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Satan's Slaves (Pengabdi Setan)

This movie was better than 3* but not as good as 3.5*. Its definitely better than just good as it has a good premise thats executed fairly well. The tries to be very scary but comes up short as the actual scares are less frequent than expected. Its a dark tale with an eerie vibe but that doesn't actually mean its scary. The acting is very good and the cinematography is great as the locations and settings are very well done. The ending was a little confusing until reading online that this movie is actually a prequel and the ending sets up the original 1980s Satan's Slaves.

Red Riding: 1974

I really enjoyed this film, especially when I found out it was a TV movie. The story is fascinating but unfortunately moves along at a snail's pace for the 1st half. Andrew Garfield does a great job of playing the young cocky reporter who has the world by the balls. Rebecca Hall (who I'm a fan of) was underwhelming as his love interest who he meets through his investigative work. The best part of the movie is easily the plot and the cinematography. It really feels as though we're taken back in time to the '70s. It's also fascinating bc this plot is based on actual facts, fiction and rumours. The 2nd best thing about this movie is that there are more in the franchise! It's no question re what I'm watching next.

The Den
The Den(2014)

Has it's moments when it provides a good scare. The premise would've been very unique and scary back in 2012. The acting is pretty good especially for a lower budget movie. If you can't find anything else to watch this may do the trick for ya.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

3rd VIEWING: 4*
2nd VIEWING: 3.5*
1st VIEWING: 3*

As you can see this movie has grown on me more and more after each viewing. And the best thing that I love, it has scared me more and more each time! That's very hard for a movie to do. The characters and plot aren't necessarily the most intriguing in the world, but the direction and cinematography are used really well in drumming up the tension and scares. The quick cuts from one pov to another just to surprise the viewer is very effective. There were numerous scenes that scared the crap out of me. I hope it has the same effect on you.


A fun movie that looks at super heroes from a unique POV. Both Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson do great jobs in their roles of convincing the audience that they're on opposite ends of the spectrum. It's also got a nice little twist that I for one didn't see coming. I thought it was going to be more of an apprentice-teacher relationship (because Mr. Glass was so well versed in comic books). It was a lot better than I was expecting. Now I need to see Glass.


2nd VIEWING: 3.5*
1st VIEWING: 2.5*

The biggest difference between the 2 viewings was watching it the 2nd time knowing that this was a sequel to Unbreakable (as well as a much greater respect for the work of James McAvoy). It was fascinating seeing seem him play all these different characters, including the superhuman Beast. M Night does a good job of creating a 2nd villain in this universe. Now I'm really intrigued to watch Glass and see how they all come together. I wouldn't really call this a horror... more of a thriller with dark themes involved.

A Dangerous Son

It's very to sit in the peanut gallery and say it's all bc of the parents (they should be more strict, or forceful, or listen more, etc) instead of acknowledging that there are chemical imbalances in these kids' minds that cause them to act out this way. Just like breathing, it's for them to stop doing it, bc in their reality, during a manic episode, their chemical imbalance tells them that they're acting normal. Only in hindsight can they see the errs of their ways. And unfortunately not enough time, money and resources go into finding medications that will alleviate the imbalances or into programs/institutions that can help address their issues in ways that parents can't. Bc of money, they closed all mental institutions in the '60s (deinstitutionalization) and we're definitely paying for that decision now. This is a bigger issue than the attention it gets and it includes addictions too.

The Fourth Kind

The first time I saw this movie it scared the crap outta me. I was totally sucked in by the true story and the recordings/events/voices really got to me and the fear was palpable. Since then I've watched it 6 more times, and only once did I watch under the guise of it all being fake and it was a terrible experience. So every time since then I convince myself that it could possibly all be true and I suspend my disbelief long enough to have the film impact me in the way I desire (to be scared again). Milla Jovovich is great and does wonders with the role. Even Charlotte Milchard does great as the other Abigail Tyler. The acting was definitely above average and it all helps the movie come together and evoke sympathy for the characters. I highly recommend this film under the guise that there's a very real possibility that all this is true.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

It's not even close to as good as the original, but in it's defense, nothing would've succeeded as the sequel to the masterpiece which is Halloween. I still enjoyed the movie and this it's very good even as a stand alone film (having Michael Myers, the best villain ever) doesn't hurt). Imho by the movie picking up right where the original ended, they were able to successfully carry over some of the momentum from the original. The hospital scenes, which are the majority of the film, have a lot of suspense and tension. Even though it's impossible to find a hospital that empty in reality, it still works bc it's claustrophobic and isolated. And the fear drummed up during the chase sequences felt very much like the fear from the original. The Halloween theme gives you goosebumps again, and you're caught holding your breath at just the right moments. Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome as our damsThis was a really good follow up, and the last decent movie in the franchise until the reboot and 2018 arrived.

The Mothman Prophecies

Still works after my 7th viewing. It's one of my fav. horror/thrillers. I was totally sucked in by the "true story" presentation in the beginning, but it still gets me now even though there was serious dramatization. I love the scares and creepy scenes. There 4 scenes that genuinely get under my skin and another 2-3 that creeped me out. May be it's nostalgia? I would definitely recommend this for everyone.


Actual Rating: 3.25*
Was on cell for a lot of it. But surprisingly the movie was good and I''ll need to watch it again, properly. The overall blueprint isn't original but the execution and direction stood out among the movie's positives. The pacing is a bit difficult and hence there are some boring sequences. I'm going to watch this again.


Not sure why people are such a fan of this movie. Imo it was ok at best. There were a couple nice scenes that drummed up the tension but the rest of the time it was pretty weak and I couldn't empathize with the protagonist. Wouldn't recommend this.


A very entertaining movie! Not scary, at all, but has a good plot. Bel Powley steals the show here (and those eyes!). Her performance is so great you can't help but empathize with her plight. Its a really fun watch.


A better than average revenge movie. Systematically dismantling the people that harmed her. It could have been even better, namely the kills. The kids were good actors and did well in representing their cliche stereotype. I would recommend this to horror fans, especially younger ones.

Unfriended: Dark Web


2nd VIEWING: 4*
This is a great movie. It's extremely tense and suspenseful. The direction and use of a computer screen to show the movie are very well done. Going into it I expected a crappy teenage "horror" but this movie really paid and again, I really like the ending. I would recommend this movie to any horror fan. And the best thing about this movie, it grossed $16M on a budget of $1M.

1st VIEWING: 3.25*
Much better than expected. Not scary but has a very dark plot thats executed well. Plus I loved the ending. The acting is ok, nothing special, but it doesn't hold the movie back. Its a nice dark tale.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day(2012)

A very strong 3.75*. This was one of the few films that truly made me hate the villains. Everything about them was maddening. I also liked the fact that it was extremely hard to predict what would happen next. There were many twists and turns and most of them totally caught me off guard. The direction is also really good as one scene just blends in with the next so nicely. And the way the movie is shot really heightens the tension. This isn't a horror per say... it's more of a dark bloody thriller. I definitely recommend this to fans of thrillers or horrors.

American Mary

This film looked very very promising in the 1st half when they set up the premise and the direction we thought the movie was going in. The 2nd half is more of a gore-fest with a relatively tame and boring climax. That's what killed the film in my mind. The acting is just ok... Katharine Isabella is perfect at times, then totally flat in other scenes. But that's all bearable if they just had a better 2nd half, namely the climax/conclusion. But all in all it does pretty good for a low budget Canadian body horror movie. And the film had no visual effects in it... everything was either practical or they used actual members of the body modification community. I'd recommend this movie to horror fans that can stand the gore.

Happy Death Day 2U

***There's a post-credits scene***

At first I was turned off by the idea that we've basically switched some asian guy for Jessica Rothe... but as it turns out, 5min later, Jessica resumes her role as the protagonist and all is well with the world... aaahhhhhh. I wouldn't really call this movie a horror... it's more a sci-fi thriller with some horror elements to it. And they really up the sci-fi factor this time. But led by Jessica, this film does really well again. It's humorous, cute, exciting and suspenseful. I still think the babyface villain is weird, but it doesn't detract from the film. If you're a fan of the original then you'll either like it again or think it's just derivative. As for anyone else, especially teens, this is well worth a watch.

Bad Dreams
Bad Dreams(1988)

Take the rating with a grain of salt as I'm no longer a fan of most '80s horror. While I was growing up they were amazing and set the foundation for my love of horror. But most of them have aged horribly, including Bad Dreams. I couldn't finish the whole thing, so may be the ending salvaged it.

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

I was expecting this to be bad but was pleasantly surprised. It's not good, I wouldn't go that far, but it's not bad either. The best parts of the movie are the post-credits scenes. They do a really good job of tying up the story up, as a lead-in to the original. The rest of the movie was serviceable. The effects weren't as good as I was hoping for, but the plot made up for that. Just like the original, i's a story about a shapeshifting alien who terrorizes a northern outpost. It's not that scary but there's some good suspense.

Rammbock: Berlin Undead

If it's as low budget as I think it is, they did a fairly good job considering. I like the quick run-time at approximately an hour, bc it's your standard zombie flick, and they didn't add much to what we've already seen, so I'm happy it didn't overstay it's welcome. The acting was ok... the main character was pretty bad imo and decisions his character made just made him/his character looked even worse. It's not scary at all, but I don't think that's what they're going for. I wouldn't really recommend this, but as far as low budget movies go, you do a lot worse than this one.

Dark Touch
Dark Touch(2013)

This is a total cliche of a movie. It's just like Carrie except it's a younger girl who slowly realizes that she has supernatural powers, which she does not know how to control in the beginning. They're not exactly the same, but they use similar themes such as outcasts, sensitivity and revenge. Add to that that it's not scary and you're left wondering what's the point of this?

Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much

This is very reminiscent of the guy on Press Your Luck who watched the show he actually memorized the different patterns in the show (because they had a set number of patterns they would recycle from) and got called up from the audience and beat the game by winning over $100,000 which was a huge sum of money back then. The only difference though, is that guy was very humble about winning whereas Terry wants everyone to know how "smart" he is and he comes across as though he's bragging the entire time. That was annoying. But I guess I come away from the doc happy that he didn't win the perfect bid. But obviously he throws in a remark re not wanting anything in exchange for his, when his dad mentions that the winner should've given him something. I just knew he would make a remark like that which is really a self-compliment re how nice he is. Asshole :)

Last Breath
Last Breath(2018)

A fascinating documentary about the survival of a diver stuck 100m below the surface of the water without any oxygen. The format of the doc is the best part as they keep the suspense ramped up to 10 for a good portion of the doc. The story is very unique and not something that a lot of docs touch upon. The production level is very high and the storytelling is great. Highly recommended to lovers of docs.

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter

They've now entered B-movie territory with this instalment of the franchise. Take take this with a grain of salt bc I'm not normally a fan of straight to DVD/B-movies. What saved this movie is Michael Parks, as I'm a fan of his. Aside from a good battle sequence that lasted around half the movie, it appeared to be moving too slowly to start (there were pacing issues). The plot stays in the fantasy vampire realm, but with a totally different cast (except for Danny Trejo, the franchise staple). All in all I wouldn't recommend it unless you were a fan of 1 and 2 and are invested in the franchise.

From Dusk Till Dawn

An incredible movie that has everything you would want from this kind of movie. It has a fantastic plot that starts off as a hostage taking bank robbery movie, then takes a left turn into further hostage taking, before we get the Titty Twister and "P*ssy P*ssy P*ssy!!". As if that's not enough we then get a Salma Hayek performance for the ages, and an all out humans vs vampires battle. It takes so many left turns that you get dizzy after a while. But it's all blended seamlessly without skipping a beat. And the acting is really good led by Clooney, Tarantino, Keitel and Juliette Lewis. A really solid movie that should be watched by all horror fans... it's rightfully a classic.

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

It's good bc of the amazing practical effects. This is a hark to the good ol' days, before CGI took over. The story and acting aren't nearly as good as part 1, but you can't compare the 2 like that bc this iteration is a lot lower budget and without the great actors. But the plot is entertaining and keeps your attention. If you're a big fan of the first 1 and just want more from the franchise then you should like this, with tempered expectations. Then again it's worth the price of admission just to see the Titty Twister again.

The Belko Experiment

The concept isn't unique... it's a battle royal movie. The execution is pretty good as they make you hate the antagonists. Didn't do much in the way of getting you to support the protagonists though. It's not scary at all... just a bunch of kills, some gory, many just getting shot. Not much else to say about it. I'd only recommend it for a lazy Sunday.

Legend of the 5ive

Wasn't really a fan of this found footage. That sucks considering that I really wanted to like it and hence overlooked many faults. The biggest fault I couldn't overlook was the really amateur/bad acting. It's distracting and always in your face. The plot wasn't anything new, but that's not an issue as long as the execution is successful... and unfortunately I found that to be below average too. The scenes that are supposed to be scary felt flat to me.
For horror noobs this may work for them, but imo experienced horror fans will find this underwhelming.

White Boy Rick

A nice movie that captures the exploits of Richard Wershe Jr as well as that of his father during a 3 year period in the '80s. As with all "true stories" you're left wondering what was done due to dramatic licensing. It's a good movie especially for those who like true crime stories. At times it's hard to feel sympathy for the anti-hero due to the choices he makes. But I do acknowledge that he was brought into the lifestyle by the FBI and Detroit Narcotics officers.
All in all it's worth a watch.

Hunting the KGB Killers

A fascinating and shocking tale straight out of a Bond movie. The only difference, this was a true story. A former Russian spy/killer who came out publicly with accusations of corruption against the Russian FSB was murdered in the UK by KGB operatives and the order came straight from the top... from the shady Vladimir Putin. And the method of murder? Using the chemical polonium-210 (ingesting 1/1,000,000 gr is lethal). The 2 murderers obviously supported by the state and weren't extradited for their crimes. Hearing the details and judgement given by a UK court is very interesting and well worth a watch. Highly recommended for true crime lovers.


A really interesting and sad story about the death of basketball superstar Patrick Denahy and circumstances surrounding the event. The death was likely committed by an offender who is still currently in jail, but there are definitely extenuating circumstances and he's not the only guilty party in the story. Baylor University had a big role to play in the coverup namely their head basketball coach. But many many things were swept under the rug due to Baylor's influence with the lawyers and judges associated with this case. It's shocking as we know US colleges "get away with murder" but it's ridiculously considering how shocking and vile some of the actions were (disgracing the deceased player in order to save the reputation and careers of Baylor employees ie AD, head coach, President, etc). It's a very interesting and fascinating story presented very professionally.


I had this rated 4.5* after watching it in 2009 and now after my 3rd viewing I believe it deserves the same score. Due to the fact that the actual Frost/Nixon tapes are private and that it's extremely hard to find a copy anywhere, this is as close to a summary of the tapes that we'll ever receive. And that's really significant due to the immense role they played in American history. This was Nixon's first public appearance since his resignation and finally someone was able to get him to admit his mistakes re Watergate. Considering that Nixon had denied and fought the allegations with every ounce of energy he had for 2 years (leading to his resignation) this was a historic acknowledgement of his lying. For any fan of politics this is must watch material... it's fascinating.

At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal

What a heartbreaking documentary that fortunately has some justice at the end. But it's a story that hasn't been completely written yet as Steve Penny, Lou Ann Simon and Kathie Klages still await their trials for helping Nasser continue his predatory ways. I had heard of this story but didn't know the details... this documentary brought it front and center to my attention. I will now actively follow this scandal. The girls who were abused were as young as 6 (!!!!!!!!!!!). He stuck his fingers inside these girls and called it therapy. It's absolutely disgusting. Anyone who doesn't know about this scandal needs to get informed.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Wow was Zac Efron ever amazing for his performance as Ted Bundy. I've never given him credit for being an actor but that all changes after seeing him in this. The movie wouldn't work without him... obviously it all centers around him. I've also seen the older Netflix documentary on Bundy (which was also excellent) but it was nice to see the story dramatized. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the casting of Jim Parsons as the Prosecutor... it was very distracting to see him in this film. Ted Bundy did a phenomenal job of charming the media and the younger female audience and that's properly conveyed in this film. Any fan of the Bundy saga will enjoy this film. It really brings the story to life.

Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words

Murdered by his own words. That's the story of this movie... how this Dick abused the powers bestowed upon him purely for his own gain and betterment. He broke numerous laws during his time in power, which fortunately was cut short due to the weight of his crimes, leading to him resigning (the first and only president to have that dubious distinction). His words and actions are so crass and racist that it's hard not to be shocked while hearing them (and I've already seen Frost/Nixon so I knew what to expect here). But hearing the propaganda and dishonesty spewing from his mouth is as much impactful now as it was back then. It really does make you question what goes on in the oval office. Every american and anyone even remotely interested in politics needs to watch this doc.

Valley of Shadows

DNF, stopped after 70min, too slow and too boring

The Night Eats the World (La nuit a dévoré le monde)

This movie was far too slow for me. I'm a fan of slow burns as long as there's stuff going on that holds your interest and is intriguing. This wasn't very interesting after the first 10min. It was the standard zombie blueprint of a zombie infestation has taken hold while a person was locked away (sleeping) in a protected room. But instead of focusing on his survival, which I'll admit happens far too often in zombie flicks, this one instead focuses on how that person spends his time, and slowly loses his mind, being in a protected apartment complex all alone. He has enough food, water, etc, so it's all about how he decides to pass his time. So it's a character study that moves along extremely slowly. There's a nice surprise when a female shows up, so they're a pair now (but unfortunately not a couple). But even that didn't help the plot much. The worst part imo was that there wasn't a payoff at the end. It just ends ambiguously. I wouldn't recommend this movie unless you're a fan of slow burn zombie dramas.

Elizabeth Harvest

It's just ok. Not very exciting but definitely watchable. It just has a storyline that seems all too familiar even though I don't think I've seen a movie like it. But by combining a bunch of movies ie The Prestige and any movie that deals with A.I. and the Turing Test. May be that's why it feels so familiar. The acting is all good and the direction isn't bad, so it's mainly the plot that is the issue here. But like I said it is watchable, so if you're in the mood for a watchable sci-fi flick dealing with A.I., you can do worse.

Bermuda Triangle Exposed

Pretty lame "documentary" that uses junk science to make highly questionable assertions.

Love Crimes Of Kabul

Compared to the western world it's really shocking to see what these women/girls have to go through bc they had premarital sex, or ran away from their husbands, etc. But at the same time thy knew where they lived and they knew the rules, and these laws weren't put in place overnight. Still it's sad to see. It's a low budget doc that gets shocking confessions and honesty from these women and the related families.

I Remember You (Eg Man Big)

It's good/decent. Nothing really special to it that stands out. There are a couple scares but the overall atmosphere isn't scary or eerie, even though it's a supernatural horror/thriller. A better score could've really helped with setting up uneasy/fearful feelings. This might be good for horror noobs but fans of the genre are likely to come away unimpressed.

Long Lost
Long Lost(2019)

The film had potential but wasted it on a lame twist and an incomplete movie. It's not often that you say the movie needed 20 more minutes, but imo that's the case here. Act 1 was ok, Act 2 got interesting at times and right when Act 3 begins the movie ends. At least that's how I saw it. And may be it's just me... the ratings for this film at multiple outlets all had it rated very well. I have a hard time seeing what they enjoyed about the film. Don't get me wrong, the film had it's moments, where the intrigue and mystery were heightened but then it decided to take a left turn, and it's the weirdest left turn. There's no satisfactory conclusion re what transpired before it. I wouldn't recommend this movie.

The Laplace's Demon

This was totally not what I was expecting. All I knew about the movie going in was that it had subtitles and good ratings from trusted sources. It's such a unique film. Looking at the big picture, it's not very unique... but how they go about executing the plot from beginning to end is absolutely unique. It's shot in wonderful black & white which perfectly complements the atmosphere, the score and the cinematography. An amazing anecdote is that this film was totally shot in a tiny basement, without a green screen! That's a huge feat considering that they are out in the sea for part of it and mainly in a big gothic mansion. This was accomplished using a rear projection camera! Think about that, each scene, camera angle/movement and the movements of the cast had to perfectly line up with the scenery behind them. And the scenery is gorgeous. Pretty cool.
I am a big fan of the tension and fright they were able to drum up without using any gore, blood, jump scares nor green screens. And the tension/fright is palpable during multiple scenes. Heck, they even manage to scare simply by seeing chess pieces move around a chessboard.
It's an unpredictable film that's full of mystery and suspense. And the best part about this indie, is that it actually has ties to a scientific theory that people believed in in the early/mid 19th century. I highly recommend this film but you have to go in knowing full well that this is not a regular horror/thriller and it's totally arthouse.


The movie was good but unfortunately my expectations were raised bc of the reviews it received. It was good, but not really exciting or unique. The cinematography and CGI was really good. I think the plot is the main issue. Or may be the movie is meant for teens?

Questioning Darwin

A laughable attempt by the christian church to spew their propaganda in a desperate attempt to stop the masses from continuing to leave the religion. Why have mega churches increased 4 fold? Because it's another desperate attempt to stop the masses from leaving. When you're facts/beliefs simply don't stand up to questioning you can only answer with "I have faith". It would be ok if they featured both sides equally but this is so 1 sided it's hard to call this a doc instead of what it really is: propaganda.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

My Interpretation:
I've read a lot re the theory that she didn't actually leave the cult and was in fact setting up her sister n brother-in-law to be robbed/killed. They use points such as Patrick saying "Show me!" re trusting her during the bathroom scene near the end and just before she left the cult, and bc Martha called the cult from her sister's place. I call BS on that theory. Too many scenes/lines don't make sense if that's true, ie why did the cult guy in the diner try to convince Martha to come back (and he also mentioned Patrick was worried about her); why did she freak out and vandalize the cult's car when she found it on the gravel road; after the encounter with the bartender why did she warn her sister that they needed to leave the house immediately bc it wasn't safe for them due to the bartender cult member.
The way I interpreted the movie was the she left the cult after the robbery that went wrong (Zoe murdered the man) bc it scared the crap out of her and she couldn't get over it. The cult sees her take off and that's why they go looking for her in the forest and why the guy comes to the diner trying to convince her to stay. When she's at her sister's house we get to see the thoughts running through her head in the form of the flashbacks. She's very paranoid that the cult will come after her and take her back there, hence the manic outbursts and her abnormal behaviour. But like all ex-cult members, once they've left and reality sets in (life away from the cult is very very hard to adjust to) she's tempted to go back to the cult (namely due to her sister's negative reactions toward her abnormal behaviour/paranoia) and hence she calls the cult, with a strong temptation to go back. But it wasn't strong enough bc she hangs up on them. Side note: the cult gets her address bc they *69 the call and call right back (it's not hard to get an addy if you know the phone #). Then her paranoia becomes totally justified when she thinks the bartender is part of the cult and after her (hence Martha exclaims that they all have to leave immediately bc of him). And her paranoia is also justified bc she finds their car parked just outside her sister's place on the gravel road (leading her to have a manic episode and vandalize it). Lastly she's scared bc of the noises she hears outside at night while trying to sleep (the cult has shown an affinity to go out on these night missions and the one time she was involved they broke into a house and killed a man). So again she's absolutely right to be scared. But she also accepts her sister's criticisms that she can't go on like this, and that they can't help her, so she needs to get help in an institution... but that ends up being her light at the end of tunnel. She believes that will allow her to get back to normal and hence she readily agrees. She's somewhat relaxed now.
But when she sees the guy sitting across the lake watching her swim at the end of the movie, she immediately gets paranoid and gets out of the water.. and next thing we know she's on her way towards the institution so she forgets about him and is relatively calm again. But when he shows up again on the road, it can't be a coincidence, so she gets scared. But when she realizes the guy is getting closer and closer to their car, she turns around and accepts her fate: she'll never be able to outrun the cult. Whether it's all imagined or not, she'll always have them in the back of her mind. Hence the film isn't really ambiguous at all... the point is she's fucked. Either she will always be haunted by them, or the guy is about to take her away. So regardless of whether the guy in the car attacks them or not, she's fucked. It's a very bleak and sad ending considering that she's the protagonist and most people are rooting for her.

Sorry for the long explanation if you read it all. I had to watch that movie again right after watching it the first time bc I needed to understand what happened and I was totally confused after my 1st viewing.
Also want to say that Elizabeth Olson rocked my world in this movie. She gave a phenomenal haunting performance and she was very beautiful too. Good on her, it's the first film I've seen that featured her.

Sharkwater Extinction

An excellent doc with a great message that unfortunately ends with a huge tragedy. Rob once again shines the spotlight on the extinction of different species of sharks that are being killed mainly for the asian "delicacy" shark fin soup. It's unfortunately a global practise bc the amount that asian countries pay for the fins is extremely high compared to the cost. There is also an issue re sharks being used in our food and pet food being disguised as fish.
Rob's doc does a great job of not just talking about these points but also getting the footage to backup his assertions. His team and himself put themselves in precarious and dangerous situations just to educate the world in the hopes of having governments enact legislation that closes existing loopholes and really stiffens the penalties associated with these vile acts.

Con Man
Con Man(1992)

The part I didn't like was when one of the interviewees said that it was Jim Hogue who passed the entrance exams, and ran that fast and did well in all those classes. You give any high schooler 8-9 years of life/maturity as well as a previous stint in university and they'll be able to do well in their classes and make the boys clubs, etc. They won't match his running ability, and that's why he got caught. If he had the humility to just go to his classes and get a Princeton degree he'd likely be earning 6-7 figures right now. But the spotlight was too much of an attraction for him. "Like a moth to a flame..."

