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Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero
22 months ago via Flixster

This is a different change of pace for the series, and it displays some new and old ideas to create something, different, yet familiar to fans of the series thus far. This a thrilling film that has a good plot, good cast and wonderful special effects that still look impressive even by today's standards. The film's strength lies in its idea where the main focus is in Space, and it is interested to see what the filmmakers were able to pull off. Although not a perfect entry, this is nonetheless a good little monster flick that is mindless entertainment value. Don't look for a great movie with Astro Monster as it is a fairly ridiculous picture that you need to leave your mind at the door before watching it. Viewers can admire the idea behind the plot, and the thrill of watching two monsters fighting it out yet again. The plot at time lacks, and slows down, but overall the film moves at a steady pace and has enough elements to make for an engaging viewing experience. This is a pretty good film considering its plot, and genre fans will most likely enjoy the film and appreciate its new direction. With each entry, the Godzilla films tried something new, yet familiar at the same time to expand the series eccentric ideas and it works. Godzilla films tend to stretch the limits of ridiculous plot ideas, but that's what makes them fun, entertaining and memorable. Although a lot of them aren't perfect, they still have a secured place in horror history, as effective monster films that push the limits of entertainment value and give audiences something unique to watch.

Death Race 3: Inferno
6 years ago via Flixster

Third entry in the Death Race franchise expands the plot even more and now Death Race is a global phenomenon. Building on the plot of the prequel, this one offers more action that for a Straight to DVD release that is pretty good and works well as a mindless entertaining action flick. Acting is decent at best, while the plot is good, but leaves room for improvement. It's funny the big theatrical debut of Death Race was a mediocre affair, but the sequels are better and are more interesting as well. I personally view the sequels as fine B movies that are done right. This is a chaotic and pleasant hour and a half that fans of this series should check out. I really liked the film, and it overcomes its flaws, by having an interesting plot and good action scenes that for a low-budget feature are pretty well done. This film is much more fun than the original Death Race starring Jason Statham and along with the second one, is a film worth checking because the filmmakers were able to create something worthwhile for action fans. I love action flicks, and I'm usually skeptical about Straight to DVD titles, and rightfully so, because most of the time, they are poorly made films with awful stories and poor directing and acting. But with Death Race 3, you have a film that will certainly surprise any film lover who love mindless action, but are unsure with these films released direct to DVD. Death Race 3 is not a perfect film, and it has plenty of flaws, but like the second one in the trilogy has an interesting plot that compliments the mindless on-screen carnage. Along with Death Race 2, this is a guilty pleasure that is among the better titles released Straight to DVD. Death Race mediocre, but with the second one, they started to really create interesting concepts, which are appealing and ultimately fun.

Curse of Chucky
6 years ago via Flixster

Curse of Chucky has had plenty of praise in horror circles, and it has been hailed as one of the strongest efforts in the Child's Play series in a long time. To be honest, I found this very mediocre, and dull. The film is poorly acted and didn't have anything that was really grabbed my attention. I also thought that the special effects were laughable and they looked sloppy. I expected to enjoy it after hearing good things about it. However, the resulting picture didn't thrill me. In terms of sequels, this one just shows that the Child's Play should have ended a long time ago. I found that the story could have been better, even though the film started with potential, it ended up being a film that was mediocre and it was one of the most disappointing horror films in recent memory. Though it's an improvement over Seed of Chucky, I really thought that the film didn't deliver on its hype. This may appeal to others, however I just felt it was an unnecessary film that failed to be entertaining. Curse of Chucky is a sloppily made movie with bad acting and cheap looking special effects that really bring the movie down. This is low budget crap that simply doesn't deliver anything worth seeing. This was released straight to DVD, and it shows. I felt that this one could have better, but halfway through, it loses its steam and it becomes laughably mediocre. I feel it's a shame because; the filmmakers really could have made something wonderful here, but in the end, it's clear that the Child's Play series has overstayed its welcome and they really shouldn't make anymore.

Night Train to Terror
6 years ago via Flixster

Awful anthology of stories, Night Train To Terror is a train wreck of a movie, one that is highly forgettable, and really not worth your time watching. The cast is bad, the stories are poorly thought out, and this simply put, a waste of film. I really didn't enjoy this film, and if you're looking for a well made anthology, you're not going to find it here. This fails in terms of horror and storytelling, and it leaves a lot to be desired from such a sloppily written and thought out film. It's no surprise to me that this is an obscured film, as this is one that should be forgotten. Stick with Twilight Zone: The Movie and Creepshow if you're looking for well thought out and entertaining anthology films. This film just doesn't deliver anything worth mentioning. Except that it's garbage, and it should be avoided by any horror fan that want a film with substance. This is a laughable affair that doesn't have what it takes to make for a truly memorable and entertaining movie. Skip this one; you'll be glad you did. There are no effective chills to be had here, and overall as a horror film it fails. Watch something else; you'll be glad you did. Night Train To Terror is a horrible mess, one that has no redeeming aspects whatsoever. Watch a different anthology, as this one just doesn't cut it. Watching this, you realize why the film has gotten the flack it has received, and rightfully so. This is a poor excuse for a horror film, and there should have been more effort into making this watchable.

The Nail Gun Massacre
6 years ago via Flixster

In the mid to late 80's, Slasher films were becoming stagnant and uninspired. So many retreads of Friday the 13th and Halloween had been clouding up theatres and Drive ins. With Nail gun Massacre we get a movie that is packed with bad acting and poorly constructed kill sequences. This is the type of movie that you watch with friends when you have a bad movie night. Now, if you love low budget B movies, then this is one worth checking out. Just don't expect a great film with this one, and it's fairly over the top, cheesy and ridiculous. This film boasts everything you'd expect from a low budget schlock fest and it is a tongue in cheek movie that you really shouldn't take seriously whatsoever. As it stands, this is a decent film, and is one to enjoy for it's purely "so bad, it's good angle. I enjoyed the low budget tongue in cheek aspect, and if you're in the mood for these types of movies, then give it a shot. Nail Gun Massacre is a movie for low budget film fans. If you're going into this one expecting a great Slasher movie, then you'll be greatly disappointed. The concept of the movie is interesting, but it could have been much better as well. This movie plays out like a schlock fest, and it is a movie that should only be enjoyed by Cult film fans. Since this was made in the middle of the 80's, it's no wonder why this one is derivative from other Slasher films. The tone of the movie is more comedic than terrifying and despite this; Nail Gun Massacre should be seen as a rental for a bad movie night that you have planned with friends. Thinking about what this film could have been is a bit sad, and despite its idea of a killer offing people off with a nail gun may seem like a great idea, the result we see on-screen is a movie that is a "so bad it's good title" that ends up being quite silly.