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pretty dreadful swill....but not without a good number of enjoyable moments. This was a weird one.

The People Vs. Larry Flynt

An interesting (though very obscene) commentary on freedom of speech vs public decency.


sorry Cage, this one sucked. Beltrami wrote a pretty good score though.


lmao omg this is so cheesy and so amazing omg i can't handle it

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise actually makes a really amazing Tom Cruise movie!!!!

The Imitation Game

flawless. This struck home to my deepest core.

Rocky III
Rocky III(1982)

not half bad. Plenty of nostalgia. This was released back when not every movie had to be 2 hours. Good editing. Mr. T. is a beast.

Jurassic World

surprisingly good! The writing was actually quite well done. Plenty of laughs, good tension, really lifelike dinosaurs. I'm happy with the result.

Dracula Untold

screw the haters, I thought this was pretty legit :)

Mad Max: Fury Road

heck yeah!

Yup, that's all I've got to say. This had me the whole way through.


The critics sum it up nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Million Dollar Baby

Absolutely exquisite. A nearly flawless execution of a deeply moving story. Better than Rocky.


Superbly edited if you have a hundred million years to watch it but a bit lengthy for the average viewer who has other things in their life. Then again, I was watching the director's cut.

The purpose of a documentary is to convince you and hype the issue. This film achieves that in spades. The performances are excellent. The score was a bit wonky and didn't really fit in my opinion which is weird because this is the first time I have ever questioned John Williams.

This film is quite good but if they had edited out a lot of the nonessential family moments, it would have been far better.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

probably one of the greatest movies i have ever seen in my life. Incredible cast, incredible plot, incredible script, incredible everything!

The plot summaries that you will read on this don't even come close to doing it justice and I imagine the trailers don't as well.

A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This film feels like an actual wizard film. There is a ton of magic and magical creatures and magical things and so on. The start is a little slow but once this film gets going, it is easily one of my favorites in the series.

As Harry develops, this film finally raises the stakes to the point where Voldemort is actually a real, menacing presence. It is also very cool to actually see Dumbledore do magic. Umbridge and Belletrix debut in this film, much to my joy. Also, the order of the phoenix itself is way cool.

The film covers a ton of ground at a good pace. I love it.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I think that the main reason that this film starts the decay of the HP series is that it focuses more on plot complexities than the previous 3 films. They start using flashbacks and side plots (aka what Voldemort is up to) instead of just clowning around Hogwarts with magic. Perhaps the greatest symptom of this is how little Draco is in the film. That being said, Harry/Ron/Hermione's relationships with one another get far deeper which is kind of necessary at this point in the series.

This is the first film NOT to feature a quiddich scene. This is also the first film to have a composer other than John Williams. The music is by Patrick Doyle who does a good job but he is no John Williams. Again, as the film series is getting more complex, it makes sense to have slightly darker themes so perhaps this switch away from the joyous music of Williams is a good thing.

This film doesn't match the spectacle of the previous films.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Oh it brings great sadness to me that this is the final HP film to utilize the talents of John Williams. This is probably his weakest score of the 3 early films but it is still superb.

Same cast as always with a few new additions (New Dumbledore!). The acting is top of the line. Perhaps the filmmaking art slightly declined with this film. Some of the storytelling is a little complex for 1st timers. That being said, Harry develops a lot in this film.

Another wonderful experience.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The stage is set for a deeper experience into the mythical world of Harry Potter and this film is the perfect way to delve further. The surest sign of a good fantasy story is that you are not bored at any part of it and even with the extended edition the film had my full attention for the duration.

The formula for success is the same as in the first film. Incredible acting (better than the 1st for the kids), awesome music (John Williams is still a king among men), and a fantasy adventure delivered with great cinematography (accomplished!).

This film contains new additions as the dueling club, Moaning Myrtle, Gilderoy Lockhart, Lucius Malfoy, Dobby, Tom Riddle, and on and on. Thee quidditch scene from this one is possibly the best of any of the films (bludger alert).

I am a huge sucker for flashbacks and the whole concept of the Riddle Diary is absolutely wonderful. They also travel to the hidden forest and perhaps even more places! You would think that a film taking place entirely at a single school would get boring but this film completely sidesteps all feelings of claustrophobia.

Harry even starts struggling with his deep-rooted man vs. self conflict where he fears that he will end up like Voldemort. Being suspected as Slytherin's heir causes him to do a lot of soul-searching.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

this film captures the wizarding world in a beautiful way. They dumped a ton of money into this film and it definitely paid off.

I want to start by stating that John Williams is a king among men. This is exactly the type of film he is best at making and he absolutely nailed the soundtrack to this.

The acting is superb. Not only did they hire incredible actors to play the teachers but some of the kids (Harry and Draco in particular) are all-stars. Dumbledore, Hagrid, McGonagall, Snape, Filch, and Mr. Olivander all deserve special praise for their individual performances. British actors reign supreme.

There is a ton of magic in this film. The cinematography is incredibly good which is an absolute must in fantasy films.

But this isn't just fun and games. There is a lot of initial character development that goes on in this film to explain why friendships, rivalries, and amnities rise up through the rest of the series. There is mystery in this film but that is overshadowed by the focus on the mythical world where magic reigns supreme.

SUMMARY- the perfect playground for the imagination. RECOMMENDED!

Dallas Buyers Club

Holleywood decided to make a movie to slam the FDA and raise awareness about AIDS history. They nailed this. The film absolutely deserves it's Academy Awards for best actor, supporting actor, and makeup.

Homophobes are advised to avoid this movie like the plague for fear they might learn something.


This movie is actually really good. I am surprised but very happy. John Williams is a god and the acting performances are excellent, Robert Shaw (the shark hunter) in particular.

Spielberg is also a god.

Instead of being some dopey horror film, this film is all about sharks and correctly incorporates suspense. At no point does this feel cheap. Sharks, the sea, boating, a crazy skipper, all that good stuff is here in abundance.

Highly recommended.

The Book Thief

I skimmed it and it seemed dull.

Friday the 13th

stellar execution of a horror film. Later horror films have learned to copy this formula of success. The only weakness is the script and that doesn't really matter all that much in a horror film.

The Mark of Zorro

the best Zorro movie out there. This has survived the test of time.

The Normal Heart

Moving beyond words. I have never cried at so many separate places in a film. There is some superb acting here. The message is clear and powerful. All the pieces fit so well together.

Those who object to homosexual unions will despise this film. Everyone else will recognize it for the masterpiece that it is.

Special hat tip to Jim Parsons for being such a damn good actor.

Bruce Almighty

surprisingly well done. This is one of the few Carrey films that is actually good. Of course, Morgan Freeman playing God deserves a special mention.

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

tons of promise but it fails to deliver. When you make a movie with the title "Remember Me", you dang well better have your plot sorted out. This tried too hard to show too many characters and it fails in the end. I'm really sad because the plot twist at the end COULD have been incredible but just wasn't executed properly.

The acting performances were the best part of this. Everything else was just meh.

The Covenant
The Covenant(2006)

4 incredibly hot dudes and some interesting magic and suspense moments. Not bad. A dopey young adult experience.


Just when I was beginning to think that sci-fi from the 90s would forever bore me, this film comes alone. It's actually quite enjoyable! Naturally, it feels a bit old and clunky but it is a very endearing movie. Some of the puppet work is kinda dopey because it is so old. The cast gives a good performance. The cinematography does its best and in the end it worked out alright. What shines most about this film is the soundtrack. David Arnold also did the music for Independence Day and the Sherlock TV series. He is da man.

This film is the jumping off point for the Stargate SG-1 TV series. I hope that will continue to build on this film.

Summary: Surprisingly decent! I kinda liked it.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

By far the weakest Transformers film so far. Mark Wahlberg sucks. The script was one of the worst I have ever seen in a blockbuster this big. They made a human movie that had transformers in parts of it. They took out Shia Labeouf so we didn't even have epic fail comic relief. They couldn't shut up about the hot chick being only 17. This film was just a disaster.

NOT recommended. Stick to the original trilogy.


Something very different and wonderful. This is a technical masterpiece. I'm not 100% sure what the takeaway from this is meant to be but the journey is very interesting. It is worth seeing.

SPOILER ALERT: My only 2 complaints against this film are that 1. Chris Evans is much less studly with a beard and 2. John Hurt's death scene wasn't as fun as his death scenes usually are.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

This film just does not do it for me. It does for other people, but it doesn't for me. It is just too far-fected/fantastical while still attempting to convey very real emotions. Gump is supposed to be an everyman figure who gets into extraordinary situations but I find him very far from relatable. I just don't like the story that is being told.

The technical merits of the film are many and diverse. I have no complaints other than the story itself.


This film is a really weird blende of action, post-apocalyptic, and sci-fi/futuristic.

I should begin by stating that Matt Damon has always struck me as a weak actor and this film does NOTHING to change that opinion. Frankly, the entire cast was weak.

The script has its moments. The cinematography is good. The soundtrack is actually surprisingly good (the composer, Ryan Amon, doesn't even have a wikipedia page!).

There are some major things holding this film back. RIGHT at the start of the film there is this opening sequence that flashes back to Damon's childhood which involves a lot of dialogue in Spanish. I'm not talking like 1-2 phrases. I'm talking whole paragraphs. Congrats Holleywood on taking the whitest male lead you have and trying to make him some hip dude with a ton of Mexican amigos. This is complete pandering to the Hispanic crowd.

Another problem is that the sci-fi is really weak. There are a few brief moments of glory where the film innovates but mostly the sci-fi is the generic stuff we have all grown comfortable with. It gets boring. Most particularly, the film has a problem with fight scenes RUINING the immersion. The choreography sucks and the effects in these scenes are terrible. I don't want to see action sequences plagued with characters obviously getting hoisted around with ropes. It is very poorly disguised.

The character writing completely sucks. I don't give a damn about any character in this movie until the last 5 minutes. Then the credits rolled and I stopped caring again.

SUMMARY: A mixed bag. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this but some Damon fans may enjoy this. Other people might just want to download the OST which I actually do recommend whether you see the film or not..

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

2 hours and I still don't know what exactly just happened. The plot has a simple premise but a completely convoluted method of telling itself. The film has also been fairly criticized for being emotionless.

If you like to see British people talk spy lingo in a realistic film, you may find this enjoyable but that isn't enough for me considering just how boring the actual telling of the story is. Not only that, but most of the time I was trying to figure out if the current scene was in the present or was a flashback.

Critics praised the technique of the film which is probably well-deserved but I'm hanged if I can see it. To a casual viewer, such praise is meaningless.

One critic suggested making this into a mini-series. I have to agree. That is how this story was previously told in 1979.

The film was nominated for 3 Academy Awards (actor, adapted screenplay, score) and lost all 3. I think that adapted screenplay is actually the only nomination it deserved. The score was very stylized yet underwhelming to me. I love Garry Oldman to death but this was one of his weakest performances. Sorry fanboys.

This is a really, REALLY sad waste of talent. If you do happen to watch this, have Wikipedia open so you can read about what is going on.

SUMMARY: A sad waste. Not recommended.

The Road to El Dorado

Sure the characters are flat and lack charm but this still isn't all that bad. Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh do a superb job. The rest of the voiceacting cast does a good job too. The animation syle is rather simple considering the $95 million budget.

Most animated films have more "laugh out loud" moments. Also, the musical score randomly alternates between superb and dreadful. There are a lot of vocal pieces where the audience can just kick back and let their attention wander. This kind of hurts considering that it is Elton John with the score done by Hans Zimmer/John Powell. From a musical perspective, this is just a far weaker version of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

SUMMARY: Greatly mixed feelings but on the whole there are better animated films.

The Matrix Revolutions

I wish this film would explain itself a little more. It takes a fiendish pleasure in leaving the audience in the dark. The script is the same old confusing philosophy of the first 2 movies. Cool, but confusing.

The cinematography here is absolutely wonderful though the fight scenes are not nearly as well choreographed as the first 2 movies.

Same superb level of musical score. Well done!

Same acting. Not all that impressive.

This is probably the weakest film in the series. One of the major differences is that this film had less leather and less shades. That is a change for the worse.


I thought that seeing another zombie movie would probably put me over the edge, then I saw Zombieland. This film is actually extremely good! It is very self-aware and lighthearted in the best possible way.

Perfect casting, excellent script, good sets, even appropriately timed musical comedy.

This film is wonderful. Jesse Eisenberg is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors.

Watch this one!


Ugh....this was painful. Young adult films are so dull and uncreative sometimes. The cast is pretty dreadful. The premise of the world is dopey. The script is painfully generic. The sets weren't really that impressive. I kinda hated the costumes.

The best part about the film was the soundtrack. It was composed by Junkie XL and produced by HANS ZIMMER. This duo has worked together before on several occasions (Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises, Shark Tale, Megamind and Madagascar series).

The film is way too dang long. The sex scene was boring. The moral/thematic questions were really, REALLY poorly presented. The adult characters are boring as hell (basically the same problem as The Hunger Games where the adults are a pack of nincompoops and the young adults must save the world). The hand-to-hand combat kinda sucked.

Perhaps the thing I hate most about this film is that it is yet another big series trying to star a female leader character. I think The Hunger Games even does a better job than this film.

Character development is practically nonexistent.

SUMMARY: This film sucks. Skip it.

Patriot Games

I found this boring in the extreme.

The Hunt for Red October

Without question one of the greatest suspense films of all time. There is literally nothing to criticize and so much good to praise. An absolute masterpiece.

Atlantis - The Lost Empire

The stuff that goes down in this is a little too hard for me to swollow...perhaps that's just because I'm not a kid anymore. Even still, the film lacks the magic I would hope to have in an animated kid's movie.

The writing, scipt, animation, etc. is all underwhelming and nowhere near the standard set by animated features.

SUMMARY: Nope, skip this one.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

hard to pinpoint where this goes wrong but it definitely does. The critics basically got it right.


The Fifth Estate

The painfully slow first hour kills this film. Every single character is a bore, Assange included. This is quite possibly Cumberbatch's weakest performance. This film doesn't deserve it's classification as a thriller because it lacks the tension required to deserve such a label. I felt that the film's message was muddled and almost incoherent which utterly sinks the film.

Marvel's The Avengers

can't find much fault with a movie that good


Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson couldn't save this film from the dreadful writing. It also felt like the budget was too small. Robocop himself was poorly cast and the villain was boring beyond belief. The larger implications of the plot were completely underwhelming.

This film just didn't have it.


wow that was awesome!!!!


Queen Angelina strikes again. Everything else in the film was either average or bad. That's really all there is to this film. Even the animation was underwhelming.

House of Wax
House of Wax(2005)

I have no clue what the critics are smoking...this is a superb thriller. What it lacks in acting is made up for by every other part of this film. The writing is absolutely incredible.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I find this film to be very enjoyable. It isn't "quality" film but it's one of those dopey magic action drama entertaining movies that are worth watching.


I, Frankenstein

I actually kind of liked it. Demons, gargoyles, and a supernatural war make for an interesting film. Sure the sets were under budget, the acting was generic, the costumes were generic, and the script kinda sucked but for some reason this was still enjoyable. The story didn't try too hard to be more than it was which was a relief for me. The creators decided to keep it to 90 minutes which is a perfect length.

I'm not sure why I wasn't bored stiff during this but the fact of the matter is that I wasn't so...I guess it was a decent film!


painfully generic and therefore boring to me (until the last 30 minutes when they blow everything up) but honestly it wasn't that bad, I am just being picky. The cinematography was good, the sets were good, the costumes were good, and the acting was decent. The soundtrack was actually quite nice. I just think the plot was painful and the lead chick was boring as hell and given WAY too much screen time. She wasn't even pretty either. I think the film tried super hard but sometimes less is more.

They did an AMAZING job of blowing up the mountain. Seriously, the last 30 minutes made up for so much of the previous hour of being bored. I honestly think most people could walk in at the last 30 minutes and be 100% caught up to the plot and just enjoy a mini-film of the mountain exploding. That is the best way to watch this.

You know nothing, John Snow. Sorry, had to say it. You are ruined forever Kit Harington. We cannot look at you in any other way.

SUMMARY: Decent. Sort of like a cross between Troy and Gladiator. Pretty much what you would expect after seeing the trailer.