The Crescent
The Crescent(2017)

Now this is a different kind of indie low budget horror, and I'm definitely getting onboard. It's an extremely slowburn, which I'm not necessarily a fan of, unless you can pull it off like The Crescent does. During the 1st act they set up some eerie themes, but in the 2nd act there are legitimately scary scenes (2-3) that really scared me and had goosebumps/shivers running throughout my body. It felt very different from a "normal" horror movie and may be that's why it got to me so much - bc it's so unique, and especially bc it has a great score and sound effects that really heighten the tension. The 3rd act had me confused at times and the payoff wasn't as good as the build up, but that's saying more about the great buildup than a bad ending. SPOILER: imo she finally gave in to the ghosts and agreed to take her baby as well as herself into the ocean so they could crossover into the ghost world and be with the husband/father. At the end, one scene was about the past and how they got those photographs, and the scene after that showed them in the ghost world, and in the end it was the father and Lowen disappearing into the dark (the ghost world). May be I totally missed the point, but that's how I saw it. It got confusing at times bc you're not sure what's in her head and what's real. Regardless I'm a big fan of this movie bc of how it managed to scare me and the tension for most of the movie (ie the scenes where it seems like Lowen is in a bad situation).

FYI there are no jump scares and I'm not sure what the different screen sizes represented so if you figured that out pls reply and let me know. It's very hard to find any discussion re what the film means.

Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal

What a weird documentary. You can't help but root against her. She appears to have learned nothing from her trials and tribulations and instead wants to brag about her infamy and live in the past. She very clearly is higher than a kite in numerous scenes. Her "assistant" Michael looks like nothing but her slave and drug buddy. It's actually a sad look at the life of someone who was once successful for 3 years in her life. And now she plans on riding that past til she dies. It's a great doc bc it really gives an in-depth look at her life and current state. The interviews with her are fascinating. And I think she got away with stealing a bunch of exotic birds!

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

A really sad look at the current suicide epidemic faced by United States Veterans. Callers had all sorts of different backgrounds ie Pearl Harbour, Vietnam, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc - point being that this is an issue faced by ALL service members, not just from a particular war. It focuses on a specific call centre and certain calls that were taken that day. It's a very short doc at only 40min long, so they don't get the opportunity to provide much context re mental illness, PTSD, etc. But the very very very telling statistic was that since 2001, more service members have by suicide than died on the battlefield. That shocked me.

Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County

I'm not really a fan of the director Pelosi due to she went about with this documentary. I didn't like the questions she asked and how she went about asking them. And for a documentary that's really everything. But the kids in this documentary will make your heart melt. They adjust to situations so rapidly regardless of the circumstances. My heart goes out to them.

There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane

An excellent documentary re the Taconic State Parkway Collision of 2009. It's intentions were to delve into the toxicology report and autopsy as Daniel Schuler and his sister in law vehemently denied the findings. Imho, they are delusional and possibly in complete denial Two different labs conducted the same test and came up with the same result: Diane had very high levels of alcohol and THC in her blood. The family denied it initially saying she hardly drank and didn't do drugs. But as the media spotlight on the event grew, their story changed and they admitted that Diane smoked marijuana semi-regularly and had been drinking that w/e at the campgrounds she was at with her 2 childeren, 3 nieces/nephews and her husband. That quite a turnaround in their story. Unfortunately all the children except for 1 and all 3 members of other car died in the crash. She had been driving erratically into oncoming traffic on a highway for 1.7 miles (it's pretty fascinating that she was able to survive for that long given that she was drunk and high).
The movie does a great job of capturing the family's denial and refusal to accept the conclusions. They went so far as to hire a private detective for $30,000 and he came back with the exact same findings. No matter which way they go about, they run into the same conclusion yet continue to be in denial. The other part of the documentary which was fascinating was the news coverage of the event and the 911 calls made by witnesses. Imo this is a fair doc that didn't swing one way or the other, yet also didn't hide the fact that she was drunk/high and that the family couldn't accept it. For true crime lovers this will definitely be a home run.

Phoenix Forgotten

It's pretty good considering how low budget it was. It's not that scary even though it tries to be, but it's still engaging and the plot moves along at a good pace. The plot doesn't break the mold, but it's still a found footage that's watchable. The acting was great for low budget indie. The locations used were effective. There isn't that much that's negative but it still doesn't 3* bc it's not at all on that level. But it definitely passes the sniff test. Would recommend to found footage junkies as well as horror noobs.


A decent survivor movie. It's not that scary but it's watchable.


This was ok, which is better than I expected considering how it started. It quickly became watchable. Not very suspenseful or intriguing, but... watchable. The acting started off crappy but improved as the movie went on (or may be my expectations were subconsciously lowered). It has a decent plot thats executed fairly well. Its not scary at all.

Ravenous (Les affamés)

***There's a post-credits scene***
This was a nice little Canadian horror film. It's not that scary but it's very interesting and entertaining. The concept isn't unique... it's a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are taking over. It may not break the mold, but what it does it does really well. The acting is very good and the cinematography is great, really giving you a small town feel. Also the score at times is very effective and can get you unsettled. The ending is very nice and slightly unexpected. All in all a film I would definitely recommend.

No One Dies in Lily Dale

It's a decent film but not anything moving or something that will make you question/affirm your beliefs. Ever since I watched Derren Brown do his special on psychics/mediums I'm extremely skeptical re them. He admits he's not a psychic or medium but was clearly able to do what these "registered" mediums are able to do. He concludes that it's a learned skill and anybody can do it if they find someone who can teach them.
As for my beliefs, I'm still unsure of what I believe in. Part of me sees life as binary, you're either alive or your dead. But then another part of me is spiritual and believes there must be some kind of force that's responsible for the big bang and subsequent to that, life. That's my2cents and provides some context as to this review.


A very nice doc on addiction that was way ahead of it's time. Due to governments and insurance companies' failure to address the issue, it has directly led to the epidemic we currently face. This is not an issue that will be solved overnight, but the more money and effort we throw at the issue the more it will help. They'll be able to conduct more and better research, not to mention that more facilities will be created that will be able to transform that research into improved treatment AND prevention (a heavy focus on prevention). This film took a comprehensive look at the issue in 2007 and gave insights into the trends and details of that time. Fortunately, much of the information can still be applied today and that's what makes this doc still relevant.

Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

The issue I had with this doc is that focused too much on the individual cases vs talking about the heroin addiction situation in Cape Cod. But I guess the point of this one is to focus on individual cases and getting to know them somewhat intimately so that we have a vested interest in their outcomes. It was ok... not bad but not good either. As usual my heart goes out to each and everyone of them as I used to be addicted.

A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness

What a horrific documentary. The case of Saba against her father and uncle is so shocking from a western POV. It's appalling and shocking. And for the first half it looks like justice will be served for once re an honour killing, but unfortunately reality of Pakistan kicks in in the second half and the 2 accused are set free due to ridiculous and asinine prehistoric "laws". And for those who thought the social pressures placed upon Pakistan led to ground breaking new laws re honour kills, couldn't be more wrong. All the father or uncle or brother have to say in court is that they didn't murder the girl bc of honour and then the 2016 changes to the law are irrelevant and the case goes back to archaic traditions of the family forgiving the murder and all is forgiven and they are free. It's disgusting and women need to be protected better. These rules re murdering daughters/wives aren't even 20th century traditions for god's sake, these are from the 1800's!! And the worst part of this whole thing is that the father and uncle swore upon the holy Quran that no harm would come upon Saba, which allowed them access to her, bc it's an act of the highest order, yet the broke that vow, and not a single person is saying anything re that affecting the family's honour. Everyone including the father and uncle are just so happy that they were freed, they even go so far as to say their honour was increased to a higher level due to the attempted honour killing. That's how f'd up this country is.
Anyway I gotta stop here bc I'll just flip my lid more and more if I continue.
For a nice article re this film and Pakistan's (outrageous) laws, pls see: https://intpolicydigest.org/2018/09/19/girls-in-the-river-pakistan-s-struggle-to-end-honour-killings/

Rock and a Hard Place

This was a nice documentary re convict kids getting a 2nd chance in order to avoid prison time. The kids' sentences ranged from a few years to 30 years to life. Of the 38 that started, 35 decided to stay in the program, but 2 got kicked out for trying to escape, meaning 33 graduated. As much as it was nice to see these kids change their lives for the 4 month period, it was sad and heartbreaking to see the kid who had a sentence of life decide to quit after 1 day and instead do a life sentence. He would've had to endure 4 months of hell but the payoff is that you get to go home after. That was a tragic case.
They state at the end that since 1995, 3000 kids have graduated from this program... but since they bring up stats, why not tell us the number that re-offended and had to go to prison. That would be a very telling stat.

Becoming Warren Buffett

This is required viewing for everyone. For investors, it doesn't offer technical investing advice, but it does offer insights re the mindset of Buffet, and obviously it's worked for him. For non-investors, there are great lessons about how you go about living your life. From taking care of your brain/body, to minimalism, there's a bunch of useful tidbits that can be used to improve your life.
As an investor watching this really invigorated my passion for investing and the investing process. The investing process (researching) gets a bit tedious after doing it for years and years, but Buffet successfully preaches the idea that patience is the name of the game, and it's a great reminder. So many of us live quarter to quarter, and money sitting on the sidelines burns a hole in our pocket, but those are bad habits to have, regardless of whether you're making money or not. This is a game for the long haul (from the date you decide to make your first stock purchase to the day you die) and bad habits only reduce your potential windfall or make your losses even steeper... so keep a clear head and try to rid yourself of these habits. I fully acknowledge there are a plethora of different investing styles, so I really hope this doesn't come across as 'this is the only way to see the light'.
Lastly, for non-investors, I hope this documentary opens your mind to the benefits of investing. Regardless of what you decide, happy trails ahead!

La casa del fin de los tiempos (The House of the End Times)

I'm a big fan of this movie. Not only was the plot interesting from beginning to end, but it also had me scared at multiple times during the movie. Note, I'm a fan of jump scares that imo weren't cheap, and this film had quite a few of them that worked on me. Plus the fear created by those jump scares didn't just dissipate afterwards... the film did a great job of maintaining that feeling of fear/tension. The atmosphere that surrounded the plot was very appealing as it felt eerie throughout. And the cinematography was really good as the house's interior was creepy. Add to that the acting was spot on, and there isn't really anything that stood out to be negative. And as a bonus the plot is layered with multiple timelines, so you have to stay on your toes in order to really understand the little details in order to have the best viewing experience.
I would recommend this for horror fans that aren't averse to jump scares. There are other methods used to scare as well, but if you're not a fan of any kind of jump scare you will get irritated.

Killing Ground

Very exciting and suspenseful. Will do for camping what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean. The plot is interesting and entertaining. Could use a few more scares but what horror can't. There's a lot of tension and some really surprising developments. There are few scenes which are pretty dark. The premise is really good but the execution is fantastic. The cinematography is great and you truly get a feel for the situation they're in. I would definitely recommend this to horror fans as well as fans of dark thrillers.


It would've been much much better if they had taken out some of the action in order to make it more believable. You have to suspend your belief in reality so much that it gets irritating after the first 30min. The premise isn't bad, but the execution is where this film really faults. Even the score was bad ie if I heard The Bear Goes Over the Mountain one more time I would've flipped my lid. The cinematography is excellent, as the woods looked really nice. Even the acting wasn't bad. So again, it's not good due to the plot and the execution of said plot. There are much better ways to have a strong final girl film.

Noroi the Curse

For the amount of love this film gets and its rating on RT, I found it to be overrated, The film is good, but lacked scares except for 1-2 scenes. But the story is very interesting plus it's complicated so theres a strong desire to see how it all plays out. Compared to other J-horror films I've seen, this one had minimal scares. I had no problem with the run-time which was just under 2hrs. The acting was great and very believable. The direction really sucked at times because they definitely overused the shaking cam effect, to the point where it became very irritating.

Hot Coffee
Hot Coffee(2011)

Just a stunning/shocking documentary on the injustices of tort reform and mandatory arbitration. Big companies as usual banded together to form a powerful lobby group and tried over and over and over again to take away the rights of citizens to the benefit of the big companies, and eventually they got their way in most states. Even though Bush and Karl Rove (can you name even 1 good thing that Rove has ever done?) fought extremely hard to make the changes at the federal level, they was ultimately unsuccessful, hence they went to plan b and got their way at the state level by having their own judges run for election to different states' Supreme Courts. Because whoever spends the most in these elections wins 90% of the time, they used the deep pockets of their lobby group (comprised of big companies) to secure judicial nominations all across the country. And then whenever a case came up of a citizen vs a big company the appeal usually went in favour of the big company due to the decisions of said judges. To make it even worse, they also had laws changed (by the same lobby groups) that capped the amounts that juries could award wronged citizens to ridiculously low amounts. How is this all legal? It's asinine and so wrong. Yet that's how the American justice system works. I'm so livid and I'm not even American! Then they also get into mandatory arbitration agreements and how big companies sneak these into contracts and agreements so they can't be sued in court. And people who usually have no clue (like me) sign these contracts and now potentially put ourselves in situations whereby if we're wronged, not only can we not go to court, the company picks the arbitrator. And bc the arbitrators want repeat business they rule in favour of the big companies 90% of the time (that's a fact). And the rub, is that everything done in arbitration stays hidden from the public. It's ridiculous. It's heart breaking.
I initially laughed at the McDonalds hot coffee lady for her "frivolous lawsuit, but now that I know the circumstances, it was not only not frivolous, it was the least that should've happened to McD's. I will never use the term frivolous lawsuit in the same way ever again. Everybody should have to watch this doc.

Abortion: Stories Women Tell

It's an interesting doc. It's such a touchy topic to discuss, and that's a bit weird considering that the Supreme Court rules in the '70s that this was a legal procedure. Without stating my own opinion on the topic, I want to note that it's interesting how far these Republican states go to make it as difficult as they can for women to get abortions (even in such instances as rape and incest). That's exemplified by the fact that the entire state of Missouri has 1 Planned Parenthood clinic (and it's extremely important to note that PP offers a wide array of services besides abortions). And with a lack of funding, that clinic may have to shutdown too. It's a fascinating topic. And the doc does a good job of showing all points of view.


Very unimpressive. May work for teens or horror noobs, but will definitely be a bore for anyone else. Or may be a tattooed antagonist full of piercings was much scarier 20 years ago than it is now. The acting is pretty bad and the cinematography cliche. Props though for realizing the dark side of chat rooms back in the day.

Home Movie
Home Movie(2008)

Don't do it! Don't watch this... even if it's recommended on reddit in a "Most Underrated Found Footage Movies" thread by someone you trust. It's terribly boring for 95% of it before becoming OK for the last 5min. There are so many other better found footage movies to watch, ie Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum or Hell House LLC. The acting isn't that bad here which is good for a low budget found footage. It's the plot and the direction that are the problems.


Not scary. Commendable given the context of being low budget, but other than that it fails to scare + drags on at certain points throughout.
Unimpressed and disappointed, especially considering the rave reviews it gets everywhere ie r/horror.

Lords of Chaos

It's a very interesting tale even though you're left wondering exactly how much is true and how much is sensationalized. The movie was based off the book that goes by the same name. Many articles discuss how the book used very questionable sources to get it's info from. Regardless, as a dramatic movie it's really entertaining and touches on some of the influences that led to the Norwegian black metal scene. Wasn't really a fan of Rory Culkin, as he seemed like a mismatch for that part... unless it was intentional to make Euronymous come across like a weird poser who didn't fit into the scene like the other characters did. I didn't know anything about this story so it was very engaging for me; it kept my attention the whole time. The cinematography also helped a lot in giving off the feeling that this film and black metal scene were very authentic.

I'd easily recommend this for fans of the scene but also for music lovers in general. Horror or dark drama fans may get a kick out of this too.

Meth Storm: Arkansas USA

It's a very low budget bare-bones documentary, that just stays at the surface level. They don't offer insights into what's causing the epidemic, or what can be done to help the addicts and their families nor is there anything about the progress in regards to getting to the source of the meth (Mexico). It simply follows a very hard luck family (that your heart goes out to) around as they deal with a family member who gets arrested almost as much as he shoots up. HBO usually produces much much better docs than this hence I was underwhelmed.

The Treatment (De Behandeling)

It's an excellent criminal investigation thriller that gets under your skin due to the subject matter. It's not your ordinary criminal manhunt that follows the oft used cliche blueprint which fails to affect the viewer. Anyone watching this will thoroughly despise the villain due to his horrific actions (both past and present). The main cop conducting the investigation more often than not crosses the line during his job of duty. It's understandable due to his past, but it still rubbed me the wrong way. The acting is really really good from all parties involved... the grimy characters come across as seedy and dirty, the victims evoke a true sense of empathy, the cops (most of them) are our heroes, etc. The atmosphere the movie creates is really tense. It utilizes the score and the cinematography to create that atmosphere. And even though I've praised so many different aspects of the movie already, enough can't be said about the ending. It was the perfect ending and leaves you with a haunting feeling.


Not as good as the reviews would lead you to believe. It's not scary, but it has some tension and eerie elements to it.

Toe Tag Parole: To Live and Die on Yard A

A nice expose re a group of inmates that are serving life in California, It's nice to see them making a life out of what the're left with, but at the same time some of them have committed horrible crimes so I'm not sure is the majority would agree. The experimental yard in the Californian prison is a great try to reward prisoners, but I'm not sure how I'd feel if I was the relative/friend of one of the victims.

Risky Drinking

It's a decent enough documentary but it chooses to stay on the surface vs digging in deep. They gloss over the reasons why these people have an alcohol issue and it glosses over how these people are doing post-treatment. It feels rushed/incomplete. But my heart still goes out for these people. Really hope they achieve their recovery goals.

Sam Was Here
Sam Was Here(2016)

I really have 2 different ratings for this movie. After I watched it I gave it a 3* and after I read an explanation that solved the movie I gave it a 4*.

The answer I liked was that everything in the movie played out inside Sam's head. He has 2 polar opposite personalities, Eddy (the child molester, murderer, torturer) and Sam (the innocent good man). The main point of the movie is that Eddy is trying to get Sam to realize that he is also there, and thereby Sam can no longer believe he's innocent/good, and hence Eddy takes total control of the Sam. They are polar opposites. To understand all of this it all comes down to the red light in the sky. The movie was originally titled Nemesis, and Nemesis is a theoretical red dwarf binary star (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nemesis_(hypothetical_star))... an *evil twin* of our sun. The movie uses that as a metaphor. The movie is about split personalities.
Another big clue re this theory is when Sam is battling with the old lady from the trailer, and he asks her where Eddy is, and she answers "Inside".
At the end of the movie Sam is killed and "wiped off the planet", and hence Sam is no longer there and Eddy is the only personality, hence the movie is called Sam Was Here. And this is evidenced by the fact that when the mob finally arrives to kill Sam at the end, the red light permeates the whole area... the red light is the evil twin... so Eddy is now taking over.

Original Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/9gmgi1/sam_was_here_explained_better_if_a_little_late/

It's no longer ambiguous when looked at from that POV. And it also makes the movie far more exciting and interesting knowing all this. There are numerous theories as to what the movie means, but most of those have at least 1 contradiction.
Rusty Joiner's acting is really really well done. He truly gives off the vibe of someone lost and confused and losing a battle with an unknown force/person. Without his acting this movie would've likely failed. Also of note was the cinematography which created a phenomenal atmosphere that was creepy and eerie.

This is one serious mystery film that imo ranks up there with the best ones. I recommend it for fans of dark thrillers as well as horror fans who love a challenge.

Don't Hang Up

There isn't a single likeable character in this film except for the killer, so you know who I was rooting for. Not sure thats what they intended. All the teens in the movie are insufferable. Theres a couple scenes that are tense, but other than that its not scary. In the end it serves as a PSA for teens to be careful who they prank call. but its not something I will watch again. The movie is watchable hence the 2.5*.

Bone Tomahawk

Stick with it, it's worth it. It's an extremely slow burn, with tension slowly building up in Acts 1 and 2, before culminating in an epic climax in Act 3. It's spooky, exciting and good fun. The acting is really good and the cinematography really stands out too, as you totally get the feel of frontier living. It's not at all like a typical horror, as it doesn't use certain acts/jump scares to get to you... instead it uses atmosphere and tension as it's tools for causing unease. You can almost call it a slow burn thriller with elements of horror mixed in. And for god's sake don't want the trailer beforehand... there's little point in watching the fil after as all the surprises will already have been exposed.

The Monster Project

If you're looking for a good found footage you haven't seen before, I don't think this will satisfy you. It's a total cliche, but that isn't the worst thing in the world as long as it's executed very well. Unfortunately the execution isn't good enough to mask the flaws. One of the biggest ones imo was the token "funny" black guy who couldn't act well (he wasn't alone in that dept. But aren't we past that point of having this kind of character in our movies? I found it to be very irritating to the point that it became a distraction. The last act of the movie salvages it a bit, as they used the cliched night vision cam at a pitch black location. But I still give it some props bc at least they tried to drum up some scares here. Most fall flat, but may be they will work on you. I wouldn't recommend this low budget horror to seasoned horror fans, but may be noobs will find it entertaining.

Bad Ben
Bad Ben(2016)

Its a very low budget independent indie with one actor in the whole movie. The premise is the usual "guy buys home then finds out its possessed due to a dark history". It wasn't scary at all and doesn't even try to be.


It's not the horrible movie, but it's not that good either. That's it's problem... it's a middling film. For a low budget film I have to give it it's due. The cinematography is great; it's creepy. The plot isn't that bad, but it's usage of ganja as plot device simply doesn't work. Has some eerie moments of unease, but that's about it re the scare factor.

Creepy (Kuripi: Itsuwari no rinjin)

I'm a fan of this movie. It's a thriller with horror themes/elements. The acting is really good and all of the characters are very believable. It's not very scary and not that suspenseful until Act 3. But it's a good mystery that is predictable for the "big picture" but the details (which are the most fun to guess) are not predictable and hence there are surprises. The movie is a bit of a slow burn but Act 3 is really good. The only negative that stood out to me was the cinematography. If better choices had been made it could've been much darker and scarier.
Overall I'd still recommend this as a dark thriller and a light horror.

American Dream / American Knightmare

This is an interesting documentary that relies 99% on Suge Knight interviews and 1% on news clips. The interviews are very intimate and personal but it's also very tough to distinguish fact from truth? There are obvious misrepresentations ie Suge saying he couldn't have possibly been involved in the death of Christopher Wallace (aka Biggy) bc he was in jail at the time. That's absolutely laughable bc it's well known that Suge was able to lead to his company Death Row Records via an intermediary that was his ex-girlfriend and confidant. So instead of telling a bold face lie, why not say nothing and avoid the question or think of a more creative lie that wasn't so ridiculous. I go on about that point bc it adequately exemplifies the assertion that it's hard to separate fact from fiction in this doc. But for fans of Suge, this will be a popular doc bc it is a candid expose of him. As long as you take things with a grain of salt, I'd recommend this good doc.

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

It's a really good doc but it's also very incomplete, and for the juiciest part too. It tells a nice story of how this nerd Elizabeth Thanos was a child star and dropped out of Stanford at 19. A few years later she's in Silicon Valley, with a powerful board and many media features proclaiming her genius. The only problem is that it was all based on bullshit. A great concept that was near impossible to execute (yet she went around proclaiming it was already executing to perfection). And that lie got her hundreds of millions in investments from VC's and uber millionaires. A combination of that and irresponsibly putting the public at risk via an agreement with Walgreens to roll out their faulty product/service.
Elizabeth made sure that employees were so scared of their monitoring and NDA's that they fear reprisals for letting the public know what was really going. That is except for 2 brave souls who took steps to confide in the Wall St Journal and the other to CMS a government regulatory agency. And between them they took a $10,000,000,000 down to less than $0. And that's where the documentary stops, and it only focused on the "less than $0" part for 5-10 min... when in fact, that story is the most exciting part. They never showed her being accountable for all her fraud and lies. Or the POV from swindled investors. Etc. So instead of being a 5* doc it settled at being a 4* doc. But that's still a compliment as the doc is very entertaining and interesting, and definitely worth a watch.

What Keeps You Alive

This is an amazing movie. It's extremely captivating and suspenseful. I highly recommend it to all horror fans. Fans of thrillers may find it a bit too gory (by thriller standards).

Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart

The subject matter is great and entertaining but the actual documentary is below average bc it comes across as though Pam and her attorney made it. It glosses over the facts that appear to show her guilt and focuses very heavily on interviews with Pam now after the fact. She has an answer for everything which I'm afraid is very very to do when you've had 20 years to focus solely on that. Is her penalty harsh? Yes. But is she guilty of her crime? I'm pretty sure that answer is yes too. It all comes down to the simple fact that if she hadn't been molesting the minor, then none of this would have happened and Greg would still be alive today. So because of her decision and her subsequent actions, her husband ended up dead. Spin it and explain it however you want, that fact is undeniable. What was really interesting was the juror who taped herself thinking out loud after every day in the trial. But again it's so incredibly biased bc they only played a few excerpts from a few hand picked dates... and what a coincidence, those excepts ALL portray Pam as an angel and the boys as demons from hell. So it becomes a bit hard to form complete and accurate conclusions when everything presented is so obviously biased.

Paradise Lost 2 - Revelations

This is beyond bullshit. There are so many cracks/chinks in the case against the West Memphis 3 that it would be laughable if the 3 weren't still in jail. The cops refuse to admit their shoddy police work, the worst of which was a coerced confession of a boy with 72 IQ (sound familiar... Brandon Dassey... yes I know this film/case came first). But there's still a ray of light in that the teens are holding up well and making the best of an atrocious situation. And thank god for the support for the West Memphis 3 due to the airing of part 1.

Paradise Lost: Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

A fascinating look into the case against 3 teens for the murders of 3 eight year olds. The investigation, public opinion, coerced confession and subsequent trial was an absolute circus with frauds posing as experts and a made up story of the accused being satanists. But that's all it took to convict the 3 teens who proclaimed their innocence every opportunity they could. At that age, everything must seem so surreal and hence you stick by the logic that there's no need to worry bc if I doidn't commit the crimes then there's no possible way they can prove I did it. Unfortunately the USA judicial system is very very far from good. This is a real travesty of justice.

