Mia Farrow for the female lead. First of all, he can never go wrong with Diane Keaton, but then again, he can't rely on her all the time. I wish at least Farrow did not keep her sunglasses on almost the whole time and not make a big show out of her hair. She has beautiful eyes, but then again, that may just be the character.
Overall, a marvelous addition to Allen's collection of masterpieces.
Broadway Danny Rose, I give you a 90%.

White House Down

This movie, I believe, is much better than Olympus Has Fallen, disregarding the major predictability and Channing Tatum's continuation in his lack of acting skills.
This movie was more balanced with action, drama, and comedy, unlike Olympus.
This movie had the president more involved in the action within the White House, unlike Olympus.
This movie worked more in depth with each bad guy as in who they are, what they're background story is, and why they wanted to take over the U.S., unlike Olympus.
This movie did have a young kid in the main cast like Olympus, but this movie created a much bigger story for the kid, gave her a bigger background story, and gave her bigger and important role within the story.
This films only flaws were the cheesy predictability and Channing Tatum's terrible acting.
Jamie Foxx did a great job though.
White House Down, I give you a 60%.

The Heat
The Heat(2013)

Basically an unentertaining buddy cop movie. Too many uses of the word fuck. Exactly what I expected from the trailer.
They literally tried to make this the female version of 21 Jump Street. At the end they even have one of the cops shoot the bad guy in the dick like in 21 JS.
They marketed this movie to its audience saying its from the same director of Bridesmaids, but I knew The Heat wasn't going to be that funny because it wasn't written by the same writer, Kristen Wiig.
This is just a below average buddy cop comedy.
The Heat, I give you a 50%.

Olympus Has Fallen

Your average, basic disaster taken by action followed by victory movie except Gerard Butler truly proved his action movie abilities in this too. This movie also has some extreme special and visual effects that looked amazing.
The "bad guy" of this film is a rouge North Korean, so with this, their trying to prove the character's extra ruthlessness compared to your run of the mill dictatorship North Koreans.
The group of them travel to U.S.A to negotiate as between U.S.A and N.K. But while that is happening, there is a bunch of North Koreans in disguise as tourists (haha tourists, terrorists) and trash men. Also there's a fighter helicopter on its way to D.C. to begin a massive shooting.
After 15 minutes, everyone, all secret service men, bodyguards, etc. are dead, except for the protagonist of course, Gerard Butler, he obviously knows his stuff and knowledge from being in special forces if he can avoid North Koreans who can shoot like Stormtroopers (when aiming at Butler).
Afterword, it is Butler's duty to infiltrate the white house and save the president as well as America.
There is also a twist to one of the characters that's super predictable and confusing too.
It's funny how Gerard Butler's character didn't know what a hashtag was. lol
I mostly wanted to see this movie to make a comparison to White House Down which is to come out in June or July. It's basically the same title, except OHF is more official and patriotic while WHD is more masculine and action-y.
Olympus Has Fallen, I give you a 50%.

The Bling Ring

Written as well as directed by Sofia Coppola, The Bling Ring is an incredibly well told story through great research and great acting. It almost feels like this film is a re-enactment rather than a time at the movies.

Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, and most of all, Emma Watson all give great performances as three of the five young adults who make a series of robberies throughout Los Angeles in various celebrity homes.

This film can be called a mix between The Devil Wears Prada and Spring Breakers, how it's greatly influenced by fashion, being on top, teen criminals, as well as the musical influences.

This film is fun to watch and is a great learning piece about the true story that influenced the film in the first place.

Great writing, great lighting, great cinematography, and overall great directing.

The Bling Ring and Sofia Coppola, I give you an 80%,

Monsters University

Monster's University is completely satisfying to the original Monster's Inc. fans, as well as its new fans, and then delivers even more.

The story takes place years before the first film takes place, when Mike and Sully are around 18 or so in college at Monsters University, whose rival school is called Fear Tech, lol. Mike and Sully are not friends yet; in the beginning they actually become rivals.

Mike is determined to become the greatest scarer ever. He meets Sullly in his scare class and after a semester goes by and it is the day of the final, Mike and Sully get in a fight about who can scare better. They end up breaking a famous MU heirloom and they are both kicked out of the scare program.

Next Semester, Mike remembers from the beginning of the previous semester that there was going to be something called the Scare Games, a competition between a limited number of fraternities and sororities. Mike wants so badly to get back into the scare program, so he makes a deal with the Dean (who could be called the antagonist to the protagonists) that if his team wins, then he is back in the scare program, but if he loses, he'll leave MU as a student.

Mike and Sully partner up with a fraternity called Oozma Kappa and at first glance, they seem like your typical weak and wimpy group of people, or monsters. Through the rest of the movie, Mike works hard to whip his group into shape through the games, while Sully thinks he can swim smoothly by just because his father is a famous and legendary scarer.

This movie is definitely for everyone, of any age, and it is such a cute and lovely joy of a movie. It's Disney Pixar's next memorable film.

Yes this is a sequel and no, not a Cars 2 type of sequel.

Overall, I enjoyed this film greatly and cannot wait to see it again.

Monsters University, I give you a 90%.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Man of Steel is definitely a well-done superhero movie full of action, emotion, drama, and lots of explosions. But there was not a lot of comedy to balance it out. After seeing Avengers and Iron Man 3, I have been used to comedy and action being balanced in one big movie. But for Man of Steel, it was fine with how it came out.

I would've picked someone other than Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon to play the main opposing roles. Maybe the production team planned on introducing Cavill to more people so he can become a bigger actor and star, I don't know. All I know is that his performance was a bit stiff.

Shannon made it work, actually, with his type of short haircut he had. I couldn't imagine his role with his haircut from Premium Rush. Lol.

Man of Steel is an overall well done superhero movie. Some parts were a bit slow but the story itself was paced well and well told.

Man of Steel, I give you a 70%.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

World War Z tells an interesting story and the film keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Gerry, Brad Pitt, is an ex-worker of the U.N. investigation team, and as the world's population is dying as a result of a zombie apocalypse, he is called back into action to try and discover a vaccine or at least the zombie disease's origin.

Gerry travels to parts of the world trying to track this zombie disease back to its origin. He travels to a site where a doctor died while making an attempt at curing one of the infected. Gerry travels to Jerusalem to talk with someone who may be able to help.

(SPOILER) Lastly, Gerry crash lands near the World Health Organization's head quarters where he makes a major break through. He finds out that in a sector of the building that is surrounded by zombies inside the building, there is a "camouflage" liquid one can inject so that the person can be undetectable to a common zombie. Gerry finds the area with a lot of serums but suddenly becomes trapped in the secluded lab area by a zombie who is blocking the only exit. After about five minutes, Gerry decided to take a chance on one of the serums to see if it is the actual camouflage serum. Gerry injects it in himself, opens the door, and by some miracle, the zombie does not detect Gerry.

(SPOILER) In the end, we see recorded shots of the world's population being injected with the camouflage serum and of villages receiving packs full of them. A voice over of Gerry tells us that this is not the end and that basically, the war is still going on.

I am assuming there will be a sequel that is in the works.

As Gerry kept moving on to his next destination so easily, all I could think of was that I wished they would've casted someone who was at least not that good looking and white so the image of the privileged and all powerful white man would be non existent.

Overall, a pretty good action horror film.

World War Z, I give you a 70%.

The Goodbye Girl

I feel like I'm one of the very few people who did not love this movie. I feel like it was completely over-the-top with its attempt at creating romantic emotions. I feel like this movie was a sad attempt at creating an inspiring romantic comedy.
Even though I did enjoy Richard Dreyfuss's performance,I am completely embarrassed by Marsha Mason's role that she chose to play. I have yet to see the legendary film known as Annie Hall and once I do, I imagine I will be furious at the members of the Academy of 1978 for turning down Woody Allen for Dreyfuss, hindering Annie Hall from receiving the last award of the "Big Five" academy awards.
Overall, I was enjoying this film for the most part, until a sudden love for Marsha appeared from Elliott and I believe the film would've turned out a lot better and more relatable if they remained friends or Elliott turned out to be gay and they somehow became the best of friends and with Elliott's advise, Marsha got the confidence to let love find her and to have more self respect.
The ending really did it for me. It was cheesy and Paula's last line screaming something like "I love you" was the cherry on top of the cheesecake.
My mother told me great things about this film and I believed her. Big mistake.
The Goodbye Girl, I give you a 50%.


Mermaids is one of the best mother-daughter, "don't make the same mistakes I did" movies I have seen in my life.

In Mermaids, Mrs. Flax has been in and out of love for a while and she and her two young daughters have been moving from state to state every time she would dump or be dumped by the guy she was currently with. This story takes place in a small town in Massachusetts. Mrs. Flax (Cher) lives with her 15-year-old devout Catholic daughter Charlotte (Winona Ryder) as well as her younger, future Olympian swimmer, daughter Katie (maybe around 6-8, Christina Ricci (in her film debut)).

When they begin to settle down in this small town, Mrs. Flax meet Lou (Bob Hoskins), a shoe shop owning, baseball loving Italian. He is charming, generous, and completely loving towards and very interested in Mrs. Flax. What's better is that her two daughters really take a liking to him as one of the family, well mostly Katie, while Charlotte still dreams about meeting her real biological father.

The film gives us three different generations of women that all show the viewers how differently females are capable of acting at those different ages and yet how similar they are as in their mother daughter connections.

I feel like this is the better version of a mother-daughter film when compared to the film The Perfect Man starring Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear (which I saw before seeing Mermaids, I'm sorry but its true).

I truly enjoyed this movie. Even though I am not of the female gender, I was moved by the emotion and the driving love I witnessed through the great acting that Winona Ryder and Cher performed.

This is one of the best (true) mother daughter movies I have ever seen.

Mermaids, I give you an 80%,

The Details
The Details(2012)

This story is very compelling and may be one of my favorite independent dark comedies. This film can be compared to American Beauty as being known as a dark comedy with the protagonist having thoughts of infidelity and yearns to stray from his boring normal life which all comes together to a door opening finale.
Except, in The Details, life keeps going on as if nothing had happened and the upper middle class white male doctor gets away with, literally, murder.
I always love watching Tobey McGuire on screen. I don't care what others say, he is a good actor.
I was a little disappointed that Laura Linney agreed to play this role. She's better than that.
This film is interesting yet the ending, I believe, is very lazy and I did not care for it.
I feel this movie is a less than American Beauty or Election.
But overall, I am happy to have seen this movie.
The Details, I give you a 60%.


An interestingly written love story about two life long friends who live in each others lives through the good times and bad times.
I really don't have much to say other than the ending, after Hilary dies, the story doesn't really lift you up at least a little bit, it remains as depressing as when she died.
Bette Midler gives a great performance.

Love, Marilyn

Such a riveting and interesting story about Marilyn Monroe's acting career and its interaction with her personal life and emotions. Such a well written and well directed documentary with lovely forms of conveying Marilyn's own pieces of writing and artwork.
Such an amazing and wonderful piece of filmmaking art.
Love, Marilyn, I give you a 90%.

This Is the End

I feel like its just another comedic film with the same team who brought us Pinapple Express and Superbad. Yes it is very funny, it's just using the idea of the apocalypse to write a comedic story and using apocalyptic references to bring us the same comedic styling we've seen before. Although it is nothing we haven't seen before, it is still very funny.
I do love that Jay Baruchel has a bigger role in this than anything else besides She's out of my league, but who really saw that?
I do love that when this was thought up and written, Seth Rogen wanted this to partly to be a "high movie" for all the stoner fans of Rogen. The last third of the movie is definitely made for all stoners to watch.
A great movie.
This is the End, I give you a 70%.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a lovely and magical love story about a money hunting bachelorette, Holly (Audrey Hepburn), who meets her new neighbor, Paul (George Peppard), and they become close friends. As they become closer, Paul becomes to realize that what he thought was an act Holly was playing is actually her life goal, working as a socialite to meet a possible husband, for Holly, preferably one who is filthy rich.

This film is incredibly romantic and I am very happy I have finally watched it.

I heard that Marilyn Monroe was in the running to play the role of Holly but it didn't work out with her people because they said it would ruin Marilyn's image by her playing someone closely related to a common prostitute. It did work out, for everyone, the role of Holly has Audrey Hepburn written all over it.

This film is titled the way it is because Holly's safe haven in the jewelry store Tiffany & Co. and in the beginning, the audience sees her having a pastry and coffee for breakfast there.

I love this movie. I can't wait to watch it again.

Breakfast at Tiffany's, I give you a 100%.

Brokeback Mountain

Truly one of the best gay love stories of all time.

Brokeback Mountain is about two cowboys who take on a sheep-herding job together. As they work together for a while, they become real friends. One night they both get this feeling of want for the other person and they consummate their relationship.

The next morning, they try to forget about the whole thing. They both say that they are not queer.

They cannot help themselves but continue to love each other and have a happy time together on Brokeback Mountain.

When the job they were assigned to do is finished, they go their separate ways and they can't help but cry.

Ennis (Heath Ledger) meets a woman (Michelle Williams) and marries her and has two daughters. Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) moves to Texas to pursue his dream of being a rodeo cowboy and he meets a woman (Anne Hathaway) and they have a son.

After some years, the two men meet again and rekindle their relationship. But problems of unnaturalness and acceptance arise once Ennis's wife is traumatized after seeing Ennis and Jack roughly making out.

This film takes place on a 20-year period starting in 1963 when the men first meet. Because it is a little before only the beginning of the gay rights movement (June 1969) and the story also takes place in the conservative deep south, you can understand how some people wouldn't take kindly to gay people.

I feel like I could watch this a thousand times. Both Ledger and Gyllenhaal give breathtaking performances and the story is extremely well written and it is incredible how the two men found each other after many years because it was fate.

Brokeback Mountain, I give you a 100%.

Little Children

Such a driven movie based on the relationships that are made between a group of people. This film almost makes out to be an interconnecting type of movie but not really. This film feels like a form of American Beauty. The story and characters seem to resemble American Beauty.

This is such a beautiful film about many things that all happen in one neighborhood. There is dissatisfaction in relationships resulting in the straying away from each other, a convicted sex offender returns home and he is not welcomed by the neighborhood especially the head of the parents committee, and out of all these childish actions, two toddlers become the best of friends.

Two married couples, Sarah (Kate Winslet) & Richard (Gregg Edelman) and Kathy (Jennifer Connelly) & Brad (Patrick Wilson). After Sarah makes a five dollar bet taken out by the other moms at the children's playground to get Brad's number, the two of them end up hugging and then kissing on the lips. This sparks between them. They both end up hanging out everyday together with their kids at the local pool and they also start having sexual relations. Sarah doesn't care at all that she is cheating on her unattractive porn addict of a husband but Brad does have guilt within him, as he can't seem to stop making love to this irresistible woman.

Ron (Jackie Haley) served two years for exposing himself to a minor. He is really twisted in the head. He even made a woman park next to a playground at night after a date so he can jack off to that image. Eww. Anyway. He lives with his mother May (the fabulous Phyllis Somerville) and she wants her son to grow up and meet a girl his age, hence the parking at the playground. The two of them can't seem to shake off the head, Larry (Noah Emmerich), of the concerned parents committee from disturbing them at night yelling how Ron is a pervert and what not. It seems as though all parents there agree that Ron should be castrated for what he did.

Sarah and Brad decide that they will run away together, they will just leave their lives behind and be together forever. But when they both have their bags packed and Sarah is waiting at the local playground where they said the meeting place was going to be, Brad gets distracted as he always have by the skateboarding teens at the skate park. Brad had this overpowering attraction towards the act of skateboarding and watching the kids and their moves, tricks, and jumps. He tries it for himself and hurts himself. One of the boys finds the letter Brad was supposed to give to Kathy saying that he was leaving her but Brad just forgets about the whole plot to leave her.

Meanwhile Sarah is waiting and waiting at he playground and she sees Ron walk in as he takes a seat on one of the swings. Taking a break from swinging her daughter Lucy, Sarah asks Ron if he needs help as he is sitting there sobbing. Sarah turns to see Lucy has disappeared. She searches for her for about a minute or less and finds her captivatingly staring at moths flying around a light post. The two get back in their car and Sarah can't help but weep that Brad didn't show up.

Also, Larry comes to apologize to Ron for fighting with his mother the night before when he went their to tell Ron off, resulting in May's collapse and later death. Ron shows to Larry, as he gets up, that he has castrated himself. Larry is shocked and he scoops Ron in his arms to take to his van so he can drive him to the hospital.

This story shows how the two actual children in the movie, Sarah and Richard's Lucy and Brad and Kathy's Aaron, are the least bit childish and how most of the adults are the ones who act like spoiled brats.

This story is such an intellectual and well-written story. The reference of the story of Madame Bovary is perfect to add, as in the story of the dissatisfied married woman who has two affairs and poisons herself.

Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, and Jackie Haley all give such wonderful and masterful performances that made me want to keep my eyes on the screen.

Little Children, I give you a 90%.

Moulin Rouge!

A can't believe how this movie perfectly combined comedy, romance, and theatricality all in one film. The only flaw I can think of is how terribly auto-tunes the singing voices were, even though they still sound somewhat enjoyable, it's just who the voices are coming from.

This film is definitely one of the greatest tragic forbidden love stories ever told, I'm sure it would be better on stage but for Baz Luhrmann's sake, filming it gave him the chance to use his talent for color and crazy costumes and sets that all would come from the camera.

Even thought some of the songs chosen seemed way out of context, the tone still fit the mood, which makes me happy.

Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and John Leguizamo all give breathtaking performances in this masterpiece.

Overall, I am very glad to have finally seen this film. The set design, the song compilations, the costumes, and (not totally) the singing are all amazing in this film directed by one the most visionary directors to grace Hollywood.

Moulin Rouge, I give you a 90%.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I just did not enjoy this movie overall for what message it tried to send. The story was basically Steve Carell finding love just in time for the world to end. When you think about it in that way, it's really depressing.

I feel like Dodge (Carell) and Penny's (Knightly) relationship was created on terrible terms. The end of the world forced it on and I simply did not feel anything real in the hour and forty minutes I sat watching this dull and depressing movie that is a romantic comedy.

This movie basically wants to encourage its audience to find love by bringing two strangers together just in time to die. Some may say that's not romantic at all but pretty sad and discouraging.

I had high hopes for this, but I guess I can't trust two actors out of their comfort zone: Carell out of pure comedy and Knightly out of old time drama.

Seeking a friend for the end of the world, I give you a 40%.

Monster's Ball

This is unlike any other performance by Halle Berry I have ever seen before. It's raw, it's beautiful, and it's real.

Monster's Ball takes place in the "deep south" part of Georgia and is about Hank (Billy Bob Thornton), a racist former corrections officer, who meets the African American widow, Leticia played by Halle Berry, of the latest man he executed and this story shows and tells us of how they meet and how they eventually fall in love, despite Hank's former opinions.

This is a fantastically told story of how people are capable of changing for the better and for the people you love. This film has an amazing story full of love, connections, and profoundness.

(SPOILER) The ending may have been both, at first, confusing but also lovely and romantic. Leticia finds the portrait that her late husband, Lawrence, drew of Hank just before Lawrence was executed. Leticia figures out for herself that the man she loves is the man who helped kill her late husband (for the record, Leticia didn't really love Lawrence, he was mainly a baby daddy). Hank then arrives home after buying some late night ice cream. The audience thinks that she will yell at him and be mad, but she goes along with it as if she never saw it.

This really shows how much she loved Hank because she is willing to look past her past struggles that she has been fighting to free herself from. She is willing to look past Hank's past because she knows what kind of man he is after he changed. Hank's father kept scolding him for being weak and like his mother, and this was Hank's struggle he was trying to free himself from, his racist no good father (who he put in a nursing home for Leticia's sake).

During the big love scene between Hank and Leticia, there were images of hands trying to capture a small bird out of a cage. This, I believe, is meant to symbolize if not both Hank and Leticia, only Leticia and how she is the bird and she is attempting her break away from her struggling situation which was trying to pay rent, trying to find a working car, trying to get over her son's sudden death, and trying to find some well needed and deserved support, financially, mentally, and physically, hence the two of them having sexual relations.

Hank's struggles were getting over his son's recent suicide (which he feels he cause due to Hank's admitted hatred towards his son), his recent resignation from his long time career at the corrections office, and trying to get his father off his back about he's weak, but most of his struggles, as said before, is his son's death.

When I think about it, I feel the sexual scenes are very much necessary, it shows how Hank and his son would have random sex with prostitutes to feed their hunger. His son ended up killing himself, but Hank changed, for him and his son, by finding Leticia and bringing her in his life.

This film is a spectacular achievement and even though I have yet to see Moulin Rouge with nominated Nicole Kidman, I believe Halle Berry's award is well deserved.

Overall, I am very happy that I saw this movie and I have a greater love for Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.

Monster's Ball, I give you a 100%.


I really have to stop looking up the reviews and ratings of movies I want to see, especially if they are highly rated, because then I get my hopes up and chances are I don't like the movie as much as others did.

Matthew McConaughey performed well as the title character but I don't believe it was Oscar worthy, but still, he did a good job.

Tye Sheridan on the other hand gave an outstanding performance. His character of the young boy, Ellis, who looks up to Mud and is torn by love. He was also in The Tree of Life, a movie I need to see again, the first time I could not take it.

The story is of two boys who meet Mud, who is basically a nomad who says he loves Juniper, played by Reese Witherspoon, and he asks the two boys, Ellis and his friend Neckbone, played by newcomer Jacob Lofland, to help him get a boat out of a tree so he can sail away and to retrieve Juniper for him so they can sail together, all in exchange for his 45 pistol.

But what the boys find out in the middle of the movie is that Mud is a fugitive on the run after he shot a man who caused Juniper to have a miscarriage resulting in her no longer having the ability to bear children.

This story is of love, friendship, and trust, and it is quite beautiful. It's just that I didn't find any interest in it that much. Is that such a crime?

But it does deserve a good rating nonetheless.

Mud, I give you an 80%.

Evil Angels (A Cry in the Dark)

This is one of those reviews that make me think that this film was a simple yet exceptionally thorough and well-put together film.

Meryl Streep did a perfect job at her Australian accent; I am not surprised that she got it down and that she performed her real life character of Lindy Chamberlain well.

I would be surprised if Meryl did not receive an Oscar nomination. Not only is she Meryl Streep (lol I love her) but she played a distraught character with a foreign accent, we all know what happened when she played the same type of character six years earlier.

Another aspect of this film I deeply admire, even though I shouldn't because I plan on becoming a journalist someday, is the image of crazy, hungry paparazzi, photographers, and journalists.

This case was known as the most talked about case in Australia, mostly because it was the first time this type of tragedy ever happened and the journalists knew the public would eat the news up if the journalists would, as Rebel Wilson said, spread that shit like Nutella.

I love how the last shot in the film was actually of the crazy journalists trying to talk to the Chamberlains.

Overall, this film was outstanding and it made me cry.

A Cry In The Dark, I give you an 80%.

Dirty Dancing

A great performance by Jennifer Grey and fabulous choreography by Kenny Ortega, Dirty Dancing is a fabulous film.

I feel like this is coming of age story but I did not quite know which age Grey was supposed to be, although I know the actress was 27 when this was released.

I also feel like this movie was really cheesy with the ending when all the audience members stood up and danced to the music and the "sweet" apology from the father.

I feel like this was a good Disney channel dance movie. Sorry but that's what I think of.

Overall, I am glad I finally saw this film and it is definitely one of Jennifer Grey's best performances.

Dirty Dancing, I give you a 70%.

Pretty in Pink

I feel like John Hughes didn't himself as much when he finished writing the screenplay to Pretty in Pink. It was a bit low key compared to his others. I feel like it was just another film for Molly to star in, and yet she was fabulous in it, of course. I just feel Hughes could've developed the script further with Steff and Andie as well as the ending.

(SPOILER) In the end, Andie does not end up together with her best friend of many years; instead she falls into the arms of the boy who kicked her aside just because he thought he was ashamed to be seen with her. He said a little apology and all of the sudden she falls head over heels forgetting how much she cried over him.

Duckie is cute, lovable, and he could be a little more serious as he ages in life, but he is the one who Andie should've ended up with. I feel like I saw it coming but Hughes just takes a left turn out of nowhere and surprises us all.

Maybe Hughes was trying to not be so predicable. Maybe he wanted to write differently.

Overall, this was an ok Hughes film but a great Ringwald film.

Pretty in Pink, I give you a 70%.


A fabulous and greatly entertaining film, which won Bette Davis the Oscar for best actress.

This character screams Bette Davis, for she knows how to play the spoiled type, as well as Viven Leigh.

I loved this movie and it was so superb with the set design, the acting, and the drama. Although the second half up until the ending was a bit dull.

As Madonna said in her song Vogue, "Bette Davis, we love you."

Jezebel, I give you a 90%.

All the President's Men

One of the best journalism films ever made. Every general journalist should aspire to act like Bernstein and Woodward and how they were so investigative and determined to discover the truth with every little fact they could pick up on the way.

A great point that was made in the end is that news becomes old news very quickly or at least people stop talking about it or it would no longer be the water cooler topic of discussion.

I need to see this movie again, to get a better feel for it overall and also because I dozed off a bit. I'm sorry.

All the President's Men, I give you a 90%.

Struck by Lightning

Struck by lighting can be described as simply a dark but inspirational teen angst type of film that can be categorized with The Perks of being a Wallflower and The Breakfast Club.

Glee's Chris Colfer plays Carson Phillips, a senior at Clover High School who is determined to make something of himself as a journalist having come from a depressing family in a small town. At the hopes of getting into his dream college by impressing them at what he can really do with his talents, Carson blackmails a random bunch of students into writing submissions for the high school's first ever literary magazine.

The film begins with the climax, Carson getting struck by lightning in the result of his death, but then the film tracks back in time for Carson to reflect on his senior year and how it lead up to his untimely death.

As for his first film screenplay, Colfer did a beginners job as in he did ok but in the future he needs to create some balance between genres he chooses to use in his screenplays and he needs to create more depth to each character.

This film actually screams straight to DVD or limited release.

Another thing, Rebel Wilson has a terrible American accent; I could still hear some Australian in her.

Overall, a great beginning to, I hope, a career in writing and possibly directing. I would love to see more by Chris Colfer. He already has two children's books out.

Struck By Lightning, I give you a 60%.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

Correct me if I'm wrong but to me, Henry Fonda progresses a sort of subtle Humphrey Bogart feel and sound in his voice, at least in 12 Angry Men.

This film is a classic and it is one of those simple, one setting films that makes a huge impact and is more amazing then anyone could imagine before you begin watching it.

This film is about 12 men who are a part of a juror trying to all decide together whether an 18 year old boy is guilty or innocent of the murder of his father. It starts out with 11 of the men who believe he is guilty with Henry Fonda believing he is actually innocent.

There are so many great things about this movie. The fact that it is filmed in black and white shows how, first, they are all the same, they are all men who can understand hardship and life's troubles like the weather being too hot or wanting to go home not too late. But as the film progresses, we learn more about all 12 men, all of their individual and unique personalities, likes, dislike, passion, professions, and where they stand in the crowd of the 12 men.

The cinematography is incredible and the acting is simply superb.

12 Angry Men, I give you a 100%.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This is my first time actually watching this Hughes masterpiece from start to finish.

This is such a classic and possibly Matthew Broderick's most memorable and most notable films ever created.

Ferris Bueller is a high school senior who has a habit of skipping school. On his ninth day, he pretends he is sick to show his parents. The entire day he takes off is filled with crazy adventures across Chicago including a museum visit and an up beat musical number in the middle of a parade, all including Ferris' best friend Cameron and Ferris' girlfriend Sloane.

The main meaning of the film is the last line said by Ferris himself, "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

This is one of the best teen films ever. I have watched two of John Hughes 80s teen films, and I am so excited to watch more.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I give you a 90%.

Play It Again, Sam

Woody Allen's early films, especially the ones co-starring Diane Keaton, will always be a treasure to Hollywood and all Woody fans.

This film of his is more special than others because uses an older and classic movie to create comedy.

Play It Again Sam is about Allan, a movie critic who is particularly fond of Casablanca. He treats Humphrey Bogart as a teacher or a guide of some sorts to pick up women or at least to strive to act to pick up women. Humphrey Bogart is his alter ego in a way; he talks to the character of Humphrey Bogart in his head when needed.

Allan just got divorced from his wife and now he's trying to learn from his mistake of being dull to find another woman.

On his first date, which is a blind date, he is so nervous that he becomes entirely clumsy all around his house and it is hysterical.

This is one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in a while. I can't wait to watch for Allen/Keaton films.

Play It Again Sam, I give you a 100%.

Working Girl
Working Girl(1988)

This is Melanie Griffith's Oscar movie, even though she did not win the Oscar, but she definitely deserved the nomination.

This inspiring and amazing movie is about Tess (Griffith), a New Jersey girl who wants to make it big in the Big Apple with her well-deserved degree from five years of night school. She has been an assistant for sometime and she gets a new job assisting Katherine (Sigourney Weaver) in a major company. When Katherine, who is quite the bitch, gets into a skiing accident, Tess gets the chance to be the girl on top when she takes over Katherine's position and she gets to propose all her amazing ideas she wouldn't normally be able to propose as a secretary.

She meets Jack (a yummy Harrison Ford) and they become partners in a major merger deal Tess comes up with. Tess then finds out Jack is Katherine's boyfriend but he plans on breaking it off with her to be with Tess. Then Katherine comes home on crutches and the truth is revealed about Tess.

This film is such a great 80s business film for women. The ending is so happy. I really enjoyed this movie. I should see more Melanie Griffith movies. I never really knew her as an actress.