DOA: Dead or Alive

basically this is Mortal Kombat (superb fight scenes) but without the sci-fi and supernatural elements and a LOT more boobs. Who cares about plot? Let's just cram in a ton of awesome fighting with some rockin' music. Good stuff if you are into that sort of thing which I personally am.

Surprisingly good cinematography too.

The Grandmaster

great fighting but the plot in every one of these movies is exactly the same.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio decided to remake The Great Gatsby but with the script borrowed from Scarface. In other words, more extravagant parties, naked babes, and astounding levels of cussing. That pretty much summarizes this film. There were a few moments of brilliance when The Wolf is talking about how to sell things (speeches, on the phone with clients, etc.) but that is really the only redeeming quality about this film.

Probably my biggest criticism is that the film is 3 hours long. It could have easily lost 45 minutes and everyone would have been gratified.

This film also reaffirms my disgust for Jonah Hill. Leo did a good job but the rest of the cast was painfully average for a film with a $100,000,000 budget.

SUMMARY: Sadly, a waste of time.

Dark Portals: The Chronicles of Vidocq

This is incredibly well-made. It is everything a supernatural mystery thriller should be.

Treasure Island

this is a nearly perfect telling of this story. Script, cast, music, cinematography, EVERYTHING is so good.

Dumb and Dumber

Dumber, very much so. Jim Carrey going full retard yet again.

The Road
The Road(2009)

face it, I just find no enjoyment from post-apocalyptic films. It's not that this is bad, it's just that it is so generic in a genre that I already have a great distaste for.

If you are into these films, read a different review. This had nothing for me. The genre sucks.

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

The animation honestly didn't feel up to 2013 standards. It was good but not as good as I would expect from Dreamworks. The voice actors were good but not legendary. Nicholas Cage is soooo much more entertaining when you can see his face lol.

Alan Silvestri came out with another good score.

The story itself is one of the biggest problems with this film. It is one of those stories where the kids are right and the parents need to pull their heads out of their a**es and wake up to the new and improved way to live life.

Most animated films are far better at comedy than this film.

SUMMARY: Parents should NOT show this to their kids. Honestly I can't think of an age group to recommend this to. It was just very average which in a world where most animated films are exceptional (I'm looking at you Pixar) there really is no reason to bother with this film. NOT RECOMMENDED.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

I never thought a modern adaptation of this film would be the same and it wasn't. It was different but very good.

Peter Jackson strikes again. James Newton Howard strikes again. Jack Black strikes for one of the first times that I have ever seen. The entire cast was extremely well picked and played their parts beautifully. The cinematography was also top of the line.

The main bone I have to pick with this movie is that it is 3 hours. The end was dragged out too long.

The animation was really good but no part of it was better than how they did Kong himself. His movement felt perfect. They also packed so much sorrow into his eyes that it was truly beautiful. I was on the verge of tears at several points in this film.

Some of the jungle chase scenes got a little repetitive. I would have cut some of them out altogether even though most of them were unique and cool.

They also did a really good job of giving nods to the original film. Things like killing a T-Rex by snapping it's jaw are pleasant Easter eggs for people who like the original film.

SUMMARY: A really excellent follow-up to a classic. I was very pleasantly surprised./

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

hahahahahahaha this was actually very entertaining! Sure the script sucked and the acting was generic but the stuff that goes down in this film is great!

The camera work was quite good. The soundtrack was also pretty good. Hans Zimmer was the executive sound producer and the actual composer, Atli Örvarsson, worked with Hans on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

The mythology was actually pretty decent. They sold it well.

CONTENT WARNING: There is a lot of cussing and some boob shots.

Revenge of the Nerds

the film has some merit but honestly nerds are awesome because they are just doing their thing and love it. Being nerdy on purpose is REALLY stupid. This film kinda shatters the 4th wall in that respect and lost me as an audience.


absolutely superb. The film goes slightly long once the climax has been reached but that is very forgivable. News junkies will love this to death but it is also a very American story about one of the most complicated periods in our nation's history.

The LEGO Movie

Lego strikes again. This is everything an animated movie should be.


holy cats this was awesome. If you like political messes hyped up in a movie, this is the bomb.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

best animated film made about video games. For fans of the FFVII series. Extremely enjoyable. Super well made.


painful and rather offensive. Don't bother. I skimmed it in 30 minutes.

Justin and the Knights of Valour

many stereotypes from animated films come through yet again in this film. That being said, there were some excellent storytelling techniques used. The animation wasn't very inspiring. The voice cast did a good job. The sound design and music were good.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

for video game junkies like myself. There is something about when the Mortal Kombat theme starts to play in a full-length film....such a wonderful feeling.

The fight scenes are incredibly legit martial arts. The story and acting kinda blow but that doesn't even matter.

Summary: Cheesy but awesome.

Pitch Perfect

critics got this one right. Very generic plot. Very standard characters. Standard everything except the music was good.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

0 cares given about any character in this. Dull plot, dull script, generic music. The GOOD thing about this film is that the animation was groundbreaking in 2001. Still, groundbreaking doth not a good movie make.

I'm sorry this just wasn't very good :(

The Social Network

exceptionally good in every way. Unique and fun. Well worth watching.


very cool movie but the bad editing makes it hard to access for many viewers, myself included. Acting was ok, costuming was good, cinematography was good, score was good, plot was just ok.

SUMMARY: I need to see it again before giving it a final verdict but for now I think that I would rank it as a moderately ok sci-fi film that will appeal to people who like artsy movies.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

ahahahaha go get 'em Jimmy.

Great cast, great script, great plot. Such tension!

I Confess
I Confess(1952)

A great Catholic movie for Lent.

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

probably the best comedy i have ever seen.

Lawyers, stereotypes, jokes, family (done right for once), and Jim Carrey actually hitting the proper tone for once. This one is a keeper.


super good, there is a reason this won 5 academy awards. There is a good deal of violence. They did an excellent job with character development. Also excellent were the script, cast, acting, score, sets, and costumes. My only real complaint is that I saw the director's cut which lagged in a few places near the end but considering that it was a 2 hour 50 minute movie, it is impressive that it did not lag more.

Politics and gladiators, what is not to love?

SUMMARY: An excellent mature film.

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

so many laughs. Probably the best Marx Bros film in terms of comedy. The only problem is a few dopey songs.


wow....this was absolutely incredible. It won Academy Awards for just about everything except Best Picture (which it deserved over 12 Years a Slave) and Best Actress (could easily have won but this year it went to Kate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine).

You can't really discuss this film other than by saying that it did everything absolutely right. This was so spot-on. Wow.

SUMMARY: Watch this or we aren't friends.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

This is dystopian sci-fi at its absolute best. Plot, script, character development, cinematography, soundtrack, this film has everything. The cast is absolutely stunning though I still think that Keanu Reeves could do with a more emotional performance. Still, he is playing a programmer so his quietness kind of fits.

SUMMARY: You absolutely have to watch this.

The Mission
The Mission(1986)

totally biased towards the Catholic missionaries but that is ok with me. The film is interesting and gripping throughout. The soundtrack is kind of incredible. The acting is superb. The script is superb. The costuming/sets are superb. A whole lot of this movie is just plain spot-on.

SUMMARY: A good film if you are Catholic or interested in this genre.

My Dog Skip
My Dog Skip(2000)

an absolutely perfect telling of a story about a growing boy and his dog.

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

Tom Hanks is a sick actor but the beginning/end of this lag. It's odd when the best part of a film is the part when a dude is stuck on a dessert island with a volleyball. The camerawork here is quite good and the directing/script are also very good. There are just parts that lag really badly.

Alan Silvestri produces yet another winner soundtrack. He won a Grammy for it.

The Internship

CONTENT WARNING: There is a roughly 5 minute stripper scene in the middle of this. There is also other lewd humor. This should have been R instead of PG-13.

What....the....heck....this movie was actually good! I enjoyed it a lot because it appealed to the techie/nerd in me but the comedy was actually entertaining. The plot was somewhat generic and there are a TON of stereotypes in here but the script, fitting music, and good acting carried this film to a very good place. I totally wasn't expecting it.

SUMMARY: A pretty good comedy!

WarGames (War Games)

gosh i love this movie. It is so perfect.


You either like this or you don't. This is something along the lines of the satire from The Cabin in the Woods. I didn't like that movie and I didn't like this one either. This is a matter of preference, not an actual appraisal of how good the film-making was. The actors did a decent job and some of the camera work was quite good. The premise is interesting. The plot itself felt a little disjointed which is possibly due to editing, I'm not exactly sure. The soundtrack did a very good job of building tension at the appropriate moments but wasn't noticeable at other times. This film isn't really out there to scare you since all of the deaths are formulaic and completely predictable.

SUMMARY: A weird movie.

The Da Vinci Code

Angels and Demons is better but that doesn't stop this movie from being very, very interesting. I enjoyed it a ton.


dumb beyond belief. Skimmed it in 10 minutes. Don't waste your time.


CONTENT WARNGING: This movie is extremely masculine and doesn't shy away from the topic of sex.

All the parts are there for this film unless you have read the actual story of Beowulf and certain glaring unrealisms bother you. For example, a certain large beast's heart is absurdly undersized.

Special props to Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, and Alan Silvestri for making this as good as it was.

SUMMARY: I have mixed feelings. This is probably the least bad stop-motion animated movie I have ever seen.

The Book of Eli

So many mixed feelings. I can say with great certainty that Gary Oldman deserves an Academy Award ASAP. I think the script was also quite good though it really stresses the suspension of disbelief. If you do watch this, go in with a very open mind and just accept the stuff that goes down.

SUMMARY: I don't know.


Cool, engaging movie. The premise was actually followed through on which is tremendously refreshing.

Logan Lerman is finally in a movie that he doesn't kill! Michael Hall (aka Dexter) is a sick actor. So is Gerard Butler.

12 Years a Slave

1. slaves get beaten
2. slaves work in a field
3. slaves build a structure
4. sex/rape scenes
5. constantly use "boy" and "n*gg*r"
6. play annoying environmental sounds (crickets and other annoying things found in Louisiana)
7. crying scene

rinse and repeat OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN for 2 hours, 15 minutes

Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Giamatti, and Brad Pitt are all actors that I have plenty of respect for. For all three of them this was among their weakest performances.

Hans Zimmer delivered his weakest score to date (that i have seen). This was worse than Tears of the Sun.

The movie died about 10-15 minutes in when I figured out that the director had no clue about pacing. Every plot twist was completely predictable. This was a waste of time.

SUMMARY: This film is the nail in the coffin for the Academy Awards. They are morons for allowing this film to steal 3 awards and be nominated for 6 others.


Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America is so incredibly lovable because of the decisions that he makes. He is the superhero with the purest intentions. This film revolves heavily around his growth from a skinny little twig to a gigantic force for good but he never loses his identity.

Hugo Weaving put forth an amazing performance yet again. I love that guy.

Sci-fi guns have seldom felt so good. The soundtrack is strong, the script is very good, everything is right here. This film is so much win. I love it.

SUMMARY: You have to watch this AND watch the 2nd one which follows this up so nicely.


nice try. A decent, very standard cartoon for kids. The best thing I can say for it is that Jim Cummings strikes again with a brand new deep, melodious villain voice.

This is a good film to put on for the kiddies while you are cooking dinner. Harmless, light entertainment. It still isn't as good as classic Disney animation though.


this is niche but I enjoyed it. It was very long so I skimmed over parts of it.

Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

swill that i gave 15 minutes of my life to. Jim Carrey at his most obnoxious.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

a charming little film even if it suffers from predictability to an absurd extent. Jim Carrey is best when he tones things down a bit which he does rather nicely in this film.

I guess I would say that this is a nice family comedy. There are plenty of better films out there but just the fact that it has outrageously cute penguins who are trained so well is a feat in itself. I also got a huge kick out of how his secretary kept using P words with her lisp.

American Psycho

CONTENT WARNING: There is a ton of nudity in this film.

Having never read the book, I thought this movie was a work of art. Christian Bale is a legend and he was very well supported by the rest of the cast.

This film revolves heavily around plot and theme, probably because it was based off of an influential novel. It was very moving though not particularly thought provoking. Bale's character is not particularly easy to relate to.

SUMMARY: Watch this one. Christian Bale is a boss.

Independence Day

The critics get it right once again.

Will Smith has really grown on me as a comedic actor. He carries this film. The rest of the cast played their parts fairly well. The big issue is that the film is 145 minutes long and there are WAY too many characters, half of whom are totally irrelevant.

The cinematography is good but not great. The editing could have probably shaved at least 20 minutes off of this film and made it more engrossing. I was bored by large sections in the first 1/2 of the film. These areas were very forgettable.

When the film actually decides to get up close and personal with the aliens and their technology, it becomes much more interesting.

David Arnold just put himself on my radar for doing a great job on the film's score.

I really did like the alien capital ships. They are so ridiculously massive and it is awesome.

My biggest complaint against this film has to do with suspension of disbelief. There are so many preposterous things going on here that it boggles my mind.

SUMMARY: I enjoyed the 2nd half of this film but I can't say that I would particularly recommend it. It was a pretty decent film but nothing legendary.

Saving Mr. Banks

Wow this is beautiful. Tom Hanks has really grown on me and Emma Thompson is a rockstar as we already knew. The entire cast put on quite a performance and it is backed up beautifully by a beautiful score by Thomas Newman (nominated for an Academy Award).

This film made me laugh and it made me cry. It was magical.

SUMMARY: Watch this film. It is amazing.

47 Ronin
47 Ronin(2013)

This just felt so completely generic. Keanu Reeves acts better with shades on (The Matrix). His performance in this was incredibly dull. The script was the standard "I have dishonor my famiry" Japanese thing. The only thing which went right in this film was the cinematography which is incredible.

SUMMARY: Unfortunately, don't bother with this one. Flashy trailers are not always backed up by a good film and this was painfully rue in this one.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

This is a work of art. You would expect something masterful from a cast that contains Gary Oldman and Colin Firth and you get just that. This is also one of Jim Carry's finest films (he is really good outside of comedy it seems!).

The animation will be a point of contention for many but I personally thought it was magnificent. It is a form of motion capture.

The soundtrack deserves much praise. The overall film stayed very true to the book with a few fanciful visual additions which fit right into the main plot.

SUMMARY: A really good adaptation. This is a very good way to lead up to Christmas Day but I would even recommend it outside of the Christmas season. Good job Disney!


A cute little film but it was a bit long for me.

Team America: World Police

critics summarize personally. I found this film absolutely vulgar but some of their points about Holleywood were music to my ears.

I hate puppets in film. Do proper animation or go away. This looked like a HQ youtube movie.

On the whole the film sucked harder than the gay blowjob at the end.

Nicholas Nickleby

I haven't read the book but I dare say that this film was probably a very strong adaptation.

To answer the first question, yes, Charlie Hunnam IS really that blonde.

The acting is what carries this film. If you are into period dramas with good acting and cheesy violin soundtracks, this is one for you. Did I mention British accents?

If you are looking for a coherent plot then I'm afraid this won't be it. Some adaptations of very lengthy books try to cover a lot of stuff and lose their identities. I feel like this film suffers from that.

SUMMARY: This is a yes if you like period dramas. I personally got bored by the end.

Terminator Salvation

The script is a major letdown and the first hour doesn't flow very well. The last 30 minutes have some great action and reclaim a lot of the coolness of the series but it is too little, too late. The cast includes a lot of starpower so I have no complains there. The music improved as the film went on until it won me over by the end. The special effects are top of the line. The detail of the work on Marcus's face is inspiring.

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

This is the weekest in the series so far. Nick Stahl is a very lackluster John Connor and the lead woman isn't much better. Arnold and the terminator lady are exceptionally good. This film had to bridge a difficult gap in the saga's storyline and it very much feels like a bridge film.

There are a lot of pretty explosions and other cool things but that isn't enough to make this movie very good.


This is the Disney film we have waited for.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

sucked. Watch the trailer to see the big heap of bodies piling up on each other and then drop this piece of trash.

Monsters University

I laughed so hard. This film is PERFECT for college students.

300: Rise of an Empire

nowhere near as good as the first.

Knights of Badassdom

oh this made my little nerd self feel so good.


impressively good film. They manage to mock horror films at every step of the way and yet this film itself is quite scary enough.