Warning: This Drug May Kill You

It's a really sad doc about the brutal truth re opioid addiction. It focuses on 4 tragic stories that all result death (and includes 1 person who is on either on suboxone or methadone, so there's still hope). As a former addict, seeing people knocked out while in the middle of driving or sitting on a bench, etc, and the people rocking back and forth in and out of consciousness is all too real. Oxycontin took over my life for 8 years, and it's exactly the way it's depicted in this film. For some miraculous reason I was spared and am now 2 years sober on suboxone. Suboxone is a problem for another day. I only bring this up bc I can vouch for the accuracy of the doc. It's real, it's sad and it's devastating. Any drug user should watch this as mandatory viewing, as well as anyone who thinks a friend/loved one may be has a 1% chance of being a user.

Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop

I just finished watching this and my blood is boiling... this guy is a sociopath. He doesn't accept responsibility for his actions, he shows absolutely no remorse or empathy for anything, is enabled by his mom and cares solely about the ramifications this will have on his life. To me, this is akin to a person going to a shady underground site and discussing school bombings, for a very long period of time, discussing how he fantasizes about bombing them and laying out exact details of how he bomb a school; he even discusses a list of schools he would love to bomb including posting pictures of them; he searches online for "how to make a bomb"; he finds one school that he really really wants to bomb, so he plans a "vacation" in the area of the school... visits the school... checks out the schools schematics... and as soon as he gets home he goes straight to the site to share the information he obtained for his "vacation". And you're telling me that's worse than some guy who sells a bit of weed, who is locked up for years? How is there no issue with what he did. How are so many sticking to their point of "he only discussed it online and didn't actually do it, so he's completely innocent"... when in fact he didn't just discuss it online; he made a list of actual women he wanted to do this to, and he searches a police database for the addresses of women he wanted to rape/kill/cannibalize (which is illegal in and of itself); he goes to establish a connection and meet someone from his list, as well as post pictures and details about them. That's NOT just discussing it online. It's absolutely not just discussing it online. I could understand their POV if he only posted about it online... but he didn't. He went much further than just posting about it online. And that bullshit re 'I was going to close all my accounts the day before anyway', saying it like it's some honourable decision, was only bc he was scared of getting caught. I hope someone eats his leg. And a jury finds him guilty yet the judge throws out their decision?

Now that I got to vent, Erin Lee Carr is a wonderful director and documentarian. I had never seen any of her works until 4 hours ago, when I watched Mommy Dead and Dearest (another doc I recommend). Her doc's are on stories that are extremely interesting and controversial, and she doesn't take a side... she presents the facts, with opinions from people for and against the issue at hand. It's a treat to watch her stuff. I was absolutely riveted during Thought Crimes.

Mommy Dead and Dearest

What a fascinating tale. I'm a big fan of true crime doc's so it takes a little bit more to get me interested/excited... and this one did just that. From how the story is initially presented you have no clue that it will end up where it does. It's a standard blueprint of child killing a parent(s) but how it gets from point A to point B is an entertaining rollercoaster ride. Definitely recommend this to true crime enthusiasts plus people who are interested in mental illness.

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

It's an excellent movie that will be a treasure for his fans. It goes through his life from a kid right up til the end. It did a great job of showing his earliest exploits and interviewed the people he worked with. It followed that up by showing clips of his best roles/characters in movies as well as clips from his stand-up specials. It was great to hear intimate stories about him from his close friends. It really painted a picture of who he truly was. My only complaint was that they sort of rushed through his death. It would've been nice to hear more stories, especially from his family, about how the health problems affected and changed him.
Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone who ever was a fan of his.

Baltimore Rising

It's a very good doc about an issue that's dividing the USA. The doc does a good job of capturing the frustration of protesters and the efforts of activists. Going against the police is like playing against a stacked deck... but fortunately the action of the protesters and activists is heard and led to some minor, but meaningful, changes. I thought HBO did a good job of presenting the issue, getting talking points from both sides (which is a substantial problem bc they should all be on one side) and showing the short term outcome. A follow-up now (2019) would be a great idea to see how far the city has come since 2016. But bc it's not as sexy, we likely won't be seeing part 2 anytime soon.

Abducted in Plain Sight

I have now been introduced to the 2 stupidest parents of all time. So the dad gave him a hand job, the mom took off to have an 8 month affair with him, and their daughter Jan was sleeping with him due to an alien mission. He kidnaps her and marries her and the parents sign affidavits releasing him from his crimes?! This story is so un-believable, that it comes across as a bad comedy until you put yourself in Jan's shoes and see the whole sordid mess from her POV. But the parents... wow.

Leaving Neverland

Well, this is a real doozy of a documentary! There are a lot of accusations directed straight at MJ and they seem to have a lot of credibility. There's always a possibility that James Safechuck and Wade Robson colluded on this, but that seems a bit unlikely. So as a viewer I'm not sure where that leaves me? I feel like I'm in a jury and I need to come to a decision re his guilt/innocence. And that's hard to do. There was a big lie in doc as Wade stated his abuse started at Neverland in 1992 when in reality it wasn't even built til 1994. Could it be a mix-up in dates? Possibly... but that's a huge fact to get incorrect. Every child who has been abused after the age of 6 would remember exactly when it started (I can speak from experience). The other part that rubs me the wrong way is that they both tried unsuccessfully to sue his estate... is this revenge for that? These are tough questions to answer, as the two are so persuasive in their allegations.
Then there are the issues re the effect it had on the individuals and their families. How could parents, namely the moms, allow their children to sleep in the same bedroom as a 30-something year old man, unattended. That concept is so foreign to me it's ridiculous. And Wade's mom, saying she guesses that what he wanted to hear in therapy was that she feels responsible for all this occurring. Well you shouldn't have to guess! It's obvious that he wanted to hear that. And then she also mentions that her broken relationship was the first time she had ever experienced a feeling like that with her family... uh, didn't your dad ask you at the airport if you're losing your mind? Didn't this break your family in half by taking just Wade and her sister to LA leaving the rest of the family behind? It's obvious to me that these moms were starstruck and obsessed with the perks that having a relationship with Jackson provided (1st class airfare, a new home, hotel suites, shopping sprees for their sons, etc). How else can you explain leaving your young child to sleep in the same bed as a 30-something year old man. It's sickening.

So overall it's a very interesting documentary, that will totally polarize it's viewers... some will agree with the accusers and forever change their view of the King of Pop, while others will not believe it and think these 2 accusers are totally out for fame/money. I still don't know which camp I fall into. Regardless I recommend this doc.

Andre the Giant

An excellent doc featuring the one and only giant: Andre the Giant. I was a huge fan of WWF wrestling back in the '80s and '90s and one of my fav wrestlers was Andre. He was larger than life and a true spectacle every time he was shown on TV (even when he wasn't wrestling). This is a nice but sad doc to learn about his early and unfortunately her physical ailments too. He did so much for the world of wrestling. This is must watch for any wrestling fan.

When a Stranger Calls Back

I knew this movie was going to be good considering it was on many Top Horror lists and was also recommended from ppl on letterboxd and reddit... but I had no idea that it would scare me as much as it did. I'm pretty desensitized to a lot of horrors bc I watch so many, and the movies that do scare me are often times made in 2000 and newer. Hence my surprise and delight that this movie gripped me at times and made me genuinely scared for certain sequences (namely when the antagonist was involved). His voice is very creepy and when you hear it out of nowhere during a cat and mouse scene, it becomes pretty frightening. There's a lot to like about this movie. The fact that (a) it was made in 1993, and (b) was a made for TV movie, were huge red flags for me and are the reasons why I've put of this movie for so long. I'm so happy I finally watched it and that it worked on me. There's nothing better than feeling scared during a horror movie, so 2 thumbs up for everyone involved in making it. This is a must see psychological horror/thriller.


It's ok. It definitely has some positives, such as the unique storyline (although it's similar to The Woman, this came way beforehand), the decent tension at times and a great ending that really salvages the film. The negatives unfortunately include bad acting, poor execution of the plot (could have been much more tense/scarier) and bad cinematography. Overall I wouldn't recommend this movie unless you're a teenager... adults will find too many things to nitpick about it.

Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door

Wow... where do I begin? I didn't know anything about the movie before watching aside from the movie's poster (something I do for all movies nowadays). And that was a very unwise decision...


For a good 20 minutes I thought I was watching the wrong movie and was instead watching a teen coming of age movie. Then it all changed. And as the movie went on, my anger got to a fever pitch. No movie ever effects me like this (except documentaries), so this feeling was relatively new. I didn't just despise and want to torture/kill the characters in the movie, I wanted to torture/murder the screenwriter, the director, the producers and most of all the actors who chose to play these characters (this was not art). I was literally red in the face, with steam coming out of my ears. At that point EVERYTHING pissed me off... "why was Meg (who looked 15 at the most) allowed to be shown naked in the film, and why was she naked in front of these child actors (oldest was 14)?" "whose warped mind thinks of this stuff happening to a child?" etc. I fought hard to get through the movie (the only other film that evoked feelings similar to this was Salo or 120 Days of Sodom. And I was all set to give the movie a 1* review... but then, as usual, I went to wiki get more info on what I had just seen. And long story finally coming to an end, that's when I was mortified to learn that this was based on a true story (which is actually worse than what was portrayed in the movie). Everything changed at that point. I was happy that the film was made because more people needed to know about Sylvia Likens and the demon Gertrude Baniszewski. Then I went down the proverbial rabbit's hole and read everything I could find re Sylvia. My heart wept so much for this child.
So after reading everything I realized this was a great movie (aside from people profiting off the horrendous crime). I wanted to give it a strong 4* and recommend it to everyone that has a stomach for twisted shit. So that's the review. This is a must watch for horror fans.

Girl House
Girl House(2015)

This was much better than I was expecting. When you watch enough indie slashers you tend to expect the worse, but Girl House pleasantly surprised me. It had a very likeable Ali Corbin playing the protagonist, and a somewhat creepy masked Slaine as the killer. The movie doesn't really break the mold when it comes to slashers, but it executes it's script very well. Some of the chase scenes are very creepy and tense, as are some of the kills. And imo when it comes to slashers the majority of it's score goes to how scary the chase scenes and kills are. There are some flaws, obviously, such as the always irritating "knocking the killer down but not finishing him off".
I would definitely recommend this movie but under the guise that the viewer's expectations are kept in check. It's not a great movie... it's good. And it has a good message to boot: be careful of what you do online (ie on social media) and treat others with respect.

Upstream Color

Sorry for being the outcast that didn't give this at least 3.5* (with many going so far as giving 4.5* and 5*). I did not understand the movie at all when I watched it... my interpretation focused on the couple and was way off. That was frustrating and likely affects the score I gave it. After reading wiki and the top review here I get it now. How people were able to ascertain that plot and explanation is beyond me... or may be I really have become stupid because I didn't get it while everyone else must have to give it such good scores. The main reason for the low score is because it was a frustrating journey aside from some beautiful cinematography. I just didn't enjoy the "ride" like I did for some Lynch movies that I didn't understand but thoroughly enjoyed my viewing experience. Or may be I just need to give this a second chance... we'll see.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

What a great film. It's extremely captivating and entertaining. Obviously the "German monsters" were human beings, and hence had a human side to them, which is why I don't agree with the controversy surrounding this movie. The cinematography is excellent as you really get the feel of war torn Berlin. And the acting was great too. Ganz does a spectacular job of portraying Hitler... from his angry outbursts to his charming side.
It's incredibly interesting to see how this mammoth force (which stormed Europe with ease) is brought to it's knees and how they go down. As expected some go down fighting right til they commit suicide, and others are ready to give up to the Russians once the end is nigh. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone, especially those that love war movies and specifically WW2.

Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake

A stunning expose re the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the USA. Also a look at how Russia and Western countries have tried and failed to change the political system of Afghanistan because they fail to learn lessons from the past. We have been fed a tainted and extreme version of the events that transpired in Afghanistan (ie it's good vs evil) by mainstream news outlets. Whereas this doc tells a different story and provides the context to make sense of it all. It's a bit long (over 2hrs) but it flies by because it's so engrossing and interesting. All is not as it seems.

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Well this was a weird surreal trip (not unlike what happened to Barry and Elana in the '60s). I watched this film twice and was left stumped after each viewing. I understood the basic premise that there was an institute created with the goal of finding inner peace and total happiness for humans. And that the before mentioned procedure in the '60s totally messed up Barry psychologically yet enhanced Elana with telekinetic powers. But I didn't understand who she broke out of her room, or who the Sentionauts were, etc. But after thoroughly reading a bunch of reviews and interpretations I think I have some answers. She was able to break out of her room through her connection with her dad. Once Barry killed him, his consciousness travelled to Elana's room and not only unlocked it for her, but also provided her with knowledge of the facility (which she would have never known) and that's why she was able to escape so efficiently. And the Sentionauts were AI robots created to guard the facility and perform tasks. Hence they had the ability to warn Barry that his assistant went through his papers, and hence Barry set her up to die by having her go in Elana's room and try to remove the picture that Elana loved. Some other tidbits:
-concentrated psychedelic drugs were used during the procedure in the '60s and that's what Barry continued to take in order to keep up appearances that he still had a light grasp on sanity
-during the procedure, once Barry emerged from the psychedelic drug concoction, he fell in love with Anna, Dr. Mercurio's wife, and hence killed her because he couldn't have her
-once Barry was in control of the facility he created the Sentionauts, and he had a telepathic link to them (and that's how they informed him that his assistant had gone through her stuff)
-his "wife" was actually his handler who only played the role of his wife
-and she had a handler as well, the person who called her via the phone
-Elana used her telekinetic powers to subdue the Sentionauts during her escape
-Elana killed Barry in the end by holding his feet firmly implanted in the ground which led to him falling and hitting his head as tried hard to approach Elana

Overall I wasn't a huge fan of the movie (compared to the respect and acknowledgements it gets). But I was still a fan of the visuals, the challenging plot and the experience of watching the movie hence it gets 3.25* from me. I'd only recommend this film to moviegoers who appreciate a challenge with their films.


Even after watching it for the 5th time, this movie is still excellent and very entertaining (my memory isn't very good so many scenes still surprise me). The reveal at the end re Zep being in his own game and Jigsaw lying in the blood in the room is still awesome. And it's very entertaining/interesting seeing them try to piece together why they are in the room. There's tension throughout and the pacing is very good at keeping that tense eerie feeling til the end. Definitely a movie I'd recommend if there's anyone left in the world who hasn't seen this.

The Voices
The Voices(2015)

To call this a horror is to call Super Bad a drama. It's ridiculous. And unfortunately I'm more into darker comedies so this was absolutely stupid to me.

Where Is Robert Fisher?

Not too minimize the horrific deaths of the mother and the children, but this is a very ho-hum documentary that's not particularly juicy or exciting. The best part of the documentary was about a possible suspect in Canada who looked and acted the same plus had the same distinguishing features, yet whose fingerprints weren't a match. Then for a minute they get into the possibility that he changed his fingerprints, with the reporter saying it's definitely possible to do and the police saying it can't be done successfully. Why not delve into this issue considering how huge it is and how interesting/juicy it is. His neighbour swears up and down that this man even sounded like Robert and looked nervous as they made and held eye contact. That was a huge missed opportunity by the documentarian.

The Invitation

Great plot and overall a good movie. I wouldn't call it a real horror per say (some sites label it as such); It's more of a psychological thriller which has a few scares in it and quite a bit of tension. Mind you the plot is a psychological mind trip and is really good and plenty of fun. And it's rounded out by good acting and good direction. It's a movie I would recommend, especially compared to the other movies in this genre.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad(2018)

Wasn't really a fan of this overall. It had some exciting moments but in the end it was too over the top for me, and I really disliked the ending. The film totally suits Nic Cage as he always overacts to start with. The ending wasn't good because it left things open and this isn't one of those movies where that tactic works.


This was an ok/watchable thriller (it's not a horror). It follows too many genre conventions to be special or surprising. It's about a young couple and the wife's sister who make increasingly bad decisions, leading to more and more peril. It's a bit easy to figure out where this heading, but there a plot twist that's unexpected. The acting is ok, nothing great or special, even including Alex Essoe from Starry Eyes fame. If you're bored and looking for something to pass the time this may work for you. But other than that I wouldn't really recommend it.

Await Further Instructions

Waldor Frey... you racist twat!

I felt that this film had so much potential due it's premise. But then they went overboard with the big reveal at the end and that took a lot of the lustre away. Had they gone a different route I could've easily given this a 3-3.5*. The acting was ok, each played their role well, but the dialogue wasn't very entertaining. The direction was ok... it could've been filmed differently at to make it scarier. I wouldn't really recommend this movie.

Time Share (Tiempo Compartido)

Well this was an eerie film but unfortunately it doesn't go far enough and it ends on a whimper vs a bang. That being said I'm still a fan of it because it really piqued my interest and held me captive in it's clutches right til the very end. It starts off a bit eerie before changing into bright colours, happiness and "paradise". But before you know the creepy score is playing during rather uneventful scenes and you know where this film is trying to go: to a dark psychological thrill ride. It's a slow burn so it takes a while to reveal all it's cards, but by the midpoint mark you know exactly what's up and you're intrigued to see how it plays out. As mentioned earlier, the ending could have been better, as they unsuccessfully went with a type of ending that tries to leave you thinking deeply about the movie. The other negative to me was that they left some of the main themes rather unexplored... it could have gone so much deeper... but I guess if they wanted to keep the unassuming slow burn aspect of it, that would contradict going deeper given time constraints. Still I'd recommend this viewers of psychological dramas (it's more drama than thriller) and don't go in looking for scares.

Love Exposure

Well... this was a different kind of movie, to say the least. Going into the final act I was not a fan of the film and couldn't for the life of me understand how people could like it, let alone be giving it 4.5* and 5*. But then the last hour of the movie really salvaged it. The upskirt photography, which is required for the plot of Love Exposure is uncomfortable and way too over the top (not at all in a good way)... it's really uncomfy because they're showing girls' panties who look like they're 12-13 years old. How anyone can watch that and think it's nice art is just messed up in my book. I'm sure (or rather I really really hope) all the girls were at least 18 years old and they must be because I can't find any uproar about that issue. Other than that I would classify this as more of a comedic love story than anything else. There are definitely some thrills to be had, and some dramatic moments, as expected in a 4 hour movie. The thing that really boggles my mind is that wiki says the film was originally **6** hours long but had to be cut down to 4 at the producers' request. I don't think any 1 movie can be or should be 6 hours long. Even for Sion Sono - who is the only reason I watched this epic movie.

Four Nights With Anna

I don't think this movie was made for me. It was recommended hence I gave it a shot... I did not finish it. It moved along quite slow and wasn't very entertaining. I wouldn't tell someone else not to watch it though as I likely wasn't the target audience, which is no fault of the film.


A pretty creepy movie. It definitely has some chilling moments and scenes full of tension. For an indie, it's spectacular. It got funding through kickstarter as it was Flannigan's first film... now he's very popular and known for The Haunting of Hill House and Oculus. Absentia is a supernatural movie that involves people going missing due to some monsters (spiders) that take people to the "underneath". The score is very chilling and definitely adds to the overall tension of the film. Katie Parker is phenomenal as Callie, the younger sister of Tricia who had her husband disappear 7 years ago (that's where the movie starts). Flannigan is a fan of Parker as he also cast her in The Haunting of Hill House. The story has a lot of suspense and mystery to it along with the tension and scary moments. I'd definitely recommend this movie to fans of thrillers, but I especially recommend it to horror fans. The best part is that it's not well known, so many people have a treat waiting for them. Temper expectations, but I thought it was a really good movie.


This was a pretty good movie... much better than what I was expecting. There are some really good jump scares (not using loud noises) and then there's good cat and mouse aspect to it too. It does follow some older horror cliches which is a bit irritating, but overall there are more things I like about this movie than what I don't. The cinematography could've been better, ie a creepier parking, which could've taken the scares and tension up a notch. The acting isn't bad... the antagonist does a good enough job playing a mentally ill loner who actually believes the torture he's putting her through is actually showing affectionate, and does a good job of getting us to root against him. While Rachel Nichols, who in addition to looking hot, evokes sympathy from us and her acting comes across as genuine. The plot is very cut and dry and follows a standard cat and mouse blueprint, but the execution is done in a manner that still makes it entertaining and interesting. I'd recommend this movie as long as you go aware of the shortcomings and hence go in with tempered expectations.

Pintu terlarang (The Forbidden Door)

Was not a fan of this movie. I only made it 1/2 way through before turning it off (that's a very occurrence for me). It's not that the movie is horrible, it just wasn't interesting or entertaining. It's not a traditional horror per say... it's more akin to a dark thriller/drama. Don't watch this is you're looking for scares. FYI if you do want to see it there's a decent copy on YouTube that has English subs, and it's broken up into 2 parts... just search The Forbidden Door.

Wind River
Wind River(2017)

a nice little movie that really touches the heart. it's a sad story of redemption. the plot doesn't necessarily break the mold, but that's not a bad thing as it's done right. the cast is very very good, and they give the movie an authentic vibe. the setting is also perfect for this story, as it gives you the feel of a chilling isolated community. all different aspects of the movie line up together to create a well rounded movie that's full of suspense and intrigue.

In Defense of Food

An excellent documentary about food and our eating habits. It discusses mistakes we've made along the way (ie the '50s and '60s) and then provides suggestions that are healthier. I liked that it wasn't too preachy or shoving messages down your throat (ie suggesting a mostly plant diet vs telling us to go full vegan). The main things I took away from this were:
-don't trust any food packaging labels or ads on TV (read the nutritional chart instead)
-don't each too much red meat
-increase the amount of plants, vegetables and fruits that you eat
-eat less and eat slower

All of those are good suggestions and will help me live a healthier and longer life, and that's priceless.

Studio 54
Studio 54(2018)

A nice romantic look back at the rise and fall of Studio and subsequently Steve and Ian. This would be an interesting topic regardless who made it, but the fact that they got Ian and workers from Studio 54 is what really makes this doc shine. I watched the movie 54 in theatres back when it came out, and I was a fan of it, but this doc is on a whole new level hearing it straight from Ian's mouth. The fact that there was so much footage still from this hallowed place where celebrities could do whatever they want and still have the privacy of it not coming out, is really special. It's a nice trip back to the '70s and in essence everything that defined the decade.

Avicii: True Stories

For fans of Avicii, this documentary is like the Holy Grail. It's his life story not based on an autobiography, or in someone else's words... it's his story straight from his mouth, with private video recordings to boot. That's really special. Being a big fan of him, watching this was bittersweet... it was amazing to go on that journey with him, but at the same time it's very melancholic and your heart feels empty a bit because you know how the story is going to end. But I'm absolutely grateful that he decided to record so much of his private life, which in turn gave us a much better and deeper understanding/connection to him. The world is so lucky for having Avicii for as long as we did.

What the Health

This doc led to my huge change of going from eating beef 5 times a week to once a week. It's scary and great.

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

It's a great concept that definitely has (significant) benefits to it. The documentary was good but also had some flaws. When showcasing an idea as radical as this it would be a good idea to lay out all the benefits, not just on a surface level but with a lot of depth behind it. This doc failed to do that... it mentioned that it frees up your time, and gives you the opportunity to focus on areas of your life that could provide you with even more happiness, and how it allows you time to focus on relationships... but that was the extent of explaining these benefits. To make this "movement" a success, you're going to have to convince people to change an engrained mindset (consumption and indirectly capitalism), and I don't think this doc does a good enough job of convincing the masses. On another note there was something really weird about how much the doc focused on hugging! I'm a hugger, I get it, but in addition to mentioning it several times, they showed the hugs a lot too. It almost felt like I was watching a doc on hugging.

It's a nice concept that applies to everyone to some degree... everyone would be better off focusing less on the status symbols they buy and accumulate and more on themselves and what truly makes them happy.


I'm not completely sure what just transpired and I can't find anyone, anywhere, who can explain the plot in detail. It's about a father who stumbles upon a mystic supernatural book that really affects it's readers and puts them in danger (I think). The only way to survive is to get through the whole book, but that's a challenge due to the evil hallucinations and nightmare sequences. Yet the father and his daughter both end up finishing the book and surviving, long enough to get a nice reward for their efforts, at the end. Unfortunately I can't get into it in any more depth than that. The acting isn't great (as expected, it's an indie) but overall the movie works and is pretty interesting. The score is really really good and definitely adds to the atmosphere. The hallucinations are pretty creepy so there's tension for the plot. I think I would recommend it especially for horror fans who have seen everything and are hence forced to go to indies for their horror fix.

End of the Line

It's not the worst movie... you could do much worse. But it unfortunately drags on at times and that kills the pacing. Plus it uses far too many loud jump scares, especially in the beginning. It's a good premise (a cult leader has signified that it's the end times for his followers and hence they're instructed to kill mankind), but due to the failed execution it quickly loses it's lustre and doesn't know how to maintain the tension and suspense it established in Act 1. It still gets 2* because it's not that bad and because it could scare horror noobs.

Hot Girls Wanted

A really good look at some women/teens in the amateur porn business. There are a ton of cliches, as expected, but there are also some good looks at the inner workings of the teens. Those moments really hit home, because you see that all of them have reservations even after "living the high life" for a couple months. They are put in uncomfortable situations where they are sometimes exploited, and they aren't old enough to have developed self defense mechanisms and courage to say "No!". As the documentary shows, almost all of them want out of their small town/home city, and they want freedom from thrir parents (who doesn't at that age... the age of "I know what's best for me...not them"), and they want financial freedom which they won't get from a normal teen job. And there aren't many alternatives that will give them all 3 of those wants at the same time. So amateur porn is really tempting, especially when you're not looking past next Wednesday. My heart goes out to these teens and their families.


Wasn't really a fan of this dark comedy (I don't consider it to be a horror just because people get murdered in a joking manner). The jokes are ok, but only a few are really funny. The pair work really well together and their chemistry is very evident. Not sure I would recommend this film but hardcore fans of comedy (with a bit of horror) may appreciate this more than I did.