She gave an amazing performance in this and so did Sigourney Weaver. I am totally surprised by Joan Cusack's nomination. I love her but I don't think she deserved an Oscar nomination. She was just the cookie cutter best friend in this and nothing special. She also looked totally ratchet in all that 80s style hair and makeup. I wonder what she thinks when she see's herself like that.

Working Girl, I give you an 80%.

The Squid and the Whale

The Squid and the Whale is a story about two brothers in 1980s Brooklyn and how they cope with their parent's divorce. This movie is about 80 minutes and if it weren't for the surprising actions that take place, this would be a not so special movie. In fact, it is quite disgusting, in two meanings.

This movie just shows us of how more dysfunctional a family can get once they grow apart.

The part where Frank humps the library bookshelf and wipes his seamen on the books partially traumatized me. That was completely disgusting.

The ending showed the audience of where the title comes from. The older son and the mom went to a museum in New York a while back where it had two massive constructions of a whale and a squid fighting (I think) and it shows how their relationship is like his parents.

I didn't really care for this movie. I also didn't like Laura Linney's hair; brown makes her look like she's sad.

The Squid and the Whale, I give you a 60%.


Such a great, original film about feminism and relationships. I also like the fact that it touches base on drag and dressing in drag.

Dustin Hoffman definitely deserved the Oscar for his performance. You can never go wrong with a role of an underappreciated actor who takes a crazy leap of faith to keep his/her happiness of what he/she loves to do. It's also a plus because the character dressed in drag and got an acting job as someone of the opposite gender.

I think I'll have to watch Gandhi to see how better Ben Kingsley's performance was which ultimately got him the Oscar.

I feel like 1983 was the year of the uninteresting supporting actresses because Jessica Lange's role didn't really stand out for me, if I didn't already know she won the Oscar, I wouldn't have imagined her ending up with one after watching her performance. It was a role that was a little inspirational but that's it, she really didn't pop for me. I still love her though. Big Fish anyone?

Overall I am very happy I saw this movie. It was funny and inspirational. You can never go wrong with an early day Dustin Hoffman film.

Tootsie, I give you a 90%.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

This was around the third or fifth time I've watched this film and it is still exceptional.

The visuals are absolutely the best part. It's dark but it's a masterfully beautiful darkness. The beach scenes with color are a nice break from all the darkness.

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter do a fantastic job and their performances take me over.

Sweeny Todd, I give you an 80%.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

So happy I finally saw this movie. The top of my list of favorite movie genres is romance, romantic comedy, and romantic dramas. And I just discovered my passionate love for Michael Cera after being addicted to Arrested Development so it was only fitting to watch a Michael Cera movie.

This is one of those teenage romance movies that stand out from the crowd of the bad ones.

I totally agree with Michael Cera playing the male role because he, the actor, is known for playing the shy and sweet guy who likes the girl but is a little afraid.

Kat Dennings was good for her role too because she has the big boobs that makes the guys want to take advantage of her but she knows she is more than that, so she meets Nick who is right for him.

This movie is so adorable.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, I give you a 70%.

This Boy's Life

One of Leonardo DiCaprio's best performances, this film is a great example of his great acting in his early days, other than Gilbert Grape.

Toby (Leo DiCaprio) is a teenager living with his mother (Ellen Barkin) in the late 1950s into the early 1960s. His mother was the type to go from one boyfriend to the next, until she meets Dwight (Robert DeNiro), a guy who "knows a thing or two about a thing or two."

Dwight is a, although generous man, strict and manly husband who tries to teach Toby how to defend himself and to be a man. But he goes too far and becomes abusive because he is down right jealous of his wife's shooting skills and the fact that Toby is care free and that he got accepted into a "fancy prep school."

This film, although it got Leo 2nd place for a supporting actor award for the New York Film Critics Circle, should have at least gotten more nominations.

Robert DeNiro also did a good job for his role of the abusive stepfather, Dwight.

This film is such a wonderful coming of age story. It's a true story that is always something that makes the film better.

This film is also with Tobey Maguire who is also in The Great Gatsby with Leo.

This Boy's Life, I give you a 90%.

Thelma & Louise

Thelma and Louise is one of Ridley Scott's films that is not of the science fiction genre, but boy did he and writer Callie Khouri come up with such an inspirational film for women everywhere.

Thelma and Louise is about two girlfriends, Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) who both decide to spontaneously take a road trip for a weekend.

But on the first night out of town, they stumble upon a bar where Thelma meets a handsome lad who tries to rape her, resulting in Louise shooting him dead before he can penetrate Thelma.

The two of them then turn their road trip into a couple of fugitives on the run from the police.

Nominations for leading actress to Davis and Sarandon are both well deserved. They truly grasped the role of small town types of ladies who suddenly must learn to defend themselves from the police as well as perverted men they meet on the road.

There are many themes of feminism in this film. It show's in Thelma's relationship with her husband, Louise's relationship with her boyfriend, Thelma's attempted rape situation, Louise's honesty of telling Thelma she was once raped, and the overall friendship between the two women that shows empowerment, courage, strength, love, and the power of the average woman.

Thelma's husband is very strict and negatively overbearing to Thelma and she says that he is her husband not her father. She ends the call she has with him while on the road with a classy "Go fuck yourself!"

This is such a fantastic film.

Thelma and Louise, I give you a 100%.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

What's the point of it taking place during Christmas. I think its just Disney's personal touch. To counteract with the action and tragedies that happen.
Much better than Iron Man 2. But maybe only slightly better than the first one.
i gotta see this movie again.
I did see this movie again, and I saw how there are also parts that are super disney and cheesy.
But overall, this movie is pretty good.

The Great Gatsby

In The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann uses his talent for amazing visual effects and color to convey the true message of the film, which is how loose and wild the roaring 20s were and how this historical fact discouraged Nick Carraway from continuing to live in New York any longer than he did.

I would like to compare this film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel to the 1974 version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.

Almost every reviewer said that the 1974 version was a snooze-fest or it was boring with no life. For me, I appreciated the film's use of elegance and sophistication to convey the life of people in the 1920s. For me, the sophistication also conveyed more of the passionate and secret love between Jay and Daisy rather than the loose and wild parties.

For Luhrmann's version, he is more on the "party till the sun comes up" part of the roaring 20s and the novel the film is based off of. He used the visuals on all the right places.

I wish some parts were not so cheesy as I felt they were.

I did appreciate Leo DiCaprio's performance for he truly tapped into the character of Jay Gatsby a little more than Redford did. Leo made Gatsby seem incredibly more human and real with true feelings of hope and pride while Redford seemed more like a robot.

Tobey Maguire did a surprisingly great job. He was just a little bit better than Sam Waterston. Both had the same kind of character which was someone new to the party scene of the big apple, someone who was afraid of any confrontation between Tom and Gatsby, and someone who was afraid his cousin's heart would be broken from the deep love affair that she was guilty of while also continuing to be married and torn between the two men.

Cary Mulligan had the perfect face for the role of Daisy. She has the face that is elegant and pure looking enough to really create the role of the young while life experienced looking woman torn between two men, as both were desperate to be with her.

Joel Edgerton was interesting. He certainly had the physique of the mighty and proud Tom Buchanan who knew what was his and he was proud of who he was. But Joel put a little spin on it. He seemed to put a lighter side to his character with the knowledge of when to laugh and pal around with his old college bud Nick. Joel's Tom seemed more into the crazy partying than Bruce Dern's Tom.

The costume designing was phenomenal. All the costumes were superbly done and I have no doubt that the version will follow in the footstep of the 1974 version and take home the Oscar for costume design.

When it comes down to it, we live in a nation where Hollywood has less cinematic restrictions to what can be shown in films. Luhrmann took advantage of this benefit and mixed it with his talent for amazing visuals to come up with a version of The Great Gatsby that shows the story's more uncivilized and wild side that reflects the time in which the story is taken place.

Jay-Z's composition of the film's soundtrack is icing on the cake. He compiled a group of amazing songs that spoke for the film when there was no dialogue. Jay-Z's original songs that he wrote specifically for the film were perfect. He used old time music from the 1920s, like scatting and trumpets, and mixed it with his own music, signing, and rapping. It was such a great idea.

After Jay's murder, Nick surely decided to leave New York; he just could not take all that has happened with him and Jay, along with Daisy and Tom's decision to abandon their life there. Nick knew that he must go back to the west in which he came.

But Luhrmann decided to take a different direction. In Fitzgerald's novel, Nick simply retreated to his previous place of residence in the west, but in Luhrmann's version, he decided to deepen the effect the New York lifestyle put on Nick. Nick started going to a therapist and he contracted all these new disorders such as anxiety, I think PTSD, and others, all of these the audience first found out about in the beginning of the film.

I believe this was very effective in conveying the obvious message of what New York and Gatsby did to Nick, an innocent young writer from the west who just wanted to visit his cousin.

Overall, this film's visuals were phenomenal, the alterations were good thinking, the fashion and music were astoundingly amazing, the acting was pretty good, but there were some parts of major cheesiness with other parts that were a little over dramatic.

The Great Gatsby and Baz Luhrmann, I give you a 90%.

Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl(2011)

Such a funny and good movie about family and parenting.
I love Jeremy Dozier. He's so cute and funny. I want to see him in more movies.
Juno Temple was really good in this. She's so beautiful and she really played her role well.
This movie did also make me cry. The ending was also very sweet.
I want a friend like Danielle.


Definitely has Ridley Scott written all over it.
Such an amazing movie (for its time) with great costumes and visuals.

The Truman Show

The best Jim Carrey film I have seen in my entire life.
Such an astounding and refreshing kind of touching and well written story.
I give this film a standing ovation.

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

An average long distance relationship type of film.
This film is so formalistic. These kids have to get a clue.
This film is ok for date night, if there's nothing else to watch.

The Place Beyond The Pines

One of the most beautiful and tear-jerking films I have seen in a while.
This film is set into three separate stories that all coincide with the same people.

The first story is about Ryan Gosling's life as a sideshow motorcyclist at a carnival and how he finds out that he is a father. Now he, Luke, wants to be able to provide for his biological son to make up for his own father's failure. To provide for his son, Luke decides he needs to rob banks to make an efficient amount of money.

The second story is about Bradley Cooper and his role as a police officer who becomes a hero to his town after a shooting, but in the wrong terms because he fudged the truth of what actually happened. Now he, Avery, can't stand to look his infant son in the eyes anymore because of his deep guilt.

I cannot mention the third story; you'll just have to see it in theaters to see what happens. Trust me, it's worth it.

I don't doubt this amazing film's capability to win or at least be nominated for some Academy Awards. If at least one person will be nominated, it's definitely Ryan Gosling.

The Place Beyond the Pines, I give you a 100%.

The Company You Keep

Such a well-written and well directed film. Also a fantastic film in terms of the use of journalism, muckraking, and how far you would go to discover the truth no matter the cost.
Shia LaBeouf gives a great performance in this.
I really need to see more Robert Redford films, in his young age and old age. He is still as sexy as he was 40 years ago.
It was fitting for one of the trailers before the film to be the remake of The Great Gatsby since Redford played Gatsby in the 1974 version.
This was a little slow at times and the very end right before the credits was very slow for no reason.
Solid date night rental.
The Company You Keep, I give you a 70%.

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain(2013)

A very funny and a not so average film.
I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Wahlberg were to be nominated for one of the big awards. I loved his performance in this.
I really enjoyed this film and it is a must see, either on the big screen or on DVD.
Pain & Gain, I give you a 60%.

The Silence of the Lambs

This is one of three films in history to receive the Big Five at the Academy Awards, Picture, Director, Writing (Adapted Screenplay), Actor (Hopkins), and Actress (Foster). One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and It Happened One Night are the other two.
This film is so fantastic that it was able to win all those awards.
There are so many things right with this film: the lighting, the cinematography, the acting, and the symbolism.
Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins both give exceptionally amazing performances as the two main characters.
This is such a great and classic film; it makes me love Jodie Foster even more. I am glad I finally saw this film.
The Silence of the Lambs, I give you a 100%.

Anna Karenina

Great music, choreography, and costumes. A very melodramatic, very theatrical, and deep feeling film. This version makes me think that the Viven Leigh version would actually be much better.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

An interesting sci-fi movie. A great "path making" film for other sic-fi films.
This film just didn't "wow" me.


A great performance by Chadwick Boseman but I don't believe that he deserves an Oscar nomination, his performance didn't really "pop" for me. I wouldn't be surprised if Harrison Ford were to receive a supporting nomination for his performance as Branch Rickey. To be honest, I did not realize it was Ford due to all the makeup and work done on his face and hair. Ford's performance was incredible and I loved his voice he chose to use for his character. He probably really did his research.
Christopher Meloni also gave a great performance with the little screen time he had.
This film truly goes on the list of one of the best and most memorable baseball films of all time.
42, I give you an 80%.

Short Cuts
Short Cuts(1993)

Once again I have seen another incredible and successfully made interconnecting film that joins the likes of Magnolia and Crash.
Great performances all around.


Such a fantastically made film that went in depth on the issues and doubts that occurred while filming Psycho. Such a great film with outstanding performances by all.


Such a beautiful little film about Allen Ginsberg during the 1950s and his famous poem that created controversy over its supposed "obscenity" and how it made a mark on freedom of speech with artistic values and other various forms of literature and poetry that become new, artistic, and inspirational.
I really loved the animations that were playing along with James Franco's read along to Howl. So well done and great color use.
James Franco is not such an average/terrible actor after all (after I saw him in Oz). His performance as Allen Ginsberg is so real, profound, and well done that it makes me hope for a great career for James Franco.
Howl, I give you an 80%.


Not such a bad movie as others may have said. It seems like this is just another type of temptation movie like spring breakers with all these connections between sinning and Christianity. I didn't know it but I guess Tyler Perry is really Christian or Catholic.
This film is very deep and meaningful. It seems as though Tyler Perry is returning to his pre-Madea years of filmmaking where he's actually making meaningful dramas with purity.
This was such an interesting film but the ending was not terrible, rather, disappointing. But I'm sure the ending was meant to send a message to all those potential cheaters in America to not cheat.
Yea I think Perry is really religious.
Temptation, I give you a 50%.

The Great Gatsby

Such a film that fits the time in which it was filmed. Very meaningful and a very elegant depiction of Fitzgerald's most famous novel. Robert Redford and Mia Farrow gave great performances, don't know if Sam Waterston did.
Can't wait for the remake to come out. It's my most anticipated movie since Les Miserables and Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Apocalypse Now

Such an epic and deep meaning film with amazing performances. Loved Coppola's little cameo as a tv director.
I don't really like war films, and this actually did not make a full effect on me and that thought of mine (if that gives you a better explanation).

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

One of the scariest and most terrifying films I have seen since Insidious. You definitely need to see this in the theater but with someone else for comfort. Beware of this film.

The Hours
The Hours(2002)

Once again we have another interconnecting film and not just that, but we have one that is so incredible beautiful and so original that it managed to get nominated for nine Academy Awards, winning one, Nicole Kidman's leading role.
We have Virginia (Kidman) in 1923, Laura (Moore) in 1951, and Clarissa (Streep) in 2001.
All three women have the sort of same qualities. All have forms of depressions and thoughts of suicide, one being successful and another with an unsuccessful attempt. All three women's lives are linked together with one novel written by Virginia Woolfe (Kidman).
This film is about life, love, living in the happiness of your life as well as others around you, and making the most of the relationships you are a part of.
The Hours, I give you a 90%.

Nobody Walks
Nobody Walks(2012)

Such a disappointment as far as my expectations. Such a nothing film. I feel like it definitely would've been way better as a short. I guess Russo-Young had enough money to make a it a feature length film. This story was so predictable and we all have seen this before, except for the aspect of a friend working with a married friend on a film with its sounds ending in an affair, that's a little original.
But I can't stress it enough how this would've done better as a short, or this film should've had more to it to make it pop.
Don't worry Lena Dunham, I'll give you another chance with Tiny Furniture when I see that.
Nobody Walks, I give you a 50%.

Rachel Getting Married

Something I noticed that is a fantastic technique is Demme's camera work made it feel like I was a guest at the wedding. The shots were always from an objective point of view and the camera was almost always a bit shaky which made you feel you were one of the many guest who you saw had a camera.
This is obviously one of Anne Hathaway's most amazing performances, including Les Miserables and Love and Other Drugs. It's no wonder she was nominated for an Oscar, but Kate Winslet was the obvious choice for the win.
I'll be seeing Silence of the Lambs very soon, which Demme directed as well as Philadelphia, which was also incredible.
This is such a fantastic film. I love Anne Hathaway even more.
Rachel Getting Married, I give you an 80%.


A treasure of a film. Such a classic love story with touching scenes and unforgettable lines. Great cinematography and light direction. Great performances all around.

Swept Away (Travolti da un Insolito Destino nell'Azzurro Mare d'Agosto)

Great symbolism for gender roles and how men and women treat each other.


I don't really know what to say other than it was a good movie and Frances McDormand gave a great performance. The writing is good too. Didn't really make an impact on me.

Spring Breakers

I had to escape from that movie. I left just as the girls got arrested in Florida. I made the terrible choice of seeing this with my 19 year-old sister. She really wanted to see this and she wanted a free ticket.
Something she said was so true, "any feminist would hate this movie."
I only left the movie because my sister strongly wanted to. I was really interested in seeing how this could get a 70% rating. But it was bad enough that I was sitting next to my sister as boobs and Vanessa Hudgens' vagina was shaking on the screen.
James Franco's character said this, "bikinis and big booties yall, that's what life is about!" No that's what this movie is about.
I may see this again with my straight male friends. I'm sure they'll enjoy the naked 20 year old girls.
The only good parts were the camera work and the visual effects.
For what I have seen, Spring Breakers, I give you a 40%.

I just saw this movie, again, from start to finish. I thought I would give it another chance, plus I've been hearing good things, so I wanted to see what they were and if this movie was any good, again.

This film is marketed as a teenage party, boobs, and getting drunk and high type of movie, basically the next "project x" or "21 and over" movie. Thats probably what everyone is expecting before seeing it and probably half of its audience got and will get from its effect on them. Thats not entirely what this film consists of and is about. There is much more.
This film is full of very deep and very dark themes and symbols.

Faith, Cotty, Brit, and Candy are four friends who want to go on spring break together and get out of their boring town. But they don't have the money. So Brit and Candy, with Cotty as the driver of the getaway car, decide to rob a restaurant for money and afterwards they finally are able to afford a trip to Florida for spring break.

Faith (Selena Gomez) is an interesting character. She is a part of this bible study group that is "jacked up on Jesus," like a real religious group but marketed for the college students. She is the one girl who is hanging out with these three rebel girls and Faith has the feelings she gets, from within and from her other bible study friends, that she doesn't need to be friends with Brit, Candy, and Cotty. She is better than that and needs friends that will make her better. Her friends are tearing her down. They are criminals, sluts, and no good. Part of the bible group is that they read a verse from the bible that basically says that you will have temptations, but God will give you the chance to turn away.

After having a lot of fun in Florida, the girls suddenly get arrested for possession of drugs and a famous rapper gangster (James Franco) bails them out. He escorts them out of jail and introduces the four girls to his life of guns, hussling, and things that were never a part of the plan for their spring break.

Faith becomes really uncomfortable and begins to cry. Faith eventually takes the bus home because that was not part of her plan to have fun, she did not know any of James Franco's friends, and she was scared.

The other three girls that stayed behind with James Franco became part of his life until an enemy of Franco's shot him and the girls in their car and one of the bullets hit Cotty. After that Cotty was really distraught and could never forget that she was shot. She decided to leave for home as well.

The last two girls end up staying and the three of them planned to kill his enemy (played by Gucci Mane).

(SPOILER) One of the enemies friends killed James Franco and the last two girls ended up killing everyone and the enemy. They had become victims of temptation.
Faith and Cotty had overcome the temptation and they had strayed away from Florida after it had become too much for them.

I believe Brit and Candy represented Adam and Eve, Florida represented the garden of Eden, James Franco represented the devil, and the enemy represented the forbidden fruit.
My second viewing of this film was so eyeopening. This really was a film for "bible freaks."

Spring Breakers, I give you a 60%.


A drama starring comedic actors. That's what this film basically is. It did not work. Tina Fey was all wrong for a movie with such little comedic moments.
All the "jokes" were in the trailer and there were no more jokes in the rest of the film.
This was a depressing film in the end and the main problem is that we had the impression that this was a comedy. Even Paul Rudd wasn't funny.
I wanted to see this because I love Tina Fey, but the film has to have her writing in it for me to actually see it next time.
This was a disappointment. But there were some so-so cute moments.
Admission, I give you a 40%.


Visually stunning and very deep in its meaning through many creative symbols. One of Polanski's best (and in fact, his first notable film).

American Beauty

Seriously one of the most beautiful, touching, and mesmerizing films I have seen, probably since Beasts of the Southern Wild. I was so captivated by this film. This film really overtook me. It's themes are adult like and even though some parts were a little slow, I couldn't stop watching. This film really cut through to me (esp because of its themes of homosexuality and being afraid to come out).
I love this movie.
It is fantastic that Kevin Spacey won his award but for Annette Bening, she had no chance against Hilary Swank for Boys Don't Cry. This film also won awards for picture, director, writing, and cinematography.
Thank goodness that Thora Birch won a few awards for her amazing performance.
Bless this film.
American Beauty, I give you a 100%.

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

A fun family movie that fits perfectly in the March/April time of the cinematic year.

The Sessions
The Sessions(2012)

Such a beautiful film. John Hawkes plays Mark, a man with polio who cannot move any part of his body except his head. In his mid-40s, he anxiously and nervously decides to hire a sex surrogate to go through the many sensual and pleasurable feeling one has through sex and eventually, Mark would like to lose his virginity. Mark was struck with polio and has been in need of an iron lung since the age of six. So due to his lack of ability, Mark has not been able to go through paths one should take through life like able-bodied people would have gone through.
Through the sex surrogate, played by Helen Hunt, Mark will know how it feels to have sex.
This film is not some porno like some, including my own father, thought. This is can only be described by the simple word, sensual. It has sex in it, but the sex acts and the effect the two people have are beautiful.
Even though she did a great job, I don't believe Helen Hunt's performance was worth the Oscar nomination, although Hawkes' performance was worth one but sadly he was not nominated.
This film is so touching and moving. What's better is that it is based on a true story.
The Sessions, I give you a 90%.

21 And Over
21 And Over(2013)

Completely different than what the trailer makes it out to be and simply another teen movie that is full of boobs, sex, drinking, and partying and hides behind a simple story.
Nothing left to say that I haven't said about Project X or others like that.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Such a horrible and unfunny film. Most of the "funny" parts are from the trailer and there is only one laugh out loud moment and the rest are simply meh.
Do not see this movie. It is probably Steve Carell's worst movie ever.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, I give you a 20%.

The Call
The Call(2013)

Great performances by Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin, but not such razzle-dazzle film to be excited about. It is nice to see what goes on behind the operator at the 911 call center, but it is fitting for the film to be out in March.
In a nutshell, The Call is the best new film out now.
The Call, I give you a 60%.

West Side Story

Such a classic and incredible love story.
Some of the acting could have been less awkward and better, but it's a musical. I always tell myself that movie musicals are different than regular movies. Chicago just proved itself further.
This movie is so lovely and beautiful that it should be in the same classic category as Wizard of Oz.
Natalie Wood can definitely sing, she has a beautiful opera like voice.
Don't even get me started with the choreography. It was incredible and very well done with the jumps, kicks, and even the dancing like fighting.
Everyone needs to see this film at least once in their life.
West Side Story, I give you a 100%.

The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie (Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie)

Yes another Bunuel film. I was more interested in this film's story than Andalou because I could understand it more, even though it still seemed like a Bunuel film with it's randomness and disconnections that were a bit difficult to understand and keep track of. Nonetheless, this is still a brilliant film.
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, I give you a 90%.

Un Chien Andalou

At first when I saw this, I was very confused and was trying to make the connections. Later learned that Bunuel was this type of director who made films that did not mean a thing, but he wanted to use as many forms of filmmaking as possible which, as a result with this film, was quite very interesting and cinematically brilliant, but at the same time, meaningless.
Bunuel is the type of director who is one of whom paved the way for other confusing yet brilliant directors we had later and today.
Un Chien Andalou, I give you an 80%.

Escape From Planet Earth

A pretty good and funny kids movie. A fun time with anyone really.

Safety Not Guaranteed

A very interesting film, about love and time traveling, that is worth watching and a great performance by Aubrey Plaza.

Oz the Great and Powerful

James Franco was all wrong, the wrong choice to play Oz. It is known that both Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp were in talks to play Oz. I'm sure that Downey turned it down to work on Avengers and Iron Man 3. And Johnny Depp may have been working on The Lone Ranger too. Out of all three, I believe Depp would've been the best choice. With the dialogue from the film in mind, Depp, who is known for his comedy in the Pirates franchise, would've been fitting for the comedic and con artist personality of Oz.
Director Raimi did the right thing by keeping this film PG for the kids, keeping The Wizard of Oz in mind and making this for mostly the kids and also all lovers of the land of Oz.
(!!!SPOLIER!!!) Michelle Williams was quite good as Glinda but Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis (after being turned into the well known green wicked witch also known as Elphaba from Broadway's Wicked) were both unpleasing and not quite successful in portraying their character. I heard Weisz was no Raimi's first choice and she was not who Raimi imagined for the part and she auditioned and had a 2 hour conversation with Raimi to get the part. I wonder what she said.
Overall, the story line and dialogue could've been better, the casting should've been looked over more, but the visual effects, costumes, set design, and 3D effects were all incredible.
If you really want to see it, I'd save your money and wait for red box. I wanted to love this movie but Franco and everything else did not let me.
Oz the Great and Powerful, I give you a 50%.

Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks(2012)

I cried at the end. This entire film is incredibly beautiful, touching, and so moving.
This is Zoe Kazan's very first written screenplay and I can't be any more grateful and prouder. I hope she plans on writing more because she has talent. Before this, I only knew Zoe (who starred as Ruby Sparks) from It's Complicated.
This film is about Calvin (Paul Dan) who is a famous 29 year old novelist who lives in the fame of his first novel he wrote at 19 that is big in high school literature. He is currently working on his next novel but is having trouble. All the while, he and his brother talk about how he is not seeing anybody or having sex at all. Calvin starts having dreams about a girl and one morning after a particular dream about her, he writes his story about the girl in his dreams, Ruby Sparks.
After writing so much, one morning Ruby, real, in the flesh, appears out of nowhere in Calvin's home. Calvin is first very surprised and freaked out. He tests if he is crazy by asking others if they see her, and they do. Ruby Sparks is the alive and a real person now. "You manifested a women with your mind," as Harry (Calvin's brother) said.
Both main actors were incredible and the structure of the story and the development of the character were both very well put together.
This film is so sweet, sad, and heartwarming all at the same time.
The ending could not be any better. I did't know this film was going to be this amazing. I underestimated this.
Every couple should see this. No, everyone who can feel emotion should see this.
Ruby Sparks, I give you a 90%.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Thought the movie was over after they cut down the bean stalk. I would've been really mad if that were the case. Other than that this was a really good adaptation of the folktale.

Dark Skies
Dark Skies(2013)

Actually a pretty good horror film. The most scary and terrifying film since insidious, I believe. It has the same characteristics as Signs, or any other alien or paranormal film. Just as in Signs when the alien was shown on the tv with the kids watching, in Dark Skies, when the alien was shown for the first time, i freaked the fuck out because of the form and shape of his body and his head. It felt so real, it was so terrifying, and it made me cry.
Dark Skies, I give you a 70%.

The Last Exorcism Part II

Truly an unnecessary sequel. It should've just ended with the first film, which was better. This film was a disappointment, but I am happy it was set in the great place of NOLA!

Trouble with the Curve

I can tell why Clint Eastwood wanted to quit acting after this film. His acting was just too awkward and uncomfortable.
This film tried to mix comedy, drama, romance, coming to terms with old age, letting people in your life, and baseball all together and I don't think it worked out too well.
This is sort of a depressing sports movie even though it has a sort of happy ending.

Identity Thief

Super predictable and only made me laugh a few times. But before I saw this I thought it would be terrible but it was not that terrible. It's not all that bad. Like some had said, it is the female version of Due Date but Melissa McCarthy was not as bad as I thought she was going to be in this.

High Noon
High Noon(1952)

Such a compelling western with so many innovative techniques of cinema that convey so much emotion in the littlest of things. The entire montage that happens a couple minutes before noon and stops when noon strikes and when the train pulls in is so entertaining. So much symbolism and the music is incredible.
High Noon, I give you a 100%.

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

Side Effects is brought to us by the same guy (director) who brought us the Ocean's franchise and another guy (writer) who brought us Contagion. This film definitely had a feel for how Contagion felt and that is mystery, major drama, and the seriousness that is felt between the lives of the main characters. The only thing I felt Side Effects had that Contagion did not was the different construction of the ending. Contagion had an ending that brought everything together to make the audience think "Oh... okay... wow," while Side Effects made the audience think "oh my... oh my god," as a result of the twist ending that Side Effects had.
(SORT OF A SPOILER, BUT IT HAPPENS EARLY) I must say that I did love to see Rooney Mara stab her untalented husband Channing Tatum in the stomach and back multiple times. I also loved how she did not show any emotion before, during, and right after (until she stopped sleep walking) for what she had done.
This was a good mystery thriller.
Side Effects, I give you a 70%.