The Host
The Host(2013)

It's hard to rate this film. The plot has an interesting premise but devolves into a really bizarre love triangle (though it is more like a quadrilateral at times). The script was totally blah but it worked. The acting was kind of dreadful (Saoirse Ronan in particular is a very blah leading lady) but that is kind of to be expected in an angsty romance film. This film is a romance/sci fi film which is a really wonky combo.

Some of the underground sets were very fine indeed. The music had me in places and bored me in others.

For people who complain about plot holes or plots not making sense, this film will be an easy target for their criticism. Wanda's decision near the end of the film had me throw up my hands in disgust about what a preposterous decision it was but that still didn't spoil the ride of this rather charming film.

We could dumb this film down and just say that all films with blue-eyed people are awesome. I love blue eyes.

The Man Who Knew Too Much

A film that is still remarkable nearly 60 years later.

Air Force One

A suprisingly good film. The plot is terribly generic but that doesn't really matter because you are on the edge of your chair throughout this one (though the pacing does allow for break periods at nicely timed intervals).

This film is very much like the film Unstoppable (the one about trains). If you liked that one (and you should) then you will like this one.

They made Air Force One into the most awesome airplane of all time.

Harrison Ford is the best president ever :)

The rest of the cast was so so but that didn't really matter.

SUMMARY: A fun suspenseful action movie. Harrison Ford lovers or people who like political thrillers will enjoy this.

Gnomeo and Juliet

I have so many mixed feelings about this. The voice acting and animation are really good and the music serves its purpose (though it isn't my style by any means). The issue here is plot. I will do my best to avoid spoilers.

Romeo and Juliet is already the dumbest "love" story of all time. This film obviously could not follow the original story so they modernized it and made it more child-friendly. Juliet is yet another Kung-Fu woman. It's getting old feminism. Stop. Romeo is a really obnoxious jock who I didn't feel any sympathy for. He felt like something that was meant to be on MTV.

These character concerns are enough to destroy what could have been a magical movie. There is so much good humor and other little touches that animated films do so well here that it really is a shame that I didn't enjoy this more.

I would also like to point out that once again, both families only have 1 parent.

SUMMARY: I would suggest that parents screen this before deciding on whether or not to let their kids see it. Many parents would find this offensive to their child's development. For young adults or teenagers this is an ok film but really not worth your time.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel has figured out exactly how to make a superhero movie. This film is incredible.Lots of banter, lots of Captain America making decisions to do the right thing (which is why we love him), lots of Scarlett Johansson, and lots of explosions.

This film is a follow-up to the first in the most definite way so be sure to rewatch the first film in order to fully understand/appreciate this one.

I was surprised that this film revolved so much around SHIELD but it made a lot of sense based on the villain and the villain's agenda.

The start of the movie felt slightly wobbly and unlike Captain America but then the film explains why all of that was important so it works out very well in the end.

The great thing about superhero movies are those moments when you are like, "oh dang, stuff is about to get real," and this movie accomplishes that in spades.

SUMMARY: See this film, you must.

Colossus: The Forbin Project

An interesting film about just what happens when a computer takes over the entire military. Old school computers are super creepy and this film really does a great job of making the computer sinister. The end is very unexpected.

I Am Number Four

Michael Bay explosions/sci-fi are good. The rest of the film sucked super hard.

Don't bother with this one.

Into the Storm

if you want to bone up on Churchill then this is the film for you. If you want anything else then skip this. It really isn't that special.

Finding Neverland

This film is soooooooooo good. The soundtrack won an Oscar and the film also received a ton of nominations (though it lost out big time to Million Dollar Baby). Though Johnny Depp plays a much more passive character in this film (showcasing his extraordinary range of acting ability, the massively emotional plot of this story is more than enough to make this film an instant winner for any age group. Like so many Pixar films, this film is targeted at everyone and pulls it off masterfully. Kate Winslet may have been a joke in Titanic (like everyone else in that film) but she puts out a stellar performance in this film.

We also need to mention Freddie Highmore. Holy cats, I worship that kid. He might just be the greatest child actor of all time. Dustin Hoffman is also present in a minor role (which he aces as usual).

This film is meant to be nostalgic for people who have seen previous version of Peter Pan (whether it be the Mary Martin version of the Disney animated version) and it accomplishes this task perfectly.

I literally was on and off crying the entire last 30 minutes of this film. This is absolute beauty.

SUMMARY: Absolutely marvelous. A must watch for anyone and everyone.


Highly styalized yet with many flaws, this film is hard to judge.

The sets in this film are beautifully constructed and lit, making the camerawork a real work of art. Similarly, the soundtrack could easily have been nominated for an academy award. The soundtrack is reminiscent of Terminator 1 with how cool it is.

The acting was really not that impressive and this severely hurt the film (exception of Brian Cox who plays Lecktor).

The biggest problem with this film is pacing. There is a lot of action in the middle of the film which is interesting but the start and the end of the film had me yawning in boredom.

SUMMARY: On the whole I would not recommend this film. That being said, film students would find this interesting because of the areas where it excels.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

da heck? How is this film so good? Sports movies notoriously suck but this one was da bomb! I guess the magic is that the writing of the characters for this film is spot on. This had a nice balance of all good things.

SUMMARY: A good film!

Underworld: Evolution

The acting is just as weak as the first one. The plot is fairly interesting but the series is in jeopardy because they killed off all the important characters that made it interesting. The script suffers from being overly serious throughout so there are no releases of tension. The environments are superbly done. Combat remains fairly uninteresting as with the previous film but it's fun to see her jumping around at superhuman speed. There is way too much fighting though.

SUMMARY: A decent film with a great plot idea that suffers from weak acting and script problems.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Don't bother, this film is way too long and not all that interesting unless you are DESPERATE to see apartheid through the perspective of a single man. The pacing is terrible, the score is ok, the acting is below average, and the cinematography is pretty good.


Alex Pettyfer sucks at acting. The lead chick (Vanessa Hudgens) was also totally boring. The only thing this film had going for it was Neil Patrick Harris. I literally watched the whole film in like 15 minutes, just stopping to snoop at the parts with Neil in it.

Total muck. Avoid this.

The Lord of the Rings

I have the greatest possible loathing for live-action animation or offshoots of it but this film in all fairness is a really cool representation of The Lord of the Rings franchise. They stay really close to the books and it is very fun to see how much stuff Peter Jackson ported over into his version of LOTR.

Aragorn is played by John Hurt.

Anthony Daniels (C3PO from Star Wars) voices Legolas.

I also want to give a special shoutout to the dude who voices Gollum. He does a superb job.

Lezione 21 (Lecture 21) (Lesson 21)

A totally weird film. This could easily have been a 15-20 minute documentary on Beethoven's 9th to give another perspective on it. The film discusses the 9th from the viewpoint that it is one of the most overrated works in history. Pacing is what kills this film. There are good chunks but they are drowned out by large sections where nothing really happens.

SUMMARY: Skip this. A sad waste of John Hurt.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

interesting, thought-provoking, adapted from a superb book, funny, well-paced, well-acted, well-scripted, everything here is perfect.

flawless. WATCH THIS FILM.

The Golden Compass

The problem with this film is that the lead girl is a complete and absolute brat. The story premise and universe are interesting but the plot itself sucks. This is one of the greatest casts of all-stars that has ever been assembled and the film is completely undeserving of it. This is just another "children save the day and adults didn't for some reason" story.

I do want to say though that this film may be Freddie Highmore's greatest moment as a voice actor. I don't know any kid who can do what he did in this film.

It must be noted that the theology is a bit messed up.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(1953)

not my favorite classical disney film but still extremely good, one might even call it a classic.

Man of La Mancha

listen to the CD and possibly see this film once and no more.


it was just ok. This has great cinematography but it needed more characters and a more complex plot. The end felt like a letdown as well.

Now You See Me

another amazing movie about magic. This one has a very big feel (big actors, big tricks, big everything) and it makes the film totally awesome.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

I have seldom been so disappointed. It felt awkward and Asa Butterfield's sick performance was overshadowed by his voice cracking. The end was utterly predictable, even for those who haven't read the book.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(1973)

sooooooooooooooooo good!

The Sword in the Stone

one of the best films of all time, animated or otherwise.

The Wolverine

thoroughly unimpressive waste of Hugh Jackman. This may be true to the cartoons but it didn't feel big and fantastic as I like my superhero movies.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

this was a really dopey reboot of the original film. They just rinsed and repeated. An absolute waste of Josh Hutcherson. They didn't move the series forward at all for most of the film but by the end they managed to set up a semi-hanging ending to make you want to come and see the 3rd film.

The Illusionist

This film is absolutely incredible. It has magic, a good script, a really good soundtrack, incredible acting, a unique and intriguing plot, and so much more!

TLDR: Watch this film!

Olympus Has Fallen

a good flick for action fanatics. The soundtrack was very good, the acting was good, the Korean accents were terrible, the script was below average, the explosions were great, the feeling of being in the White House was underdeveloped.

The Expendables 2

the writing sucks but if you like big men, big muscles, big explosions, short and sweet 1-liners, and big music, this is a film you will enjoy.

How can a movie with Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwartznegger, and Sylvester Stallone possibly be a bad thing? This one is an improvement on the first.

A Night at the Opera

A superb film but it relies heavily on the audience appreciating the music and the unique humor of the Max Brothers.

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

A really good film. The art of making this is really exceptional but the reveal at the end is slightly underwhelming. The animation and music in particular are spot on. Will Smith is hard to figure out but I think I liked his performance.

Crimson Tide
Crimson Tide(1995)

Top 5 of all time. Absolutely outstounding movie.

The Lone Ranger

2.5 hours is way too long. Johnny Depp carries this film so hard with brief appearances by Helena Bonham Carter which are also very good. The problem is that Armie Hammer was wrongly cast for this role. He and Depp do not have synergy.

Hans Zimmer returns with another brilliant performance.

The script is very bland and the plot is only average. The action clips didn't feel all that great. The cinematography is excellent. The costuming is very good.

I think that the plot is largely why this film fails.

SUMMARY: An ok film but only because Depp is a master.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

if Logan Lerman could act, this would be good. Since he can't, it was just ok. The lead girl isn't a very good actress either.

The soundtrack, costumes, cinematography, CG imagery, and all that stuff was excellent. It was the actors that held this one back.


The first time I saw this, I thought it was somewhat sacrilegious. I don't really feel that way anymore since this is so obviously fiction. Sure, the Church is running a theocracy but it isn't a very Catholic church. For example, there is no pope, only a council of elders. Even the crosses aren't proper crucifixes.

The film's 1st half suffers from a weak script but this drastically improves in the film's 2nd half so I'll say that the end result breaks fairly even.

The cinematography, fight scenes, and vampire animation are all really good. The soundtrack is actually very impressive.

I think that the biggest thing holding this film back is the lackluster performances by the two leading men (Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet). Karl Urban (Eomer) plays an exceptionally good villain and Lily Collins plays an excellent female lead.

The critics will insist that this film is trying to combine too many genres and becomes a muddled mess as a result. This is somewhat true but considering the difficulty of accomplishing this task, I feel that this film did a pretty darn good job.

SUMMARY: A good combination of action, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. This isn't the best film out there but it is unique and I found it interesting.

The Expendables

incredible fight scenes....and then they decided to blow up the universe 10 times over with every explosive known to man. The plot sucked and the characters were buff thugs that weren't really that interesting and were incredibly stereotypical muscle men. The soundtrack was ok.

I really have an issue with the editing here. There were at least 2 points in the movie where a guy pointed a gun WAY away from his target but his target still got filled with bullets and dropped dead. This was a huge immersion breaker.

SUMMARY: This sucked. I have no audience to recommend this to.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

This is so good! A definite film for the family.

The Hobbit
The Hobbit(1978)

This film is SUPER close to the book. They capture so much of the book's charm and storytelling. The animation is very styalized and a bit dated so you have to take it with a grain of salt. The voice-acting is decent but not incredible. The music is a key point of the film and is very good throughout.

On the whole this is extremely good for a TV film.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas)

A star is born and his name is Asa Butterfield. This film is absolutely incredible. It feels very different from all other WWII movies. The end left me in stunned silence. The entire cast does a phenomenal job and is backed up with another amazing score by James Horner.

WWII from an 8 year-old's perspective. This is brilliant.

Watch this!!

National Treasure

Nicholas Cage is very entertaining. The film does a good job of building up the mystique of the treasure hunt. The parent/son relationship is dopey but that doesn't stop this from being a good watch. I also liked the soundtrack.

Young Frankenstein

very entertaining, a cult classic with extremely unique characters.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

definitely not as good as the previous 3 Pirates films. This is still entertaining but they spend too much time on land instead of sailing the high seas as pirates out to.

The cast has been greatly overhauled with Will, Elizabeth, Norrington, and some of the Black Pearl's crew being noticeably absent. This severely hurts the film.

The script wasn't as good as previous films and I feel similarly about the plot.

SUMMARY: Not great but if you really like Jack Sparrow then go ahead and give this one a shot.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

a superb sequel. This one has a more complex plot and sets up the finale to the trilogy.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

The critics are wrong about this one. The final part of a trilogy requires a very complex plot because it has to bring together the first 2 movies in the trilogy, expand on the characters, and provide fitting closure to many character relationships. This movie is 2 1/2 hours and could barely be made any shorter because they made sure not to leave any loose ends.

I also want to highlight the music of this film. It was spot on.

Pirates of the Caribbean is highly stylized and is very good at providing a swashbuckling pirate experience complete with humor and a story that is actually interesting. In order to make a pirate movie, you have to have people constantly double-crossing each other which is why this plot is so complex and good.

SUMMARY: A very strong finish to the Pirates trilogy. I'm glad that they are continuing to make these films because they are dang good.

V for Vendetta

This is so good.

The cast is full of all-star beasties. This is probably Hugo Weaving's best performance. Natalie Portman, John Hurt, Stephen Fry, and Rupert Graves all give outstanding performances as well.

This film resembles the Batman trilogy in how a hero is one who stands for something greater than himself but this film takes it to a whole new level. It also has a lot of personal backstories that are very relevant and interesting.

The cinematography is outstanding.

The script is on a whole new level. Whoever wrote it is an absolute master of the English language. They are also very refined as the works of Shakespeare as well as Faust and other great works are frequently quoted. This film has so much class.

SUMMARY: Insanely good movie. A must watch. HIGHLY recommended.


the critics sum it up nicely. The cinematography, acting, script, gore, and soundtrack are all top-notch.


I'm going to disagree with the critics on this one.

The art style is unique, refreshing, and superbly done. I would call it a Gothic artstyle with blends of steampunk, including the soundtrack. Speaking of the soundtrack, it kinda sucked unless you are into alternate rock.

The acting straight up blows for the most part (exception of Michael Sheen who plays Lucian and Erwin Leder who plays Singe).

The story itself is good because even though the lycans vs vampires thing is old, the mythology behind the creation of the species and the resulting was is super cool.

One of the major flaws in this film are the fight scenes. They straight up suck. 'Nuff said.

OVERALL: An interesting film but I don't know that I would recommend it. It lags in places super hard.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

the critiques sum it up. This is way better than Superman 3 but that isn't saying much.

Superman III
Superman III(1983)

absolutely terrible. The film tries hard to be a comedy and fails. Also, they had no idea in 1983 how to make a Superman movie because they made him so stupidly overpowered that there is no tension. All that you are waiting for is to see how Superman saves the day and overcomes the impossible and you KNOW it is going to happen.

They also demonize video games which annoyed me severely.

The film does have Robert Vaughn but this is one of his weaker performances. This largely is a script problem. All the Superman movies have extremely stereotypical bad guys that are comical because of how quirky or stereotypical they are. This does not make for a seriously gripping action film.

TLDR: Terrible movie, do not watch.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

This film is superb. I cried so hard at the end the first time I saw it and the 2nd time was almost as emotional. This is how you make a good sci-fi film.

The Terminator

This is one of the best films of all time and I honestly am not surprised that it got 100% positive from critics.

Planet of the Apes

very weird but very good. This film is the ultimate role-reversal. Props to Charlton Heston and Jerry Goldsmith (composer) for stellar performances. The premise is interesting and superbly executed.

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

basically read the critics summary. This film is incredibly unique and the editing is superb.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

This film was just as good as the first one. The cast is PERFECT, the script is good, the plot is entertaining, the soundtrack is very good, and the art is very good.