It's a paint-by-numbers sci-fi that sticks to the blueprint. In a lot of these sci-fi's, there's an AI being that is being put to the Turing Test. They pass with flying colours and then comes the twist (the AI convinces the 3rd party to help them escape, or the AI is actually the human and vice versa, etc). It's not fun when you know how the movie is going to play out (not the exact details but the blueprint). Another fault with the movie is that there were some really stupid decisions/occurrences ie her falling madly in love with David after 1 intimate night, or why David didn't finish off Adam when he was knocked out. The last complaint is re the acting, namely Lucy Griffiths as Joy Andrews. Her acting was a sore spot and became a distraction after a while.
I would only recommend this to the most die hard genre fans.

The Survivalist

What an interesting and entertaining slow burn thriller/drama. I'm not generally a fan of slow burns so I guess that says a lot re this type of slow burn. It was a good slow burn because there was always something going on... and because there were different developments that didn't get stale. This is a brutal post-apocalyptic world, and it's been 7 years since the oil crisis decimated Earth's population. Anyone who can survive for 7 years in this environment is a survivalist. I see the title mainly applying to 2 characters: the man and Milja. The man is obviously a survivalist because he has made it on his own and because his seed survived with Milja. Milja is a survivalist because she made it to the compound and survived the raiders' ambush, and also because she has lasted 7 years as a child/teenager. And re Milja, I'm pretty sure that Katheryn was not her mother. It's more likely to me that Katheryn came upon Milja and took her in... and it became a symbiotic relationship to better help each of them survive. Milja got an adult to take care of her when she was a young teen, and Katheryn now had something to barter when they were desperate for food (sex with Milja). The way she told our main character not to finish inside of Milja gave me the strong impression that she had made this before with other people. Along those lines, when Milja found the man and ascertained that he was going to protect her, she chose his protection over Katheryn's and hence poisoned Katheryn and not him. Another reason why she truly is a survivalist (doing what's best for her chances of survival).
Last point I want to touch on is re our main character, the man, and how he's a bit of an anti-hero. He is so because he admitted he used to steal from camps and because he sacrificed his brother when his life was on the line. But what's nice is that he redeemed himself in the end. He gave up his life for Milja's (and his offspring's). It was harsh that he ended up as a meal for the cannibals, but that was just part of his redemption.

I really enjoyed this film and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to fans of post-apocalyptic movies and also fans who like dark drama-thrillers.

If anyone has any idea what the final scene meant re "If it's a boy..." please let me know by replying. That part stumped me. And no, I don't believe that she or Katheryn had been part of the compound before.


This is a movie that started off with a great deal of promise, and had a premise that appealed to me a lot. But as the movie went on it lost it's lustre as the thrills faded and mediocrity set in. The back story wasn't exciting, the characters grew dull/boring and there wasn't much keeping the viewer interested/invested. In the end it had a very quick ending that came out of left field. It's really disappointing because the movie had so much potential to start. This might work as a sci-fi for kids.

The Innocents

This is a very very trippy movie because it has so many possible interpretations. I haven't been able to settle on one yet because each theory I come up with has contradicting scene(s). I feel comfortable saying the children are possessed by the former governess and valet driver. Too many pieces of the puzzle support this. The acting is phenomenal as you really ride the wave of emotions that each character goes through. Its shot incredibly well, with perfect use of black and white and empty black spaces.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

2ND viewing: 4*
I couldn't have been more wrong after my 1st viewing. This is an excellent movie that is very very unique. It's not your usual horror fare so that may throw some people off. It's a challenging watch, much like The Babadook there is a child involved that really gets on your nerves and creates a lot of anxiety all by himself. It's also a very very sad/tragic movie and your heart will bleed for Tilda Swinton. Her character evokes so much empathy and sorrow, more than any other character I can remember at the moment. This is a very chilling and creepy movie because you know shit is fucked up but you're not exactly sure how. It's highly recommended but those who need their scares in traditional formats should stay away as they'll likely come away unimpressed like I was after my 1st viewing. This story is very dark and disturbing.

1st VIEWING: 2*
Extremely slow and sometimes boring. It's not scary... it's a drama. Tilda Swinton does great in the lead role, as usual. I feel as though this movie could've been made with a runtime less than an hour to be more effective.

Batman Begins

They finally got Batman right. This is the first time since Michael Keaton played the role that someone else has been able to fill his shoes. Sure, Bale sounds ridiculous with that voice he uses but everything else is amazing. The origin story was quick and to the point, his training to become Batman was exciting and entertaining. And finally his battles against Falcone, the Scarecrow and the League of Shadows were amazing. Christopher Nolan took this to a dark place and treated it with the respect it deserves. His direction is so sure and on point, there's hardly any scenes that don't captivate you. This is a must watch for any fan of action or superhero movies.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Great psychological horror/thriller. It's got a very entertaining story and the acting was incredible by all involved. This is well worth a watch. There are numerous aspects of the movie that led to it's success. The score is amazing. Even before the characters let us know something just isn't right here, the score does. It's very eerie and tense, and it sets the mood perfectly. Then there's the fact that it has this supernatural vibe to it that feels sooo out of place because everything else feels so realistic. It's very out of place and that fact adds to it fear factor. You're simply left wondering how the fak is this even possible?! It's all very strange. And this leads to how unique the story/plot is. I haven't seen another movie quite like this. That makes it very interesting (because it works) and very engaging. Along those lines the camera shooting angles and style is very chilling and adds to the fear as it makes you feel you're there with the characters in the movie, experiencing what they are. It definitely adds more to the tense environment and the fear factor. Regarding the characters, information is slowly revealed and over time it makes you question who is the real antagonist and who is the protagonist? All the characters have their flaws plain to see except for Bob, the son. And depending how you interpret the facts presented, that determines who the antagonist is. In the beginning it seems the antagonist is very apparent, but over time you may question that assumption. And that feeling of not knowing for sure who the antagonist is is very awkward and frightening. But one thing is for sure, Martin is a weird and frightening character! Also there's not a single scene that's just filler... every scene is there for a reason and means something eventually. Each development is shocking each step of the way... this again is a very unique movie and it's not as simple as black and white. And I've saved the best for last... the ending. It's not expected and it really hits home. It's very shocking and is not a Disney ending. It's great!
So that's quite a bit to like in a movie. Hence if I'm being technical my rating for the film is actually 4.25* vs 4*. I would definitely recommend this to fans of dark dramas/thrillers... horror fans just need to know this isn't your usual horror fare, so go in with an open mind.

Saving Private Ryan

This is definitely an American epic war film. The propaganda is palpable, but what did you expect from a Spielberg movie? After Apocalypse Now its the best war movie I've ever seen. The 2nd scene, the 25+min war sequence of the landing at Omaha Beach may be the best war sequence ever put to film (even better than the amazing war sequences in Apocalypse Now). Of note, is the direction, the acting, cinematography, editing, etc. Tom Hanks as well as others did a magnificent and realistic (for all I know) portrayal of soldiers who had a mission that they didn't agree with. It's amazing how all the actors aside from Damon did a 10 day boot camp together, leaving Damon to do his on his own because they wanted to keep the animosity between that the soldiers had re losing good men in order to just save Damon. There are noted historical errors in the film, namely making it seem the Americans did everything on Omaha Beach by themselves when in fact everyone knows the British played a huge role in those events... but aside from these errors/omissions, the crew went out of their way to make it feel as real as possible, and that's commendable. I'd recommend that everyone watch this movie at some point in their life.


I didn't understand it at all. Extremely trippy.

The Greasy Strangler

To call this a horror is like saying Schindler's List is a comedy.

This only works as a comedy. Don't watch it if you're looking for a horror. It's a decent comedy.

The Night of the Hunter

It's remarkable that this movie was made over 60 years ago! It's full of suspense and tension and has a really loath-full villain. The acting is really good and makes the film come across as authentic and genuine. I'm slowly making my way through the old classics and movies like this is the reason why.

The Farthest
The Farthest(2017)

An awe inspiring documentary looking at the missions of Voyager 1 and 2. Considering they were made in the early '70s, therefore using '70s technology, it's amazing that spacecrafts will outlive the human species as they are predicted to be able to travel for a billion years. We will long have laid waste to our beautiful planet Earth and god knows where we will be. This documentary focuses on mission objectives and accomplishments as told by interviewees who were directly involved in the projects and the documentary also shows us the stunning pictures sent back to us of other planets by the Voyagers. For anyone even mildly interested in outer space this is a must watch documentary.

The Dirt
The Dirt(2019)

It's a good tale but it has many contradictions with Nikki Sixx's autobiography The Heroin Diaries, which I'm sure was way more truthful than this fantasy version. Times were a lot darker than portrayed here, and their beef with Vince cut much deeper than it was shown here. So that makes me question what else got glossed over in order to create a Hollywood version of their story. Other than that it's a fun movie that their fans will definitely love.

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

This is a good documentary but it's also a very long infomercial selling Tony Robbins to it's viewers. There's helpful advice in there, but this is very surface level stuff. Unlike the title says, for 116min he's totally a guru to these people. And that's what they've come for. But in reality his shows are like a lottery whereby if you're lucky enough to be in the 1% (if that) of people who get direct interaction with Tony then you get some deeper insight and instructions in how to address it. If not, you're sort of given a blueprint along with 6 days of hype/building yourself up to feel happy and then left to adapt the blueprint to your life. It's not ground breaking stuff but they are great reminders for people who have lost their way and need their motivation to come from somebody/something else. I wish this was more of an investigative look into the world of self help and into who the man Tony Robbins actually is.

ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre

A pretty shocking look at the UVF vs IRA war and specifically the role of Britain's MI5 who worked secretly with the UVF, with the goal of keeping N. Ireland a part of the United Kingdom. According to interviewees, who seemed to have quite convincing proof, MI5 was involved in killing it's own citizens. They obviously denied everything but there's too much smoke here for there not to be a fire. This episode looks at one man's journey (his life mission) to expose the truth and get a formal apology from Britain. If this is all true, and it very likely is, this is shocking and disgusting behaviour exhibited by MI5 and Britain.

Red White & Blue

It's a pretty good revenge flick that doesn't break the mold, but goes about telling it's story in a very effective manner. The acting is really good which helps the movie go along way. And it's a layered revenge story that's definitely not as simple as someone gets wrong and then ends up getting their revenge... this story has 2 sides to it.

Behind the Curve

Now this is one helluva documentary. I'm all for conspiracy theories, not all of them, but the ones that raise enough questions that can't be answered. But how in the world anyone can believe the Earth is flat and this is all such a great conspiracy against them is laughable. It's too hard not to laugh even though this doc does a great job of explaining why that's the wrong response to have towards them. I think one very interesting point that gets revealed pretty early on is that the vast majority of people here are living isolated lives because they don't feel they fit in (to the point that they've been willing to loose spouses, children and friends over this). So they're all so desperate for something to believe in that they ended up with this junk science. And they're guard now just screams "Evil person!!" if anyone tries to speak with them rationally. Hence it's not so much funny as it is sad, that they've reached this low point in their life.
Anyway, the movie works on a number of levels, ie if you're open minded and want to hear what the other side is thinking; or as a comedy, because they come across as total _____. Either way it's a good movie. And remember this isn't a movie about converting the masses, it's a movie about them being able to tell us their beliefs in an open forum. So don't get mad when they/scientists/filmmakers don't address the beliefs of the flat earthers. That would form the basis of the sequel.


It was just ok. It's not a unique premise in the sense that there have been other movies re people in a room unsure of how to proceed next, and almost all of them turn on one another and the one who doesn't turn against the group usually wins, as was the case here. It's not that long which is good because it starts to drag on after an hour. The acting is great, but unfortunately the characters are mostly cliche stereotypes. If you're looking for a lazy afternoon movie without too much excitement then this may work for you. Some sites have this listed as horror... I think it's only a thriller.

Valley Uprising

An amazing look at the history of rock climbing at Yosemite. It starts the story back in the '50s (using actual footage and pictures) and goes right up to present day (including Alex Hommolt from Free Solo fame). It gets into to counter culture movement, the constant battles with park rangers and the tricks used to skirt the law. For any fan of climbing this is a must watch because Yosemite is the K2 of rock climbing.

Don't Leave Home

A very bland horror that's too boring. There's nothing exciting or interesting about Don't Leave Home. The acting is ok so that's not the issue. The plot is the issue. It's just not interesting or entertaining. I wouldn't recommend this horror for anyone.

Free Solo
Free Solo(2018)

This is probably the single greatest human achievement I've ever seen. Alex is inhuman when it comes to rock climbing. Thank god I saw The Dawn Wall before Free Solo because if I watched it after it would seem like child's play. The concept of climbing a vertical rock face without any ropes seems ludicrous to me. But I'm so happy that I got to watch this incredible man accomplish that feat on El Capitan. Having Jimmy Chin involved in this project (director, photographer) is so awesome as he is my other idol in the sport of climbing. Alex's history is very interesting too so it makes the whole film entertaining and interesting to watch. I recommend this movie to every single person on this planet.

The Dawn Wall

A very nice documentary re the feats of Tommy and Kevin, and specifically their climb up El Capitain (the Dawn Wall) at Yosemite. It was a courageous tale of their remarkable achievements. The only issue I took with the documentary is that they totally spoiled the most suspenseful part by giving away the outcome. It could've easily been possible for Kevin to fail pitch 15 and then Tommy climbing to the top by himself but the hammered home the point that Tommy wasn't going any further without Kevin which obviously gave away the outcome. And they spent so much time building the suspense of that moment and to just give it away by saying that was extremely anti-climatic. Regardless this is a great documentary of a special time in climbing history. I knew nothing about climbing before watching this (I only watched mountain climbing docs) and now I feel like an expert so that's always a sign of a good doc. For anyone that's an adrenaline junkie or that loves heart warming stories, I highly recommend this doc.


Wasn't really a fan of this one. Felt like there was a whole bunch of build-up without a climax. May be it's left open ended for us to create our own climax? Either way the movie just felt incomplete. The acting is really good and it's a very sleek/stylish film that's sure to thrill visually. It has a very unique plot that's executed well even though I'm not a big fan of it. Some movies are awesome due to ambiguity but others need closure and imo this film needed more to it in the third act. Don't expect this movie to scare you... it might gross you out or even feel uncomfortable but I don't think it will scare anyone.

Cheap Thrills

What a funny movie that leaves you tense afterward. I wasn't expecting much from the film because I'm not a huge fan of comedies, but this turned out to be black comedy which I love. The movie starts off tame but then quickly escalates into a tense thriller (that's funny). The dares, which the winner gets paid for, get increasingly challenging as the payout grows. As expected around 2/3 of the way into the movie you know it's going to end up with the 2 friends being put to the ultimate somehow. But how the movie made that ending play out was in a surprising and shocking manner.
The acting was really good and that's the only way that the film would work. If even one of the characters was off it would come across as disingenuous and hence a failure. The plot isn't original but the execution is great. And the best part is that it's not a series of disgusting tasks which turn you off... they are good tasks which are entertaining. If anyone got recommended this film as a horror rec (which happened to me from r/horror) it's definitely not a horror... it's a thriller. With a good ending.


Well, this was rather different. Full of striking visuals, dreamlike sequences and complicated storylines. I left the movie questioning a lot of what I saw. On the one hand I really enjoyed the amazing visuals and trippy storyline, but on the other hand the movie gets a bit too confusing for me. I understood parts of it, I think. Such as the ending... the cult leader (of ULM) impregnates Holly and she immediately gives birth to a demon-type baby, which is then a signal for tentacle creatures to come and end the world. I also understand the prologue, that Holly is left traumatized (likely with PTSD) after witnessing her mother brutally murder her sister and father. She's so affected by this that even as an adult she can't pee in a toilet and instead urinates in the sink/bathtub (because her sister was drowned in a toilet). But then there's act 2 which is a total head scratcher. She is shown, via dreams/hallucinations, alternate versions of what happened that traumatic night of her childhood. Then there's the part (I think) about her having a strong link to the cult leader who brings her into the inner sanctum of the cult (the family) and who recognizes her as a saviour. It gets hard to distinguish between real life and the dream world, and between fiction and truth. The movie is quite ambiguous so it's left open to interpretation. If you're looking for a standard movie where a+b = c by the end of it, then this is definitely not for you. If understanding the plot is irrelevant to you because it's all about how the movie makes you feel and about the journey from the beginning to the end, then this is for you. If you're likely somewhere in between those 2 extremes, then it really depends on where you land on that scale. This movie is obviously not made for everyone... the director Can Evernol even states very clearly that his film is really, really weird. So if you're adventurous and/or like Lynch movies, go ahead and give this a try. I'd love to hear what you thought about it.


The first time I watched this I left unimpressed (2.5*). The 2nd viewing scared the shit out of me (and thats extremely rare). The villain is spooky, the score is amazing, the plot is creepy and impressive, and the jump scares really work. Ethan Hawke does great at playing a selfish asshole who puts himself and his career before even his family. And he's ruthless re it, even moving them into a home where a family was murdered (the subject of his next book). He really is the sole star of this film (even though Vincent D'onofrio is also in the picture) because everyone else is just a bit player. The movie centers around him and his work and his experiences in the murder house at night. And he does a great job of carrying this film on his back and making it all work. The plot is interesting and entertaining as they introduce a new demon into our genre: Bhuguul. Lastly I really enjoyed the ending, as I'm usually a fan of endings where everything doesn't work out (ie the evil wins). I'd recommend this film especially to people who enjoyed The Conjuring and The Babadook (the jump scares and a scary villain). And also to moviegoers who are new to the genre.

We Are What We Are

Was finally able to knock this one off the watchlist. I had seen the remake so I knew the general premise of the movie, but the 2 movies are noticeably different. This original version is significantly harder to sit through, not because it's disgusting or because of the gore, but because the characters are so very unlikeable (except for Sabina). In many films I root for the anti-hero but in this one I was praying they would get caught, or better yet killed. Hence I was very very happy with how this film ended (Sabina being the sole survivor). I also enjoyed the closing shot of Sabina on the streets ogling her next meal. There is very little depth or context to the film and I think that's 100% by design as you're expected to be to be guessing and trying to figure out what's going on. I also really enjoyed the acting as every character did a great job of representing their motivations. This is a movie I would recommend to all horror fans... the material being presented may be tough to swallow, but it's not that gory, hence it's palatable :)

The Last House on the Left

To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie'...

This was a really good movie that was more tame than I was expecting (mind you expectations were set very high due to the publicity and reputation that film has garnered), but I'm sure it was extremely shocking 47 years ago (evidenced by the protestors and censorship that was levied on the film). It's an epic tale of revenge for the parents of their slain daughter. My only pet peeve is with the music/score. This movie could have easily been a 4* if they had done a better job with the music/score selection, plus better decisions re when to use music and when to have none. Most of the music in the film sounds like it's out of Sesame Street, which is day and night different from this dark exploitation horror film. There were some really really tense scenes that were interrupted by comical sounding songs. That really got to me after it happened 3-4 times as it really definitely became a distraction and took away from the terror being portrayed onscreen. But other than that there are no complaints for this classic. Wes Craven (who for his movie wrote, directed and edited it) did a great job of providing context/depth in act 1 for the shocking events that follow. That really helps you get invested into the fates of the young girls as well for the revenge that follows that. It's a shock that this classic was made for under $90,000. Wes Craven, a horror aster, did a splendid job on his first movie. I would recommend this movie to every hardcore horror fan, but newbies may want to stay away, especially if they can't stomach a woman peeing her pants (which she actually did for real during filming of the scene), young girls being gutted and killed, rape and torture.

Combat Shock (Fuerza en combate)

This is total low budget indie re PTSD that a Vietnam veteran suffers after his time in Saigon. It's a very bleak film as our protagonist cannot have a worse life: he has a severe mental illness, PTSD, that robs him of any personal sense of normalcy and which causes him to suffer violent hallucinations/flashbacks/dreams (prevalent throughout but most demonstrated at the end); he has absolutely no money and can't even buy basic necessities like food for himself nor for his family (wife, baby that came out deformed due to his exposure to Agent Orange used by the US army during the war); his family and him face eviction; he has no job and absolutely no prospects for one considering he doesn't have any skills; he unfortunately doesn't have any familial support ie siblings, his dad; he has a very negative relationship with his wife, who fyi is pregnant and expecting in 3 months; he owes money to a local gangster who has had enough with his missed payments and excuses; this all takes place in a sketchy part of town that's riddled with crime. Hence I mentioned that this is a bleak film. There isn't a single moment of happiness or relief, so be prepared for that going in. If you judge this movie by Hollywood movie standards you'll likely come away unimpressed. It's nothing like standard Hollywood fare (not even Jacob's Ladder or Apocalypse Now). But if you can accept this for the low budget indie that it is, you'll find it bearable as long as you're not averse to war drama films. At the end of the day, if you don't like it then there's only 1 person to blame: Buddy Giovinazzo. He wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film. And one last thing, it has a helluva ending.

Jacob's Ladder

The story is emotional and powerful. Tim Robbins does a great job of playing a Vietnam soldier who is in the process of losing his mind due to the Ladder (a crazy hallucinogenic drug). But more importantly, the Ladder also refers to something entirely different... a figurative ladder where the top represents heaven and the bottom represents hell... and Jacob is somewhere along that ladder, and his choices alone will determine which direction he ends up going. Big Spoiler: most of the movie is just a mind fuck playing out in his head the seconds before he dies in triage in Nam. But that's not the story... the real story is did this guy end up in heaven or hell? And it's open to interpretation so you are the one who decides, based off the information presented during the mind fuck. The movie isn't a traditional horror at all (many will argue it's a psychological thriller). This movie only works if (a) you let yourself be invested in the plot vs just casually watching it, and (b) that you can empathize with Tim Robbins' character and go along on his journey up and down the "ladder" with him. If you can't do either of those things then you'll think this is a crappy "horror".

The plot really is amazing, as it shows a Viet nam veteran who saw action and who is slowly losing his mind due to things the government is hiding from him, from his time in the war (and specifically one battle in particular). He's collapsing emotionally, psychologically as well as physically. It's harrowing to see this nice man's plight. That's where part of the horror comes from. Being able to empathize with what he has supposedly gone through and what he's currently going through. As mentioned previously, it ends up being that 95% of the plot just played out right before his death, and that's haunting because you're desperately hoping this man can come out the other side, and because of all the turmoil going on in his head right before he dies. In the end it all comes down to what Danny Aillo's character said: "The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won't let go of life, your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away. But they're not punishing you", he said. "They're freeing your soul. So, if you're frightened of dying and ... you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth." Your choices determine if you go to hell or not. I can personally see it both ways: in the end he thinks about his deceased son, who holds his hand as he walks up some stairs, hence he can't let go and will go to hell. Or, he's going "up" the stairs to say good bye to his son one last time, and hence he's letting go and goes up to heaven (hence he's going "up" the stairs). I finally decided on hell because it suits the rest of this sad and tragic story.

This is a classic that I'd recommend to nearly everyone except those who have a strict definition of what horror is and aren't willing to broaden it because they would classify that as a thriller, and they only want to see a "horror" (not that there's anything wrong with that... different strokes for different folks).


This is a dark drama-horror that starts off a bit slow (a kid finds out his brother is a serial killer, lol) but then really picks up during the second half of the movie. The first half is basically a drama, giving us character depth and setting up the context for what's going to follow... which is pure horror. It's not horror in the forms of jump scares or traditional horror fare. It's true horror because the characters feel so real and because the violence ends up feeling intimate. Due to the sometimes boring (but essential) first half of the film, we're heavily invested in this gripping tale. Plus there are absolutely no indications or signs that the movie will end up going where it does, so it's a shocking and unexpected twist. What seems like a simple story of a boy dealing with bullying issues turns into that plus so much more. I don't think "normal" moviegoers will be able to stomach the violence/shocks in the third act, but I highly recommend this film to anyone has a stomach for some violence, racism and incest.

Dead Man's Shoes

This great movie is a mix between laugh out loud funny (1st half of movie) and crazy revenge thriller (2nd half). I like that there's partition between the two because imo there's nothing worse than building up stress/tension to have it all deflate because they do something funny. It's a violent film but not as bad as some reviews lead you to believe. The movie watchers with a history of watching way more grimier movies (ie Prisoners) will find this pale in comparison. That doesn't mean that the violence here isn't fun and juicy... it's very satisfying. The acting is phenomenal because it feels like every single character is a normal everyday person, like we're watching some documentary about these people. What a great job at casting. Overall it's very good revenge thriller that's well worth the watch. For "normal" movie watchers who aren't used to seeing such "real" violence onscreen, this film could be a bit shocking.

De Poel (The Pool)

I'm not sure why this movie gets so much good press and why most reviews mention that it keeps you thinking long after the credits roll. I think it gets so much good press because the Netherland horror scene is pretty weak and known for a bunch of duds so when this OK movie came along the Netherland press went gaga over it and many international media members just followed suit. The only reason you would think about this movie after it ends is because you're wondering why everything happened. I have a pretty simple answer: there's a supernatural force in the lake and in the forest (likely a witch) who pits campers against each other in order to lead them to their demise. Why does she do it? Because she's an evil fucking witch, why else? It all starts with a recipe of (a) one of the sons having weird dreams and sleepwalking adventures caused by the witch; (b) secrets within the members of the families are revealed, running tensions high; one of the fathers is visited by apparitions of the witch that lead him to fall in love with her and do her bidding. Between said father and the evil lake, 3 of the 6 campers end up dead (the father slicing the necks of two of them). In order to stop the father, the previously mentioned son kills him via the lake. The remaining two campers (the son and the other family's daughter) survive the ordeal and are left with an ambiguous ending (may be another reason why people think about the movie after). But other than that, things appear very cut and dry, and most of it is unoriginal. I didn't find it creepy or scary. The good points are that it has some gorgeous cinematography, the acting was all around great and the execution of this original plot was done quite effectively. All of that adds up to a 2.5* in my book. Minor horror fans may enjoy this tale, but seasoned horror vets will likely come away unimpressed.

