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Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (San daikaij: Chiky saidai no kessen)

Fifth movie in the series marks a turn in the franchise. They continue to make more 'Big G' vs. whoever, but this time Godzilla is fighting for Japan instead of stomping on it. Like all Godzilla films, the movie is a bore until the rubber on rubber clash towards the end. Introduces the monsters King Ghidrah and Rodan to the series.

The Lawless Frontier

Unremarkable 'B' Western. John Wayne is out to kill a half apache outlaw who kidnaps a girl the Duke has the hots for. It's a watchable adventure, but there's very little to distance itself from other 'B' pictures that Wayne made in the 30's. It does have some nice shots of the waterfall hideout, and the secret tunnel behind the bookcase. Only viewable for Wayne nuts.

Jim Thorpe---All American

Good biography on Jim Thorpe. For those who don't know aren't familiar, he was one of the greatest athlete's in the world during the 1910's and 20's. He won olympic medals as well as playing major league baseball, and football. He was part of the Canton Bulldogs when they won the first ever NFL Championship. The movie focuses on how he was stripped of his medels. It's a good movie that really dives deep into Thorpe's Native-American ties. Could have been a little longer, and focused more on his pro career.

Pineapple Express

Funny movie that suceeds as one of the only stoner movies that can deliver laughs and entertainment, without making the film stupid. One of the best movies of all time to watch high.

Stevio Oedekerk's The Godthumb

Worst of the 'Thumbs' films, but still a fun movie to watch. The jokes are more miss than hit, but the sets and f/x make the earlier movies look pretty bad in comparison.

Characters aren't as creative as before, but is still an entertaining watch. Will be watching more 'Thumbs' if Steve-O ever decides to make more of them.


Another fairly entertaining little 'Thumb' movie. The sets and effects are the best in the series, but it's ultimately not as funny as some of the other titles. Good watch to kill thirty minutes.

Bat Thumb
Bat Thumb(2001)

My favorite of the 'Thumbs' series. Uses tactics from the Batman films as well as the series which makes the series more flexible and not just tied down to one movie. One of the funniest in the series with the best visuals.

Love the new characters Blue Jay and No-Face!

Blair Thumb
Blair Thumb(2001)

Not going to intrigue many people, but these movies can be pure fun. Oedekerk and his friends like Paul Winfield, Jim Jackman, and others are entertaining in these half hour features.

Blair Thumb has some of the worst effects, even for one of these things. But it's also the funniest episode and the one you'll find watching over again the most.


Another pretty funny thumbs movie. The style of humor can be annoying at times, but also ridiculously affective. A pretty fun way to spend half an hour, although most of the 'Thunb' movies are better than this.

Like all of these filmettes, the commentaries are pretty enjoyable.

Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle

Pretty funny parody of "Star Wars: A New Hope." It has some really funny jokes, but also some bad ones. Terrible special effects, but it's forgiving due to the minature budget, and short film charm. Using thumb puppets is stupid, yet strangely unique and crazily fun.

Funnier than Family Guy's parodies.

Enter the Dragon

Kind of let down since this movie was supposed to be the definite Martial Arts movie. Still an extremely well done movie that has great action and some decent character development. As much of a John Saxon movie as it is Bruce Lee's, and Jim Kelly was able to hold his own as well.

Features the best villains in a Bruce Lee film, but the movie seemed to much like a 007 feature. I liked the idea of Bruce protecting his family and friends more than him as a secret agent.

Ending sequence in the hall of mirrors was brilliant!

Return of the Dragon (The Way of the Dragon)

Third and final completed film Lee did for Hong Kong. Film was also directed and written by Bruce, which resulted in the funniest and most character driven entry yet. Not the most popular of his films, but is probably my favorite just because of how simple and effective the plot was.

Not as full of action as say "Fist of Fury" but has Bruce's best fight: against Chuch Norris in the Roman Colleseum!

Fist of Fury (Jing wu men)

Second Bruce Lee movie is just as good as the first. Has a more advanced plot and way better action sequences than 'The Big Boss.' I still prefer the Big Boss due to it's raw filmmaking and more violent tone.

Fun movie that has a pretty bad ending shot that paid homage to Butch and Sundance. Bruce Lee is great and it's fun to point out everybody in the film that played in Big Boss.

Dragon Ball Z - Androids: Bardock the Father of Goku

First Dragonball movie that I enjoyed. Also the first DBZ movie that actually had a purpose instead of just reimagining old stories. A great view for fans who saw limited screen time of Bardock during the Frieza saga.

The Maze
The Maze(2010)

Could have been better with a bigger budget and a Hollywood director. The film was pretty bad, but surprisingly started to pickup after the scenes in the corn maze. Decent plot twist can't make up for this stale B-movie.

On a positive note, the scene where the killer gets picked up as a hitchhiker was hilarious!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

This movie is essentially the 'Return of the Jedi' of the Indiana Jones trilogy. It's unanimously selected as the goat of the franchise, even though it is extremely well done and entertaining. The fact that the other two are amazing, doesn't make this movie bad at all.

With that said, I do think the movie was a little too dark and scary for an Indiana Jones movie. But it still has a great mix of adventure and humor as well as some of the more iconic moments in the series. I liked Willie for comedic effect, but not as a love interest. I loved Short round!

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

Great film that is whored out on cable more than any other movie ever. Tremendous suspense with great acting from both Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. Works as a thrill ride, as well as a good character study.

Doragon bru Z: Kono yo de ichiban tsuyoi yatsu (Dragon Ball Z: The Movie - The World's Strongest)

Middle of the road DBZ movie. The characters and plot are unique, but the methods and situations use are a carbon copy of the previous battle against Vegeta. Pacing is too fast, and some spots are uninteresing. Does feature some of the best shots of any DB movie.

Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might (Doragon bru Z: Chiky marugoto ch kessen)

Another average DBZ movie. It has more heart and emotion than the previous films, but once again falls short of the magic that the manga and anime bring. Uses recycled plots of a Saiyan coming to take over the world, and has numerous timeline issues with the series.


Pretty decent thriller that is an improvement on similar movies such as 'Open Water.' Great suspense and character development. The biggest flaw in the movie was the transition between being stuck initially. Having a character go crazy and jump a couple hours after being stuck wasn't real believable. But overall a solid flick.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Funnier than the first but not as creative or overly enjoyable. Also lacked a lot of the heart as the original. I do love the new characters of Fat Bastard and especially Mini-Me. Not a fan of the openining which kind of ruined the first one for me. Best part of this film may be the incredibly sexy performance by Heather Graham.

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (Ebirah, Horror of the Deep)

Seventh in the series, is a pretty lame one. The crab monster was stupid, and I'm getting sick of Mothra showing up in every movie. It takes forever for Godzilla to show up, but the movie surprisingly gets worse when 'Big G' is on the screen. At least they changed scenery and put Godzilla in a different place. Don't like Godzilla dancing to sixties music.


Turned out exactly as I thought it would. Is almost completely a character and plot rip-off on Jaws. Some scenes even seem like they were pulled out of the movie. It starts of pretty ridiculus but does get a little better as the story goes on. Best part of the film is that they use real Bear footage.

Best in Show
Best in Show(2000)

Another great Mockumentary involving Christopher Guest. I really like the premise of this film, and all of the actors did a great job. The first half on the movie is a bit boring, but the second half is nothing short of hilarious thanks in large part to Fred Willard's brilliant commentary.

The Da Vinci Code

Not as bad as the critics want you to think. The movie does have plenty of boring points, and tends to drag around. But I like how the film inspires you to think without dumbing the material down. I thought Ron Howard did a fine job directing, while Ian McKellen's performance highlighted the cast. The books better but the cinematography was great helping to create an unforgetable ending.

Saw 3D
Saw 3D(2010)

Seventh installment is the worst. Entire story features almost no original material, just traps and people dying. The special effects and gore aren't even up to par with others in the series. The twist at the end was pretty stupid, and already happened twice already in the series.


Good science fiction adventure that has a little origins to the later "Jurassic Park" films. Very creative and thrilling plot, but the story is weakened due to them uses Brolin's friend as the main character rather than Brolin himself. I may be a little harsh for that reason, but this is still a pretty good film.

Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side

Hit-and-miss Family Guy parody of 'The Empire Strikes Back.' Has some good, clever satire on the film, but just as much tasteless, and unfunny Family Guy humor that has caused me to never really like the show. Highlight for me was pointing out the akwardness of Lando wearing Han's clothes in the real film.

Summer of '42

A huge surprise for me. This is just a sweet and charming movie of a boy trying to grow up too fast. Powerful performances by all. Highly recommend this one!

The Evil Dead

The only way I can describe this movie is that it's like 'Night of the Living Dead' on crack. It's amazingly messy, violent, and quick. The special effects are pretty terrible, still decent considering this was made by a group of friends. Exciting and spooky throughout, though I couldn't really recognize where the black humor was.

Leprechaun in the Hood

Had a bit of a good start, but went downhill from there. Movie is a big enigma. It has some really funny moments, but an overwhelming collection of stupid jokes. Whenever you rely on cross-dressing jokes, you know your dry on ideas. Well this movie had, count 'em, two of those scenes. Very unsatisfying ending, although the Leprechaun rap at the end was a nice touch.

Family Guy Presents: It's a Trap

Same positives and negatives for the first two. It has some real clever jokes, but also a bunch that are ineffective and tasteless. Seeing C3PO prepared to rape Princess Leia, and fart jokes aren't funny. A couple of jokes were way to long and dragged out. Repetition is funny but not when it's overdone. Trying to reinact scene by scene forced the writers into bad jokes.

As a huge fan of the Simpsons and not so much Family Guy, I found it funny how they admited to the fact that they ran out of characters and had to feature characters from the creator's other shows. If the Simpsons had made these, they would never of had that problem.

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

Another attempt at Dreamworks trying to replicate the success of Pixar films. This time they match up with "Finding Nemo." A boring plot, and overuse of pop culture/media jokes waste a loaded cast that includes Robert Di Nero, Jack Black, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, and even Martin Scorcesee.

Santa vs. the Snowman

Childish movie that contains a very juvinelle plot. A snowman has a war with Santa in order to take over his place. Strictly only enjyable for kids, and the 3-D and CGI effects are nothing to write home about.

Family Guy - Blue Harvest

Basically a shot by shot remake of "A New Hope." It contains the usual Family Guy comedy by mixing in both good and bad gags. It also takes some clever shots about mistakes in the film. Like the show, has way to muc of a political agenda most of the characters can change personality in a blink and the ones that are constant, are only one joke driven.

The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man(1941)

Although still a petty good movie, I've always felt that this was the most overrated "Universal Monster". It's good entertainment but compared to Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Invisible Man, it seems average.

Young Frankenstein

Funny but overrated farce by Mel Brooks. Some hilarious sequences are shadowed by Brooks' attempt to make jokes when the source material doesn't provide it. Great cameo by Gene Hackman.

Note: Parody of all Frankenstein movies, not just the original.


Good movie that may be a slight overrated. The funny jokes outnumber the failed gags, but the movie isn't all that special. Good movie, but not the classic some make it out to be.

Wayne's World 2

Average sequel that has more misses than hits in it's humor. There's some funny jokes, and it's not terrible. But for some reason everything that made the first good, just seems to be tiresome.

Doragon bru: Shenron no densetsu (Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies) (Dragon Ball: The Legend)

Retelling of the first 13 episodes of the series. Not only is the story virtually the same, but they even use the same animation at times. The new storyline they tried to incorporate had promise, but failed to match the far superior storyline of the show.

Different voices for the English dub. It's also cut, and no uncut version in English is available yet.

Iron Jawed Angels

Watched this in my Women's Studies class at college. It's a very impressive movie, that you wouldn't have guessed to have been made for television. Great acting all around, and the movie does have a great message. It's able to make the characters interesting, but it can be pretty boring especially during the first half.

Not surprisingly, it will be more enjoyable to women.

National Lampoon Presents: Robodoc

If your looking for a terrible movie that focuses on boobs and fart jokes consistantly for 90 minutes, this is the film for you. There are some funny jokes, but I can probably count them all on one hand. A satire of Robocop in a sense, without any parody of it. Only good quality is the message of doctors vs. lawyers.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Great fun! Is a film, like "Wizard of Oz", that still can appeal to you when your older. Good movie that really is a treat for your imagination. Some very sweet scenes with Grandpa and Gene Wilder.

Features some memorable movie moments you'll never forget.

Strange Wilderness

Ok, this movie isn't 'good' that is pretty clear. But this movie is still incredibly funny, which makes it a worthwhile rental especially if your into smoking weed. Has some extremely funny moments, and other predictable and lame attempts at humor. Best view is when your high with your friends.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Not as good as the original, but at least it holds a candle to it unlike recent remakes such as 'Prom Night' and 'Black Christmas'. While the 1981 version was more of a spin-off of 'Halloween' and 'Friday the 13th', this was more in the lines of 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' when concerning characters and plot.

Lots of good action, but the mystery behind the killer was near as interesting as the original. Well made film, but it really lacks the 'slasher' charm of the 1980's. Did appreciate the five minute nudity scene.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Some amazing visuals, but lacks in every other area that make's a movie good. The plot is so thin and the characters are so cardboard. Needed more developing scenes in 2-D to make you care about the situation. Filmmakers definetely rushed the story into the 3-D "Tron" world. Makes you feel like your in a Laser Tag arena for 90 minutes.

Leprechaun 4: In Space

Going to space didn't work for Jason, it didn't work for Pinhead, and it sure as hell didn't work for the Leprechaun. The movie has some of the worst CGI special effects I've ever seen, and the whole plot is, not surprisingly, incredibly stupid. While the previous three have lead girls who have some interesting qualities, the lead girl in this is just a bitch. At the very least it does have a couple "so bad it's funny" humor, and it does feature three incredibly sexy women.

The Last House on the Left

Very dark and politically incorrect movie by Wes Craven is a good watch for those two reasons. Great twists and a fresh if not morally wrong storyline. Some bad edits and dirt on the camera prevent this from being better.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

Perhaps just a notch below the original, this is one of the best sequels in any slasher series. Uses humor and inside jokes to carry itself past the cliches. Good watch.

Leprechaun 3
Leprechaun 3(1995)

Another improvement, but still not to much to get excited about. The scenary change to Las Vegas definetely worked as it gave new material and jokes to go off on. The result was the funniest, however least thrilling, yet. Started off decent, but lost inerest with the lame plot of the protagonist turning into a Leprechaun. Movie made me fall in love with Lee Armstrong, who alone is worth a view.

Superhero Movie

Better than the majority of the flood of spoof movies, but still not all that great. The entire movie is just a rip off of the first Spiderman movie with some other aspects from other superhero films. Would have been better had it expanded to other films a little bit more.

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Pretty pointless. Just a collection of kills, which aren't near as creative or funny as the second. Doesn't really seperate itself from the second, and gets tired very quickly. Only a couple succesful campy and corny humor.

Leprechaun 2
Leprechaun 2(1994)

Better than the first, although that's nothing to brag about. The story is more interesting with the plot of the Leprechaun looking for a bride. The characters outside of Warwick Davis' title role are more interesting than the last installment. Funnier and scarier than the original, but not enough in both categories.

Back to the Future Part II

Entertaining sequel that features the do's and do not's of a sequel. It does build on the story and characters, but it also has the same premise and lives in its predecessor's shadow. However, the film suffers when it tries it's own storyline in the future and suceeds when going back to the past events of the first film.

Back to the Future Part III

Up and down sequel. It seperates itself from the previous sequel by having a different setting in the old west. Still, the "BTTF" formula wears thin by continuing to use some of the same tactics and scenes in the previous two films. I did love Marty calling himself Clint Eastwood.

Worst of the trilogy, but still fun and a good ending to the series.

Three Godfathers

Another good western by the Ford/Wayne team. It has a unique, and interesting plot with good performances highlighted by Duke and Ward Bond. The story is basically a Western rendition of the biblical "Three Wise Men" which was effective, although it would have worked better had it not been made extremely obvious what they were going for.

Jurassic Park III

Technically sound movie with some great special effects, yet the entire movie seemed pointless. The plot was just incredibly plain. Luckily, the movie is saved a bit by a strong return performance by Sam Neil. Otherwise this movie offers some cool effects, but little else.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

Not as good as the original but it comes close. The acting is phenomenal with strong performances all around. Bridges does a great job, but still is unable to best John Wayne's Cogburn. Otherwise most of the actors are an improvement most notably Steinfeld who makes a great Mattie Ross.

I did think that not having Wayne killed some of the charm, and the ending was largely unsatisfying compared to the 1969 version.

A Christmas Story

One of the best Christmas movies of all time. The narration of the story is great, as is the tremendous acting. Very relatable storyline for all, even if you weren't a kid during the 1940's. Contains smart humor, and a sweet storyline. Christmas classic that unfortunately gets whored out for 24-straight hours on Christmas day.

Must see before you die!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Not the best version of "A Christmas Carol" but it's a good view thanks to the Muppet's charm. Michael Caine does a good job as Scrooge, although Gonzo and Rizzo become pretty annoying in their roles as narrator. Good way for kids to first learn about the story.

The Santa Clause

Pretty good christmas film. While it is a bit cheesy, the film works due to the plot being more focused on the relationship between Allen and his son rather than him being Santa. I wouldn't call it a holiday classic, but it's definetely a good view for families around the roasted fire.

Deck the Halls

Flat and dull holiday movie. Features the usual christmas plot of feuding families who eventually bond at the last minute. The plot of seeing lights in space is silly and seems like a lazy script idea. Slightly amusing with plenty of christmas light eye candy.

Little Fockers

Just a mess of a movie. There's no substance to this movie at all, leaving the main plot anyone's guess. It's just a series of small subplots that always leave you disapointed when they are not explored. Wastes a terrific cast and wastes source material from two far superior films.


Some movies are able to blend comedy and horror together perfectly. This isn't one of them. This film is neither scary nor funny. The plot and characters aren't defined well enough, and the design of the Leprechaun is a joke. They could have made him darker and truly terrifying. Instead it looks like something straight out of "Wizard of Oz."

Plus side, it does have some good graphics on kills and Jennifer Aniston does a terrific job in her first major role.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

There were some moments where I experienced some guilty pleasures. The movie contains some cool death scenes, some dark comedy, and a lot of boobs. But tht couldn't cover up the terrible acting and lackluster filmmaking. Really just a poorly executed film with a couple bright spots.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Basically the exact same concept of the first, but the new location gives the film just enough to make it unique. Another fun adventure that has heart, charm, and good acting by the two robbers. The traps at the end are even better than the first!

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

Innocent movie that may be a tad bit overrated, but still has enough charm and enjoyment to make it worth the watch. The first half of the movie is just a build up to the conclusion, but the conclusion was well worth the wait. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern do a great job as the robbers.

Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Slightly better than part five, but still probably deserved it's place of straight-to-video. I like the twist at the end with Ashley Laurence, but it doesn't really make sense and the entire movie is confusing. Even for a Hellraiser flick.

The Return of the Pink Panther

Another good, but not great "Panther" movie. Suffers from a tiring plot but has enough humor to make up for its shortcomings. Like the rest, would be completely mediocre if not for the comedic brilliance of Peter Sellers.

The Spaghetti West

Short and sweet documentary on the large outpour of westerns made by Italian studios in the 60's and 70's. Goes in depth and differs from similar material by taking about more than just the Leone/Eastwood films. Goes through the landmark films, actors, and directors good but should have been quite a bit longer.

Dragon Ball - The Path to Power

"Retells" the Dragon Ball saga by combining elements from differents points of the series. While the animation is top notch, it seems out of place considering they used "Dragon Ball GT" designs for a "Dragon Ball" movie. The film really just seemed rushed, especially towards the end.

Dragon Ball just doesn't translate well to movies.

