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Decoding the Past
8 years ago via Flixster

Child abuse
Religious brainwashing
Rape culture
Male supremacy
Human trafficking

Disorganized, unclear changes of topic. Relatively uninvormative.

DNA: Secret of Photo 51
8 years ago via Flixster

One woman's struggle against the ambient misogyny of the field of science. A summary: men are taken aback by a woman who doesn't live to make men feel important and clever and desirable and admired. So they harass and bully her, (using a typical misogynist insult- that a woman isn't making herself appealing enough to the man speaking, which should be any good woman's goal) make her workplace so hostile that she's forced to leave and work someplace much less desireable. And they steal her research, and use her findings to get themselves a nobel prize. Then they publish a book braggging about having bullied this fellow scientist and stolen her work. How can an annotated apology at the end of Double Helix read as an apology, "As a young man, I didn't realize what a hard time women in the sciences have". in essence saying "when i was young, i didn't realize that being mean to someone wasn't something that was bad, because i didn't realize that women were people, too.""I didn't realize hurting people was wrong""I didn't realize stealing from someone I didn't like because they wouldn't give me their property just because I considered myself entitled to it."No of course none of this is true. He was just an asshole, who bullied a fellow scientist, And who continues to profit off this injustice.