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Dumbstruck (2011)
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I always love watch documentaries, I find them intriguing in that I learn about something that I would normally not want or care to see. Dumbstruck is a doc about ventriloquism, being that one of my greatest fears going up was a little doll named Chucky from a little movie called Child's Play I had no desire to sit through a 90min movie about dolls/puppets/dummies...whatever.
After the movie I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was a little slow in the beginning, but as are most docs. The characters introduced became more real with each passing min and I found myself sympathizing with them in that, I have a hobby/vice that some would consider weird, so what makes us so different?
The film was good...definitely a movie I think will be talked about after its release on Netflix (where most people catch up on their documentaries).