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Godzilla vs. Gigan

Gigan isn't even on the poster....that explains the film! It was, again, a fairly boring film.

Chased by Dinosaurs

Yet another awesome addition to the WWD franchise!

Walking with Dinosaurs

This series was and is my life! I loved it when I was little and love it now!

Project: Metalbeast - DNA Overlord

A fun new take on werewolves. If you like wolfman movies, this flick is definitely a must see!!

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

While the movie appears as a cliche at first, when you actually sit through and watch it the films is actually pretty successful for a horror film.


A pretty fun scifi flick! Although the creature didn't really have a pumpkin for a head. With Stan Winston as the director, you can't really go wrong!

Jack the Giant Slayer

Looks a lot like a film belonging to the Lord of the Rings franchise which, in this case, seems to be pulled off very well. The film is also Visually appealing and is a nice twist to the original fairytale.

Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jason Lives

Oh, but he's back, the man behind the mask, and he's after your soul! - This was a very enjoyable, and great film from start to finish! Especially with the James Bond intro!


An outstanding film! The only problem I see is that it was called Lincoln, for at times, it had little to do with Lincoln. Still, it's a great film.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

A very BADASS and AWESOME film, that's especially great for fans of the previous Lord of the Ring movies!

Kung Fu Panda 2

Great visuals, great plot, outstanding characterization.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

This was a pretty decent sequel to an already decent animated movie.


The film was a pretty good family film.

Open Season
Open Season(2006)

While it suffers in many ways, Open Season was overall a decent animated film, nothing more.

Over the Hedge

A great nostalgic film thats surely fun for the family!

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

The plot of Ice Age creatures meeting dinos sounds funny, but would be tricky to pull off as an animated film like Ice Age, Luckily, Ice Age 3 suceded in the 'journey to the center of the Earth' type plot with mammals from the Ice Age meeting dinosaurs.

Despicable Me

While it suffered from a few plot holes, Despicable Me was overall a fun watch.


Megamind was a great animated film from Dreamworks that was surely a fun watch!

Monsters, Inc.

This movie is a classic from Disney!

Wreck-it Ralph

An awesome film about video game characters with a great sense of nostalgia!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Not a fan of these films, not a fan of the ending. But these films offer laughs, so it gains 1 full star.

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

A fantastic, MUST SEE horror film! If you love horror films, you gotta watch this film! I recommend this film to all!

American Reunion

2 words - boring, terrible
Although some parts may be funny, its not enough to give a good rating.

Silent Night
Silent Night(2012)

The film was way better than I expected!

Alien Resurrection

Ah, yes, this film. A very strange film indeed. It's entertaining is some ways, but overall its just like being haunted in a house. It has a creepy, dark, eerie atmosphere, and was just a very odd film, filled with plot holes.

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings

The Friday the 13th part 6 of the franchise!!!!

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Definately better than the second one!

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

The main disappointment here is that this film went straight to DVD. Although, this film had many problems, it's still worth a watch if your a fan of the franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Almost as good as the first one, but definately not for kids. When I was little and I went to see this film, I had to leave the theater because this film scarred me so much. Now I enjoy it.


UGH, this film. Welp, I guess I'll talk about it. It was just stupid. Although it had some good actors and some good plot elements, but the overall film is a mess. That Certified Fresh is Bullsh*t and the whole film could have been better. They needed a few more years to finish the plot on this film obviously.

Julie & Julia

This movie actually sucked, and I am not to sure why people liked it! The political comments made no sense, and it wasn't really about the famous chef, it was about this other girl that was just cooking Julia's meals, and writing about it in her blog, and that's all the film was about. The film also wasn't funny. I will never understand why all of you like this! I recommend this film to the military as a torture device to use against their enemies!

The Transformers - The Movie

It was actually a very fun film to watch and had a pretty awesome plot about a giant plant that eats other planets! I strongly reccomend this to transformer fans!(this is the 100th review I have given!)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Thiss film is mainly what got me into Transformers, but I will say its not the best film ever made, however, it's not the worst. Besides a few plot holes, its a pretty fun film to watch!

Friday the 13th Part 3

An epic ending to the Friday trilogy!

Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter

The tagline for this film was that this is the one you've been screaming for, but it isn't. The film has way too many nipples, and far too little Jason. Thankfully, this wasn't the final chapter!

Best Worst Movie

This film deserved a 95% from critics because it actually got me teary-eyed at some points, and was very emotional and motivational!

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

An awesome, EPIC film, though it seems like an advertisement of Coca-cola. I reccomend this film to everyone!

Jurassic Park III

While still not being as good as the first one, JP3 was more of a family film, and is pretty fun to watch.