I can't believe that The Rock is such a good actor though Josh Hutcherson and Michael Caine are the best actors in the film. Vanessa Hudgens is far better in this than in High School Musical. Her dad is also extremely entertaining.

The only possible criticism is that the plot is somewhat predictable but that really doesn't detract from the charm of this film.

SUMMARY: Highly recommended!

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

good if you like classic superhero films but this film is very different from modern action movies. It is a little absurd though how overpowered they made Superman and the villians in this film.

Shutter Island

This film is almost flawless in its execution of a cool premise with incredible plot twists. Some people are probably going to call it predictable but the level of thoroughness in this plot is truly wonderful. The cast did an amazing job here.


This is one of the cheesiest movies of all time. It was enjoyable, but cheesy.

Battle For Terra

This film sucked. The animation was minimalistic, the sound scheme was far to simplistic (lacked depth), the voice actors were average, and the score sucked. The story was boring. The characters felt flat. The fight scenes were confusing and completely fabricated, so much so that it was painful.


This is unique as fight movies go but it isn't as good as the critiques are making it sound. The script and acting could have been better. It was also too long. The end was nice emotionally but didn't make a tremendous amount of sense from a human nature perspective. I felt like they tried to do something interesting with a "forgiveness triangle" between the dad and two sons and fell short of fully resolving it in a way that I found satisfactory. I guess it was resolved, I just didn't feel very satisfied.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

this film sucked. It was a total waste of talent. Props to the evil lady though for a great performance. Also props to Danny Elfman for a great musical score.

Tropic Thunder

CONTENT WARNING: This film is rated R for a reason.

Robert Downey Jr. carried this film so hard it is pathetic. That being said, he made the movie quite decent. Ben Stiller sucks so hard as an actor and Jack Black can only do bawd humor.

NOTE: Subtitles are a must for this film.

Nanny McPhee Returns

not as good as the first but still very good. This is a whole new cast except for Emma Thompson.


this film is the perfect suspense film. I had no idea what was going on for half of the movie and then when they did explain what was going on then it was unclear how the plot was going to resolve itself. Hitchcock is a master. The cast (Jimmy Stewart, etc.) was spot on. The soundtrack is spot on. This film really didn't have any major flaws and was a ton of fun throughout. Hats off to Hitchcock!

The Gathering Storm

A passable movie but there are a ton of reasons why this was underwhelming. I think the biggest issue I had with this was that it covered too much of Winston's personal life without showing much of his political career. Some people might like that. The film only covers his time as a member of parliament and ends before WWII gets underway.

The Caine Mutiny

an incredible film. Bogart at his best with great support from the rest of the cast.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Once again we have confirmed that Kristin Stewart only has 1 facial expression.

The special effects, especially those regarding the queen, were very nicely done. The plot was dopey and had big holes. Chris Hemsworth is a boss.

This film tried to expand on the original fairytale with some major side stuff which really didn't add to the film at all (e.g. the queen's brother). I will say though that this film made magic feel like magic and that backstory was gone into with sufficient depth (a quality lacking from many films).


The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde inseglet)

This film has no appeal for a modern audience.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

This is the ultimate cutsie animal movie. The stuff they got these animals to do is amazing. The soundtrack is perfect and the narrator has me in constant stitches.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

CONTENT WARNING: This film contains more breasts than you can shake a stick at.

Perfume has a very unique premise and a lot of mystique to it. John Hurt (narrator), Dustin Hoffman, and Alan Rickman are legends. The score is also extremely impressive. That being said, this film spent too much time on certain scenes so I frequently found myself with a "get on with it" feeling. The end was totally unexpected and very well done.

The Hurt Locker

Most of the bomb scenes were incredibly interesting but the in-between stuff was an issue. The film was a little too abstract in its overall message to be effective.

Thor: The Dark World

astoundingly good film. The perfect sequal.

The Reaping
The Reaping(2007)

This was 1 hour of muck followed by 20 minutes of everything all the sudden coming together and making sense with some nasty plot twists that were super awesome. The problem is, after 60 minutes of trash you don't really care by the end. The little girl is the same actress as the girl in The Bridge to Terabithia and she is good. The main protagonist female is also very good. The rest of the cast sucked.

The film lacked atmosphere and should have gone far deeper into the occult background of the prophesy.

All in all, this was a neat premise and on paper this would almost make a really good movie but the film just didn't turn out well.

SUMMARY: It had some good stuff but give this one a pass.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Freddie Highmore is legendary but this film is depressingly bad. The plot is terrible, there is no imagination in the monsters, there is so much plot left untold, and the resolution isn't much good. The acting is the only thing that gives this film a shot at being good and that is mostly because they cloned Freddie Highmore.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

This film is the most emotional, soppy, teen drama that I have ever witnessed but it didn't take itself seriously and came out to be rather amusing. What am I saying?

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

The story is full of holes and the script is average but if you love seen titans battle then this is good stuff. I would rate this below Transformers in nearly every category except for bad guy monster creation which is superb in this film.

Vampires Suck

I found this incredibly funny at the start but then it got boring after 30-40 minutes. They do a superb job of mocking Twilight but this should probably have been a 50-60 minute movie if they wanted to keep it funny throughout.


An interesting premise but this film failed to deliver on its many promises. The only thing that was really noteworthy was the art style which was gorgeous.

The acting was mediocre, the plot was lukewarm, the soundtrack was dull, and the vampires weren't even that cool. There is a very heavy emphasis on bloody gore and violence and it just isn't very good. This film only held limited potential and it failed on almost all accounts.

SUMMARY- give this one a pass. NOT RECOMMENDED.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

Ok if you are going to make a film about Wolfman, you have to make it a HORROR film, not a slasher. This film felt in parts like a slasher and in other parts it was almost like a period drama but without the love scenes. There were a few scares but it needs to be genuinely horrific. This film failed to achieve that.

The costumes and set designs were stellar. No complaints there.

The cast was very hit and miss, the most obvious miss being the title character. Benicio Del Toro was a flat out terrible choice. He stunk. He was abysmal. The adjectives elude me. He is one of the most blah actors I have ever encountered. This really is a shame because the film also stars Hugo Weaving and Sir Anthony Hopkins who are great actors (though Hugo Weaving seems to be type-cast a lot these days).

Danny Elfman always comes so close to being incredibly good but he seems to be able to pull everything together. The score has some strong points and some mediocre points. Typical Danny Elfman.

The film did a pretty good job of delving into the mythology of wolfmen but it could have gone further. Instead, they spent time on the mental health institution which could have been spent elsewhere. The looney bin was a nice set but it didn't add to the plot.

And then there is the end of the film. I can't decide how I feel about it. I don't want to spoil anything but some things were left open-ended and yet they don't seem to have any intentions of actually making a sequel.

The characters suffer from some small gaps in realism. There were parts of the plot that didn't make perfect sense and these do slightly detract from the experience.

The only thing left to comment on is the animation. Certain bits of the film relied on special effects and these were done way better than most other films in this genre.

SUMMARY- a nice try but despite certain individual elements which shined, this film is not a keeper. NOT RECOMMENDED.

ACADEMY AWARD NOTE: This film won an Oscar for best make-up and totally deserved it.


kind of the same argument as battleship but with so much more. This film had a TON of good stuff going for it, especially the special effects. I couldn't be happier with this addition to the Alien universe.

Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba

This had some good acts and some ok ones.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

This movie is amazing. Hugh Jackman is legendary and the kid (Dakota Goyo) is amazing as well. The way that they interact is superb. I'd also like to mention that Evangeline Lilly is Kate from Lost.

This movie developed an entirely new culture around the idea of robot fighting. Basically, this took the idea of boxing and put a technological twist on it. I really like how they blended the growing parent-child relationship within the context of a super cool, nerdy sport. Seriously the boxing aspects of this film make it the technological successor to Rocky.

The music was done by Danny Elfman who is a total beast and this is one of the best films that he has done music for.

SUMMARY: This film is outstanding. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

An exceptionally good film with an all-star cast. This film has Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Thomas Sangster, Derek Jacobi, and Imelda Staunton (Professor Umbridge).

The soundtrack is done by Patrick Doyle and is truly inspired.

Even the cast members who don't play a very big role int he film are absolutely superb. The kids are amazing, the aunt is really good, and the creepy lady is very good as well.

The costumes are spot on and the sets are perfect as well.

Really just about every single component of this film was perfectly executed.

This film has a draw to viewers of all ages. The film has British accents. The film has EVERYTHING.

SUMMARY: WATCH THIS FILM. Highly recommended!


This film had some nice cinematography and the underground environments felt really massive but that still doesn't make up for the weak acting, weak story, and weak script. I mean heck they didn't even run into a fish in the underground caves. This film held a lot of promise for the first 15 minutes or so but once you realize how bad the rest of the film is going to be then there really is no reason to keep watching.



this film was extremely impressive for a small-budget flick. The monsters got progressively more and more terrifying and by the end things were way out of control. This film mirrors other films such as The Descent and Shrooms where a group of young adults goes snooping around in the woods. There were a few interesting camera tricks and stunts that made this far more immersible than i thought it would be. The story was a little bit muddled in places but this type of film really only needs to focus on the fight for survival and can drop the complex back-stories. The costuming and makeup departments did an excellent job. This film even was able to capture a mythical feel due to the cave drawings.

SUMMARY: A very good film! Recommended if you are not in the mood for a big blockbuster but you want some quality terror.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

this film degrades women more than just about any other film ever made. It is absolutely appalling and Will Ferrell ought to be ashamed of himself. It also includes a tremendous amount of sexual humor and anti-conservative messages.

I thought this was supposed to be a comedy but for the most part it didn't even draw a smile from me. There were a few funny parts but I felt so insulted by this film that I have no hesitation in absolutely canning it.

SUMMARY- Absolute abysmal trash. DO NOT WATCH THIS.

Angels & Demons

Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, and Hans Zimmer. Yeah, 'nuff said. The acting and music are PHENOMENAL.

Ron Howad (the director) made good use of the film's significant budget here. They weren't allowed to film in the Vatican (duh) so they had to recreate a lot of the places from scratch and many miniatures were used. They did an excellent job. The whole movie felt like it was shot in Rome but each set was distinct and perfectly put together. I also want to compliment the artwork in this film. It was magnificent.

I don't normally comment on costuming but it was very tastefully done. The cardinals, the priests, the lay people, everything worked.

The mysteries that Tom Hanks works to solve in this movie don't feel as complex as the ones from The Da Vinci Code but that is perfectly acceptable. This movie deals more with the structure of the church and the Conclave than the actual history of the church.

The resolution for this film wasn't perfect but it serves its purpose. I think that the journey to the end of the movie is good enough that the end didn't have to be perfect to make this a good film.

SUMMARY- I find this film very entertaining though there are some very anti-Catholic sentiments that clearly manifest themselves. This is a mystery/suspense film done the right way.

Recommended? Yes, but take it with a grain of salt. This is hypothetical entertainment which contains no real valid criticisms of the Church.


this movie absolutely fails. The only sort of cool things about it are 30 seconds of a creepy old woman and a few shots of angels wings fluffing up or being used for combat.

Never, EVER try to develop a whole bunch of side character in a horror movie that is under 2 hours.

The acting is gosh aweful. The soundtrack is ok but feels like it was ported in from The Omen trilogy with a few modifications. The cinematography feels desperately lacking. There were like 3 memorable shots in the movie that were drowned out by everything else being so bad.

This film has a somewhat interesting premise but even as early as 30 minutes into the film you can tell that it isn't going anywhere. The end is so utterly disappointing.



This film is really hard to judge because it does some things SO well whereas it does other things TERRIBLY.

The cinematography is probably the best i've ever seen for any film up to 1986. It is georgeous. Some of the camera work for the inside sets is less inspiring but the early phases of the film are absolutely brilliant.

The script and plot on the other hand are abysmal. Words cannot express how cliche this film is. It is the most bogus piece of trash I have ever seen in terms of plot/script.

The acting is ok but it's impossible to actually believe in characters that are this poorly written and have such incredibly dumb lines.

I would like to compliment Tim Curry for his epic bad guy voice. The sound team was able to inject some animalistic quality into his voice (something like a roaring pig) and it was really awesome.

SUMMARY- I flipped through this quickly for the eye candy and watched a few important parts but this film really isn't worth watching. NOT RECOMMENDED.


This is a very fine piece of filmmaking but not altogether interesting enough to merit a higher score. I was bored for large chunks of the film despite the perfection of the acting and cinematography. The script was decent but nothing special. The musical score was fitting and enhanced the film.

Angelina Jolie could easily have won best actress for her performance in this film. I haven't seen many films with flapper outfits but she rocks hers incredibly well. She covered the full range of emotions throughout the film and was able to advance the central themes around which the plot is structured (government corruption, disempowerment of women, violence and children).

I think that the film really failed to make any real impression on me with its diverse themes. The main thing that I got from the film was that Angelina was a persevering mother who was going to find her kid at all costs. The other stuff seemed superfluous and stretched the film to quite a needlessly long length.

I would like to put in a good word for the costuming. Make that a great word! They were fantastic

OVERALL: A really good film if you want something to get you in the mood for the late 1920s but it has some significant drawbacks.


12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men(1997)

A disastrous attempt at a remake of one of the greatest films of all time. The biggest problem is the acting. They hired 12 ancient dudes who are wannabe actors. They basically read off the script to the original film and decided that this is an easy movie to remake. It isn't even fair to call this a cash grab because no one in their right mind would pay a dime for this swill. The original film has so many incredible high points and this film doesn't even manage to come close to capturing them. The sound editing was bad. The camera work was bad. The script was almost copy-pasted from the original but even the few added lines were bad. The acting was BAD. The film is bad.


Resident Evil: Damnation

This had super good animation, super good voice acting, pretty good music, and a dubpar plot. Really I think that the plot is what killed this film. It lagged in places and wasn't very interesting in other places. The last 30 minutes were good but the rest of it ranged from good to bad.

Resident Evil has always delivered on cool monsters and this film is no exception. There just wasn't enough character development or moral conflict to keep this one interesting.

There were some very, very slick hand-to-hand fight scenes in this.


Winnie the Pooh

BEST SCRIPT EVER. I literally think this is the finest piece of writing ever to grace the world of cinema. I can't say enough about it. It is simply the best.

This cast has a lot of experience with voice-acting (for instance, the guy who plays Spongebob shows up as Rabbit). They all deliver superb performances.

It is amazing how the simplicity of Winnie the Pooh's art style has been updated but keeps the same feel in this film. The animators did a brilliant job.

This film holds true to all of the Winnie the Pooh traditions such as interaction between the characters and the narrator. The plot is thoroughly in line with the franchise as well.

The musical is reasonable but not superb. I didn't like the melodies of all of the sung songs but it cannot be denied that the lyrics are incredibly clever.



To begin with, this film is NOT a mystery/thriller. It is more of an action/drama film.

My initial hopes for this film were quite high. I was expecting a complex legal battle where there would be a huge confrontation in a court room and Denzel would ultimately be cleared of all charges. Boy was I wrong. This film is about addictions and does not focus on the actual crash very much. The main conflict is man vs. self, mostly about alcohol but with some sex/drugs thrown in there too.

I was afraid that this film would make me never want to fly again but I am glad to say that it didn't have that effect on me.

This film is really down and dirty. The script is nothing special and neither is the acting, not cinematography. There was nothing innovative in this film. I also disliked the soundtrack which was HEAVILY aimed towards older audiences. It also has a lot of jazzy stuff which I absolutely hate.

I did not like this film very much but the last 5 minutes were extremely intense. I tend to cry a lot during movies and this one got me at the end. It took 2 hours to reach this point though and it wasn't worth it.

SUMMARY- a weak tale about addiction. It had some brief moments that were good but on the whole this film was extremely lacking.


Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away

This ranges from INCREDIBLE to just ok. Cirque du Soleil had a few routines in this one which I hadn't seen before. I wish that they hadn't tried to follow a female character and actually have a storyline. Cirque works just fine when it is a bunch of random acts without trying to make the whole production into a love story. I think that this film would have been incredible in 3D but i didn't get to see it in theaters. The cinematography of Cirque is legendary but the music was slightly lacking in this installment (the composer is a pupil of Harry Gregson-Williams).

NOTE: This show takes many/most of its acts from the Cirque du Soleil show Ka. Ka was a recorded show but wasn't very good except for 2 fun wall-climbing scenes.