Now Is Good
Now Is Good(2012)

A really well-done romantic film about a girl dying of cancer and doing the things she wants to do on her list and also about a boy who stays with her during this time. It's sort of "the bucket list" meets "a walk to remember." The only part I did not like of this movie was when Tessa and Adam finally had sex and it's really anti-climactic and I did not feel the love at all because Tessa really wanted to lose her virginity before she died and the movie just made it seem like they did it and that was it. Ok.
Other than that it was a really romantic and sad film. This movie is to watch when you want to watch a movie that will make you truly cry.


A fantastically created film for a bunch of YouTubers. Yes the director and co-writer of this film is a major YouTube star and most of the actors in the film are famous YouTubers. This really got me excited because I know of all these major YouTubers and it was really fun to see them on the big screen and actually make something of themselves that's not on the Internet. It's really a big break for all of them to make a film and have it screened in major theaters around the world.
Also the film was not that bad it scared me at the times it was supposed to and the acting was pretty good.

Double Indemnity

Such a fantastic film with incredible cinematography. This film has the right amount of mystery and suspense for its time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Battleship Potemkin

Visually stunning for a 1925 silent film.
Discussed this movie in my film class. We talked mostly about the terrifying massacre scene and all the amazing techniques used for the emotional effect.
Great film.


A true masterpiece of its time. Worth watching.
BTW, it's on Netflix.

Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts(2012)

Such an inspiring film and probably the best independent film I have seen in a while.
I truly recommend this film for others to see, especially young adults around their college stage in their life.
I couldn't believe that Josh Radnor wrote and directed this, it's incredibly moving. I didn't expect this from someone I thought was just known for HIMYM.
I loved Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen (who I think I am now falling in fandom with), and Zac Efron in this film. These actors, as well as Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney, and John Magaro were all stupendous.
This film is about Jesse, Radnor, a lonely 35-year-old man who visits his Alma Mater for a retirement dinner for his "second favorite professor." While he is living in him memories, he meets Zibby, Olsen, a 19-year-old sophomore who he opens up to about their common interests and ideas. They spend some time together and truly enjoys each other's company, despite their 16 year difference in age.
Please check this movie out. Please.
Liberal Arts, I give you an 80%.

Saturday Night Fever

OMG. Donna Pescow who played Annette played the mom on Even Stevens. Mind blown.
The choreography is out of this world amazing and the songs go perfectly with all of it.
This is definitely a classic and this made John Travolta who he is today.
I wish they touched base more on Bobby C. and his death (or suicide?) and I wish the ending was more romantic to conclude the whole movie.
Overall a fantastic film and a must see for everyone (at a mature age though).
Saturday Night Fever, I give you an 80%.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

A refreshing take on a zombie movie. It's sort of "zombie" meets "twilight" meets "romeo and juliet."
A very sweet love story between human and zombie.
Definitely see this with your significant other.

One Night Stand: Overnight Musicals

Such a great way to bring together a bunch of talented actors, singers, composers, writers, and directors to create art in only 24 hours. I loved watching all the aspects that the people showed that made it seem real and funny as they race through time to finish.

Movie 43
Movie 43(2013)

This is quite a new form of motion picture. Movie idea pitches put into short films pitched by Dennis Quaid's character is an interesting idea. I feel major (potential) comedy is the best genre for each short film because that way it is not a bit boring and not a bit enjoyable.
This film was gross and somewhat funny. If you must see this, see it with a friend, a close buddy friend.

The Gold Rush

A treasure of a film by a treasure of an actor/writer/director.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Simply put, an average folk lore action movie with an ending that doesn't live up to the full movie.
Great visual effects and use of blood and gore.


A pretty good scary movie all around. Only a few big scares and a few small ones. There were some holes in the story left unresolved too.
I'm pretty sure this was Jessica Chastain's Oscar award winning performance this year. lol jk.
Mama, I give you a 60%.

To Catch a Thief

One of Hitchcock's best but not a "scary" Hitchcock film.
Great cinematography and wonderful acting.

(Yay! Review #300!!!)

The Breakfast Club

Such a great film that takes place in one setting.
This shows that John Hughes was an incredible writer. He wrote the most emotional and inspiring dialogue ever and the most in depth characters ever.
"Don't you forget about me" really wraps up the film quite nicely.
The Breakfast Club is my first John Hughes film ever and I can't wait to see Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. Molly Ringwald is so beautiful.
This is definitely a classic film.
The Breakfast Club (and John Hughes), I give you a 100%.

The Devil Inside

A slap in the face to all great or potentially great paranormal/exorcism films. Don't waste your time.

Zero Dark Thirty

Same kind of concept as Argo but better.
This film recounts the several years of investigation and preparation it took for the U.S. military to take down one of our nation's biggest enemies.
This is Kathryn Bigelow's next great masterpiece after The Hurt Locker and it is one of the year's best films.
I have never appreciated the people who were behind this operation until I have seen this film. I was blown away by what happened in this film and I am very happy with it.
Zero Dark Thirty, I give you a 90%.

A Haunted House

Quite funny but overall simply terrible.


This movie is so subtle and low key that it is a great achievement. It seems as if this did not take much to produce or film but it still came a long way in reviews and responses.
Both Riva and Trintignant were fantastic in this.
This film to me was just as emotional as The Impossible but in Amour I didn't cry all through the movie but at a few moments but my amount of emotion was the same.
There is no better word to title this film. The deep subtleness of the title matches the deep subtleness of the film.
The word amour equals love but the film Amour equals deep dark love. The ending could't have been more depressing than it actually was. No need for a spoiler mark, everyone should no that Anne dies in the end but the main thing to experience from the film is the emotion from the elderly married couple and the love that Georges gives Anne as he takes care of her as she dies.
Some people, like my sister was today, may be bored with this film, but you must truly appreciate the way this film was filmed. To not have music played as to help not distract the audience from the emotion that lived in the walls of the couple's home.
Amour, I give you a 100%.

Young Adult
Young Adult(2011)

A coming of age story, with the age is already there.
Mavis is the author of a young adult book series that is ending after the next published book. After that, she has nothing going for herself and has nothing to her name.
She receives an e-mail from her high school boyfriend, Buddy, of four years, who is currently married to someone else, proclaiming the birth of their newborn daughter.
Mavis decides to take a trip from Minneapolis to Mercury, Minnesota to visit Buddy in the hopes of rekindling their once living love.
With the support of another high school friend, Matt, Mavis is able to understand the reality of the situation even though she doesn't want to believe it.
This film has Diablo Cody written all over it and it is a hit. This may not be her best screenplay but it is a great one nonetheless.
I absolutely loved Patton Oswalt's character of Matt. He was so inspirational.
It's so refreshing to see a character with these modern psychological issues portrayed on the screen. The ending was such a great turn around for Mavis' character and I hope that she does well for herself.
Young Adult, I give you a 70%.

The Girl
The Girl(2012)

Very well done and put together.
Great performances by the leading actors Toby Jones and Sienna Miller.
This HBO film recounts the insane relationship between Hitchcock and Hedren behind the scenes of the filming of her debut film The Birds and Marnie,
Really liked this movie.
The Girl, I give you a 70%.


A great performance by Jack Black.
Such an great documentary type film but with actors.
Bernie is a nice, kind, and caring assistant funeral director. He is a pacifist and wouldn't hurt a fly. He falls in love with a mean old lady after working with her husband's funeral.
They have a fun time together for a while and she becomes a joy to spend time with. But months later she becomes mean again. She becomes possessive of Bernie and makes him her slave in a way. She doesn't let him see his friends or have much freedom.
She tries to make him kill an armadillo with her shotgun (oh yea this is Texas) but he just can't hurt anything or anyone.
When he's not thinking the next day, he takes the shot gun and shoots her in the back four times.
Being the kind man he is, he stores her body in the freezer to save it for a proper burial.
The next nine months go by and the dead woman's accountant and district attorney both become suspicious.
They find the woman's body in the freezer and Bernie confesses as soon as they talk with him. Will he be convicted or let free by the towns people who love him dearly?
This is based on a true story which is so cool to hear.
Great film. Congrats on the Golden Globe nomination Jack Black.
Bernie, I give you an 80%.

The Seven Year Itch

This film is probably the most accurate when depicting who the character of Marilyn Monroe is.
This film is so funny, cute, and sweet.
I'm very happy I'm getting to know Marilyn Monroe through her many wonderful movies.
This film is about a husband who is currently going through the seven year itch while his wife and child are away for the summer. As he lives alone while his family is away he comes under the symptoms of the seven year itch when a new and mysterious woman, living on the floor abodes his room, arrives in his life and he is intrigued by her and her sensual appeal.
He keeps showing symptoms of being paranoid that his wife may find out about his times that he spent with the new woman.
Throughout the film we see how paranoid he becomes and the film portrays it with witty and sweet comedy.
I never got to see all of Marilyn when the subway wind flew her dress up. I heard that they tried to get it but the crowd noise behind them was too distracting to put in the final cut.
What was that about when Tom came in for the paddle and Richard said something like "who do you think I got there in the kitchen? Marilyn Monroe?
What a great classic film.
The Seven Year Itch, I give you a 90%.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

This is such an incredible and emotional story.
It's way more worthwhile even though it has the actors it has.
Jeff, 30 and jobless, lives at home with his mother and his brother, Pat, mid to late 30s, is married and has a job.
Currently, Jeff is obsessed with signs appearing to tell people what to do, where to go, or who to see.
Jeff gets a phone call from someone asking for someone named Kevin but it's the wrong number and Jeff takes "Kevin" as a sign.
All through the movie Jeff tries to find something with Kevin on it or relating to Kevin while helping out Pat with finding his wife who may or may not be cheating on him.
They both find Pat's wife and it's all a misunderstanding that leads up to the climax, which is so riveting and emotional.
(SPOILER) Jeff and Pat are stuck in traffic on a bridge and no car is moving. Jeff takes it as a sign to go see what's wrong ahead. A car crashed on the bridge and fell into the ocean below. Jeff quickly dives into the ocean and saves two girls and their dad named... Kevin.
The climax is so emotional and I couldn't stop crying.
Really pay attention throughout the whole movie.
I love the little lesbian kiss between Susan Sarandon and Rae Dawn Chong.
Jeff, who lives at home, I give you an 80%.

Parental Guidance

A great family comedy (mostly at the end when it's really sweet).
The rest is really awkward and unfunny.

Gangster Squad

A feel like people would feel differently towards this movie if it was released a few months earlier in the middle of Oscar film watch.
I can't understand how terrible people think this movie is.
Sean Penn and Josh Brolin gave great performances.
Yes there were some parts of the film that could have been better, but overall it was quite enjoyable.
Gangster Squad, I give you a 60%.

All About Eve

Bette Davis is gorgeous and phenomenal.
Anne Baxter is superb.
A great thrilling ending.

The Hurt Locker

A great piece of work.
Even though there's not much action like in other great war movies, other great aspects of this film still make it a great war movie. The pressure to get the right shot, the dedication of staying in the same position with an assault rifle even though your getting tired, and the relationships you make with the friendly native people.
One part I loved was when James and Sanborn were concentrating on taking out the enemies from far away in the two windowed building, the amazing shot of the fly going in James' eye. You definitely sensed the concentration and dedication in the young sergeant.
I can understand Jeremy Renner's Oscar nomination. I wonder if we will ever see him with one again, or will he (god forbid) become the next James Bond.
I can definitely see why and how this film won best picture, but I still would've voted for Avatar.
I now have no reason to be mad that this one best picture.
Congrats Kathryn Bigelow and also congrats on being known as the first female director to win for best director.
I'm so happy I finally got to see this film before I see Zero Dark Thirty.
The Hurt Locker, I give you an 80%.

Texas Chainsaw

Terrible. Just terrible.
It's times like these that I appreciate free movie tickets.

The Prince and the Showgirl

This is my first Marilyn Monroe film I have ever seen. She is just as I expected. She is so delightful and giddy. She is such a joy and she is so incredibly beautiful.
I wanted to see this movie because since I am a Marilyn fan, I wanted to actually see a Marilyn film other than My Week with Marilyn which takes place while filming The Prince and the Showgirl.
I'm sure it was just this film, but it was a little boring and slow at some points. But the rest I enjoyed.
I can't wait to watch more Marilyn films.
The Prince and the Showgirl, I give you an 80%.

Promised Land

A pretty good film. The story was constructed well and the (not one but two) twists at the end were surprising.
This film's screenplay was written by the two leading actors, Matt Damon and John Krasinski, and I believe that they did an okay job. It's certainly not Good Will Hunting but it's a good starting point for Krasinski so he can write more.
Good job getting this released before Oscar Nominations but it won't be getting any.
Promised Land, I give you a 60%.

The Impossible

I could not stop sobbing.
Before seeing this movie, make sure that you're okay with crying a lot and make sure to bring a box of tissues. If you're a guy, don't be afraid of tapping into your sensitive side.
This film is so sad. I cried all throughout the movie. Every part was sad, happy, touching, or horrific and I cried profusely.
I can't imagine this happening again to me or my family ever.
I cannot stress enough how saw and horrifying this film is.
Naomi Watts did a good job but I don't think she did such a wonderful job where she would get nominated for best actress at the Oscars.
I deeply loved Tom Holland who played Lucas. If anyone should be nominated from this film, it should be Holland for best supporting actor. He was incredible.
The special effects and makeup design were both phenomenally done so well.
This film is based on a true story of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that happened on the morning of December 26, 2004. The main characters, Maria, Henry, Lucas, Simon, and Thomas Bennet are based on a real Spanish family (real name Belon) who survived the actual tsunami. The film portrays of their horrific yet incredible journey to get to safety and to all be reunited after the tragedy struck.
I love this movie, but I cannot watch it again. It's too sad.
The Impossible, I give you a 100%.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

I'm puzzled on how I feel about this movie.
It's definitely just another cookie cutter action movie with the fight sequences and the arguments with a higher power.
Tom Cruise can act but this movie doesn't feel any different than any other action movie he's done.
Jack Reacher, I give you a 50%.


You can never hate an interconnecting film. Other great ones are Crash and Cloud Atlas.

Django Unchained

Another great film by Tarantino.
Great performances by Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The Guilt Trip

Very sweet.
Reminded me so much of my mother and her mannerisms. So funny.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Very serious drama starring Elizabeth Olsen (the best of the three sisters) as a 20 something year old girl who escaped from an abusive (secret) cult to be comforted in the arms of her newlywed sister. Olsen's character keeps having haunting flashbacks and getting confused as if they are happening at that same time. It gets worse and the subject of therapy comes up.
This film is dark and creepy. Elizabeth Olsen does a great job in her debut film.
I never understood where "Marlene" came from.
Martha Marcy May Marlene, I give you a 80%.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It's as if time is repeating itself (three long and extended films all planned out in a decade) and Peter Jackson is remaining in his comfort zone. But still a great story and amazing visual effects.

Anchors Aweigh

This was a sweet movie but there were a few faults.
Frank Sinatra cannot act, at least not in this film.
When Susan found out that the audition was never actually real, she cried and I knew she was really hurt. Even I felt her pain and I started to cry too. I could understand her pain.
At the film's conclusion when Joe and Clarence reunited with their gals, Susan (Joe's gal) ran up to him and it seemed as though she was never hurt. She just ran up to him and gave him a big hug. Even though she still got the audition, she was still hurt because Joe told her she had an audition when it was never made. She loves to sing and she's great at it. The audition was a big step for her and when she was fooled, she was hurt. I would still be mad at Joe if I was Susan.
To be honest I only wanted to see this movie because it would be my first Gene Kelly film and also because of the Tom and Jerry part where Joe dances with Jerry. I saw it on Family Guy when Stewie was in the place of Jerry.
This was still a sweet movie and I loved how cute and determined Susan's nephew was to be a part of the Navy.
Anchors Aweigh, I give you a 70%.

Funny Face
Funny Face(1957)

My first Audrey Hepburn film I have ever seen.
She is so immaculate and stunning. She has natural beauty.
Fred Astaire and Audrey make a great pair in Funny Face.
Dick (Fred) is a fashion magazine photographer who takes a trip to a bookstore to take photos where Jo (Audrey) is an employee. Dick takes a second look at Jo and he is inspired to make her into the magazine's new and fresh looking model with a "funny face" as many said she had.
As Dick spends more time with Jo, taking beautiful shots of her in fabulous dresses in stunning scenes in Paris, the two discover a hidden fondness towards each other.
This film is very sweet and the musical and dancing numbers are fabulous.
Funny Face, I give you a 90%.

Les Misérables

A masterpiece.

Tom Hooper is also the director of best picture winner "The King's Speech" which won the award two award shows ago.

This film is immaculate and the cinematography is amazing.
It is a wonderful musical movie adaptation of the Broadway show.

The camera work for the musical performances was incredibly unique and astounding.

I especially loved the camera work for "I Dreamed a Dream." The camera stayed on Anne Hathaway's face the entire time she sang. All the emotion the audience needed to see was right there on her face. Anne could not have performed any better than what was needed to portray to the audience. It wasn't mainly great singing that was necessary but the emotion in the voice that was the number one priority. Anne did just that. She can sing, oh boy can she sing. She did an exceptionally stupendous job for a non-singer. Anne also did well before and after "IDAD" as Fantine. It is most likely that she will be nominated for best supporting actress at the Oscars.

Hugh Jackman also did an incredible job as Jean Valjean. He can sing. He was in "Oklahoma" and Broadway's "The Boy from Oz" several years back. It truly showed that Jackman poured his heart and soul into Valjean's character just by the deep emotion he portrayed. He will definitely without a doubt be nominated for best actor at the Oscars. He also has a good chance of winning as he goes head to head with Daniel Day-Lewis from "Lincoln," another contender.

I can't wait to see this amazing film again and again in theaters.

Oh yea. I saw Les Miz on stage in D.C. before seeing the film so I can compare the film to the actual stage production.

Les Miserables, I give you a 100%.

When Harry Met Sally

One of the best romantic comedies ever made.
They do talk a bit too much about sex in this movie.
Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are amazing together.

It's a Wonderful Life

This is around my 10th time seeing this. TBS should have this in a marathon.
An instant classic for the whole family and my number one favorite Christmas film of all time.
The cinematography is superb Donna Reed is a gorgeous woman.
It's A Wonderful Life, I give you a 100%.

Swing Time
Swing Time(1936)

I have finally seen a Fred Astaire (and Ginger Rodgers) film and I can see how fabulous he (and she) is.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Such an inspiring and sweet story with a great cast.

The Maltese Falcon

Great, classic film starring the fantastic Humphrey Bogart.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Fantastic film! Finally saw the entire LOTR trilogy!
Everyone did a marvelous job. Sean Astin and Elijah Wood are incredible. Andy Serkis is amazing. Sir Ian McKellan is fabulous.
Great conclusion to the trilogy.
I could cry at the amazing reality of me finally watching all three LOTR films.
They are three films that must be experienced by everybody at some point.
Wonderful trilogy.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Fantastic film! Finally saw the entire LOTR trilogy!
Really enjoyed this film.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Fantastic film! Finally saw the entire LOTR trilogy!
Such an epic adventure.
Glad I finally saw where the "One does not simply" meme come from. lol.

Silver Linings Playbook

Before seeing this film, I first thought that the casting director made a mistake. I thought it wouldn't work. But it did.
Everyone was so superb and they nailed each of their inspirational lines they gave. I thought Robert DeNiro was going to be just not good at all, but his line he said before Pat ran out to Tiffany was the icing on the cake. It was something like "these moments are given to us and it's a sin if we don't reach back."
Bradley Cooper, I feel, was not totally like we've seen before. I believe, because he had a mental illness, this gave the audience something we've never seen before. He truly taped into the character of a recently let out mental patient with a clean slate.
Jennifer Lawrence gave her award nominating role. Simple as that.
This film definitely takes on a sense of Perks of Being a Wallflower meets The Fighter.
This film is that romantic drama that takes that extra step that captivates you. It may seem like a simple film concept, but it's more.
Silver Linings Playbook, I give you a 100%.

Rise of the Guardians

Didn't know how much this movie was intended for kids and kids alone.
Jack: "Sorry for calling you kangaroo."
Bunny(played by Hugh Jackman): "It's the accent isn't it?"
I loved that part.

Killing Them Softly

This film is basically an average gang/mafia film. The only part I feel had originality was the end when Brad Pitt gave that line: "America's not a country. It's a business." That line is so true nowadays. Also this film's story takes place at the end of Bush's term and the last scene takes place either the night of or the day after Obama is elected.
Pitt gave a good performance but it's definitely not going to be one of his greatest or memorable.
This film feels like an April or early May movie to me. Not right after Oscar season where all the terrible movies are released but a little after.
Killing Them Softly, I give you a 60%.

Red Dawn
Red Dawn(2012)

I like how the credits said based on "Red Dawn" (the original) because in the original, the enemies were Russian Soviets, but in the remake, they were North Koreans (most played by Chinese actors).
Some trivia, this film was supposed to be released in late 2010 but was shelved due to MGM's financial troubles. At that point, the Chinese were set to be the film's enemy but was later changed to North Korea to maintain access for international release in China.
Josh Peck did a pretty good job. I hope this means he can pull a Shia LaBeouf and work on more Hollywood projects.
This film was pretty good, but not really worth the ticket price. Save it for rental.
Red Dawn, I give you a 50%.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

This film is just as amazing as the critics say; it is visually stunning and incredibly magical.
Suraj Sharma is a fantastic actor who has such passion for his skill.
This story is really sad to think about when you think about the truth of it all. I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Pi lives in French oriented India with his mother, father, and brother. His father owns a zoo who he decided to sell to people in Canada. The family departs for Canada by ship to bring the animals there where the family will start a new life there with the money they receive. I'm still unsure of how it happened but the ship sinks. The survivors that remain on a life boat are a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, a tiger, and Pi.
Pi goes for a few months stranded at sea with the animals while all died in the first week except for the tiger and Pi. Pi must face his fear he has with the tiger that he's had ever since his father was trying to teach him a lesson about animals and their standard with feeding.
Pi makes an incredible journey filled with courage, bravery, and strength. He must find his will to live through faith and hope.
Be careful audience, there's a sad and heartbreaking little twist at the end.
Life of Pi, I give you a 90%.


This definitely was destined to be a great piece of film. Not only is this film about Abraham Lincoln and his fight for slavery abolishment, but it stars Academy Award winning legends Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field as Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln. If that isn't enough, this film was directed by Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg. By logical definition, this film cannot "lose," in the sense that it is a great film made by and starring great people.

If this is the way of it, did this film ultimately come down to be a masterpiece? This reviewer says yes.

I absolutely love War Horse and I was so pleased to hear of Spielberg's next project to be about Lincoln. I wish he had thought more on the title. Maybe apply different concept with a play on words about Lincoln. Someone who I talked to said "Lincoln is a big name. That is enough." I think she's right. I just wish the title wouldn't seem so bland to me.

Lewis is a fantastic portrayer of Abraham Lincoln and his vocal performance was incredible.

Field was miraculous as Mary Todd Lincoln. Field's capture of Mary's attempt to encourage and better her husband was spot on.

Overall, I feel like this movie was a success. I absolutely love it. Spielberg truly had a grasp of the times when Lincoln was president and the hardships that came from war and politics.

Lincoln, I give you a 100%.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

So glad I finally got to see this movie. I'm not a twi-hard or twi-heart or whatevs. I just enjoy the franchise (and I'm team Edward. lol).
I am actually really happy with how the franchise ended, compared to what others told me how it really ends in the novel.
There is a big twist near the film's conclusion that makes you say "oh what the fuck!" like I did.
I am really proud of Kristen Stewart; she did the best job of acting I have ever seen by her. She did fantastically as a vampire and I loved her mini-monologue type yelling at Jacob when she found out he imprinted on Rennesme.
(SPOILER) Basically, without giving too much away, the twist is that something really big doesn't happen in the movie's "real time," but only in Alice's vision. That's all I'll say.
Go see it if you saw the other four movies, just to finish it and say that you understand.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, I give you a 60%.

Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda(2004)

Phenomenal acting and very sad.

The Little Foxes

Brilliant! Simply brilliant.
Bette Davis is phenomenal is The Little Foxes.
The cinematography is outstanding. When Horace is limping up the stairs to get to his medicine, the camera focuses on Regina's face to not her emotion as she neglects care for her rich husband.
This is my first Bette Davis picture. I really can't wait to see All About Eve.
The Little Foxes, I give you a 100%.


What really makes this such a great movie that it gets a 91%? I don't know what's so special about it. It seems like a regular James Bond film.
I guess it's Daniel Craig's best Bond film at best.

Another Gay Movie

There was bound to be a stereotypical and promiscuously gay version of American Pie. I feel like this succeeded with that concept of what it tried to be.
I feel like since this wasn't released in theaters and also is rated R, this is more of a porno than a gay spin off of American Pie. There were butts and penises going everywhere for goodness sake.
Another Gay Movie, I give you a 50%.

Wreck-it Ralph

Such a sweet and delightful story.
All four main characters are perfectly matched with fantastic and creative voices.
Reilly is perfect for Ralph because he has that manly yet lovable voice.
I think Lynch's character came after the she was casted. They created the look of the character after they had brought her in the picture and her voice matched greatly because she has that perfect aggressive and assertive female voice to convince the audience.
McBrayer's voice is so memorable and cute, which made it perfect for a cute little Fix It Felix.
Silverman has that talent of voice change creativity which she need, obviously, for a lively cute Vanellope. She did fantastic. My favorite line of hers that I keep repeating is "You're mimicking me" when she is mimicking Ralph.
Wreck-It Ralph (Reilly) is the bad guy of an arcade game called Fix-It Felix Jr., Felix (McBrayer) being the good guy. At a bad guy-anon meeting, Ralph vents that he does not want to be bad anymore because he wants to win a hero medal so he can ultimately be respected.
This is another great Disney movie that has a sweet and lovable main character and story that flows so well that we just fall in love with it.
The use of video game characters, terms, and references for great humor is flawless.
Wreck-It Ralph, I give you an 80%.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Terrible acting and cheap scares.


What a touching and beautiful film.
Denzel Washington stars as Whip Whitaker who is an alcoholic airline pilot who has to come to terms with his disease after it was discovered that he was intoxicated while flying an airplane which was forced to make a crash landing. This resulting in a full investigation.
As someone who has had experience with an alcoholic family member, I was touched by this story of courage, faith, and honesty.
Denzel is still as fantastic as he ever was.
Flight, I give you a 90%.


A fantastically made film directed by Ben Affleck, who has become one of America's most respected directors in the past couple decades.
The acting and costumes were both very well done and put together.

Albert Nobbs
Albert Nobbs(2012)

Such a fantastic and moving film about gender roles and love. So incredible and I am baffled by RT only giving it a 55%.

Glenn Close and Janet McTeer both did superb in their roles of Albert Nobbs and Hubert Page respectively. Both character whom are women who disguise themselves as men for reasons related to their profession and for Page, love.

This film, taking place in late 19th century Ireland, is a masterpiece because of its stance for equality among marriage as to be shared with same-sex couples.

In the movie, Hubert is a lesbian and is married to the lover of her life, Kathleen, who unfortunately dies from Typhoid fever nearing the film's conclusion. I'm pretty sure Kathleen knew Hubert was actually a woman even though they never addressed it between Hubert and Kathleen.

Nobbs, who works as a waiter in a hotel, is also a lesbian, I'm sure, who is in love with one of the hotel's maids, Helen, and wishes to marry her. At a couple points in the film, Albert questions to herself weather to inform Helen of her true gender before or after they get married.

Helen falls for one of the hotel's workers, Joe, who, the audience already knows, will most likely be an abusive husband to Helen if the two do decide to wed. At the end of the film, Helen says to Joe that she does not want him anymore, and that's the last we see of Joe. Helen is also pregnant with Joe's child. Joe was mad at first but then said that he would take care of her and the baby as they plan to move to America. The audience obviously knew that he was full of scum and wouldn't live up to his word.

All throughout the film, Albert dreams of opening her own tobacco shop once she reaches a certain amount of money that she has saved ever since she has worked for the hotel.

(SPOLIER) Unfortunately due to a massive concussion during a fight between Albert and Joe right before Joe leaves, Albert passed away in her sleep, I believe, and Helen named her son Albert in remembrance.

I am so happy that Glenn and Janet were at least recognized for their work by receiving an Academy Award nomination.
This film is such a touching delight and I loved every single minute of it.

Albert Nobbs, I give you a 100%.


Another masterpiece created by the great Tim Burton.
This film is very emotional and wittingly funny at the same time. It grabs you by the heart. You fall in love with Sparky right away and you feel what he feels every moment.
At the times of sadness and even joy, I cried so much.
Victors parents are too unrealistic because of their lack of care for Victor's safety.
I really love this movie.
I also love how Winona Ryder has a role too.
Frankenweenie, I give you an 90%.

Primal Fear
Primal Fear(1996)

A great twisty and mysterious drama and a great performance by Edward Norton. No wonder he got nominated.

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

I really hope that either Tom Hanks or Jim Broadbent get nominated for an Academy Awards this year. In my opinion, those are the two actors who did the best of all.
Is it just me or did Hugh Grant seem really out of place as who Hugh Grant is and his reputation of himself and his movies?
I really loved this movie and all who were in it (except for Grant).
It is exceptionally beautiful and magical in one enchanting film that is somehow a 62% on and also an 8.4 on IMDb and IMDb usually has the lower end of the two ratings. That baffles me.
Tom Hanks was wonderful and I absolutely loved Jim Broadbent. Both of those actors are always such a joy.
I am so happy to see Halle Berry back where she belongs and not doing straight to DVD movies. (Ok it was just that one).
I am really confused about's choice of percentage rating. It may have something to do with maybe one part of the movie was a tad dull with no luster. Or about the yellow facing done by Halle Berry and Jim Sturgess.
Overall I happily enjoyed this movie and I definitely want to see it again even though it's 3 hours long, I need to get some clarification on my part. Yes it was a bit confusing and a bit hard to follow. Best to see it with a group or at least one other person.
Cloud Atlas, I give you a 90%.