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

A pretty good sequel to the fantastic JP film, with a great plot, but the film had many plot holes.

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (Decoys: The Second Seduction)

-insert 'NO' meme here- I have seen some of it on youtube(from someone who recorded it from SYFY. Wow, this is trash. Very bad film we got here, and not bad like Troll 2, I mean BAD!!

Cowboys & Aliens

Basically a bunch of mini cloverfield monsters attacking Cowboys. In other words, a nice fun filled film!

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

A pretty awesome VS film! The film isn't very scary, but has a simple and strong plot.


I don't think this film deserves 100%, but it was a pretty awesome and fun film!


I was actually very bored watching this film, but the effects were realistic.


A great, fun movie, and you never really know who the main character is until the end. THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS THAT GOOD! The sequel Aliens didn't have the same atmosphere as this film, but still was a awesome movie. This is truly a great film! I reccomend this film to all!

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

While the idea was pretty cool, and the first 5 minutes were awesome, the rest of the film was meh to just bad. The jump scares sucked. Though, the darkness was pretty cool, the plot could have been better. The AVP franchise deserves a sequel that can redeem itself, lets hope an AVP3 can do it. The Predalien has a pretty cool design, and deserves his/her own film!

Aliens in the Attic

The film was ok, but had some flaws and lacked some comedy. I reccomend this to children, because they will surley love this film!

Monsters vs. Aliens

A great movie about 4 monsters battling a dying race of alien! The jokes are funny, the plot is simple and solid, and overall, this film was worh watching! I reccomend this to everyone of all ages!

An American Carol

A fairly good political movie, but the 'butt' joke toward the end was too immature for me. Other than that, it was actually a pretty good political film!


A great film about 2 types of robots battling eachother on Earth! Reccomended to all!

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

I remember watching this when I was little actually, I didn't like it! The only good thing that came from this was the white castle joke!


Actually a very funny syfy flick! Almost as good as Sharktopus!

Wrath of the Titans

Actually, a fairly good movie. Reccomended for those who like the orriginal film!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

It was a fairly good movie, but I thought it was a dumb decision to add a new character to the already great story.

Dinosaur Planet: Whitetips's Journey

Seems like an underestimated series, huh. Not sure why the Audience gave this episode 0%.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

I enjoyed this film a lot! I never saw the ending coming!


A fairly good movie, but not without it's flaws.

Casper Meets Wendy

-insert 'no' meme here-

Casper: A Spirited Beginning

If i'm right, I remember seeing this on Cartoonnetwork. It was ok.

Deep Sea 3D
Deep Sea 3D(2006)

It was an all over the place documentary. It started out just talking about the underwater sea creatures. Then, just out of nowhere, came this 'stop global warming' stuff. What the heck? I can't really reccomend this film actually....

When Dinosaurs Roamed America

A great, fun dinosaur film! Reccomended to those who love dinosaurs!

When Dinosaurs Roamed America

This film was up there with Walking with Dinosaurs, and was a pretty memorable and great dinosaur film! I reccomend to all who love dinosaurs!

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

A pretty decent film, but not without it's flaws.

The Future Is Wild

Glad to see a 77% from the audience! This was a great film/series!

Future Is Wild

This was a great film, and was indeed a huge part of my childhood. I seem to be the first to be writing a review on it. This film must be one of the most underated of all time! Although, they did call a pterosaur a dinosaur, and they are NOT! Good film, which was followed by a good series!

Atlantis - The Lost Empire

I always found this film somewhat boring, but it did have some pretty cool things in it.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

A great addition to the Live-action Transformer franchise! The war is awesome, the robots are cool, and the ending is one of the best I have ever seen!

The Dark Knight Rises

I liked this film, but it did indeed have problems! The overall plot was ok, but Catwoman seemed to be Bisexual(I say this because of her 'friend' in the begining, also I'm not against gay people or anything, just saying that she was straight in the comics, and cartoons), and Bane's final scene was the worst villian death scene I have ever seen in my entire life! After that one plot twist, Bane became a somewhat side character, when throughout the whole film, he was just an awesome force of evil(the villian I had always wanted). Beside those negatives, this film was pretty awesome!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Oh god, from what I hear of the ending....

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

This film was just as good, and maybe even better, than the first one! This film dealed with kids at a mental institution, who were being traumatized by Freddy.. Of coarse, everyone in the place were jerks to them, and didn't believe them! The ending was a shock, and, overall, this was one of the greatest additions of the franchise! Reccomended to Freddy fans, and actually, even everyone! Awesome film!