SUMMARY- nice but I'd only recommend certain acts. If you have access to a DVD where you can fast-forward the less interesting acts, by all means watch this.

Cirque du Soleil: Dralion

This is one of the best shows done by Cirque. Cirque generally has mostly good acts with a few fairly average ones but Dralion is a masterpiece from start to finish. The cinematography is stronger than most Cirque du Soleil performances. Many other Cirque shows fall into the mistake of overdoing the storytelling and not focusing on the individual acts but this one focuses on each and every act and each one is a stand-alone masterpiece.

I really hate to single out anyone's performance since they are all so good but I really have to hand it to the juggler who stole the show. The perfect ballance of grace, art, and practice, this guy is the best juggler i have ever seen.

SUMMARY- one of the best Cirque du Soleil shows.


All Good Children

the best thing that I can say for this piece of trash is that they hired some good looking kids. The kids actually do a reasonable job of acting but everything else about this (storyline, script, camera work, etc.) was woefully lacking.


The Omen
The Omen(2006)

I hate to be harsh but this film was nowhere near as good as its predecessor. The original Omen movie was well-made but not incredibly good. This film is plain weak.

The cast is downright bad. I'm sorry but there were no performances here that deserve any special praise. That is kind of a major problem for a film.

The script was nothing special either. The soundtrack was slightly below average and was definitely inferior to the masterful soundtrack of the original Omen film.

The visual appeal of this film is one of its attractions but it also draws attention to one of the biggest defects of the film. There was a solid amount of money put into making this film visually appealing and the result is quite nice when it comes to cinematography. The problem is that horror/thriller movies are not meant to be beautiful. They are meant to be horrible and grotesque. I think that grotesqueness is exactly what this film lacks. The biggest difference is obviously the nanny. In the original film, that woman was CREEPY. In this version, she is too polished to elicit much more than sudden scares which quickly pass. The whole movie felt like that. The raining scenes were also very polished when I would have loved for them to be disarrayed and chaotic.

SUMMARY: This film is incredibly weak. The trailer had a few interesting visuals which may fool some people into watching this. They account for about 10 seconds of the film. Don't be fooled.


Omen III: The Final Conflict

This series progressively got worse and this one really didn't do anything for me. The first one was actually rather decent, the 2nd one was decaying but at least had good death scenes, and then we get this finale. Really the only thing left is the music and even that wasn't up to the level of the previous two films.

This film suffers from a lot of things but mostly because so many elements of the plot don't make sense. For example, in the original Omen, it was said that it would take all 7 knives to kill Damien. This one dumbed it down to one. Damien Thorn is supposed to be some ultimate beasty and yet that death scene is one of the saddest deaths for a supervillian that I have ever seen.

The theology of the film is terrible as well. Jesus is not going to come as a baby in the 2nd coming according to the Bible.

The anti-Christ's followers I found to be extremely unrealistic. So is the plot that is carried out by those followers.

The acting in this movie is very far below par. The cinematography was lacking as well.

All they could really muster up to make anyone interested in this film is to flash the markings on his head again but we have already SEEN those.

SUMMARY: the nail in the coffin. This series could have been much better but this trash sealed the deal.



This is good! Each new episode I started with reluctance but by the end of each episode I was generally very satisfied. The series goes deeply into the back-stories of many of the jurors in order to explain their final verdicts. This is not fully realized until the 2nd to last episode. The early episodes are a little slow but the final climax that is reached is extremely pleasing.

The acting in this serial is very good but it ascends to legendary status inside of the courtroom. It is hard to imagine anyone being able to match Derek Jacobi (the Counsel for the Defense) but Anthony Sher (the Counsel for the Prosecution) plays what has to be the most brilliant prosecutor that I have ever seen on the tubes. The British accents add to an already incredible performance.

I also want to put in a special word of praise to Rolfe Kent who did the music for this series. The main theme is absolutely superb.

But what good would a court series be if the court case was boring? Thankfully, the case presented is extremely tense and emotional. It involves a Sikh boy being tried for murder. I don't want to spoil the outcome but I will say that there are a few things about the mystery that I am still guessing about and will never be fully resolved, just as it should be in a good crime series.

SUMMARY: While it drags in places, this show does an excellent job of creating complex, realistic characters who have an incredibly difficult decision in front of them. This decision is made even more difficult by the superb quality of the lawyers on both sides of the case. Caught in the middle of this maelstrom is a quiet Sikh boy who is accused of a heinous crime. The combination is downright succulent.


NOTE: If you don't have time for this whole series, 12 Angry Men is a classic, shorter film which achieves a similar effect.

Damien---Omen II

This just didn't feel much like a horror/suspense movie. The first one had great feelings of mystery and suspense but this one was more like a family drama with random horrible deaths in it. The soundtrack was quite good but other than that this film just wasn't there.

Pirates of Penzance

I recommend this version over the film version because the vocals are better. I was watching a low-quality web version but it was still better. The acting is also a little more extreme in this version which makes it more entertaining. The cinematography obviously isn't as good because it is a live version.


I'm going to forgive this film for its overly-simplistic plot and uninventive ending because MY GOSH did this film is a work of art. The camera angles, environments, acting, and scare moments are absolutely amazing. This low budget film puts many other horror flicks to shame. I find it odd that I didn't find The Descent or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre very interesting but this one absolutely nailed the horror parts.

SUMMARY: A very strong film. I recommend it! There is so much masterful technique here that horror film aficionados will eat this up.


Honestly this film could have been so much better if they just explained Esther's back story more. This was even part of the original script but they cut it out (hat tip Wikipedia). Her actions were not explained very well in the released version of the film.

The acting was actually very good in this film. They got some actual talent instead of using a nameless cast. The cinematography was also quite impressive. This film didn't appear to lack funding. The soundtrack was below average for a thriller. The camera angles brought something new to the table and were a definite plus in this film. The script served its purpose but didn't go much further.

The biggest problem with this film was that it waited until the last 30 minutes to explain the premise upon which the entire film was based and the premise was never explained enough for anyone to care. The last 30 minutes were standard horror flick stuff. The premise of this film could have made Esther an incredibly deep character but instead they focused on the mom and left Esther's character shallow and boring. They also didn't explain why she wanted to kill the kids.

SUMMARY: No good. They keep the viewer in suspense for a long time because once Esther's secret has been revealed, the film becomes very dull and standard. Keeping someone wondering about what is going to happen next isn't enough to make a good film.


The Omen
The Omen(1976)

It's amazing how good a horror film can be without many special effects or CG monsters. This film was an amazing accomplishment for its time and is still very much worth watching today.The plot could have done with a few more twists (it was fairly easy to predict) but it was serviceable and got the job done. The script was also only reasonably good but again, that was not the important part of this film.What WAS important about this film is how each person dies and how expertly the death of each person is executed. Every single death was easy to see coming and yet the chills from each encounter were, well, thrilling! I was especially pleased with the impaling and decapitation deaths. Those were both very unique.I have to give a special mention to the score. Very few old movies impress me musically but this one had some recurring musical themes and made exceptionally good use of choir music. The overall sound mixing of the film was good but the music is what really carried this part of the film and is largely why i gave this film a good score.The acting was a very interesting part of the film. I thought that every person in this film did a phenomenal job. I am not a fan of Gregory Peck so it is relieving to know that he is capable of making a good film. His acting wasn't extraordinary but the way that this movie was shot did not require an all-star performance from him. The son (Damien) and the 2nd nurse were particularly good at being creepy.I would like to address a concern that I have with this film. In most horror films, the antagonist does all of the killing. This film used fatal accidents that were deemed to be works of the devil, NOT the child. I wish that had linked the child more directly to the deaths. I like these things to be really, really obvious.The only other issue i have with this film is that it lags in various places. No one wants to sit through 30 seconds (slight exaggeration) of Gregory Peck driving a car to get to a new location. A lot of old movies fall into this pit.One thing that was one well is Gregory Peck's spiritual battle within himself. It pairs nicely with the exterior battle against the incarnation of the Antichrist.SUMMARY: A good film. I am unable to give it higher marks because there were a lot of very small flaws in it. The overall picture is very good but not legendary.RECOMMENDED TO TEENAGERS AND ABOVE. No kids.

AWARDS NOTE: This film won an Academy Award for Best Original Score. It deserved it.

The Body
The Body(2001)

This film was a sad waste of a talented cast. I tend to consider a lot of things in my overall review but this film was bogged down by a weak script and a plot that was very poorly written. By the time that the credits roll, I was so incredibly frustrated with this film. The big thing about making a film like this is that the main character is undergoing a spiritual conflict. Even though there are political concerns in this film, the main conflict is man vs self and therefore the resolution of that conflict must be satisfactory to the viewer to make the film worth watching.

The camera crew also did a very subpar job in this film. For goodness sakes, this is Jerusalem! I didn't feel much of the ancient mythos of the city. Instead, all I felt was that there were a bunch of people in a windy, sandy location that were trying to do an archeological dig without getting blown up by terrorists. The cinematography was sorely lacking.

On a similar note, it is odd that the main characters are only really threatened at 2 points in the film and in both cases there is only a weak tie-in to the main moral conflicts of the film. I wanted these people to blatantly risk their lives for what they believe in but only at the end do they come close to this and the reasons why the character did it were both unclear and not very good.

The soundtrack was one of the strengths of the film but I would have thought that they would have incorporated more of the Jewishness of the location into the score. Really, I think a lot of this film would have been better if they involved the fundamentalist Jews more and the Palestinians less.

The film only had one "gotcha" moment and it was only minorly surprising and clever. I was hoping for a whole string of surprises but any Christian could have predicted most of what went on in this film. If you are going to delve deep into a sensitive, religious topic, you have to go deep and come up with some obscure and cool stuff. I'd point to the art scenes from The Da Vinci Code as examples of this being well-executed.

SUMMARY: A film that had potential but weak writing and directing has removed any remorse that I might have felt for canning this one.



there are some interesting techniques to the way that this was shot (lots of scenes that follow a person walking through various parts of the school in a single shot). Other than that this film is an absolute disaster. It is terrible. I never thought a film about a school shooting could be so utterly uninteresting.

This film also contains some retarded notions such as a completely false portrayal of how to buy a gun. It also attacks FPS video games as the root of violence in society. Such a load of BS.

El Sueño De Iván

I didn't understand most of what was going on in this Spanish film but the soccer announcers were drop dead hysterical nonetheless. The trailer looked intriguing and it is very cool to see the kids vs adults game. I wish I could have understood more of what was going on between the coaches and the kids.

Ways To Live Forever

I am continuously surprised by how well some child/teen dramas are made. This film addresses the extremely difficult topic of children with incurable, terminal diseases. It asks many of the big questions about life and death and reasons through them in a simplistic, childlike sort of way that is thoroughly logical from the perspective of a 12 year old.

Alex Etel is a very capable child actor. I remember him from The Water Horse and he put on a wonderful performance in this film as well.

The soundtrack fits the film like a glove. The cinematography is simple for the most part but it hits highs in a few very important places.

The script combined with excellent performances from the cast really pull this film together. I think that it is very difficult to write a film where there has to be a ballance between life, death, hope, despair, thoughtfulness, and discovery.

SUMMARY: This was a simply made film but everything about it is very solid. It was very thought-provoking for me. This isn't a huge blockbuster but for a cheeply made drama it is very good.

NOTE: Shoutout to Natalia Tena (Tonks from Harry Potter)

Cirque Du Soleil - Corteo

honestly I expect much more from Cirque du Soleil than this sadly lacking effort. Cirque is known for incredible cinematography, amazing stunts that no one else would even think of, incredibly beautiful art, superb costumes, and mindblowing sets. I don't think that this show lived up to Cirque's reputation in any of those categories. Even the music was quite weak.

Having bashed this one, I would like to put in a good word for the jugglers and the guy on the ladder. Those 2 acts were very good.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

a good movie but nowhere near the standard set by the original TV show.

Kronk's New Groove

a reasonable follow-up to The Emperor's New Groove. The storyline isn't much but the fact that this movie is about Kronk gives it quite a boost. I'm not a huge Kuzco person so the fact that they switched around the protagonist was a pleasant change. The problem is that the plot is almost completely man vs self instead of man vs man like the original. Sure, Yzma makes a brief comeback but she is not anywhere near the level she was at in the original.

The plot lags slightly in places but the film is quite short so this isn't a huge problem.

There is a level of nostalgia to be had here certainly but those only take this film so far.

The soundtrack was reasonable but the black lady who does the intro and outro is very, very reminiscent of the black ladies from Hercules (who were far better). Animated films need to stop pretending like they can have good musical numbers. This one tries and doesn't really succeed.

The comedy in this film is laugh out loud funny. The script was very good.

This sequel continues the practices of breaking the 4th wall and mocking anything and everything. There is a lot of charm here.

SUMMARY: This is a good one that is suitable for kids. I do believe that the original was better but this one is worth at least 1 watch. It is only 70 minutes.


this was actually a very decent film. I tend to absolutely despise coming of age stories but this one worked for some reason. I think it was mostly because of the way that the story is told. The boy gets to tell his side of events first and then the girl follows up with her side to each episode. This was an incredibly effective way of telling the story (i'm not sure if this was the director's idea or if it was from the book that the film is based off of). The script was spot on and the 2 main kids did a very good job in their respective roles. Some of the characters overplayed their parts a bit but it wasn't as offensive to me as it usually is.

Many coming of age stories are hampered by their weak messages but this film had a very clear point that it was trying to make (mostly about honesty) and it succeeded in spades.

SUMMARY: If you are into coming of age dramas then this is a good one.

Cirque du Soleil - We Reinvent the Circus

It's difficult to rate a show like this because at some points the pacing was a little (or even a lot) too slow but the highs in here are mindblowing. Special props to the tightrope act, the chair ballancing, the conductor clown, and the dude on the bike.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

amazing movie! There were some slightly weak parts of the soundtrack and the plot was a little laggy in places but this is definitely the dose of nerdyism that I wanted from the film.


I very much enjoyed this film but there were a few problems in it which keep it from legendary status. The biggest flaw with the film (as the critics correctly point out) is that the whole premise of the film is to provide an alternate, credible story line for what might have been the real life of William Shakespeare. The film fails to achieve this because the plot is a little too far from what people have been taught about Shakespeare and the film does not make a convincing enough case for its proposed plot, especially with the Queen Elizabeth parts.

Having said that, if the feasibility of the plot is overlooked this is actually a very enjoyable movie. The soundtrack is decent, the sets are very good, the script is very good, and the acting is top notch. The cast isn't particularly famous but they are all very good, especially the noblemen.

Though the plot wasn't convincing, it was certainly interesting. Nobles scheming against each other is cool. I also liked how they wove various Shakespearean plays into the movie in various places. I think they could have been much more convincing with the fight scene. I was extremely confused for the first 30 minutes of the film because every nobleman has 2-3 different names that he goes by. This is particularly difficult because they do a lot of flashbacks and flash further backs. After an hour or so, everything falls into place and it all makes sense but I would have liked a little more clarity.

SUMMARY: A pretty good film. I enjoyed it and am glad I watched it. This one falls into the category of The Raven. People interested in playwrights and poets will enjoy both.

Chicken Little

This movie was a valiant start to Disney's challenge of Pixar's animation supremacy. Having said that, there is a lot of room for improvement.

The story itself seems very dopey, highly circumstantial, and bereft of any emotion except at certain parts of medium-high emotion that tend to last about 7 seconds at most. The plot covers a lot of topics such as bullying and parent-child relationships. The problem is that the parent-child relationship is both awkward and boring and doesn't really result in as meaningful an end as I would have liked. The whole "I change my entire attitude to you all in an instant" mentality drives me nuts, especially when it is brought on by an emergency where there really isn't much choice to do anything else (i'm being careful to avoid spoilers here).

The soundtrack ranges from incredibly good selections to very weak ones but on the whole I think it was fairly good.

Chicken Little's friends and the other kids at his school (and the teachers) were very entertaining. I find it problematic that Chicken Little himself is probably the 2nd weakest character in the entire film (the dad being the weakest). The voice acting was very good though.

The animation of this film bugged me for a long time but that is mostly because I just didn't like the art style. I guess that it was a pretty good execution of that style, it just isn't my cup of tea.