Naboer (Next Door)

Pretty trippy movie. I'd say it's really really good for 3/4 of the movie then becomes average for the last 1/4 because the twist is now pretty certain. That's until there's a minor semi-predictable final twist. But for that first 3/4 of the film it's exciting, tense, sexual, trippy and it makes you think. Big clues are slowly revealed during this time. In the end it still deserves 3.5* because it's layered and leaves a lot of thoughts/questions roaming around inside your head. This is largely due to the level of detail in the movie and it's significance to totally understanding the movie. It's obvious that most of the movie plays out in his head, but what did each sister represent. I assume the neighbours apartment is so messy because that space is a reflection of what's really going on his mind. His apartment is very clean and neat because that represents what he thinks his headspace is like. He thinks it's all normal and tidy whereas in reality it's a complete mess with different characters (psyches) residing in there. The neighbours apartment was so huge with all these tight corridors lading to so many different rooms (the locked doors representing compartments inside his mind that he wasn't able to access due to his defence mechanisms) and they all represent his state of mind. It's big because there's a ton of stuff going through his head. There are so many different rooms because they each represent a different component of his busy mind. As mentioned before it's really messy because he has a cluttered mind. I just know for sure I'm missing more to the story ie more hidden meanings, and that's a reason why I'm such a big fan of this movie... because it keeps you thinking about. If you have anything to add to this review please please reply and let me know how you interpreted it or what I have missed. This film is a bit dark in addition to be a surrealist psychological thriller, so this isn't for everyone. If you're against violence between males and females (sadomasochism) then skip this movie. But if you love a dark psychological thriller that really makes you think both during and after the movie, this is really for you.


A great idea that was executed extremely poorly. You really feel as though you're watching a low budget movie. It's not creepy enough even though the plot is clearly built for that to be the case (on a journey in the woods slowly being driven mad). It just fails at too many things that ruined the movies solid potential. It's underwhelming and I wouldn't recommend it for those looking to get scared.


AFTER 3rd VIEWING (went into it knowing everything that really took place in the movie due to reading a great analysis/synopsis of the movie):
Wowow. I've seen this movie twice before but didn't really understand it and was sorta left thinking WTF did I just watch. But watching it now that I understand how:
-Grandma was Queen of Paimon
-the cult originally offered up Charlie to be Paimon's host but it was insufficient due to being a female-
-so the cult led Charlie to be killed so that they could now offer up a male host, that being Peter
-and the way the cult was able to do so was via Joannie, who gave Annie the incantation to recite (along with having the Grandma's headless body in the attic with Paimon symbology written, etc)
-once Annie recites the incantation that leads to Paimon via Charlie's spirit to latch onto the new host, Peter, and begin the process of kicking Peter out and having Paimon possess that body
-once the process was complete, which occurred while Peter was laying in the grass after jumping out the attic window, Paimon now fully possessed for good

People complain about the ending (which I originally did too because I didn'y understand the Paimon angle at all and there were a bunch of old naked people doing cult stuff) but watching it this time I had shivers run literally up and down my body 2-3 times when they all chanted "Hail Paimon" together. What a perfect ending. There were multiple scenes that scared me this time because I knew what was going on. And the level of detail and the number of pieces to the puzzle that they provide is astonishing. They really did do a magnificent job at creating this movie. Part of me hates the fact that this now rated the same as the original Halloween and The Shining for me, but it's better than a 4* so I had no choice but to give 4.5*. May be I'll move up Halloween and The Shining to 5* now. Everyone should watch this movie, especially horror fans.

AFTER 1st VIEWING (originally rated 3.5*):
Not as scary as I expected and its a bit of a slow burn. But the plot is very interesting and entertaining. The performances are great and they all mesh together well. The house wasn't very scary, so cinematography could've improved. Overall I'm sure casual movie goers will love this film and it will scare them, but horror fans looking for scares might need something else.


This is a very hard movie to review. It's really easy to review it's technical aspects, but it's very hard to review the plot because it's so ambiguous and open to interpretation. But first off, it should be made clear that if you go into this movie because it's a horror, traditional horror fans will be very upset. It's not that scary, it's extremely slow and you really have to pay attention to every single line in the movie because clues are hidden throughout. But if you go in thinking this is a psychological drama with dark themes, you'll leave impressed. I went in expecting horror, hence came away with only 3*. This will be one of those divisive movies where people will love it and look down upon those who don't ("why don't you just go watch your cheap jump scare filled movies").

I think the movie is about paying for your sins after experiencing a 25 year war. In the end, they reach a probable ghost town (that has the same number of residents that the main character has killed... hence their ghosts?). There is a sauna where supposedly you go in and are able to wash your sins away. But doing so takes your life and the experience isn't pleasant. The main part I don't understand is the final scene...what killed the girl and why did she die? Sorry, this isn't much of a review but its the best I could come up with without writing a book on it.

As for the technical aspects, the acting and cinematography are both great and they create the creepy environment that gives the film it's darkness. The dark snow covered woods that are so bleak and hopeless really set the tone for this film. They did a great job of creating a 16th century world that's believable for us non-historians. Overall I recommend this to people who like dark slow burn psychological dramas that are very open to interpretation. If you can check off 2-3 of those boxes then this is for you. If you can't, then I suggest skipping this.

Island of Lost Souls

Classic. RT top horrors (high).

The Wild Bunch

This was really good. I'm not the hugest fan of westerns but I do watch them occasionally. First off it's important to note that this film was very controversial and still gets ranked in Top 10 lists of movies that are hard to sit through (which I don't think it deserves anymore, even though I respect them for really pushing the boundaries back in '69). I'm assuming what makes it hard to watch for others is the kill count and the actions of the gang members. But these things are no longer shocking anymore, hence the movie has lost a bit of its edge. But it's still a really good western with really good acting and a fine story/plot. It's exciting and it's part thriller too. Their portrayals of Mexicans wasn't very nice (corrupt army men and women were prostitutes) but may be that's how it really was back then (film takes place in 1913). Overall if you're a fan of either western or classics, then this is must watch cinema. If you're not a fan of either, then the last appealing thing is the kill count so if you're a fan of that, this should do the trick.

The Hole in the Ground

Has some creepy moments but isn't as scary as they portray from trailer (imo). The acting, especially from Seane Kerslake was really good. Lord Commander Mormont was great too. I wished they focused more on the creepy oods n that sinkhole vs just on the kid which got boring a but after a while. The thing which got me was the slight probability that the child might still not be hers! I know they kept mirrors up all over the new place but the way it opened it's eyes in the final scene made me wonder. If you're not a horror buff this may really creep you out. For fans of horror it's a pretty decent tale that has creepy elements to it.


Not a fan of this movie. It's an extremely slow burn with a decent sized pay off in the end. I'm not the hugest fan of slow burns where not much happens hence my disapproval of this movie, But if you're a fan of slow burns then this may be right up your alley. It's hard to see this as being a horror... it's more of a drama suspense with some dark elements in it. The acting is just ok so that doesn't help with the movie trying to hold your attention. The downward plight of the main character is slow (promise that's the last reference using the word 'slow') and hence there's problems with the pacing. Lastly it's not original at all, so it loses points for that too,


Not sure how this ended up on my watchlist. It's not my type of movie so take the 2.5* rating with a grain of salt. I think it's on my list because Gilliam directed 12 Monkeys which I loved.
This is a drama fantasy film about a young girls who loses both her parents to drug overdoses, and relies on herself (& her different psyche's) to pass the time. She creates friends and games/stories that she stars in. Then she befriends a mentally ill man who lives next door and they seem to have similar IQ's and personalities, hence they really kick it off. The acting of these is just phenomenal. The really knock it out of the park. It wasn't that bad of a movie, it just wan't from a genre that I'm a fan of.

Butterfly Kisses

This movie had a ton of potential, but in the end ended up being just good (a 3.25* to be exact). It's a layered film with multiple storylines all going on at the same time. The different components are:
(a) in 2005 Sophia and Feldman are doing a school project/documentary on the urban legend Peeping Tom (aka Blink Man);
(b) in 2015 Gavin finds all of Sophia's and Feldman's recordings and makes a documentary about their documentary (he edits the footage, improving the quality of their videos and it's sound);
(c) also in 2015 Gavin hires a film crew to make a documentary about his attempt to make a documentary (about the students making their documentary).
It may sound complicated but it all adds up. These documentaries bring about some important questions:
Is Peeping Tom real?
Then there's the question re the authenticity of each of the 3 groups filming their documentary (did Sophia/Feldman create a hoax documentary, therefore Peeping Man isn't real? Did Gavin doctor any of the Sophia/Feldman's videos he found, in order to sell his documentary? Did the film crew doctor any of their footage re Gavin or the original tapes in order to create demand for the final product that we as viewers end up watching? It gets a bit meta.)

So at it's heart it's a movie about authenticity... is Peeping Tom real and/or did anyone doctor their footage in order to increase demand for their video. Of these 2 questions I wish they focused more on whether Peeping Tom was real. Because some of those scenes really scared me! Whereas the scenes re Gavin becoming more and more unhinged were a bit boring and they screwed up the pacing of the final product. In the end, you have to decide if it was all true or whether someone doctored the footage. I went with everyone telling the truth and therefore Peeping Tom was real and therefore he killed Feldman and Gavin and made Sophia self mutilate (which FYI they could've done a better job of filming... it looked very fake). Another thing I didn't like (and which we see more and more now in today's found footage movies) is the tapes being of such terrible quality that different scenes get spliced together in Sophia/Feldman's recordings (the found footage). For god's sake don't stoop down to that level in order to take the easy way out... have good quality found footage by working harder at making that footage seem real. My2c.

But even taking all that into account, it's still a movie that will hold your attention because it's interesting. It likely won't scare you (except for may be 1-2 scenes) and it's nowhere near the quality of Blair Witch Project (I mention that only because I see a lot of people comparing the 2 in their reviews... like they're even comparable). It definitely has it's faults, but if you're a found footage fan who watches all the crappy micro budget ones, this will be a welcome change that can be enjoyed. Just temper your expectations.

Bad Samaritan

A solid 3*. Almost a 3.5*. It had a couple scares early on that were really really good. But then it quickly traded the scares for the thrills. It became part revenge story and part "cat and mouse", It's not the best thriller, by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets the job done adequately. Some of the lines are a bit fromage-y which makes you facepalm, but there aren't that many. And as it wears on it loses a bit of it's lustre, going from a special kind of thriller to a good thriller. But it did have potential, that's for sure. The blueprint used here isn't original at all... there are a bunch of movies that use this recipe. And lastly the 2 lead actors could've been more convincing (the villain could've been scarier and the protagonist's acting could've been better). But as for a casual movie night, with expectations not so high, this could impress.


It's good. especially because it was filmed in 5 days on a micro-budget. It's a trip of a movie as you watch a pregnant woman slowly slip into madness after her young toddler passes away. The movie doesn't answer as many questions as it asks, so be prepared for an "open to interpretation story". Gaby Hoffman does a great job as the lead actor. She does a really good job of evoking empathy as well as putting on the trip that is her madness. If you like dark indies than this was made for you.


Wow... what did I just watch? I think it was excellent but that could easily be due to the mood I'm in. This is not a normal film. There's no beginning, middle and end. It asks way more questions than it answers. It doesn't make any sense at all (similar to a Lynch movie). But at the end of the day, the sole purpose of the movie is for you to enjoy the ride. How did you feel while it was going on and how do you feel now that it's over? For me, I felt really good watching it and pretty stunned after it, so that leads to a 4* rating in my book. I won't even attempt to explain what went on because everyone should go into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it. I still can't decide if this movie was trippy or just a dream. What I liked about it most was the coherent plot up to a certain point, the stunning Imogen Waterhouse, the beautiful imagery and crazy editing, the amazing acting of the female trio, the unique soundtrack and the confusion I felt as I quickly tried to piece together the final 15-20 minutes. That's a lot to like about a movie. But be forewarned, this is one one of those love/hate movies and I can easily see how someone might hate this.


Filled with excitement and thrills. Great cast and good storyline. The alien looks friggin' awesome. This is second to the original Alien in terms of alien outer space movies. It's starts off all nice and cozy before taking a left turn before all hell breaks loose. The great cast does a really good job of making this all very believable and realistic. The CGI looks amazing and things they're able to accomplish is really spectacular. I was very happy with this movie, especially the ending.

Calvaire (The Ordeal)

Now this is a different kind of movie. It's a psychological horror with some dark comedic elements to it. It's a slow slow burn so be prepared for that, as things move at a snail's pace early on as the film establishes that Marc is in a weird situation and Mr. Barte isn't all there. The psychological horror comes from the fact that Mr. Barte takes Marc captive because he is psychologically messed up and pretends that Marc is his ex-wife (who left him after sleeping around with the villagers). Marc's "ordeal" gets worse and worse as an attempt to escape goes nowhere and he deteriorates due to the predicament he's in. It can be a tough watch at times if you empathize with Marc. If you're not one who generally empathizes with the victim in a horror movie, this film won't do that much for you (you aren't likely to find it disturbing and creepy). For a first geature length film, Du Wellz could've done a lot worse.


This is the definition of an 80s horror: it's got cool practical effects, actors way overacting and it's not scary. This reminiscent of Cronenberg body horror. Acts 1 and 2 are spent trying to figure what's going wrong, knowing something is awry. Then Act 3 is the big reveal and tons of body horror/practical effects. If 80s cheese isn't your thing (or you don't know what that is) this movie isn't for you. Fans of 80's practical effects and body horror should love it.


A waste of time. Only works under the original premise that you're viewing it on live TV and don't know it's fake. Because once you know the truth it simply becomes a horror movie that spends far too much time setting up the climax which makes it quite boring. Plus the scares it manages to throw at us don't work at all.

Inside the Russian Info War Machine

Can't vouch for the makers of the documentary but it came across as well researched and they were able to connect obvious dots given said research. It's a very scary world we live in when public opinion can be shaped so easily by a bunch of kids/hackers. And the fact that they are supported by the government and it's media channels only gives them more power. There are clear lines drawn behind the group that supports the Putin-Le Pen-Trump agenda because it clearly favours their (Russia's) agenda of lifted sanctions and no opposition to their war efforts. I'm sure all countries will slowly be getting involved in this, but for now, Russia is leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. And the best part about all this, it's impossible to find definitive proof that Kremlin supports these hackers other than the fact that their agendas line up so perfectly (aside from a connection that links Dykov to the Russian government). Very scary stuff!

Fahrenheit 11/9

A great documentary that's pretty informative and which tries to explain the rise of Donald Trump, but unsuccessfully imo. There are definitely some well made points that contributed to this catastrophe, but if fails to address the rampant fervour of his base and what LED THEM to harbour the emotions/feelings they have that led to a connection with Donald. As usual with Michael Moore, this piece is very informative and presented in comedic fashion.

Man Bites Dog

This movie ends up getting 3* after I continually remind myself that its a mockumentary. But it's much more disturbing that most other taboo mockumentaries ie The Rise of Leslie Vernon. The main character Ben holds absolutely no value for life and is the most selfish man alive (killing for sport and for the money he may find on the victim). He teaches the film crew how to go about killing effectively and also how to weigh a body with rocks in order to dump it in a body of water. The film is shot in black & white which also adds to it's grainy and hardcore effect. At first the crew are "innocent" bystanders until they eventually help out in the mayhem by raping a woman and being accomplices in the murders. That is until they run into someone who is a better killer than Ben who takes out his parents, his girlfriend (by shoving a flute up her ass), as well as Ben and the crew... rightfully so (that's as judgemental as I get). Like I said, the movie is disturbing hence it isn't an easy watch, therefore most people find themselves actively rooting against Ben so thee ending does provide some relief from the onslaught you just witnessed for 194min. I recommend this movie to people who like to push their viewings to the extreme (mind you this is no Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom).

Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no jûnin)

Wasn't really a fan of this Takashi Miike film (which is pretty rare for me). May be I'm just not as big a samurai fan as I thought I was (I don't think that's true). The negatives for me were that the story was way too over the top and secondly I felt that Hana Sugisaki was terribly mis-cast. Her acting wasn't great and she sounded weird every time she yelled at someone (which was frequent). The overall plot was decent, but the path on the way to end was not as good as expected. Namely, the scene big fight scene seemed very unrealistic even for a samurai movie. Anyway, still a fan of Miike and will continue going through his films I haven't seen.

The Borderlands

Had some decent scenes that were thrilling, but not enough of them. The ending was good but dragged on too much. The plot isn't original but its definitely serviceable. The problem lay in the execution, which was likely bogged down by the budget. The acting was actually better than expected and wasn't a hinderance to the viewing experience. Overall a bad movie that was definitely watchable. Just wouldn't recommend it unless they're hardcore found footage fans.

Final Prayer
Final Prayer(2015)

Had some decent scenes that were thrilling, but not enough of them. The ending was good but dragged on too much. The plot isn't original but its definitely serviceable. The problem lay in the execution, which was likely bogged down by the budget. The acting was actually better than expected and wasn't a hinderance to the viewing experience. Overall a bad movie that was definitely watchable. Just wouldn't recommend it unless they're hardcore found footage fans.

Apocalypse Now

What a phenomenal movie. Even though it was made 40 years ago (!!!) it's not at all dated. The restored version feels new, as if it was made this year. The set pieces and cinematography in the Philippines are perfect. The acting is great, most notably from Sheen, Duvall and the side characters (ie Fishburne). You get a clear sense of Sheen's descent into madness as he chases the mad Brando. The action scenes were remarkable considering they're 40 years old. From the aerial shots of the helicopters in formation, to the explosions, to the use of fire and flares... it's all so captivating and feels so genuine/real. The plot was have been simple (a man's quest up river from South Vietnam to Cambodia in order to hunt down a rogue Captain) but it's also so much more than that. Francis Ford Coppola stated that he wanted it akin to a man's journey inward; to his true self, and how that requires you to go slightly mad in order to achieve the objective. The single only reason it didn't get 5* is because I found the ending to be just "good" and anti-climatic. FFC admits he didn't know how to end the saga and was disappointed in the final result. The climax imo ended up being the journey up the coast and the battles they ran into. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, especially those who are so quick to be willing to send our children into wars.


A good submarine horror/thriller... not outstanding, but not bad either. It's not a complete horror, but there are definitely horror themes prevalent throughout the movie, not to mention a supernatural presence. Bruce Greenwood does great in his role as the sub's Captain who slowly loses his mind as the movie wears on. I found Olivia Williams to be quite irritating for most of the movie before she (obviously) saves the day (you could see that coming from a mile away). The horror elements were fun, being creepy, dark and suspenseful. I wouldn't recommend this movie if you're looking for a good Friday night movie, but if it's a rainy Sunday afternoon this will do the trick.

These Final Hours

It was a good movie. The "end of the world apocalypse" is very familiar territory now, but the acting of Nathan Philips and Angourie Rice is what carries the film (especially Angourie Rice). The plot is pretty thin, focusing on Nathan's last hours alive before the firestorm comes to wipe out Australia (specifically Perth). He goes through a rollercoaster of emotions, initially berating his mistress because she tells him she's pregnant, which is not the news he wants to hear in this situation. But then he in turn gets serious with his girlfriend who berates him for telling her that her his sister/nieces are dead and for the reality check he gives her as she's blitzed out of her skull and wants to continue the belief that her undeground bunker will save her from the upcoming catostrophe. The best part of the movie is that along his journey he saves a young child (Angourie Rice) from being raped and tries to help her reconnect with her Dad/family. It looks at point like he's going to choose getting high and fucking his girlfriend for the rest of his time on the Earth, hence he abandons the young girl at the party... but then later changes his mind and she becomes his priority. In the end, after a mutually agreeable emotional farewell with the young girl, he heads for his mistress' place after being convinced to by the young girl (this part was a bit fromage-y). When she reaches there she's initially mad at him for leaving her in the first place, but they quickly reconcile and share a lovely moment before the firestorm engulfs them. It's not the most exciting plot ever, but it does just enough to be a good movie.

Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch(2008)

Never watched it. Just wanted it off my watchlist.


Its a really good LSD trip set to some amazing songs (killer soundtrack) but I'm not sure I'd consider this horror. There are a couple elements of horror, but if we included every film with samples of horror too many non-horrors would be included. This is definitely arthouse to Nth degree. From trippy camera angles/movements to the dance performances (which were amazing) to the red tint the movie is shown through, it's one big mixture of dance, violence, sex, drugs, OD'ing, incest, a kid trapped in a room, etc. Everything starts out normal (FYI the 1st scene is an amazingly long single shot that was choreographed beautifully) but then it slowly delves into bad gossip, to LSD to a painful conclusion. There's a lot to like in this movie but I'm afraid if you go in expecting a traditional horror you'll be leaving unsatisfied.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

It's much better than the first one due to the reduction of fantastic beasts in the film. I'm glad they decided to focus on a good vs evil battle rather than on the creatures. Hence the plot was enjoyable except for the fact that Eddie Redmayne is still leading the charge (imho terribly miscast as the lead) and the fact that this movie's sole purpose is to set up the next one. Those points make the film irritating. There's also a lot in the details department so casual fans of the Wizarding World may need a Wikipedia plot recap after they view it. There's lots that can be improved upon and hopefully they figure it out for the final part of this trilogy. Surprisingly Johnny Depp does great as the villain. He seems to fit right in inside the story and manages to carry his own weight.


Meryl Streep and the great Philip Seymour Hoffman were both very powerful in this film. The story has a very good plot that revolves around the priest Father Flynn, In the end there's no closure and it's left open ended, so if that's not your thing then this movie isn't for you. There is some suspicion that looks like it gets confirmed until a curveball at the end when Sister Beauvier finally shows a crack in her armour and acknowledges that she too isn't sure of his guilt (not a single other person believes he's guilty). The only reason why people may assume he's guilty is because he let the parish/school as instructed to by Sister Beauvier... though that could easily have been because he didn't want to go through a battle in the mud with her. Especially because she showed no signs of letting up and stood steadfast in her feelings that he was guilty of inappropriate behaviour, Looking back at it now, it's a pretty tense and powerful mystery drama.

Hard Eight
Hard Eight(1996)

There are some interesting characters in this film but they add up to less than the sum of their parts. This movie had so much potential if only the plot was better and more interesting.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

First off, how about that comeback for Marisa Tomei?? She looks stunning in this movie and it's a shock to see how good her body looks.
This was a really good movie that was very tense. The tension is palpable for large durations of the film. I think it was a good idea to focus on the ramifications and consequences of the botched robbery vs on the robbery itself. It's interesting to see how the 2 brothers get themselves into a bigger hole than they were already in before the robbery, then dig themselves even deeper and deeper afterwards. The acting is really good led by the great Phillip Seymour Hoffman, then also Ethan Hawks and the aforementioned Marisa Tomei. I'm a big fan of the movie but felt like it went a bit overboard at the end with so many killings... but in hindsight it's easy to understand why they all took place given PSH's state of mindset as everything crashed down around him. I recommend this movie for mans of thrillers and people who like fast moving dark dramas.

The Iceman
The Iceman(2013)

I might be biased because I'm invested in the Richard Kuklinski saga, by watching all the interviews he did from jail and from watching documentaries about him. I find the whole thing very fascinating. And imo this movie did an excellent job of telling his story. There were a couple instances of dramatic licensing, but they weren't that big of a deal. There's just so much more interesting stuff that they could've used to make it a 2-part film. The acting was very good and did a great job of focusing on the tension and stress of his chosen lifestyle. The sequence of events play out very nice and they are both interesting and entertaining. For anyone who wishes to delve into the rabbit's hole that is Richard Kuklinski, just go to youtube and have fun.

Period. End of Sentence.

What a refreshing and uplifting documentary. It shows how little (the effort required to buy the machine for the women) goes so far for them Not at all belittling the effort made by the Oakland school... I hold them in very high regard for having a plan to better others' lives across the planet, and accomplishing it via bike sales, kickstarter and yogathons. How creative. Now it's not only making the community more hygenic, it's helping to provide the women (in a heavily patriarchal society) to have some independence and increased self worth. I highly recommend everyone to take 26min of time and watch this... especially kids and teenagers to show them how much power they have to affect change.

They Remain
They Remain(2018)

Not a fan of this movie. I'm not the hugest fan of slow burns but even then, this is a bad slow burn. The story plods along for most of it's 102min run time, very sparingly giving you some interesting tidbits. It makes total sense that this was based on a short story that had no reason to be made into a feature length film. The 2 characters don't have any depth at all. It's not like they used the slow burn to establish a story for the characters, nor does it drum up tension. The one thing I liked a lot was the cinematography... the woods are absolutely gorgeous. Too little happens before a semi-tense ending. In the end, the build up nor they pay off are worth it. I'd recommend skipping this one but if you're a huge fan of slow burns that don't have much depth to them and don't salvage themselves with a great ending, then this may be for you.

House of Wax
House of Wax(2005)

I thoroughly hated this movie. From it's ridiculous use of Paris Hilton to it's terrible script changes. I wasn't the hugest fan of the 1953 version, but they really lowered the bar here. It's not the least bit scary or even creepy. The cast of young characters seem to be assembled because of their "looks" instead of their acting skills. The plot isn't very interesting as it plods along, having many boring scenes. I don't recommend this movie for anyone!

House of Wax
House of Wax(1953)

It's an OK movie that initially seems headed in one direction before going in a completely different direction. After the fire scene I thought it was going to be a revenge movie about how Vincent Price exacts revenge from Roy Roberts (Burke) and builds a new wax museum. Price as usual gives a great performance, which the movie revolves around. I would have loved to see this in 3-D back in 1953. I was expecting more from this due to how highly it gets ranked in Top All-Time lists.

Lost Highway
Lost Highway(1997)

One trip of a movie. Not as hard to understand as other Lynch movies, but I'm sure there are some intricacies that flew over my head. It's a tale about a man who isn't happy with his current life (wife cheating on him, he's losing his virility) and he dreams about being another man, a younger man who is great at sex and has 2 girlfriends. There are some constants between the 2 worlds ie his wife appearing in both, the Mystery Man, Dick Laurent and Ed. In the end, he can't keep up the facade/dream, and it comes crashing down on him (at the end when he suddenly changes from Pete back to Fred. He does actually kill Dick Laurent in real life because that's who he thinks his wife is cheating on him with. That's my general interpretation of it... but there are still many things I don't fully understand. Another theory I liked was that it should be viewed from a Freudian perspective, as Pete is his ego, Mystery Man is his Freudian Id who likes to record actual events vs just interpreting them and who helps him kill Dick Laurent, while Mr. Eddy is the Freudian super-ego who follows and enforces the rules to a tee ie tailgating too closely, and who is a strong enforcer. Everything that happens up to electric chair is real, and what happens after is just a mental projection. Who knows?
Regardless it's a fine movie that's open to interpretation, just as Lynch intended it to be. The cinematography, direction and the soundtrack are all amazing. This is a creepy movie that takes the viewer on a wild ride, and which can only be interpreted after watching the movie and looking back at the whole of it. It's an experience vs just "watching a movie".