Jack the Ripper

A dull and fictious Jack the ripper story. I understand they were going for a fiction approach, but it just didn't work. The ultimate reasoning for the killings was extremely unsatisfying. The American who was brought into investigate didn't get enough screen time.


Could be the best spaghetti western not involving Sergio Leone. One of the best Italian clones of "The Man With No Name" films which were directed by Leone. Brilliantly filmed with great scenic structures. I loved the muddy and gloomy scenes. Has some great social commentary, and is one of the more darker and violent in the genre.

The Crush
The Crush(1993)

Had its moments but I was left a little bit disapointed in the end. The script had a good idea but it was extremely predictable and cheaply produced. Silverstone and Elwes do a pretty good job.

Dragon Ball - Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

Pretty much another useless Dragon Ball movie. Like the others it basically just retells the same storyline as in the show. Thankfully the plot in the movie has a different setting than we've seen, but that can't hide the fact that this is just an alternate version of what we've already seen.

Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (Doragon bru: Makafushigi dai bken)

Doesn't do the great show any justice. They just combined elements from different parts of the show and made it into a movie. Some scenes were actually ripped off almost entirely from the show. Unfortunately, this would be a trademark of a lot of these films to come. Also re-introduced characters such as Chiaotzu as the 'emperor'.

A better view if your not familiar with the show.

Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow

Usually when I see a comedy I enjoy myself even if the movie is bad. I didn't even accomplish that while watching "PA7." I like the characters of Graf, Winslow, Easterbrook, and company but in secondary roles not as the main characters. More than the others this film really showed the need for Guttenberg's character. The jokes were pretty stupid and made me roll my eyes more than laugh. Ron Perlman could have made a good villain if he wasn't made out to be a fool.

Amazing how the series turned from a raunchy and crude 80's hit to a kid pleasing cop show in just ten years.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

Slightly better than the original. While the plot isn't as good, the filmmaking and just about every other aspect is. A damn good comic book sequel that is filled with even more humor and colorful characters.


Good attempt to bring the lesser known comic book to the big screen. The plot is entertaining, the actors work out good, and the direction is good. The film was a little too artsy for me, but some might like that style.

Police Academy 6 - City Under Siege

Just when you thought the series couldn't get any worse...Police Academy 6: City Under Siege! It's the same recycled story as the previous five films. At this point the series has grown really, really tiresome. The only thing that seperates this film from the rest is that it's somewhat of a mystery of who the villain is.

Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol

Ok this is where the series starts to basically suck. It's the recycled plot of all the others with a small twist of the citizens being on patrol, although that's not all that different than the academy trainees. They introduce some new characters, including David Spade, but none of them are as interesting as the one's already brought back. Watchable due to colorful characters returning, as well as a fun air baloon climax.

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

Rare cartoon sequel that's better than the first. The emotional and "shock" value isn't as strong as the first, but I must admit I laughed more during this movie than I have in a long time. All the characters from the previous are back in extended roles, and the new ones are just as interesting. John Cleese, Julie Andrews, and Antonio Banderes provide ideal voices as new editions to the "Shrek family."

Fun movie with hilarious references make this enjoyable for everyone.

Shrek Forever After

A sweet and satisfying ending to the series. While I didn't like the overused "Back to the Future" plot, I loved seeing all the characters. Made improvements over the third by replacing some of the comedy for heart and charm. It turned out to be a good sacrifice. Reminds me a lot of Lethal Weapon 4 in that it's not a perfect movie or up to the level as the first two, but it's still an extremely satisfying conclusion.

Hellraiser - Inferno

Fifth in the series is another bad one. The story seemed totally different from the series, and would have been a better fit as a episode of the "Twilight Zone." The plots decent, but just doesn't fit the source. Pinhead was only in the film for a couple of scenes. They should have definetely used him more.

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

Not a good movie at all. The film really suffers from the loss of the characters Mahoney, Zed, and Sweetchuck. Although he wasn't the most interesting character, Guttenberg was the backbone of the series. Going to Miami was a fresh idea, but the main diamond plot just wasn't interesting enough.

Yellow Sky
Yellow Sky(1948)

Typical and overused storyline is heightened by excellent performances all around. Rare film that shows Peck and Widmark in bad guy roles, although Peck would switch over. Brilliantly filmed and acted make up for a cliched Western script.

The Jungle Book

One of the more overrated Disney "classics." The film is a mixed bag. I like some of the songs that it presented, but thought that they too often got in the way of the story. Could have been a lot better. Did think that they handled the ending about as perfect as possible.

Return of Sabata

The final installment in the "Sabata Trilogy" is another succesful one. It starts off slower than the first two, but catches the right pace and pulls off the charm of the series. Felt like a James Bond adventure set in the west.

House On Haunted Hill

Good, small budget horror film. Fits in with the 50's genre really well. While the plot was interesting, I still expected more and was sort of disapointed by the film in general. Thought the ending was too abrupt and unsatisying.

Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero

Once again the guys from the tv show prove that they know how to portray Batman. Intriguing, and pretty short film that is way more effective than the live action Freeze v. Batman adventure.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Very entertaining juvenille film, and one of the only Matthew Broderick performances worth a damn. If you can't relate to this laugh-fest, than you never passed grade school! I like the set-up and presentation of the film, although I didn't like the constant narration by Ferris.

Police Academy 3: Back in Training

Not terrible, but the formula is already beginning to get stale at only the third film. Relies too much on slap stick humor, even for a "PA" movie. I like the references to previous films, but they went a little overboard. Big laughs from the first two are absent, however constant chuckles exist. The ending battle is surprisingly well developed.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Doesn't deserve nearly as much of the hatred it recieved. Jar Jar and a couple other characters were annoying at times, but otherwise this was what a "Star Wars" movie should be. Amazing visuals especially the podracing scene and the dramatic final lightsaber battle. Enjoyed numerous references to the original.

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Better than I thought it was going to turn out to me. I like how they took the characters out of the academy, and into a new situation. Again, the characters do a good job, but they left some good ones out from the first one. Average film that's enjoyable due to a funny script and colorful characters.


I'm sorry, but I didn't think this movie was anything special. I still enjoyed it, and thought that it was fairl entertaining. But since it is viewed by many as a Horror classic I expected more. There really isn't any action until the end alhough it is epic.

Police Academy

Started way to ridiculous, but came together and became a funny film. It refuses to take itself serious, but the actors are all charming and unique. Doesn't over anything other than laughs, but it's pretty damn good at delivering that!


Bad sequel. Movie started off decent with so entertaining visuals and journeys. Didn't like the plot of the owners of the theme park cloning everybody and replacing them with robots. Seemed like a poinless and lazy idea. They didn't have Brynner in here hardly at all. They should have used him more or not at all.

Little Miss Sunshine

Every year a small budget or independent movie surprises audiences touches audiences. In 2006, that movie was Little Miss Sunshine. Not much to say except that a perfect cast was met with a charming story to create a great movie.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

All great horror movies all have certain elements. This film contains almost none of them. Sure it's obvious from the start that Nicholson is gonna go crazy, but it's funny that way. In fact, this movie has a ton on black comedy. But that still doesn't take away from some genuine scares. Nice scenary, and some of the most iconic images in horror history.

The Hunted
The Hunted(2003)

Mostly a brain-dead action packed movie. Fun to eat popcorn to, but a movie you'll instantly forget. Contains some really bad cuts as well as a strikingly similar plot to "First Blood."

Super High Me

Pretty cheaply made. Like you would expect, it's the exact same everything taken from "Super Size." Some interesting results, and I like how they showed the history of weed as well as showing all the bullshit the federal government does to California.

Back to the Future

Fun and entertaining movie that has very few flaws. The acting and direction is solid, but the script is awesome! Interesting characters, creative plot, snappy dialogue, no dead spots, and importance on every detail make this one of the best screenplays ever. Amzing movie that rewards those that pay attention.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Funny film that features two comedic legends. Although it has a promising and initially affective premise, the movie does slow down considerably and becomes rather boring in the second half. Gene Wilder is spot on when he said that chick had GREAT legs.

Dragonball Evolution

Maybe we should let Japan come up with these stories. The filmmakers did their best to destroy the legacy of a great series. For some reason, they decided to get rid of most of the show's premise, and change the setting to make it a "Never Back Down" teen fighting drama. Piccolo was awful, and so was the acting. Terrible movie. At least Jamie Wong was fun to look at.

Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero

Sixth Godzilla movie didn't feel that much like a "Big G" movie. He took a back seat to the main storyline about earth vs. planet x. The first of many 'Zilla films to recycle the alien invader plot. Outside of the aliens, it's virtually the same film of Godzilla and Rodan fighting King Ghadirah. Not horrible, but nothing special either.

Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship(2002)

Really jumped out to an interesting start at the beginning, but than was slowed down terribly. There is really no plot at all here, and the characters are all annoying. Routine horror flick, with a couple good moments.

Doragon bru Z 1: Ora no Gohan wo kaese

Not a great film, but it does a decent job of putting together a worthy Dragon Ball story. I don't know if I would call these things movies though just becuase they are basically the length of two episodes. Both funny and action packed, but insignificent. Does a decent job of bridging Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.


Disapointing film to say the least. I watched it prepared for a funny, Will Ferrel in a society role flick. But I didn't even get that. Instead I got a pretty much unfunny film with a dull story, and cardboard characters.

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

There's some good material here, but not enough to warrant a passing grade. The movie didn't really work well in terms of humor, but it had some sweet moments. The chubby kid was extremely cute, in a total heterosexual way.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

This is just a damn funny movie. Although Will Ferrel's act has proved to get old over the years, he's still one of the leaders in comedy during the 2000's. Extremely fun movie that is well balanced throughout providing laughs from beginning to end.

Meet the Fockers

Contains less emotion and less relatable material than the first. However, the film is funnier and introduces two more characters who, like the rest of the family, are perfectly casted. The chemistry between the actors rivals Lethal Weapon as one of the best.

Meet the Parents

Hilarious movie that is perfectly casted. In order for this film to work, you needed an imposing figuere who can also be funny, in the father. You also needed an actor that's good at portraying someone who is horrified and great at studdering. De Niro and Stiller fit that to a tee. Laugh out loud movie that is extremely relatable. Has some emotion, but could have contained more.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Not as bad as the critics want you to believe. Sandler goes away from his usual goofy agenda to give a comedy that actually tackles some issues. Both James and Sandler make a great team, with James showing ability to bring out emotion like previous big guys Farley and Candy did. And Jessica Biel, holy shit is she hot in this!


Great movie that is simple, yet satisying. The story seems like it was pulled straight out of the seventies. I really enjoyed the cast, although Ellen Paige did get a little annoying at times. It's an incredibly sweet and emotional tale that is only unenjoyable to people who don't have a pulse.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Pretty good movie but there's nothing here we've never seen. Will Smith does do a good job, and the movie suceeds in finding a bridge through multiple genres. Too similar to "Omega Man."


Another successful Pixar film, but not an instant classic such as "Finding Nemo" or "Toy Story." Like all the Pixar films, it has a very original idea, but this story suffers from some long and boring scenes.

Blades of Glory

Pretty funny film that is a good watch, but not up to standards as Ferrel's other films. It's a better watch if you view it without putting it up to his other movies. Some clever jokes are spread out through patches of boredome. Worthwhile movie in the end. Jenna Fischer is annoyingly hot!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is where the series started to take a downward turn in my estimation. The first three offered the right material to be enjoyable to everybody, but this one only nerds of the books can understand. I didn't know half of the characters that appeared. The confusion is there for people like me that haven't read the book, but the plot of the "Wizard Tournament" may be the best of the bunch.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Sixth, and thus far worst of the series. The whole movie seems like a bridge to the finale more than a thrilling tale by itself. Visually it's stunning, and it's fun to see the charming cast that I've basically grown up with, but this is more of a preview of the seventh.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Pretty good movie that works on some levels. I really like how they made the series come to a circle with this film, featuring characters and elements from the previous six films. And as I've mentioned before, I like watching these films because I've esentially grew up with these kids. Some very funny scenes, but the franchise doesn't feel as right unless they are at Hogwarts.

There is NO reason they could have made this film an hour longer, and completely forgotten part two. Many of the scenes in the second half could have been deleted, or at least cut. But money talks, especially in Hollywood.


Amazing movie. This film has a tremendous effect on the viewer, to the point where you want to know the Zodiac's identity just as much as the characters. A very suspenseful story, that will keep you on the edge of your seats, it will spook you, fascinate you, and will complete just about everything satisying in a movie that you crave. The Zodiac himself stops killing after the first half hour, which might make kids want to turn it off becuase they think it's boring. But for those who actually want to think, and know true suspense, your in for a treat.

One of the best films of the decade. Watch before you die.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Funny movie that has some sweet and emotional scenes, even though they might not have tried to make it that way. The cast is very likeable and has great chemistry. The story is a little wanting, but the cast does their best to make up for it. The end scene at the fair was great.

Step Brothers

There's something about this movie I love. It contained two jokes that made me laugh so hard, and long that people started throwing popcorn at me. Got the feeling that Ferrel and Reilly thought the concept was funny, and decided to do the project to make people laugh. They suceeded, and that's the way comedies should be.


Has all the right tools to make for, not only a good film, but a succesful film franchise. It had a pretty interesting fight, with some amazing visuals. But I couldn't help but get the feeling that they tried to hard to make this like "Fight Club."

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Incredibly stupid movie. Critics have been giving bad grades to Sandler films around this time, and I tend to diagree with almost all of them. No argument this time, they got it right. Stupid joke after stupid joke, and the worse thing is it seems like they're trying to make this thing really bad.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Incredibly funny movie that might have given me more laughs than any movie made in the decade. They take a simple plot, and expand it to create hilarious outcomes, while also not forgetting to show some heart. Best comedy of the year!

Drillbit Taylor

Owen Wilson did a good job, and had great chemistry with the boys. That is about all that is good in the film. It's a very cliched story, and seems like a poor attempt at cashing in off the sucess of "Superbad." Pretty stupid movie.

The Bank Job
The Bank Job(2008)

Very impressive movie that was one of the surprises of the year for me. If the filmmakers did indeed get inside info and based that on this script, than they were right to make it into a movie. Great movie that makes a great affect by having the first half be goofy, leading up to a serious and suspenseful second act.

The Blind Side

A surprisingly deep movie that doesn't really have a strong plot, but is a rare case in a movie where it doesn't really need a strong one. The movie is about characters, and their interactions. With a great cast, including Sandra Bullock's best performance, this movie achieves.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

Bad movie. Only a micro sample of the jokes work, and the movie seems like it enjoys stealing away the money you payed to watch it. Terrible waste of the great collection of actors. Even a funny Will Ferrel cameo can't save this bomb.


Another damn funny mockumentary movie by Sasha Baron Cohen. Not as much laughs as Borat, but the laughs it does contain are better than Borat. First half is rock solid, but it dies down in the second half. Will always remember seeing this at the movies and watching the crowd get smaller and smaller as the disgusting scenes went by.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Hilarious movie that takes a simple, and cliched sequence and turns it into a funny and engaging adventure. Great plot, and even better acting especially by Zach (Can't spell last name right.) Every scene is a laughing riot. Your throat will hurt by the end of this movie.


The action and exhilaration in this movie are through the roof. It truly is non stop action. But while that can be a good thing, this movie displays some bad ways to go that route. Even though the plot begs for an emotional take of Liam Neeson, they take the Michael Bay route of sacriying all emotion for action.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it is harmless and can be kind of fun. Almost all of the jokes fail, and the ones that are funny are predictable. Does contain some genuine sweet movies, and you fall in love with Blart.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

I feel so sorry for this film. Critics always label this as the "Black Sheep" of the trilogy. Sure, it isn't as good as "Star Wars" or "Empire" but it's still a damn good movie that would be the best in almost any other trilogy. I may be in the minority, but I love the ewoks. The final battle is the best in the series.

Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over

In the tradition of "Jaws 3D" and "Friday the 13th 3D", the third chapter is a complete and total failure. Despite the bad acting and stupid, chessy jokes, this movie displays one of my biggest pet peeve: movies that use 3D as gimmicks. I'm talking about the obvious scenes of crap flying toward the screen, or a character reaching out to the audience. Just ridiculous, and this movie might display the worse. What was Sly thinking?

Somewhat saved by some funny moments, including Elijah Pitt's hilarious cameo.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Another fun and exciting adventure from the "SK" team. They do a great job of continuing to build the character development, while bringing in new colorful characters. The plot is different than the first, with better visuals. Just as good as the first one.


Average comedy, that provides a few laughs. I thought Murray was a little to enthusiastic and angry in this picture. The opening scene was hilarious, and the film works better as a parody of television executives than it does at "A Christmas Carol."

True Grit
True Grit(1969)

Another good John Wayne western. Well produced and acted, especially by Duke. One of the few things I didn't really like in the film was the acting by the girl who played Mattie Ross. She tended to be pretty annoying throughout. Good movie with a great story. Probably one of Duke's ten best westerns.


Pretty good horror movie, that suffers a little bit for not 'feeling' like a horror movie. Good acting all around with a very creative script by Speilberg. Probably would have been a better film had Speilberg directed this, and not Hooper. Good movie well worth your time.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Another grat John Hughes film, maybe his best work as director. John Candy and Steve Martin worked together tremendously. The movie was fantastic at giving out laughs at the same time giving heart warming emotion. Very funny, and very sweet.

Lethal Weapon 4

Works perfectly as the swan song for the series. Like the third, it puts a little too much emphasis on comedy rather than action. Not a perfect film, but the cast once again shares some of the best chemistry in the history of cinema, and I really mean that. The actors seemed like they really enjoyed filming this, and it definetely shows on screen.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Incredibly entertaining movie! It's an extremely fun movie to watch, and contains everything that a perfect movie needs. Adventure, action, great characters, romance, a great score, and a couple eerie moments. This movie has it all! It seems like every scene in the picture is iconic. Ranks with "First Blood" and "Die Hard" as one of the best movies at providing sheer adventure.

Must see before you die!

Mothra vs. Godzilla (Mosura tai Gojira)

Basically the same story as the previous installment with Kong. The fourth film has some of the better shots and scenes of the earlier "G" films, but it suffers from being over campy, and a bit ridiculus. A step up from the other earlier sequels, but still not all that good.

King Kong vs. Godzilla

Middle of the road Godzilla movie. First of many to have 'vs.' in the title and pit Big G against other established movie monsters. A mixed bag in terms of enjoyment, the film is only able to pick up once the battles between the two actually take place.

Flying Leathernecks

Average war film. The acting is superb, but the film is kinda boring. Choppy edits and obvious stock footage bring this film down. The movie has a very fast pace, and the ending drags on. There are some shots and moments, mostly involving Wayne and his son.

More entertaining for John Wayne nuts.

Tarzan the Ape Man

One of the better adaptions of Tarzan ever. The movie hits on all cylinders and contains the best actors to ever play the roles of Tarzan and Jane.

Logan's Run
Logan's Run(1976)

Worthy sci-fi film who's fantastic premise is some what shattered by weak execution. Some great visuals and a fantastic job by the "hobo" looking guy they meet outside of the colony.

Gigantis the Fire Monster (Godzilla Raids Again) (Gojira's Counterattack) (The Volcano Monster)

I was watching the english dubbed version for over an hour before turning the garbage off. The movie was told in narration, Godzilla was called Gigantis for some reason, and the dubbing was off by over a second.

Then I watched the Japanese version, and it was that much better. Everything I mentioned was gone, and the film had more storyline and had a much more serious tone. Ranked 50% for the Japanese version, would have been about 20% for the English version.