Really the thing that bumps this film up from a painfully average film to halfway decent film is the script and how they mock just about everything. There are a ton of goofy references in this film (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) that older viewers will pick up on but kids will probably miss.

SUMMARY: I think this film is decent but that there are many better ones out there. Disney has to step it up in order to take on Pixar and Dreamworks.


Absolutely amazing circus. The acts, the soundtrack, the showmanship, the cinematography of the videos, everything about this is absolutely wonderful. Sometimes the pacing is slightly slow but the highs are so very high that it makes up for any lags in the action.

Winnie the Pooh: A Day for Eeyore

This episode covers Pooh Sticks and Eeyore's birthday. This is a classic but is more written for lovers of the books than for beginners in the Hundred Acre Wood. The script is simple but effective.

My admiration for the dude who wrote the music to Winnie the Pooh is practically without limit. It makes the series.

Van Helsing: The London Assignment

this was actually EXTREMELY well made. Hugh Jackman is a superb voice actor but I honestly think that David Wenham might just have stolen the show! These 2 work amazingly well together. I liked the animation a lot. The plot is somewhat generic but the action moves it along so fast that it is scarcely noticeable. The soundtrack is actually very good as well. Really it is hard to find fault with this short follow up to the full length feature.

SUMMARY: This is good!

Fred: The Movie

at times inventive but overall this is too dopey to give much thought to. Toss this one out with the garbage.

Les Misérables

this film progressively grew on me but it is very difficult to know how to rate it. Les Miserables was ultimately meant to be sung and acting is entirely a secondary feature that only exists to compliment the singing. That is the premise that I was under when I started this film and I think it holds true. Les Miserables has a very interesting story (even if certain parts of it seem rather illogical to me) but it is certainly not compelling enough to just make a movie based on the plot. Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush tried that back in 1998 and the film stunk.

Let's begin by addressing the individual parts of the process. The costumes and cinematography were incredible (the costumes won many film awards). The script was pulled pretty much entirely from the musical and was therefore very good, So far so good but now we get into the more delicate part of this review.

The acting. I'll begin by saying that Hugh Jackman can officially play any role and do it like a master. I was extremely satisfied with his performance. The rest of the cast in general were extremely good actors. I would hesitate to comment on any specific one of them because there are so many lead roles in this film and pretty much all of them were played extremely well. This was an all-star cast and the result was pleasing.

The music. This is the part where I'm still not quite certain what to make of it. I thought that it was a terrible decision to hire all-star actors and then require them to become all-star singers and to sing it live on set every day. I'll admit that the result of that decision was very real acting but the sound just wasn't there for large chunks of the film. I'm not entirely certain whether it was weak vocalists or terrible editing but there were some parts of the music that sounded absolutely terrible. I'm going to be harsh on the I Dreamed a Dream portion of the film. Anne Hathaway is a very talented actress but her singing voice is very weak. The editors made some poor decisions for how to adjust that song and the end result was a nightmarish trainwreck. Other songs such as Bring Him Home were different yet still enjoyable.

The real question for most viewers will be whether or not Les Mis can be Les Mis without spot-on singing. For me, I think that this film was related to Les Mis but not Les Mis in the same way that modernized portrayals of Shakespeare plays are both Shakespeare and not Shakespeare at the same time.

SUMMARY: you will really have to see this and judge for yourself. I would recommend it for at least one watch but it is up to you to determine whether it will be worth investing in a blue-ray copy of this movie.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

Wow the critics completely got it wrong on this film. This is the superior brother of Requiem for a Dream. I say that because the director, most of the cast, and the composer had all worked together on Requiem for a Dream.

This film is Hugh Jackman's finest piece of acting. I'd even go so far as to say that it is some of the most compelling acting that I have ever seen! The rest of the cast is superb as well but H. Jackman led the way. I really think he deserved an Oscar for this one.

Clint Mansell returns with another one of his intriguing themes. I don't know if he is capable of directing a film with a normal plot but the wonky flavor of his music is wonderful for drama films like this one. The main theme is used with great repetition, some might even say too much, but I think that, similar to Requiem for a Dream, it is meant to build tension as the movie gets more and more hectic and it achieves just that.

The plot is very complex and I am glad that I took a few peaks at Wikipedia to double check what was going on. The script is excellent in how it addresses the overall theme of this film about the fear of death.

The cinematography was SUPERB. I really can't say enough about this film's use of lighting and visual effects. This is some of the finest art I have ever seen.

The Fountain draws on the mythology surrounding the Mayans and even dips into the Spanish Inquisition in a fictitious way. These are 2 very well beloved topics that most viewers will find very interesting.

SUMMARY: SUPERB MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to see this.

The Vikings
The Vikings(1958)

a cult classic for certain. It has the same level of brotherly comradeship found in Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. The acting is good and the soundtrack is unusually good for a film of that era. The cinematography is pretty good as well. Really, I think that the major things holding this film back are weak direction and a rather lacking script. I find Tony Curtis to be very boring in general and this film was another manifestation of that.

I would like to put in a good word for the woolly boots that the Vikings wear. The costume department did a superb job with those. All of the costumes were very good come to think of it.

Possibly the biggest selling point for this film is that it FELT like Vikings all the way through. They kept talking about Odin and other cultural things which gave the film a ton of charm.

Zero Dark Thirty

This movie was the rightful Best Picture of 2012. Before explaining why, I would first like to say that this is NOT a pro-Obama film as it was rumored that it would be.

Zero Dark Thirty is one of the best portrayals that i have ever seen of the United States secret forces. It might even be THE best. The film captures the process of the CIA with incredible realism. The film depicts enhanced interrogation, field work, research, and even the bureaucracy of Washington D.C.

The cinematography is very good in this film, far better than almost any other war film that I have seen. It shows poverty and war scenes in a way that is gritty and gruesome without any of the usual Hollywood excess which usually accompanies such scenes. The final scene is a remarkably good portrayal of the navy seals. I'd say it even reaches nearly the level of perfection achieved in Act of Valor.

The acting ranges from extremely good to moderately good. The soundtrack was nothing particularly special but I think it fit the movie very well.

SUMMARY: An excellent movie but this is not one for the kids.

NOTE ABOUT THE ACADEMY AWARDS: I think it is a total sham that this film lost to Argo. The acting in this movie was superior, the sets were superior, the plot was superior, EVERYTHING was superior. This film is far more controversial than Argo but it is still a far better movie.

Act of Valor
Act of Valor(2012)

it's been a long time since I saw this but I remember that there were certain parts of this that were extremely well done. The film was made with actual Navy Seals so it is very realistic. The best thing about this film was the sound. I have never heard such accurate sound. These weapons are the real deal, not something fiddled around with in an editing studio. The plot itself was moderately interesting and the acting was just ok but the military work that they do is very impressive.

The Conclave
The Conclave(2007)

I really liked this movie. It's a bunch of cardinals scheming and yelling at each other. <3 Brian Blessed.

Highly, highly recommended!

Pete's Dragon

this movie has 2 good things going for it: the dragon and the kid's INCREDIBLY red hair. All the humans were very dopey and not particularly entertaining. The script was incredibly simplistic, the acting was subpar (the kid was pretty decent), the soundtrack was on the weak side, and the overall storyline was not executed well. The story itself has much potential but it was held back by the weak acting, script, and even the soundtrack. This one will not be long remembered, nor does it deserve to be.

I feel that the singing deserves a special mention. It was gosh awful and dropped this movie from mediocre to downright dull.

I totally didn't recognize Mickey Rooney. He was by far the best actor but the writing for his character was miserable.

SUMMARY: incredibly boring other than brief moments of glory with the dragon.

NOTE: This film was nominated for 2 academy awards and a golden globe.

Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too

not a particularly inspired script or plot. This is a decent Christmas special but certainly not the best show to come out of this fantasy land.


very, very enjoyable movie. It has wit, a pretty female, incredible effects, amazing voice acting, and a score that I shall be adding to my collection very shortly. I can't come up with a criticism here except for possibly lack of deep characters development.

This is the best movie of the series but the other 2 are also extremely good and 100% worth watching.

Pooh's Heffalump Movie

the newer Winnie the Pooh films tend to be weak but this one is downright flawed. There are a few good lines that got me to giggle for a bit but nowhere near enough for this movie to be dubbed a winner. I would also like to give some special recognition to the kid who played the young heffalump. I think I could listen to that young, British accent all day long. His laugh is INCREDIBLE.

PARENT ADVISORY: Having stated the good, I must say that the overall message of this movie is seriously concerning for parents. The film teaches about not fearing things that you don't understand which is ok to some contexts but the overall message of acceptance is one which I loath and despise. The film has the "can't we all just be friends" attitude. This is dangerous. I don't want to spoil anything but there are at least 2 cases where a child blatantly disregards the orders of a parent.

I would also like to point out that this film wasn't very imaginative. A lot of the animation of environments, props, and so on was blatantly understated and I feel like this film really won't inspire the same level of imagination in children as other installments of this franchise.

The real nail in the coffin is the singing. Please notice that I do not say "music" because the background music was very good for the most part. In recent years, the Winnie the Pooh universe has produced several films that involve many musical numbers. This is a crime against my childhood. Pooh's Grand Adventure was the only movie that actually pulled off the musical numbers and made them exceptionally entertaining. This film just had them in order to shorten the length of the already lacking script.

SUMMARY: This film is weak. Even a die hard fan like myself will not be coming back for a second taste of this one. Indeed, I rather regret the hour which I gave it the first time.

The good news is that there are many other adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood to choose from. Happy exploring!

Les Miserables: In Concert - The Dream Cast

For just being a concert of people standing at microphones and singing, this is probably one of the most worthwhile videos I have ever watched. I don't call it a film because it is a recording of a live event. Even though it says it is in the Royal Albert Hall, it honestly feels more like it is outdoors like the 25th Anniversary edition. This is a HUGE stage.

Despite the somewhat underplayed acting performances of the singers, this is by far the best version of Les Miserables to be recorded. THESE PEOPLE CAN SING!!! That pretty much sums it up. The whole point of this filming was for them to use their incredible voices to create amazing music and they did just that.


Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert


Having said that, this version isn't bad. The 10th anniversary is far superior but this was a pretty good representation of Les Mis. The singers just aren't as good as the original cast. One of the cool things that they did is bring back some of the original people (e.g. several of the previous Jean Valjeans). This was cool to see them all singing encore versions of certain ones of the biggest songs.

The 10th and 25th are both portrayed in almost the exact same way. Both are mostly singers at microphones with little other action. The 25th felt a little expansive in facial expressions and gesticulations.


Les Miserables

i gave this about 4 minutes of my time and am quite content with that. You can't make Les Mis into a movie without the music. It's just a bunch of boring actors playing their parts.

Brokeback Mountain

boring and so incredibly dumb that it is an insult to the gay community that this is the film that they refer to as the greatest movie ever made on the topic of gay romance.

Rise of the Guardians

The animation here is incredible, particularly on Jack Frost and the Sand Man. I wish they had done a little more with the environments and maybe a little more complexity in the back stories but it is after all a kids movie so they kept it simple yet imaginative. The soundtrack was average and the script could have done with a little more wit and less cliche. I don't want to sound overly critical because this film was definitely worth seeing. They did depart from the standard depictions of the guardians (e.g. Miracle on 34th Street) in order to liven the characters up a bit.

I do want to criticize the end a little. They got across the message that kids need to believe but it wasn't nearly as obvious as I would have personally done. I'm kind of a stickler for scenarios such as the Mary Martin Peter Pan where all kids are shouting "I do believe in faries" at the TV screen.

The level of development of Pitch's hideout was below even the level set by The Smurfs. After seeing Hotel Transylvania this year, don't tell me that it is impossible to make a villain's lair. There are tons of things you can do with bad guys but this guy just played with his dust and horsies. I was hoping for more.

There were also some choices made during the film that I feel could have been emphasized more. Really, the whole experience was underplayed from what it could have been. Even some of the ice sledding sequences (there were at least 3 sliding sequences in a single film) could have been done better. I'm thinking of Ice Age.

I have to be perfectly honest; This film would be receiving lower marks if it wasn't for the incredibly animation on Jack Frost, particularly his hair. His face was all over the ads for this film and it really is the main selling point for the film. The color, animation, and lighting was masterfully done on his hair.

SUMMARY: A nice film but there is plenty of room for improvement. I recommend seeing it at least once but this will probably only be worth going back and seeing again if one of the holidays is near.

The Oxford Murders

my gosh this was an awesome movie!!! John Hurt reminds me of Ian McKellen. They are both elderly British gentlemen who have the most insane talent for acting. Elijah Wood did a pretty good job too in this film but Hurt is the man who pulled it together.

The film has a lot of mystique to it. There is a combination of incredibly deep thinking and a very complexly layered series of murders. It had me confused all the way until the end where everything became clear, just as a really good mystery should do.

The script ranged from average to very good. The soundtrack was definitely satisfactory.

The film only had a $14 million budget but the final product was a very quality film.

CONTENT ADVISORY- there are at least 2 scenes with most of a woman's breast being shown. There are also a few uses of f*** and some other obscenities.

I RECOMMEND THIS FILM. I stayed up until almost 2 a.m. to finish it and it was well worth it.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

heavy style and lots of innovation in various film-making techniques don't prevent this film from being very boring for the most part. At the time I dare say it was interesting to middle-aged adults but it really holds very little for me at this stage in my life.

I'm going to address some specifics from the Wikipedia article:

Cinematography- unless you are a film buff who knew what to look for, the unique way in which camera shots were done will be completely lost on you as they were for me. There really was no such thing as cinematography before color. I hate to have to say that but it is true. If this film had been done in color, it would have been amazing cinematography. You can praise the creators for their remarkable work but that doesn't mean that it is enjoyable to watch for any reason other than cinema history.

special effects- some camera tricks. Not much interesting.

makeup- transforming himself into Old Kane took Orson Wells several hours. The end result is impressive.

Soundtrack- really uninteresting to the casual watcher. There are some interesting comparisons to radio music that are probably justified but just because I find a way to bring a new style to movies doesn't make it a good movie. It makes it art but not necessarily a good movie.

Wikipedia also goes on and on about William Randolf Hearst's reaction to the film. Really, that only matters to people interested in cinema history.

SUMMARY: A boring movie but it has some interesting ideas that I might ponder for future use. I won't recommend this film but I won't say not to watch it either.

Wreck-it Ralph

I'm very happy with how this turned out. The characters were real, the music was incredibly well crafted, the cinematography was incredible, the plot was new and exciting, the voice acting was phenomenal, and, best of all, it was a satisfying tale about video games. They really walked a difficult line between making a children's movie and making a film that adult gamers could watch and enjoy and they NAILED it.

Another gap which was impeccably bridged was the balance between retro and modern gaming. There was even a lot of character stereotypes like the obnoxious racing girls which made me smile. This film was made by people who really understand gaming.

The only thing I really didn't enjoy much about the film was how awkward they made Ralph's character model but even that is a compliment to the animators. Ralph is one ugly son of a gun but it makes it all the better when he displays very human emotions and tries to do good things.



The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Really you would think that making the final movie in the most famous vampire series out there would mean that there would be a lot of effort put into this film but my gosh it failed in every way. With most films, you can summarize the good things about it by using simple words such as epic, touching, well-made, romantic, interesting, or even just engrossing. This film doesn't fall into any of those categories.

The soundtrack for the whole Twilight series is very, very niche and won't appeal to most viewers. It certainly didn't appeal to me. The script is average. The cinematography of this particular film was a nice try but quite honestly it seemed like they skimped on the budget for this film. It was underwhelming compared to what it could have been. Really, I feel like the whole film was underdone because they KNEW that everyone would go see this film no matter how bad it was. The acting in this series has always been lacking but it was actually better in this film than in the other films, mostly thanks to the Volturi. Really, the filmmakers can thank the Volturi for their contributions to this film because without them, this film would have been gosh aweful instead of just below average.

Anyone with high expectations for this film can drop them now. There was no progression in relationships and Twilight is supposed to be a love story! There was zero character development! I will admit that I was somewhat interested in the film as I was watching it but it was ONLY because I was curious as to how it would end. I don't want to spoil the end but there is a bit of a plot twist. Most plot twists are like, "HOLY COW WHAT JUST HAPPENED????" but this one was intriguing in a minor sort of way but quickly faded to, "dude that is just lame."