Paranormal Entity

Too many sharp, fast turns of the camera. I keep thinking something's gonna jump out and scare me, every time.
I'm not sure that this movie is all that bad. It was pretty scary and creepy. I did have my eyes covered out of fright.
The concept of what type of ghost was really interesting. It was a Germanic ghost. Moran is Germanic for nightmare and in the Germanic folklore, it would rape women. The same ghost wanted to do the same to the 19-year-old in the family.
Watch this movie only when you have nothing to do.
It's pretty scary. It's different than the other paranormal movies, that's for sure.
Paranormal Entity, I give you a 50%.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Somewhat creepy and scary. Not all that impacting or effective on me.

The Ward
The Ward(2011)

A "whatever" type of horror film. Don't even bother. I literally predicted the twist because it was simple. Kristen is schizophrenic.


This is a very good horror film. It packs a punch of scariness and suspense. It has a great backup with a good and following story plot.

Paranormal Activity 4

A great piece of sequel in the franchise but I have to say that Paranormal Activity 3 is still the best in the whole franchise.
This one was not as gripping as the others, but it's good how it wraps it all up after Katie took Hunter.
I have to say, Katie looks incredible. She lost weight. Her ass looks good too.
The casting should have gotten some girl who was less known. That's what they're good at. The girl they used was Chase in Bad Teacher.
Overall I am happy with what was given in this movie.
Paranormal Activity 4, I give you an 80%.

Alex Cross
Alex Cross(2012)

An ok job done by Tyler Perry, but he is not an action star. Stick to your Madea stuff.
Not a totally solid action film, but good enough for a library rental.

Hotel Transylvania

An Adam Sandler animated film. All the comedy stylings of Adam Sandler and his "possy" (Kevin James, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, etc) put into an animation.
This movie is filled with the same awkward and crude humor that I have come to know from Adam Sandler.
Only funny part was when Adam Sandler's character Dracula responded after watching a part of "Twilight" with "this is how we're represented?" That was fantastic.
My sister dragged me to this instead of Frankenweenie. Whatever. It was free, I work at the theater.
Hotel Transylvania, I give you a 30%.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

Great performances by Jake and Michael.
A very gripping story about two cop partners and how real it gets when patrolling a Latin based town outside of L.A.


Classic and fantastic.


Not as fantastic as I had heard but still a great original film.

Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind is quite a film and I am extremely mad at myself for not having seen it sooner. It is so superb in so many ways. The acting is phenomenal, especially with Gable and Leigh, the cinematography and lighting is stunning, and the emotion proposed that the audience and I felt was so touching.
It was a pretty depressing ending, I might add.
This movie is a masterpiece.
Gone with the Wind, I give you a 100%.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I read the book and when I saw the trailer for this movie when it was released, this is what I have been stressing over to see. I have been waiting to see this movie and I was so happy when I finally did.
I cried and I laughed. This movie is so incredible and I love it dearly.
Logan Lerman is fantastic and plays Charlie really well. I am so happy he was able to play this role.
Ezra Miller is also fantastic as Patrick. I now have to see him in We Need to Talk about Kevin.
Emma Watson was very good too, a very sweet role that fit her well.
This is about Charlie, Lerman, an introverted freshman who has a history with trauma with his best friend and family that has severely scarred him and his ability to be social and put himself out there. He meets a couple of seniors who let him into their circle of friends which ultimately bring him out of his shell. But if you thought this would just be your run of the mill coming of age teen movie, think again. There is so much more to this movie and you will be happy to have experienced it.
I am so happy for this film's success and I could cry right now just thinking how sad and happy this movie is and how much I love it. I hope it gets awarded some nice awards.
If you haven't seen this movie yet, definitely see it, and with someone else by your side.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I give you a 100%.

It Happened One Night

Fantastic masterpiece. I saw this in my intro to american film class and I was glad to have experienced it.

The Master
The Master(2012)

A fantastically created piece of work.
Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix will definitely be nominated for an academy award this year, if not both, one of them. If only one, I'd choose Joaquin Phoenix. He was the better one between the two.
I was really moved by this story of Freddie Quell and his new relationship and affect from knowing a philosopher named Lancaster Dodd and his family.
Now about the speculation about how this film may be a historical fiction piece on the beginning of Scientology. I can believe that Anderson took the story of L. Ron Hubbard and his findings and his methods of living and put them in this movie with different names and such. That seems possible. I don't know if Anderson confirmed, denied, or did anything to clear us up on his film, but none the less, it is a wonderful film and I really enjoyed it.
I hope to see this film on the list of Best Picture nominations along with Beasts of the Southern Wild.
The Master, I give you a 90%.

For a Good Time, Call...

Extremely funny and a great movie for a girls/gay guys night out. lol

The Cabin in the Woods

Very twisted and cheesy. Not worth as much of a percentage as it got.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

Colin Farrell gave a great performance. Could have done better with the ending.

The Words
The Words(2012)

A very compelling and interesting story. Would have picked someone other than Bradley Cooper, because all I see is Hangover.
Overall a very dramatic and good story driven movie. It makes you ponder for a bit. You may be a bit confused at the conclusion but you will get it eventually.
A solid at home rental.
The Words, I give you a 60%.


The beginning could not have been slower than it was. I was really bored. The trailer was misleading and I thought it would be an interesting movie about corporations taking over humans. It was a little like that but it was very dull and blah!

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

A fresh and original suspense action film that keeps you saying "ooo," "omg," and "watch out!"
Some say that this is exactly what the film is about: an action movie on a bicycle. This is more than that. This film shows us all the different aspects of races and chases on a bicycle. We see different maneuvers to be made, alternate routes you can make to avoid pedestrians and cars, and what you are able to do if it's just a simple bike with no gears, breaks, or anything.
This film is a fun and exhilarating ride.
Premium Rush, I give you a 70%.


A fantastically made film and really fun to watch.
Every joke or funny line that came up, I laughed at it. This film is extremely funny. I love that it is basically a kid's film and it can appeal to people a little older.
Even a line that was said in the background was hilarious. "What if they bite me and I become a zombie too. That can't happen, I'm vegan." Something like that. lol
I really enjoyed this movie.
Paranorman, I give you an 80%.

The Possession

Definitely resembles some characteristics from The Exorcist. Not that original. Had some good scares though.

Hit & Run
Hit & Run(2012)

A surprise of a film actually, I personally went to see this film only because I love Kristen Chenoweth so much but it sucks that she was only in it for only two scenes.
I was proud to watch that one of the characters, who was gay, defended the entire gay community when some straight woman misunderstood. "Is he gay?" "Look at him, he's like 50." "There are elderly gay people. People don't grow out of their gayness." That, plus other situations.
This film was funnier and more enjoyable than I expected. The comedy that was used was laugh out loud funny. This was written by Dax Shepard himself who also starred in it, so I guess Dax is a pretty funny guy. I was never really a fan of his before. Right now I may check him out on Parenthood this fall, I wonder if he co-writes for that.
Hit & Run, I give you a 60%.

2016: Obama's America

I believe this film is meant for die hard Obama fans or adults 50 - 80 years of age. I went into this movie and expected something incredible about Obama and more than what I watched.
This film was mainly some Indian man talking about Obama from what his research shows. I thought it was just an introduction about Obama from a simple man. I was sure it would just be the same Indian for the entire film. I was bored.
I only stayed in the theater for half an hour because I was so bored and it was not what I expected.
This rating is not accurate because I didn't stick around for the entire film.
2016: Obama's America, I give you a 50%.

The Apparition

A waste and a joke of a paranormal movie. I should have known before because it stars Ashley Greene. They brought in someone from the Twilight franchise, so yeah, the filmmakers want just money.
Everyone in the theater was laughing at the movie's numerous attempts at creating horrific scares for us. They're would be loud noises or movements by an invisible ghost at best and they were cheap scares.
It is really funny of what the costume designer came up with for Tom Felton. With the bold glasses, H&M shirt, the cardigan (while in the desert I might at), and the skinny jeans, his appearance shouted HIPSTER!
I went into this movie hoping to get a great scare, I was disappointed instead.
The Apparition, I give you a 30%.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

An incredible and captivating film. I absolutely love this movie and can't wait to see it again and then see it on the list of nominations for best picture for the Oscars.
The acting was incredible, the story telling was phenomenal, and the emotions the audience was meant to feel were spot on. Everything was simply perfect about this film which is (I believe) a historical fiction film taken place during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
Beasts of the Southern Wild, I give you a 100%.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

I am so glad I finally saw this film. It is a masterpiece. It is very cute, romantic, and simply a joy to watch.
This proves that even silent films in this day and age can be just as entertaining as they were when they were something new.
Jean Dujardin & Bérénice Bejo are golden in this film as well as cute little Uggie.
The Artist, I give you a 100%.

Step Up Revolution

Literally, the casting director grabbed anyone who had the essentials to be in a stereotypical Step Up movie: muscles and a pretty face. Every actor could not act for shit. Even by casting Peter Gallagher, they did not care and they basically said that any D-list actor could play the stereotypical corporate monster.
This movie was basically half story and half just dancing. I came to see a movie, not a joke, not something that might as well have been set as a TV movie or a straight to DVD movie at best. This film was so bad that it should have been a straight to DVD movie but the movie people wanted to make more money on today's teens because the movie people knew they would go see it. I only saw this piece of shit because my friend forced me and it was free because I work at the theater where I went.
This movie is nothing.
I feel like the trailers kept shoving this quote into our minds: "Enough with performance art, it's time for protest art." The last dance they did in the movie didn't even stand for anything. It was literally just dancing in regular street clothes. Nothing they danced said anything like "don't tear down this strip and don't bulldoze these houses!" They just danced. Literally this was just one of those next movies in a franchise that doesn't mean anything. Just like Bring it on, Tyler Perry movies, Scary Movie, Final Destination, & Ice Age.
Reading other people's reviews, someone said "entertaining.. awesome choreography.. don't say you're expecting a great story!" This is so true. The same reviewer gave it an 80%. WTF.
After all this criticism as a movie critic, the choreography was incredible.
Step Up Revolution, I give you a 20%.

Across the Universe

A fantastically created musical film by Julie Taymor who also directed The Lion King on Broadway and Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.
The songs in the film by The Beatles were sung amazingly and the use of them was amazing to add to the troubles that America faced during the late 1960s, Vietnam War, and revolution era.
Thumbs up to the visual effects taken out for the film's overall effect on its audience.
Across the Universe, I give you a 70%.

A Single Man
A Single Man(2009)

This is a very sensual and serious drama that is a little boring at times. But it's great to see that Colin Firth is not afraid to play different and unique roles that are not usual for him to portray.
This film is about a college professor, George (Firth), who's boyfriends of 16 years dies instantly is a car accident during a blizzard. George becomes depressed and ponders the action of committing suicide.
This film could have had more to the story other than its 90 minutes span that would have added to the story.
This film is beautiful and charming. Great performances by Colin Firth and Nicholas Hoult.
A Single Man, I give you a 70%.

Good Night, And Good Luck

This film gives its viewers a fantastic look at the troubles that CBS had faced in its early days in the 50s and how this new invention of television had many touchy areas that dealt with the distribution of the truth told as news reports.
George Clooney once again does not disappoint when it comes to him directing and co-writing a smart and sophisticated film.
Good Night, And Good Luck, I give you an 80%.


Liza Minnelli is a magical and talented actress, singer, and performer. The way she owns the stage is incredible and that is part of what makes this a film to experience. Her acting is as unique as is her beauty. She is a masterpiece.
Michael York is gorgeously hot and sexy. His English accent and captivating and dramatic acting talent is the icing on the cake. His character as the new Englishman in town who marvels over the enthusiastic young woman is quite fascinating. It can be closely compared to the relationship between Meryl Streep and Peter MacNicol's characters in Sophie's Choice.
Joel Grey is insanely hilarious and adorable as the club's MC.
The glamorous and stylish life of dancer and entertainer Sally Bowles and her impact on her close friends and loved ones makes for a fabulous film. All Oscars won were well deserved.
Cabaret, I give you a 90%.

The Dark Knight Rises

When I went to see this film, the entire area was crowded and it was a hell hole. Everyone was seeing The Dark Knight Rises and I believe every showing was sold out. This film owns summer 2012. This has been the most anticipated film for about a year if I'm not mistaken.
Due to all of this, everyone who was marveling at this film was incredibly invested in it. Chris Nolan as done amazingly well with this concept and this entire trilogy.
This film is quite an amazing end to an amazing story.
This film was just as tremendous as The Dark Knight if not better.
The special effects were insane and the action sequences were epic.
The only thing that I can think that may have spoiled this film is the choice of actors. They think they can just bring along Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt after already bringing in Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy? No. Anne and Tom were doable but Marion and Joseph are mainly romance actors.
I have to say that I loved Michael Caine in this than the other two films, he's a great actor.
Overall this film is incredible and is the movie of the summer.
The Dark Knight Rises, I give you a 90%.

The Dark Knight

It's obvious that a lot more money went into this film after what we saw in Batman Begins and it was used wisely.
Everything about this film was fantastically done. Great story telling, great acting, great small points of comedy here and there, and incredible drama and suspenseful thrills.
Even if Heath Ledger did not die, he still would have won the Oscar for his portrayal of the Joker. What a performance.
The Dark Knight, I give you a 100%.

Batman Begins

This has got to be one of the best origin films ever. This film is the telling of Bruce Wayne's past and how he became Batman. The details of what went into his hero could not have been any grander. So much went into the story telling and it was amazing.
Great performances by Liam Neeson and Christian Bale.
Batman Begins, I give you an 80%.

To Rome with Love

The incredible comedy styling of Woody Allen shows itself in his latest film To Rome With Love.


You can definitely tell that this was made by the same creator of Family Guy. McFarland recycled a buck of jokes from the TV show and I definitely was able to identify them, even if they had a twist. There was even a line that Ted said: "I don't sound that much like Peter Griffin." It was funny because McFarland played the voice for Ted and it sounded like his voice used for Peter Griffin only a little different but Peter was recognizable in Ted's voice.
A great thing for McFarland though, he has more comedic room to be funny now that his completed film is R rated.
Very dirty but funny. Ted is so cute I wanna hug him so tight.
Ted, I give you a 70%.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I see a bit of Inception in this film. Both endings are similar. It's like in Eternal Sunshine, they keep erasing they're memories of each other so they're relationship was like a dream but they are still happy. Leo was reunited with his kids but it was just a dream.
The ending seems like it would piss off some of the viewers but to me it is incredibly sweet and romantic. The fact that they keep finding each other is so cute but also so sad because you know they're just going to keep erasing their own minds every time.
The cast could not have been any greater in this. An all around fantastic cast with incredible acting. Both Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet were phenomenal and this is definitely one of both actors' finest performances.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I give you an 80%.

The Amazing Spider-Man

What can I say about this film? I thought it was pretty good. It was pretty well done with the technology that was used.
Andrew Garfield was awkward most of the time in this. He has talent but he has to work on his acting a bit. He was phenomenal in The Social Network though.
Emma Stone was screwed in this. All we heard was that these two beautiful people were in this film and then they became a couple and it made us want to see the film even more. I feel like Emma Stone was not "present" and they're relationship was confusing. What did Flash think? Were Gwen and Flash together at first?
I feel like Rhys Ifans overshadowed the entire film. His character was like the entire movie. I feel like that is a good thing though. The movie was about his creation, Peter's idea that turned into Connors' creation rather; all based from Richard Parker's research and findings, that (we find out later) he did not want to let out to be used as to avoid creating what Connors created, him as a giant lizard.
Omg. Haha. I love Sally Field. When I heard she was going to play Aunt May, I cheered. I love her so much.
The story for this film that corresponds with the characters is fantastic. I love that it's different than the past three Spiderman films. Basically it's about Peter finding his late dad's research on bimolecular type of stuff. His dad and Connors were partners at Oscorp industries. They worked together on a treatment to create that would create limbs that were missing from humans, basically what stem cells can do if it wasn't illegal. They use DNA from lizards because, you know, they can grow their tails back after being cut off. After Richard Parker and his wife die, Peter meets Connors and Peter comes up with a good working equation for the experiment to work on a human, but I guess Peter didn't know it would turn a human into a giant lizard. Peter must stop mad scientist Connors from creating a new species of perfected lizards all over Manhattan.
This film had so much teenage awkwardness type of comedy as well as other types. This film is so funny and full of great special effects.
This film is definitely worth checking out. Maybe don't see it in IMAX or XD but definitely in 3-D.
The Amazing Spider-Man, I give you a 70%.

Moonrise Kingdom

Very classy, very sophisticated, very cute. I have to say that the direction of the actors was very stiff, especially with the actors who played Sam and Suzy. That type of acting and speaking where it's to the point and there is little to no emotion involved whatsoever.
Great performances by Edward Norton, Bill Murray, and Frances McDormand.
This film is Jared Gilman (Sam) and Kara Hayward's (Suzy) first performances as professional actors. They have a bit of work to do, but I can see a bright future ahead of them.
Moonrise Kingdom, I give you an 80%.


What a masterpiece again conducted by the geniuses and visionary filmmakers at Disney and Pixar.
I heard that this production for this film began in 2005; the team at Pixar traveled to Scotland to take pictures and visualize the land to put into the film. After seeing Brave, I can tell that their hard work and dedication to satisfying their fans has paid off. I even heard that the production for the character took some time too, like for Merida, they went strand of hair by strand of hair to make it perfect.
What a fantastically made film and what a inspiring message to send to everyone (but mostly mothers and their daughters).
Although the trailer does not give me the right impression of what the film is actually about and what happens.
The story is of Merida and how her queen mother keeps nagging her to be the most perfect and stand up princess she can be by the queen's endless and strict training. Merida is not pleased with her mother's constant nagging and training. Merida does not want to be what her mother wants her to be. She wants to choose her own fate.
After Merida visits a witch in the forest and she gives her a magic cake to give to her mother to eat, the queen mother turns into a bear. Yes a bear. In a nutshell, it is through this that the queen and Merida spend much more time together and that the queen must learn to "loosen her grip" on Merida and let her make her own choices and let her look inside herself enough to choose her own fate. Merida is brave enough for that.
Well done Disney & Pixar, you've outdone yourself once again.
Brave, I give you an 90%.


What an action, drama, and suspense filled movie. Prometheus is clearly the prequel to Alien and is exciting to watch all the way. I cannot wait to watch Alien when I get the chance.
The characters could not have done any better at playing a team of scientists, geologists, etc. The story started up a bit slow and half way through, it quickly fell into place.
The special effects used within the technology were outstanding. The entire movie was very uniquely done I was captivated at every moment.
Prometheus, I give you an 80%.

Apollo 18
Apollo 18(2011)

Gave me some shivers. Made me think about visiting
Not much to say for this movie other than it was put together well but did not satisfy all that well.
Can't wait for USA's next trip to the moon.

Puss in Boots

Too much information within Puss' back story. Should have told more about how he became who he is and how he transcends into Shrek's story.
Not as great as I hoped. Definitely wished for more cat cuteness.
Definitively not as crude as the other Shrek movies but definitely one for the kids.
The character of Puss is still intact and the way we've known him from the Shrek series. He still is himself.
I wish there would've been something funny at the end that told the audience that it was his way of going to Shrek's story; maybe Shrek's shadow or something.
Somewhat entertaining at some points. So happy that Lady GaGa's Americano song is in the movie.
I wish they picked someone other than Zach Galifinakis to play Humpty. Even by the sound of his voice made me want to punch Humpty.
Puss in Boots, I give you a 50%.


A well produced film with great cinematography and a hell of a story.
A fantastically made film about a lesbian teenager who wants to break free from all that hold her back.
A touching and inspirational story.
Pariah, I give you an 80%.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

A surprise smash and a very entertaining musical of a film.
Jason Segal and Amy Adams are spectacular and the comedy style used is charmingly delightful.
Man or Muppet is a fantastic song and I am glad it won the Oscar. The music video is also very funny.
What a pleasant and enchanting film. The Muppets is a must see movie by all ages, seriously.
The Muppets, I give you a 90%.

Final Destination 5

So far there isn't any word of Final Destination 6 so from what the ending of this film had shown me, FD5 may be the last of them.
(SPOILER) At the end of the movie, the two main protagonists board on a plane and they witness the main protagonists from Final Destination 1 being taken off the flight. FD5 takes place before FD1, so it's like a prequel. It was funny to see them using those old time-y wire headphones.
This seems like a good way to conclude the franchise and it was a nice touch to reminisce on the past movies at the end of this movie as they showed clips of them.
The ideas of every death were incredibly clever and well thought out, except for the second half of Olivia's death after she got out of the chair and simply fell out the window.
Great ending film overall.
Final Destination 5, I give you a 50%.

The Adventures of Tintin

A great and classic children's mystery and adventure type of film, except for the use of alcohol and guns.
A film filled with great special effects and delightful voice acting.

Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise(2012)

Better than I expected from a movie about a team of people trying to overcome oppression to win a competition.
Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan are incredibly talented and very good in this movie.
Has a resemblance towards Glee but not as touching or really impacting as it.
Joyful Noise, I give you a 50%.


I am basically reviewing a play because that is how this film felt to me. It is not a bad thing for this to be, it only makes me believe that this should have never been made into a movie based off the French play. I only wish that the same four actors in this film could have been in the American Broadway version of the French play that could have been in New York; I would definitely have seen it if so.
This film is basically taken place in one central location, in an apartment living room; that's what makes it better if it were a play, because the fact that it's a movie serves no better purpose of proclaiming its greatness of a story or plot.
Yes this film is amazingly dramatic and funny. No one of the four main actors seemed the least bit flawed to my liking or standards. Each of them was fantastic and is great choices for each character. Kate, Jodie, John, and Chris are all great and have great chemistry. I enjoyed this film very much and I would enjoy much more if it were an actual American play on Broadway.
Carnage, I give you an 80%.

Men in Black III

Better than 2 but of course not better than 1.
I am surprised of how well this film was conducted. All I heard was that it was produced too quickly. This film was a bit cheesy at some parts though. The references of famous happenings in the past and technology used in the past are outstanding.
A surprise of a film and should be seen if one had already seen 1 and 2.
Men in Black III, I give you a 60%.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman is to Mirror Mirror as No Strings Attached is to Friends with Benefits. SN&H is a much serious and dramatic epic, most definitely, as compared to Mirror Mirror which came out a couple months ago starring Julia Roberts.
SN&H is very dramatic and contains much action and blood dripping violence. With this genre poured into such a story as Snow White, director Rupert Sanders would expect his audience to worship over his work and be surprised at Kristen Stewart's performance. But, Stewart was screwed over. Her big and inspirational speech given near the film's conclusion was most likely meant to relieve the audience as well as Stewart after she has barley said anything during her previous scenes she was in. Stewart did not have many lines in this film and she was deprived of what she deserved. Did Sanders know what he was doing? Was he sparing his audience from having to listen to Stewart's horrible attempt at a medieval accent? I suppose so.
I could not stop loving the incredible art work and scenery that was thankfully put into this production. The art, scenery, and cinematography were all so gratefully a success in its beauty.
I was quite impressed with Chris Hemsworth's successful attempt at a medieval, manly warrior voice as compared to what we are used to with his other role of Thor in the Marvel films Thor and The Avengers. I have not seen Cabin in the Woods yet, I wonder what his accent is in that production.
(SPOILER) After the audience witnesses the Huntsman giving Snow White the kiss of life after she had died from the poison apple, we see no more evidence or action whatsoever that they will be together forever or that they even love each other for that matter. The Huntsman is obviously Snow White's true love, or the kiss would not have woken Snow White up from her death. All we see is that the huntsman is still present and still exists when we see him as part of the crowd and Snow White's coronation ceremony but all he does is simply watch like everyone else and showing no intention of letting her know that he kissed her, (he left the area after he kissed her and she woke up like 10 seconds later all mysterious like).
Charlize Theron did a swell job as the evil queen. Her use of her loud voice worked wonders for portraying the character she was. She was dramatic when needed, sad when needed, and angry when needed, all played fantastically. Charlize is a great actress.
Through all of this, the action sequences were fantastic and I give my props to Sanders for his work.
Snow White and The Huntsman, I give you a 60%.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

A fun film for mother's day as well as all mothers past, present, and future.
Seems like a film by Gary Marshall, how the characters are all connected and the cast mostly B to C listing actors.
Cheap laughs more or less.


Two words that come to mind after having viewed this film is magical adventure. This film is what this truly was for me. I had an amazing time watching this film and I cannot imagine it not being nominated for Best Picture.
Martin Scorsese has done a fantastic job with this choice of story and genre that he has released unto us.
I loved the many different characters especially Georges Méliès, the station inspector, and of course Hugo.
The biographical view of Georges Méliès was outstanding and as a movie lover, I was glad to learn about his visionary artwork that came about to the public at the beginning of film making.
I just laughed every time the station inspector was on the screen because all I could think of was Bruno which is the other character Sacha Baron Cohen played previously.
The character of Hugo was magical and I loved learning about his life.
This film is an amazing adventure and it truly stands out of the crowd.
Hugo, I give you a 100%.

The Hunger Games

What a story told on the big screen and from the mind of Suzanne Collins.
A story of a world divided as 1 capital and 12 districts where each year, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen by random selection to sacrifice themselves in a challenge of survival of the fittest. All 24 enter in a secluded area and fight to the death until one tribute remains. The winner of The Hunger Games is to be awarded a bountiful supply of food for, I think, their whole district or their own family? That part I was not sure of.
Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and I will be sad to see her name not on the list of nominations for best actress next year if it is to be so. Her role Katniss Everdeen was portrayed phenomenally and I can't wait to actually read Collins' novel to take a closer evaluation.
Woody Harrelson also did an amazing job as Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss and Peeta's mentor and adviser. I also saw some of Steve Schmidt, his previous role in HBO's Game Change, in his role in this film. How he was the adviser to the people of the main attraction and how he managed their reputation and performance.
The performances portrayed in The Hunger Games were outstanding. The cinematography was incredible with all the shot taken within the forest. The fight scenes were difficult for me to focus on. The camera was too shaky.
Overall, this was a sold film and I cannot wait to start reading the trilogy and for Catching Fire in 2013.
The Hunger Games, I give you an 90%.


One of Vince Vaughn's best before his comedy days.
I just wanted to watch this movie just to say that I watched it from start to finish.
The thrilling factor of the film relies solely on the classic screeching sound to scare its audience. Also Vince Vaughn's face at the ending was pretty creepy as well.
Psycho, I give you a 60%.

Chernobyl Diaries

Not a proud movie to have Oren Peli's name on it, or for some of his haters, a normal movie to be seen by him.
Chernobyl Diaries is about a group of friends going on a secret tour to the Chernobyl nuclear towers in Ukraine to take a look at the ruins of the past disaster that happened in 1986. Radiation was leaking at a fast pace and people could not even take a moment to gather some of their person items because in order to be safe, they had to evacuate the area fast.
The group of friends goes touring in the area and scary and mysterious things start to make sounds and appear out of nowhere. When the group becomes scared, they demand to leave, but the tour bus won't start. They are stranded there and must find a way to get out before they die from starvation or too much radiation poisoning.
While they find ways to escape, the group becomes startled by sudden movements of what seem to be other beings.
Not one of Peli's greatest films. The sequences of the group being overtaken by the area's radiation, animals, and soldier could have been much scarier. I just have an act for being over scared of silence and loud jumps. The ending was absolutely terrible.
Chernobyl Diaries, I give you a 40%.


A very touching and sad story about AIDS and gay rights during the late 80s and early 90s. This story which stars Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington also is about a court case between a law office and one of its employees, Andrew Beckett (Hanks), a homosexual conflicted with AIDS and who was fired from his job after the virus took full notice.
This story is incredible and the ending was so sad that I teared up.
A great story and I believe Denzel Washington should have at least got a nomination for his work in this film.
I can't believe how touching this film is. A homophobic lawyer and his client who is gay. The case involves the client's employment termination due to his illness of AIDS which was a result of his sexual preferences. A very sad and moving story that has to be experienced.
Philadelphia, I give you a 100%.

Boys Don't Cry

I had no idea this was based on a true story. This comes to show that movie win people over more when the story is based off real life events from the past.
Hilary Swank, I am impressed. You were nominated for two Oscars and you won both of them (the other for Million Dollar Baby). I cannot believe how convincing Hilary was as Brandon. Her acting as Brandon really touched me and there is no surprise that she won the Oscar in 2000 for this.
This story was so sad and I loved the inspiring actions made by Brandon that Hilary portrayed.
This is the story of Brandon Teena, a female to male transgendered person from Lincoln, Nebraska who goes into dangerous territory where LGBT people are not respected. Emotions and enthusiasm runs wild and relationships are formed, but when the people he became a family with turn to suspicion about who Brandon really is, issues of equality come into order.
This story really touched me.
Boys Don't Cry, I give you an 90%.

Marvel's The Avengers

A fantastically made superhero film with the right amount of comedy, drama, and action from all the members of the Avengers and beyond whom we all know and love.
The special effects are outstanding and I love how the film is not overshadowed by them as it is in any of the Transformers films (I can only imagine for Battleship).
The story is basically about Shield bringing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye together to battle against Loki and his intergalactic army from forcing control on Earth within the war they have started against the universe.
Maybe not my top favorite superhero film of all time but definitely in the top five of the list.
You will definitely enjoy this film and don't forget to watch for the two extra clips, one a little into the end credits and another at the end of the end credits.
The Avengers, I give you a 80%.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

This is not what I was expecting. It had some good laughs at a satirical point towards American but not great. It had a couple of big laughs but the use of the story's characters was very boring. This type of film is to be seen with other friends as to feed off of each other's laughter to actually get the laughs out that Cohen intended.
Cohen should go back to doing movies like Borat and Bruno with interviews with people and what not.
I was disappointed.
The Dictator, I give you a 40%.