Godzilla 2000

The only good thing that the 1998 Godzilla film did was make Toho realize that G films need more action, and EPIC battles! Now this is a G film we have all been waiting for! It gives us much action, and great monster battles! The enemy, Orga, Is one of the coolest Godzilla monsters in the history of the franchise! I reccomend this film to all G fans, because this is the film we all want. I do wish Orga could atleast communicate to a human at one point, because he was stealing information from the city, and because that would be some scary stuff right there!

Godzilla's Revenge (All Monsters Attack)

A Godzilla film rated G. Not only that, but the plot is just VERY strange. Minya talking and changin size. The overuse of stockfootage. Not to mention Gabara, OH GOD Gabara!

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.

I really hate to say it, but ever since the 1998 film came out, the G films have been having more action in them! I think Toho learned from 1998 that G films should have more action. This film is a perfect example. It was jampacked with awesome action scenes and was overall a good film! A must see for the Godzilla fandom! The after credits setup for a sequel it seems too.

Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah

This film is a pretty awesome and epic last edition to the Gojira franchise! Of coarse, I believe this Godzilla is the second one created by the Nuclearsub from the Godzilla film with the Mecha-ghidorah, so i'm not sure its a true godzilla film. But then again, it seems its not talking about the new Godzilla, so continuity is screwed to the maximum level in this film, but it's still a fun and great final film(continuity wise) in the franchise. All Godzilla fans should watch the film.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

Fairly boring, but a great, outstanding and interesting film overall! This is the Godzilla film we will all remember, and have come to love! I reccomend this to the whole world, and Godzilla fans from around the world who havent seen it!

Son of Godzilla

It looks like even critics know that this film was pretty funny and awesome(note the 71%).

Godzilla: Final Wars

A great, action-packed ending for Godzilla franchise! Reccomended to the truest of true Godzilla fans!

Bambi Meets Godzilla

Not going to spoil the ending for any of you, but it sure is a battle of the ages!

Men in Black
Men in Black(1997)

This film was genius when I first saw it, and is still genius now! Apparently, according to people who believe in UFOs and all that stuff, the MIB do exist, and will silent anyone who knows too much! That concept was used for the comic, which was then turned into this great film! I reccomend this film to everyone in the whole universe!!

Star Wars: Holiday Special

Staw Wars Holiday Special? -begins to Laugh, laughs harder, on floor now, dies of laughter- George Lucas even denied this special's existence for a while! The only good thing that came out of this special was the cartoon. Everything else was basically bad(execpt the bar owner scene was fairly good, but could have been better). This film was an embarassment for sure to everyone who worked on it.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

I could just watch that Jabba The Hutt scene daily, it was awesome! With all the unique and cool looking aliens. This film is the perfect ending to the Star Wars Saga, and will always have a place in my heart.

King Kong vs. Godzilla

Just incase you didn't know, there is only 1 ending of this film! I will not tell you who wins, but I will say one monster soes indeed win the battle, swimming off into the sunset! So King Kong was buffed to Godzilla size, and tries stuffing a tree down Godzilla's mouth. Also Godzilla shoots fire at Kong and even Jump-kicks him! Great film overall, reccomended for fans of both franchises!

Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla (Gojira vs. Supesugojira)

To make a long story short, when Space Godzilla was finally fighting toward the end of the film, I was almost asleep. The film was very boring, including the ending. But the film is still fun to watch for some reasons, such as the hilarious graphics. I reccomend to those who are true Godzilla fans, such as myself!

Godzilla Vs Hedorah (Gojira tai HedorÔ) (Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHaHaHaHahahahahahaha....- Oh my, this film. I have reviewed many films, but this film. Oh my. It must be seen to be believed. If you have watched Troll 2, you ain't seen nothing yet! This film was just Godzilla fighting a Giant turd! Hedorah is one of my favorite movie monsters for sure, its just that the whole plot is funny. I believe this is the second Godzilla film geared towards kids, well, let me tell you, there are some scenes in this film that surley are not 'kid film' material! I reccomend this film to those who have seen films like Troll 2, or the film that came before this- Godzilla's Revenge.


If this wasn't a Godzilla movie, It would have then been a pretty decent film, but because it bears the name and is indeed a Godzilla film, it suffers. I did enjoy the film, but did not like the fact it was Godzilla. This film is reccomended to those who like B movies, but not so much to Godzilla fans.

The Hunger Games

It was a fairly good movie, that had very few problems. Although the whole 'relationship' thing didn't make that much sense and wasn't really clear, it was overall a fairly good film. I reccomend this film, especially to those who have read the novel!

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

The only one of Stephen King's novels that was succesfully captured everyone in a hotel that are going crazy and are being haunted it seems. The ending was actually great as well. I reccomend this film to all, and I reccomend it STRONGLY!! You'll be surprised with how good it is!