The Addiction

An artsy vampire movie shot in black & white. The black & white definitely exemplifies the artsy feel of it. It's not your typical vampire movie. It looks at vampirism from first bite to maturation and in a philosophical manner. The ending had a nice surprise that I wasn't expecting.

The Fall of the House of Usher

Didn't find it very interesting. Seemed to drag on at times. The concept was sound so may be it's the execution that was lacking. Wasn't very creepy or that tense. They did a great job on the look of the mom,

One Missed Call

This movie was just ok. I was hoping for much more considering it was from Miike. The scares just aren't there... and when that's the film's main goal, it's hard to give it a passing grade. It is by far better than it's American counterparts but that's not saying much as those were terrible. This movie comes across as typical J-horror fare for that time period (it's akin to The Grudge imo). The acting is ok but there's nothing special re the direction which is very surprising. Here's to hoping the sequels are actually better.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I was expecting so much more. The story was ok at best. It was a bit too weird for me honestly. The best part of the movie was the animation style they went with. It looked extremely good. I didn't like the idea of spider-"people" from different dimensions coming together. Things I did like were the villains... they were good and proper superhero villains. I don't think I'll be looking forward to the eventual sequel.

Little Dieter Needs to Fly: Escape from Laos

A spectacular story of survival against all odds. Werner Herzog again manages to bring a shocking tale to life in exquisite detail. By visiting Dieter's small German town where he was born and where he grew up it beautifully provides the context for the path he chose to take. The smallest details ie him hoarding food, carry so much weight and significance due to his past. It's quite stunning when they travel back to :Laos and visit the jungle where he was held. It's a great story of survival that any fan of biographies or fans of the history of war would appreciate.


It was a really good movie up til the ending. May be I just didn't understand it... why would he let the attacker off? Imo he would have gotten the cloure he so desperately wanted. And what's the significance of going back to the field after not identifying the attacker? Isn't that just like salt in the wounds?
Regardless it's still a good movie that sheds a light into hazing and fraternities. The acting is really great. The plot was intense and exciting and many scenes had you off kilter (it's a slight challenge to watch). In the end I would recommend this movie as an interesting watch.

Dogtooth (Kynodontas)

This movie is a total enigma for me. I know there must be some layered meaning, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. The premise is quite simple: overbearing parents create a life for their kids that's over-protective to the Nth degree. Sheltering them from the outside world, from people (aside from 1 person for a short period of time), from TV/art, from societal norms and popular culture. Finally when the eldest daughter manages to get her hands on the movie Flashdance, after watching it she gets an undeniable urge to see what else is "out there".
As soon as an influence came in that wasn't from her parents, her mind was blown.
This family obviously has many quirks, ie having no personality because they don't even know how they're supposed to act/be, to the parents assigning new meanings to common words which they don't want the children to understand... and the children have to take all this at face value because they don't have any conflicting sources of information. Then in the end the eldest daughter endures some major self harm (due to a strong belief planted by the parents) and that allows her to the leave the confines of the property (in the trunk of the car mind you, to escape). You've got to assume that something so utterly horrific happened to the parents which caused them to react in this manner. They're so isolated and protective that the children partake in incest with each other in order to experience one of the joys of life. I don't see this as being a real horror... it's a dark psychological drama that's definitely comedic. It's no surprise at all that David Lynch is a big fan of this movie. I wish I had understood the covert themes that were explored in this film... I think that would have increased my enjoyment significantly.

One Cut of the Dead (Kamera o tomeru na!)

Just couldn't get into it. It came across as really stupid and unfunny. I love Asian horrors and generally love all the films that have high ratings, but this one baffles me as to why people love it so much. I'm a big fan of Sion Sono but this was too over the top for me.

Rust Creek
Rust Creek(2019)

Wow another IFC Midnight hit to start off 2019 (Pledge). I really enjoyed this movie even though it had a very simple premise. It's better to do 1 thing really well than trying too many things and failing overall, right? The female lead, Hermione Corfield, did a great job playing a spunky kid who got herself into a world of trouble. The acting all around was pretty good. It's not a huge emotional emotional rollercoaster that gets under your skin, but it's a fun watch. Recommended for fans of dark thrillers and light horrors.


What a great movie. My only issue with it was that it was too short! But I guess that's also what makes it so impactful... there's no down time. They were able to drum up tension and successfully hold it til the very end. Most other films would overdo the pledging stuff making it feel like it's dragging on a bit. The acting is really really good as the characters and scenes come across as totally genuine and real. And the ending is actually really good! This does not come across as an indie at all. I'm a big fan of this movie and definitely recommend it to college students and horror fans.

The Loved Ones

2nd viewing:
I found it to be good but not much more than that. It's got a whacky concept that's executed well but it does get a bit boring during act 2. The acting is really good, all around, and some of the performances are memorable (ie Robin McLeavy). The gore is over the top but it was done very well and it's entertaining. I don't think there's an Australian horror that I haven't liked.
1st viewing:
A freaky horror flick that manages to pack a bit of a punch. The concept seems mundane at first, but if you can stick with it and indulge in it's fantasies, the ending actually pays off pretty well.


It's good but not as good as I was hoping for. Its definitely ahead of it's time, as the themes explored are more than relevant now. The acting is ok at best, and the feel of the movie seems very dated (consider that The Matrix was made in the same year). I also wasn't a fan of the very ending because it was already very obvious that everyone watching the movie was thinking "is this still another layer of the game" so there was no need for the final line of the movie... it made it cheesy. Still it's a movie I'd recommend to older gamers or die hard sci-fi fans.

Iceman Tapes: Conversations With a Killer

Too short (especially considering they recorded 17 ours of interviews), but a phenomenal look at the life and exploits of a hitman. The Iceman killed scores of people during his mob life and shows no contrition towards that past. It's actually very entertaining to hear some of the sordid details from some of the murders. For one thing, he has definitely lived a memorable life.


A fantastic and very scary movie. It really is frightening to think of what could happen in this connected globe. Whether it's from substandard farming practises or anti-vaxxers or germ warfare, the possibilities for how an outbreak could start are numerous. Can't think about that though, it'll drive you crazy. This was very effective execution of a simple premise. The acting was great and it was fun to see the event playing out from so many different perspectives. This is a "fun" movie that you will enjoy.

The Invisible Guardian (El guardián invisible)

Very good movie (3.25*). It has some irritating cliches, ie not finishing off the antagonist when you clearly have a chance to, but overall it's still an entertaining film. The acting is very good; it felt genuine. The cinematography was great, especially in the woods and in the small town. I'd recommend this movie for drama, light thriller and whodunnit fans.

Secret in Their Eyes

Not as good as the 2009 original, but still a fine movie in it's own right. I was very pleasantly surprised watching this. It's close but still distinctly different from the original. I love how they made it more personal, with Carolyn being the daughter of Jess who works for the FBI, along with the people trying to solve the case. I love how they focus on the police investigation vs actions of the law clerks. I wish Ray and Claire got together at the end, like the original, but hey they went their own routes. I also wish that they hadn't have killed Marzin, as I think it would be harsher on him to live out his life in that cell (though I have to accept that the consequence of this would be Jess being tormented for the rest of her life due to the daily reminder). The last thing that I liked is that they managed to capture that same shot in the soccer stadium only this time at an LAD game. Very nice.

Its a very interesting movie and a fun ride.

The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos)

A very very good movie that's really a 3.75*. It's frustrating, sad, maddening, etc... a rollercoaster of emotions which makes it very fun. The plot is not simple along the way to the conclusion meaning there are several turns on the way there (I don't mean it's hard to understand). This keeps the story fresh and engaging. The direction and cinematography are great, including the remarkable shooting of a scene in the Racing Football Club stadium. I highly recommend this movie to fans of dramas, thrillers and suspense movies. Incase you're wondering what the title has to do with the film, it comes from 2 scenes: (i) from Gomez's eyes that were always looking at Coloto in the pictures from their youth; and (ii) from Esposito's eyes when he walked into Hastings' office, which she clearly assumed (correctly) that Esposito was ready to confess his love for her. Hence The Secret in their Eyes. Beautiful.

The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)

This is a great pulse pounding thriller. The only minor slight that I have is that the final twist becomes a good (yet underdog) possibility about 1/3 of the way through the movie. Or may be it's not that easy at all and I simply got lucky by guessing it, hence making this film even better than I'm rating it. For that reason I'm going with a solid 4* vs a really high 3.5*.
The twists and turns in this thriller (on the way to the final twist) are absolutely spine tingling. Each one throws you for a loop, like you're at the mercy of the writers. The plot isn't unique by any means, but they have executed this one to near perfection. The acting is also solid and so is the direction. It puts you square in the driver's seat so you're not just watching the story unfold, you're experiencing it. I highly recommend this movie for fans of dramas, mystery/suspense and thrillers. Even horror buffs may appreciate the adrenaline rush.


This is one prophetic and trippy movie. It's unbelievable how this movie is so much more applicable than it was in the early 80's (and it was very applicable back then). The introduction of VR blends the realities of life and fiction/entertainment. One could technically visit cities via VR and get the feeling that they've actually visited those cities. Exactly what Cronenberg was warning of back then "The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena" is occurring today via the different TV network providers (on a basic scale: FOX vs CNN).
There's a pirated channel that Max watches which shows the torture and killing of men and women. He becomes very interested in this and wants to air it on the CIVIC_TV Channel that he's involved with. It's a representation of a world without TV censorship taken to the Nth degree (re graphic broadcasts, do we eventually become what we see?). Behind the scenes, Spectacular Optical is broadcasting this feed over pirated airwaves with the hope that "depraved" individuals would find it and watch it and unbeknownst to them SO would be giving them brain tumours that cause hallucinations, so eventually their fiction and reality becomes blurred, and they are killed. Ridding the world of these depravities and therefore making society stronger. Which again is symbolic of the media available on the web and the dark web.
In the movie Max goes down down this path and gets to the point where he can't distinguish reality from fiction. SO mind controls Max and gets him to kill colleagues at CIVIC-TV , but then fortunately a woman comes along and reprograms Max's mind control and has him defeat SO and the killer feed by killing himself in the end. It's a sad ending but a great conclusion to a fascinating tale.
As usual, because it's Cronenberg, there's body horror to be had. The effects and prosthetics were way ahead of their time and look amazing even today. This isn't a normal horror movie, as it tries tries to scare you with the message that there's a serious fight going on between the powers that be for control of our minds, and we unwittingly have no say in the matter as long as we watch TV. And that is truly scary, hence it's a horror movie.

Hold the Dark

It's a good film that had potential to be so much better. With good actors, a great concept and a talented director this had the opportunity to be something really special. Instead it's just good. It has some lulls in it which make it feel like it's dragging on. The ending is good, as it's left open for you to interpret what transpires next. I assumed that Vernon and his wife got away with all the murders and are still cursed by the wolves/psychopathy. Core survives and reestablishes a relationship with his daughter. If you have a different assumption pls let me know by replying.

Velvet Buzzsaw

It was ok... not good nor bad. It had a phenomenal cast which was put to great use, as they really came through. Just the execution of the plot felt really off. As a horror it was really lacking, but as a dark drama it worked well. Its not like there was much blood or much gore in the film. It's not scary in the least, and that's relevant considering it's a movie about possessed art that ends up killing anyone who tried to profit from it. It's entertaining but not very captivating or engrossing.

The Last Boy
The Last Boy(2019)

It's a total kids/family movie. It's a basic story of a kid with special powers who is able to survive in a post-apocalyptic earth.

The Dark
The Dark(2018)

It was an ok/good movie. Not your typical horror fare. The easy comparison is going to be to Let the Right One In. But it's not nearly as good. It has a unique plot which keeps you interested throughout. But I was left wanting more.


It would've been a much better movie had they left out the horror and went simply with a war drama. Once the zombies came into play it turned into a B movie. Fans of B movies will have a blast. Even the war part of the movie got stupid as the "protagonist" thought it was better to risk a whole mission to save 1 little boy. Ohhh how cute... it made me wanna puke.

Lovely Molly
Lovely Molly(2012)

Has a couple creepy scenes but not enough to justify a full length feature. Its not horrible... its just a bit bad. But totally watchable if you're on your phone at the same time. The acting isn't bad. that's not a problem.

WYRMWOOD: Road Of The Dead

Not scary but a really fun, gore filled zombie movie. Better than most other zombie flicks.

Seul Contre Tous (I Stand Alone) (One Against All)

I watched this movie solely based on the fact that it was a Gaspar Noe film. As a big of fan of some of his other films I gave this one a shot. It was... weird... but good. Its a social commentary by a down on his luck butcher who is broke and alone and jobless. The movies spews all his rambling thoughts and diatribes. It so unique though that it's hard to look away. It's definitely not for everyone, but for those that like weird films out of left field, give this a shot.

The Rite
The Rite(2011)

It was an ok movie that could have been so much better. The main problem is the ending, in having a rookie priest successfully perform an exorcism on his first try after being so skeptical just minutes beforehand. Now, if Father Xavier had come back and led the exorcism, that would have made for such a realistic story. Where the skeptic just becomes a believer and an aide in the exorcism. Anyway, the effects are pretty good in this movie and they are definitely creepy. It's not a movie that's going to scare you a lot but if you have strong views about religion, this should be up your alley. If you could care less about religion, then I don't think you'll be entertained here at all.

El Día de la bestia (The Day of the Beast)

Not as good as the ratings lead you to believe... its ok. It has humour but isn't a horror. Its a comedy.


Typical 80s cheese that's ok. The acting isn't good, the plot is unique which is great, but the execution feels off a bit. It doesn't scare nearly as much as it tries to. If you're into those 80s style movies then this will work for you.


Too 80s for me. Not scary at all, bad acting, etc. The son is such a douche, he just needs 1 good ass kicking to set him straight. It's tough to get through because his acting is so bad (among others). Feels too much like a made for TV movie.


It was a good movie. It was just ok until I read the wiki page explaininh that it's an allegory to the 1961 French Algerian war, plus the concepts of guilt from childhood events. Supposedly if you leave the theatre wondering who sent the tapes (like I did) then we completely missed the point of the film.... mmhmmm.

The Guilty (Den skyldige)

It's not as good as the ratings would lead you to believe. It's somewhat unique which is a plus, but they screwed up the ending imo. They had a very shocking and sad ending but sold out to the obvious happy ending. They had a chance to be something special but took the Disney ending instead.


A fine action thriller that pays off nicely. Its somewhat predictable (as most action movies are) but there's also a nice little twist at the end which ensures there'll be a sequel. I for one am interested in watching that. The story is somewhat unbelievable, but it's based on a graphic so you have to be willing to play along (just like you had to in Sin City and have to with The Walking Dead). Mads Mikkelsen is great as always. He's a fun guy to root for. I recommend this movie for hardcore action fans.

P.S. Thank you Polar for introducing me to Ruby O Fee. She's perfect to say the least.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

One of the best movies I've ever seen. It scared the crap out of me as a kid, but not so much anymore (except for the score... that still gives me goosebumps). But even though it doesn't scare me anymore, it's still an entertaining/interesting story that has the ability to drum up tension. Linda Blair is unbelievable in the role of Regan. Her acting, both, of an innocent little girl and a girl possessed by the devil, is so real and convincing. The practical effects and make up are both top notch, way ahead of their time. I'm a big fan of this movie and imo for me personally it's gotten better after repeated viewings and also because I've seen the documentaries re how it was made. Any horror fan should be able to appreciate this, even if it doesn't scare you.
If you're not a fan of classics you may leave this movie wondering what all the hype was about. But when viewed as a classic, there's much to enjoy in The Exorcist. Take into consideration that the effects were truly ground-breaking at the time. The scares may not translate over to our current time, but the story is remarkable and entertaining. The make up and special effects truly stand out, especially being from 1973.

Wake in Fright

The first of the 2 part TV special was just awesome. Then it lost its way a bit in the second half. Still a very good movie overall. Aussies really know how to make great movies! The acting was really good, the set was amazing (giving that Outback small town vibe). Not a horror, its a thriller.


This was an ok movie. I think it would have been more successful with better actors, but then again it's an indie so it's understandable. The plot is good, re a fucked up father who is trying a very fucked up experiment. The movie is good but I wasn't too fond of the ending.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

Very good but as good as part 1 imo. The fight scenes again are incredible, and the opponents are absolutely classic: the GCPD, the Joker and Superman. Awesome. There seemed to be more lags in this one compared to part 1, but its still an amazing watch.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1

An excellent animated movie about the return of Batman after a 10 year hiatus. It's got action, great fight sequences and even some emotion. It takes the story even further as Batman is aging. By the end of the movie Commissioner Gordon is now as police chief, and there's a new (female) Robin. This is a great set-up for part 2 where the likely battle is between Batman and The Joker. Can't wait to what that.

Special Bulletin

May have been scary and unique back in the 80s but it hasn't aged at all. Not a fan of this blueprint like WNUF Special. The plot was pretty good but I think the execution could've been a lot better. May be I'm not giving this classic enough respect, but this is all imo.

The Howling
The Howling(1981)

Can be quite slow at times. Pretty boring acts 1 and 2. The concept was good and the effects were amazing considering its early eighties. The acting wasn't very good so its hard to get emotionally invested. Sucks because I really wanted to enjoy this classic.

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek

A really good movie that's very intense and suspenseful. The direction of the movie really stands out, especially considering it's Dunham's first feature. The plot is very nice and has a nice twist at the end that changes the whole context of the movie. It's totally unexpected. You knew there would be a twist because of the way this movie unfolds. But figuring which twist it would be is a different story. Also, it was great seeing Gene Jones again... you can never have too much Gene Jones.

First Man
First Man(2018)

What a great movie! I'm not sure if it surpasses Apollo 13, but A13 had the advantage of having much much more screen-time in outer space than First Man. But First Man is still very entertaining and interesting, especially for those not familiar with Neil Armstrong. Gosling and Foy's acting came as extremely genuine and real. I love how they didn't sugarcoat the many sad and dramatic scenes in the movie. The best part of the movie is the special effects and cinematography. The shots they're able to capture re the space shuttle and landing sequences are remarkable. The direction is also very good.
I highly recommend this movie for anyone the least bit interested in outer space, and also recommend it for fans of dramas. Theres not much suspense s we all know how the story ends, but that doesn't mean it didn't have interesting tidbits that most of don't know.

Why Don't You Play in Hell?

I'm a fan of every Sion Sono film I've seen except for this one. Found it to be pretty stupid which puts me in the minority group who didn't get the humour. It was funny in the start but then just got irritating after a while.

The Spiral Staircase

It was a good movie but unfortunately I went in with high expectations and imo the movie fell short of them. I consider it more noir than horror, but I guess back in the 40s this must''ve been a scary noir film. The performances were ok, the problem imo was the plot. It lagged at times and didn't have enough exciting moments.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

What a nice experience to view such a classic film. This is only the 3rd silent film I've seen and it is by far the best. A tragic tale of a man's quest for knowledge in the pursuit of science. The ultimate battle in good vs evil, where evil wins in the end. There's no happy ending here. The effects and make-up were brilliant considering the time period. The acting is a bit overdone at times but you can't fault them considering it's a silent film.

The Magic Pill

A pretty convincing documentary re the benefits of forgoing processed foods and current agro practises in favour of the "caveman diet" aka ketogenic diet. High in (the right, natural) fats and low in carbs. I'm always weary of a documentary that goes so far as saying it cured a woman's cancer and cured another's diabetes because usually there are quite a number of other factors that led to the supposed conclusion, but I've read up enough on keto that even if it doesn't cure diseases, it's very healthy for the human body and is a great healthy way to lose weight.


I really enjoyed this movie, from beginning to end. It's a complex tale of murder, mental illness, romance and self reflection. The serial murder needs to kill and take over the life of different individuals in order to survive. But along the way he retains all the memories of his previous iterations hence he has a head full of different voices. Along the way he used the body of someone who was in a relationship and he genuinely fell for that woman. Unfortunately he can only stay in each body for so long before it deteriorates, and he must flee to a new person/persona. But because he loves that woman so much, he finds way to constantly stay in touch with his love (by striking up a friendship with her at the bar she regularly visits). It's sad in a way because he doesn't enjoy killing all these people, but he needs to in order to survive. At the end when his guilt has caught up with him, he tries to go without switching bodies, hence tries to kill himself (because his body will deteriorate), but to his surprise he doesn't die and again is re-born into a new human body. This confuses him because he no longer knows the rules like he thought he did re his existence. I think there was a twist at the end which went over my head, so if you know what it is please reply back to me and let me know.
For an indie the acting was really good and that's important because of a number of actors were used as he goes from body to body. It's a fun movie that's not your basic horror movie.


When they first started I was like literally, out loud "Oh Gawd!" ... then when they took it even further I was literally, "heheheheheeeee" laughing out loud. I've seen some f'd up shit but that scene definitely takes the case.

P.S. it's total BS how Sarah Polley starts this shit, then goes completely wacko about it, yet Brody, the good scientist, gets killed and Sarah survives. Whatever...


This was a horror?? Really?! Imo this was a drama. It has some very minor elements of horror but that's about it. It wasn't my cup of tea. But wow was Carlee Avers beautiful. At least that's a positive.

Hell Fest
Hell Fest(2018)

Was very pleasantly surprised by this. Went in expecting just another cliche laden teen horror movie but with the proper use of a great score, there was some genuine tension to be felt. The group of kids is your standard cliche group, and there were a couple of cheesy jump scares, but other than that they presented a well told story, relatively good acting and they definitely created an eerie vibe in their haunted theme park. Plus the villain wasn't a complete joke and the ending was pretty good.

Cold Skin
Cold Skin(2018)

Its an ok movie... nothing less and nothing more. It dragged on at times but what made the film exciting were the battle/fight scenes. The story is somewhat plain without much of a backstory hence theres no emotional investment in the proceedings.

Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue(1999)

Areally good anime story that totally blurs the line between fiction and reality. By the time the movie reaches the climax the viewer has no idea if it's real or an allusion in Mima's mind. Which makes for brilliant suspense. It's a fun watch but I'm not sure I'd classify it as horror... it's more of a dark thriller imo.

Take Your Pills

A really good look into the next possible prescription epidemic. The rise of Adderall being used as everyone's "I need this to be productive" drug could have scary implications. Only time will tell. Then again time has already showed us that Adderall's numbers are increasing exponentially, and that it is akin to taking a low dose of meth, so if people can't see that that's a problem we're in serious danger. The sad part in this world of one minute attention spans and 'what have you done for me lately?' its usage is likely to continue to skyrocket.

Alt-Right: Age of Rage

It's a great look into the current fight between the alt-right and everyone else. It showcases some of the players on both sides and shows what their agendas are. Its informative especially for the general Netflix audience that is probably sheltered from the ongoings of the alt-right.


This felt like a horror movie for a child, aside from the scenes with blood in it. It's definitely not scary and contains very little tension until act 3. The acting is great from the main actors. I'm not a big fan of Guillermo del Toro's movies because I feel they all have a child like appeal to them.

The Silence of the Sky

Its a decent movie that imo tries to be a bit too artsy with its provocative subject material. The focus of the movie is the failed relationship between husband and wife, as she can't even confide in him that she got raped. And its also about an inept man's struggle for revenge for that rape. Its a decent story but nothing special stands out. Everything is just ok.

Synecdoche, New York

This is one helluva movie. Being perfectly honest, I didn't understand the meaning of it the first time I watched. After the second viewing I understood it was about his life and how he represented all of us, and that his play was the embodiment of that. But I had no clue re the details of the picture until I saw YMS' explanation of the movie. Then I realized how the movie used the concept of time and how it was slipping through his fingers. I realized the how the soundtrack explained so much, from the lyrics to the song titles that were used in particular scenes. I learned how him and Adele were polar opposites of each other in every way imaginable, and the film was showing you the faults of both extremes. Its a story about a man's longing to be loved and his desire to create something so meaningful and true that would define his existence.

Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjqYpsuBrPU

Its a 5 part series that delves extremely deep into the movie, offering not just his interpretation of the movie but extremely useful facts he dug up re the movie and also found during repeated watches. You cannot comprehend the level of detail that went into every character name, usage of props, random stuff being said in the background on the radio, etc. This is a movie about death and dying and its extremely sad. If you've seen the movie please invest some time and watch the above link. You're welcome.

Enter the Void (Soudain le vide)

One trip of a movie. It's got some amazing twists and turns along the way. It's a beautiful story of life death and after-life. The acting is amazing and their performances are key to making this a successful experience.

Ladda Land (Laddaland)

I watched the english dubbed version (not by choice).

Not a good movie. Seems very amateurish. From the attempted scares to some weird camera angles at the worst possible moments. Plus the characters are all very unlikable. It has a decent ending but not good enough to salvage an otherwise bad/ok movie.


An excellent movie. The tension is palpable and heavy. There are some scary scenes like when Rabbit stabs Angie and when he approaches the sleeping Bob. The acting is amazing, as you feel true hatred for D'onofrio and sympathy for Rabbit. The viokent scenes seem so real, and I guess that's why the film originally had an NC-17 rating before Lynch edited it to get an R rating. This movie isn't gory or torture porn, it's emotionally violent and taxing.

Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man) (Demons '95) (Of Death, of Love)

Just because a movie has a hidden meaning does not make it a good movie. My interpretation was that Franco was in a coma and this whole movie was a dream in his head. There were 2 parts to him: the good was Gnahghi and the bad was Francesco Dellamorte. Before he was allowed to die he had come to terms with the fact that he killed all those people. And because thebad side was more dominant than the good side, the bad spoke properly and the good couldn't really speak. At the end, when they go on the drive, the cliff represented the afterlife, and he needed to comes to term with all 7 murders he did, and once he does, the good side becomes dominant (able able to speak clearly) while the bad side is held down (and can no longer speak clearly - hence his reply of "Gna").
It wasn't a very fun journey to the end and the movie came across as being very cheesy imo. Fans of B movies will like this.

The Brood
The Brood(1979)

I don't understand what's so enthralling about this movie. And I don't think the time period has anything to do with it. I thought the plot/concept was too weird and pretty stupid. I can't believe this is a classic.

In My Skin (Dans ma peau)

I guess I'm not a fan of self mutilation like I thought I was. This is a very disturbing plot that is very unique. The execution is good, so I guess I'm just not a fan of the subject matter. Plus it felt like things got stupid at times between Ester and her partner. It's categorized as horror but it's not really a horror. More psychological and gory. If you're into self mutilation, this is for you. Anyone else may have a tough time with it.


It was ok/not good. It had a good but unoriginal concept that wasn't executed as well as it could've been. It tries to scare via the atmosphere/suspense and via some scares, but imo it fails at both. Its not thaaat bad, but I wouldn't recommend it. Korean cinema has so many better options. The main problem is that it's fairly predictable and you know how its going to end.

Nang Nak
Nang Nak(1999)

This was a good movie, especially considering its based on the true story (folklore) of Mae Nak Phra Khanong. It gets a bit confusing at first but then clears itself up when his friend comes to tell Mak that he's living with ghosts. From there on out its a straightforward movie. What's also fun is seeing how another culture/religion (Buddhism) deals with ghosts. The acting and direction are good, the cinematography is amazing.

Disbelief Hell (Possessed) (Bool-sin-ji-ok)

What a great movie. A lot is left to interpretation so if that's not your thing then you won't be a fan of this. There is a lot to consider in this movie. Was the younger sister possessed by a bad demon or a good spirit? When the shamanists pray to it at first they're blessed with good fortune (woman ridding herself of cancer). But when they get greedy and push the matter it leads to all of their deaths. Then, was Hee-jin possessed as well? Did that demon/spirit enter the older child after the younger one had died? It appears so during the scene with the detective where she repeats the words of his sick/dying daughter. Then there are questions... what saved the detectives daughter? Was it the crane? In asian culture the crane represents purity. Was it looking out for Hoo-jin during its first appearance in the buildings play area? And then, if the mother was simply waiting for her older daughter to arrive (which would awaken her younger daughter) why did she go through the whole routine of saying the younger daughter went missing? And lastly, was Hoo-jin able to see/hear from people after they died because the spirit was coming in her next? The movie is still great even with it being open to interpretation. There are strong religious beliefs in this movie, opposing each other. For example the christian mother thought her daughter was a saviour. The shamanists thought she was a spirit. The atheist (?) Hoo-jin simply felt as though her sister was sick. 3 very different opinions.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A very good movie that could have been so much better, I much prefer the remake because it has a lot more tension/anxiety throughout the movie and because the ending was better. The concept is the same between the 2 but how they go about telling the story is completely diff (especially the ending). The acting and the score of this one was really good. The effects, as limited as they were, must have been amazing for that period. And this must have been such an original concept back then. I'd recommend this movie for anyone who's a fan of the classics, as well as anyone looking to appreciate the history of horror. It doesn't carry near the same weight as it back then but its still a very fun watch.

388 Arletta Avenue

Wow really good movie considering its a low budget indie. There's quite a bit of tension, anxiety especially during the final climax. Its got a good ending. The acting really good especially from our protagonist Nick Stahl (Sin City, Terminator 3). The quality of the footage is very good (only 1 short scene with shaky cam). I'd recommend this to fans of found footage movies and indies.


Its a good movie. Somewhat long, and boring at times but still good. None of the actors really stood out except for the great Tilda Swinton (who miraculously plays 3 roles in the film!). The score and soundtrack were very good, done by Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

My interpretation of the film... From folklore, 3 witches (sisters) were brought to the world to bring death. The 3 witches went 3 separate directions to spread their powers out. Mother Suspiriorum was the one based in Germany. This all occurred in the distant past. Markos claims to be the reincarnation of Mother Suspiriorum hence is held in the highest regard by the coven (evidenced by the fact that she got majority of the votes to see who would lead the coven). But she's extremely old now and withering away hence they need a new body for her to possess. I'm assuming it must be a star student, hence Susie is chosen for that role. Blanc is the one who prepares her for the possession. But in doing so, she gets close to Susie as she reminds her of herself. So when it comes time for the ritual leading to the possession she tries to stop it but Markos nearly decapitates her, foiling her attempt. The only problem for Markos is that she's an imposter and Susie is the actual reincarnation of Mother Suspiriorum! So Susie ends up killing Markos (via Death) as well as kills all other members of the coven that were loyal to Markos. The coven under Markos' rule abused their power and tortured some students which Susie/Mother Suspiriorum didn't agree with (hence she'll be a nicer witch - though still an evil witch at the end of the day - which is why her mother admitted her child Susie was her final sin) and hence Susie/MS gave the 3 girls who tried to fight the coven (Patricia, Olga and Sara) a wish each and all requested death, so Susie/MS killed them painlessly. And going forward, Susie/MS will lead the coven. Side note: Dr. Klemperer is involved in all this because the coven needs a witness during the ritual for it to be successful, so the coven had tricked him into coming near the academy where they captured him and tried to use him as the witness. He gets to survive in the end because no ritual was required and because Susie/MS showed him good will. Hence she also wiped from his memory the 4 females that he couldn't help (his wife Anke, Patricia, Olga and Sara). Shame and guilt are required for the coven to be successful, but Susie/MS decided it wouldn't come from him. I'm positive I didn't get everything so pls reply telling me what I missed or how you interpreted the plot.

The Neon Demon

A very cool movie with some scary (but unsurprising) themes, ie the depths girls will sink to to achieve outer beauty (at the cost of inner beauty?) and the depths girls will sink to in re to competition within the model world. The acting is really good from all parties involved (even Keanu Reeves does a great job playing a disgusting landlord). The best part of the movie was the visual experience: the bright (and dark) neon colours. It was great to see red being used as a warning sign and blue being used to signify cool. Hence every scene Jesse is in they use red. I'm not sure what the triangles mean... may be Jesse's deep dive into narcissism? This is a very good movie that has tons of hidden symbology (ie how the movie starts with Jesse's eye and basically ends with that... the eye signifying Jesse's existence). This is a fun movie.

Berberian Sound Studio

Hmmmmm... I think its, ummmm... hmmm. It was... different. It's right up David Lynch's alley. If you're not a fan of surrealist movies that aren't about the plot and more about the viewing experience, then imo skip this. If you're looking for a straight-forward plot that has some form of a conclusion, skip this. If you're looking for something that will scare you (not unnerve you, but actually scare you) then skip it. If you like Lynch movies and love films that are totally open to interpretation, watch this. If you like movies that make you think/analyze a lot, this is for you.
I've been reading online for 2 hours trying to look for people's interpretation of this movie and the most I can find is that it's about a man's descent into madness/psychological breakdown. I agree with that. But that's so surface-y. There has to be more meaning to it, and everyone says they like it but no one offers up a meaningful interpretation of it. If you have one, pls reply to this and give me your take. I'm sick of everyone saying they like it but then don't even attempt to explain what they just witnessed. Or may be it's me... may be it's not about the interpretation and it's only about how it makes you feel. I genuinely don't know. Pls help.
I'm still giving it 3.5* bc I enjoyed the visual experience of it and I enjoyed how the last third of it made me feel. I would give it 4* but I didn't like the abrupt ending.

Here's my take on what transpired: Gideroy, an experienced sound eingineer who still lives with his mom and is a bit timid/shy, comes into a totally foreign country to work with people who speak a foreign language to work on a fil genre that's totally foreign to him. As the movie slowly plays out, all these foreign factors begin to take a toll on him, breaking him down piece by piece. It's a story about a man's psychological and emotional breakdown. This is evidenced by his work in The Equestrian Vortex going from order to chaos (everything is normal to start then people begin quitting, the reels get trashed, etc). It's also evidenced by The Equestrian Vortex starting off as a mild horror movie (evidenced by the required sound effects) which slowly has it's gore factor upped more and more. They all signify his descent into madness. To the point where he's so engrossed in his work experience (there's only 1 location for the whole movie, the sound studio) that he blurs the line between reality and him being in his own scary movie. To the point where he goes from a mild mannered respectful individual to one who tortures a co-worker. All of the movie makes sense with theory, imo, except the fact that accounting says there wasn't any flight that corresponds with his receipt. Does this mean it was all a dream (nightmare) and he never left for Italy? I don't know. So again, pls help me or give me your feedback on the theory I presented. Thanks for reading.

I Am a Ghost
I Am a Ghost(2013)

My actual rating would be 3.25. Its a weird movie.. a truly slow burn that has both good points and bad as well. The good... I liked Anna Ishida as the star of the movie. She's able to evoke sympathy from the audience and thats of paramount importance bc without it the movie becomes unwatchable bc you couldn't care less about the only actor in the movie. Also, it's unique. For the most part it doesn't try to trick you or shock you or even scare you (that is until the frantic ending). The bad would be the amount of repetition in a movie that's only 76 min long. And the ending (because I didn't really understand it). SPOILER: I'm assuming that Sylvia was able to finally eradicate both from the house, so now they will move onto the next stage of the afterlife (or they're just finished totally now... like a light switch being turned off). If you have a different interpretation then please reply and let me know what it is.


This was not good. It was too over the top for me, namely the ending. And not in a way that's "Oh wow! That was surprising." but instead in a way like "This is ridiculous!". The concept seemed sound but in the end the execution wasn't good. Plus it wasn't scary and slashers gotta be at least creepy.

A History of Violence

It's good but could have been so much better. I wish they had dragged out the question of whether he's Joey or not (and made it scarier). And I didn't like the way this guy was superman and killing everyone in situations where he's a lone wolf (except for his son saving him once). Viggo is an amazing actor and did a great job with a poor/ok script. The tension when debating if he was Joey was palpable and very fun to watch.

Fyre Fraud
Fyre Fraud(2019)

A very good documentary but nowhere near as good as Netflix's Fyre. Netflix's documentary had way more details and many more interviews with people who were directly involved in this scam (both, victims and fellow perpetrators). But it was still nice to get a verification of the things Netflix presented. This is a very very sad and infuriating scam of the highest degree. And even worse, his NY VIP ACCESS scam while he was on bail for the original. The cringiest part is the fact that everyone knows that once he's released from prison he'll be able to sucker some more desperate investors into feeding him money which will then be deployed to scam the general public. It's plain to see from his interview in this film thats he's neither sorry, nor remorseful, nor does he acknowledge any of his proven lies, because he's truly that much of a sociopath. They don't change because in their reality they have done nothing wrong... so why would you change if you didn't do anything wrong?


Wow! I had never heard of Fyre before and now I feel like I'm an expert in the subject. Great documentary. It's extremely frustrating to see that Ja Rule (lol) has already created another company to do what Fyre was initially created for. And too see the unrepentant and master of no empathy Billy MacFarland only get 6 years in prison knowing full well he'll be out in less than 3 years and will have the ability to do this all over again. He's clearly a sociopath who will never change his ways because he truly believes he did no wrong and hence why is there a need to change. The funny part though, is the group of attendees who fell for the 2nd scam and parted with their money again. It's funny because they're rich (for now).

I even watched this movie again right after my 1st viewing because it was that entertaining and shocking. So much crazy shit was shot at you that I know I wasn't able to retain all of it after the 1st viewing.

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)

I'm literally and genuinely stunned at what just transpired, and I've seen some crazy f'd up movies. This movie is so unique there's no other film like it and I doubt there will ever be another one like it. The craziest part, is that is sorta makes sense in a cosmic underground tortured way. Things start off in chaos, and end up in some form of order (with the father and daughter sucking the lactating breasts of the mother). I said it was extreme and unique. Not going to say anymore about the movie or what transpired because it would only ruin it. If you've got the stomach for extreme, boundaries pushing and utterly disturbing scenes, then please do yourself a favour and watch this literal gem. It's beyond amazing.

The Battery
The Battery(2014)

Definitely not a horror - nothing scary about it. Its less of a zombie flick and more of a drama about 2 friends trying to survive a post-apocalyptic war. The film goes a bit slow hence I consider it a drama.

Memoir of a Murderer

A fantastic movie that has an ending that may confuse some. It took a bit of searching the net for theories before I found 1 that made sense. SPOILER: the protagonist did in fact kill the dirty cop, but because his dementia got a lot worse in the mental facility, he comes to the conclusion that he didn't kill the dirty cop and hence his mission is incomplete. So he releases himself from the facility and will now lead a life of hell (to pay for his sins) as he'll be searching obsessively for the cop, who is already dead... meaning he will die thinking he's a failure.
If you a different theory PLEASE let me know by replying. I'm still not 100% certain because wouldn't he still have contact with his daughter, and wouldn't she remind him that the cop is already dead? Idk...
As for a review, regardless of the tricky ending its a very interesting and entertaining movie to watch. The acting was good (the bad cop could've been a bit creepier) and the cinematography was beautiful. I'd definitely recommend this movie to horror-thriller fans, and especially those who like asian movies.

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

A great look behind the scenes at Kurt's childhood and rise to megastar. The only problem I have with it is that it varies so much from other documentaries that featured interviews with his close friends that painted a completely different picture of him (let alone the conclusion from Soaked in Bleach). Other than that it was amazing to get a peek inside his mind via his home videos and excepts from his notebooks. He'll always be the best and an unfortunate victim of the curse of 27.


An insane story about the rise and stunning collapse of politician Richard Weiner. His story is incredibly unique and very very interesting. How he gave his authorization for this to be released is mind boggling. For most of the movie it looks like your typical good underdog story... before his life goes off the rails... and then sinks even further. Its definitely an amazing rollercoaster ride.


A fantastic biography of the legend Richard Turner. This man is amazing. He's possibly the best card trickster ever (with all due respect to Dai Vernon). He also got a black belt when he was visually handicapped. His feats are amazing and he's such an inspirational figure. Highly recommend this to anyone, especially gamblers and people who love cards.

They Wait
They Wait(2008)

Just terrible. Can't believe 40% of the people gave this a fresh rating. The acting is really bad, it's not the least bit scary and the story isn't interesting.


A lame comedy from a great B-list cast. I expected much better.

Lost River
Lost River(2015)

It's an ok movie that doesn't really thrill or stimulate. Its a drama more than a suspense flick. The acting is ok and Gossling does a fine job behind the camera, but everything (the concept, story, cinematography) just feels too "small town"-ish to entertain. Theres not much character development so you're not all-in with the family. I don't think this script should've been made into a movie.

Guilty Of Romance

After watching this movie and reading every review about it that I can find, I'm still not sure what to make about this film. On the surface its very easy to understand: women find their power from sex... meaning they have the power to choose who they sleep with and how that event transpires. So a bored housewife descends into "hell" by choice, by cheating on her husband and eventually becoming a prostitute. This sounds pretty misogynistic, but I know full well that Sono is making the opposite point. Hence I don't know how to get from point a to point b. And every review fails to even attempt to give an understanding of what transpired. Heck, I'm still not totally sure what the murder investigation(s) had to do with the above. This is obviously begging for a repeat viewing, but I'm scared I'll be no closer to an explanation of the layered meaning of this movie. It's both frustrating and amazing. Part of the reason I struggled with the meaning was because of Megumi Kagarazaka... holy shit is she is she beautiful. She's so gorgeous that she's actually a distraction! No lie. I will watch every movie she's ever been in. I can't get enough of her.


This is an ok movie that seemed to drag on at times. The concept is very good: a new mother who suffers from violently delusional episodes tries to manage her mental illness while caring for a newborn. After seeing how out it initially plays out its no wonder this singing mother loses her child (unfit mother). Then the movie takes a left turn as it begins to focus on a relationship she gets involved in. This is a weird relationship as it's extremely violent (both imagined and for real). Why the man chooses to stay in anyone's guess because as great as her singing is, it's not worth the violence. Its an emotional rollercoaster ride and a psychological thriller whose run time feels too long (even though it's only 1.5hrs).

The World Of Kanako (Kawaki)

A movie that can get confusing at times (at least for me it was) due to parallel time lines constantly switching back and forth. Its a very interesting plot re a father (former police detective) who is trying to find his missing daughter. After a number of revelations come out during discussions with people involved in her life, he realizes his daughter is not the girl he imagined her to be. There's lots of violence, and even some gore, during the quest to find her. Its not scary at all, but it touches some themes that are disturbing, especially considering the ages of the kids involved.

Mother (Madeo)

Another Bong Jooon Ho that's hilarious but has a very sad ending. What a mother's love will do for her child. It was a fantastic plot/story that was entertaining and interesting from beginning to end. The acting was phenomenal from all parties involved. And Park's direction is beautiful. This is a crazy tale that goes all over the place before returning back to its start. Enjoy!

Memories of Murder

A hilarious but also very sad tale of a string of rapes/murders going unsolved. Hilarious because the cops that work the case are funny, as are some of the suspects. This was an excellent plot that keeps you entertained and interested from beginning to end, even though its over 2hr long. The acting and dialogue are both great... very well done. I highly recommend this movie to fans of asian cinema (or movie fans who don't mind subtitles).

Prince of Darkness

An interesting movie that's not scary anymore, but it has an entertaining plot. I'm guessing this was much darker and creepier in the 80s, vs now after 32 years. John Carpenter does a great job with the direction, but his usual mastery of the score was missing imo. Another thing I didn't like was the comic relief role of the chinese guy. He was very irritating and I was praying for him to die.

They Live
They Live(1988)

This movie was waaaay ahead of its time. With warnings about class wars, consumerism, subliminal messaging, the elite controlling the message/media, etc. This movie could have been today and it would have even more impact than it did back then. Carpenter does an amazing job here, showing that he can adapt to different subgenres within horror. Rowdy Roddy Piper was great in the lead role. The only thing I thought could be improved upon slightly was the ending... I wish could've seen more about the impact it had on the aliens and on their eventual demise. But I loved that Piper died in the end, so it wasn't a perfect Disney ending... it made it that much darker. Highly recommend this to horror and sci-fi fans.


This movie has aged (36 years old) and you can tell, hence the original impact is no longer felt. But it still has a couple good scares and a fun 80s plot. As the antagonist you end up hating it so its good that it can evoke thar emotion. The acting is really good especially for the 80s, but the best parts by far are the score and the direction. Imo this just solidifies that John Carpenter is 'the' master of horror as he can even make a horror about a car seem interesting (yes, props go out to Stephen King too obviously).

The Reaping
The Reaping(2007)

A movie that tries to scare but utterly fails. Its a decent story about a woman getting in touch with her religious side. It has a decent surprise at the end. Hilary Swank isn't her best here. The dialogue is very hum-drum and doesn't suck you in. Aside from a decent premise here's not much to enjoy here.


Now this was a different kind of movie... pretty trippy. If you happened to miss an entertaining story told by Joseph during dinner, then you totally miised what's going on in this movie. That story explains everything. At first I thought Joseph was the sheitan/devil, but by the end realized he's the guy from the story. Not many characters to root for in this movie, all the guys have glaring faults. Its a fun movie that was pretty funny at times, but in the end it is what it is... its not for everyone!

Read the comments in the below thread for a detailed explanation of what transpired:


A PG or G telling of the Anneliese Michel story. They took out all the juicy stuff and left us with a very incomplete picture of what happened. And even then, they left out the exorcisms, her further deterioration and the subsequent court cases. Wiki it for more details that were selectively left out here.

Without Name
Without Name(2016)

Forewarned I'm not the hugest fan of slow burns unless they can really get you intrigued, and this a very slow burn that had trouble doing so. Its a eco-horror of man vs nature, and nature wins as usual. Its quite slow without much of a pay off. Its a very simple movie with no hidden meanings or symbolism. Everything is laid out plainly for you to see. Nature in this case has now taken down 2/2 men that tried to assess/understand it. I just wish there was more to it, other than just 2-3 creepy shots of the woods. I would only recommend this to lovers of slow burns as well as eco-horrors.

The Murders of Hollywood

A really good (and short) documentary re some popular murders that occurred in and around Hollywood. Each segment is given a small amount of time where they lay out the victim's life, how they were murdered, public perception, and who the killer was if one was tried or found guilty. Its very interesting and done in an entertaining manner.

The Canal
The Canal(2014)

Really good horror which manages to deliver a few scares as well as keep you guessing throughout. Best of all, it has a great ending which really helps to conclude this mysterious tale. The acting is above par which makes it easier to believe in the characters and in the story.

Jisatsu sâkuru (Suicide Club)

Not on one of my fave Sono works, but this still works on a cult level. Its a shocking tale of teen suicide prompted by a popular teen band and via posting forums. It's loaded with blood and has some gore. The acting totally works and you believe the characters' motivations throughout the film. Its not the most exciting film he's made, but it works as a social commentary.

Bedevilled (Kim-bok-nam Sal-in-sa-eui Jeon-mal)

An incredible movie, both beautiful and sad. Its a tale of revenge, like only Asians can do. Its a bit tough to get through acts 1 and 2, but there's a huge pay off in act 3... unfortunately it doesn't go all the way. The acting is amazing as you truly feel for the protagonist and utterly despise the antagonists. I highly recommend this movie for everyone, not just horror fans.

I Am a Hero
I Am a Hero(2015)

A fun Japanese zombie horror that's also funny. There are numerous holes in the movie ie when it's convenient the zombies are super fast, and when they need drama they're slower, etc. The acting is ok, the direction is great and the dialogue is fun. The protagonist is irritating at times (intentionally, hence he gets a chance to redeem himself in the end). Overall its a movie I'd recommend to zombie fans, but those looking for scares won't find any here.

Diary of the Dead

I can't believe Romero directed this crap. There are too many annoying characters (namely the guy wanting to record everything... his death was such a blessing). The acting was even bad, as the kids seemed to be a group of amateurs. The reasoning for taping everything was lame (and justified too many times). This was such a non-Romero movie, nothing like anything else in the franchise. I definitely wouldn't recommend this movie.

Land of the Dead

A pretty good entry in the Dead franchise. The action scenes were very good but the plot wasn't interesting and the dialogue was even worse. I like that Romero's zombies are unique in that they can think and then act upon those thoughts (shoot people, slash people, etc). This entry is the worst so far in the franchise but its still serviceable and genre fans should appreciate it.

Green Book
Green Book(2018)

Not as good as I expected it to be, considering the ratings. But a movie I'd still recommend to to drama fans. The acting is very good.

Train to Busan (Busanhaeng)

Originally had this rated as a 3*. After a second viewing realized that was way too low and bumped it to 4*.
What an amazing and heartbreaking zombie flick. The plot is sooo good from beginning to end. The acting is great, the direction is well done and the effects were unreal. These are not Romero's zombies... they're from 28 Days Later. This movie packs an emotional punch so be readu for that... plus it has possibly the worst villain ever. This is highly recommended.


A fun sci-fi suspense movie where only the ending left me expecting better. The premise is great and I don't think we're that far away from the sci-fi part becoming reality, which is a bonus because it truly allows you to feel the burden of the problem and the possible consequences. There are some very interesting scenes that play out really well. The acting isn't great but thats what you expect when you put Neo in a non-action movie. Overall its a movie I'd recommend to sci-fi fans... others, may be not so much.


This movie was something else. Very hard to digest as there's a graphic 9min rape scene and scenes of the victim's boyfriend going crazy trying to get revenge. That's all you need to know re scenes that would potentially lead you to walkout of the film. Overall I really enjoyed the movie as it makes you really think in the first act, before presenting acts two and three which make more sense now. It's a revenge tale and Monica Bellucci is just stunning in her role (aside from when she's raped). She really steals the show.


It was a really good movie but left a little bit to be desired. I don't know what was missing, I can't put my finger on it, but it was missing something. It started off really good then made a total left turn (which was still good but totally different theme). It's a nice gory/torture revenge story. The acting was very very good and believable. Overall its a movie I'd recommend, but only to to people who like their horror gory and shocking.

The Bad Seed
The Bad Seed(2018)

This was really bad. Bad acting, amateur directing and a very predictable ending. Not much to like about this. The only good thing about the movie was that the kid made you utterly despise her... praying for demise.

Who's Watching Oliver

A demented love story dressed up as a killing spree. Oliver, obviously battling some mental health issues is controlled by his mother (via skype) even as an adult. he murders for her, against his better judgement. As much as he wants to distance himself from her, he can't... until he meets the love of his life (the 1st person to ever like him). That's the gist of the movie. The killings are all done the same way: after rape, killing with a knife, full of gore and blood. Some people may enjoy it (obvious by its 83%/80% RT rating) but it wasn't my cup of tea as I was praying his new interest would kill him.

The Alchemist Cookbook

Now when they say "a different kind of movie" this is the definition of that. Its a quirky tale of a loner in the deep woods who runs out of his medication while also messing with dark magic. The results are shocking and open to interpretation. He tries to summon the demon Bileal (who gives the conjurer gold) and is successful. but how much of what ensues is paranoid hallucinations and how much is interaction with a demon? The lead actor, Ty Hickson, does a masterful job commanding your attention from beginning to end, which is a good thing considering 90% of the movie is just him in a single setting. Its definitely a compliment when I say this film is out there, and will especially appeal to the people that like to watch movies high.


Absolutely amazing to see a silent movie that's 108 years old. The creation scene is the best part of this 13min short. The acting is also very good as its very easy to understand the flow of the movie.

The Devils
The Devils(1971)

This is definitely a B movie cult film. From all accounts, the uncut version is even more controversial than the version that was released. This review is based on the uncut version.
This was a true story about the fall of Urband Grandier, a french priest. The priest was tried and executed for his black magic and dealing with the devil. I was glad the priest got what was coming to him due to his actions early in the film, but the trial was an absolute stage show. This film has TONS of controversy due to the things that "happen"to the nuns, plus what happens to the christian statutes. It was definitely a fun watch to experience something so unique.