This film's music is incredible as well as the story. But I wasn't a fan of the ending all that much. A basic story of how two people with a passion for music come together for a common cause.
The music for this film is the best aspect of the film. It's amazing to have heard that this was made into a Broadway musical which is not nominated for best musical (but Newsies will definitely win, no doubt).
Once, I give you a 70%.

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

Like a Tarantino film without restraint. The black and white feature was a good addition to block the colors of fecal matter and blood.
A very disturbing movie that should only be seen once.
If this is the sequel, I can only (but do not want to) imagine what "Final Sequence" will be like.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

In the first half of the film, all I was thinking was for the kid to shut up. Assburgers is a bitch. The second half, I was thinking of how depressingly sad this film is. At the ending, I was thinking of how I was still sad because the ending did not bring my feelings back up after crushing them down so terribly.
I feel like this film was especially made for anyone who has lost a loved one due to 9/11 and that's all.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, I give you a 60%.


Great romantic war story. This is the first official silent film I have ever seen and I was very impressed on how the concept of such a thing was dealt with.
Clara Bow is gorgeous and I loved Charles Rogers in this.
A great film to experience.
Wings, I give you a 90%.

American Reunion

Only a movie to be seen by people who have actually seen the other three prequels.
Overall pretty funny. Felt like it was just a movie letting fans know how the characters are and where they stand in their lives currently.


A very touching and heartwarming film that will be a sure-fire winner of the 2013 Academy Award for Best Documentary, "Bully" wins the hearts of its audience as it does mine.
"Bully" is a documentary film that records parts of the early lives of some of today's young adults whom are being bullied and who have been bullied in the past. The documentary takes place mostly in southern United States and shows the lives of various bully victims as they live their lives with this actually happening to them. The audience follows Alex, Kelby, and Ja'Maya, as well as various other parents and their thoughts on their deceased children who were victims of bullying.
As a hope for change and a bringing of awareness of bullying and how harmful it is and how we must take a stand against it, I believe this film was glorious is conveying that incredible message. Through the lives of bully victims, parents, and activists, I, and I hope others as well, have learned, other than I already knew, more on this epidemic of school bullying and how it takes its victims to the edge of contemplating how there must be no way out so the only thing they feel they must do is take their own life. That is how truly serious this problem is among children and young adults in schools today.
Through all the hate later comes salvation, through the loving parents, activists, and friends of the bullied. As to promote further awareness within the film, director Lee Hirsch helped me and the rest of the audience learn about "Stand for the Silent," a program addressing the issue of school bullying and youth suicide created by Kirk and Laura Smalley who were parents to their, then, 11 year old son Ty who unfortunately took his own life as a result from bullying. In this program, "students are shown first-hand the life and death consequences of bullying." Further information and ways to become an advocate for the program can be accessed at
Within this touching and tear-jerking documentary, we witness first-hand the results that come from school bullying on the average young person and on young homosexuals as well. Through Lee Hirsch's film, his audience has further learned of the dangers that come from bullying and how hurtful and negatively effective it can be. Within this film, we learn of this hurtful epidemic first hand through the eyes of the effected, their parents, and faculty of the schools.
This film is my number one favorite documentary purposely because it truly spoke to me above all the rest in the list. As a former victim of bullying, I definitely felt the emotion from the words of the three children and their parents in this film.
"Bully" is an inspirational and emotional film that ought to be experienced by the entire family. Maybe you should not see it in theaters, as going to the movies, to me, is supposed to be a fun time and this film is quite saddening, but this film is a solid rental any day.
"Bully," I give you a 90%.

Mirror Mirror

"Mirror Mirror" is an enjoyable fantasy flick that reminds the adults that there is another Snow White themed film on the way for them, meaning "Snow White and the Huntsman." "Mirror Mirror" is a somewhat enjoyable film for the adults, but a laugh out loud flick for the children. With its kiddy type comedy style and young humor, it is a fun film for many children.
This film, starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, and Nathan Lane, is a fun film filed with elaborately created costumes, witty remarks, and most importantly, the significance of true love.
Julia Roberts' performance was nothing short of average. Her character, the evil queen, did not convey any real wickedness that was believable. I'm sure there were other suitable actresses among the director's list of possibilities that were more capable of portraying that "evil queen" quality that we could have seen from anyone, for example, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, or Naomi Watts.
Nathan Lane was overshadowed and simply should have been given more to say for his character. He is an enjoyable and hilarious actor and the director should have let him shine more. Lily Collins was very impressive as it is one of her beginning roles after "The Blind Side" and "Abduction." As for Armie Hammer, I could not feel anything from him except that he obviously fit the "role" of a prince, which is why Julia Roberts' character wanted to marry him, for his looks and the fact that he was a prince.
I feel like the costumes overshadowed the entire film, but I can't blame the filmmakers because that is usually how the people in the land of various fairy tale films dress.
The story simply did not "pop" to me. I did not get as much as I wanted from this film as in the reassurance that true love exists. The romance between Lily Collins and Armie Hammer was lifeless and overly provoked as a result of the already known knowledge of the widely known Snow White story.
As the film went on, I was thinking that "Snow White and the Huntsman" may be a better film, especially because the trailer conveys a more serious and darker quality. But I am sure that "Mirror Mirror" is meant for the kids and "Snow White and the Huntsman" will most likely be meant for people of older ages.
"Mirror Mirror" is definitely a fun and enjoyable adaption of the Snow White story for the entire family.
"Mirror Mirror," I give you a 50%.

21 Jump Street

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum come together to create "21 Jump Street," an adaptation of the 80s television series with an action and comedy packed story along with a hilarious cast.
From the directors who brought you "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and from the mind of Jonah Hill comes the film adaptation of "21 Jump Street," based off of the 80s cop television series which jump started Johnny Depp's career.
This film is about two former high school classmates who reunite seven years after graduation when they both join the Police Academy to become Police Officers. Schmidt and Jenko start a friendship that seems cannot be broken. "I would take a bullet for you" says Jenko played by Channing Tatum.
After their first arrest fails and because of their young looking appearances, they are assigned to a new project of going undercover as high school students to track down the dealers and supplier of a brand new drug that is sweeping the high school. They are given new identities and are sent in as students to infiltrate the student body and find the criminals.
"21 Jump Street" is co-written between Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall, who was involved with "Project X" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." With the comedic mind of Jonah Hill as part of this film, you would think that it would be pretty hilarious. It actually is, but it is no better than your average buddy cop comedy that Hollywood comes up with every few years or so. The audience is exposed to the comedic writing of Jonah Hill but it is wasted on this film's sub-genre.
It must be mentioned at some point. Channing Tatum's performance in this film was much better than what was seen in "The Vow," mostly because the genres of both films are practically opposite from one another. Also, there were other qualities to the character Tatum portrayed that used more of his "talents" that his character in "The Vow" did not stress. Good job Channing.
"21 Jump Street" is hilarious but it does not stand out from the crowd of all the other buddy cop comedies, especially since it is based off of something, in this case, the 80s cop TV series with the same name.
I enjoyed this film very much; due to Jonah Hill's hilarious comedy styling's used along with scene stealing Ice Cube, Rob Riggle, and Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman. I just wish Jonah Hill would have played with this adaptation of the 80s TV series a little bit more, just so it could seem more worthwhile and further stand out from the rest of these types of buddy cop films.
Problems aside, "21 Jump Street" is a hilarious film with plenty of teen, drug, and violence related comedy brought to you by the talented Jonah Hill. Don't worry if you miss it in theaters, it's a solid rental.
"21 Jump Street," I give you a 60%.

The Hangover Part II

Literally every characteristic that created The Hangover (part 1) pushed into a squeal, only to be located in Thailand this time. Nothing special.

Silent House
Silent House(2012)

An average performance by Elizabeth Olsen but she is on her way to becoming a big movie star, I believe. With a little work on her acting and definitely on her crying on the spot, she can be great.
Not that much of a great scary movie as it had advertised. I am actually disappointing in the real time usage. It was not what I expected. The cinematography was poorly done all around.
I did jump out of my seat, frightened, at points in the film.
Yet, I expected more from this film.
Silent House, I give you a 50%.

October Baby
October Baby(2012)

Too depressing and too dramatic to be considered a film meant to be released in theaters. There was not enough comedy to balance out with the drama.
I personally believe abortion should not be the main theme of any film, otherwise just release it straight to DVD and all the religion classes of the world will be watching it.
This film was also very boring at some parts and it's astonishing how much Rachel Hendriz looks like Demi Lavato.
Too mopy and depressing to be seen by anyone.
October Baby, I give you a 20%.

Casa de mi padre

Was this film purposely filmed with poor quality? If so, it should have been hinted.
The comedy was just ok.
I am usually a fan of Will Ferrell, but not in this film.
Casa de mi Padre, I give you a 30%.

Project X
Project X(2012)

The party you cannot miss; the party that guarantees an awesome time; the party that will be so epic that it will be the headlining story on the evening news! You won't be responsible for any of the explosions, messes, or contracted diseases.
You're all invited to experience this party on the big screen as it happens before your very own eyes. Project X is the movie to see with friends as spring break approaches.
Project X is a "found footage" type of film (a style that makes it seem like the movie is filmed from cell phones or cameras used by characters) and is about three friends and their camera guy.
Costa is the experienced party guy from Queens, New York. J.B. is the young Jonah Hill look alike who fills the role of chubby nerd. Dax is the camera guy who documents the entire day and night and has literally no character development what so ever. Other than Costa's involvement in this, Thomas is the other reason for the party, Thomas is turning 17.
We follow the three of them, plus Dax, while they prepare the birthday party by buying the supplies, hiring security, and letting absolutely everyone at school know about the party. Throughout the entire movie, we take a look at the adventures of Costa, J.B., and Thomas as the party becomes humongous and as more partiers, neighbors, news crews, and police officers become aware of the party's existence.
This movie is quite entertaining for some parts but there are plenty of problems to discuss.
Dax, for instance, is non-existent. We only see him once when he points the camera at the mirror just so the audience sees his face and isn't like "Who the f**k is the guy talking behind the camera?"
To get more potential movie goers to see the film, the film makers used cell phones and other cameras as "found footage" material. The film could have done without the "found footage" addition to it. It was basically forced into the movie and the audience and I hardily even noticed because our eyes were too glued to what the movie was actually about. The documentation part of the story did help out a little when Thomas demanded that the footage being recorded not be shown to anyone else. That did not matter because anyone else, like other party goers or news broadcasters, could have just documented the party themselves, as it spiraled out of control.
The film makers also tried to make the film seem like it wasn't just about the party and tried to squeeze in a romantic side to the characters. Thomas and a longtime friend suddenly become romantic and there is some tension so he has to fix it to make things right.
Honestly, just make the movie about what the audience wants to see: the party.
Thomas, J.B., and Costa had this party to celebrate Thomas' birthday and to become "cool" within the student body of their high school. The love side of the story between two people made no sense to include.
This movie could have just been about the party and everything that went into and out of the party. It could have just been the preparing of the party, during the party, controlling the party, the aftermath of the party, dealing with the consequences, and realizing the major impact it made on everyone's lives.
The film makers should have gone more in depth with the planning and the aftermath of the party.
Problems aside, Project X is a fun movie to see and guarantees a fun time between friends. It was a fun experience to be a part of and it was like being on an amusement park ride. Definitely see it.
Project X, I give you a 40%.

Friends With Kids

A great romantic comedy with hilarious comedians. But I feel as if the comedy styles of Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig that SNL fans have known and still love were not as present as I wish. This film was actually way more romantic than funny. I cried a couple of times.
(SPOILER) I absolutely hated the ending. Just as Jason and Julie were getting back together and they realize that they should be together, the emotion of the scene just flips upside down. Julie is "iffy" about getting together but still wants to and Jason fully loves Julie and wants to be with her. Jason tries to show how much he wants to be with her and love her by making love to her to show that he actually is attracted to unlike it used to be. The emotion of the scene was romantic and touching and Jason/Adam Scott just belts out "let me fuck the shit out of you" just so he can show how attracted he is to her. That is not was love is supposed to be about and that is not the right message to send to their audience. Unless the writing staff wanted to make fun of true love by overshadowing it with "making love" or sex. I did not like that they did that.
Other than the ending, I enjoyed some of the comedy in this film. I wish Kristen Wiig had more to her character.
Friends with Kids, I give you a 60%.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

A great adaptation of the original cartoon from 1972.
Danny DeVito is a genius and I loved him in this.
Great mix of comedy and messages of inspiration.
The Lorax, I give you an 80%.

A Thousand Words

...I don't know what to think. I wish the movie was better with a story plot like that. The epiphany Jack had was too much, too deep, and too sad.
Eddie, if you're going to be a part of this film, don't drag Allison Janney down with you. She was in The Help for goodness sake.
A Thousand Words, I give you a 10%.

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

What a masterpiece Kate Winslet has become a part of. Kate is a fantastic and dedicated actress with pure talent. The way she sets herself into her character is evidence by her Academy Award for her role in The Reader.
This film can be closely compared to Sophie's Choice. Both films are sentimentality dramatic set in post World War II time with its effects and reminiscent negative memories. Also, both actresses had won an Academy Award for their roles: Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep. This show us that you can never go wrong with a dramatic film set in a current or post World War II setting.
The way that Hanna's life had effected Michael's own like really spoke to me. Michael would always read to her and she would be completely fascinated by it. She even wanted to start by being read to and then make love whenever the two lovers would meet. She could not read herself so she would always be read to.
I was touched when Hanna opened up the mailed box to find tapes which had Michael's voice reading The Odyssey recorded on them for Hanna to listen to. I was especially proud when Hanna took the initiative to borrow books from the prison library to read along to so she could learn to read and write.
This film is inspiring and I am glad that Kate Winslet was a part of this film.
The Reader, I give you an 80%.


I'm not surprised that this is the winner of the Academy Award for best animation although I still wish Kung Fu Panda 2 had won.
Out of the three nominees (who really cares about the other two?), KFP2, Rango, and Puss in Boots, it basically came down to KFP2 and Rango. Rango has that extra-ness to it that makes it much better than KFP2. The fact that it comes from the minds behind Sweeny Todd, Hugo, and the Pirates of Caribbean franchise tells of the experience and how well it deserved the Oscar.
It's a fresh (not so new) story in the form of a (I believe) pre-teen/teen film. The voice of Johnny Depp used for Rango was phenomenal and the adult like humor was to die for.
Rango, I give you a 70%.

The Godfather

From after watching this film, I have been trying to figure out some of this film's faults and other than a couple due to lack of certain technology, I cannot hardly think of any. The movie is what everyone is saying. I was thinking that this film shouldn't be known as the perfect movie because it is rated R and not suitable for children, but that is what makes it so perfect. Coppala directed a real film based off the novel of the same name and of the many groups of mobs that walked among us in the distant past.
The dramatic acting in this film is nothing short of spectacular. Marlon, Al, James, and Robert were an amazing ensemble because they can show and act all those multiple emotions well. Seriousness, anger, sorrow, and pride are what I saw through the actors' mannerisms.
I hope I'm not the only one to mention this but, was the telling of Michael's travels and life in Italy really necessary? I don't think we needed to see everything, maybe just show Mike walking around in Italy looking out as if missing Kay and hoping to go back home soon. His Italian wife gets blown up and then it's like he settles with Kay? Why did he cheat? Or was his time in Italy meant to teach him the way of being the head of the family?
I wish I saw more of Diane Keaton in this. I'm sure I'll see more of her femininity as to balance with Al's masculinity in the next two films.
I especially loved James Caan in this because Sonny was tough and looked out for his family, especially his sister when her husband would beat her.
This film is wonderful because it depicts the life of a mob family and how they must live their life. The history of their family goes far back. Michael tells Kay that she doesn't want to be a part of what his family does but as soon as he does his first killing, he gets into that mindset that he is to become the new head of the family.
I don't want to seem like I'm giving in to peer pressure to keep the perfected feeling of The Godfather alive as to grant the film a 100% but I also want to have my own voice of criticism.
I truly wish I could at least give this film a 95% and I can't seem to give it a 100%. This film is a fantastic masterpiece. In my brain, this movie is a 90% but in my heart, it is a 101%. I love this film and I am incredibly grateful and happy to have seen it.
The Godfather, I give you a 90%.
Actually I don't want to ruin tradition. I can't fight it; this film is worth a 100%.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

If Melissa Leo was not nominated for the academy award, I sure hope Hailee Steinfeld would be the runner up. She has a future ahead of her, well at least in drama.
I loved in this film how along the journey, Maddie had doubted Rooster's true grit, but in the end, he did have true grit for taking Maddie that long way to get her medical attention.
What a great story of courage, friendship, and integrity. One of the Coen Brothers' best flicks.
True Grit, I give you a 70%.


I don't know what I am supposed to get from this movie. I guess I should also see Being John Malkovich. This story is very unique so I guess Charlie Kaufman is that type of unique and complex screenwriter.
The depth that Charles drew himself into was incredible. He investigated for his screenplay, he unintentionally set up for two people who eventually died, and he is a complex and nervous person.
I just don't want to think about this film. The only purpose for me having watched it is to see how Meryl did. I did not like her in this.
Adaptation, I give you a 50%.

The Vow
The Vow(2012)

A fantastic idea for a plot for a film but wasted and poorly depicted in "The Vow."
"The Vow" stars Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum and is about Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) who are both husband and wife and they both fall victim to a careless car accident, most likely caused by a drunk driver, resulting in the short term memory of Paige being swiped clean. This short description is brought to you by Nick based off of viewing the film's trailer. The actual full length film is another thing to consider.
Practically a little over half of the film is about what the trailer tells everyone. It tells us of how Paige loses her short term memory and forgets everything up to a while before she had even met her current husband Leo. After that, the film talks about how Paige tries to relive her life after her accident. Remember, this film is based off a true story, you will see a photo of the real couple at the conclusion of the film. This being the case, the film takes up time from this supposed Valentine's Day romance of a film to take time to get to the biographical side of the true story, or at least talking more about how the person with her lost memory copes. We see how this confused girl, Paige, copes with finding out that the former senator of Illinois is now the President of the United States, seeing her sister and the people she loves physically different as in looking older, and that she thinks she is still engaged to her current ex-fiancé.
That is the unbearable side to the story. As not to spoil any parts of the film, I must say that the entire story itself within the film is quite romantic. The fact that it is based off a true story makes it all the more romantic. But the romance used in this film is incredible cheesy and I feel terrible that Rachel McAdams was a part of this project.
Rachel McAdams is a fantastic actor and the way she portrays her roles shows how dedicated she becomes within every one of her projects. I knew she would fairly always be like this ever since I saw her in "The Notebook."
Now, Canning Tatum on the other hand, with his Jimmy Kimmel eyes, is not a true actor. All he'll ever be known for is his past profession in male stripping, how he is just a piece of eye candy on the big screen, and how incredibly awkward and wooden of an actor he is. Oh yes, he can flex his built arms out and scream "I'm trying to help you!" but he can't keep it afloat once his emotion is released.
Tatum does not deserve to work with McAdams, especially since she is more experienced than him. McAdams worked with Nicholas Sparks, Woody Allen, and Diane Keaton twice. Channing Tatum was in the first two "Step Up" films which are just glittered with dance choreography rather than real acting, he played in "Public Enemies" as someone named Pretty Boy Floyd, and his next role is in "Magic Mike" as the title role who is a male stripper. His past is coming back to haunt him to take him back where he truly belongs. Is what Tatum is doing now going to happen to "Haywire's" Gina Carano where she will become a popular actor after leaving a certain profession, in her case, an MMA fighter, and now she will be starring in a whole bunch of action films? Will this happen?
As stated before, this film is based off a true story. And because the film's story is true, the film should not be judged for how the story turned out in the end. Again, I do not want to spoil this film for y'all but I have been hearing much about people's opinions on the film's ending and I believe this film should be treated like a documentary film and treat it on what happened based from the reference, or the true story, rather than a cheesy romantic comedy. This is one way to take a movie. For me and for some films I see, a movie is a movie, especially after seeing this film. A movie is a method of conveying a story; this is exactly what it was and all it was. Director Michael Sucsy told us of the story of the two real people who this film was based on no matter how the film's viewers would react. Sucsy would hope to inspire many people and get a few tears out of them also. That may have happened and it may still be happening. But for me, someone who absolutely loves romantic comedies and Rachel McAdams, I did not cry or feel much from this film. It was just a romantic story that I viewed for 104 minutes and I also learned an interesting story that actually happened.
I anticipated great things from "The Vow" and I am saddened to admit I was disappointed in this romantic drama. It makes a great cuddle movie but not as a tear jerker.
The Vow, I give you a 50%.

My Week with Marilyn

I wanted to see this film for its great reviews, its enchanting nature, and to check out the competition between the ladies who are nominated for Best Actress for an Oscar. But the only three who are neck and neck and neck are Viola Davis, Michelle Williams, and Meryl Streep.
What a fantastic performance by Michelle Williams who has already received her Golden Globe for this role. I hate to say this but Michelle may actually beat out Meryl and Viola for the academy award for best actress. I don't want to believe it but it will most likely be true.
This is a fantastic depiction of part of Marilyn Monroe's life during her midst of her fame. The way Michelle played this role of Marilyn was enchanting, extremely enjoyable, and pleasing to watch and see how Marilyn's personality was like. Michelle had Marilyn's lovely curls, her soft luxurious voice, and her sensitive mannerisms, at least that is what I saw from this film.
Marilyn was quite modest back then as are both actresses Michelle Williams and Meryl Streep. Marilyn was also very nervous before she was to be in front of a filming camera for a movie. Marilyn liked to have fun, but not when she was feeling ill. She was just an innocent little thirty year old girl. She can be greatly compared to today's "Marilyn Monroe" and pop icon Britney Spears. Both girls have their major popularity with their fans as well as the storming paparazzi, they sell sex, they can sing and act, and they both are troubled by society and what the public wants from them.
Michelle Williams is a fantastic actress and has quite a life in front of her. This is going to be on the top of her list of her proudest performing roles of her career.
My Week with Marilyn, I give you a 100%.

This Means War

A great time at the movies. A funny and 'fun time' type of movie. I just don't care much for this movie.

The Stepford Wives

A great story and a funny and talented cast.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

If you look up the word heart-warming in the dictionary, you will find War Horse right next to it. That is exactly what this film is; a heart-warming film about the adventure and journey of one horse, being passed from owner to owner.
Spielberg seriously has outdone himself this time.
From both the novel and Broadway play comes War Horse. A film set in the era of World War I about a farm boy, Albert, and his horse, Joey. Both have been together ever since the horse's birth. Albert takes Joey under his wing and trains him and as time goes on, both become great pals. But when the war comes and because Albert's father is in need of money, Joey is sold into the war as a soldier's horse. All throughout the film, Spielberg tells the audience of Joey's journey of surviving the war while being passed and owned by multiple different people, including two brothers, a French soldier, and a young girl. We view and witness Joey's journey through the war in hopes he can someday return to Albert.
This film is absolutely fantastic and I love it. The acting is phenomenal, the cinematography (which should win the Oscar) is artistically stupendous, and the story told through Spielberg is amazing. I can only imagine how fantastic the play is on Broadway.
Congratulations Steven.
War Horse, I give you a 100%.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nothing special. It was pretty boring but Cage is not as terrible of an action star as some may say. Society's image of him is exaggerated a bit.
This movie is just . . . whatever.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, I give you a 30%.


Re-reviewed from earlier.
This film is insanely hilarious and I hope it wins for best original screenplay.
Bridesmaids, I give you an 80%.

The Woman in Black

A very startling type of thriller with a great actor.
This film serves the role of the gateway for other great acting opportunities for Daniel Radcliffe. This film shows how Daniel Radcliffe can act in the first film after ending the Harry Potter franchise. From my perspective, no one currently pays attention to the story in this film, more of how the Harry Potter alum succeeded in his acting skills after ending his ten year run with one single character.
Daniel did a superb job and I can't wait to see what else he has in store with Hollywood. I sure hope he pulls a Leo DiCaprio where he was known as a young character (Potter & Jack Dawson) but later moved on to greater roles. But I also hope Radcliffe will win some Oscars on the way. Aww, poor Leo.
The Woman in Black, I give you a 60%.

Man on a Ledge

Great use of twists within the story and great thrilling action sequences but totally worthless as a film. This is a great example of a January/February released film. They tried but it's just one of those films that you can watch while waiting for the Academy Awards.
Man on a Ledge, I give you a 40%.

The Descendants

George, (until I see The Artist), please win the Academy Award, please. You are the younger male version of Meryl Streep. You are a fantastic, talented, and devoted actor.
This was a very serious and somewhat depressing and sad film with a couple of great actors: Clooney and Woodley. Sorry that I don't have much to say, I wasn't affected by this film as I wanted to be. I was a little sick when I watched it.
The Descendants, I give you a 70%.


I now officially am in love with found footage films. It's just for this film and just as Peter Rallis had said, the fact that this film was found footage was stressed too much. It was either Andrew, Kasey, or any of the witnesses with recordable devices. Either it was "I need to film this" or "I'm filming from now on", it was too much of letting the audience know that it was a character that was filming. It was also ridiculous how during the climax, how Kasey was holding on to her won camera the entire time; or unless she was that dedicated through all the torment and sacredness.
That was the only problem with this film, but it was a little one.
I love this film and how it stands as an example for other found footage films, except for the stressing of the characters using cameras.
The story was incredible and the character development was well drawn out.
I definitely recommend people see this film and possibly checking it out on either XD or 3D.
Chronicle, I give you a 90%.

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep has both the talent of acting and her great judgment when it comes to choosing her roles which continue to enhance her reputation year after year. Although I have not lived while Margaret Thatcher was in power, I trust that director Phyllida Lloyd was the most truthful and the most accurate with her film's depiction of the great Margaret Thatcher.
In "The Iron Lady", we follow the worthwhile life of Margaret Thatcher and how she has made an enormous impact on her peers, England, her husband Denis, the entire world, and also herself. We follow her life from her accepted into Oxford University, her beginning interest in politics, her winning seat as part of Parliament, her win as England's first female Prime Minister, and how she did and still does look back on her life with pride, fulfillment, and with absolutely no regrets.
The position of prime minister of any place is a tough and responsible position to fill which forces the filler to make effective yet very tough decisions. Margaret Thatcher was not afraid of making those tough decisions as it shows is this film. She was the perfect mix of both aggression and sensitivity and she knew when to be aggressive and when to be sensitive.
Many people of England did not want a female leader because of the stereotypes that are associated with women which many of the voters think of first. Many people did not want someone who would cry at an argumentative discussion between parties which was they all predicted. They wanted someone who would be undoubtedly tough, strong willed, courageous, and confident to stand up for her country. In the place of not living to witness her time in Parliament and through this film, those words are what I define Margaret Thatcher by. These words are why the people of England call her the iron lady.
It is no surprise that Meryl Streep shall be nominated for an Oscar award for Best Actress. As time progresses, there may also be no surprise if she is to indeed win that award and thank everyone as modestly as she always does. Viola Davis, Glen Close, and Michelle Williams are all great choices to win as well, but the academy must remember and keep in mind of Meryl's integrity, courage, and overwhelming believability of her portrayal as Margaret Thatcher and of her many other roles in the past that has made her into who and what she is today.
As I was viewing this breathtaking and overwhelming film on the big screen, I did not see the famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep acting like Margret Thatcher but Margret living her life. That is mostly because I did not live through her time she spent in Parliament. For the older viewers who did however, it may be different as they know how the real Thatcher appears to look like. Even with that knowledge, the resemblance between Thatcher and Streep is somewhat superior to other potential actors.
As others have mentioned in the past about this film, it is as though the film is mostly based on Thatcher's reminiscence of her past achievements and her entire life rather than a biographical film. What I like to think is that this film has the best of both worlds, as this film was a nice story of who Margaret Thatcher was and how she felt about herself as she looked back on her life from the present time.
This role is a fantastic triumph and a total win on her part. Meryl created her role of the portrayal of Margaret Thatcher seem as if she had been reincarnated as Thatcher. Meryl was not being Thatcher for Halloween, but was overtaken by the person who was and still is Margaret Thatcher. It is as if Thatcher had taken over Meryl's body. That role has made it all the more Oscar worthy.
"The Iron Lady" is yet another triumph for Streep and can be closely compared to such films as The King's Speech, Forrest Gump, and The Queen.
The Iron Lady, I give you a 90%.