Its funny, creative, and overall a really nice tribute to old western films! This film seems a little underestimated by the publc, but is still s great fun film! I reccomend this film to all, especially those who like western films!


Oh boy, this film went down the list from being racist, to just plain stupid. The Navi were dumb(navi sure sounds a lot like Nazi), the company was dumb, many deaths from the Navi could have been avoided SO EASILY!! The thing that saved this film from extinction was the graphics!! On the bright side, the film starts off pretty good showing the company's military vehicles and weapons. I reccomend this film to those who will choose graphics over story, which I do not.

Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs

An outstanding addition to the walking with dinosaurs saga! I feel sad for the Big Al' he had a pretty bad and sad life. Outstanding film and reccomended to WWD fans across the globe!

Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia

I remember watching this film at 9 am(because that was the only time you could watch it at the theater at that time) and Loved it. Plus it was in 3D! To those who love dinosaurs, I strongly reccomend ths film. Critics gave it 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for crying out loud! Looking at how much the audience(at the moment) likes this movie(52%), this film is surley underestimated!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This film was an instant classic when I saw it! I loved it when I first saw it and love it now. I reccomend this film!


This film was just so entertaining and great, more than I thought! To those who like B movies,this is a MUST SEE! With how the Sharktopus kills people, everyones reaction, WHEN SHARKTOPUS WALKS ON LAND!!!! Its just great stuff! I reccomend this film a lot more than I though I ever would!

Friday the 13th Part 2

With Jason running, and being tricked in the end by the one girl pretending to be his mother, this film doesn't dissapoint. Although the intro showing the previous film was pointless. I reccomend this film to those who have watched the first one!

Friday the 13th

With great suspence, this film was great! I never saw the ending coming! I reccomend this film to horror movie fans, and EVERYONE!!

Friday the 13th

I am going to start this review by saying this HAS to be another sequel, and not a remake, based on the plot. The film was off to an awesome start, but had many plot holes. I might be able to answer some of these plot holes, but I shouldn't have to, the film should be answering these questions, but is not. I reccomend this film to those who love Jason, because you'll hate all the other characters, except the comic relief and the guy who almost masturbated with a picture of a women wearing a sweater.


While the film had many plot wholes, and had an ending not nearly as good as the orriginal short, I praise the character disigns. The machines were awesome, especially with how they attacked things, but they seemed to be lacking something, screentime. While the big machine had plenty of screentime, his creations did not, which was pretty sad. The plot itself was meh. I am not sure who to reccomend this film to, but I will say its atleast an enjoyable film.

Men in Black III

This is the film I have been waiting for! Ever since I watched the orriginal MIB film, I always wanted another film in the franchise. I never watched the second one fully, but I did watch the ending, and hated it. This film redeems the franchise and beyond! I love the 'Back In Time' song, I loved the whole Borris the animal thing, and the time travel naturally. I reccomend this film to ALL, especially to MIB fans!!

Troll 2
Troll 2(1990)

This film was HILARIOUS! The Troll costumes were terrible, the name Nilbog is GOBLIN backwards. This film is comedy gold. It truly is the best worst film ever made! I reccomend this to people who like cheesy B movies! Apparently, a true sequel to this film will be called Troll 2 part 2. I hope this new film will be just as good as this masterpiece of garbage!

The Amazing Spider-Man

The film throughout had many problems. It was too lovey dovey, Peter Parker was actually a jerk, and about 1/3-2/3 into the film, the lizard finally came! And in the end, Peter says that the best promises are the ones you break. GOD that made me angry! The film also didn't go deep enough into how he made the webs. While there seem to be more negatives than positives, it still was nice to see all this science in the film, and it was Peter's fault for what happened to his uncle. Also, the webs being artificial was interesting and realistic.


Before news of the new transformer 4 movie, I heard about Battleship and I thought that it would be the next transformers. Now watching it, it was very enjoyable, with much comedy and action, and actually was different from transformers. We get all these films with the military fighting aliens, but the navy seems to be left out the fun a lot. This film finally brings them justice. The shredders in the film were awesome as they shredded things! There were also not too many plot holes! 'SPOILERS' When the brother died, though, I didn't even realize it until a little later, and he was partly a main character until then. Very underrated film, and I kind of hope for a sequel. I reccomend this film, especially to anyone who loved the board game!

Freddy vs. Jason

I absolutley loved this film. It perfectly put together Jason's serious and sad attitude, with Freddy's comical nature. The film could have done without the nudity, but the film's plot was strong and simple. Its an enjoyable and fun film and it never will dissapoint! Strongly reccomended to the fans of both franchises!