Second in the Godzilla series after "Gojira"

Godzilla (Gojira)

If your going to watch any 'Godzilla' movie watch this one, the original, first. All the other Godzilla movies makes it out that 'Zilla was just a citizen of Japan who frequently visited to cause havoc. We find out that he was a creation of nuclear activity. It has a good story and contains some good commentary on war, and nuclear weapons. Some pretty good visuals. Best Godzilla movie made, watch this over the english version "Godzilla: King of the Mosters."

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Might be good enough to be in the IMDB's top ten like it currently is, but it's a great movie that ranks with "Return of the Jedi" as one of the best end of trilogy films. Blows the second out of the water, and has a very emotional ending that is even more special to people like me who have been the same age as Andy throughout all of these films.

My Bloody Valentine

Above average slasher film that carries the usual trademarks with new situations and twists. I enjoyed the scenes in the mine, as well as the portrayal and identity of the killer. Not a classic in the genre like "Halloween" or "Friday the 13th" but it's certainly one of the better 'second tier' slashers.

The Prowler
The Prowler(1981)

Average slasher picture. An obvious attempt to cash in on the sucess of the more influencial movies. Instead of wearing a hockey mask or ski-mask, the killer wears a WWII soldier's uniform. Despite it being a mediocre film, it does give the viewer what I think is the best special effects of any horror film of the time.

The Burning
The Burning(1981)

Pretty routine slasher flick. I don't really understand some hype it gets. To me, this is just one of many that doesn't deserve to be mentioned with the big boys. Like "Madman" and "Sleepaway Camp" it steal's from "Friday the 13th" using the summer camp setting. Some reasons to watch this film are to see famous actors in younger roles, and for the brillian 'canoe' scene.

Hellraiser - Bloodline

After viewing this I'm starting to see why the series had to go straight to video. The film had some interesting backstory on the puzzle box, but everything else sucks including the confusing timelines and dumb script sending Pinhead in space.

If you watch this, play a drinking game during it. Each time you hear 'Toy Maker' take a swig. Evertime 'Merchant' take two swigs. And 'Princess' three swigs. You'll be pretty messed up.

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(1996)

Not as good as Tommy Boy, but still a decent way to spend 90 minutes. Some of the jokes are good, some are bad and those ones tend to come from the excess of "Chris Farley falling down" jokes. Was surprised to see some very emotional scenes carried on by Farley, who was one of the more underrated actors at pulling out emotion as well as comedy.

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

On the same level as the first sequel. While it's not as well made as the second, the plot is better and more entertaining. The first half of the film is pretty good, but the second half does everything it can to ruin it trying to turn the film into a slasher picture. Didn't like how they threw in a couple lame jokes, that really hurt the movie's appearance of being "dark".

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Miles away from where the first one away. They storyline is way to complex and the film had too big of a budget, giving the creators the opportunity to overdo the film. Pretty much the same plot, only it's more about the characters in hell than in the real world. It does have it's moments and isn't all that bad.

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Third in the "Apes" series, the idea of the apes taking on society is fun for awhile, but gets old and lame fast.

King Kong
King Kong(1933)

One of those rare films that even after 75+ years can still stand by itself. The effects are tremendous considering this was made in the early 30's. Should be considered not only one of the most influencial movies, but one of the best. Not much to say about this movie except that it's really cool.

A MUST see!

Jackass: Number Two

Movie that has some hilarious bits. Certainly gets better as the movie goes on. The prank on a prank scene with the terrorist in the cab was one of the more funny bits I have seen in a long time. A good watch especially if your hanging out with your 'bros'.

The Amityville Horror

I don't get the critc's hatred for this one. It's not the best of it's kind but it's a damn creepy movie that has a good plot and a good score to go with. Great cast with many genuine scary moments.

Major League: Back to the Minors

Another bad sequel to Major league. They try and bring back characters from the first two, but all of them are the secondary characters we don't enjoy as much. A little better than the second in part because it has a different, and semi-interesting plot. Liked the way they did it rather than just having another baseball season for the Indians. Pacing in this is horrible, and it is extremely not funny.

Amityville II: The Possession

Stupid sequel that, outside of a few camera shots, is terrible in just about every way. The film was about the real life Amityville killings, although they don't make that clear at all. The movie has way to many Exorcist rip offs, and the story contradicts the original in so many obvious ways. The "relationship" between the brother and sister was gross, uncalled for, and poorly executed.

H2: Halloween II

Slightly worse than Zombie's first take. Went way over top with making the film artsy. Just like before the first half is way better than the second. The actress who played Laurie was annoying, and I didn't like how they made Loomis a dick.


Disturbing, but still a treat for the horror genre. Many praise this film on all levels minus the storyline, which they view as poor. I tend to disagree and praise Clive Barker for having a genuine story between Frank and his lover, rather than just having Pinhead and his cenobites killing everybody all movie long.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Gives the characters a bit of a backstory, although it's completely unsatisfying. For some reason the film almost forgets about Leatherface and has the "Sheriff" as the main antagonist. Still the movie could have been that much worse.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

No where near the original. Is watchable, however, due to pretty good filmmaking and an incredibly sexy Jessica Biel. Instead of going for genuine scares, they just use the "Saw" and "Hostel" tactic of just having a lot of blood and gore. Despite the non-passing grade, this is still better than all the other terrible sequels.

Paranormal Activity 2

Solid sequel that is a little too similar to the first. Still this one has more scares and even a few laughs. The approach of using security cameras over the house works better than just using the handheld like they did in the original.

Paranormal Activity

Spooky and chilling story. An obvious attempt to bring back the methods that were created from the Blair Witch. Some really scary moments that once again proves that not showing the villains and gore is the better route.

Black Christmas

Horrible remake that makes the original worse when you watch it again. Explains all the cliffhangers of the first with disgusting and terrible explanations. Watch the seventies version, but leave this one alone!

Prom Night
Prom Night(2008)

Terrible slasher film that uses so many cliches that at some times you feel like your watching a film that satires them. Really pointless and stupid remake, that does only one thing right: it has an accurate portrayal of cops...

Night of the Living Dead

Good film that surprisingly has a realistic fealing of what would happen should such events occur. Scary and entertaining it's one flick you need to see if your're a horror buff.

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue

Great documentary on the evolution of the horror genre from the days on Universal Horror, up to the current age of torture porn and uncreative remakes. While doing a bang up job, you get the feel that the film left out a couple of big events.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Not as impressive as the first two, but still a good edition to the series. The "Thunderdome" plot was both impressive and memorable. A little too much camp humor for my taste. Completes one of the most underrated trilogies of all-time.

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th

Not another bad spoof movie! Just like Scary Movie which came around the same year, this movie pokes fun at "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer." I don't really understand what's the big draw to parodying those two particular titles, but oh well. Has a couple laughs but the most are just stupid and incredibly tame. Scary Movie was way better, watch that film instead.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

A couple words came to mind after I finished this. Awful. Horrible. Just to name a few. By far one of the worst movies I've ever seen, the plot is so repetitive to the first three "Chainsaw" movies that a twelve year could of wrote this if he saw them all. Leatherface is used as a side character too much, but that might be a good thing since they butchered his character up so much. The ending has a lot of twists, but none of them are ever explained. Terrible movie.

Scary Movie 2

Not as good as the first. Like the original, the whole movie contains hit-and-miss comedy. Unfortunetly the second has more misses than hits. Still does pack in some laughs and is a good watch for those familiar with haunted house movies such as "The Haunting."

The Ladykillers

Disapointing effort by the Coen brothers. The movie is well made, but nothing is there to peak the interest. Tom Hanks gets annoying at times, and Wayans was a bad casting choice. The rest of the cast was pretty good, but the story isn't nearly as charming as the original.

South Park: Imaginationland: The Movie

Pretty good South Park here. Basically just combined the three "Imaginationland" episodes with some more uncut footage. Not the best South Park has done, and certainly not the best. I do prefer this to the theatrical movie.

Just Friends
Just Friends(2005)

A movie that is both funny and heart warming. A very enjoyable tale that should appeal to everyone who has ever had a high school crush, or who has changed their personality in pursuit of a girl. Good movie.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

One of the few spoofs made in the 2000's decade that actually works. Like most of the farce movies it has jokes that hit or miss, but for the most part "Scary Movie" produces hits.

Scary Movie 4

Pretty funny movie with the usual "Scary Movie" gags. Once again they go way to over-the-top on black comedy with people getting hit in the face and so on. Still does a decenet job at poking fun at The Grudge, War of the Worlds, the Village, and the Saw series.

Summer Rental

Disapointing movie that again wastes John Candy's talents. Mostly a boring and uninteresting film that suffers from a terrible film, but has just enough charm to not be overly terrible.

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Second straight terrible "Chainsaw" movie. You can definetely tell the filmmakers tried to turn these stories into the next super-franchise of films such as "Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Halloween". Most of those movies are at least average, while these are just bombs.

Same storyline as the first and somewhat of the second.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Amazing movie! Better than the first...just kidding! This movie is horrible and really should be avoided. I understand they went for the black comedy approach, but that doesn't work at all. Offers some exact scenes from the first, and offers little to differ itself. Dennis Hopper plays a stupid role.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

I love the show, not so much this movie. The idea to make this a musical really backfired. Some moments are brilliant, and some are dull. But at least 75% of the episodes on TV are better than this. I do love the "Shut your Fucking face uncle fucker" song.

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

Pretty bad movie. Extrmely predictable and cliched, with a bad pace. Morgan is annoying as hell at times. Most of the movie is not funny, although there are some good Kevin Smith lines. Sean William Scott was terrtible! Repeating someone constantly is not funny.

Jackass - The Movie

Decent good attempt to bring the fun show on the big screen. While the next two "Jackass" movies were better, this is still an alright movie with some hilarious stunts.

Saw VI
Saw VI(2009)

Better than the last two lackluster efforts, but still not all that great. Way better filmmaking than the previous film, with better asking as well. Even though it's a better film, it's still fairly pointless.

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

A little better than part four, but still one of the worst in the series. The story's timelines are confusing. You never get what takes place at the present, or what's in the past.

Have to at least give props that they actually continue a storyline from film to film. Other horror franchises like 'Nightmare' and 'Friday' don't even make attempts at that.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills

One of my dad's favorites but definetely not one of mine. It wasn't a bad movie, but I just never really cared for it that much. Dreyfuss and Nolte both were solid, but the story was a little weak.

Death to Smoochy

Lackluster movie that never catches your interest. I didn't like Robin Williams in the role of the potty mouthed dino, and I usually never like Edward Norton in any role. Unfunny and often boring.

Hot Shots!
Hot Shots!(1991)

Average satire on the film "Top Gun". Like most of the films in the genre, the film contains some funny moments, but more overwhelmingly unfunny ones. Still better than the majority of the spoof films that were followed up a decade later.

The Comebacks

Continues the trend of recent bad spoof movies. "Comebacks" focuses all their mocks to inspirational sports movies, and while suceeds a couple times, usually bombs. Not worth your time.

Scary Movie 3

Decent spoof film that has a handful of hilarious spoofs. Relies a little too heavily on "dark" comedy and stupid slapstick jokes. Enjoable parodies on "The Ring" and "Signs" as well as a few others/

Stan Helsing
Stan Helsing(2009)

Some funny moments but keeps up the tradition of the decade's satire movies of being or coming close to being horrible. Leslie Nielsen is funny in a cameo role, and Diora Baird is unbelievably sexy.

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck(1989)

A subpar outing from John Hughes and John Candy. The movie's plot is just not interesting enough to fill the time. "Buck" had some funny moments but needed more. Expected more from John Hughes.

Spies Like Us

Poor effort by a loaded cast and filmmaking crew. The story is not that funny and has way too many special effects than it should. Needed to focus more on comedy. Would have been better with a lower budget, perhaps.

The Rack
The Rack(1956)

Interesting premise but the story falls flat. After a promising start, this movie sinks into overlong courtroom scenes that take up a large chunk of the film. The acting is great, but they don't have a great stage to work with. Newman is great, however, in one of his early roles. And it also features the great Lee Marvin.

Decent view if your a fan of Newman, but otherwise avoid.

Field of Dreams

Amazing movie that has a connection with my soul. This movie works on so many levels due to the great cast, creative storyline, and fantastic filmmaking. One of the best feel good movies that I have ever seen. The ending with Costner throwing to his late father is fantastic. There's not much I don't absolutely love about this movie.

Bull Durham
Bull Durham(1988)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the most overrated baseball movie of all time. Sure it has it's moments but the plot is virtually pointless and is just a boring movie. The acting is fantastic, but that was all I enjoyed from this disapointed view.

Mr. 3000
Mr. 3000(2004)

As a Milwaukee Brewers fan, I had my fingers crossed that this would be a good movie. My wish didn't come true. It's labeled as a comedy, although the only funny moments come from jokes that I think non-Brewers fans would get. Works better as a drama than comedy.

The Bucket List

Disapointing film that wastes the talents of Nicholson and Freeman. The film's premise had some potential, but the movie was never able to gain any momentum. Some touching moments, but no humor at all.

Force 10 From Navarone

So-so remake of the "Guns of Navarone." Get's the edge of being a 'fresh' movie due to the tremendous cast of Shaw, Ford, Bach, and Kiel. Shaw and Ford have tremendous chemistry together. Way too fast paced.

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

Like the title suggests, this movie did indeed have some funny people star in it. THe problem was they weren't all that funny. Some good humorous and emotional scenes are shadowed by an extremely overlong running time.

Vera Cruz
Vera Cruz(1954)

Average western that makes it's mark due to strong performances by the two leads Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster. Fun adventure with a dull plotline that is familiar with many comedy/westerns around this time period.

The Case of the Hillside Stranglers

Pretty lame attempt to make this case a movie. The acting was pretty much decent but everything else was just a complete bore. Watch a documentary on the "Stranglers" instead.

The Whole Nine Yards

Overrated movie that has glimpses of being solid, but ultimately never lives up to that potential. Way to extreme and silly plotline that has about five-too many twists and double crossings.

Striking Distance

Not a good movie, but not as horrible as some might lead you to believe. The movie is hampered by it's PG-13 rating. Would have been better had the filmmakers had gone for an 'R' picture. Differs itself in that Willis is a lake cop, but otherwise pretty cliche. Has a nice twist in the ending.


Yes, it is known for it's over-the-top gore and sadistic approach at killing victims. But Saw is overlooked in the fact that it is a smart film that has an interesting plot, with an unpredictable twist. Unfortunately has been labeled as a weaker movie due to the annual output of sequels.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Fun and enjoyable look into the teenage culture of the 1980's. Most enjoyable aspect of this movie is that there really isn't one main character or storyline. It has many storylines and adventures for various people from the school. Good watch.

The Fan
The Fan(1996)

Extremely depressing movie that features De Niro and his obsessive and dangerous attitudes during his favorite baseball player, Wesley Snipes. The two did a fine job but this movie is way to overdramatic, and quite frankly will depress the hell out of you.

What Women Want

Kind of a dull movie with a premise that seems to have been created amongst a feminist convention. As a good message, with good intention by all who were involved. But ultimately the movie just failed to impress me.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Even better than the original! Works great with a simple, and raw plot of two groups of survivers of a nuclear war dueling over gasonline. The end car chase scene with the fuel tank is amazingly impressive, and downright badass! One of my favorite sequences of all time.

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

Entertaining film that works well despite the NEED for a larger budget. Gibson plays his most iconic role admirably. Even without the cash, some of the car and bike stunts are very impressive. Different look into the future than what most Hollywood movies depict.

Jingle All the Way

One of my guilty pleasures that always makes my view list during the christmas holidays. Arnold is great at creating the emotion of a 'bad' father who does what ever it takes to get his son the "Turboman" doll his despretely wants under the tree. Charming performances for all, and is surprisingly funny and sweet.

Kindergarten Cop

Charming film that has a brilliant mix of comedy, action, and sweetness. The movie that proved Arnold had the ability to expand his career into the comedy genre. Great character interaction between Arnold and all of the kids.

True Lies
True Lies(1994)

A pure, fun film that does to the "badass" genre as Scream did to the "slasher" genre. Rollercoaster of a film that puts action and punches backseat to the funny emotional strain between Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis' marriage. Extremely fun and creative.


Great movie that is one of the most inspirational films ever. It's cliche and predictable plot line is shadowed by the terrific cast and memorable soundtrack by Bill Conti. Hasn't aged all that well, and Rocky's voice can get a little annoying, but it's still one of the more impressive sporting pictures in cinema.


Decent Sly Stallone action film. Gives the audience exactly what it wants, and gives us a different and new location. John Lithgow was a very unusual choice for a villain, but it didn't bring the movie down that much. Better than most of Sly's non "Rambo" action flicks.

The Proposition

Well done movie that takes place in the "Western" days of Australia. Good performances and storyline throughout, with a decent plot. Is somewhat affected by the story trying to be a lot bigger than it actually is.

Demolition Man

Average hollywood blockbuster that has about every cliche imaginable. Stallone does a good job but Snipes is too annoying and has way to much humor for a belivable villain. Denis Leary didn't get much screentime and Sandra Bullock was virtually useless. Highlights of the film are funny jokes and references about the over protective future.

Funny cameo by Rob Schneider.

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

The point in the series where the plot has just gotten old. Some good scenes of how Jigsaw came to be a killer, but that's about it. Really pointless to keep the series alive now that he's dead.

Planet of the Apes

Horrible movie that only gets minor points for going for the re-imaginig route rather than the straight remake. Horrible one liners, and uneffective campy humor. Somewhat is made up by an exciting final battle.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Hilarious movie that sets the bar for future mockumentaries. One of the funnies movies that I have seen in years. Baron Cohen does a great job, and the movie is great at showing our own culture at it's worst.


Maybe the last great western film. Great storytelling by Clint Eastwood, who does a great job directing and acting to bring out the inner conflict that exists in the lead character. Great character movie.

True Crime
True Crime(1999)

This movie isn't great, but it's a decent chapter to Eastwood's filmography. Interesting character by Clint in that he plays a jerk instead of his usual badass. Decent film that should be more entertaining to die hard Eastwood fans like myself.

In the Line of Fire

Good movie that ranks as one of Eastwood's more underrated films. I would have liked to have seen them go more in depth on his character being haunted by the Kennedy assassination, but oh well. Malkovich is great as the twisted villain.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Outstanding movie that unfortunately isn't put on the same "masterpiece" level that some of Spielberg's other films. Great movie that suceeds the most as a story about a man on a mission to find answers. John Williams does a great job creating the score.

See before you die.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Simply put, this is a fun movie. Certainly one of the better adaptions of a tv show. A lot better than what it should have been. Burton does a good job of putting Pee Wee in many and more importantly different situations. Amazingly, the character of Pee Wee doesn't get annoying as the film progresses.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

I have been critical on many Tim Burton movies before, but I have no problem saying that this is a great one. Heartwarming story that is one of the few to, in my mind, succesfully use Burton's storybook filmmaking style. Great, creative movie that remains Burton's best.


Another overrated Tim Burton movie that can't find a good mix of comedy. There's some funny scenes such as the "Day-o" bit, but the movie just really stalls when Beetlejuice isn't in the picture, and that's a large chuck of the movie. Movie doesn't know what it wants to be, and is to "artsy" for it's own good.

Breakheart Pass

Highly underrated western flick that may be one of the best Charles Bronson westerns with him as the first billing. Enjoyable film that also works as somewhat of a mystery. Nice supporting job by career supporting actor Ben Johnson.

Analyze This
Analyze This(1999)

I can see how some people can like it, but it just didn't work for me. Even though the team up of a gangster and a psycologist is new, the way they presented it was with the old, cliched odd couple premise. Some funny bits.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Amazing movie that hits on all cylinders. Great acting, great story, great premise, the list goes on. Strong movie that has some hidden gems in terms of social satire. Movie you can watch continously and never get sick of.

The Wicker Man

Fun movie that's very interesting and enjoyable but it just lacks the punch that would have made it great. The ending is a great pay off, but the movie drags in some areas. Trippy movie!