95%? Really?
I did not fully grasp Billy's loyalty and belief in his fellow team that they could be the best. It's as if, the team magically won all those games.
I understand how Billy changed the way of baseball by using numbers rather than intuition.
This was exceptionally average, like "Remember the Titans". I loved Brad Pitt in this; I just did not enjoy this film. I've seen enough of the "inspirational" sports films based on a true story.
More of behind the scenes of trading and picking team players rather than the relationship (that I did not even see) between the players that brought them together to win the games. It was more of a business in sports film rather than an actual sports film. Still descent but not the best.
I did not hate this film; I just did not love it enough to feel like it gave me a lasting impression. I was disappointing after what I had expected.
Moneyball, I give you a 70%.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I've been waiting to see this movie ever since I first saw the trailer before it premiered in theaters. I have waited till January 27th to see it. I love this movie for many reasons: the story and the use of CGI.
The story of this film is unbelievably incredible and well put together. I really want to see the film that this film leads up to. There is the 1968 Planet of the Apes and I guess the 2001 one is a remake. I don't know what that Beneath the Planet of the Apes is, maybe a sequel to the 1968 film.
But yes the story was incredibly done and the bond that was shown between Will and Caesar was well depicted.
Once again, Andy Serkis has graced Hollywood with his use of using CGI to become a creature. Andy Serkis, a.k.a. Gollum, King Kong, and now Caesar.
I haven't even seen the film which this film would lead into but I did not get the sense of what the apes were planning on doing once they were up in the trees looking out onto the land. "Caesar is home." What is? Being with his fellow species now that they are all smart like him? Is the upcoming ape planet of Earth your home?
I need to see The Planet of the Apes. I may see the 1968 version which is supposedly rated higher.
I absolutely loved the takeover sequence while all of the apes were on the Golden Gate Bridge. I loved Caesar's intelligence and his leadership skills that led to the takeover. I was scared for everyone's lives.
I wonder what the 113 formula had in it that made it acceptable to apes but not humans.
Not so average film. Finally glad I saw this film after five long months.
"A great movie that's worth paying to see in theaters and a potential buy."
Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I give you a 80%.

The Ides of March

I'm not usually interested in serious, political films but I am a big fan of both Ryan Gosling and George Clooney and I had heard great things about this film.
This film is about how politics can be a bloodbath of a business. Sinister and disgusting people who scheme and talk behind backs is what can be experienced.
Ryan Gosling stars as Steven, a popular and effective co-campaign manager for a democratic governor who is currently running for president in the primary election. Steven agrees to meet with the opposing democratic governor's campaign manager who offers a job with his team. It all starts going down the crapper from there. Drama is created through relationships, blackmailing, and back stabbing.
Not necessarily about the race itself but about the scandals and the inner workings of those scandals within the lives of the campaign employees and the politicians.
An open ended ending where we were left with how the lives were left after everything was "cleaned off" from the scandals and back stabbing had occurred. This film shows how anything, this being working with the political system, can change who you are to get ahead. A very smart film greatly directed and acted in by the wonderful George Clooney.
This film is a great political thriller and a solid rental.
The Ides of March, I give you a 70%.

Sophie's Choice

A breathtaking performance by the shape shifter who is Meryl Streep.
One of the best films I have ever had the chance of experiencing and probably Meryl Streep's best performance of her career followed by her role of Margaret Thatcher.
Just by Meryl's ability to portray and be anyone on the big screen, by the voice, the motions, the emotions, and the appearance, shows that she definitely deserved to win the Oscar award that she did for her role of Sophie, a Polish Holocaust survivor. This film was basically half English and half foreign. Meryl's ability to learn both Polish and German astounds me at how hard she works to be the best she can be.
I absolutely love and adore this film because of the enchanting performance of Meryl and of the story itself.
(SPOILER) I must point out that the scene where Sophie was forced to choose between her children to send away and keep was a bit lacking in the emotion and direction. The emotion that was definitely there was Sophie's visible weeping and her daughter's screaming. It could have used a bit more to get the extra emotional push towards the audience. There could have also been slow and sad music that would fade in as they took her daughter away.
As others may have mentioned, the film was too drawn out. (SPOILER) The film could have done without the fact that Nathan was a paranoid schizophrenic because Sophie did not even know of it. Sophie would have still had to make a choice to stay with Nathan instead of Stingo.
The film could have been shortened a bit. Two hours and thirty minutes; bit too much. As long as Sophie's reminiscent stories were still within the film, it would have still been a fantastic movie.
Meryl Streep, I love you dearly. Please continue to do what you do which is perform breathtaking roles that continue to raise my unending appraisal for you.
Sophie's Choice, I give you a 90%.

Larry Crowne
Larry Crowne(2011)

A fun and entertaining story with a pure entertainer: Tom Hanks. The relationship between Merci and Larry was unreal and lifeless to actually believe.
"A movie that is frustrating to watch because you can see the potential in it but doesn't deliver. The story works but there is nothing about it that creates any emotions from you. You don't love it but you don't hate it."
I loved this movie recreationally but not critically.
Larry Crowne, I give you a 50%.

Midnight in Paris

An absolutely phenomenal film filled with incredible acting, delightful scenery (duh it's Paris), and great use of history.
Gil, a writer, is inspired by the golden age of Paris in the 1920s and when he and fiancé Inez visit Paris before their wedding, Gil gets the chance to personally receive inspiration from some sort of time machine that happens at midnight at a certain set of stairs that Gil stumbles upon.
Gil goes back in time and gets the chance to meet the world's most known and most amazing writers and artists that have inspired and shaped the world's view of creativity.
Gil meets F. Scott Fitzgerald (one of my favorites - author of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & The Great Gatsby), Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and Henri Matisse.
Gil is blown away by this ability to go back in time and does not bother questioning it too much. He is able to live his personal view of Paris' golden age and he can continue to work on his novel with what he has experienced.
Everything about this was well constructed and well thought out except for one thing: the casting. If it were the case, I would definitely understand Allen's decision to use other actors for his film; one's whom his audience wouldn't expect. Actors from films about mean girls and wedding crashers. I personally would not choose Wilson nor McAdams for this film. If one of them, I'd choose McAdams. But to me, Inez's character is not best suited for McAdam's universally known Hollywood character. This character she portrayed did not fit well to my liking. She's better than that and I love her too much.
Definitely not Owen Wilson, his voice annoys me sometimes, how he sounds like he's trying to deeply prove something or himself but is failing. If I'd choose someone more fulfilling and worthy, it would be between Eric Bana, Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Eckhart, Ewan McGregor, or James Marsden. Any of those would be better.
I loved this film and cannot believe how entertaining it was. Marion Cotillard was immaculate as always and this was simply a fun romantic drama to watch.
Midnight in Paris, I give you a 90%.


A good story of a grandson grandfather relationship that shows the boy more of who he is and what he can accomplish once he leaves his worthless family and starts a family with his love.
Most of this film was boring and lifeless but once you get past that and understand the meaning of the story, it is somewhat watchable.
Hilary Duff did a great job.
Bloodworth, I give you a 30%.

Prelude to a Kiss

A very bizarre spin on a classic fantasy type of story. An old man kisses a bride on her wedding day and their lives are switched from that point. It's like Freaky Friday but without the man on man kiss that Alec and Sydney (old man) shared.
I wasn't blown away from its attempt at romance because I was focusing too much on what has happened in this movie. Terrible choice of movie poster and title to sum up the story.
A Prelude To A Kiss, I give you a 40%.

Vampires Suck

The only reason why they make these types of films is just for the money. It is simple to make these types of movies. The only descent parody movies were the scary movie movies. The comedy that is said to be in this movie is terrible. Does anyone even like this movie? This movie is pointless and ridiculous. And I know it's fun to poke fun at Twilight, but not too much. This was an incredibly terrible and disgusting movie.
Vampires Suck, I give you a 10%.

The Romantics

If Niederhoffer tried to end the film by having the audience make up their own predictions, he misunderstood how to structure it well. What am I supposed to think and how am I supposed to feel with that ending. Does the rain have something to do with Tom's fear of the ocean? Did they end up continuing the wedding or did Tom and Laura run off together like I hopelessly predicted?
Katie Holmes, have you not understood how you have officially been demoted to trophy wife ever since you married Tom Cruise?
The only aspect of this film I enjoyed was the story of the group of long time friend and how they interact with each other. It gives me hope that my friends and I can be like that as well and we can all reunite multiple times for everyone's wedding.
"The story works but there is nothing about it that creates any emotions from me." I don't like it but I don't hate it. With Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, and Dianna Agron, I can see the potential in it but there is nothing that I can draw from this film.
The Romantics, I give you a 40%.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

I cannot buy into what everybody else thinks of this film. I don't see how outstanding some may say it is. It only won one Academy Award: Best Director. I am not saying this was a bad movie, I am just saying that I don't think it was as amazing as my peers have led me to believe.
This definitely has an amazing and interesting story line and all. I can understand how a married woman who sleeps in a separate room from her husband would find a college graduate attractive enough to have an affair with. However, I do not understand why Mrs. Robinson wouldn't want Ben to see Elaine or go out with her. Maybe it's just a mom thing. Nichols just left me confused as to how Ben and Elaine's relationship magically became such a hit from one date at a Sonic. If that's how their relationship really was, I wish I had witnessed more of their dates to show me how serious they were getting.
As I am still in college, I cannot get the same impression and relate to this film as well as others may have toward the post college graduation blues that Hoffman portrayed. This film can be described as a solid rental and, apparently, a classic, as shown being watched by the happy family in It's Complicated and being parodied by Family Guy and Wayne's World.
It was nice to see that Ben and Elaine got to run away together st the end but the camera shouldn't have lingered in front of their faces for that long afterword. Their expressions turned to a blank stare and it made me feel depressed and sad.
I did enjoy this compelling film and I most certainly enjoyed Dustin Hoffman's memorable performance.
The Graduate, I give you a 70%.

No Strings Attached

I came into this movie believing that it would be not as entertaining or good as Friends with Benefits. This film did come before FWB so FWB had time and references to look at for their own enhancements. This film was not worse than FWB at all and it was not better than it either. In fact, from my perspective, No Strings Attached had an entirely different quality that lacked a bit from FWB. As a romantic comedy, FWB portrayed more comedy rather than romance what with two famous comedic actors Kunis and Timberlake. While this was about, romantic comedy NSA had more of a sweet romance feel rather than a lot of comedy to balance out the two qualities of the genre.
What a great job to Natalie Portman for her comedic acting. I believe that Ashton Kutcher had more of a comedy feel to the film and Natalie Portman was the saddened little girl with a pretty, no, beautiful face. I know I like guys but I have to admit the fact the Natalie Portman has a gorgeous and beautiful face on her head. She is definitely one of the most beautiful women of our generation.
This film was incredibly cute, sweet, and heartrendingly romantic but could have turned the sad level down.
As others have said, this film is a waste of the actors' time, especially Kevin Kline, wtf! Natalie was needed; comedy needed a beautiful face and Ashton is like family to this genre.
As Peter Rallis rates a 70% movie, "A movie that is fun enough to watch but it won't leave you with a lasting impression. It's worth your time but maybe not in the theaters. A solid rental."
No Strings Attached, I give you a 70%.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A very dark, smart, sophisticated, and thrilling drama about an investigator and his assistant who track down a serial killer of multiple women whom were a part of a wealthy family.
Rooney Mara was absolutely outstanding and her character of Lizbeth Salander whom she portrayed was incredible. I just wish that Fincher let the audience know more about Liz's background unless that is how the novel was written. Other than that, the character was well put together.
I wish I understood more of Mikael's character from what was already told.
I also could not understand how both the investigation and Mr. Wenstromm connected and the money issues.
This film insanely makes me want to buy and read the books themselves. This film was insanely and amazingly done well. God bless you David Fincher.
As Peter Rallis describes a movie worth an 80%: "A great movie that's worth paying to see in theaters and a potential buy. Technically and structurally work but it's not different enough to truly stand out."
I believed it did stand out as far as a film can stand out; it's David Fincher for heaven sake.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I give you an 80%.

New Year's Eve

Just one A-list celebrity after the other like there was a fundraiser going on in time square.
I am delighted that Lea Michele had the chance to sing three times in the film, twice with John Bon Jovi and one solo with Auld Lang Syne.
Most of the stories of each person were very touching but too cheesy to withstand. It's almost as if each actor made a joke out of their time being there and they just shut down as actors, or they didn't think of being actors but as having fun while interpreting each character in their unique story.
No depth, just a fun movie to watch if you need to fill a hole in your sole so you need to watch other people have your fun which is actually going to NYC for new year's.
As Movie Buzz's Peter Rallis says for 40% rated movies, "a movie that is frustrating to watch because you can see the potential in it but doesn't deliver due to the problems with the story.
I loved that Lea Michele was casted in this though, I LOVE HER!!!
New Year's Eve, I give you a 40%.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Too boring most of the time and Jim Carrey's comedy was not at its best. As Peter Rallis says for some of his rated films and that I say about this one, "a movie that is frustrating to watch because you can see the potential in it but doesn't deliver due to the problems with the story." The story is one that has been rebooted over and over again. It was too dark and lifeless some of the time.
Disney's A Christmas Carol, I give you a 50%.


Beginners has a close resemblance to The Art of Getting By. The characters are unsure of where and how they're lives will progress but that is the idea.
This was a very cute and sensual drama that had a great cast and a great story behind it.
Christopher Plummer was outstanding as the 75 year old widower who had come out to his son after his wife had just passes away. He begins his life as a happy gay man by involving himself within many gay and gay friendly groups, he takes part in the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade, and he meets a new fellow and they fall in love.
The film switches between the stories of the previous relationship Oliver had with his newly openly gay father in the past and the relationship he currently has with Anna in the present.
Does this film show how the characters begin new things in their life? It's still a fascinating story with the fabulous Plummer and the cute McGregor.
This story conveys the possibilities of beginning your life all over again as young as someone in their late 30s or someone in their mid 70s.
Beginners, I give you a 70%.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

An impacting and inspirational romantic dramedy that is adorable, sexy, cute, and wonderfully depressing all at the same time. Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Steve Carell were unbelievably perfect.
Crazy Stupid Love, I give you an 80%.

Miracle on 34th Street

As others have stated, this film is sentimental and an all time classic. I also believe in that fact. This movie, coming from the 40s, is a great and heartwarming film which stars Natalie Wood as Susan, the skeptical and non-believing yet mature young girl.
I should mention that the strategy in which Gailey won the trial which was against Kringle was terrible. Having the post office send all the Santa letters to the courthouse; was it known by the courthouse that the post office purposely sent the courthouse the letters or did the courthouse actually believe that the letters came there because that was where Santa Claus was to receive them? I'm confused.
Being raised in a fast paced world in color, I am sorry to say that I rather prefer the film version which stars one of my child hood actors Mara Wilson. Where has she gone to?
A heartwarming and inspiring film to believe in.
Miracle on 34th Street, I give you an 80%.

Yes Virginia
Yes Virginia(2010)

An extremely genuine and heartwarming Christmas special that will and should be remembered and watched every Christmas as we all do to the classics like Santa Claus is coming to town, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and How the Grinch stole Christmas. Yes Virginia is a tale that is exceptionally sweet and tells us to not give up and to believe, no matter what anyone else says. This amazing Christmas special made me cry of how emotional and uplifting it is.
Yes Virginia, I give you a 100%.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

I truly admired everything about the character that was the director and aspiring filmmaker. Riley Griffiths played Charles and I wish I could have seen him when he was featured on the Conan show. Super 8 was his first film and as for his very first film, Riley was terrific and his character was very substantial. Elle Fanning was not as great as Riley but did the best she could as to look up to her older sister.
Super 8 takes place in a small town in Ohio where mysterious deaths happen one by one as resulting from a massive train crash and explosion.
As others have said, the ending was a bit corny. For me, the corny and sappy ending resembled how filmmakers used to end their movies like that years ago around the commencement and well into the introduction of color.
As for the special effects, they are just something to put into a movie and trailer to catch the eye of the particular audience and sometimes, the creators go all out or go too much. I'm sure J. J. Abrams meant to have the train crash and explosion that massive, it sure was caught my eyes and by the eyes of my movie buddy. Well done J. J.
The story and the playing out of the story did not fit well with me. This type of story line is somewhat common and Super 8's version did not feel as original. It felt like a mix between The Iron Giant and The Happening. I wish there was something more to spice the movie up a bit.
Super 8, I give you 60%.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Let's face it; with films being formed from written novels, no one can escape from their many spoilers; but I do not wish to give too much away.
There were very few seats that were unfilled in the theater in which I saw "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1." As an immature reaction to whatever sulky or awkward glance or action any of the movie characters made, people erratically shouted out any rude remark they could think of. Annoying annotations were even made when the story's atmosphere felt normal and natural just because of the history of the "Twilight" franchise and their actors being bashed and insulted. The fact that the person who was shouting out in hatred was sitting at a "Twilight" movie showing, was pathetic. People automatically predicted the film's unpleasantness based on the franchise's history of the film's prequels and from what the "anti-Twilight" community of the world had disdainfully said in the past. Hopefully when other fans and potential fans of "Twilight" want to experience this film, it can be without having the theater members shout out crude comments as to react from the film's supposedly awkward moments and simply of Kristen Stewarts face from her Hollywood history of intense dislike from those same "anti-'Twilight'" fans. If you experience this film similar to mine, it will have an effect on you like it did for me. I am sorry that the chances are low for someone to watch this film in a regularly sized theater without having someone bash it.
I believe others would support me on the point that "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" was a completely superior to its prequels from the comparisons between the acting and plots of the films. "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" definitely has a plot which is the attempt to sustain Bella's existence while waiting out her pregnancy and succeeding towards the climactic delivery.
Edward Cullen and Bella Swan finally enhance their love for each other by uniting as husband and wife. From the sight of Bella's father's miserable look on his face and the guzzling of the reception's wine, he could not be happier. Jacob is as always upset that Bella decided to be a part of the vampires, or his clan's enemies. To Bella, the honeymoon is a surprise and it happens to be on a private Cullen island off the coast of Brazil where they spend quite a bit of there together. "Stuff" happens and in the process the bed breaks and by some baffling miracle, Bella becomes impregnated with Edward's child. The Cullens originally believed that vampires were unable to impregnate anyone but they were stunned. After running several tests, results show that the fetus is growing at a more rapid than normal pace and that it is living off of Bella, so she is slowly dying in the process. As to illustrate Bella's dying skeletal appearance, the makeup could not have been any better. Even though best friend Bella is a part of his tribe's enemies, Jacob yearns for her protection from what the wolf tribe has in store for her as in to slaughter her to prevent the impending baby from being born, as a vampire. Thanks to the age old value of family sticking by each other through thick and thin, the Cullens and Jacob defend Bella from the wolves and linger to deliver her and Edward's baby at the risked expense of Bella's life.
Critically, Kristen Stewart's acting was impressively better than what I have originally distinguished and she performed a stupendous Bella Swan, greater than the film's prequels. I was convinced that this girl, not Hollywood's Kristen Stewart, was playing someone named Bella Swan profoundly. Without the thought of Kristen Stewart from "New Moon" and from many 'invisible bug staring' interviews in my head, I was able to enjoy the character of Bella Swan plenty. If you watch the first three "Twilight" films continuing onto "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" and then compare Stewart's acting in all four, I assure you, you will be amazed at her improvement. I cannot wait to witness how Kristen Stewart's acting plays out for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" and when she also plays the female independent warrior that is Snow White in "Snow White and the Huntsmen."
As for Taylor Lautner, no one can shut out that face and voice. Lautner was not the worst he has ever done but his acting was still pretty disgusting. I know I should not compare the actors to their previous roles as to let them attempt to redeem themselves but, I could not get "Abduction" out of my head. Jeez!
Robert Pattinson's pretty boy voice did not convince me that he is the blood thirsty killer that he was in the first film; although, his love for Bella has changed his way of thinking about life and death. Rob was not as terrible as Lautner, that's for certain.
Depending on how some may see it, the hidden symbolism that is show to the audience is hysterical. The film shows how marriage can feel like a dreaded life sentence, the in-laws are capable of fighting like werewolves and vampires, weddings are able to make you feel miserable, honeymoon sex can leave you with bruises and broken beds, and pregnancies may unfortunately force you to choose between the lives of the mother and the baby. Between all these downfalls of the film, Twilight fans were most likely crying with pride and glee from the evidence that corresponds to Edward and Bella's unbreakable and unconditional love for each other.
This film resembles a sentimental soap opera. The fans are screaming for more and the haters just shut it out of their lives. The drama pours out from the beginning and the climactic scene transitions into the dénouement that will lead into the year away sequel. Many people will appreciate and enjoy the conclusion and how well it transitions into "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," (just as Avatar did).
You may say that this movie was one for the twilighters but not for the rest. "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" will leave with the fans wanting more and the haters wondering why they paid money to see this movie in the first place. Twilight fans, or fanpires, all around the world shall bow down to director Bill Condon but Twilight newbies shall start sharpening their pitchforks.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, I give you a 60%.

Dream House
Dream House(2011)

I truly believed that this film was suspenseful, thrilling, and definitely confusing. I could not follow this movie from when the characters were trying to give out some important information that went towards the plot. The story was incredible and well written. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were outstanding. The only problem with this film was that it was confusing at parts when information was being given out. This added up to a skewed script. The plot managed to fall together at the ending but the film had a slow start.
Dream House, I give you a 50%.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

It is safe to say that "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" is as Christmas-y as it can get. With candy canes, Christmas trees, Christmas music, baby Jesus, nutcrackers, plus ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, and Neal Patrick Harris, Harold and Kumar's Christmas is turned into quite a wild ride.
The story begins and the audience is rejoined with Kumar Patel and how he spends his days staying home and smoking marijuana through a bong (didn't he create a smokeless bong in the prequel?). The audience learns of many new changes to his life, how Vanessa has broken up with Kumar and how Harold has moved on to working for Wall Street and is married to Maria and both live in a house together. Also, Harold and Kumar have not seen or heard from each other for over two years; they most likely have grown apart.
Kumar receives a package outside of his apartment that is meant for Harold. Kumar decides to drop it off at Harold's house. At the same time, Maria and her visiting family all went out to New York City for the night while Harold is decorating the family Christmas tree that Maria's father grew for the past eight years. Harold is doing this job in an attempt to win Maria's father's respect. Kumar arrives at Harold's house and the awkward hellos happen. Both open the package together and they find an elegantly carved box which they open up to find a humongous marijuana joint. Kumar immediately lights it but because of Harold's new house rule of no smoking, he throws it out the window and by some magic (Santa?), it flies back in the house and ignites the Christmas tree on fire.
With no Christmas tree and with Maria's father's impending rage, it is now both Harold and Kumar's job to find a new Christmas tree to replace the ruined one before Maria, her father, and their family comes home from midnight mass. With the help of some old friends, some new friends, Santa Claus, and Neal Patrick Harris, Harold and Kumar take the night by storm to find a new Christmas tree.
Yes, that is what the plot of this film is. I personally believe that this type of simple plot goes well for this type of film. It definitely fits well because the audience wouldn't actually care for what Harold and Kumar are doing in the film, as long as both of them are together and doing what they have been for the past two films, getting high and messing things up. This type of simple plot would also work for a safe family film. Both stoner films and safe family films are not that important to people, they are created for simple entertainment. To me, that may be why this film is not as horrible as some people might think it is.
If you were in the mood for this type of film, you would laugh out loud. If you are not amused by stoner comedies and think they are revolting, obviously this film is not for you. Clearly from what is seen in the film's trailer, the addition of the 3D effect is majorly stressed in this film and it certainly results in a few laughs.
"A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" is just like its prequels except with 3D effect, a Christmas theme, more vulgarity, but yet, it does not have a real story to it. This film's purpose is to give its audience some cheap but worthwhile laughs, to give something to shout about for Harold & Kumar and Neal Patrick Harris fans, and to get people in the spirit of Christmas, even though this release date was a bit too early. It is very interesting and it has its ups and downs with critically analyzing it. It is not for little kids, of course, and maybe not even for elderly people, but it can be for anyone else of any age. It seems like an easy film to make for a Hollywood director, but with funny frolics, hilarious references, and a baby who takes cocaine and ecstasy, it still packs in a lot of laughs for everyone.
Early in the film when Vanessa reveals to Kumar that she is pregnant with his child after they have been broken up for months, Kumar receives the news immaturely by drifting his mind off. Kumar's immaturity is Vanessa's reason for their breakup. Even though the right choices have transformed Harold into a mature adult with him and Maria's upcoming family and Kumar has managed to stay as he always was, as a "child", with nothing progressing in his life, fate has brought the two together after two years. They must work together to help bring Christmas to Maria's father after ruining his Christmas tree. As Harold had said, "I'm not doing this because I have to, I'm doing this because I want to. If Maria's father is happy, then Maria is happy. If Maria is happy, then I'm happy."
In "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas", Harold and Kumar are reunited during Christmas time and they end up getting themselves into some wacky and outrageous situations (mostly caused by Kumar, as usual). With the insane antics that happen, mixed with the spirit of Christmas in their hearts, Harold and Kumar come to understand how important their friendship is and how nothing can come between them.
If anyone decides to see this film, which, as a result, will not disappoint most of you, be sure to check it out in 3D form at any main theater; it will not be as impressive and intense as without the effects. This film may seem like a piece of garbage to some people, but the laughs and message that come from the film show how even a disgusting movie can be somewhat enlightening. Yes I know it is a Harold and Kumar movie.
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, I give you a 70%.

Up in the Air

Up in the Air is definitely one of George Clooney's finest roles ever. Anna Kendrick was phenomenal and so was Vera Farmiga. This was smart, charming, hilarious, and romantic. Up in the Air is a fantastic and smart film.
Up in the Air, I give you a 100%.

Girl, Interrupted

I am not surprised that Angelina Jolie won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. I am surprised that Winona Ryder was not even nominated for best actress. She was incredible.
Girl, Interrupted is a great film filled with great performances, especially Brittany Murphy, Winona Ryder, and Whoopi Goldberg. This film almost seems to resemble "It's Kind of a Funny Story" where a misunderstood person checks him/herself into a mental institution but with a female protagonist but it is much more serious than that. As the movie progressed further to the end, it became known to me how serious this drama is.
I could not believe that Winona Ryder was this talented and that she was ever a dramatic actress. After seeing her in Mr. Deeds, I thought that that was her type of acting. But it was just one of those Adam Sandler films where he takes an amazing actress and nearly destroys their reputation by casting him/her in one of his movies.
I love how Ryder's character, Susana, made up the word diagnonsense when asking "what's my diagnonsense" as in a mix between the words diagnosis and nonsense.
This was a remarkable film and I am amazed at Ryder and Jolie's performances.
Girl, Interrupted, I give you a 60%.

The Tree of Life

I could not comprehend most of what was happening and the point the director was intending to convey. I have but three things to say about this film. The abstract art and imagery, which took up half of the film, was phenomenal, this film resembles a bit like The Fountain, and Hunter McCracken should receive some award for his outstanding performance.
From what I can conceive, The Tree of Life, I give you a 30%.

Panic Room
Panic Room(2002)

A great thrilling drama and an incredible performance by Kristen Stewart and Forest Whitaker.

Everything Must Go

This film shows how wonderfully Will Ferrell can act in dramatic roles. His seriousness that we occasionally see out of him and that he perfectly portrays is outstanding.
For some of Will Ferrell's major fans, it may not be a great film to watch. The fans may sit through the entire movie laughing because they expect hilarity from seeing his well known face.
This film's story is great but in its entirety, it was conventionally average. The plot is great but predictable and has been over used. This being everything but the having to live on your own front lawn selling your belongings; that major addition was a well put together.
The connection between the all characters was unrealistic and unbelievable. Samantha wouldn't have forgiven Nick so easily and Kenny wouldn't waste his time with a stranger who lives on his front lawn.
Will Ferrell's performance of a man getting through losing his job, being left by his wife, being locked out if his own house, and having no bathroom, cell phone, or money, was outstanding.
Everything Must Go, I give you a 50%.

The Last Exorcism

I just diagnosed myself that I am addicted to paranormal films.
The Last Exorcism is about a devout and dedicated Baton Rouge reverend who is given a letter from Georgia about a possible demon that is living with a family. The reverend takes a boomer and a camera man to Georgia to see what is happening. A girl, in a family of a dad and brother, supposedly has a demon inside of her and the reverend performs a small exorcism on her and it seems as if the demon did leave her.
After this, there is a plot twist. I bet that you can guess the twist. But wait; after a second exorcism is performed and all seems well, there is another more extreme plot twist and it is wicked scary. I cannot believe what happened and how it came to be.
I really do love these paranormal/satan-istic type films. That's why I cannot wait for The Devil Inside to premiere in theaters.
There was one point in the film where I thought it was the end and I was disappointed. But the story kept on progressing and it got better.
At times, I thought they were just playing creepy, like I couldn't really believe how the character wanted me to feel. I did get horrendously frightened though.
Before viewing this film, I was hoping it would not be another exorcism movie. It was different and the story of who the reverend was and his past was refreshing. The ending was completely and amazingly original. This entire film was thrilling, creepy, and well put together.
The Last Exorcism, I give you a 70%.

Captain America: The First Avenger

It is true to say that Captain America was much superior to Thor as an introductory story for one of the Avengers. There were some points in the film's story when I couldn't follow what was happening and I became pretty confused. Chris Evan is outstanding as Steven Rogers/Captain America. His great spirit, incredible acting, and Fantastic Four experience all add up to one great character. I cannot wait for The Avengers.
Captain America, I give you a 70%.

