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Riff's Review of Red Riding: 1974

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Red Riding: 1974

Red Riding: 1974(2009)

I really enjoyed this film, especially when I found out it was a TV movie. The story is fascinating but unfortunately moves along at a snail's pace for the 1st half. Andrew Garfield does a great job of playing the young cocky reporter who has the world by the balls. Rebecca Hall (who I'm a fan of) was underwhelming as his love interest who he meets through his investigative work. The best part of the movie is easily the plot and the cinematography. It really feels as though we're taken back in time to the '70s. It's also fascinating bc this plot is based on actual facts, fiction and rumours. The 2nd best thing about this movie is that there are more in the franchise! It's no question re what I'm watching next.