Jackass 2.5
Jackass 2.5(2007)

Kind of a cheap way to make money. Everything in this "film" is just stuff left from the sequel's cutting room floor. The cast even pokes fun at some of the bad skits saying that they would make great DVD extras. Some skits are good but the majority should have just been on the deleted scenes.

Major League II

Perfect example of how not to make a sequel. "ML2" offers very little to the first. There's some new ballplayers, but nothings really changed. It follows the exact same plot line of starting the year poorly, only to make a huge run to the playoffs.

If there's a reason to watch this, is Bob Uecker who's funny as always. Randy Quaid also plays a funny role as the ultimate "Nega-fan."

Saw III(2006)

Not up to the level of the first two, but still a decent attempt at a third chapter. The story structure is weaker, and the twists are more predictable. The more graphic gore scenes don't work for me, but the filmmakers did a good job of continuing to give back stories to Jigsaw and Amanda.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Highly effective movie that is both extremely scary and creepy. The character of Leatherface is correctly labeled as an icon in the horror genre. I like the camera work, but I thought the kid in the wheel chair was annoying as hell.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Successful sequel that does seem mindless at times, but does give more in depth characteristics to Jigsaw and provides new, interesting twists to the story.

Super Troopers

A couple of the jokes worked but most of them didn't do anything for me. One of those cult comedy movies that you'll either love and hate, and while I didn't hate it I still wanted it to be over after the first half hour.

Jackass 3
Jackass 3(2010)

Entertaining movie that has some huge laughs and some real fun moments. A lot of the stunts are performed admirably, but you get the sense some of them were just staged. Gets old after awhile and went overbored in terms of being disgusting.

Student Bodies

So-so farce about all the horror and slasher films around the same time. Does a good job at satire the genre, but for some reason goes in other directions outside of horror films and doesn't suceed at them at all. Some really funny moments are here such as the horse-head bookends.

Seed of Chucky

Complete garbage of a movie. Works as some stupid comedy while throwing all the horror out. Storyline of the "Chucky" film within the film and having chucky actually attack the crew was already done in "New Nightmare" and the "Scream" trilogy. Terrible movie that only offers one of two chuckles.

Sleepaway Camp

Obviously got the idea's setting from "Friday the 13th." Pretty straight forward slasher flick, that's unusual killer and twist is the only reason that it remains unique.

Child's Play 3

Technically well made but is essentially the same plot as the first two set in a military school. Nothing new here but it does give you everything you want to watch in a "Chucky" movie. As a lot of third chapters go in horror franchises, this one is pretty good.

Bride of Chucky

Lame attempt to revive the Chucky franchise. Use of humor really doesn't fit this series well unless it's used discretely. Having the dolls have sex and such was a poor plot point.

Ready to Rumble

Not a good movie, but not a terrible one either. Seemed to just be aimed at wrestling fans, whick I'm not. A few funny moments, but a lot of really stupid ones too.

Death Wish 3
Death Wish 3(1985)

Bad film that has the same plot outline as the first two with two notable exeptions. The police are in on him from the start and encourage him, and the people of New York help Bronson fight off the thugs. Those two elements save this from an even worse rating.

Scream 3
Scream 3(2000)

Not as good as the first two, "S3" still is a good movie that has a satisfying conclusion to a trilogy that was way better than I expected. Less laughs, but more suspense. Neve Campbell is cute as hell, and is a great actress to boot.

Friday the 13th

Just a rehash of everything else we've already seen. However, it knows it's audience and gives us a lot of gore and nudity. And I mean A LOT! The best movie to center around Jason, not that that's saying a hell of a lot.

The War Wagon

Average story and direction that becomes a notch above average due to the rivalry of Wayne and Douglas. You can definetely feel their real rivalry off screen. Fun movie, but bland.

The Shepherd of the Hills

Good story that is brought out of mediocrity by John Wayne and Harry Carrey who both give tremendous performances. Duke idolized Carrey as a kid, and you feel the respect both the legendary actors had for each other through their acting. Good movie, although a little predictable.

The Big Trail

Solid western that suffers from poor narrative skills. Would of worked better if they didn't try and make it an epic. Still a good movie, don't get me wrong. Very historical in being Duke's first film, and the first talkie western.

Star Wars: Empire of Dreams

Extremely well made documentary that chronicles everything that the Star Wars trilogy helped create and influence. New information for the casual fan of the trilogy like myself, as well as for the die hards.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Not a great movie by any means, and definetely not better than the original. This is still a decent movie that is in my mind better than all the sequels of the 80's and 90's. It stays true to it's source, while adding some more twists. I like the relationship between the two kids. Fealt more real than the one in the original "ANOES." Another aspect is that they portrayed Freddy as a child molester. I like that angle better than the old "child murderer" approach. Obviously I'm against that kind of sick act, but it made the movie more powerful including the scene where they see their own pictures. Haley does a great job taking over Englund.

Despite only be rated a 5/10, I believe this is probably the best job they could of done. Fans of the old series will hate it, while newer generations will get a kick out of it.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Amazing documentary that gives time to explain everything around and about the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series. One of the best aspects about this is that they aren't afraid to admit when one of the films totally sucked. Great interviews and wraparound animation.

Look Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman

Very well done documentary that has a fantastic start, and a bit of a poor ending. Goes through every fashion of Superman's history thoroughly and affectively. Good view for those looking to learn more about the "Man of Steel".


The first half was a 6/10 and the second half was a 4/10. That's because the first part was a prequel of some sorts and totally created an identity for itself. The second was just a carbon copy of the original. Myers is the main character to start, then half way through Laurie is. Just a messy movie.

The Breakfast Club

Great film about the 80's culture that is essentially "Ferris Buehler" with more sophisticated humor, better characters, and some genuine heart touching moments. Judd Nelson steals the show in this great John Hughes film.

Jason X
Jason X(2002)

Terrible movie that rans as the worst in the already bad franchise. Stupid plot that just screams that the producers had no ideas. The tactic of using humor during deaths really backfired. Horrible film.

The Hills Have Eyes

Basically the exact same movie as the first except they changed the creatures from ferrel humans to miners who were affected in a nuclear test. Gives a more action packed ending than the original, but otherwise doesn't differ at all from it.

Not Another Teen Movie

Has some hilarious moments and suceeds better than most similar satire films. However that's not saying much and continues to have the trend of just recreating teen movies rather than mocking them. Bad movie with a few gold nugget jokes.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Pretty good horror film that has a new twist on the dying slasher genre. I like the film's premise and the take on the whole "Hook" urban legend. Most of the actors did a decent job outside of Prinze Jr. who was horrible. The reveal of the villain at the end was unrewarding. Still a decent picture.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

I tried to like this movie but I got to say this was a huge disapointment. The movie seemed to have no real plot, and the action scenes, while explosive and well filmed, were few and far between. Whiplash was a cool villain, but they hardly dived into his motivation and character.

Freddy vs. Jason

Definetely not a good movie but still delivers some action and excitement that most of the sequels have in these two never ending franchises. The action scenes are done beautifully. More of a "Nightmare" movie than a "Friday" possibly due to Wes Craven writing the script.

Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday

I give the "Jason" filmmakers props for trying to make the series different the last two films, but once again it just didn't work. Bad movie all the way around, and it didn't feel like a "Friday" movie at all. Didn't give any continuity from the previous film at all. The final scene was great, though...


Good movie that is as funny as it is scary. The story is very smart and has a lot of clever references from previous "slasher" films. The best part about this picture was the characters, especially Neve Campbell who did an unbelievable job giving emotion to a character, a feat slasher films haven't been able to accomplish in decades.

Batman & Robin

Wow. I think I've put on better Batman adventures when I was a kid with all my action figuere. I have no idea what Schumacher was thinking. What makes this movie even worse is the feeling I get that the producers of this movie intended it to be exactly how it is. There are so many things wrong with this movie: rubber nipples, cod pieces, too many villains, terrible casting all around, homosexual undertones, etc. And what's with all the neon crap and huge giant man statues? Uck! If I hear one more Mr. Freeze ice pun...

Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan

Executed poorly even on "F13" series standards. Still I give it props for being different and trying new scenery, even though it's still the same formula. Jason on a cruise was a good idea, but if they intended on Jason going to the big apple they should have made that a bigger part of the picture.

The Beguiled
The Beguiled(1971)

Interesting film that deals a lot with sexuality. It works pretty well but the major twist at the end comes way to late, and the film suffers from a slower pace. Still a pretty good picture, though.

Death Wish II

Works better than the first in many ways, but is basically just a rehash of the original. The rape scenes were way to graphic for me, but the revenge was displayed better with Bronson going after the muggers who raped and killed his daughter, rather than random thugs.

John Ford Goes to War

Disapointing documentary could have been a lot better. The film deals with Ford making various documentarys of WWII, while he went over to Europe. Plays out like a boring classroom doc.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Intense movie that really keeps you guessing and begging for the inevitable personality change. Another great De Niro/Scorcesse picture that falls just short of being a masterpiece.

Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film

Pretty good documentary on the slasher genre. Kind of makes it out to be more influencial than it actually was/is but I was impressed how they took the critics head on. Forgot some movies most notably "Texas Chainsaw" but did a decent time giving screen time to the lesser known films.

Eddie Murphy: Delirious

Very funny stand up routine that remains Eddie Murphy's best. Extremely dirty but funny, this is the Eddie before he made all those BS kids movies.

Death Wish
Death Wish(1974)

Decent vigilante thriller that really does a great job of capturing the 70's. A little to brain dead, Bronson is good at action but lacks the heart in this film.

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Centerpiece of the "Cavalry" trilogy is somewhat overrated. Still it's a pretty good Ford/Wayne film that can still entertain.

Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood

Yet another bad "F13" movie. I wouldn't even hesitate to say this is the second worst behind part 5 up to this point. Telekinetic powers are you serious? Jason as a basically invincible monster? None of that crap works in these movies.

The James Bond Story

Average documentary that is all over the place. They don't go over the films and books in order, they just go over different categories like gadgets, and Bond girls, etc. More of the character of Bond instead of his adventures. Way to short for 20 Bond movies.

His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th

Pretty interesting documentary that does a good time of going behind the scenes of all the movies, while giving interviews of all who made them possible.

Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jason Lives

Part 6 is correctly billed as the best sequel, but that doesn't say much. The method of putting campy humor works in some movies, but is a wrong fit for the "F13" series. The acting is also terrible in this. The idea of Jason coming back to life and becoming a superhuman is quite frankly, really stupid.

Superman and the Mole Men

First Superman story to hit the screen is an average picture that limits the action and story to create a social messege about little people who live six miles underground.

Friday the 13th, Part V - A New Beginning

The worst of the series up to it's point. This movie is stupid and pointless. Jason's dead so somebody else kills people using his style. I guess that's a good way to keep this series from continuing until the end of time. A lot of nude girls, but none of them are as attractive as the previous films. You might get a giggle at how stupid this thing is, but you should probably avoid it.

Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter

Another bad "F13" movie. It's better than the second and third because it at least tried to be different, but in the end it failed at that too. Seriously, at least Freddy and Michael change up the scenery and the ways they kill. They didn't dive into the Rob character enough, and Corey Feldman shaving his head was just stupid. The only thing unpredictable is that it didn't have predictable ending the last two tried to recreate.

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

Perhaps one of Spielberg's weakest efforts, this film can still entertain mainly due to two tremendous scenes including the trailor falling off of the cliff, and having the T-Rex come back with us just like "King Kong."

Jurassic Park

Great movie that brings to life adventure as well as dinosaurs. Uses a great plot idea by Crichton to form another fantastic Steven Spielberg film. Amazing special effects and visuals.

Indio Black, sai che ti dico: Sei un gran figlio di..(Adios Sabata)

Centerpiece of the Sabata trilogy, really doesn't try and hide the fact that it is just another reincarnation of the first. It suceeds due to the fact that it's more entertaining, and has a better lead gunslinger in Brynner.

Ehi amico... c' Sabata, hai chiuso! (Sabata)

First in the Sabata trilogy is a solid film. Sticks to the typical "Spaghetti Western" ploy of trying to recreate "The Man With No Name" movies, and is one of the few that does a decent job of it.


Interesting premise that followed through with predictable outcomes and familiar scenes. Seems very similar to "The Good Son." Good watch especially by the actress who played the mother, who did an entertaining job of just wanting the "Orphan" to leave.


Pretty funny movie that's probably only enjoyable if your hanging with your buddies. It has some very hilarious moments and features a lot of cute girls, but theres a handful of jokes that just don't work.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Surprisingly a well done adaption on the 90's tv show which I also enjoyed as a kid. Movie shows heart and emotion, as well as an interesting backstory for Bruce. All three of those elements didn't exist in "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin."

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Terrific sequel that cpntinues the great tradition of great characters, thrilling action, and exciting entertainment. Unquestionably is a better made movie than the first, but the film doesn't have the opportunity to have characters connect as much. Yoda is awesome and the final half hour is classic!

Grandma's Boy

I can definetely see how some people may think this is a good movie, but I'm not one of them. Maybe it's because I don't live with my Grandma, or maybe it's because I think video games are a major waste of time. This movie has some funny bits, and it's better than critics say it is, but not as good as the cult following's consensous.

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

Incredibly entertaining, this thriller is just way to fast paced for me. Still a fun movie that's one of Craven's best in a long time.


Good film that tries to hard to be great. Unique alien invasion story in that it dives into the unused concept of crop circles. The cast in pretty damn good, especially Gibson. Story really uses faith to make it interesting and even though some didn't like the twist at the end with his late wife, I would it to be extremely effective.

That said the great films in the genre like "Close Encounters" leaves us guessing, this just left you confused.

Malibu's Most Wanted

Some funny parts, but Malibu gets old really quick, and the jokes start to get less and less funny. Stupid movie, and not in a good way. Seemed to rip off "Black Sheep." Guess they should of tried to go with "Tommy Boy."

Everyone's Hero

Average CGI film that tries to hard to be kid friendly, and tries extremely to hard to give moral lessons. Won't appeal to adults at all like the Shrek or Pixar films. I liked how they made the Chicago Cubs the bad guys though.

Lethal Weapon

Movie that should be the gameplan for all cop/buddy films. The story has some cliche's, but Glover and Gibson are so good together you don't care. What makes this movie great is that despite their different skin colors, they never point that out through jokes or dialogue. Instead they use the other differences they have.

Stealing Harvard

Bad movie that is only watchable if you absolutely don't want to think at all. Weak story wastes an otherwise stellar cast (Minus Tom Green.) Some funny moments but not many.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Severly overrated movie. This movie is slightly original, but the movie is just way to bizarre in-and-out of the dream sequences. Jim Carrey really needs to stick to "Dumb and Dumber" type movies.


Good cop drama that inspired several others including "Dirty Harry" and "Shaft." It's somewhat of a simple plot, but it's executed perfectly and features of of the best car chase sequences of all-time. I fealt that McQueen didn't really fit the role, but he did a fine job regardless.

Dan in Real Life

Some emotional moments and a sweet cast, but this picture can be boring and uninteresting. There's better movies out there with similar messeges.

The Sandlot
The Sandlot(1993)

Charming picture about kids coming of age on the baseball diamond. Effectively used many techniques of story telling, but the film has a much to fast pace.

The Scout
The Scout(1994)

Terrible baseball comedy. The plot of an amazing pitcher would have worked better if he wasn't given Superman-esque pitching power. Wasted story on an unused plot of using a team's scout.

The Black Dahlia

What the hell was this. I viewed this movie to get a hollywood look at the Elizabeth Short case, and instead I find this bogus piece of fiction played off of the real life murder. That might be fine if it was a good story, but it wasn't. Only positive is that this introduced me to the beautiful world of Scarlett Johanasson.


Absolute gem. A movie that gets better and better the more that you learn about the history of it. Film you can watch over and over again, even if you no longer find some of the jokes funny.


Incredibly lame attempt to bring the Chicago serial killer to the big screen. Movie works better as an unintentional comedy rather than a horror-bio.

Little Man
Little Man(2006)

Bad but not as bad as it's made out to be. There are some funny moments here, but the film is really jumpy making the "Little Man" both a baby and a six year old. Tries to be a little touching but fails miserably. Kerry Washington is smoking hot as always!

Evan Almighty

Definetely not as good as "Bruce" but "Evan" is better than the terrible film that you think it might before viewing. Is almost exclusively aimed at kids unlike the Jim Carrey original.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Amazing movie that deserves every bit of recognition it deserves. Highly original, with great effects and scenic sites. But the best aspect of the movie is the incredible cast of colorful characters that have become more than iconic.


The black "Dirty Harry" of cinema. This movie more than any other of the period, best displays the ebonic explosion of the early 70's. Great performances all around, and an awesome soundtrack by Isaac Hayes.


Incredible fun and manly, Predator is great at producing thrills, gore, and action but provides little else. Take it for what it is and you'll have a fun time watching.

Predator 2
Predator 2(1990)

Bad film. Glover seems miscasted in a role that should have gone to a more "Arnold" type actor. Saved from a worse grade for changing the setting to LA, instead of the same jungle shtick. It sets you up for a sequel that didn't come out for twenty years.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Continues the trend of the fourth of being extremely confusing plotwise and characterwise. The whole "Chosen One" messege was bogus considering we basically knew that from the first. A decent watch, but one of the weaker of the "HP" series.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The third chapter is the best one to date. Great and intriguing story that carries a plotline that doesn't revolve around the usual Voldermort trying to kill Harry deal. Doesn't offer as many memorable moments as the first, but it's darker and the characters are more emotional and exciting.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Good entry that matches the first's intensity in every way. The problem is that the plot and characters are a bit weaker this time around. Another successful Harry Potter flick.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Great adaption to Rowling's classic novel. Unlike many, I think director Columbus did an outstanding job on the first two Potter flicks. He perfectly mixed magic, adventure, humor, and a little campy fun that made this movie appeal to more than just nerds. Beautifully photographed!

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

Great action flick! Second only to "Die Hard" in terms of sheer entertainment. Works perfectly at creating a guy who at the end of the flick you think killed everybody, but in reality he didn't intentionally cause anyones death. Two bad scenes are the goofy soldiers, and Sly's over-the-top and impossible to understand final speech. Otherwise nearly perfect.

Slap Shot
Slap Shot(1977)

Hilarious movie that just kicks ass in nearly every way.

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes

Weak effort by the 'apes' crew. Unneccessary sequel that destroys the imagination after the fourth film. Characters are flat and everything they present has been shown in one form or another from the previous four.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

In no way a good movie at all, I actually enjoyed it probably more than most. It's a funny movie with performances by the two leads that are surprisingly good and similar to Carrey and Daniels.

Dumb and Dumber

Hilarious movie that correctly doesn't attempt to bring in any real emotion. Brainless and stupid, but in an entertaing way. These are the types of movies Jim Carrey should have stuck with.

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

Funny sequel that delivers all the laughs from the first, and surprisingly continues on character development. Some great emotional moments here to go with humor. Definetely not a cheap excuse to make money.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

In the NFL all the players from the season come together at the end for the Pro Bowl. Well this is what this movie is to the first four Kevin Smith pictures. It's a fun treat for fans who've stuck with the older Smith Pictures. Eliza Dushku is amazingly hot in this!


Probably the worst of Kevin Smith's movies with Jay and Silent Bob. This film is just way to big for itself. It's not that funny and Jay and Silent Bob work way better as secondary side characters. Smith does a better job when delivering real-life characters in real situations.

Chasing Amy
Chasing Amy(1997)

Impressively smart film that gives great lessons and morals on sex, love, sexual orientation, and just about everything else. Very touching movie that isn't one of Kevin Smith's funniest, but it's one of his best.