I always say that any movie can try to make itself better by having 2 good looking people have a sex scene but this one was one of the most gosh awefully boring sex scenes I have ever seen. On a similar note, the WHOLE point of Twilight is love and beautiful people. The people weren't as good looking in this film.

SUMMARY: This film lacked humor, charm, epicness, a soundtrack, acting, cinematography, character development, and pretty much everything else.

The only reason to watch this is to finish the plot for the series and then rage about how gosh awfully boring it is.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

This series is so incredibly enjoyable, particularly for men. This is possibly the best action series out there currently. There is just nothing that compares to the way that the transformers operate their machinery.

This particular film is the longest and lacks a lot of the comedy that was in the previous two but that is ok. Because it is the 3rd in the series, it takes for granted that the characters have already been developed so it focuses more on the overall arch of the plot and makes each individual battle a thing to remember. Each scene is it's own little feast of action while they all contribute to the overall picture.

If you are looking for a deep character experience, this isn't it. There is some stuff at the beginning about Sam's difficulty in returning to the status of an average, normal citizen but that all quickly falls by the wayside and is replaced by tons of action.

The plot is susceptible to criticism because it is very generic and rather predictable at most points. Again, this movie is about the action, not a deep storytelling experience. The 2nd movie was the one with the deep story line. This one focuses on a LOT of conspiracy theories in order to add mystique.

The music has always been a strong suite for Transformers. This particular movie didn't really bring anythign new to the score and i think there was room for improvement but there is no denying that it did provide a very solid backup to the action sequences.

OVERALL: A satisfying conclusion to the story arch of the first 3 movies. I think that this is possibly the weakest film in the series but it is still a very enjoyable film.

Apollo 13
Apollo 13(1995)

the greatest film made about the moon landing. This one is an absolute treasure.


Beverly Hills Cop

an amusing flick with lots of charm in it though not as drop dead hysterical as i was told it would be.

That song though.....DAT SONG!!!

Charlie St. Cloud

and this is why i don't watch romance or dramas, let alone a romantic drama. GOSH AWFUL MOVIE. No amount of Zac Efron walking around in tight shirts is going to solve the issues in this woeful film. This is one of those cases where the sex scene did nothing to improve the movie. Yes, it was that bad.

Merrily We Live

this movie is pretty dang funny and the family is all weirdly insane in a comical way which makes for a great movie.

Some Like It Hot

frankly I thought it was fairly good, not the killer movie that everyone else seems to think. I also don't see why my dad loved it so much.

The Italian Job

very, very good movie. I now want a mini cooper.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

an EXTREMELY dirty comedy that is full to the brim of inappropriate stuff, racism, antisemitism, racial profiling, and every other type of racial profiling imaginable.

All that said, there were a fair number of laughs to be had here. It would be unfair of me to review bomb it just because of the insane amount of inappropriateness that exists here.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I have no idea why this movie is popular, it wasn't even that funny except in like 2-3 places for a few moments.

Normally, i don't get bothered by kids being bad in a movie but these kids are so gosh darn rotten and there really aren't any repercussions for it. I have seen a lot of movies about dopey teens but this one really failed to do anything for me.


PAINFUL. Listen to the soundtrack but for goodness sakes only watch this 1 time if you absolutely MUST understand the plot. Have your knitting or something because as a film, THIS STINKS. There are awkward periods where for like 3 minutes in a row the camera is just zoomed in on one person's face while they sing. The translation to film is absolutely horrible.

Tom Brown's Schooldays

It's Stephen Fry bad can it be? I found it quite enjoyable though it seemed a little short. I read the book nor have i seen the original black and white film but i liked this. It's a bunch of boys getting into situations. Fun.I mean seriously, you could get a solid hour of entertainment just by staring at the kid's hair.

How to Train Your Dragon


Very good animation, extremely good voice acting, superb soundtrack, glorious cinematography, baws script, character development, a minor love interest, a father son relationship that evolves and grows, and, of course, DRAGONS!!!!

I'm sorry but I have to raise my rating. TEN OUT OF TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quite a satisfactory movie. It is a cross between an action "shoot em up" and a dystopian fiction. Many gun movies are boring but Christian Bale pulled out all of the stops with his martial arts influences to create a really unique style of combat for his cleric class fighters. The last fight scene in particular was particularly impressive.

As dystopian fictions go, there isn't much new here. There is also a lack of character development and the plot is for the most part very easy to predict. If you are looking for great cinematography and something new in the action genre, this isn't a bad film to try out.

FINAL VERDICT- a good film but not on my all time favorite list. It is under 2 hours and is a nice way to pass the time if you are feeling like watching people get shot up. For some reason this film reminded me a bit of the Resident Evil series (whatever that means). It also has possible influences from The Matrix series.

Alice in Wonderland

incredible cinematography, all-star cast, Danny Elfman, Tim Burton, the list of good things about this movie goes on and on.

It is definitely a grave departure from the original film from 49 years before this one but this is a nice update to the world. The voice-acting in particular I found incredibly good.

This is a case of a high-budget film being done right. Not quite a classic maybe but definitely a really good film.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

THIS FILM IS TOO ABSURDLY FAR-FETCHED!!!!! Ok so if you are going to make a film like this it either has to be believable or incredibly charming (Milo and Otis, The Incredible Journey, and so on). This film tried to be sentimental, epic, difficult to believe but still believable, and several other things without achieving ANY of those things. The film lacked direction. Heck, Eragon was a better love story about a maturing boy and his special pet.

Sure they have some phenomenal actors hired for this gig but this wasn't the best performance for any of them. The soundtrack was ok but nothing special. Even the stuff they did with the horses wasn't particularly impressive. If you are going to make a movie about horses, showcase them! Black Beauty is an example about how by the end of it, you WORSHIP the beauty of horses. This film was more about the horse than the boy and it didn't really make me love horses any more than i did before seeing it.

Then there is the COMPLETE lack of any character development. The kid didn't mature in the slightest throughout the movie. Throughout the film he is an innocent farmboy with a good heart. He might as well have been in National Velvet and just rolled his eyes to heaven and said, "horses," in a dreamy sort of way. War movies tend to show kids growing to maturity (Empire of the Sun) but this film sure didn't. Also, his relationship with his father was never really resolved in anything like a satisfactory manner.

They didn't really explain the significance of the cloth that the horse carried the whole movie. The part in No Man's Land with the 2 soldiers is too far-fetched to believe. That only happened like 1 time in the War and I believe that was on Christmas. They would never have done that for a horse.

There was no pretty woman to make the movie better. No sex scene. Nothing at all of interest in terms of love except the boy's relationship with a horse and that doesn't work because they are a million miles apart for 1/2 of the film and there is no clear struggle to show them trying to get back together. They meet at the end PURELY by chance instead of by design (Lassie Come Home).

Most of the awards the film won were for best music (entirely undeserved probably) and best cinematography. I'm not going to deny that the cinematography was very good but that's what happens in a film with a $66 million budget.

TLDR- a $66 million budget, Steven Speilberg's name, massive advertising, some really good actors, and 27 pages worth of Wikipedia (printable pages) devoted to a film doesn't make it good.


EDIT: And the script stunk too.


Hitchcock strikes again. He made horror films just by twisting the human psyche and not even needing to create actual monsters.

The film lags a bit in various places but once it picks up it is enrapturing. Some people just can't stand black and white but this is by far one of the better/best films in the days before color.

The acting is impeccable and is really what pulls the film together. I normally don't notice the soundtrack much in black and white films but this one had an ongoing theme that really added to the creepiness.

I recommend it but not for kids who won't be able to appreciate it. There is no denying that this is a classic but not quite of the legendary tier.


This is my first time seeing an Al Pacino film and it won't be the last. This guy is a phenomenal actor.

The film itself is extremely dirty with a ludicrous amount of cussing but that is kind of necessary to make this type of gangster film. I like how they actually developed Scarface so that even though he is the scum of the universe, you still feel bad for him because he frequently is in situations where he tries to do the right thing.

If you are looking for a snapshot of gangster life during the era that this film is set in, this is probably one of the best films out there.

I'm very happy with it but it is a bit long at 2 hours, 50 minutes. I can't say exactly that I would recommend it to everyone buy guys who are really into violence and gangster films will love this one. It is a very manly movie.

Hotel Transylvania

this is exactly how an animated movie should be made. The imagination of a young child will go wild with this. Great animation quality, decent soundtrack, lots of famous actors, and a good script. The story is a little generic but there are so many little monster touches in this film that it really is a delightful experience. I'm totally glad i watched it and I wouldn't mind watching it again sometime with the family.


NOTE: a few bathroom/semi-sexual jokes that aren't entirely appropriate but there are only a few and they are nearer to the beginning.

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D

I have no clue why but this actually was a very decent movie, almost even a good movie! There are a lot of fun things here. The ongoing rivalry between the kids, the pregnant mother which shifts into the mother running around smashing spies with a kid hugging her front side in a carrier, the complexities of 2 kids getting to appreciate their stepmom, some decent humor, and most of all, the spy stuff. Spy kids always makes you feel like our world is filled with the coolest gadgets ever and this installment in the series pulled that off very well. There were even some very good life messages thrown in.

MINIOR SPOILER ALERT: They do bring back the 2 kids from the original Spy Kids movies. I thought that was going to make it incredibly lame but they did it in a pretty reasonable way.

NOTE: This film came out a few months before Hugo did. I guess there was some sort of bug going around the filmmaking world where clocks are just the coolest things ever. The intro for Game of Thrones which was also released in 2011 a few months before this film is also very reminiscent of clocks.

Other random thoughts: the dog actually grew on me as the film progressed. That sort of character is hard to do right and most films absolutely blow it but this one did it right. The child acting was pretty decent as well. The film has superb pacing and the length is also perfect.

ON THE WHOLE: If you are into this general genre, this installment definitely satisfies. I was extremely upset with the 3rd Spy kids film (the one inside of the video game) so I am super happy to see the series back in business.

DO YOU HAVE TO SEE THE OTHER MOVIES TO APPRECIATE THIS ONE? Not really. You should probably see the first one but as I said before, the 3rd one was extremely weak and you can skip right past that one and watch this one without experiencing any plot gaps between films.

Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over

this movie kind of made me want to kill myself. It had a few good things but there were far too many facepalm moments.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

good for its low budget but there are definitely better suspense films out there.

There are a few big issues. The girl screams too much, the grandpa thing makes no sense whatsoever, there was zero explanation of Leatherface, and they chased so much with Leatherface waddling around in that peculiar run of his that at times it was rather amusing and almost comical. Jeepers Creepers is a much better example of how a monster guy should get around instead of doing a duck waddle like this chap.

The low budget was painfully obvious but there was definitely some very cool artistic design in the way that the house was decorated.

Chariots of Fire

a reasonably good movie about inspirational athletes and their morals. I think that most people could just watch the scene where they are running across the beach and be satisfied. Maybe just listen to the theme song which is by far the best part of the movie. A decent film but not exactly something i would recommend.

The Phantom of the Opera

very enjoyable. Their voices weren't quite the level of Sarah Brightman and that cast but it was definitely a good representation of the musical.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

many highs and many lows. This is for uber fans of toy story.


worth seeing but it's a long one to be sure and i doubt i could sit through it again.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

frankly i thought this was a very good adaptation of the story. I hadn't seen it in years but I remembered a lot of the stuff that happened which i guess means that the film is memorable, always a good sign. The cast is stacked and they all deliver a masterful performance. Tim Burton likes to create massive worlds where lots of strange, cool things happen and this is another case of that being true. This film is a playground for a child's imagination.

Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

probably very good by anime standards but as a casual watcher who doesn't have the acquired taste for anime yet i thought it was just ok. My favorite part was probably the Japanese voice acting. The soundtrack was pretty decent as well.

Resident Evil: Retribution

It's tough to rate this film. I think I would call it an intermediary film between the past movies and what was teased to be an incredibly epic next film. We'll have to wait and see.

The plot went absolutely nowhere in terms of development in this film which was a huge letdown. On the other hand there was a TON of good action sequences and people going around being bada**es in general. Alice is still as limber as ever in that leather suit. I just wish they had done more with the plot. For 1/2 the movie they were just travelling through a series of rooms that they had warned you about in detail ahead of time.

On the whole I was really hoping for more from this film. It started to drag after the first 30 or 45 minutes even though it is only 90 minutes long. I continue to hope for the next film to be good but this one just wasn't the star of the series.

Bridge to Terabithia

I went back and watched this again for reviewing purposes and was actually quite happy with it. This film is a wonderful jumping off place for a child's imagination. There are some crooked parts about theology that should be mentioned but are not extremely central to the story. Jess isn't a great actor but Leslie is quite an exceptional actress. The CGI bits are actually quite well done. The film is a very good adaptation of the book and remains very true to the book in every way.

The Princess Diaries

a reasonably good movie but girls will like it more than guys.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

exceptionally good movie. MUST WATCH. There are all kinds of goodies in there that only adults will understand like the Star Trek reference at the gas station scene.

Alien Raiders

I wish they had explained more about what was going on. The film was suspenseful so that was good. The plot twist at the end was totally predictable but I'm glad they had a twist. The pacing was very good.

On the whole, this wasn't the most memorable film even though it was pretty well done. The film didn't have a huge budget but it made good use of what it was given.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

a decent film but nothing really exceptional. I'd like to put in a good word for some of the light spectacles during the circus. Very nicely done.


very good film. Welcome back Disney.

Kung Fu Panda

now THIS is a great film.

Kung Fu Panda 2

not nearly as good as the first in my humble opinion but still enjoyable.

The Princess and the Frog

i HATED myself for wasting time on this film. Apparently it is impossible to make a good film about the South.

The Wizard of Oz

a groundbreaking classic

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

really just not that interesting. You have to keep your monsters cool and this movie didn't do that. Predictable and not very innovative. Cave environments were also a letdown.

Mirror Mirror

this film lacks the seriousness of many interpretations of the ancient story of Snow White. Soundtrack was ok. Acting was decent but not exceptional. Script was geared towards comedy. I found that to work very well in some places and not well at all in others.

The big thing that this film changed was my perception of the dwarves. They departed greatly from Disney's animated dwarves. I also wish that they had more interaction with the mirror itself. There was some vagueness there that I didn't necessarily appreciate.

Also, I think that Snow's character wasn't as pure and inoccent as it could have been. They made it pure but with exceptions, most noticeably with her relationship with the Queen.

I was very upset with Prince Charming's character as portrayed by this film.

Special effects and the environments used were very good. Costuming was superb as well. Swordplay was some of the best I've ever seen.

I did like the plot twist at the end.

Overall I have very mixed feelings about this film. I will say that the pacing was extremely well done. If it had gone on longer I would have probably started to dislike it but they kept it relatively concise instead of dragging it out over an extra hour.

Spirited Away

i'm not a huge expert on anime. The art style went from superb to boring/obnoxious and then back again a lot.

The movie itself was nice but i think it's main appeal is to children. It is extremely imaginative. The score is absolutely wonderful. It lacks character development or a serious plot. The film is very charming, just not very deep.

FINAL VERDICT- kids or anime fans will enjoy. Everyone else should only watch if they want an intro to anime. I'm glad i watched it but i doubt i would ever watch it again. I'll get the soundtrack though.

The Last Temptation of Christ

It blends mostly accurate biblical occurances with a deep undermining of Christ's divinity. In other movies such as The Da Vinci Code it was anti-christian but actually interesting. This wasn't very good acting and the last hour was so completely far-fetched that it really made it utterly boring. I can't really see any appeal to this unless the watcher wants to meditate upon it. Oh wait, that doesn't even hold true because it is so utterly innacurate that even meditation wouldn't work with this material. The main premise just plain and simply doesn't work and then at the very end (SPOILER ALERT) when God just MAGICALLY turns back time and everything is ok again i just threw up my hands in disgust.

The ONLY merit to this film was that it had like 1 or 2 scenes that were reasonably accurate and were not depicted in other films such as The Passion of the Christ. I personally enjoyed the perspective that this film gave of how the tax collectors were set up in the temple (though I didn't like the way in which Jesus threw them out).

I was initially going to give this film a higher rating but I ended up realizing how gosh awful it actually is.

DO NOT WATCH EVEN IF YOU ARE BORED. It's 2 hours 45 minutes of boredom.