Paranormal Activity 3

Unless you are the toughest person ever to roam the planet, you will scream until your voice cracks and (for some including myself) cry until your eyes go dry if you see "Paranormal Activity 3." THIS IS A WARNING: BEWARE BEFORE YOU MAKE THE CHOICE OF VIEWING "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3." It is much scarier than the previous two films and you will leave the theater literally shaking with fear, unless you are too stunned to move from your seat after its conclusion. "Paranormal Activity 3" is definitely a great addition to the franchise. The fans get to see how the activity all began and what (or who) the cornerstone of the entire activity is.
"Paranormal Activity 3" starts out with pregnant Kristi (baby Hunter on the way) and her husband Dan filming while she paints the nursery. Kristi's sister Katie comes over to drop off a box of VHSs that she was given from their grandmother Lois. Katie admits that she had never watched any of the videos. The screen then pan's off to another scene to when (taking place in the second film) Kristi and the family come home to find that the house has been, supposedly, robbed, but only the box of VHSs were missing. The screen then pan's off to the beginning of the story of when Katie and Kristi were little kids.
Taking place in California in 1988, sisters Kristi & Katie, their mother Julie, and Julie's boyfriend Dennis all happily live together. Dennis works as a wedding photographer/videographer so he owns many high tech cameras.
Mysterious sounds, movements, and figures begin to appear in the household and Kristi begins talking to an "imaginary friend" named Toby. Dennis becomes intrigued by this mystery of unknown sounds and figures so he sets up three cameras, one in the master bedroom, one in Kristi and Katie's room, and a rotating camera between the living room and kitchen, to try and see what happens within the house.
Dennis does his research on a strange symbol that he finds aggressively drawn in Kristi and Katie's closet. The symbol, being a triangle with a circle in the middle, Dennis finds out that it is the symbol of a witch's cult that specializes in searching for young girls and forcing them to have baby boys when they're old enough to get pregnant.
After a few more major paranormal incidents within the house, Dennis is urged by his camera equipment partner to tell Julie of the other worldly happenings that are occurring. Dennis shows Julie the witch symbol and a picture that he found in a Demonology book of a group of women that all have the same symbol on them.
Fear among the family keeps growing stronger and stronger and after many insane occurrences happen within the household, the entire family becomes so frightened that they pack up their essentials and decide to stay with their grandma Lois (Julie's mother) for a while. From then on, the story becomes even more intense and it all comes down to one night, the people who live there, and the "people" who unwelcomingly show up.
"Paranormal Activity" 1-3 are all filmed through a simple camera from a home so the scenery and the audience's point of view seem so real and makes the film even creepier because it seems it's easy enough to happen to you as an audience member.
Yes "Paranormal Activity 3" is just like its first two films where there are strange sounds and shaking movements within a house and someone sets up a bunch of cameras to catch the demon in the act; it is like that. But in "Paranormal Activity 3", it is safe to say that this film was even scarier than the first two. In this film, the audience gets informed on where it all began and shows who is responsible. They tell you everything of what the purpose was of what happened in the first two films. The story opens up a lot in "Paranormal Activity 3", many questions are answered, and everything becomes so much clearer for the audience.
It is good to see the film with one or more other persons so you are not alone, you feel safe, and you have someone else to talk about the film with and get another person's perspective of what happened. Everything you know about "Paranormal Activity" 1 and 2 will come together and with the information you learn from "Paranormal Activity 3", you will have your mind blown away.
As said by "Aint It Cool news", "The last 15 minutes will mess you up for life."
Paranormal Activity 3, I give you a 100%.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Going over the general plot, character development, etc., Scream 4 was not as well done as its prequels.
Scream 4 seems like a modernization to today's technology, teens, and society. With too many well known actors playing supporting roles, including Kristen Bell, Lucy Hale, Hayden Panettiere, and Anthony Anderson (trying to tap into his Law and Order techniques), it was unbelievable.
I could definitely feel Wes Craven's attempt and what he was going for; I just did not experience it.
(SPOILER) I can understand how the next killer would be Sydney's neglected cousin, that totally fits in well, it's just another actress would have been better. Emma Roberts definitely gave it her all, I saw that in her. I'm sure almost anyone and I can say that she sold the role to Craven but she didn't sell it to her audience. Emma Roberts' history of films shows many roles of happy and perky girls. Even though her performance was terrible, it was not unbearable.
Looking back at Scream 3, that was the perfect ending. How Roman, the neglected (hidden) son of Sydney's mother wanted revenge. The ending to the film was perfect. Sydney killed Roman and she was able to feel comfortable leaving her house door open feeling safe for once.
Craven basically brought back the killer's identity from Scream 3 to the Scream 4: a neglected family member going crazy. Craven also brought back from Scream 1 to Scream 4 that there were always two killers as partners who had it played out that the leading killer (Billy in Scream 1 & Jill in Scream 4) would kill his/her accomplice and be the survivor. Hollywood is recyclable.
I wanted to watch this film so I can finish the franchise and now I hope that it finally is.
Scream 4, I give you a 30%.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

Set in the year 2020, Real Steel stars Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, as Charlie Kenton, the film's protagonist. In this futuristic robot boxing film, Charlie is a washed up boxer retiree, after human boxers became less popular. After practically being forced out of his career of boxing and being disappointingly defeated for the championship title, Charlie began a new career in the world of high-tech boxing: coaching and controlling the robot boxers.
When Charlie receives shocking news of his ex-girlfriend's death, her and Charlie's son, Max, is up for a custody agreement between Charlie and Max's wealthy aunt and uncle. An additional agreement is made and Charlie is allowed Max for the summer season while his aunt and uncle are out of the country.
Charlie and Max start to bond as they fix up a bought robot, Noisy Boy, after Charlie's first was destroyed. At Noisy Boy's next fighting event, Charlie is gets to choose between small one by one fights or the main event. Max pleads Charlie to take the safer choice but Charlie refuses as he is in major debt and needs the money. Noisy Boy gets smashed by its opponent and Charlie practically gives up.
Hitting rock bottom, Charlie attempts to start from scratch by picking scraps from a robot junkyard. In the midst of their gatherings, Max uncovers a fully sized, 2014 built, generation 2 robot in the ground. Doubtful of the low-grade robot's abilities, Charlie turns the other cheek. Persistent and ambitious Max digs the robot up from the dirt, cleans it up, teaches it some quick fighting moves, and talks to Charlie about setting up a fight for the robot named Atom.
Atom's first fight comes and with his extremely low expectations, Charlie is amazed when Atom is victorious. As stakes are raised and gradually becoming one of the biggest and most popular robot contenders in the nation, Charlie and Max climb their way to the Real Steel championships where they have to fight the top championship robot Zeus, multiple years running. Against the odds, Charlie and Max take one last shot at a major comeback and learn that "courage is stronger than steel."
Let's be honest, this film is definitely a sport's genre based film with a twist. This is what may seem like the main point of the film but there may be something bigger that is hiding in the shadows. With the amazing special effects that go along with robot fighters, the audience is memorized and taken away with the suspense of which robot with win and what moves they come up with. Charlie keeps persevering to win back his reputation of a contender through his many robots including Atom. But in the sidelines, after he has done many things wrong by his eleven year old son Max, Charlie wants to finally do one thing right.
Max was born of Charlie's ex-girlfriend and Max has been living with her for eleven years. After she dies, Charlie takes Max under his wing. Max basically forces himself into bonding with Charlie by stowing in his truck. Charlie shows Max the scary and dangerous world of robot boxing and Max falls in love. Max dedicates himself to helping Atom make his way to the top. Atom is Max's life. But when Charlie and Max get into a physical fight with people Charlie is in debt to, he gives Max up to his aunt and uncle for his own safety. Max's heart is broken and gives up on everything altogether to live as a son of wealth. Charlie has a total change of heart and inspiration and asks for Max back. Charlie does say "I know I've done all kinds of wrong by this kid. I'd just like to do one thing right." This one line alone makes the story of this film and the trailers make the audience think it's chock full of fighting robots, even though it is.
At the commencement of the film, I felt happy to know that this came from original minds. But in the beginning credits I saw that it said it was inspired from the book Steel by Richard Matheson. Afterword, I then thought about the past wildly popular game Rock'em Sock'em Robots.
This story of courage, faith, and a father son relationship is one for the family. With an incredible performance by Hugh Jackman, this film shows that any trendy game can be made into a film. Even though people may take this as a Rock'em Sock'em Robots movie in disguise, they should think before they make that claim. This film is much more than making money off of vigorously fighting robots; it's what one robot brings between a father and son.
Real Steel, I give you a 60%.

Father of the Bride: Part II

I was expecting this sequel to be as disappointing as what critics have said. But, this sequel to Father of the Bride was absolutely hilarious and heartwarming, as are all of the films that Nancy Meyers involves herself in.
Steve Martin returns to the Father of the Bride story as George, the father to Annie and Matty Banks and as the husband to Nina, played by the gorgeous Diane Keaton. Annie and her fairly new husband Bryan return to the picture with some exciting news, Annie is pregnant. With this news comes shock to George and he becomes skeptical about becoming a grandfather. As a result, George tries to feel younger by going to the gym and coloring his hair. George surprises Nina when he arrives home with his new hair and because they are all alone in the house while Matty is out, one thing leads to another and they do the nasty. Days later, Nina has symptoms that would lead her to believe that she is going through menopause. After meeting with her doctor after taking blood tests, Nina finds out that she is actually pregnant as well. George faints in the middle of the doctor's office.
With two babies on the way, one from his daughter and the other that's his from his wife, George must dedicate himself to being at the ladies' sides while they are expecting. George must also deal with the fact that while he is becoming a grandparent, he is also becoming a father again.
Along with this wacky story, George sells the family home to a very generous buyer. When George finds out that the buyer had planned to demolish it, he stops it and forces himself to buy the house pack at above what the other buyer bought it for, to win back Nina's affection after a small fight. One other thing, Martin Short returns as Frank and builds Nina and George's baby a new room and it looks beautiful.
A remarkable performance by Steve Martin and a heartwarming family film with a lot of laughs. A fantastic sequel to the 1991 film.
Father of the Bride Part II, I give you a 70%.


I can definitely say that this film was needed to introduce once of the four avengers that would all come together for one movie, and that may be the only purpose for this film.
The last two climatic scenes were absolutely horrendous. They could have been a lot better.
The "love" that was forced upon between Thor and Jane was literally unbelievable, there was no way of believing that is was there.
Natalie Portman, take a vacation with your child or with your greatly deserved Oscar. You do too much for Hollywood and you deserve some time off.
To Kat Dennings ... wtf?!?
Chris Hemsworth was perfect for Thor. His voice, his face, and his bulging muscles and abs were perfect.
Thor, I give you a 50%.


When they saw that they only had seven seconds to escape the house before the bomb went off, they shouldn't have stayed right there, then that would have been the end of the movie.
Where am I to begin? This cliché teenage so called action movie that is targeted towards female Twilight fans is a complete bust.
Taylor Lautner stars in Abduction as Nathan, a typical American teen who lives in Pittsburgh with his parents. A teen that parties all night, plays video games, and can't seem to make a move on the girl he has a crush on named Karen, played by Lily Collins.
Nathan has always had this feeling that he isn't who he thinks he is, that he lives a lie, and that he isn't his parents' son. One night, Nathan comes across, what appears to be, a young picture of himself, from the past, on a missing children's website that shows how they'd look in the present. Nathan clicks the button and sure enough, it resembles Nathan. After he uncovers this information and he contacts the website's headquarters to let them know that Nathan is alive and well, strangers barge into the house, kill Nathan's "parents", and plant a bomb in the house to destroy it completely. After he escapes the house before the bomb goes off, Nathan is forced on the run, along with Karen as his companion, from a team of highly trained killers that are after an item of interest that Nathan's real father possesses, but for that to be uncovered they need Nathan first. Nathan is the key to retrieving the item so his real father will have no choice but to give it up.
From the help of Nathan's shrink, who also is associated with Nathan's real father and is played by Sigourney Weaver, and Agent Frank Burton, played by Alfred Molina, Nathan makes it his goal to try and evade from this team of assassins so he and Karen can stay safe. As his opponent close in on him, Nathan realizes that the only means to survive and solve this mystery of who his real parents are and why they gave him up is to take matters into his own hands.
Let me just say this. It would be very rare in the real world for a teen boy and a teen girl, who both secretly like each other, to have been living across the street from one another for several years, be in the same sociology class together, be seated near each other just at the right angle for them to take a gaze at each other from time to time, and actually be assigned partners for a research paper. Another thing, I knew as soon as Lily Collins first appeared on the screen that she would be a terrible actress. Even by her first small glance at Nathan showed me how terrible she is at make facial expressions or acting for that matter. What happened to her after The Blind Side? She was great as Collins Tuohy.
Only one aspect of the film was slightly watchable, and even this may not have been totally real. It was fun to watch was Lautner and work it with his fighting moves he used on his opponents. The way he can flip, kick, and grapple people down to the grown was entertaining. I am surprised that the audience didn't get a glance at his famous abs that we see so much from the Twilight movies. I'm sure the Twilight fans would've loved to see them. I know I would have.
After having paid money for this flop director John Singleton calls a movie, I should have exchanged the ticket for Moneyball instead. All Abduction is made to do is to make money and have girls continue to idolize Taylor Lautner so they can see him again in the next Twilight film so more money can be made. Abduction's use in the media has the resemblance that of Robert Pattinson's Remember Me and Kristen Stewart's Adventureland and The Runaways. Just another film not thought up very well to make a quick buck that comes easily because the actors come from a film franchise that is the most popular thing at that time. That is all Abduction is about; making money off of the young female fans of Twilight to prepare them to spend more money. Please save your hard earned money and go see Moneyball instead. I hear it was pretty good.

The Help
The Help(2011)

Let's first just say the fact that Viola Davis is one hell of an actress and that she should be given an award for her performance as Aibileen.
One other actress worth mentioning in Bryce Dallas Howard who played Hilly. I have to say that I did like her acting but not for this role. I loved Bryce when she was Gwen Stacy in Spiderman 3. Just a side note, isn't it funny that two actresses who played and will play a Gwen Stacy in a Spiderman film both are in one film together.
Taking place during the African America rights movement in Jackson, Mississippi, after slavery, Sketter (Emma Stone) gets a job at the Jackson Journal as a columnist and comes up with the idea to write a book about the Help, aka the African American servants of Jackson, and their perspectives on life living the way it is and what they have to say. Avoiding embarrassment and law suits, Skeeter gives the dozen plus servants aliases and puts the author's name as anonymous. The book is a success, but people start to suspect that it is truly about the servants in Jackson.
This inspiring story of courage, kindness, and equality is a wonderful and heartwarming film and is a lot better than what my synopsis seems.
Octavia Spencer was a complete hoot and very hilarious in this. It's a shame that up until now, she has never had a lead role. I want to see her more, but not so much in black 'tyler perry esq' comedies.
The Help, I give you a 70%.

V for Vendetta

I've been told to see this film for quite some time. I have decided to finally see it when my mom found out it's on the list of books for my new English class. I finally finished it around 10 minutes ago and it was very intriguing for its ideas.
It is a "1984" type of film based in England around the year 2020 or so and the corrupt and abusive totalitarian government that is parliament is in control. This is based on the graphic novel. It stars Natalie Portman as Evey, a suspicious colleague of a vigilante named V voiced by Hugo Weaving. "V embodies the principles of rebellion from an authoritarian state, donning a mask of vilified would-be terrorist of British history Guy Fawkes and leading a revolution sparked by assassination and destruction. Evey becomes his unlikely ally, newly aware of the cruelty of her own society and her role in it." (
A great film with amazing special effects and great actors and character development.
V for Vendetta, I give you a 60%.

Winnie the Pooh

Walking into a small army base theater as a 19 year old bearded and mustached older man look-a-like with me, myself, and I, it was pretty awkward for people to look at me with strange looks. I felt like people were going to ask me if I was a pedophile or something. I wish I tagged along with anther fellow movie lover or just any friend of mine. Once I walked into the dark theater after paying in the lobby, all was well.
It's great to see a magnificent family oriented film that everyone will love. This film did not seem like it was just for the kids but for the adults and parents as well. With the many adult themed references, (unlike the crude ones from the Shrek franchise) and with the cute, adorable, and clever comedy between the residents of the hundred acre wood, I was able to get many laughs out of this.
The songs that were a part of this film were a great addition, especially because they are sung by the very talented Zooey Deschanel. Her voice is a joy.
The one aspect of this film I was not so fond of was the choices of actors' voices to play the many animals. I definitely approve of Jim Cummings and Travis Oates who both provided the voices of Pooh and Tigger (Cummings) and Piglet (Oates). Cummings was especially fantastic for his work with Pooh and Tigger, they sounded just as I remembered from my childhood years.
I greatly enjoyed this film and will definitely rent it on DVD for my family to experience.
Winnie the Pooh, I give you an 80%.

Be Mine
Be Mine(2009)

I'm not sure if this is based on a high school or college made film. It seems so.
Not all actors were terrible. The only ones who were descent were the actors who played Mason and Robin. Those two actors were the best out of each actor in this film.
This story is incredibly sweet and adorable. It is sweet to watch a film about a college student who never kissed a boy and has his dream of fulfilling it. The character of Riley was so cute, charming, and spontaneously romantic at the end. I wish my (future) boyfriend was a bit like him.
This film has that "cheap student film with paid strangers as actors" feel, but it still kept my attention.
Be Mine, I give you a 40%.


This film would give Howie Mandel nightmares.
Contagion stars Kate Winslet (Titanic), Matt Damon (The Bourne Ultimatum), Gwyneth Paltrow (Iron Man 2), Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes), Laurence Fishburne (C.S.I.), and Marion Cotillard (Nine).
This mysterious and engaging thriller is centered around multiple areas of the world; areas that are infected with a severe disease that doctors and disease experts later find out to be the product of African bats and pigs. This deadly disease is incredibly contagious, mostly by the physical touch from human to human. The symptoms of this lethal disease include dizziness, dry and enclosed throat, seizures, and foaming of the mouth.
After many reports of deaths around the world, starting from Hong Kong, different organizations begin their investigations, including the federal government, the World Health Organization (WHO), and an international team of doctors contracted by the Center of Disease Control and prevention (CDC).
Throughout this film, viewers follow the rapid progress of a fatal virus that kills within days. As this enthralling epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic between the public that spreads even faster than the virus itself. Dr. Leonora Orantes (Cotillard), Dr. Ellis Cheever (Fishburne), Dr. Erin Mears (Winslet), and others, risk their lives to find a cure so they can deal with this horrific outbreak.
When you leave the theater after seeing this film, it is possible that you may not leave with a scared or worried feeling of keeping yourself from touching anything. Also, you may not have the urge to douse yourself with hand sanitizer or slip on an entire hazmat suit from head to toe. Even though these feelings may not come to you, as in feelings of being overly cautious for your health, after seeing Contagion, you will definitely think more about how and what objects and people you touch everyday and how lucky you are, if you are not already, to be alive and well. Watching this film will show you how easy it is to contract anything with just a simple touch. For those of you that get scared easily into changing a part of your lifestyle from what you see or hear, this film would definitely do the job. But for those of you who are not that skeptical about this subject, remember, it's always nice to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your car or carrying bag just to be safe and to use it when necessary.
I can't say that you will want to wear gloves and a face mask after you see this film, but I will guarantee that you will not want to touch the handle of the theater door when you leave. But don't worry; your immediate skepticism with surely die down after a day or two.
After watching the film United 93, it would have been better to not be distracted from Contagion's story by its renowned actors such as the main six plus Bryan Cranston. The impact of this film would've been even greater without the distraction from actors that people have seen in some of the world's famed films. As for Kate Winslet, I'm sure almost everyone would choose her normal British accent any day rather than her lackluster American accent. As for Laurence Fishburne, there could not have been a more brilliant actor to play his role as Dr. Ellis Cheever. Fishburne is incredibly smart and it's a joy that he will have more time for films ever since Ted Danson was reported as his replacement on C.S.I. Other than the two previous stated actors, the rest of the main six actors were simply average.
Contagion tells its viewers the story of how a disease makes its way from Hong Kong in Asia to multiple parts of the U.S. Even though this film, about a wide spreading virus, shouldn't be called a feel good film, it does keep you from feeling anything or anyone for a while, physically that is. Throughout this film, your eyes will be glued to the screen, but your mind will be anxiously stressed and horrified for the characters lives and well being.
Contagion, I give you a 70%.

I Love You Phillip Morris

One thing is for sure, Jim Carrey is still funny and talented actor. The things he does for laughs and praise is amazing and he is a crazy, hilarious man.
Based on a true story, Jim Carrey stars as Steven Russell, a gay con-man who, based on the film, doesn't know when enough is enough and when to stop. From after the time he came out to his wife, Steven was living an expensively lived homosexual lifestyle with his boyfriend Jimmy. He wanted to keep his lifestyle afloat, so he felt he had to do anything he could have done to make a quick buck. He went from purposely spilling olive oil in a grocery store for a law suit to secretly stealing money from the companies he worked for. After getting caught the first time and being sent to jail, Steven met Phillip Morris, played by Ewan McGregor. Steven and Philip start spending so much time together and they end up falling madly in love. All through the rest of the film, Steven dedicates his life to being and staying with Philip, regardless of the consequences. But believe this reviewer, the consequences are pretty hilarious. Also, be careful, before the ending, there is a sad upsetting scene that your tear filled eyes won't be able to bear. But in the end, all is alive and well, hilariously.
Ewan McGregor is so adorable and sweet in this film. I loved him in this role.
This hasn't happened in a while but I feel like this film should be a 100% in my list. I really believe it deserves it. This film was insanely hilarious and heart-warming. I'm a little upset that I watched it on the computer while my parents were watching television that I could hear in the other room. I wish I watched it in theaters. I probably would've had more of the emotional feeling of the film to actually weep at the appropriate moments. I'm glad I finally saw this film; I've been told so many times to watch it and you should have seen my face light up when I found it on the list of instant play movies on Netflix. I love you I Love You Phillip Morris.
I Love You Phillip Morris, I proudly give you a 100%.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

As soon as I started watching this film, I was hoping for a special appearance by Charlie Sheen as a cameo playing his previous role as Bud Fox from this film's prequel back in the 80s. That part was probably the most anticipated and funniest moments in this film, not that this is a comedy. I remember hearing the voice at the dinner party and then taking a look at the man's face, Charlie Sheen. Him and his two gals also taking on the role of himself with his fame as a drug and sex addict. Of course he had to keep his famous "outgrown version of Simon Cowell's hair" hair. You should have seen me watching this; I was up in my seat listening to the Bud and Gordon talk remembering the first film. That's how we are, we remember something from a film's prequel and get excited if we see anything that is in reference to it in the sequel because it's a totally new story and we don't expect it.
But other than that, I'm not all that into to business and stock when it's in movies. Shia was great in this, but I saw some Sam from Transformers in him. Carey was pretty good. The overall story was great; how after jail you expected Gordon to be a better man but he still went his sneaky, slimy ways just so he can get back to the top. The ending was heartwarming.
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, I give you a 50%.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

A very interesting and thought provoking film. Jake G. stars as Colonel Stevens, a dead Iraq war helicopter pilot. But, with enough brain activity to be used as a worthy subject for a new project called source code where the users can go back in time not to prevent past attacks, but to find out the right information for it not to happen again in the future. It's somewhat complicated.
Jake G. and Vera Farmiga are outstanding in this movie.
This film definitely has a refreshingly original story. A very smart and intriguing film.
Source Code, I give you a 70%.


A very interesting story about how an unknown and untested drug lets its users access all of their brain activity instead of just the 20% that we usually use.
Bradley Cooper stars as Eddie Morra, a down on his luck writer who is living a not so accomplished lifestyle. When he reconnects with his former brother-in-law, Eddie informs him on his problem and he is given a clear tablet that is supposed to let you access all of you brains usage. Eddie is hesitant at first but after asking what he has to lose, he takes it and suddenly, he feels invincible and he takes everything around that he wouldn't normally recognize into account. He all of the sudden knows what he wants and must do. He knows what his next moves are and he has all the motivation he needs to do it.
The drug Eddie took is called NZT and when his brother-in-law is murdered, Eddie tries to get some information on the drug by calling his brother-in-law's associates. All of them are either dead or in the hospital waiting to die.
Eddie gets himself in a line of work with the stock market and makes two million dollars in ten days which grabs the attention of one of New York's top investors, Carl Van Loon, played by Robert De Niro.
A whole mess of business type shenanigans happen between Carl and Eddie and Eddie starts getting followed by a mysterious man.
The only reason why I wanted to see this film was because I was jealous of what the drug can do for you and also because it stars Bradley Cooper.
Cooper was really good in this and I am happy he was chosen for this role.
I absolutely hated the ending. As others had said, it fell flat towards the ending.
But overall and fun and interesting film to enjoy.
Limitless, I give you a 60%.


Yes it is a basic story of a small town girl dreaming to become a star, but you have to remember that it's Cher and Christina; and Stanley Tucci.
Burlesque, I give you a 60%.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

Even though this film may seem to be part of the humungous fad of vampires, what with Twilight and True Blood, this film is more. It is more than good looking vampires and unconditional love between human and vampire; it is a look at how vampires may actually be if they were real. How they would be horrifying, blood-sucking monsters that solely live off human blood and want to turn humans into vampires.
What was hilarious was the reference of the Twilight franchise itself; when Charlie accused Ed of reading too much Twilight.
Who knew Collin Ferrell (vampire Jerry) could act a great vampire. Anton Yelchin (Charlie) is a great leading actor, Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Ed) is funny as always, and David Tennant (Peter Vincent) was hilarious.
The makeup and 3D special effects were incredible and well done.
This film had a great cast, great story line, and great makeup and effects. I think I should check out the original Fright Night.
Fright Night, I give you an 80%.


As a reviewer who grew up in the late 90s and 00s, I was not impressed with this film.
Yes I know how much people love this film and how much of a classic it is being a horror film with what the 80s could give technology and special effects wise, but in my case, not so special. The special effects were alright, for the time this was made. Was it supposed to be just slime when they came out of the hole, because I saw fur too, where did that come from? And I could have sworn the "roar" that was used for the white skeleton figure near the end sounded like the "roar" from Leo the Lion from the Metro Goldwyn Mayer intro. It was exactly like that because it was that. The sound producers couldn't have come up with something more original; or did they think they had to please the company? Sheesh!
Let's talk about the acting. I know that Heather O'Rourke was young but they should've just filmed her while she was asleep after she and Diane were dumped into the bath, because O'Rourke can't act asleep for shit. And JoBeth Williams, please get a better scream, and one that's actually believable. Just think of the time when you found out that you nor any of the actors weren't even nominated for an Oscar.
The score was incredible and outstanding. The ending was hilarious too.
I can still say that this film is a classic, just because everyone knows it, the lines are memorable, and the television parodies of this are numerous.
Poltergeist, I give you a 20%.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo(2011)

Just another Disney teen oriented movie. As a bearded reviewer, it was pretty awkward for me to walk into the theater.
Selena Gomez stars as Grace, a Texas born high school graduate who can't wait for her summer trip to Paris. After Grace, her best friend Emma, and step sister Meg arrive, Grace is flagged down by paparazzi who all believe that she is an English heirs who mysteriously looks exactly like Grace. Of course the three girls all go about their trip by pretending that Grace is the famous heirs and they travel to Monte Carlo where the heirs is supposed to go for a benefit auction. Of course Grace falls in love with a man of royalty and of course when Grace reveals the secret, he is upset and they part. And of course, they end up finding each other in the end and the film makers make it seem all mature and like a real romantic comedy by having the screen go to black right after the two of them shake hands and Grace introducing herself as Grace and not the heirs. Not trying to hate, just saying.
What is ridiculous is that after the real heirs is revealed, no witnessed ask how they are not twins and yet they look exactly alike. C'mon Bezucha, at least change her hair color like they did in the Lizzie McGuire movie.
The only thing great about this movie was the fact that the amazing Cory Monteith was in it. He was hilarious with his five o'clock shadow and Texas accent. He's so cute.
Monte Carlo, I give you a 30%.


Insidious takes place in a suburban neighborhood with a family of a wife, Renai, husband, Josh, 10 year old son Dalton, and a younger son and one baby daughter. Having just moved in to the neighborhood, Dalton goes exploring in the house's attic and but falls off a ladder trying to turn on the light and something, some dark being crawls from the shadows revealing that these opposite dimension beings know about Dalton and his gift. Dalton has the ability to leave his physical body as a spiritual being. And roam the world. He is unafraid because he always believes he is dreaming it when it happens. One night when he goes particular far all the way into a place called The Further, he gets stuck there by a red faced demon that has a plot to try to steal Dalton's body so he can live physically and cause havoc among the humans. Before all of this is revealed to Josh and Renai, she and Josh's mother hire a team of specialists to uncover what is wrong with Dalton after he doesn't awake after that night. Josh's mother hired a woman who is an expert in this sort of paranormal stuff, and Josh's mother knows her so well because she asked for her help in the past, with Josh. Yes, Josh had the same gift that Dalton has; only he passed it on to Dalton genetically. The expert woman puts Josh into a state where his spirit leaves his body so he can find his son to bring him home.
You have to see this movie. There is way more to the story than what I told you. OMG, and the ending is incredible. It definitely has that Paranormal Activity feel only with more to the story. Seriously, it is frickin scream filled horrifying.
Insidious is the type paranormal film that gets you at the edge of your seat biting your nails like I did. Yes it can be compared to the Paranormal Activity franchise with its sense of horror and its close plot line but it's all worth it. This film really is a refreshing and original horror film.
Insidious, I give you an 80%.