Tries to hard to place "Clerks" in a mall. Unlike Clerks this film can only appeal to comic book fans, and other nerds. Some funny moments including a cameo by Stan Lee.

Police Story (Ging chaat goo si) (Police Force)

Does a great job at executing fight sequences. But the entire picture seems like it's trying to hard to be a picture from the west.

John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.

Poor effort to recreate the thrills of "New York." Cliched sequel that changes the setting but not the story or characters. THe ending saves it from being a total waste.

Escape from New York

Carpenter does a great job in creating a futuristic world where the city of New York is a big prison. Perfect blend of sci-fi and action. Features a good secondary cast of Donald Pleasance and Lee Van Cleef

Escape From Alcatraz

Smart and exciting prison escape movie that suceeds in bringing to life the real escape from the famed prison. Movie tries to add thrills by exaggerating some details, but they didn't even need to do that. Clint is great as Frank Morris.

The Boondock Saints

Entertaining movie. I can see why some people would absolutely fall in love with this picture but I'm not one of them. Willem Dafoe was way to damn weird.

Where Eagles Dare

I just liked this movie a lot. It just had a neat plot with some surprising twists and amazing scenery. Who doesn't enjoy watching Clint kill hundreds of Nazis?

Kelly's Heroes

Very entertaining war film that does a great job of mixing in comedy and action. Great performances all around especially by Donald Sutherland who's hilarious in this. Could have developed the characters more, but it's a fun story none the less. Love the "Burning Bridges" theme.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

Simply put: the best action movie of all-time. The expression "I was on the edge of my seat" actually applied to me for the first and only time during this film. Nonstop suspense and action make this a great movies, but McClain's not cliched cop mentality and failing relationship with his wife make it a masterpiece.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Good sequel. Does what the second should have done and switches up the story. John McClain isn't in the wrong place at the wrong time, he's right were the villain wants him. Great idea of using the Simon Says game as an instrument.

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2(1990)

Decent sequel. Suffers from the exact same situation and plot of the first film only this time at an airport. Entertaining, but the movie would have been better had it lived by itself and stopped the constant references to the original.

Quantum of Solace

22nd Bond film and the second with Daniel Craig. Starts right after the end of "Casino" and continues there. Structurally it's a fine film, but it's way to short and adds on to a story that should have been left alone. Would have worked better with a different script.

Casino Royale

21st Bond film and the first to feature Daniel Craig. This is in my views to best Bond movie ever made. Outside of Connery, Craig is light years better than the other actors who played the role. There are so much great emotion and raw feeling in this flick, that just makes in unforgettable. Eva Green is hot and does a great job not to just be used for sex appeal. Great villains and great action sequences.

Will go down as better than "From Russia With Love" and "Goldfinger" in the years to come.

Die Another Day

20th Bond film and the final to feature Pierce. This is only the second film I've graded as rotten. Filmmakers got to CGI happy and wasted a great beginning of Bond as a P.O.W. Too many gadgets are featured that belong in a superhero movie, not a Bond film. Halle Berry is a straight up babe, but I like my Bond girls to have more than just sex appeal. Too many callbacks to the first 19 Bond films. Currently the worst of the series.

The World Is Not Enough

19th Bond film, and the third to star Pierce Brosnan. Like the last flick, it relys to heavily on action instead of making the characters more rounded. It is, however, superior to "TND" by having a stronger plot circled around the oil crisis. The villains are a lot more interesting, and it features two incredibly sexy Bond girls.

Tomorrow Never Dies

18th 007 flick is pleasing but decidingly average. You can understand the plot's motives on trying to use computers and alternative ways of communication as a plot, but it wasn't that effective. Heavy on action, but not on character development. Brosnan has a great sensual chemistry with Teri Hatcher, but she dies way to soon to explore it fully.


The seventeenth go around for Bond and the first to star Pierce Brosnan as 007. Set up more as a reboot, this film suceeds where the previous ones failed. It gives us action, a good mission, and some hot babes. One of the better Bond films at giving depth to secondary characters. Pierce is the best Bond since Connery.

Licence To Kill

Part sixteen in the Bond series. This film just didn't work for me and is the first to recieve a "rotten" grade. Dalton makes a bad Bond, and everything that offset that in the previous film is gone in this one. An amazing sequence at the end doesn't make up for an otherwise boring outing. Second film in which Bond doesn't have sex.

The Living Daylights

Fifteenth Bond film and the first of two featuring Timothy Dalton. The story is strong and features the usual Bond goodies of stunts and action. I feel Dalton was a weak Bond, however, and the film suffered from that. The first in the series to have Bond keeping his pants on throughout.

A View to a Kill

The 14th Bond mission as well as the seventh and last by Moore. Moore is too old for the part and makes the love scenes and the stunts comical. Still the film has some of the best villains in a decade. The end scene of the flooded mine was filmed brilliantly.


Thirteenth Bond film and the sixth starring Sir Roger Moore. Uses the average Bond formula and delivers a good edition to the saga. As always the locations are different and fantastic. Features some stupid campy jokes such as Bond dressing up as a gorilla and clown. Moore becomes tiresome as Bond at this point, but somehow 007 still seems fresh.

For Your Eyes Only

Twelve Bond film and the fifth to star Roger Moore. A surprisingly good film that has a very entertaining plot despite the lack of colorful villains. Great scenery and some powerful moments make this one of Moore's best.


Eleventh Bond film and the fourth to star Moore. It's deemed as one of the worst in the series by some, but I would place it in the middle. The idea of 007 in space is a little crazy, but all the scenes on land are fantastic. The main problem I have is that it's essentially the same movie as "The Spy Who Loved Me." Both villains want to start a super race, and hire Jaws, etc.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Tenth in the super series, and the third and best of the Roger Moore era. The film has emotion that the series hadn't seen since "OHMSS." It works as a love story as well as a secret agent flick. Barbara Bach is great and sexy as the Bond girl, and the film features the henchman "Jaws" who's the best Bond villain since Blofeld.

The Man with the Golden Gun

The ninth installment for 007 is probably the weakest one up to its release. It's still a decent flick that has a great villain, and two hot Bond girls. But it lacks the 'wow' factor and tries to make itself bigger than it is. They should have stuck to Flemming's story of an assassin after Bond, but instead they made the villain want to rule the world. I'am a fan of the fun house and the midget though.

Live and Let Die

The eigth Bond film and the first of Roger Moore's extended run. Adapted due to the continued poltical and social uprise of African Americans. It's a good film that features a great stunt of running across the beaks of Crocodilles. Moore does a good job of bringing his own personality to the role rather than mimmicking Connery.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Extremely underrated not only as a Bond film, but as a film in gneral. Lazenby is an average Bond, but the storyline in this is probably the best in any Bond film of all-time. Great fun with amazing ski sequences. This also has the most heart breaking ending and moment in the series. Very nice instument theme.

Diamonds Are Forever

The seventh Bond film and Connery's six and final appearence in the official series. Jill St. John is very sexy in this, and plays the strongest woman in the series to the point. I like the Vegas setting with the Howard Hughes plot. This is Blofeld's final appearence which is dissapointing because this was the least interesting way to defeat him.

You Only Live Twice

Fifth Bond outing isn't up to the standard of the first three classics, but is a slight improvement over "Thunder Ball." Outside of "GoldFinger" this may be the most parodied Bond film with the iconic villain Blofeld, and his Volcano hide-out. Amazing sets!


One of the more ovverated Bond adventures. Still a good movie that features unique underwater fight sequences. (Although they can be hard to follow.) Started a trend of 007 using more gadgets, which I don't like. But Claudine Auger is my favorite Bond girl! Very sexy!

Little Big League

Average sports story that involves a kid in a grown-up role. Better than some similar movies such as "Rookie of the Year" due to the kid being a manager instead of the cliched player.

White Men Can't Jump

Has a decent enough plot but features the same thing over-and-over again. The constant bad mouthed language is way over the top, and the movie drags past more suitable endings then the ending it provides.


The most accurate portrayal of Vietnam that's out there. It's powerful and will sweep you off your feet. Only problem I have with it is that it takes all the war's bad events and puts them all together. But the movie is still a masterpiece.

Watch before you die!

The Old Man and the Sea

Decent movie that could and should have been a lot better. Tracy is a fantastic actor, but was miscasted as an aged Puerto Rican fisher. Good method of narration to carry the story.


Good western that seperates itself due to Paul Newman's fantastic performance. Great at giving social commentary on the treatment of Native Americans at a time where they were all portrayed as savages by Hollywood.

The Dirty Dozen

Fantastic war epic! This is a loud, bad-ass tale about a war general and 12 convicts that go along on a suicide mission in Germany. Very manly movie with such stars as Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, and Cleveland Brown's running back Jim Brown. Very entertaining that does to WWII films what "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" did to westerns.

Man of the West

Entertaining Gary Cooper western that does a great job telling the story of a man of wants to leave his deadly past behind him. Intellectual western is a good watch, despite an overly dark tone.

Son of the Pink Panther

Obviously shouldn't have been made, never-the-less this movie is as good as it could have been. Decent performance by all, but Sellers is sorely missed.

The Revenge of the Pink Panther

Uncorrectly labeled as the worst of the series, "Revenge" is the most technically sound since the original, but has only a couple moments to make it unique from the others.

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Contains the series' best slapstick jokes, and most imaginitve plot. Unfortunetely it's evened out to some degree by cheap special effects and an unbelievable master plan by the villain.

The Pink Panther

Messy and uneven movie that still finds a way to be funny. It does the impossible by succesfully bringing back the slapstick. The scenes with Peter Sellers are strong, but since this was aimed to be a David Niven movie, Sellers isn't on the screen enough.

Wayne's World

Funny movie that succesfully expands and explores on the characters from the SNL skit. Funny movie that pokes holes at rock n' roll and other cultural material. Tia Carrere is so fricken hot in this.

The Dawn Rider

'B' western by Duke that has been forgotten and rightfully so. Nothing special in this adventure. Just another Wayne revenge story by Lone Star.

Randy Rides Alone

Slightly overrated considering many consider it to be Duke's best 'B' story. It's still a decent one with an interesting plot of Wayne finding a bar full of corpses and being blamed for all of the deaths.


Depressing and occasionally boring film about a lonely boy and his pet rats. Not a lot of horror although that's the only genre I can think of that this should be labeled under. It's 2003 remake was better.

Paradise Canyon

Without a doubt John Wayne's best 'B' western. It's unique and different unlike the rest due to a unique storyline of an undercover Duke part of a medicine show.

Hell Town
Hell Town(1937)

One of Duke's top 5 'B' Westerns that he made at Lone Star. Above average tale about Duke becoming a cowboy, and gambling his career in a game of cards.

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The only Clint Eastwood western that uses the traditional approach, rather than the approach Clint brought back from Italy. Quite frankly Clint does the Spaghettit Western approach a lot better. Still a good film, but it feels more like a John Ford film than an Eastwood one.

The Lion in Winter

Educational tale that's also quite entertaining. It was based on a play so the action is at a minimum, but the film doesn't need that anyways. Great character study between a man and a woman who have to cope with each other despite not being together. That messege is made clear by oscar-worthy performances by Hepburn and O'Toole. First appearence by Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

Incredibly simple movie is magnificent in capturing what our legal system is supposedly is. Great performances by everyone in the room. Each juror has their own beliefs, differences, and agendas that lead up to great character conflict. Amazing Fonda film.

Watch before you die!

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Best movie with Clint Eastwood that you may not have heard about. It begins with a campy and boring opening, but quickly turns into a well-made heist movie with excellent performances from Eastwood, Kennedy, and especially Jeff Bridges.


Funny yet grounded attempt by Mel Brooks. It suceeds in finding a way to humorize "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" not just through the film, but also their large merchendise campaign. Some of the movie's jokes seemed to aimed at kids.


Passable movie about a straight marshal who goes into a town where the law is overly conservative. Not much for action, but displays a very powerful final conflict that carries great commentary about having to bend the law a little in order to enforce it.

The Indian Fighter

Entertaining but stale Western that could have done a much better job. Some good action scenes make this film worth the view. Douglas seems miscasted in this role for some reason.

Duel at Diablo

Forgettable western that does a poor job at narration, as well as a weak attempt to bring up racial issues.

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

Amazing western that kicked off "The Man With No Name" trilogy. Sergio Leone tells a tale that can be described as a pissed off "Shane." It's a simple plot but still makes for an incredible adventure that even movie lovers who don't like Westerns can enjoy. The film that made Clint Eastwood a star.

For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Pi)

The weakest of the "Man With No Name" trilogy. Been than again, that's like saying "Return of the Jedi" is the weakest. This is still a great movie that features Eastwood's legendary character in a new setting and environment but with the same goal: to get a fistful of dollars. Lee Van Cleef does a great job as does the Italian actor who played the villain.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Not only the best "Spaghetti Western" of all-time, but THE best western of all-time. Some of the best directing I've ever seen, with great performances and scenery. Giant epic that is the manliest movie that's ever been made. THe final and best part of "The Man With No Name" trilogy.

See before you die!

The Wings of Eagles

The movie is all over the place, but once it gets settled down it turns out to be a good film. Powerful scene by Wayne trying to break his personnal record of walking.

Rebel Without a Cause

Pretty much an amazing movie. Should be called "Rebels" Without A Cause due to the story involving three mixed up teens. Brilliant movie that surprisingly still holds up well today.

Fort Apache
Fort Apache(1948)

The first in John Ford's Calvary trilogy. This is a fantastic movie that has it all. More of a three person story and how their lives are affected by each other and the environment during their duty in the U.S. Calvary. One of the better films by Duke and Ford.

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Laugh out loud spoof on 70's martial arts flicks. Uses a very creative idea of taking a thirty year old movie, and dubbing everybody while using a computer to place a new character. Ironically the more built up scenes of the baby fight, and cow ninja are the movie's weak points.

My Darling Clementine

Sound western film that really solified John Ford as the master of filming the west. Some of the most beautiful shots in cinema history are in this movie. Good telling of Wyatt Earp with a fine performance by Fonda.

Pale Rider
Pale Rider(1985)

"Guardian Angel" western in the tradition of Shane, Hondo, and A Fistful of Dollars. This is a good movie, but the constant ghost or spirit undertones of Preacher keep this from becoming as great as those films forementioned.

Paint Your Wagon

Not as horrible as the critics (and the Simpsons) would tell you. If you can past the fact that Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood are singing gold prospectors and not gunslingers, you'll enjoy the story for what it's worth.

Monte Walsh
Monte Walsh(1970)

Unknown and forgotten film about the end of the ol' west, and how it's heroes adjust to the changing country. Good chemistry between Lee Marvin and Jack Palance give this film some good moments.


Influential Western that started my favorite types of story in the genre. The idea of a strange drifter walking in, helping people out, killing the bad guys, and then leaving just really appeals to me. One of the best tales of the West, Jack Palannce plays makes a mean villain, and the relationship between Shane and Joey is truly heartwarming.

Nevada Smith
Nevada Smith(1966)

Truly one of the most underappreciated Western flicks of all-time. This film does a great job at displaying the adventures and travels of McQueen's title character. Not a fantastic movie, but it still works as an epic journey.


There's nothing that's spectacular about this Western, but everything in it was clicking. Duke gives one of his best performances as a hero-figuere drifter in the same breath as Shane.

The Outrage
The Outrage(1964)

So-so western that uses flashbacks and different P.O.V to tell it's story. It's affective in some films, but not so much this one. Newman's performance was a waste.

Hour of the Gun

So-so take on the legendary Wyatt Earp and his partner Doc Holliday. Works as a sequel to "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral." Unlike every other Earp movie, the gunfight starts at the beginning and the story begins from there. Fresh take on the overdone character.

The Undefeated

Enjoyable John Wayne western about the confederates and union troops having to help each other out after the war. Some great moments including a hilarious free-for-all brawl between the two sides.

Spy Kids
Spy Kids(2001)

Fun movie for the family. The kids will love the action and adventure, and the parents will enjoy seeing some of their stars including Cheech Marin, Antonio Banderes, and Carla Gugina. Creative setting.


Fanastic super hero epic! Tobey McGuire makes a great Spiderman, and Sam Raimi does a perfect job of depicting a superhero world through the process of making an action movie. Willem Dafoe makes a real good Green Goblin. I love Danny Elfman's score!

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

Not as good as the first as some claim, but still a good sequel. Doc Ock is a slight step up from the Goblin. Great action sequences and sheer emotion, this movie has great character development for all of the original's cast.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

Major letdown. The film has an impossible pace that limits all the heart of the first two to a minimum. The action is there, but that's not what made the last two "Spidey" movies what they are. Shamelessly stacked two stories together, and with so many characters, they couldn't develop any. Watchable, but it's a mess.


Good take on the zombie genre. Works as a hilarious comedy as well as a thrilling and gory horror/suspense film. "Zombie" Bill Murray has an awesome cameo!

Never Back Down

Fun movie, that may be 100% predictable, but still delivers everything you want out of a movie. Motivates the hell out of me everytime I watch it.

Play Misty for Me

A good a thrilling directing debut for Clint. Creative plot about having a one night stand with a freaking nut case. Great acting all the way around. Movie doesn't know when to end, but has one that is satisfying.

The Curse of the Fly

Lame and pointless sequel to conclude the "Fly" trilogy. The fly itself never appears, which is fine if they have some other good story plot, but it doesn't.

Warden of Red Rock

Horrible western movie that puts to waste Carradine, and puts Caan in a predictable and boring relationship. Watch and make it past twenty minutes, I dare you!

Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow(1950)

Very well done picture. One of the only 50's westerns I can remember that didn't portray Indians as savages. Good story about how we can all get along. Nice appearence by Geronimo, as well as a clever narration of explaining that the Indian's would take American so we'd understand them. Surprised more films don't use that trick.

The Ox-Bow Incident

Great western film that features more politics than gunslinging. A great film to watch before you decide your believes on capital punishment. Not just for western fans, as this film would have been put in a different setting today. My only beef is that Fonda has nothing to do with the outcome or anything major in the story.

Watch before you die!

Two Mules for Sister Sara

Unlike the rest of Eastwood's westerns, this one relies heavily on the side of comedy. While it works for most of the film, it lowers the thrills and adventures of the revolution scenes.

The Comancheros

Entertaining and enjoyable John Wayne western. Good movie that could have been a lot better had they had a decent directing on this picture. Lee Marvin should of had a bigger role. If you can handle Duke saying "Man-sewer" one-hundred times, then this is a good watch.

Invitation to a Gunfighter

Average western that usues the predictable plot of hiring a gunslinger to kill a squater. Only this movie puts the twist of hiring the squater to, in return, kill the gunman. As far as westerns go, you could do better or worse.

The Magnificent Seven

Classic western. Not a masterpiece that's for sure, but still a good movie with an all-star cast that really makes you admire the heroes of the west, as well as the early Americans.

Guns of the Magnificent Seven

Gritty movie that is essentially, like all the sequels, the same as the original. George Kennedy does a decent job filling in for Brynner, but the rest of the "7" from the first are missed.

Rio Bravo
Rio Bravo(1959)

Pretty good film but yet severly overrated. Wayne did an admirable job, but Walter Brennan had too many lines for his annoying voice to handle. Too cliched with the straight lawman, drunk, and "the kid" set up. Still a decent film, but no where near one of Duke's best.

The Cowboys
The Cowboys(1972)

Another good Duke western. It's a great change of pace from the other westerns Wayne made during this time. The entire cast of the kid "cowboys" worked great both in the script and in the cast.

North to Alaska

This movie just didn't work for me. Had some good moments from Duke Wayne, but it turned out to be an overlong, over campy, and predictable adventure.

Cahill U.S. Marshal

One of the most underrated films in Duke's career. This works as a great tale of the West, as well as a great story of Wayne not being able to be there for his kids. Something reflected on his real life.