Not only anti-Catholic but anti-organized religion. The theology here is so incredibly flawed.

HAVING SAID THAT, this film had some real all-stars in the cast and the provocativeness of the script was extremely well executed for what they were going for. The environments, animation, and music were all very underwhelming.

The charm in this film for me is similar to how I can't deny that The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Everyone knows that the Catholic Church, it's ancient history, and all of the heresies, myths, legends, and concocted fancies that go along with it are a playground for all sorts of interesting takes on religion. There is even some references to Greek mythology (Styx).

It's fun to learn about conspiracy theories but it must always be taken with a grain of salt. The film is lighthearted about it's allegations about the life of Jesus and so on. A movie like the Da Vinci Code is adamant that it is teaching factual happenings but this one isn't really going to convert many people. The atheists will agree with it that religion is stupid while the Christians will probably all dismiss this film and not take the theology seriously. Things like believing that Jesus didn't know he was God until age 12 are just so far fetched that no one can possibly base their religious beliefs off of this film.

NOTE ON CUSSING- I don't know if I've ever heard so much in a film. The level of obscenity here was ridiculous.

Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans

decent but certainly not inspired. These films suffer from very weak scripts. The actors are ok but their roles don't require a very wide range of emotions. The characters come across very flat. The soundtrack isn't really to my taste but it gets the job done. Underwold has such tremendous potential in the art style and overall gloomy atmosphere of the world but it really never seems to absolutely nail the potential. I would like to mention that I am a huge fan of prequels and because this is a prequel the story actually had a decent amount of value. The opening scene (prologue) was by far the best in the movie and really led me to believe that this might be the underworld film that finally produces. Oh well, I guess I'll continue to wait. I can't say that i really blame the critics for canning this one.

I'd just like to add a final note that i really, really hate the animation quality of this series. They only give very fleeting glimpses of transformations. Even on something that is supposed to be tremendously cool like exposing a vampire to sunlight is totally rushed over.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The first movie was legendary. This movie was incredible. What a series. More geared towards guys but my gosh what a treat to watch. These are some of the best action sequences i have ever seen. Soundtrack is phenominal. Acting is ok but the voice acting is legendary.

Apocalypse Now

goes from a normal war movie to some of the strangest weirdness ever to be shown on the big screen. The cinematography is unquestionably superb but i felt the overall narrative of the film lacked clarity. This is probably intentional but it left me in a weird cross between somewhat curious as to what the heck is going on and complete boredom. It achieved what it set out to do remarkably well, i just wasn't as interested as i hoped i would be.

The Crucible
The Crucible(1996)

I read the book and didn't particularly care for it but i watched the movie and was like DUUUUUUUUUDE!

I have a personal infatuation with court room movies and this one spent a decent bit of time in the court room. There was some very good acting and the colonial period was beautifully captured.

All the President's Men

Brilliant movie. A must watch.


decent film but not the comedy of my dreams by a long shot. Not really very high quality though there are a TON of cameos (if you know them which i didn't for most of them).

Schindler's List

the most moved i have ever been by the end of the movie. It's a little long so if you watch it over the course of 2 days you will get the full effect, not that it really lags at all.

INCREDIBLE movie. Must watch.


I'm disgusted at what Disney has already started to do to Pixar. The level of feminism in this film is revolting and the plot itself was poorly woven together and was just plain barfy overall. I got a few very good laughs but nothing near the level of entertainment i was hoping for. Huge disappointment and i'm glad i only paid $3 for it. Full price would have had me raging for weeks.

Conan the Barbarian

MANLIEST movie ever. I found it very entertaining to watch with bros.

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Hysterically funny moments. The love story is garbage but that's life. Amazing theme song. This movie is the superior version of The Great Race.

The Princess Bride

A cult classic and it deserves it. This film does a particularly good job of presenting a diverse cast of unique characters.

The Great Race

i ranged from extremely good to incredibly slow. It's worth quoting from but probably not worth watching again. I might watch a few clips/montages but not the whole thing.

The Wizard
The Wizard(1989)

painfully weak. Why don't people make more movies about gaming and, more importantly, BETTER movies.


I can't remember a ton of this movie but i believe it was pretty good. I wish someone would make a modern movie on Merlin.

Meet the Parents

not funny, not well done, not anything good. DO NOT WATCH.

The Game
The Game(1997)

Incredible movie. Watch this or i fight you. My mind was blown by the last 5 minutes.


incredibly put together movie. This made me a train person and DERN PROUD OF IT!


incredible movie for the most part with a few slow places.


i liked it but i wouldn't call it a good movie. The action sequences and a number of cool touches made this film what it is. The script wasn't much, acting was ok, music was decent, the aliens weren't too impressive (their ships were ok), and the plot was painfully average (aliens invade earth and there is a big fight). This movie is full of eye candy. There are some movies that are full of war action that are just plain not interesting. This one nails the action (somewhere around 2/3 of the movie is action sequences). Because it is so much based around the action and the action is good, i found this enjoyable.

2016: Obama's America

appealing for the masses but i already read the book so it wasn't quite as good for me personally.

I do HIGHLY recommend watching this to anyone who has not read the book.


i regret watching this trash. Intro song is good but other than that this was gosh aweful.

Of Mice and Men

as an adaptation of the novel, it was EXTREMELY true to the book. 100% satisfaction to be had there.

IF YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK FOR SCHOOL: this movie WILL help you understand the book much better.

As a film without considering the book it was based off of i found it boring. Yes, it certainly did capture the times and i grudgingly admit that the book is probably a classic because of its value as historical fiction. I do NOT consider this movie to be terribly worth watching unless you want to delve into the conflict of what to do about Lenny.

Explanation of rating- I didn't enjoy the 15-30 minutes i spent to watch this film terribly much but i can see the craftsmanship of it. A film can be worthy of a good rating without me liking it.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

very strange movie but it definitely made itself a big enough spectacle to draw a large audience. I'm quite happy that i saw it once but it is such a grimy movie that i doubt i would go back a 2nd time. The psychology is very interesting but totally sick. This movie is NOT for the weak of stomach. Very twisted but highly interesting if you enjoy twisted psychology.

Requiem for a Dream

i found this movie similar to fight club but i think i enjoyed this one better. It just seemed to utterly desperate that it was fascinating. Good theme song as well. The way that it was shot was very unique and i really liked the style.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

i got like 3 laughs out of this DIAGRACEFULLY bad comedy. It was totally offensive and i completely regret watching it.


P.S. I don't usually give films this low of a rating but this one deserved it.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

pretty gosh darn good movie. Had pretty much everything i could ask for. My only reservation is that i found it super hard to keep track of all the bad guys. Other than that i was happy. I also wish there had been a little more use of the theme song.


An ok movie but you can use your time better by just listening to the soundtrack. The animation was decent, the dialogue was rather weak, the music was very good, the comedic animals were an ok attempt but no rolling in the aisles stuff here. There wasn't as much dopey love nature stuff as i was expecting.

RECOMMENDATION: watch Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron instead. It has better visuals, a more complete soundtrack, and is probably a little more historyically accurate.

The Abyss
The Abyss(1989)

WOW was this a good movie. Usually i look for things to criticize in order to determine a rating but with this one the only thing i can think of is that i might have ended it a little differently (not that i'm not very open to the ending that was put into this movie). This movie nailed the soundtrack, visuals, plot, chaoticness, believability, tension, and a hundred million other things. I would be hard put to find another gem like this one.


Wrath of the Titans

humbug. It tried so hard but just didn't manage to pull anything off. Huge disappointment to see this one in theaters.

Clash of the Titans

i don't remember everything about this movie but i do remember that i enjoyed it a lot. I feel confident in recommending it to almost any audience.

The Music Box

had some really good laughs out of this one but the gap between those laughs was a bit too long to make this a classic. I wouldn't really recommend this very much.

Home Alone 4
Home Alone 4(2002)

skimmed it in less than 10 minutes and decided that there is a very good reason why this was canned. It is so far below par.

The Amazing Spider-Man

a very good action movie but it lacked some stuff in plot/character development. Certain things like Uncle Ben's death were glossed over that i consider vital to a good spider man movie.

Little Birds
Little Birds(2012)

it's sort of cool what they did with the birds but it wasn't enough to make it a really good horror flick. The love subplot was pretty boring and there wasn't a very clear antagonist. The end was a little less complete than i would have preferred (hanging endings are allowed to explain a bit more). Honestly this was 2 hours of film just to see 5-10 minutes of interesting stuff. The actors didn't get much chance to showcase their fear. They were too busy covering their faces. So different from Ripley in the Alien series where it's a perfect mixture of fear and rage.

Possibly worth watching if you are a film history geek or if people you know constantly reference it but to a general audience i would say to pass this film.

Home Alone 3
Home Alone 3(1997)

The first 2 were much better. The fact that they changed the kid in this one hurt it a bit. It also is the first to not be at Christmas and John Williams didn't do the music (much to the detriment of the movie). The house defense was a long one in this movie and was the most entertaining part of the film. The parent/child relationship was super boring. Script stunk too. Sound effects were inferrior to the first 2.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

really wasn't very impressive. I enjoyed the first one more but even that one was just ok. Waste of Hans Zimmer :( . Character development is a bit more intensive in this one which is a good thing.

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

funny film. Story is ok. Not enough moral decisions compared to #2. The choices they make are natural and don't show much conflict. Acting is ok. Music is ok.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

a decent movie. A good number of laughs to be had. Plot is pretty good. Moral decisions are important in this one (compared to #1 and #3). Soundtrack is decent. Voice acting is ok. My big problem with ice age is that you don't connect to the characters as well as in Madagascar.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

weak on characters, story is generice, voice acting is pretty good, movie has some good laughs. A decent movie for kids but adults won't come back to watch it again.


Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespear knows how to concoct a plot. The acting is extremely good. It appears to be a good translation to film. Music was decent. I don't know why but this one just didn't entirely click with me to the point where i'd recommend. A very good watch if you are interested in getting Shakespeare without having to read it.

The King's Speech

incredible movie. Superb actors/acting, sick plot, beast script, awesome music, this one has everything.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

despite the SICK cast that was lined up for this movie, i didn't think it was particularly good. The music wasn't much for a musical. That's a biggy. The story was somewhat interesting but could have been better. The visuals and environments were good. I dunno, it just didn't seem like much of a classic to me.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

an improvement on the first (which wasn't half bad). More comedy, more ridiculousness, more reasons to enjoy this movie. I actually recommend this one during Christmas time. Super pleased with this one.

WarGames: The Dead Code

i haven't seen it in a while but from what i remember it was average. It tried hard to pull from the first one but a lot of it just seemed cheap, not nostalgic.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

pretty good and definitely has some interesting takes on life. Somewhat worth watching.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

very, very much turns the world upside down. I found it very intriguing but it lacked plot direction and the characters didn't connect very well with me. I didn't really care about any of them. Some of the voice acting was super good.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

extremely cool movie. i recommend it.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

ok movie but honestly you could just watch the intro song and then turn it off. Not worth watching unless you have a LOT of time. The statues were an attempt at comedy which failed utterly. A lot of awkwardness here in my opinion.


watched because i was curious what whoopi could do in terms of acting. There was maybe 1-2 good lines and the rest was just a pain to sit through. Don't watch.

I Want To Be A Soldier

bad movie. no reason to watch.

Year One
Year One(2009)

EXTREMELY inappropriate movie. Some of it was funny, some was disgusting. Decent movie but i wouldn't really recommend it.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

a good Christmas flick about family. I enjoyed it. Good soundtrack by John Williams.


probably the most memorable inspirational movie i have seen. I love both the coach and the players. I recommend seeing this at least once.

October Sky
October Sky(1999)

can't remember this movie terribly well but from what i recall it's another inspirational story. Gosh i hate that genre. I guess if you are in to that sort of thing this movie was pretty good but since i'm not my rating reflects that.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

the best film made about a video game series. Love this movie to death.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

liked the first a lot but this one is the superior of the two. The main thing the first lacked was character development. This one has that.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

i enjoyed it very much. There were a few parts that were slightly slow but overall a very good movie i felt.

Tears of the Sun

Hans Zimmer does his best to pull this uninspired plot up by the bootstraps. Characters weren't interesting enough for me to care much about them aside from the brotherhood of the soldiers. That brotherhood was probably the only thing in the whole movie that brought my emotions into the viewing experience, aside from a few gross shots of dead or mutilated bodies. Painfully average and i would not recommend it.

The Passion of the Christ

you know the story yet it is done extremely well so it's captivating all the way through.

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

large budget put to good use. I found it very entertaining.


Pretty good film. Not as good as some of Marvel's other movies but his suite and weapons combined with an actually interesting plot (cough* The Punisher cough*) make this quite worth watching. I would watch it again with Marvel enthusiasts but probably not by myself.

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

not nearly up to marvel standards. The plot was moderately interesting but what a dud of a superhero.

The Incredible Hulk

better than the first. Hulk will never be my favorite Marvel character but it was definitely a good film.


intriguing movie that was quite gripping enough to keep me interested. It did a very good job of capturing the awesome light of the sun.

Empire of the Sun

intriguing movie. Never knew what to expect next. Incredible version of the suo gan song. Glad I saw it once but it isn't quite good enough to be a classic in my book.


the characters just aren't strong/interesting enough to make this a truly interesting cartoon. I don't even see tremendous appeal for kids.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

i felt is was really innovative and had a lot to offer. Making the agent a teenager is very uncommon and i enjoyed it.

The Three Stooges

got some really good laughs out of it but i wish they hadn't gone the path of the mean nun.

Jason and the Argonauts

amusing to see how far animation has come. It was probably good at the time but now it has little relevance except as a chapter in film history. New movies just plain have better effects and are more gripping. You just can't get all the way immersed in this one.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

i really didn't like this movie at all. I don't get what the fascination with it is. Am i missing something?

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

i was much less thrilled with this one than the other 2. Spider man really lacked a good villian in the 1st and it's even worse in the 2nd.


extremely good movie.

Puss in Boots

lovely animation but not all the characters were so great. Music rocked.

Conan the Barbarian

extremely boring movie with a few scenes of topless women. Arnold had maybe 2 good lines the whole movie. The theme song is pretty decent though. Not worth watching unless u are a film history geek or just plain LOVE Arnold. New Conan movie is much better.


saw it in theaters and loved it.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

ok movie. saw it very late at night and wasn't much impressed.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

A very, very good superhero movie. Funny, gripping, everything you could want.

2001: A Space Odyssey

i can see why it's a classic but gosh is it slow in many places. I doubt i would watch it again but to have seen it for some of the famous scenes is a good experience.


of course i liked it


hated this movie. Russian stuff is SO SLOW. Minutes 5-15 or so were the only interesting part of the whole film.


A classic. Highly recommended especially for guys.

The Bourne Ultimatum

it's hard to call something a cheep thrill when so much money and fame was dumped into it but really this was very painfully run of the mill. I was lost for the first hour. Script could have had SOME banter in it. Plot wasn't terribly gripping. A ton of action sequences keep you on your edge of your seat but it doesn't make it a good movie.

The Hunger Games

the only good things about this movie were...the special effects? Script stunk, plot was pretty good, music wasn't noticeable, characters were weeeeeeeeeeeeeak. Very good environments can't save this film from sucking. The characters are going to go even further downhill in the next one i bet. Muck.

Way Out West
Way Out West(1937)

a lot of good laughs to be had here. A very short movie.

Shrek Forever After

dreamworks has SICK awesome environments but i didn't like the story much and the characters are just as weak as they are in other shrek movies. Worth seeing once but i'll probably not be interested in a 2nd go with this one.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

hard to find a flaw. Very, very good movie.

The Bourne Legacy

such a hideous waste of good actors. I couldn't figure out what was going on for the first hour of the movie. The plot was very weak imo. The nonstop action keeps you on the edge of your seat because you are afraid something is about to explode, not because the movie itself is good. Camera was very wobbly during a lot of the action sequences. Oh, and where was Bourne himself? Misnamed movie. Didn't like the sound mixing though the gunshots were very authentic. Soundtrack was painfully average.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

by far the best of the trilogy and one of the best superhero movies out there. 9/10!

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

a good thriller. very famous.

The Dark Knight Rises

huge letdown. was hoping for a lot and didn't get what i had hoped for.