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Django Unchained
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

So much to say about this film bit the 25,000 character would not even begin to cover what I would like to say, so I'll spark note passage,
This in simple terms is classic Quentin Tarantino. Everything about this was done to perfection.

Skyfall (2012)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's been over five months since my last review... Well let's just say internet has been out for a while. During this long period of time I went to the movies twice the first being The Dictator and Skyfall.

The best place to start this review is with some back round of this movie, when going to see this movie I was with a group of friends and what happened was memories filled my brain with the old thoughts of the previous bond films with Daniel C. Well the first was C. R. and this was pretty damn good in my opinion. This one had a fantastic series of action sequences and well said dialogue. I could go on and on about how I liked this one. Not the best bond film many of us said well I guess he be a decent bond.

Then when we got the second bond film with Daniel C. This was QoS. Now I saw this one my best friend and I went to go see it very excited for something along the lines of the previous one. What we got one nothing like the first, like many we left saddened with what we got. The action had become really close zoomed up and you were unable to tell who was winning each fight. Our well placed dialogue was replaced with a plot that always changing and never really stabilized I quit Well I am back I quit.... SO on so forth and this dragged on for a long time (only 1 hour 45 mins let me just come out to say, it felt much longer than that). We all felt sad with that. From that I was not really looking for the next one which would be SkyFall.

The new one was pretty good as you can see from the 80% I am a bit tired so I'll have to finish this soon.

12/6 Skyfall is has a nice constant speed that the story runs at. This nice pace creates a relaxed movie never really losing interest in the plot and which. The opening by adelle is simply the best bond opening i've seen in recent years. Well I am short on time so I'll make a sparknotes version.

-the villian reminds my of grubber from Die hard and that's a good thing. He is cunning and respectable with a reasonable plan of revenge not something completely over the top.

-the action had been cleaned up since the last one, meaning you can tell what's happening. Thank goodness this was fixed.

- the only part that didn't win me over was this one scene that M is giving a speech about safety. It is well shot but the style is stolen right from the newer batman films. This crazy scene getting ready to go down but this speech reffering the complete opposite.

Moonrise Kingdom
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well it's been an entire week to think of the movie.
Not much progress was made since seeing it at the community theater. I have been waiting for this one for over a year now and when it came out I was read the newspaper in high hopes it would come near me. Thank goodness it did. The movie was well worth the $6.25 price. So in a brief review. Wes Anderson has done it again,making another instant classic that is just want I wanted to see.

So when I was reading about this movie about 10 months ago I was really nervous when I read that Bruce W. was going to be in it. Not that I hate him or anything, he ok but I don't think of him being able to play one of those bizarre characters that Wes Anderson creates. Let me just say I was simply in awe when I saw him he was absolutely flawless. Shocked and wowed I have found new respect for John Mc Clane.

There is not really much to say except it is just standard Wes Anderson. Really great in every field.The sound track was fantastic the style was perfect, the actors were played very well by everyone (even the children which is a prize within itself). Overall great.

I am going to have to make a list of the order of my favorite to least of Wes Anderson films.

Final verdict: really short review because there is not much to say except if your a fan of Wes Anderson this is a must see. 90% out of 100%

Fantastic Mr. Fox
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Upon thinking of writing this review I did not think I had a lot to write. I thought this was one of those movies that was pretty much liked by anyone.Well my eyes have seen a different opinion in the latest user reviews for this movie.A review all in caps and without reason has stated his opinion on this movie.

With a broken link I cant get on to the reviews page so I can only list the cite as a fellow rt review.

For those of you have not seen this movie please be advised that I have a completely different opinion than the man's who review is above. I feel that this is an amazing film with stunning visuals that exceeds the majority of children films. When considering if there are any better kid films my mind seems to draw a blank there is the nightmare before Christmas.... I think Coraline is on the same page, then the iron giant is close to this one. So it is pretty easy to say that this is in my opinion the top tier of kids movies.

You may ask your self I know that the rest of your reviews come out of no where and have not reasoning but is this one any different?
Sort of, I wanted to write one because it's been awhile but Moonrise Kingdom comes out Friday. That is another Wes Anderson film. Now this film was on my movies to review list so it only seemed right to combined all that info.

The story is about who you would think Mr. Fox played by George Clooney. He is married and has a kid played by Jason Schwartzman one of my favorite actors. Just as a side note we also have bill murray in this as the badger. Now back to the story. Mr. Fox in his youth was a hunter or thief of sorts and was completely oblivious to everyone around him living this type of life on the edge.

Now when he finds out that he is going to be a father he decides to turn around his life and become more civilized but as you would guess this is short lasted. He reverts to stealing the different objects again for his own fun with an assist who was in another Wes Anderson film playing someone named Brendan. I do not want to give away to much but then the movie gets crazy.

Everything not being said this is a movie I would HIGHLY SUGGEST. If you have a young child his might just be one of those movies that you the parent and the child will both love for years to come.

Final Verdict: This movie is original and witty and no joke ever seems to fall flat it is the one of the best kids movies ever made and you should just see it for yourself.
93% out of 100%.