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Adventures in Babysitting
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One night, two babysitters, five kids and various adventures!

Now its Maya's (Sabrina Carpenter) turn after Riley's (Rowan Blanchard) 'Invisible Sister'. I'm referring the two best friends from 'Girl Meets World'. This film saw a delayed release and initially it was said to be a sequel to the 80s film of the same name, but now it stated as an official remake. The basic theme was retained and the rest was modified to the present trend. They aimed for G and/or PG, not anything above that, so they had to give up those risky stuffs from the original, hence became a simple one night adventure.

The 100th film under the Disney channel's belt. I neither liked nor disliked it. It's a mixed feeling to me, but if you had loved the original film, which was for all ages, most certainly you won't enjoy this. This film is for those who had not seen the old version and it specially targeted for the little kids and tween audience. The main issue was the film characters doubled with the two babysitters and their two sets of children to be taken care, which means the adventures drastically shrunk.

There's no innovation and those altered scenes didn't do anything to lift the spirit of the narration. Especially the rap song was a disappointment compared to the 'Babysitting Blues' and also weak negative characters let the film down. But the display from the cast was amazing, if only they had refined story upto 60-70% new ideas, it had a good chance to impress the viewers. Overall, as a television film it did fared decently, but only when compared with the original, it goes stumbling.


Eleanor's Secret (le Secret D'eleonore)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

80 minutes short French animated feature movie. The story of a six year old boy who involved in saving the tiny magical creatures. A similar kind of movie to 'Le Tableau'. After all, this was the first movie to release. I have not seen a single European animation since last few months, so decided to go with it and I had a nice time. Firstly, I thought it was a children's movie, yes it was and as a grown up I was not annoyed instead enjoyed it like a kid.

A young boy called Nat, for him reading is a complicated issue. He always gets teased by his elder sister. On one summer his family decides to relocating to their ancestral house in a small town. He and his sisters remembers their grandmother who tells children's stories during visits to see her. After her death, they come to know that she left some gifts for them. Financially suffering his family decides to get rid of old things from the house. Nat mistakenly discovers the tiny creatures who need his help to save their existence. So the boy's quest begins to do something for others. The beautiful adventures are portrayed in the remains.

''Just because it was invented doesn't mean it isn't real''

Technically, it sounds great. The animation was very good and the characters were so cute. The story was not bad, but a little crawl in the adventure section. As it was a short movie, you won't get any frustration. A short and lovely movie for family and kids. If 'The Avengers' is for adults, then this movie is for kids. All the famous characters from kids stories came together for this. Sadly, everyone had less time to spare to show their existence in the movie, but I expected a lot more. All in all it is still a nice movie to have. If any parents reading my this review kindly show it to your kids as well.


Chinese Take-Out (Un cuento chino)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An Argentinian dark comedy that has one of the most known faces, from that region, Ricardo Darin. Last time I saw him was in 'XXY' a couple of years ago. Given an impressive performance for that rare subject and here he has done it once again. As I believed most people won't appreciate this piece of art, but I loved it. It was one of the kind, but you will get similar themes which are more commercialised than realistic narration.

The story follows when Roberto, a hardware shop owner accidentally meets a foreigner. After seeing the stranger's poor condition he offers the help, but it seems to never go to succeed which finally ends in his head. They both speak different languages and won't understand each other a single word. Miraculously, they manage to leave all the odds behind and try to find a way to solve it. Roberto is a man who wants to be left alone, so he makes a deadline for their quest. Whether it ends successfully or not is unfolds in the remains.

''There are two things I notice very quickly
in people: Integrity and suffering.
And you have them both''

I am not sure whether it was based on the real story. Definitely it would have happened some corner of the earth's surface that the film crew is not aware of it. I am not sure either I watched a Spanish movie or Mandarin because in the movie they both equally shared. It was truly an inspiring and meaningful characteristic drama of actuality. The struggle of either of the characters was demonstrated very practically. The presentation was so casual with the feel of intense events.

Musics were excellent in most of the parts, especially in the end scene it excelled. The movie had many momentum that is left to the viewers to discover themselves in what they are seeing like why these two are brought together. For that, the final scene clearly described. Yeah, that part alone uplifts as much what rest of the movie attempted to disclose. If you were not heard it then okay to miss, after reading my review, you should not miss. Remember, it is not for entertainment, more like a study material on characters and to face the unprepared circumstances.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

You will know everything, but Henrietta Lacks!

It's a good biographical drama, but the only problem is its not what exactly the title says. If you believed to learn about Henrietta Lacks and went to see it, you might end disappointingly. Because she was the only topic of the story, not the actual story, except a few glimpses. It is like you watched 'Infamous' or 'Capote', instead of 'In Cold Blood'. That's what like this film. Yet not a bad film.

A writer pursuing the family members of a person who lived in the mid 20th century, because she was a medical phenomenon. Her cells used to treat cancer, despite she had died of cancer, leaving her young kids behind. Her descendants not aware of how things work in the medical research, only misguided by others, finally, set to discover the truth themselves about all the fuss.

It was nominated for the Emmy, but did not win. Oprah was okay, but Rose Byrne impressed me. Except a misleading title, it is a good film, but I really wanted/want to know the Henrietta Lacks. That's funny, because they have told us an unnecessary story. I hope somebody would make a film about actual Henrietta Lacks!