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If.... (1968)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I have if... on Blu-ray. This isn't because it's a particularly near-and-dear movie to me, it's just I wanted to see it, they were selling it at Barnes & Noble, and my dad got it for me for christmas. When I watched if..., well, I'm going to be honest I had no idea what to make of it.

I still don't have much clue what to make of it. I mean, the acting is good, the surrealism is good, there are bits of dark comedy, symbolism, and downright spine-chilling sequences that make you realize exactly why Stanley Kubrick chose Malcolm McDowell to play Alexander DeLarge.

But for all that's great about this movie, it's counter-acted by the fact that Lindsay Anderson and David Sherwin seemingly made this film solely for a British audience. An American will go into this and say "What the hell did I just watch?". You'll know it's good, but you won't know what you were watching.

Lolita (1962)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Society hates pedophiles, doesn't it? It's always been that way, and back in the 60s it was no exception. But the hatred is more intensified today.
This is why Lolita is genius, and in my opinion thus far, my favorite Kubrick film with Clockwork Orange. The genius of Lolita is that it makes the main character, a pedophile, something of a morally ambiguos character. There are times when you think he's scum, and other times when you're rooting for him.

For this accomplishment, Lolita is my 9th favorite film of all-time.

Cry-Baby (1990)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'll admit I went into this film having never seen a John Waters movie before. Not even Hairspray. So when I saw this... I was overjoyed. Ladies and gentlemen, I am FAR from a lover of the 50s. In fact, I hate the 50s to it's core.

So, to see John Waters, the master of proving that nothing is truly sacred or off-limits in this world, take a stab at the 50s, almost brings tears of joy running down my eyes.

But, the real genius is that this is accomplished despite the fact that this is a teen musical. Because I hate the life out of teen musicals. Be it High School Musical, or The Asylum's Sunday School Musical, I just hate the life out of them. They're annoying and frankly unrealistic.
But this one... you get the sense that Waters is trying to mock this sort of thing. He's parodying things like Grease and Happy Days, because they payed homage to the 50s.

And because of this, Cry-Baby is my 5th favorite film of all-time.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown (1997)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An unfortunately underrated follow-up to Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece Pulp Fiction.
For those of you who are fans of Tarantino or blaxploitation cinema, this is a must-see.
For everyone else, go see this anyway, it's a really good flick.

The Knack...And How to Get It
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

When dealing in entertainment and novels from the late 1800s and the 20th century, there are two kinds of bigotry. The kind where you could go "OK, they didn't know any better" or "Oh, it was a different time" and let it off the hook. Then there's the kind of bigotry that makes you sick all over.

This is of the latter kind. This movie is probably the most sexist piece of trash I have ever witnessed. Seriously, if you want to complain that women are objectified these days, I'm not going to argue with you, but you should REALLY take a look at this thing. It's a sexist, badly dry piece of comedy. Oh, and get this: IT WON THE 1966 PALME D'OR!
That's right! Technically speaking, this is supposed to be in the same league as films like Pulp Fiction, The Third Man, Apocalypse Now, if..., and Kagemusha! How?! I mean really, if THIS was the best movie at the Cannes Film Festival, I really shudder to think what human garbage lost out to this. Unless you genuinely want to get a postmodernist laugh off of yesteryear's sexism, this bombshell is to be avoided at all costs.