I love westerns and I love comedy. But usually when they're put together, the result is a film I dislike. This film is an exception. It's hilarious and witty, with a perfect cast led by the great duo of Wayne and O'Hara.

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

Amazing film! Clint shines in a role that he was truly born to play in! Great social commentary as well as a fantastic storyline, great scenery, and some kick ass lines. A movie you will never forget!

See before you die!

Magnum Force
Magnum Force(1973)

Great sequel. Uses the ultimate politically incorrect machine Clint against new kinds of social problems: Vigilantes and Corruption.

Planet of the Apes

Great movie for entertainment, creativity, humor, and cultural genius. This film will never get dated as long as people have a sense of humor, and as long as people continue to ponder the past and future. Timeless claasic.

See before you die.

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

Works as a good add-on to the first. Mutant humans worked well, but the crossbreeding angle of apes/humans, which was the original plot, would have been more powerful.

Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes

The fourth "Apes" is an improvement from the third, but fails to match the thrills and sophisticated charm of the first, or even second.

Lord of the Flies

Very engaging film. One of the best sociology movies of all-time!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Amazing for it's time, this version of the "Hunchback" is still a great movie. The acting is great but it's the sets that make this movie truly captivating. Best version of the story that's out there.

Space Cowboys

Passable Eastwood adventure. It's an average story but is worth the view due to the outstanding chamistry of the cast especially between Tommy Lee Jones and Clint. Sutherland is funny as the horny grandpa, although it seemed like James Garner was left out.

Son of Frankenstein

The point where 'Franky' overstayed his welcome. Nothing new to offer here besides setting a standard for extending franchises by using the term, "The Son of..." Lugosi's character is annoying and looks more like the "Wolf Man" than anything else. Cheap effort to add onto two solid films.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Average remake. It stays mostly true to the original, but what they did change made the film suffer. Oompa Loompas were portrayed wrong, "Pure Imagination" was gone, and Johnny Depp was terrible as Wonka. Lacks the imagination and heart of it's source.

Major League
Major League(1989)

Good baseball film that faces cliches head-on and wins. Great performances all around especially by Charlie Sheen as his role as "The Wild Thing." Hilarious cameo by Bob Uecker!

The Hills Have Eyes

Freaky and appoling movie that definetely peaked my interest. It has a great story and is a great film to watch at night! The cast is pretty good despite being cardboard flat. The film also runs out of steam during the last half hour.

The Omen
The Omen(1976)

Haunting horror film that was part of the "devil" craze after the Exorcist. Everything about this film is good, but it lacks the "wow" factor that makes it great. Gregory Peck does a great job in an unusual role for him.

National Lampoon's European Vacation

Funny, but not great sequel. Has a lot of funny Griswald family moments, but too many stupid campy jokes to make it match its predecessor. I just didn't buy them destroying Europe's national landmarks. Eric Idle steals the show!

National Lampoon's Vacation

Funny film that anyone who's been on a family trip can relate too. Chevy Chase is great as Clark Griswald, who despretely wants a good vacation for his family. Simple but effective. Look out for John Candy as Walley World's security guard!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Third and best of the Vacation series. This works great as a comedy and a perfect family christmas film. Great cast! Charming and funny flick.

Vegas Vacation

Last and least of the Vacation movies. This movie carries some of the 'ol Griswald charm, but "Vegas" is overlong and has very little new to offer.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

A great treat for fans of the trilogy. It's a fun ride that has a different enough plot and result to make it worthy of it's title. Fun take to see Indy face off in a different period with new villains and new friends.

Deep Blue Sea

A movie that tries to recreate Jaws with science explanations. The main character is someone you hate, which really doesn't work. Some of the characters are enjoyable, but this offers nothing besides people getting eaten by sharks.

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

One of my true guilty pleasures. David Spade, as usual, is crude and hilarious. But this film is also surprisingly touching. Great idea and execution to bring the seventies back make this film worth your view.

Great music video of Former Childs during the credits.

The Gunfighter

Engaging and thoughtful Western. Great characters with Peck and his longing to end his gunslinging and be with his estranged family. Entertaining with a lot of meaning. The type of story today that would have been done outside of a Western setting.

Child's Play 2

Not as good as the original, but I couldn't give this a bad review. I enjoyed this! I really enjoyed the character of Kyle and her relationship with Andy. Final sequence is better than the original's.

Child's Play
Child's Play(1988)

Interesting take on the slasher genre. This is a spooky film but it can also work as a dark comedy. Very creative take on horror.

I Think I Love My Wife

Underrated Chris Rock movie. While they're several comedic moments, this film works best as a Drama, which is something the critics may not have understood. Good character study of the thought process when having temptations outside of a marriage. Kerry Washington is friggin' hot!

Lethal Weapon 2

Highly effective sequel. While the story doesn't differ much from the original, the character development is great. The first dealt with Glover's background, now this deals with Gibson. Some powerful moments and great action. Joe Pesci is awesome!

Lethal Weapon 3

Worst of the four "LW" films. They completely take out the action and buddy fit, and replace it all with campy humor. Granted the first two had its full share, but this film goes all out. Joe Pesci had a pointless return to boost ticket sales, and Rene Russo isn't a good fit for the franchise at all.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A pointless entry. While the third continued to build the story with Freddy's mom and such, this ignored all of that and just turned into Freddy killing kids. Nothing more.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Overrated sequel. It's a hell of a lot better than all the other bad "Nightmare" movies, but is not a good movie itself. I really liked the setting and the return of Heater. But the whole "dream portal" thing was just stupid. Best Freddy lines are in this one.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Terrible sequel even by slasher movie standards. Appeals to the exact opposite audience that it should have. Horrible acting by all especially the lead. Hate all the stupied gay undertones. Saved from a worse grade for having Freddy attacking the real world opposed to dreams.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Post- Halloween slasher film that suceeds due to a very imaginitive plot. Not just a guy slaying sexually active teens. More of a suspense than an actual horror film. Englund's excellent as Freddy.

Johnny Depp stars in his first role. Best of the "Nightmare" series.

The Incredibles

Another good installment for Pixar. While the action is great, the touching moments are kept at a minimum, and that is that's what made some of these cartoons great. Not as good as Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but still a good view.

Monsters, Inc.

Good animated film that has one of Pixar's most creative storyline. Not as charming or entertaining as some of the top tier Pixar flicks, still a good, fun watch.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

Best pixar and CGI film since Toy Story. Extremely heartwarming and charming, with interesting characters all along the journey.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

Great animated film. Good and entertaining story. Although I'm not that thrilled with either Pixar or CGI movies, Toy Story breaks through those barriers and into my heart.


Best Pixar movie in terms of eye candy - worst in terms of everything else. The story is cliched and weak, and is esentially the same as every Pixar movie only replace Toys and Bugs with Cars. Amazing animation save this from being "rotten."

Valdez Is Coming

It's an average western in almost everyway. Yet this film can be very powerful. Great scenes of Lancaster walking with the cross on his back and gunning down his chasers. Good revenge western that correctly deals with respect and doing what's right.


Lackluster effort. It's based on a real situation, but the rest is all BS. John Wayne does his thing as always, but he isn't helped by a weak story and unnecessary appearences of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.

The Great Escape

Amazing movie about true events of adventure, action, and teamwork. Truly featuring an all star cast, all the characters are easy to fall in love with especially Donald Pleasence. Makes the men of WWII human which is what a lot of war films forget to do. Without a doubt Steve McQueen's best role. One of the best war films of all-time, as well as one of the best musical themes.

Cool Hand Luke

Interesting movie about not going along with the system. This movie has a great cast, and some terrific shots most notably off the sunglasses of one of the guards. The rating is slightly down due a boring and stretched beginning. George Kennedy is great, and the film has my all time favorite line.

Batman Begins

My favorite superhero film of all-time thus far. "Begins" has a perfect dark tone for Batman, and a great set of characters and cast. The villains of Scarecrow and Ras al Ghul were perfect in helping to define Bale, and was a great choice rather than just using villains from the past films. Has great inner messeges along with a decent mix of humor and touching moments. Only negative is Katie Holmes, but Neeson, Bale, Freeman, and especially Caine are terrific.

A must before you die.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Arguably the best Robin Hood movie ever, this film can still hold its ground today. Tremendous action scenes and incredible stunts make this movie a landmark of it's time. Many of the secondary characters don't that much screen time, but putting "Robin" in the real setting of Prince John's kingdom makes this film an authentic masterpiece. Great job by Claude Rains and the Friar.

Public Enemies

Enjoyable gangster flick that does a good job of idolizing the villain, while putting down the law. It's entertaining and does a decene job, but you can't help but get the feeling that John Dillinger deserves a better film. Does a great job of recapturing the '30s.

Weekend at Bernie's

No doubt a very creative plot, "Bernie's" is a pretty funny movie, but definetely gets very stale. It would of worked much better as an "SNL" skit. The first half has some hilarious moments, but the second half your sick of the gimmick and you want the thing to end.


Another great Nolan picture. The action and story are as imaginitive as they are captivating. Although it can be confusing, the film gives their best shot to help the viewer understand. Not a big fan of the cast especially Ellen Page's miscast role, but great direction, writing, and a Michael Caine cameo make this a Summer '10 must see!

The Dark Knight

Fantastic movie. This movie is very gripping, and has a great storyline that seems pulled off right from a comic book. The characters are so well done by the writers and actors, you don't care who's in the scene. Never a dull moment, the movie gets more props for a satisfying ending when they could have easily just set up a third film. Great rewatch value!

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

Cheesy, stupid, and predictable. It's somewhat of a fun movie that takes you back to the 50's cinema. But the characters are just to predictable and annoying for me to give a passing grade. The "All-Star" cast is filled with actors who I don't particularly admire, save Ray Liotta.

Weekend at Bernie's II

Weak sequel tries hard to come up with new ideas, but they all seem to fail. Voodoo stuff was garbage.

Death at a Funeral

Don't understand remaking a movie in less than three years. Are Chris Rock and co. really that short of ideas. The first forty-five minutes are painful to watch. Rock and Glover give good performances. But the rest of the class is annoying. It's watchable, but the original's a better bet.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Unique story is pretty effective. Works as a good drama, but I'm not so sure about those calling it suspenseful. It gets off to an extremely slow start, but starts to pick up once Spader's character moves out. A small, but great cast carries this film into a cult status.

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

Decent remake of the 1958 film. The film matches the original it terms of effectiveness. It mades a few changes such as having the fly and Jeff Goldblum absorb each other instead of coming out half and half. Very memorable scene in which Geena Davis dreams of a caterpillar creature coming out during labor. Unlike the original it has less sci-fi and more frieghts.

Very gross and strange, it's still a pretty good view.

Return of the Fly

Average sequel that has a few new twists, but is still just a clone of the original. Vincent Price is the only returning cast member, and has to deal with the son of the scientist who turned himself into the "Fly." A big coincidence happens when he turns into a fly himself. I guess lightning can strike a place twice! Interesting twist of seeing the fly head with a fly's brain and vice versa. Otherwise it doesn't offer much new material.

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

Slightly better than average sci-fi/horror film that has Vincent Price uncharacteristically features Vincent Price as a protagonist rather than the villain. It's a good story that continues the "Frankenstein" approach of not jerking around with nature. Not a lot of action, but a good psycological film.

Includes the famous scene, "HEEEEELP MEEEEE!"

Pet Sematary Two

Awful movie. This movie is just disgustingly bad. They shamelessly kill everyone that's introduced for no reason except because they think that's scary. For some reason people who come back alive from the grave are a lot smarter and aware than they were in the first. Horrible sequel to a bad movie.

El Dorado
El Dorado(1967)

Vastly overrated western. The cast did fine, and the characters were well developed, but the story just didn't cut it for me. This seems like just a remake of "Rio Bravo." The plots are the same, characters are the same, and even the sets are the same. James Caan just seems like a replacement of the kid from Rio Bravo. The film also had some terrible cuts including a horrendous shot of Caan jumping in front of a wagon train.

I don't know if this is a sequel, remake, or just eerily similar film to Rio Bravo. But either way you best off just watching that.

Hang 'em High

Clint's first western in America is a good one. It seems like Eastwood took the plot of "The Ox-Bow Incident" and wondered, "What would happen if they survived the hanging? They'd probably fill everyone responsible with holes." Clint gives a rock-solid performance in a movie with great political undertones about capital punishment. Feels like a Spaghetti western, rather than a traditional one.

Enjoyable even if you don't like westerns that much.

The Searchers

Truly one of the greatest Westerns of all-time. Everybody that thinks John Wayne can't act needs to see this film. The cast is charming, but John Ford's direction is what makes this a classic. The use of beautiful Monument Valley, as well as good storytelling through the use of Jeffrey Hunter's letter. Duke shows great emotion and hatred toward the Indians, and a key shot of Duke turning back to a zoom up on the Commanche raised white children will always be in my mind. Great title song, and amazing movie.

Must see before you die.

Like Mike
Like Mike(2002)

Entertaining film. It doesn't have much humor, but it has a lot of heart. Actually an improvement over similar films such as "Rookie of the Year." This is a fun movie that's predictablility is overcome by a great cast. Eugene Levy is funny as always, Crispin Glover is his usual creepy self, and the kids are charming. I must admit I was a big sucker for the ending when Tracy adopted both of the kids, not just Lil Bow Wow.

Silent Movie
Silent Movie(1976)

One of Mel Brooks' best farce movies. It's the story of a drunk director who wants to make the first silent movie since the 30's. The film itself is a silent film, as well as sort of an inside joke of everything Brooks had to do to make the studio actually allow a Silent film in real life. Featuring cameos by Paul Newman, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, and Anne Bancroft. Hilarious Marty Feldman steals the show.

Better than most Mel Brooks film, this works better if you relize the big inside joke.


One of the better TV films out there. It's a story of a businessman who runs into a big truck that follows and attacks him throughout the movie. You can definetely see that this movie helped inspire Spielberg's Jaws although nearly not as good. Weaver plays great as a freaked out individual. The film uses tactics used in Jaws such as only showing parts of the driver, as well as the use of a heroic ending. Engaging movie that doesn't have a boring minute.

Steven Spielberg's first movie.


Easily one of the top five movies I've ever seen. This movie has a perfect cast, perfect direction, perfect scenery, perfect suspence, perfect everything. I'd be hard pressed to find something about this film that I don't like. It's a great film when everyone's on land. But Spielberg makes this a classic when Shaw, Dreyfuss, Scheider are all alone on the ocean to kill the fish. Never truly scared me, but then again I hate swimming anyways. Still Spielberg's best.

Film you need to see before you die.

The Simpsons Movie

It's very refreshing to see cartoons the way ther're suppose to be seen and none of this CGI crap. The "Simpsons" make an easy transition to the silver screen taking their trademark humor and charm with them. The filmmakers did a great job making this a bigger story, rather than a lengthy episode. A hilarious movie that takes advantage of jokes they can't do on the small screen, the Simpsons also has loads of sweet moments that was the secret to making the series so great on television.

Blue Steel
Blue Steel(1934)

Cliched western even for 1934. All the good guys wear white hats, bad guys wear black, and the hero is a marshal despite some thinking he's a bandit. Boring John Wayne 'B' Western thats best attribute might be the name of the villain: The Poka Dot Bandit. Some creative details save this from a worse ranking.

Winds of the Wasteland

One of the best 'B' Westerns Duke made for Lonestar. It has an interesting plot of running a stagecoach race for a bunch of government money. It's nothing special but is kind of fun to see a unique storyline in one of these flicks, as well as watching Duke and his buddy build up a ghost town with two people, into a popular location.

Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd(1972)

Average Western that's the worst of the eleven that Clint starred in. There's nothing in this movie that sticks out. Perfect example of a cookie cutter plot for a western. There are some moments, usually involving Clint Eastwood shooting people, but even Clint can't save this script. The story is very minor, and one you never care about. There's a good sequence with the train at the end, but the rest of the film was nothing special. John Saxon shouldn't be playing a Mexican.

Without Clint no one would of heard of this thing.

MacKenna's Gold

Decent western that suffers from the filmmakers trying to make it an "Epic." Probably would have been a flat out bad film if not for a huge budget. The cast does a nice job although Omaar Sharif tries to hard to play Eli Wallach's character from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Nice small roles for Telly Savales, the real Eli Wallach, and the great Gregory Peck. While the locations are breath-taking, some of the shots, most notably during the quake at the end, look incredibly fake.

Entertaining but way to long. The song "Old Turkey Buzzard" is awesome!

The Magnificent Seven Ride!

Weakest of the popular western series. Van Cleef does a good job filling in the shoes left by Yul Brynner and George Kennedy. But nobody around him picks up the slack. The idea of seven gunslingers taking on a ruthless gang to save a town really shouldn't deserve four films. The plot of taking men from prison to fight is just a "Dirty Dozen" rip off. The ending is different as Chris stays with the saved town, but otherwise this is the exact same story you've seen before.

Birdman of Alcatraz

Great movie. It's totally incorrect in portraying Robert Stroud as a kind gentlemen, but judged just as a film it's one of Lancaster's best films. The story is about Robert Stroud and his journey in prison for almost his entire live. He finds sanction in birds and becomes an important figuere in bird medicine and teachings. Without a doubt Burt Lancaster's best performance, "BOA" should be viewed as a study of human life and meaning rather than a bio on Stroud, who was really a big dickhead. Fantastic film!

The Shootist
The Shootist(1976)

One of the Duke's best. This movie has a good storyline, and outside of Ron Howard, has a great cast. The movie is enhanced due to the fact that the entire plot of the film is what Wayne faced in his life. Duke was dying of cancer and this was scheduled as his last film. His character in this film was also dying of cancer and like the real life Wayne, geared up for one last stand. There are even more parallels in this film with the real life Duke, that makes this movie somewhat of a biography on the American Icon. A great goodbye for Wayne, it makes you think if Clint Eastwood used this as inspiration for his final film "Gran Torino."

Little Giants

Family sports comedy that tries to hard to be a Feel Good story. They attempt to give people lessons to learn, but since it's not entertaining, it feels more like Sunday School. The story is just a stale version of "Bad Bews Bears" rip offs. The lone bright spot is Ed O'Neil who is great as the cocky coach of the Cowboys who thinks the world revolves around him just because his redneck town does.

Predictable bore.

Ed Gein
Ed Gein(2001)

Not a really good movie, although compared to "The Butcher of Plainfield" it is Citizen Kane. Steve Railsback does a good job of playing Gein, but the story is dull. It's factual but still assumes a lot of rumors. The best aspect of this movie is that it is unintentionally hilarous especially when Gein runs out of his house with his women "mask" on.

Better off watching the A&E Biography.


One of the best Bond movies and probably the one that's parodied the most. "GF" features the best Bond villains in the franchise's history in Auric Goldfinger and his muscle Oddjob. Pussy Galore makes one of the best and most entertaining Bond girls of all-time. For most of the movie Connery is imprisoned by Goldfinger, which is a different approach from the previous two. This is also the "Bond" that gave 007 is first Bond car. Great film even just by movie status, it includes now iconic scenes of the laser and the gold painted woman.

Great film to watch if your new to the series and are looking for a starting point.

Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla

This is one of the best Japan "Godzilla" movies, but that's not saying that much. Much of the characters at the Temple seem to be cliched characters that were spoofed in "Kung Pow." I also found the reveal of the aliens really being gorillas seemed like a stupid homage to "Planet of the Apes." Again the special effects suck, even by 70's standard. But the film does have better fight scenes than most 'Zillas.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Clint's last starring role is definetely one of his top ten. He proves he's still got the charm, as well as the ability to be a bad-ass, well into his seventies. Very emotional movie that has a very nice relationship between Eastwood and his Hmong neighbors. The movie is a bit racist, but you don't mind because there in good spirit and quite frankly funny. Poetic ending where Clint, having never died in a picture, ends his last getting shot down.