The Adjustment Bureau

This was a really intriguing film. I wasn't as proud of the writers when I saw that this film was based off a short story. But if they came up with this plot on their own, I would have been impressed.
I usually love Emily Blunt but I didn't love her in this film at all. She didn't have that stunning Emily Blunt-ness that she usually shows in her roles. Matt Damon was good. But this role is his type of role: the action star who runs from people. Just like Bourne.
I really hate it how all through the movie the bureau kept trying to keep Elise and David separate but at the end, they just end up giving up. And they make it seem like it's fine by saying that they were inspired by the way David or Elise never gave up on being with the other person.
What the plot is is a bunch of men with magic fedoras are part of the adjustment bureau that control the planed out lives of humans. They control the people's fat so it matches with the chairman's (God) plan. The fate of David is to be senator, then governor, then president. For Elise is to a nationally acclaimed dancer/choreographer. Something that gets in the way of the bureau is how chance plays out in people's lives and how they can't control it. But in the end, it's what the chairman plans out is what should be. But in this case, the chairman changes his mind and lets David and Elise be together.
From what other reviewers have said, I thought this was a somewhat Inception-esq type of film. But the ending was incredibly lazy and horrible.
The Adjustment Bureau, I give you a 60%

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

From the trailers, I just thought that it would the concert but in movie version. I had no idea that the inspiring stories of three glee fans would be in the film as well. The stories were a fantastic addition to the overall message that I didn't see coming. I had no idea there was going to be a hidden message behind this film. But I guess I should have known from the television show.
I have to say, the performances were incredible. The little Asian child turned YouTube star singing to the warblers was adorable.
The message behind this was obvious and was copied (with good intentions) from the one the only Lady Gaga, that we are all born the way we are, that we are all freaks together and that we should not let anyone bring us down
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, I give you a 100%.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

A great love story with brilliant actors.

The Nanny Diaries

A great film about how most people have to work a shitty job before they can get closer to their dream job. How when in an aggravating job, it can only get better. Once you're at your lowest point, the only place to go is up. I actually don't believe that what this movie is entirely about. It's also about children and how they are precious beings that grow up to be what they're parents, guardians, or nannies give an example of. Also about how the child's true parents or legal guardians should spend time with the child because children are one of God's great gifts to worthy parents. Yea I know that last part was a bit much.
Also, Laura Linney is an incredible and talented actress.
The Nanny Diaries, I give you a 50%.

Just Go with It

Pretty simple and straight to the point: Adam Sandler is getting old for this shit and his so called comedic style is dull and boring. How dare Nicole Kidman play this embarrassing, nothing role; she is a respected, top grossing actress. One more thing, ever since 50 first dates, Sandler's sense of romance in his acting has been dieing and has been over shadowed by his crude, immature, and, slowly becoming, kid style comedy.
Just Go With It, I give you a 20%.

Friends With Benefits

I wish I saw No Strings Attached before this, just so I can make a good comparison between the two romantic comedies about two good friends who also happen to have sexual intercourse but both end up falling for one another.
In my comparison I'm sure I would've said that FWB was better than NSA because of the actors of choosing and of the better writing style. I'm just assuming FWB is like that.
Who could ever hate on Justin Timberlake? His amazing acting chops and cute comedic style is to die for. No wonder SNL keeps having him on the show, as host or just a cameo.
Mila Kunis is also a good actor who has her history with comedies. But after Black Swan, she definitely proved that she can do great in serious dramas. That is why she was perfect during the serious scenes, for instance during the montage of the two main character not speaking to each other because of one person's mistake. Mila Kunis can do it all. As for JT, I can never take him seriously as a dramatic actor; have you see his face (or his pecks or abs)? When he acts dramatic, I just can't take it seriously.
(SPOILER) At the end of the movie when they end up together (duh! lol), I definitely could not feel the romance of them two being in love. When Dylan (which is such a terrible name for a JT character) said "in love with you", I did not feel it. And it was added on when at the restaurant he said "oh fuck it!" and they started making out hardcore. That only part was bad for me. The rest was hilarious and romantic.
This film was definitely cute, funny, and romantic. The actors were perfect for these roles, not like one other movie with an actress who starred in so many other films that same year. This film is what defines a romantic comedy.
Friends with Benefits, I give you a 90%.

The Birdcage
The Birdcage(1996)

One of Lane and Williams' best films and roles ever. The Birdcage is a hilarious LGBT comedy with hysterical humor.
Williams and Lane star as Armand and Albert Goldman, two male partners who live above The Birdcage, a drag night club in which they also own, in South Beach, FL. Their son, Val, comes to visit with some stunning news; he is getting married, but, to the daughter of a right winged conservative senator who usually doesn't take kindly to the folks of South Beach. (At least that's what I thought from what the role showed first hand, but when he found out, he didn't react as intolerantly as I thought). The senator's family takes a visit to the Goldman's in hopes to get to know their soon to be in-laws.
Nathan Lane, for one thing, is absolutely hysterical and hilarious as Albert. I enjoyed Lane as emotional, hysterical, and extremely flamboyant Albert. It was better than watching Eric Stonestreet as Cam in Modern Family. I Lane's role as Albert was also better than when I saw him as Max Bealystock. Lane's sense of humor and natural comedy is to die for.
Robin Williams, ugh. I wish you stayed with this type of acting throughout your whole life. Now you're in movies like World's Greatest Dad and Old Dogs? Come on Rob. I loved Williams as Armand. He was very comforting and a warm hearted partner to Albert, except when he tried to make him leave for the day when the senator was coming over.
Hank Azaria was also hilarious as Agador.
I wish I could have seen the senator and his wife's response to Albert and Armand's help to get them past the paparazzi. I wish I saw them show some form of acceptance towards the two of them. I guess Nichols made it seem obvious that it was a given.
A colorful and hilarious film with a great moral of acceptance. One of the best films I've seen in a while.
The Birdcage, I give you a 90%.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

Pat Swayze, Wes Snipes, and John Luguizamo are hilarious in this film about three NYC oriented drag queens on their way to Hollywood to compete in the nationwide "drag race" for the title of Drag Queen of the year. But their Cadillac breaks down in the town of Snydersville, PA where they get stranded in a rundown neighborhood. In order for them to keep heading towards Hollywood, they need a specific part for their Cadillac that will take a couple of days for it to arrive. They use those couple of days to turn that town from drab to fab.
This film is a great representation of LGBT community. What really makes the movie is when legend Stockard "Rizzo" Channing says to Vida, "I don't think of you as a man or a woman. I think of you as an angel."
All three lead male actors create to parts of the three drag queens perfectly. The voices, the movements, and the mannerisms are perfect.
Although there is one big hole in the story. The first reaction of the town's realization that all three women were really men dressed as women. The only reaction that was give was from Channing's character with the line stated previously.
I loved this movie a lot and its incredible drag and general humor.
To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar, I give you a 80%.


A great story for not just the kids but for anyone. It really is a heartwarming love/adventure story of the famous fairy tale figure Rupunzel. A great adaptation of the famous fairy tale. The music was incredible also; the songs additionally.
When Rupunzel opened Eugene's shirt to show that little spot of blood and when the lady fell from the tower, I was thinking to myself, wow Disney, way to be more thrilling. But that point of the story was dark at the time.
My sister kept demanding me that I see this movie and I'm so glad I did.
Tangled, I give you an 80%.

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

A great movie to show off the beauty of our world's foreign countries and America's famous actors, but a below average story and predictable conclusion.


"Somethings may separate us, but in the end, we're all in this together."
Such a negative feeling movie with stories of crime, violence, and pain but such a moving and incredible story.

Youth in Revolt

A very good teen rebellion/teen angst type film.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

An epic conclusion to an epic adventure. Well done David Yates. Well done J.K. Rowling. Well done Daniel, Emma, and Rupert. Well done Harry, Hermione, and Ron. You are all incredibly talented.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, I give you a 100%.


A very interesting film and a great example of a "no reason" film but still watchable.


A true masterpiece and a wonderful example of Cameron's genius. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have outstanding chemistry and are magnificent. An outstanding film and one of the best love stories ever created.
Titanic, I give you a 100%.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

I cannot believe how insanely hilarious this film was. Seriously, the comedy used in this was absolutely insane. But if you're not into the type of comedy like physical pain, young boys drooling over older sexy women, or people just being plain crazy or weirdly funny, than this wouldn't be the movie for you.
Has Cameron Diaz ever been like this in a movie before? Has she ever been in a comedy like this? You cannot count Shrek, what happens in Vegas, or Charlie's angels. Those films weren't anything compared to what Diaz has prepared for her audience this time. She creates this role for us named Elizabeth who works as middle school teacher, which she can't stand, so she leaves after one year. But then her rich boyfriend dumps her for not being loyal, faithful, or even present in the non-working relationship she doesn't contribute too. So she continues to be teacher and tries to find a man who can handle her. She realizes that if she wants a man, she needs bigger breasts so she tries to have the surgery which will cost her close to $10,000. Along the way of the year going by, she creates these charades of trying to get that much money, for instance she takes all the money from the school car wash that got $7,000. After she knows that the top scoring class's teacher gets a bonus $5,700 for having the top scores in the state test, she tries to get the test answers to help her students cheat. (They don't even shoe or tell how they cheated or got the top scores, they just did) All along the year, she goes on for having a reputation of being a bad teacher, hence the title.
I can't believe that Elizabeth ended up with Russell. I guess that makes sense. They spent a lot of time together, he didn't give up on being with her, and he did have a kind and nice sense of self.
The people involved with this film only have a history of three other popular movies: Orange County, Walk Hard, and Year One. Those didn't do so well, did they? But Bad Teacher should have. It was great.
Bad Teacher, I give you an 80%.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

From my perspective, this film was better than what the trailer had portrayed. I really got into the story as much as Bay's signature special effects.
Shia is a great and hilarious actor and I really enjoyed how well he played his character that he has been playing for the past few years.
Surprisingly, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did a good job playing Carly, Sam's new girlfriend. This is her debut performance and I really enjoyed her acting in her role.
I'm mad that they didn't go more in depth with how Sam got broken up with Megan Fox's Mikaela from the previous two films. All that was mentioned was that Mikaela broke up with Sam. I feel that Carly is a good replacement.
The special effects were once again incredibly amazing, thank you Michael Bay for catching my eyes.
When it comes to military films, I don't get into them that often (except for Avatar and XMen First Class). I sort of was able to enjoy the story along with the effect, sometimes it got a little boring and I was thinking to myself that I wanted to see more special effects.
I'm not sure if Steven Spielberg was involved with the previous films but I know that he was involved with this one and I'm glad he was.
I like that they brought in history into the movie dating back to JFK and the moon landing. I loved the part where Sam receives his medal from the president, Sam's face was funny.
I can't say that I was blown away by this film but I can say that I enjoyed this film.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I give you a 60%.

But I'm a Cheerleader

Hilarious without a doubt and heart-warmingly inspiring too say the least.
A truly great story and plot for the film but not the best movie for the representation of the LGBT community.
Some of the acting was terrible.
It was overall enjoyable.
But I'm a Cheerleader, I give you a 50%.

Kramer vs. Kramer

One of Dustin Hoffman's greatest films. A good film about how a father and son and how they begin to bond well after the mother leaves. A mind teaser of the comparison of a single mother and a single father. Classic family film.
Kramer Vs. Kramer, I give you a 70%.

The Art of Getting By

Part of this movie tells me that it's just one of those teenage "I don't care about life" films where the protagonist, George, doesn't care about his life enough to do what he needs to do to "get by". But later the protagonist meets a special person that makes life worth getting by and caring more about it.
But something else actually came out of this movie for me. I now know how gorgeous Freddie Highmore is with that sexy haircut. I also know that if you want something so bad you would fight for it, you have to make your move as soon as the time permits you to do so. For instance, how Dustin influenced George to "make his move" on Sally if he really likes her. But for George's perspective, the right time is all that matters and also how you "make the move" and how it's presented at that time. Another thing I got out of this film is that life, your life, is worth living up to your fullest and giving some care, as long as you have someone to care about in that life.
Fun fact, this is Emma Roberts' second film where she falls in love with an artist. The other was It's Kind of a Funny Story.
Freddie Highmore did not do as well as I hoped with his American accent. I could still hear his original English accent under his voice.
I'm sort of getting tired of Emma Roberts playing these loose roles all the time, with the blond-ish hair especially. The hair color adds to her role. I much rather her have her old brown hair back.
This film scores only average as a teenage drama but achieves well as a coming of age story.
The Art of Getting By, I give you a 50%.

Green Lantern

More of a children's movie than an adult type superhero film. The only reason for it being PG-13 is the scenes of science fictional violence. The visuals of the villains were alright yet less than perfect.
From the 1940s radio show to a feature film. I can safely say that Blake Lively's terrible acting was overlooked by her beauty. I can't even say that Ryan Reynolds did a great job. I don't know how but after some time, I was getting tired of seeing him. Yes he is the main character and I think he's gorgeous but his character was poorly put together. Reynolds was incredibly better as Deadpool in XMen. His character as Hal Jordan needed more of that Ryan Reynolds witty and cute humor that his fans have been loyally fond of from Just Friends, Definitely, Maybe, and The Proposal.
The film itself did not live up to what the trailer foretold or from what theater goers anticipated. I was and still am disappointed.
Green Lantern, I give you a 40%.

Sweet November

I didn't know what I was supposed to think of after viewing this film. I definitely cried at the part when Sara left Nelson with the blind fold at the end. But yes, this is the type of romantic drama where one lover is sick and doesn't want to commit to a relationship because of the sickness but she still loves him. It was fun to watch Theron act in a different style than what I'm used to and it was awesome to see Reeves as the mysterious male lover. I couldn't really feel Nelson's love for Sara when he asked her to marry her. It couldn't have been that easy for him to fall for her "on his knee" after just one month. This movie was somewhat enjoyable. (Sorry to be using the word somewhat a lot)
Sweet November, I give you a 40%.

School of Life

A very cheesy and unimpressive film that should be saved for the Hallmark Channel. Paymer is extremely annoying. Only good thing about this movie is that that it stars Ryan Reynolds, one of the world's greatest actors.
School of Life, I give you a 30%.

Pay It Forward

A very nice attempt of an inspiring movie. Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt do not have any chemistry what-so-ever. (SPOILER) Trevor's death didn't serve any purpose other than having his "Pay It Forward" movement more recognized and to have that "touchy feely" ending. A somewhat entertaining story, I must add.
Pay It Forward, I give you a 50%.

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory(2008)

A very interesting idea for a plot with a so-so story to back it up. Ryan Reynolds does an amazing acting job but the needed yet unwanted appearance is not appealing to me and his many other fans, I'm sure. This is one of the films I passed by during my searched on NetFlix but never checked out; waste of a movie night but good overall idea.
Chaos Theory, I give you a 40%.

Kung Fu Panda 2

I did not expect this movie to be completely golden in its worth at all. As most people know sequels are not that likely to live up to their prequels. But this sequel defied that opinion. Kung Fu Panda 2 is incredible.
We follow Po where we left off in the first film, becoming known as the dragon warrior to the valley and being proud of being so. Po and the furious five are given there next big opponent, a peacock named Shen who is the son of the founders of fireworks and has come up with a diabolical plot to use the fireworks' chemistry for his own evil manner. Po and the five need to stop Shen before he blasts his fireworks all over China and becomes ruler. But Po wants to find out something first, who he is. To find that out, Po wants to ask Shen because the symbol of his army was the same symbol of the army that created genocide over a group of pandas that Po was in as baby because it was foretold that a panda would defeat Shen. What is also true is that Shen lead the panda genocide. Also, Po's mother stowed him away in a radish basket being shipped. Po was later found by Mr. Ping, the noodle shop owner who took Po in as his own. Po must save China from injustice with his Kung Fu, strength, skill, and pure awesomeness. But Po must also find out who he is. To find out, you must watch the movie. Don't let anyone else tell you. Find out for yourself; don't go on with your life without see this movie.
Kung Fu Panda has everything; action, adventure, a little bit of love between Po and the furious five, sadness, drama, and definitely the comedy styles of Jack Black. You can't miss this film. It's, it's, it's . . . awesome.
Kung Fu Panda 2, I give you a 90%.

X-Men: First Class

A truly epic film about the origination of the legendary group and movie trilogy that is the X-Men.
James McAvoy is a tremendous actor and did a fantastic job playing Professor Charles Xavier.
Although there is one humongous flaw that I found that is between this film and the movie about the origination of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. (SPOILER)In this film, First Class, Xavier was shot at the bone area between the back and the buttocks (yes I said buttocks) which caused loss of the feeling of his legs. This happened during this time while Xavier was still young. But, in the wolverine origins film, near the ending, Xavier had met up with Cyclops, the diamond skinned girl, and the rest of the escapees. When Xavier welcomed the mutants onto his helicopter to be enrolled into his academy, Xavier was walking. This was used just to symbolize how far back time had taken place, also to use makeup to make Patrick Stewart look younger. This is a huge hole. I just felt like mentioning this.
Kevin Bacon was a great addition to this film; he's already a great actor.
(SPOILER)The Hugh Jackman/Wolverine cameo was hilarious by the way.
This film's obvious feel for origination does wonderfully with its plot and story of trying to defeat Bacon's character who plans on becoming the dominant ruler of the free world by starting a nuclear war between the USA and Russia.
It's funny; to me, Beast had a strange resemblance towards Mike Meyers The Cat in the Hat.
This film's story, special effects, acting, and sheer epic-ness couldn't have been any better.
X-Men: First Class, I give you a 90%.

Funny Girl
Funny Girl(1968)

Funny, did you hear that? Funny.
Barbra Streisand makes an incredible debut performance as for her first film playing Fanny Brice, a young girl from Brooklyn who has dreamed of breaking into show business.
Streisand takes on this role for this biopic of the famous Fanny Brice when she became famous in the 1920s. Brice met a man, fell in love, and eventually married him. His name was Nick Arnstein and he was known to be a big-time gambler.
Nick gets referred to as Mr. Brice which doesn't get to him until he starts fiddling with other people's money that lands him in hot water.
Watching this movie, I reminisce about the three songs used from this film for three episodes on the Fox hit show Glee. Don't Rain on my Parade, Funny Girl, and My Man; all used in the show created by Ryan Murphy.
In all honesty I wanted to see this film because of the influence of the show, because of my grandmother's love of Streisand, and because it was one of those films I just had to see before I die.
I may even see Funny Lady which seems not as well done as its prequel, but sequels are rarely better than their prequels.
Streisand is truly enchanting and I loved her performance.
Funny Girl, I give you a 70%.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

What the hell is up with Darren Aronofsky? His mind must be a very dark and creepy world.
Natalie Portman is enchanting as Nina, a young ballerina who has always dreamed of being the swan queen in the swan lake but becomes mentally unstable when she suspects that a new ballerina is trying to steal the role.
I can't believe how fabulous of an actress Portman is. She is one of the best actresses of the 21st century.
Mila Kunis also did a great performance as Lily, the other ballerina. She did an amazing job for someone who has been in relationships with comedies.
This story of a mentally insane and paranoid ballerina was mind blowing and it truly had me biting my lips and covering my eyes the entire time.
Black Swan is strange and edgy yet incredible, attention grabbing, and will put you at the edge of your seat like it did for me.
Black Swan, I give you an 80%.

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

Just one little nothing idea shot in a discussion that turned into something bigger than it thinks it is. Showing how brides-to-be can become so crazy to have their wedding their own way. People are more civilized than that. I actually cried when the two brides saw each other as they were both about to walk the aisle. That moment got to me. See it if you're a bride-to-be and you like these types of romantic comedies.
Bride Wars, I give you a 30%.

Good Will Hunting

An incredible story about a young man with an amazing talent but does not want to accept it as a doorway to higher power with fame and fortune.
This film was actually somewhat difficult to comprehend. It was so intelligent and mature in its nature that it was ahead of my mind somehow.
The character that Matt Damon played, Will Hunting - the mathematics genius, was a very overbearing being to me and he showed that it is hard to choose what you want when you don't know what you want. He had this amazing gift, but it meant nothing to him because all he wanted was what he left to leave him for California, his girlfriend played by Minnie Driver.
Robin Williams plays a community college professor who becomes Will's therapist who finally is able to connect with Will after five other therapists. Robin Williams is a great actor. He was a great comedic actor but will forever be a great dramatic actor. There is no surprise that Williams won the Oscar for best supporting actor, the other guys didn't stand a chance.
And of course this film won for best original screenplay. Its only competition in the list was As Good As It Gets and that didn't even stand a chance.
This film was really good and the acting was fabulous, except for maybe Ben Affleck, but that's no surprise.
The story, the acting, and the character development are most likely the best parts of this film.
Good Will Hunting, I give you an 80%.

Jerry Maguire

This film was not amazing but also not boring.
First, I have to say how completely adorable and cute Jonathan Lipniki was as Dorothy's son. His big glasses, small face, and his wide optimism had me hooked from the start.
Cuba Gooding Jr. was phenomenal. It is no wonder that he won the Oscar for best supporting actor in 1997.
I also loved Regina King in this.
For Jerry Maguire in general, I seemed to have liked the story more than I liked the character.
The story was amazing. All about Jerry Maguire and how his life had been going for him, how he wished it would go, and how he felt about his life in general.
Renee Zellweger wasn't that special to me in this. But Bonnie Hunt, for the time that was given to her on screen, I loved her. She is funny.
A great and powerful story that is completely solid with its depth, characters, acting, and interesting plot.
Jerry Maguire, I give you a 70%.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

This film was alright and better than what the critics had said. It was good for one that did not having Knightly or Bloom in the cast. But it was still hilarious as the previous films in the series were because of Johnny Depp.
I did not like Ian McShane as Black Beard but I adored Penelope Cruz as his daughter. Geoffry Rush was just good.
Hanz Zimmer only released four new songs for the film and who could blame them. The classic music used for all four films shall remain.
For this movie, you can't complain for what there was. The story was really good and the acting was great.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I give you a 40%.

Father of the Bride

For Entertainment Magazines top wedding film, it was not what it lived up to for me. It is certainty a wonderful wedding movie but not the best; at the top of the list but not number one.
Steve Martin and Diane Keaton have somewhat enjoyable chemistry that is fun to watch.
I have to say that the trailer did not live up to the actual film.
The film, which was supposed to be a romantic comedy, seemed more like a sad drama to me. The music didn't help at all. Yes George was sad to have his daughter be swept away from his loving hold as she was only 22 years old, but with Steve Martin, it shouldn't have been meant to be a sad drama.
Martin Short was hysterical as the wedding planner.
This was Nancy Meyers' third movie and I was a tiny bit disappointed. I guess I'm not used to her old works rather in love with her new ones like The Holiday, It's Complicated, and Something's Gotta Give. I guess I love her movies that have a bit more romance and a lot more comedy in them.
This was an enjoyable movie, I was somewhat bored at some parts but overall, a classic wedding flick.
Father of the Bride, I give you a 50%.

Thank You for Smoking

An alright movie. A great satire. Pretty interesting story. Has an Up In The Air feel to it how Nick is a good talker like Clooney's character is the same. Thank You For Smoking, I give you a 60%.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Both Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis are extremely hilarious as their roles. I loved Downey's interesting hilarity and Zach's cute humor was to die for.
This movie was supposed to be entirely a comedy. If you cast Zach in something, you can't have any bit of seriousness like when Ethan dumped his father's ashes at the Grand Canyon.
Both Downey and Zach do a great job together but not the best. If they were cast in another film, that would be alright, only if it would be better than this flick.
I really liked this movie, it was hilarious. At least Phillips didn't redo Steve Martin and John Candy's Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. He put a spin on it, pairing up two amazing actors.
As one other reviewer stated, I hope Zach doesn't get stuck in this type of acting where he's the loveable, cute doofus.
Great film for the whole family, as long as the children are in their teens.
Due Date, I give you a 70%.

According To Greta

Hilary Duff, my favorite actress, does really well in this small screen flick about a misunderstood girl finding the way to her life.
Although, future academy award winner Melissa Leo, playing Greta's mother, could have been better with her acting.
Of course Ellen Burstyn does a fantastic job playing Greta's grandmother.
Greta is a 17 year old undisciplined girl who wants to spare herself the so-called troubles of adulthood and general life which to most seems hard to bear. She has a tendency of being rude, nasty, and "pokes people in the eye."
A great and entertaining film about the life of Greta and how she manages to try to not steer her own life and let it be.
According to Greta, I give you a 70%.

The Joneses
The Joneses(2010)

Incredible and original story. I have never seen anything like it.
The Joneses stars David Duchovny and Demi Moore as actors/sales people posing as husband and wife with a daughter and son who all live in an upper middle class type suburban neighborhood. They get paid to become friends with their neighbors and show off their head-of-the-line new items and products so that the neighbors will become jealous enough into purchasing the same things.
This is Derrick Borte's first and only film written and directed by him and I hope to see more of his work very soon. He seems like the drama version to Wes Craven.
(SPOILER) In the end, Duchovny's character tells all the neighbors about the fake family's scheme as being paid actors/sales people after one neighbor drowns himself after being in debt and foreclosure after the many purchases made influenced by the Joneses. The rest of the fake family finds a new fake husband and dad and Duchovny's character convinces Moore's character to leave her artificial world of sale to run away with him to re-kindle their love they had once before.
Overall this movie has real worth as to tell us to not be "fake" and to be who we are. It shows from the Jones son who comes out to the family as being gay and says he shouldn't have to hide it. Derrick Borte also has real potential as an up and coming new and fresh director/writer.
The Joneses and Derrick Borte, I give you an 80%.

Love and Other Drugs

Anne Hathaway does an impressive performance as a woman with stage 1 Parkinson's disease. Jake Gyllenhaal's role was amazing. It's one of those predictable love stories.
Like others have said, the film's genre goes from romantic comedy about sex to serious drama about disease. The ending kind of forces the happy ending on the audience.
I really wish Anne Hathaway didn't expose herself too much in this flick. I wish Zwick didn't make her show her boobs as much as she did. She is better than that. She doesn't need to show her tits that much just to make it in the box office. Whatever makes the story and whatever the director wants. Although, even though the film did have a lot of exposed body parts, it didn't feel like a Judd Apatow film, more like a Nancy Meyers film.
Zwick delivers a nice touchy romantic comedy about how a pharmaceutical rep tries to find a cure for his girlfriend's illness and how the girlfriend feels that she's not good enough for him.
I wish I got into it more but the movie was still very emotional due to the realness and authenticity of the world of disease.
Love And Other Drugs, I give you a 60%.

Prayers for Bobby

Absolutely outstanding! You cannot miss this one. Sigourney Weaver is amazing. The truth based story is phenomenal. The story is also very sad and a tear-jerker. Very emotional; it gives a more realistic look at the LGBT community that connects with you right from the start. It uses raw emotion and makes the viewer think.
Prayers for Bobby, I give you a 100%.

Something Borrowed

First off, Kate Hudson is a terrible actress. She needs to go back to acting school.
Just like in my review of Morning Glory, this film has no reality in it. People in real life are smarter and more logical than what these "actors" (except John Krasinski) showed its audience.
This film definitely had its funny moments what with the incredible John Krasinski but other than him, the rest was not good at all.
The ending was absolutely terribly predictable and I was hoping for something less predictable and less, for lack of a better word, "whatever".
See this only if you're in love with John Krasinski because he is phenomenal in this. The rest of you might as well wait for it on DVD.
(I personally love romantic comedies, they're my favorite. But just for and my critical point of view, I'm reviewing like this for the sake of being an aspiring movie critic)
Something Borrowed, I give you a 40%.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

This has got to be one of Edward Norton's best performances. This film was really well put together. It is so thought provoking and mind boggling.
This film basically talks about men and how they function.
Definitely a movie for guys night out. Sort of like Inception with the confused audience.
Fight Club, I give you a 70%.

The Road
The Road(2009)

Great adaptation of the novel. The actors' acting was phenomenal. Great screenplay. See if you like war/action/adventure type movies. Not my thing but a good movie for one that's not in my taste.
The Road, I give you a 60%.

Waiting for Guffman

Completely hilarious and entertaining. Great and original story. Christopher Guest outdoes himself in this film about Blaine, Missouri and how Corcky St. Claire intends to create a musical based on the city's history along with the hilariousness along the way.
Waiting for Guffman, I give you an 70%.

My Sister's Keeper

Wonderful and sad story of a cancer cursed teen girl whose donor sister sues her parents for the rights to her own body. A fabulous story. A real tear jerker. Abigail Breslin can really play the independent and dedicated little girl. Cameron Diaz was not the best choice for her role with her history in her types of movies. Actress Sofia who played Kate is from CBS's Medium and she was amazing in this tough role. Great movie. See it if you like to cry at movies and if you like sad chick dramas.
My Sister's Keeper, I give you an 80%.

Remember the Titans

This was a pretty inspiring movie. It had the true story behind it to back it up. Hayden Panettiere's character was pretty annoying but I guess that the movie needed her character. The story was alright. The behavioral modifications and motivational techniques used by Coach Boone were incredible. This movie is a classic and a good image of the civil rights movement movies; a great football movie too. Remember the Titans, I give you a 70%.


Until Wicked releases a film based on its musical, this is the best movie musical in my selection. It doesn't matter on how much the movie makes in the box office, it only matters on how it affects its audience. I have just seen the production of the musical version at a local university and that was my first time. When I finished with that I was influenced to purchase the album and the movie. I just finished watching the movie on my iPod and I love it immensely.
The film takes a good note on the troubles of the 'almost poor' community but it may exaggerate a bit of it. That may be its only mistake. And I hope that was Rosario Dawson's real singing voice because that was amazing from what I first imagined.
I feel like I shouldn't say too much about this film because I don't want to say something that I may regret because it's just too amazing to say anything bad about it.
These lyrics from the song "Another Day" are really good. "There's only us, there's only this, forget regret, or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way, no day but today."
I really love musicals and I really love movies, so when they are put together, I go crazy.
Overall, this film was incredible. The music was outstanding, the cast's singing and acting was great, and the screenplay was amazingly done well.
Rent, I give you a 100%.


Whatever. Katherine Heigl looks retarded in this movie and is worse in this than in the Ugly Truth. What a waste of Tom Selleck's time. This movie is a little watchable but overall a bore. Is this the type of role that Katherine Heigl is going to be reduced to: the crazy desperate blonde chick? I liked her better in Knocked Up.
Killers, I give you a 10%.