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Humshakals (2014)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Humshakals is very weird to put simply. It starts off very well and about the first 20 minutes or so are extremely entertaining. About half an hour in you are enjoying the film and probably thinking that this is going to be one of Sajid Khan's bests. I personally thought it was quite decent. Most of you would think that this could end up being better than Housefull. But about 45 minutes in, you realize the film is actually not made for viewing pleasure. It is made for terrorizing viewers and making them go crazy. All the entertainment, all the comedy goes downhill and you forget you are watching a movie. It is more of a torture video. The worst comedy film of all time is right in front of you. Then when the first half finally ends, you hope the second half has something better in store for you, but it just gets worse. Performances are actually surprisingly decent and not bad from anyone, but terrible music (except for one or 2 songs), torturous storyline & awful, awful, awfully disturbing comedy that will leave you disturbed for a long time, is what Humshakals really has in store for you.

If you have expectations for this film, don't bother watching. If you're a kid under the age of 10, you will probably enjoy this film a lot and like it, not being sarcastic. So overall, this film is actually a good film for children as they will probably enjoy it quite a lot. But for an adult, or a teenager in fact, this film is nothing but torturous. Watch it on your own risk.

First Half - 2/5
Second Half - 1.5/5

Fugly (2014)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Fugly is one of those films that looks like something but turns out to be a lot different. I watched the film mostly because of the title track and Jimmy Shergill. I was disappointed because of both of those reasons however. Firstly, the title track's video isn't even in the film. Secondly, Jimmy Shergill is hardly in the film. In the first half, you see him for very very little. In the second half, yes he has a much bigger role but still has less screen-time then most of the other cast members. Overall, he is probably in the film for around 40-45 minutes, however he was promoted as one of the lead actors. Anyway, the film was actually not as good as I expected. It starts off okay, but about 20 minutes in, the film goes completely down hill and totally awful. You can't bare to finish the first half, but as soon as the second half starts, the film becomes much much better. Seriously, you'd think gets worse, but the second half is actually quite interesting and exciting. After a lot of entertainment in the second half (and absolutely no entertainment in the first), you think the film is decent, until the terrible ending, which finally makes you understand that this film is fully messed up and though the idea was good, the film could have been much better. An awful first half, and a good second don't make the whole film good. Therefore, I am going with 2.5/5. Though it only deserves a 2, the good excitement in the second half and Jimmy Shergill's performance gives it another half.

Watch it if you're bored and looking for a time-pass comedy with a message, but surely do not expect a lot as it is a very amateur and unprofessional film with terrible performances from the actual main cast. On the other hand, the supporting cast is very good.

First Half - 1.5/5
Second Half - 3/5
Overall 2.5/5

Holiday (2014)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Holiday is an action film that is worth watching if you're into intelligent action-packed flicks, especially for Akshay Kumar fans. It is entertaining, has good direction & very good performances. One thing that really lets down extremely, is the love angle of the film which is very boring, very forced & highly useless. It ruins a lot of the film's excitement and atmosphere, and with the one-after-the-other romance songs coming right after an suspense scene, the film loses most of it's excitement like I previously said. This was obviously not intended, and despite this, the film finishes nicely. Overall, it is a decent film with the right amount of action & suspense, even if it doesn't feel enough.

The film will be enjoyed by action fans, romance fans & masala film fans, and not to mention Akshay Kumar fans. Watch if you're bored and looking for a time-pass film, or simply watch if you're interested in films that deliver a deep message.

I will be going with the rating of 3.5/5. It could have been a 4, but the disappointing and not-needed love story of the film lost half of that rating, so 3.5.

First Half - 3/5
Second Half - 3/5

Main Tera Hero
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Main Tera Hero is a funny, entertaining & mindless comedy that you can enjoy to the max as a time-pass movie. Like action-comedies, rom-coms or simply looking to pass your time, you'll love this film! But, a negative factor is the old and boring storyline. Performances are nothing special, though the music is pretty catchy and locations are note-worthy. Overall, the film is a decent fare that you may like or may not, depending on what sort of film you're looking for.

First Half: 3.5/5
Second Half: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5

Jatt James Bond
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Jatt James Bond is a good movie overall. It has comedy, romance, action & thriller. Though before the intermission, the film is quite boring and dragging, with too many songs in my opinion, but the second half is quite intense and entertaining! It has a good ending and most of you Punjabi movie fans will probably enjoy this one!

Rating - 3.5/5