Great movie for everyone, even those who aren't that into Eastwood.

Coogan's Bluff

Typical Clint Eastwood movie. You can't help but think they tried to hard to make this a success. Clint's dialogue seems to forced into making the perfect one-liner. I also didn't buy the romance in this film at all. The ending was terribly directed and shot. You see Eastwood jump on the prisoner and beat him up from about a hundred miles away. It's a watchable film, but average compared to other cop movies of its time like "Bullit" and "Dirty Harry."


Great movie that incorrectly is believed to have made John Wayne a star. Still Wayne steals the show despite having the least amount of lines of anyone on the stagecoach. There's not much action save the end, but this is a great character study. Perhaps the greatest movie of all-time in terms of defining characters. Wayne's first close up shot is magical, and the chase scene with the Apaches is one of the memorable of any Western sequence. First Ford/Wayne film set at Monument Valley.

Film you should see before you die.

The Bride of Frankenstein

One of the few "Monster" sequels that is actually pretty good. I don't get the argument that this is superior to the 1931 film, but it's a good movie. The scene with the blind man is both hilarious and touchy, and it's interesting to see Karloff's monster evolve and take control. Disapointed about the amount of screentime for the "Bride" as well as the general campy mood the film has. It works in some movies, but I thought inapropriete for a film like this.


A classic that still holds up to this day. Boris Karloff is amazing as the "Creature." The film also has great messeges that man not only isn't like god, but shouldn't be as well. Director did a fantastic job making Karloff a confused monster, who was less evil and more impulsive. One of the best monster movies produced by Universal around this period, this is one of the few films that would look better in Black & White.

One of the films you need to see before you die!

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

This is a good movie, but is in no way superior to the original. An interesting plot of Woody being kidnapped and shipped to a museum. I thought they did a great job giving him a backstory. But there just wasn't much excitement when he was on the scene. The movie shines when they feature the other toys searching for their cowboy friend, including a hilarious trip to "Al's Toybarn." The subplot of the Dinosaur against Zurg was great. Prospector made a great villain but I hated the voice of Jessie! Made me wanna rip my ears off.

Good sequel that won't disapoint fans of the original or kids.


Fun movie that has an interesting twist on the classic fairy tales we've come to love. These film can appeal to people of all ages, probably better than most "Pixar" movies can. The characters are colorful and hilarious, highlighted by a memorable performance by Eddie Murphy as the Donkey. The animation is superb, and it features a great soundtrack.

One of the better CGI films of the early 2000's. This is one you don't want to miss.

Shrek the Third

Major let down after the first two. The third has it's share of moments but seems aimed almost exclusively at kids. What makes dreamworks animation so great is that they are enjoyable for everybody. For some reason they decided to go the opposite direction and this was the result. There's some stupid jokes that make you roll your eyes more than grin. It's still watchable for all your favorite characters, as well as a few more colorful ones.

The Bad News Bears

Enjoyable but some what overrated. The cast is admirable led by one of the best child stars of all-time Tatum O'Neil. Walter Mathieu does an decent job, but they could of done better-evidenced by Billy Bob Thornton's terrific performance as Buttermaker in the remake. There are some real powerful moments in this film, and is a good study how adults live through kids.

Not a baseball classic, but still a good way to kill time.

Bad News Bears

Surprising effective sequel. The surprises and moments that were captured in the original obviously were'nt as affective. But the cast was terrific and dare I say better. Tatum O'Neil from the original was better than the girl who played Amanda, but Billy Bob Thornton in turn had the operhand on Walter Mathieu. This movie is funny and has a couple sweet moments, including the kid in the wheelchair catching the fly ball.

Better than you might think, catch it if it's on TV.

Jackie Chan's First Strike

Average Jackie Chan flick. This one was suppose to appeal to American audiences so it was kind of a surprise to see the film take place in Australia, as well as having americans being portrayed as bad guys. Chan obviously is very athletic, and the stunts are amazing. He mixes in comedy too better than any other martial arts star. But the plot was very weak, and it just seemed like a James Bond spoof.

Money Talks
Money Talks(1997)

This movie was just a mess. Charlie Sheen was barely on the screen, and leaned way to heavy on Chris Tucker. He's funny but one can only take so much of him in a viewing. Tucker and Sheen didn't share any chemistry at all, and the plot seemed way to stupid. I enjoyed the ending scenes at the L.A. Colliseum, as well as all the plot twists. But this film is a perfect example of how not to do a buddy flick. Thankfully Ratner and Tucker figuered it out later on.

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

Not a good movie at all. Chan and Tucker continue to have great chemistry, but even they can't make this into a good movie. They forced a reason for the duo to get back together, although they really shouldn't need one. They limit the action and martial arts to add way for humor, creating a bad mix. I did enjoy Roman Polanski's cameo as well as the taxi driver.

Rush Hour 2
Rush Hour 2(2001)

Notch below the first, but still damn good entertainment. Cliche sequel plot of replacing the fish out of water, the scenes in china just aren't as funny. Though the story structure isn't the greatest, Chan and Tucker continue to prove that they are one of the greatest "couples" on the silver screen.

Bad movie on it's own, but a good sequel for those who enjoyed the original.

Rush Hour
Rush Hour(1998)

A good film, and dark horse contender for most quoteable movie of all time. The plot is about average for a buddy film, but Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are so fantastic together that they make this film above average. Dare I say as good as Lemmon/Mathieu.

Perfect mix of action, comedy, and martial arts. This movie is a fun time and probably Jackie Chan's best.

The Mighty Ducks

The movie that started it all! And when I mean all, I mean two mediocre sequels and a lame T.V. show. But it also inspired the name of my favorite hockey team. This is a simple, lovable story that is one of my guilty pleasures. You know the end result after the first five minutes, but you love all the characters so much you don't care.

A kid classic for the 90's generation. Go Anaheim Ducks!!!!

D2: The Mighty Ducks

Weak link in the "Ducks" trilogy. Continues the trend of being an unspectacular movie that is almost impossible to hate. Basically the same plot as the first while replacing the word 'Duck' with 'USA'. Like the first it's feel good, yet predictable. Only this time it's not as fresh.

Debuts the Mighty Ducks jersey, that my team in Anaheim uses after being named after these flicks.

D3: The Mighty Ducks

The story is actually decent. I like the approach of the Ducks going to High School and having to go on without Emilio. But the story again is extremely predictable! However, at least these stories do it in a way that's sweet and somewhat enjoyable. More enjoyable than the second, and includes a real life "Duck" in Paul Kariya.

Aimed at kids while able to sucker in Anaheim Duck fans, like myself, into watching.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

I don't get all the hate for this movie. Out of all the bad "Nightmare" sequels why is this one deemed as one of the worst? I actually found this quite entertaining. I cared more about the teens in this one, than in the last couple. And I thought the storyline of Freddy haunting the unborn baby was a creative idea. Unlike the fourth they continued the plot of Freddy's mom, which alone makes this more interesting than the fourth. It's not a good film by any means, but it's a hell of a lot better than the other "Nightmares" of films.

Young Mr. Lincoln

A movie that often gets lost in one of the more memorable years in film history, "Lincoln" is a great film that would no doubt be a classic if not put up against Stagecoach, Wizard of Oz, and Gone With the Wind to name a few. Henry Fonda makes a surprisingly good Lincoln, and John Ford continues his god-like craft.

It doesn't involve Honest Abe as president, or in politics. It's about Lincoln as a lawyer, making the film more of a court room drama. It may not appeal to all audiences, but it's a real treat for classic movie fans.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Really enjoyable movie. "Turtles" finds the right mix of jokes and action. The film takes some time out of its campyness to feature dark tones about what the teen culture was like in the late 80's. The cast is very likeable, especially by Elias Koteas who plays Casey Jones. Not a great movie, but an enjoyable one.

More enjoyable for the 80's teens, who absorbed the four green dudes into their culture.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Secret of the Ooze

Does everything a movie of this caliber shouldn't do. It recycled the first script, gave into the jokes, and became more of a "Toy Seller" than an entertaining movie. The first was dark, and ejoyable for everyone. This was aimed exclusively at kids. Vanilla Ice's cameo was stupid and pointless. Loss of Casey Jones really hurt.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

Better than "TMNT2" but still disapointing. They did create a story that didn't involve the Shredder, but the whole idea of traveling to Ancient China doesn't seem like a turtlish idea. Way overdone on the silly side. On the plus Michaelangelo gets some depth instead of Leo and Rapheal. And the strongest character from the first, Casey Jones, returns in a funny sub plot.

RoboCop 3
RoboCop 3(1993)

The exact opposite of the second. "R3" has a very good script, with poor execution. I'll rank this ahead of "R2" but only because I'll take a solid story over wasted execution. Nancy Allen gives her best robo-appearence, and her only one where she seems like a cop and not a scared girl. Peter Weller is sorely missed. It also has a GREAT scene where all the cops give up there badge.

If you combine this script with the second's execution and direction, you'd have a good film.

Robocop 2
Robocop 2(1990)

Although technically sound, this movie is just boring and uninteresting. The idea of an amazing drug was an interesting pull, but couldn't carry an entire story. The junkie 12-year old wasn't much of a villain. Battling a robot who goes against programming was done already in the first. Everything is decent except the story.


Nice blend of the cop/sci-fi flicks. This is a fairly creative idea that works best when portraying the path our culture is heading. While entertaining, this film is not nearly as good as some films with similar agendas.

Action packed with a little heart, this movie is decent. And it even has some humor for people with a dark sense of humor.

Terror Train
Terror Train(1980)

Underrated slasher flick. Not up to the standard of the big boys in Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc. But certainly better than say a "Prom Night." Unlike many in this genre, they tell you who the killer is to start basically, but it's unclear who the killer is. This film works as a mystery as well as a slasher film. Fun movie to watch with very few dull moments.

A good slasher entry, it's also great because it doesn't have any sequels!

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

I will give this movie one thing: This movie truly does kill of Freddy. No more sequels with BS explanations. He's dead. Of course I consider "New Nightmare" to be a treat for those of put up with these stinkers, and "Freddy Vs. Jason" is more of an All-Star game.

It's better than a lot of these sequels, but that's not saying that much. It carries the same storyline as the rest, and has a very predictable plot on who his child is. While the teen ensemble is better than most "Nightmares", this film is nothing we haven't seen before.

Cameos by Tom Arnold, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Depp!

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

The best of the "Nightmare" sequels. This film works because it's kind of a parody is some ways. Filmmakers knew that these films were getting old, and the only way to keep them alive would be to make this movie. The plot of having Freddy killing the crew of the fictional sequel was truly brilliant! Although they could have made it better. It was real nice to see the players from the movies behind the set including director Wes Craven.

A good film that makes fun of itself at times, this is a treat for fans who have seen the previous films.


Great movie that gets even better after you watch it's sequels and copy-cat versions. This movie is legitimately scary, and not just a sexually active teen bloodbath. John Carpenter did an amazing job at directing, as well as creating the chillingly good score. Great job by Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence.

Great movie that will get even better as you watch others in the slasher genre.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

Definetely not as shocking as the original, but still a very entertaining film. Unlike the next eight or so sequels, this film was pretty much needed. They ended "Halloween" with Myers' corpse 'disapearing'. Carpenter did right by making this film continuing right where the last one left off. More belivable then using the now annual tradition of returning on Halloween. Ending was dramatic and should have been the last of these film.

Best when watched back-to-back with the first.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

The movie probably shouldn't have been made, but for a fourth outing in a horror series, this film puts up a good product. Danielle Harris gives a fantastic performance, as does the amazing Donald Pleasance. The ending was very surprising and should have been used as the main plot for the fifth, instead of returning Myers.

Surprisingly worthy sequel.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

What happens when you make a succesful sequel? You try to recapture that. Well the producers took that a bit literal. The plot of Michael terrorizing the town trying to kill his niece is duplicated. Only instead of getting a thought provoking ending, we get a cliff hanger that isn't revealed until...six years later. And don't get me started with those results. Tina's annoying!

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

So the plan was to keep Michael dead, and come up with new Halloween storylines every year. Honestly that wasn't a bad idea, and keeps away from the inevitable recycled scripts. But this movie doesn't work as a "Halloween" or any other horror movie. The acting is some of the worst I ever seen, and the evil corporation seemed like a dumbed down version of "Body Snatchers." I give it creative points for the exploding halloween masks, but the film really doesn't make the cut.

The Blob
The Blob(1958)

The idea of a blob from space eating people could be a good movie, but it wasn't here. This just couldn't keep my attention through it's duration. I was also a little let-down by the special effects. The sub plot of the parents not listening to the kids seemed very force, and was probably put in to please the 50's teenagers who like to dress up like Brando.

Steve McQueen's first movie.

The Horse Soldiers

Not a western like many claim. This movie is simply a civil war movie. It features a real life mission of taking over the Newton railroad station. Another good Ford/Wayne combo that contains heart, action, and entertainment. The underlying messege that both the South and North can get along despite the war was a well played direction.

Watch it as a Wayne war flick, not a western.

Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6)

Without a doubt the worst "Halloween" and quite possibly the worst big budget picture of all time. Again, they put in Jamie in the beginning and kill her for the sole purpose of connecting this to the fith. And they even go farther than that, hinting at the idea that she was locked up underground and impregnated by her uncle Michael Myers. Totally unnecessary and disgusting. The producers totally abandon the series plot of Myer's mental illness of wanting his family dead, and replace it with him being a part of a secret, evil cult where everybody, even one of the protagonist's mom, is involved.

The acting was surprisingly decent, especially by Donald Pleasence in his last film before his death. Although the movie continues it's horendous trend by cutting out half of his scenes and killing him off shamelessly over the end credits. Don't watch this thing.

Halloween H20

One of the better Halloween sequels, the seventh installment is by far the scariest and entertaining since the original. The ending of this movie is perfect. Every time I watch some of these films I always get pissed when the killer gets knocked down and some dumb ass walks away thinking he's dead. I watch these films screaming to just cut the guy's head off, and the reason they did just that makes the movie worth the view. Biggest flaw of this movie is that it basically forgets the last couple episodes which is a big "Screw you" to the fans.

A perfect ending for a horror franchise, have this be the final Halloween you watch. Don't let "Resurrection" ruin this one for you.

Halloween: Resurrection

All around bad movie. The only reason to view this film is to see how you shouldn't make a horror movie. Like most slasher films with endless sequels, "Halloween 8" has my biggest horror pet peeve of killing off the hero of the last film shamelessly for reasons of cheap continuity and star power. It also finds a lame excuse for getting out of the ending of the last film, which would have been a perfect ending. This is also the only Michael Myers film where he's not motivated by killing his family. He's just randomly killing teens.

The whole internet web cam was a good enough idea, and is the only reason I don't give "H8" an even worse review.

The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet(1977)

Typical Clint Eastwood movie around this time. He's against society, saves the day, and gets Sondra Locke. That's reason enough to see this movie, but when compared to other Eastwood action flicks, this story is sub-par. Sondra plays one of her best roles in an Eastwood flick, but outside of the bus scene, this movie is simply routine.

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

A good movie that does to the 90's what "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and the "Breakfast Club" did to the 80's. The teen stars do a wonderful job giving out real-life performances, although the filmakers often ground them into one trick ponys. Despite only having a minor role Eugene Levy steals the show with his most hilarious performance.

Funny film that nearly everyone can relate to.

Rookie of the Year

Stupid but yet sometimes enjoyable. A few cute parts are overshadowed by constant jokes that are annoying. Daniel Stern, who also directed, really did a terrible job with his minor role as the team's pitching coach. Only five years old should find his jokes funny. Gary Busey was the story's biggest brightspot, while John Candy' role seemed like they were just taking a page out of Major League's script.


Very cliched, and boring movie. This was like watching a basketball version of the Mighty Ducks. Wasn't even all that funny. Literally the most predictable movie I've ever seen. A few cute moments save this from a lower ranking.

From Russia With Love

Second Bond film, and in my opinion Connery's best. 007 lures himself into the arms of Tanya, dispite knowing the obvious trap. She promises to give him a decoder if he meets her. Another great bond girl, and a duo of formidable foes including Robert Shaw's Red Grant give Connery good co-players. The actions kept to a minimum throughout the movie, but rewards the viewer with a trio of long action scenes in the end including a train fight, helicopter chase, and boat attack.

A must see for anyone who wants to know what Bond is all about

Dr. No
Dr. No(1962)

James Bond: Best movie series of all-time.

Dr.No is obvously the first Bond film, and probably among the ten best. Sean Connery did a great job not only in this film, but in defining one of the most popular characters ever on the screen. The plot is very much like Ian Fleming's book. Bond goes to Jamaica to look for lost spy's and gets tangled with Dr.No. Ursula Andress is absolutley stunning Honey Ryder. The scene of her emerging from the ocean is truly magnificent. Great villains, hot women, non stop action, and terrific adventure. The formula for a great Bond.

The Enforcer
The Enforcer(1976)

Third in the 'Dirty' Harry Callahan series. This doesn't match the first two, but is still fun and finds away to make itself unique. Once again Clint is fantastic in his most famous role. This time he has to save the mayor who's being held hostage at Alcatraz. I like the plot of his partner being a woman. And love how the filmmaker's weren't afraid to give a messege that women can't be on the police force. (Not that I agree with it.)

Another sucessful Dirty Harry film.

Sudden Impact

The fourth Dirty Harry flick is decent, but probably my least favorite. This one is a lot different than the other four. Sudden Impact is darker, as well as more politically incorrect. But you do have to appreciate Eastwood continuing to make each of these films different. Once again Clint's paired up with his 'squeeze' Sondra Locke who is bent on killing the men and woman who raped her. The films most notable for Clint's famous line, "Go ahead, make my day."

None of the Dirty Harry movies are bad, so don't take this as a bad review. I just enjoy the other four more.

The Dead Pool

Final installment of the Dirty Harry series is a pretty good one. This one has a unique, yet gripping storyline: A slasher film director puts Harry on his "Dead Pool" list. Clint Eastwood gives his typical bad-ass performance and comes up with a new awesome catch phrase, "Your shit out of luck." Probably could of made a couple more DH films, but you can respect him wanting to make new material. The film has an unforgettable toy car chase, as well as cameos from my favorite band Guns N' Roses, as well as an early appearence of the always moronic Jim Carrey.

Film isn't the greatest but it won't disapoint.

Jaws 2
Jaws 2(1978)

One of the more underrated sequels. With the last two "Jaws" films being complete bombs, it's thought that all the sequels suck. That labels a shame because this film is actually pretty good although no where close to the original. I thought the film stuck close to it's roots while also developing different material. Instead of hunting the shark, Roy Scheider is trying to safe Michael and his friends. I also like the plots of Brody being paranoid of another attack, and Murray Hamilton finally attempting to do the right thing.

Watch this and forget the next two.

Jaws 3
Jaws 3(1983)

Probaby my least favorite just because its total existance was to sucker fans out of money. At least the next one had a plot, be that a bad one. The idea of a shark attacking sea world is actually a decent one, but probably not right for "Jaws." Everything else in this movie was considerably bad.

This film is only noteworthy for the fact that it's Dennis Quaid's first lead role.

Jaws: The Revenge

Bad movie but not one of the worst of all time like some might believe. The storyline of a shark hunting down a family is really stupid, but at least they "kinda" pulled it off. Using scenes from the original Jaws when blowing up the shark doesn't make it as good as the original. Big waste of time for Michael Cain.

Death Race 2000

One of my cult favs. I love this movies attitude. "I don't care what some people might think we're doing a overly violent, and nudity filled movie." Very creative movie with now big stars David Carradine and Sly Stallone. If you like "Rollerball" you'll like this. It's Dark comedy at its finest!

The Odd Couple

Comedy classic. Lemmon and Mathieu are one of the greatest pairs in film history, and this is their best duo performance. This film is really engaging, and hilarious. It's based on the Neil Simon play, and sometimes you have to look around to see if your in your living room or at a theatre. The characters in this film, even the other poker buddies, are so well constructed. Although the two characters are obviously different, you can see yourself in both of them. Great film!

Fear Strikes Out

One of the better Baseball player bio films. The films two juggernaunt stars Malden and Perkins each give wonderful performances. The filmmakers made some of the events more dramatic than they were in real life. But if your're familiar with the real story, you relize that they probably didn't have too. While not a masterpiece this film will grip you and peak your interest all the way through. Very underrated film by both these stars.

Batman: The Movie

I just didn't like this movie. I realize it's suppose to be silly and campy, but it just did'nt click with me. I just can't appreciate the overacting, and kiddish charm it puts on. I've seen some episodes of the T.V show, and while it shares the same style, the movie doesn't present it well at all. The plot of "Taking over the World" is too cliched even in the sixties.

Batman Forever

No wonder Keaton jumped off board for this one. "Forever" is very difficult to watch. Kilmer does a fine job as Batman, but it looked like he didn't give a damn when he was Bruce Wayne. I'm hearing praise about the performances of Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey. I thought they were terrible! Jim Carrey played his moron stuff as usual. That gig works in "Dumb and Dumber" but not in a Batman flick. He even dragged Tommy Lee Jones to be a goof ball. Schumaker made a trio of mistakes that really limited this movie: adding Robin, putting in all this neon crap, and ditching Danny Elfman's score.


I'm not a big Tim Burton fan, but he did a bang up job with "Batman." His dark and imaginative tone got rid of the campy tone of the '60s that I'm sure many would have wanted to pull. While Heath Ledger has re-set the bar on the Joker, Nicholson does a great job as the killer crown. Although not ideal, Keaton creates a decent Batman. And who could forget Kim Basinger as Vicky Vale. The final showdown in the tower is one of the best finales in a superhero film. Beautifully shot, well acted, and a wonderful Danny Elfman score make this one of the best superhero movies to date.

Batman Returns

I wouldn't go as far as saying this is better than the first, but it's a good sequel. The casting in this film is brilliant. They really nailed Catwoman, and I don't think even Chris Nolan could create a better Penguin. Keaton isn't the ideal Batman, but they could of done a lot worse. I'm not a huge Tim Burton fan but I do share his view on Gotham city. It's dark, but that's how I like my Batman.


Average summer blockbuster. It delivers the action, blood, and kills. Unfortunately that's all this film provides. I couldn't buy Adrian Brody taking over a role or an Arnold-type tough guy. I liked how it offered new material from its predecessors, but they didn't take advantage of their idea of wild game. It was too simple, and unspectacular.

The Winning Team

A nice little baseball bio about one of the more underrated legends of the game. Doris Day somehow gets top billing, but this is a Raegan movie all of the way. There is nothing spectacular about this movie, and it's not totally accurate. But the film gets the job done. Possibly only enjoyable to baseball fans. Features cameos by major league players inluding Babe Ruth stock footage.


My favorite monster film of the classic "Universal Horror" series. This film is beautifully shot, and has the best portrayal of the Count in Bela Lugosi. My favorite aspect of the film is the great score which is placed constantly throughout the action. It an old trick that makes "Dracula" seem like a silent picture.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

For a second tier superhero, Marvel did a hell of a job making this into a sucess. This is just a fun movie! The special effects in this movie are some of the best I've seen in recent memory. I know it's a cliched saying, but this was truely a "Rollercoaster ride." Don't watch this expecting the emotional aspect of Spiderman, or the sheer action of the X-Men films. Just prepare for a good time!

Downey and Bridges are terrific!


Very good superhero movie. Christopher Reeves was indeed perfectly casted as Kent/Superman. The whole cast in general was well put together. Although nearly all the tickets were sold to people wanting to see Superman in action, Reeves as Clark Kent steals the show. You can't help but love the guy! The movie drags along in some areas, but normally is on the right track. Best part of the film for me was Clark still on the farm in Smallville. Kudos to John Wiliams who's amazing score really makes this film memorable.

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

Not better than the original but it comes close. After seeing Superman going up against Luthor, it was fun to see him matchup with three of his own kind. The movie thrives when dealing with Superman wanting to lose his powers, and when he reveals his identity to Louis. Although the ending was kind off a "Screw you" to the fans. The highlight of the film for me was Kent's encounters with the tough guy in the bar.

Good Sequel!

Superman III
Superman III(1983)

My least favorite Christopher Reeves Superman. The biggest problem I have with this film is how they handled the screen time of Richard Pryor and Reeves. Pryor was showcased just as much as Superman! Maybe if we was aloud to use the "N" word he would have been funny. Campy and slapstick jokes doom this film. I did like the character development of Clark Kent returning to Smallville and finding love not named Louis Lane. But the scenes with Superman dissapoint.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Often cited as the worst of the Superman films, I actually enjoyed this more than the third. The story of having Superman getting rid of the world's nuclear bombs had legs, but it was just poorly executed. The special effects looked like shit, making the movie seem like a low budget picture. It's watchable for sure, but it's nowhere near where a "Superman" movie should be.

Superman Returns

Decent Superman flick. Considered a sequel although it feels much more like a remake. I thought they made a terrible decision casting very young actors in the role, but Routh still held his own. Humor played better in this movie than in the Christopher Reeves chapters, but the story seemed to be just a re-telling of the first two superior films.

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. This is one of the most inaccurate portrayals of a non-fiction character in movie history. "Butcher" features Ed Gein as a strong, hulk like figuere who stacks up a high body count. The real Gein was a scrawny, middle aged farmer who only killed two people. He did most of his work digging up graves.

I understand that they needed to make Ed Gein more prolific to the public, but they fail on that account as well. "Psycho", "Silence of the Lambs", and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" also transformed Gein into a more menacing figuere. Watch those films instead.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

What a waste! I usually enjoy material from these comedy stars but UCK! It's an overlong bore that never gets started. I kept wondering if they were building up for something, but nothing ever happened. The movie was entertaining when they did stuff like going out to the waterpark, but that was it. The movie would of stood a chance if they filled the script with more events like that. There are a couple jokes that are laugh out loud funny, but they're few and far between. You know the movies not worthy when the climax is a basketball game between 40-year old men.

Look for another funny cameo by Dan Patrick.

The Other Guys

A very funny movie. I love the premise of the movie. I always wondered how all of the second rate cops in "Lethal Weapon" handled themselves knowing Glover and Gibson got all the glory. There are a couple great comedic gems including the Female Body Inspector run, and the pimp explanation. Some jokes in this are misses, mostly towards the end when the film runs out of gas. But the jokes that are hits outweigh those heavily.

Open Water
Open Water(2004)

This movie just didn't work for me. The idea is fine but the plot and actors didn't do it any justice. I thought the acting was garbage! The whole movie relys on them telling you what's happening around and beneath them, which made good acting mandatory. There were some scary moments, and the final death scenes of the couple were really powerful. Otherwise the film lacked. This is what a non-effective "Blair Witch Project" would look like.


What I like best about this movie is the way they handled it. They didn't set out Dahmer to be a monster, nor did they sympathize with him. This is just a well done docudrama of what makes the beast within. It's a good view and the gore is practically non existent. The small independent budget really helped this film. Some times it's hard to recognize which scenes are flashbacks and which aren't.

The Eastwood Factor

Decent documentary about "The Man From Malpaso." Lot of behind the scenes footage of Eastwood is a huge plus. While it will educate casual fans, it leaves die hards like myself yearning for more.

The Wild One
The Wild One(1954)

The first biker movie is one of the best. Critics point out that this film is dated. In a sense they are right but I have to disagree. This film represents the 50's culture and it still does a great job of doing that. Kids aren't watching it to connect to their current life. That's like saying the Breakfast Club is dated because the 80's are over.

This film is a classic that should definetely be watched. One of Brando's best performances, and Lee Marvins drunk and awesome as always!


Average Marvel superhero movie. This film takes itself too seiously and is too dark for my taste. It has some good effects including your P.O.V of Daredevil's senses. The film in general is just way to far fetched. It's one thing to have a blind man having super-abilities, but it's another thing to have everyone not realize it. Jon Favreau's hilarious performance as Affleck's law partner is the film's brightest spot. Look out for a cameo by Kevin Smith!


Only Ang Lee could make a story about a hazardous monster boring. This is a dull superhero tale, that plays out more like a Universal Horror picture. Lee makes this way to artsy. They go way overboard on presenting this as a moving comic book. Don't waste your time on this dull, overlong summer bummer.

At least when he transformed his pants didn't rip. Seeing his "Green Package" would of pulled the grade down even lower.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Don't understand the heat that this movie gets. Sure it's not as good as the first two, but it's still a pretty good movie. And as far as a third installment in a superhero franchise, it might rank as the best. I enjoyed the mutant cure story arc, but wanted more on the Phoenix. "X3" was written to be the final chapter of the mutant war, which really makes me question the film being under two hours. Don't read much into the story not having character development, it does though not as strong as before.


Vastly overrated. It has a creative storyline of real superheroes, but it was overall just a bad movie. I'm a fan of blood and gore, but they went WAY over the top. Made Friday the 13th look like Bambi. I couldn't help but thinking that the world's biggest nerd wrote this thing. A bunch of geeks become heros and get the hot babes. The ass-kicking 10 year old girl was way to preposterous. Nicholas Cage as the Batman-esque crusader with Adam West was really stupid. McLovin was definetely poorly casted.

It's watchable but it's lame and not that funny. Although I must admit I laughed my ass off watching Kick-Ass just walk through the streets in his little costume!


Good movie that kicked off the craze of producing superhero films every summer. The action is a let down, but the characters are a big surprise. The relationship Wolverine has with Rogue is what makes this flick worthwhile. I also love the whole evolution and "mutant scare" that it provides. It gives a more entertaining story than just good guys against bad guys. Jackman's great as Wolverine.

X2: X-Men United

Even better than the first. There's never a dull moment in this flick! My only beef is that it's once again too Wolverine oriented. But the characters are spectacular. Lots of action, humor, and adventure. There's even great emotional scenes to offer. Just a fun film to watch!


This is a great film. This is definetely somewhat of an underappreciated gem in Orsen Well's filmography. Although his screen time is only roughly ten minutes, he's still able to steal the show. His court room speech was fantastic and is proof on why he is one of the great actors in cinema history. Based on the Leob/Leopold case.

Big Jake
Big Jake(1971)

Notch above average western that would probably have fallen off the map if not for the Duke. Best part of the movie is the beginning with an entertaining montage of Western life in the early 1900's. The final showdown is also a very entertaining bit. But the middle tries to bring in unwarranted campy jokes that really set back Wayne westerns during this era. I was dissapointed that Maureen O'Hara's role was over after half an hour. It's fun to watch Patrick Wayne play small roles with his father, but not when he's part of the main cast.

It was definetely cute that they named the grandson "Little Jake" after Waynes chracter. Asking Big Jake if he was his grandpa was the highlight of the film for me.

Rio Grande
Rio Grande(1950)

This is a good, yet unspectaular Ford/Wayne western. The film has a slow pace and becomes dull at times, but humorous scenes, well shot battles, and Ford's vision of the west make it a worthy edition to the "Cavalry Trilogy." The film shines the most during scenes with Wayne and his son. Roman riders are awesome!

Prom Night
Prom Night(1980)

Boring slasher film that takes up the first hour until anything happens. The story is decent and could have made for a good horror flick, but "Prom Night" fell into many killer movie cliches; such as too many red herrings. Jamie Lee Curtis was good in this but I thought they really wasted Leslie Neilsen. The mystery of who the killer is does turn out to be a tough one to crack, but when we figuere it out it's really underwhelming.

Friday the 13th Part 3

Just when you thought it was safe to go to Camp Crytal Lake...Exactly like the first two, although some fans think it's superior because Jason wore his little hockey mask. Follows the franchise formula of Jason killing people in ten seconds only to take the last twenty minutes to struggle, and ultimately fail, against the female lead. If anyone got jumpy during the end sequence in the boat then they didn't see the original or are just plain stupid. Instead of killing a kid in a wheelchair, he butchers a pregnant teen. What's he gonna do in part 4? Barbeque a baby?

It's slightly better than part 2, and does have it's moments with the stoner couple and the kid who looks like SNL's "Pat."

Friday the 13th

This is a good movie, and one of the few slasher movies that actually works. The story isn't that well developed, but the execution more than makes up for it. "Friday" has a catchy and creepy score, passable acting, and some of the best special effects the'80s have to offer. With Jason being attributed to these movies, it offers a great surprise to who the killer actually is. The final sequence is also sure to make you jump out of your seat! Look for a young Kevin Bacon.

Friday the 13th Part 2

Like mother, like son. Jason takes over the series he has become hand-in-hand with, but suffers from almost the same script mommy had. New camp counselors come to Crystal lake, avoid the local's warnings, have sex, and get slaughtered. The shocking moments from the original are predictibly recreated, and the whole idea of a large silent man stalking and killing people is too much of a Michael Myers clone. And frankly "Halloween" movies produce better.

Behind the Planet of the Apes

An average documentary that does a better job recapping the series
rather than going "behind" the scenes. There are some interesting
information here, but not enough. Tends to also overexaggerate the
importance of the "Apes" films.

Easy Rider
Easy Rider(1969)

My high expectations for this movie were met with disappointment during
the first twenty minutes of this movie. But thank god I stuck with it!
The style doesn't change after that mark, but for some reason it grasps
you. You really appreciate it. A lot of that has to do with OUTSTANDING
acting by Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, and Dennis Hopper. Hopper
especially puts up a fantastic performance in a Lee Marvin esquire

While the film dives into the relationships and places the two biker
buddies encounter on a road to New Orleans, the movie really shines on
the journey from stop to stop. The best parts of "Rider" are the scenes
where the two stars roam the streets through beautiful western
locations. The scenes are that much more special due to an outstanding

The film making was, however, a little shaky. One problem I had was the
over use of the off-and-on "shutter" transition from scenes. The
multiple angles and takes when picking up the hitch hiker was
confusing. But as a director, Hopper did include some great moments
including picking the landscape and his work with the LSD scene.

At the beginning of the movie you really feel like Fonda and Hopper are
going to be stabbing rebels. But as it goes along you experience a
revelation and realize they're anything but. You really feel for these
characters and in return they make you feel free for 100 minutes. Jack
Nicholson also provides some amazing lines, and definitely is
responsible for creating a masterpiece moment when discussing UFOs, the
scenes strongest scene.

Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary(1989)

The plot of this film by Stephen King was a great one. But the rest of
the movie was disappointing. The direction of Mary Lambert was poor,
and the acting was bad if not horrible at times. Dale Midkiff was the
weak link. He had some very unemotional, and flat out bad dialog such
as his, "Yuck! You kiss your own cat." Granted it wasn't brilliant
writing, but his reading was awful.

The story had problems as well. It was predictable in the sense that
they had many obvious foreshadows about where the plot would eventually
wind up. The character of the ghost who warned the family, was useless.
Scenes also relied on stupidity by the cast. An example being the dad
turning away from Gage while he crawled onto the road.

But "Pet Sematary" wasn't terrible. Besides the good Stephen King plot,
the action sequence at the end was well done. The crew also did a good
job in creating Zelda, who's scenes were by far more chilling than the

This is an average film that's disappointing due to the huge potential
this story has. Instead of remaking already good horror flicks such as
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Halloween", I'd much rather see remakes
that truly do need/deserve a better angle.

Soul Plane
Soul Plane(2004)

Let me start off by saying that this is not a good movie at all. But if
you view this film under the right circumstances, it can be quite
enjoyable. I watched this with my best friend on a rainy night with
nothing better to do. We knew this wasn't gonna be the next "Airplne",
but we still had a pretty good time.

You have to see the movie for what it is, and what it's trying to
accomplish. I believe the finished project was roughly everything the
filmmakers planned it out to be. It's a stupid movie, that get's 99.9%
of it's jokes by stereotyping blacks. That's not gonna win a lot of
awards, but you can see how it can be good for a laugh between two
white, Wisconsin boys.

My belly wasn't sore after viewing this, but I still chuckled
constantly throughout with a couple cases of large laughs. Soul Plane
does have funny performances by Tom Arnold and Snoop Dogg, but does
suffer from the scenes with the supposed lead played by Kevin Hart. The
whole romance struggle he's in has no place in a movie like this. And
while the movie has plenty of giggles, it seems to drastically die down
towards the end; the end can't come soon enough. If you like black
stereotype humor but the negative reviews are making you cautious, I
would recommend Steve Martin's "Bringing Down the House" instead.


Let me start by saying the best aspect of this movie besides it's
factual basis is the acting. Gene Hackman was a great choice to lead
the film, but the star of the show was Dennis Hopper. He was perfectly
casted as an alcoholic sports fanatic, who later became the team's
assistant coach. Nothing he does is surprising because everything fits
to a tee exactly what he brought to the role. Hopper really brings
emotion out of you and gives you a character you think of as a proud
father, rather than an alcoholic bum. See this for the late Dennis
Hopper alone.

Hoosiers is far from perfect. I didn't enjoy the soundtrack at all.
Most of it seemed like it was taken right from Rocky IV or A Nightmare
of Elm Street sequel. While the story line is a goodie, it seems to
just focus on B-ball. They only go briefly through Hackman's background
while also ignoring all the kids except Jimmy and Hopper's son. I
believe the film would of benefited by being a little longer.

It was a powerful film that has may moments that are sure to always be
in your memory. And while the basketball scenes and locker room talks
tend to become clich, the movie's secondary plot of Hopper finding
himself with his son more than makes up for it.


This is obviously an iconic comedy. And starring Rodney Dangerfield,
Bill Murray, and Cevy Chase, my expectations only increased. But what
really turned this into a good movie was the role of Judge Smails
played by Ted Knight.

Knight was clearly the best performance in this film, and being able to
hold that up against the fore mentioned comedy stars only makes his
performance that much better. Forget the billing in this film, Knight
is the main character.

As for the film itself, it was good but not great. I loved all the
characters getting screen time in a movie that seemed to have multiple
plots at a time. But that's a good thing. It also has a hidden message
of doing what you love to do, rather than doing what's normal or

But there were some downers to Caddyshack. I seems like they sped the
pace up throughout the movie; most notably the final match and caddy
tourny. They montaged their way through it without really diving into

It's a good sports movie that's better than Bull Durham, but not quite
up to the level of Slap Shot. You'll laugh your way from start to
finish, but never crack up the way some films do. Still this movie is
worth it for Knight alone, as well as the great one liners produced

High Plains Drifter

I love Eastwood westerns. And this is definitely one of his bests. Many
fans and even Eastwood himself have pointed at this story being a
supernatural tale. About a dead man returning for some unfinished
business. Whether that be the case or not, I simply view this as a
vengeance tale of a man who wants payback from the men who killed him,
and the town that let it happen.

This was also the funniest and in ways darkest westerns starring Clint.
Eastwood rapes women on two different occasions (although it should be
noted that clues pointed to them being consensual.) The role of the
dwarf Billy Curtis as the appointed sheriff was hilarious, as was the
town in general. The aspect that makes this movie so great is the
story's formula. You become so accustomed to Clint saving a town, you
can't help but laugh.

The town's sets were sort of a let down. They seemed like they were
just that, sets. Made by carpenters a week before filming. Other than
that it's hard to find anything wrong with this film.

This is a notch below some of Clint Eastwood's more notable westerns,
but is the best of his "second tier." Although it may only appeal to
Eastwood fans, "Drifter" is a great movie that really makes you
appreciate Westerns in general. I highly recommend you watch some of
Clint's other westerns to truly appreciate "High Plains Drifter."


The best movie of all time.