Summer of '84

It was extremely predictable and hence a little underwhelming for most of the movie... then at the very end it took a totally unexpected twist/turn which I loved. The soundtrack was incredible, like It Follows, it was '80s synth. The acting was very good from all involved and the direction was entertaining.

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

It was good but not nearly as good as the 80s remake. Instead of focusing on the process of the transformation, the original focused on finding the fly (which was a bit ridiculous). Vincent Price was amazing as usual.

Dawn of the Dead

A great story that just not very scary anymore.

Night of the Living Dead

Great zombie thriller with amazing characters that you'll both love and hate.

Day of the Dead

It doesn't pack the same punch it did 34 years ago, but still an entertaining classic. The granddaddy of zombie flicks had some incredible effects especially for that time period. Its got the typical 80s over-acting from cast members, but thats part of its charm. It cemented so many of the zombie rules that are still in practise today.


A pretty basic basic horror movie that's not the least bit unique. Travelling to another "dimension", having the gate opened by mistake and a
"force" coming through to haunt/harm you. There was a great scare in the beginning that set the tone nicely but that eventually wore off as the movie didn't keep that momentum. I was not impressed with the actig of anyone, especially Frank Dillane (from Fear of the Walking Dead). This movie is neither scary nor entertaining, I would skip it if I were you.

The Tunnel
The Tunnel(2011)

Great concept (not original - maze of dark tunnels with an evil presence) but not executed well enough. Didn't like the direction. The acting was just ok (I know its super low budget but I've seen these types get better acting). There are only a few scares and they were pretty good. But most of the movie was building up to a climax that didn't pay off.

Confessions (Kokuhaku)

A really good movie with some awesome twists and turns. Expressed as a series of confessions from the major players in the movie, the story is one of loss and revenge. The acting is wonderful, especially from the school kids. The plot is very entertaining and interesting, keeping your attention until the very very end. Also, the soundtrack/score really stood out as it matched the scenes perfectly and added another layer of emotion to what was being presented at the time. This movie isn't a horror, its a dark psychological thriller.


After watching this film I found it to be more of a drama than horror (there's nothing scary about it) and I found it to be very basic and not that entertaining (I had it as a 2*). Then after reading: https://www.reddit.com/r/HorrorReviewed/comments/7hrypz/marebito_2004_horrormystery/
I realized that I totally missed the real point of the movie and that the symbolism in this movie went way over my head. Hence a 3* now. Its extremely open-ended (from what everyone else says) and no single interpretation is correct (there are 1-2 scenes/details that negate every theory. The theory I like is that this movie was from the POV of an unreliable narrator (bc he stopped taking his medication) and that this movie was about an isolated disjointed man who didn't have feelings and his quest to be at peace with his past and change into someone who has feelings and isn't so isolated (read the comments in the link I pasted for more details. Its explained very well there). Regardless it's not a movie that's very exciting or scary/creepy, so if you're looking for scares, this movie isn't going to cut it.

The Tall Man
The Tall Man(2012)

A very interesting tale with a super twist. It's not very scary but it's a bit creepy and very entertaining. It seems like a normal movie during Acts 1 and 2 before totally switching gears for Act 3. Jessica Biel is awesome as usual, owning her role as a terrified mother. I wouldn't necessarily classify this as horror.... it's definitely more of a thriller.


It was really good... suspenseful and thrilling. Only the ending left something to be desired. I'm not a fan of movies that lay out in detail 80% of the movie then for the really important last 20% they sum it up in 2-3min. The movie is already 136min long... add another 10min and show how they went from c to d and e to f. Aside from that I really enjoyed the story. It was very interesting and entertaining. Its a very sad story that still gives you hope/motivation in the end. Plus loved the actors from SOA.

The Monster
The Monster(2016)

It was ok/good. Somewhere between 2.5* and 3*. Parts of it were frustrating due to the characters' decisions, but in the end they did ok given the circumstances. I like how there were personal losses vs everyone important surviving. The acting was good so no issues there.

Psycho III
Psycho III(1986)

Its not scary or anything new in the franchise... its just more of the same. Which is good if you're a fan of the franchise. Anthony Perkins is amazing as usual, portraying Norman perfectly. He does such a great job. The cinematography again is great. Good shots of the Motel/House's exterior, great shot at the coventry to start, and the diner is still cosy and quaint. I'm so glad they haven't changed the formula. Better kills would be nice, as well as adding to his story/legend in meaningful ways.


A very good movie that got an extra 0.5* because it's based on a true story. Its so whacky, making so unreal to be true. The acting is really good from all parties involved, they really sell their roles. There's some genuine suspense as you are led down a path where it seems like this going to end in a clusterf**k. I would recommend it but be noted that its less comedy and more drama.

Incident In a Ghost Land (Ghostland)

They some some movies are akin to watching/having a fever dream... well this was akin to experiencing a nightmare. You're not completely sure what's real and what's fake, it's utterly terrifying and it jumps between different realities. There were some really good scares here, which impressed me. The plot is great, except for the ending. It's more realistic as to what would happen in real life, but I would've preferred if the sisters stooped down to level of the attackers, becoming monsters themselves (like Vera was when she was biting them) and got out of the mess themselves. That's my 2 cents... but overall I still think its a great horror movie.

The Meg
The Meg(2018)

What a terrible movie. Bad acting, ridiculous writing (lines felt so forced), bad ending, and a garbage contrived "love connection" at the end. Not much was good about the movie. The megalodon was nice. The kills were uninventive. Overall it was a waste of almost 2 hours.

Bonehill Road

A very low budget indie creature feature. The acting n inexperienced filmmaking were too much for me so I quit after an hour. Not scary in the least.


It was a good/ok movie until I realized it was a true story. That made it very good! The acting was ok, but the storyline was great as they really struggled through this ordeal. I couldn't imagine being lost at sea for that long... a total nightmare.

Wild Tales
Wild Tales(2015)

A hilarious dark comedy anthology about revenge. Each of the stories are very unique and take the concept of revenge to the Nth level, which makes it entertaining to watch plus makes it very funny. The writing and acting here is on point, hitting on all cylinders. Definitely recommend this movie.

The Old Man & the Gun

A nice drama about the dramatic life of bank robber and prison escapee Forrest Tucker. It would have been even better if they featured the San Quentin escape and his robberies in more detail (and with more action vs drama). Robert Redford does a great job in the lead role and Casey Affleck does well in a supporting role. Obviously dramatic liberties were taken but not as much as other 'true stories'. Fans of drama movies will surely enjoy this, but fans of crime movies will be left wanting more because a lot of focus is directed on his romantic relationship.


This movie would've been 4* if it weren't for some major dramatic licensing (ie they won the final 4-0, in undramatic fashion, vs winning 4-3 after being down 3-1; and changing the names of the players on the squad). Its an old fashioned "Disney" story re an underdog group of players that turn out to win their respective competition. The film excelled with its historical accuracy re the Berlin Olympics, and how the British divided into 2 factions (India and Pakistan), and India's legacy of gold medals in field hockey. Its a feel good story that fans of sports movies will enjoy. Just be prepared for the Indian dance/music sequences that are customary in Bollywood movies.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

An excellent action packed thriller. Theres rarely a scene where you get to catch your breath because the action is ongoing, The stunts and effects are as usual top notch n shocking. Cruise once again shows he'll never get too old for this franchise and this franchise is still well alive.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

An excellent thriller ride with tons of action. As we've come to expect from the MI franchise, this instalment was loaded with great chase scenes, awesome fight sequences and obviously a very close call. Tom Cruise does great as Ethan Hunt and his supporting cast come through too. If you're a fan of the previous iterations (especially Rogue Nation as this continues that storyline) then you're in for a good time here.

Under the Skin

Its a good movie that leaves a ton of questions unanswered... What was she? What happened to those men? What was that void? Why did she take the men to the void? What was the role of the motorcyclist? Was he aware that she died at the end? Its an interesting movie that's an extremely slow burn. And it has a phenomenal creepy score. Scarlett Jo is... the best. Her performance was amazing.

Alien: Covenant

A good movie with a great ending. The twist is a bit predictable due to the way previous events play out, but its still great. Michael Fassbender does an amazing job of portraying David/Walter. He completely sells himself as a clone. The action scenes are great as we've come to expect from thi franchise. But the story seems to be getting a bit repetitive. Lets see where they take the story from here.


A really good prequel to Alien (1979). The fil asks a lot of questions and leaves most of them unanswered. Once again the creatures/aliens/humanoids are done so well and the CGI blends in seamlessly. The talented cast really comes through as the characters shine in this film. The plot is extremely interesting, both as a standalone film and especially for fans of the Alien franchise.


As a standalone horror movie its pretty good. As a comparison to [rec] its terrible. The atmosphere is ok but [rec] seemed much more claustrophobic and haunting. The actors in [rec] did a better job of selling the premise and the urgency. The overall concept and the plot are both still great hence the 3* rating here.


Pretty bad movie. Uninspired performances even though there were some "stars" in it. The plot looked like it had potential but by the end became laughable. So surprised to see Liam Neeson in this film.

The Blackout Experiments

It was ok. There are much much more extreme haunts than this one (the special is on Netflix). It was cool to see how much it affected these people, but again, if they tried the other haunt they would've given up for sure.

Always Shine
Always Shine(2016)

A good film that had so much potential to be an amazing psychological thriller. It took the plot a fair distance then stopped vs going further and having some twists. The acting is pretty good especially for an indie. The cinematography is gorgeous at Big Sur.


This is a very tough movie to rate... if its true its beyond 5*... if its false its just another fake alien documentary and would be 0.5*. And its truly hard to tell which it is, so I'll rate it based on the entertainment value. What would've definitely helped would've been if they gave more context to the experts who had 1st hand knowledge. What were they really involved in and provide some proof of that. That would have gone a long way in getting my trust. "I WANT TO BELIEVE"

House On Haunted Hill

Second viewing: 3.5*
I have much more appreciation for this movie the second time around. Sure the jump scares don't work anymore and the scares fall flat now, but the plot is very interesting and way ahead of its time. The ghosts aren't the scary ones... the humans are.

1st viewing: 1.5*
From the POV of a horror geek looking for scares... this movie didn't have any. I can appreciate the fact that it scared the &*%$ of everyone back in the 60's, but this is one movie that time did not treat too kindly.
Vincent Price is a legend, and the story is a classic... but for younger movie goers who are to watch this today, it doesn't qualify as a horror, and will not scare you.

Black Sea
Black Sea(2015)

Amazing. Great plot thats executed extremely well. I kept thinking this was an ordinary movie and hence I knew the outcome, but it kept taking left turns on me. The ending totally surprised me. I love sad endings vs the usual Disney happy ending that most films adhere to. Great performances and they all gelled together nicely. Very suspenseful and tense.


A pretty good movie. Its more of a suspense thriller than horror. Saw it with english dubbing vs subtitles (didn't have a choice on shudder). Theres an amazing speed boat chase through the canals of Amsterdam that was exciting. Its a decent whodunit especially for the 80's.

The Children
The Children(2008)

A decent horror that doesn't break the mold but executes its plot nicely. The acting was very good as you really root for the protagonist (teen girl) and despise the rest. I'm generally not a fan of kids being killers because its so unrealistic imo, but again they were able to execute the premise nicely.

Wake Wood
Wake Wood(2009)

Its a movie thats decent/ok for the first two acts before excelling in the third act. I really liked the ending. For two acts the plot was bland and looked like it was sticking to a tried and true blueprint, but then they added a nice twist at the end,

All the Creatures Were Stirring

Was not a fan of this anthology. Around half the shorts had potential to start but then the execution failed and ruined it. Not a single short ended up being even creepy let alone scary. I know anthology shorts are hit and miss, but this entire one really missed.


Its ok/good... technically a 2.75/5. I liked the final act a lot and the ending too. If that last girl had made it I would have been very upset, because she did absolutely nothing the entire time while everyone else tried to help. Its a very simple premise thats executed pretty well. I enjoyed the body count and gory deaths.

Dead and Buried

What a great movie with an excellent twist at the end. The plot progresses at a normal/slow pace for act one but then really kicks into gear especially for the third act. I was completely caught off guard re the surprise hence the 4* rating vs 3.5*. The acting is ok, no problems there, the cinematography was great as you really get the small town vibe, and the direction was assured with great shots especially during the chase/killing sequences. If you're into 70s and 80s movies I would definitely recommend this. And none of the effects seem out dated which is awesome for a 37 year old film.

The House That Jack Built

As usual Lars' movie is artsy, very provocative and nuanced. It starts off extremely slow, to the point of boredom, before getting provocative and artsy. In large part that boredom comes about due to Dillon's inability to shine in the role. That was definitely a weird pick for the title actor. But as it progresses it gets more macabre and gory. The film is saved by a brilliant final act thats steeped greatly in symbolism. The meaning is impossible to miss. Regardless check this article out after watching it to see if you digested all the layers: https://www.slashfilm.com/the-house-that-jack-built-spoiler-review/

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski

Its an interesting piece about a... different kind of artist. I'm not an art major so I hadn't heard of him, but they make him out to be a master of his trait. Its nice that they taped/interviewed him so they could make this documentary and showcase his work/life to a Netflix audience that likely have never heard of him.


Wowow. Granted I'm a bit bias, as Halloween 1978 was the first horror I ever watched as an 8 year old and it scared the shit out of me. I've been a loyal fan of the franchise (even through the lean years). This movie really really impressed me! I found it much scarier (unsettling, nervous and very tense) than RZ's two attempts. It started off a bit slow but when they decided it was time to start the action, things got tense for me in a hurry. And it stayed that way til the end. The acting was great, the score was good, the direction was fantastic and the cinematography was excellent. They used smaller houses vs big mansions and that really helped give a feeling of claustrophobia. I was also very impressed with Michael. He wasn't a giant like RZ's... he looked like Michael from the original. His presence was commanding and scary. And they put him in the right settings/situations to bring out the most in him.
As a fan of the series they didn't let me down and I'm so thankful and appreciative of that. My faith is restored in the franchise and Im looking forward to the next iteration.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

It was a good movie (with a lot of potential) but it pissed it all away with a bad Act 3. If the movie was PG I would understand that it was made for kids and not me... but its rated R so theres no excuse for the childish ending. Where was the final battle? The life and death situation? There was no climax really, and that sucked. A build up without the pay off.
The acting was ok and the cinematography and direction were great. The plot was interesting, but the execution was bad.

Black Christmas

Its scares are slightly outdated now, but its still a fun movie to watch. I can't understand how they say Halloween is the first slasher wen this preceded it by 4 years. There's one major twist that must have been a howitzer back then. Considering its now 48 years old, this classic is great and one every horror fan should appreciate.

Bad Times at the El Royale

What a great movie. Loaded with stars, a fun plot and a great ending too. There are so many twists and turns in this movie making it very hard to predict. And they're not tiresome twists that get boring after a while... they are very interesting and shocking twists. The performances are so smooth it sort of feels like a Tarantino movie (except the writing isn't nearly as good as Quentin's). They all gel nicely and play off one another perfectly. Its starts off a tad slow before kicking it into thriller gear and staying there til the end.

Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy

After just watching the documentary Amanda Knox I decided to give this a watch. Its... good. Not bad, not very good. The acting is ok, but for some reason the cinematography doesn't feel authentic at all. Plus there are a few glaring inconsistencies and I'm inclined to believe the documentary which was made years after this film. Its a good watch though and overall tells the story of the Meredith Kercher murder.

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox(2016)

Its an incredibly interesting story. They did a good job of getting that across. They also did a good job of presenting both sides of the story... except it felt really really incomplete. Why wasn't the issue of Raf's changing confession addressed more by Amanda? Why wasn't she pressed more re very strange behaviour throughout the entire ordeal? Why wasn't there more focus on the actual trial? Have Amanda address some of the prosecutions and vice versa, have the prosecutor answer Amanda's assertions. I understand that this may not have been possible in a 90 minute special, but if you can't do it properly why do it all? To simply profit off of the sensational story? Making a Murder got a long series. As did The Staircase. As did The Innocent Man... and Wild Wild Country... etc etc etc. The information presented here feels very incomplete for us to come to our own verdict. This would've made for a great series that focused on the day by day goings on in trial, like every other Netflix investigation.

ReMastered: Tricky Dick & The Man in Black

A great look at the beliefs and values of Johnny Cash, the legend. For a second there it looked like he would sell out and sing the songs Tricky Dicky requested, but then the real Man in Black showed up.

ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff?

An extraordinary look at the life and struggles of Bob Marley (and Jamaica). Its no surprise that once again the USA and namely the CIA are promoting their in an underhand way. You're with us or against us, right? Its also sad to see that the cause of the shootout at Bob's house was the difference between two political ideologies that Bob wanted no part of. Theres a distinct connection between Jim Brown's gangsters (who shot up Bob's house) - Seaga's party - the USA. How ironic considering Bob preached love and unity and peace.

ReMastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay?

A look into the case of who killed JMJ. Its sad to see how flimsy most of the theories are. And its true, if that was a cop who was killed up there, it would've been solved in a few weeks... yet we're going on 15 years without a single arrest. I wish they had been able to show some theories with more facts behind them. 5 other people were in that studio at the time, and no one steps up with credible info. A good attempt by the Zimbalists to shine a light on this tragedy and keep it relevant.


A cliche western that doesn't take any risks and totally sticks to the blueprint. The main character isn't special enough to pull it off as its hard to get behind his back. The acting isn't a problem and the cinematography is good too. Its not a bad movie... its just ok... but watchable if you're desperate for a western.


What an amazing movie. Its like a very long play on stage captured on camera. Its very very original plot goes along perfectly with its highly original cinematography. Its a tough story to get through at times due to the harshness of the actions being portrayed but fortunately theres theres justie in the end which makes for such a great pay off. The acting is amazing led by Nicole Kidman, as the cast really help give the movie a certain authenticity. Its got a ver long run-time (177min) just short of 3 hours, but it literally flies by. Highly recommend this drama and suspense piece.

Bird Box
Bird Box(2018)

What a ridiculously unbelievable movie. Obviously because Sandra Bullock is involved its a totally happy ending. Ya sure they obviously all survived being overturn in the rapids. The plot holes in this movie are even stupider than A Quiet Place. What a waste of a talented cast. And Sandra Bullock was a complete bitch in this movie too. She obviously should've listened to Malkovich but hey ya its the end of the world, resources are scarce, and we're gonna save everyone. Whatever.

The Little Stranger

A gothic drama, not a horror movie. Theres mystery and suspense involved but not a lot. Its heavy on the drama part. There are horror elements, such as the supernatural events and beings. Its not scary. The acting and cinematography are very good and make the period piece feel authentic. One of the main characters is absolutely blind to the goings on in the house, which makes him fun to root against.

Hostel Part II

Its definitely not as good as part 1. The torture scenes don't have the same effect anymore. And the ending was pretty bad. The acting isn't as good and the plot feels more contrived. Not really a fan of this installment.


This was much tamer than I was expecting. I think because its 13 years old now, and because of its now vaunted reputation as the first torture porn film (incorrectly), that it seems so bad. There were may be 5 scenes that were tortuous or overly gory, which is tame by todays standards. The acting was pretty good (namely Oli) and that helped raise the level of intrigue that film evoked. The plot is a twist on the horrendous European Vacation.

ABCs of Death 2

Much much better than part 1. This time there were 8 shorts that I thought were good. And the bad ones weren't nearly as bad as the comparable ones in part 1. For reference:
Capital Punishment - very very good
Equilibrium - funny
Masticate - funny
Roulette - good
Split - very very good
Vacation - crazy
Xylophone - trippy
Zygote - trippy

The ABCs of Death

This was pretty bad. None of the shorts were scary, nor were they suspenseful. The 3 shorts I liked were all comedies (Farts, Klutz, Nuptials). Thats pretty crappy when its supposed to be a horror anthology. Even the big name directors came up lame, which was surprising. I definitely wouldn't recommend this anyone.


A great movie, especially considering it was made in the 70s. The plot is intriguing and suspenseful right up to the very end. And there are a couple of nice twists too that were unexpected. The acting is really good from all parties involved. And Brian De Palm does a really good behind the camera.

Even Lambs Have Teeth

Very low budget indie. Plot was somewhat ok but the execution was really bad - bad acting, bad direction, etc. The acting was really which really took away from the experience. Plus there were numerous plot holes. If you're ok with all those faults, this movie was made for you!

The Incident (El Incidente)

What a headscratcher! A lot is explained at the end, but its done so quickly that its hard to fully grasp what the director is saying. But on a meta level the story is very understandable. Considering this is a low budget movie with only 2 real filming locations, they did a wonderful with the set pieces to ensure it feels different over time vs repetitive and an eye sore. The 2 parallel stories are linked in the end in this sci-fi thriller. This movie is definitely worth a watch, as is his 2nd movie The Similars.

The Similars (Los Parecidos)

A sci-fi fantasy movie that plays out like a comic book even though its not animated. The plot is extremely original, as is the case with a lot of fantasy movies. The first half is ok (which sets up the story) but then the second half is great after the reveal. The acting is great from all parties involved. The black and white definitely adds to the comic book vibe, and it looks great while doing so.

Blue My Mind
Blue My Mind(2017)

Well this was different. Its a unique coming of age film about the changes a girl goes through as she matures (taken to the nth degree). Things start off slow but when they pick up it starts to get darker and darker. The main actor does a phenomenal job of starting out as the cute innocent type before morphing into party chick with different values. Then once the fantasy stuff kicks, she's able to properly channel her emotions so that it totally sucks the viewer in to her plight. Very nice work for the debut film of the director. Very nice story that has some tough heart-breaking scenes, that make this a very dark drama.

Man Vs.
Man Vs.(2015)

On cell for 3/4 then turned it off. Horrible ff movie thats ridiculously low budget.

Personal Shopper

I'm not the hugest Kristen Stewart fan but she really surprised me with a cool, confident performance. There isn't much supernatural in this film, but when there is its really good. Theres 1 scene that scares a bit, other than that its a movie you watch for a deep, dark plot. Its an original take on the supernatural sub-genre. It was executed well enough to be compelling and interesting. I felt as though the ending could've been even scarier if it wasn't ambiguous.

Late Phases
Late Phases(2014)

A simple movie: man vs werewolf. Nick Damici does a stellar job in the lead role carrying this film. The premise isn't original but its executed very well. I thought the reveal came a bit too early but it fits for the narrative. Really good transformation sequence.

Los Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes)

Well... I've spent the last hour researching explanations as to what occurred in Timecrimes and its still confusing. The part I don't understand is what happens to previous iterations of Hector once they go in the time machine? Do they simply disappear and hence the later iteration is the only one alive now (because there can't be 3 Hectors all alive at the same time forever. Eventually there can only be 1, so what happens to the other 2? My logic is probably flawed because many other people seem to have figured this out.
Regardless, what an amazing movie. Hard to comprehend as it plays out but the general gist of it is easy to figure out. For a low budget indie, the creator of the film (Nacho) was able to accomplish outstanding feats without the use of stunning visuals, etc. I highly recommend this movie.

Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti)

Its definitely not a horror, thats for certain. Its a nice fantasy film that contains 3 distinct stories with a very minor wraparound at the end. Each tale centres around the theme of obsession (obsession to distance a prince from a commoner; to get married; and to be young again). The stories are all told through the outlets of kingdoms and royalty. The acting isn;t anything special but its not bad either. Its a fun watch for those with a child-like heart.

Possession (The Night the Screaming Stops)

Wow what an insane, surrealist horror film. The acting is really something else, as the actors dial it right up to 11/10 from the beginning and go up from there. Its hard to categorize this film or know what its truly saying because its left open-ended. But obviously its about a failed marriage that involves a love triangle. It shows the guilt shame and madness the woman endures when she no longer loves the man and the despair, breakdown and madness the man feels having lost the love of his life. There are 2 doppelgangers that can be viewed as each other's ideal partners. Everything is surreal in this movie from each individual fight, to their actions alone, to their behaviour when alone. Everything is intentionally over the top. It can be very hard to follow the plot as there is a lot of symbolism and allegory taking place. If you're a fan of over the top movies with unbelievable acting, this is a movie for you.


This swiss cheese of a movie had some interesting moments but other than that seemed very bland. The is ok at best which is a small hinderance from being invested in the film. The plot isn't original at all but has a twist that makes it stand out.


A suspenseful thriller with a horror vibe. The acting is really good as you totally believe all the characters and the predicaments they're in. The suspense starts off very light but then gradually picks up the rest of the way culminating in an epic climax that's scary and fun. Theres a twist at the end thats hard to predict.


Not totally sure what to make of this black & white "horror" movie. If its simply trying to be an old school artsy movie with a dark side, then it succeeded. But if its trying to be a haunted house horror that scares, it failed miserably. It has some visual delights but they aren't enough to overcome a derivative plot. The main character takes a job as a caretaker at a luxury NYC house that has a haunted past (someone tried to conjure the devil there and the previous caretaker threw herself off the roof of the building). As time passes she begins hallucinating and appears to be mentally ill (or the haunted house is just fucking with her). She goes on to commit a murder of someone she previously recognized who didn't know her. More dreams/hallucinations ensue. After opening a door to a room that was prohibited to her (because the conjuring took place there) she sees something that outright terrifies her. From there she goes a bit psychotic and eventually throws herself off the roof to end the movie, in a seemingly predestined outcome. Its artsy, stylish and not my thing.


I have almost no idea what I just witnessed. That may be due in large part to the fact that I'm not up to speed on Estonian folktales nor their theology. Theres a central story involving a love triangle where everyone wants someone else other than the person who loves them. Mixed in with that are stories of folktales involving demons, the devil, the plague and kraats. It gets pretty complicated as all the different folktales play out at the same time. Regardless it was shot in a beautiful black & white palate that had stunning visuals. So if you don't understand it, you might still enjoy the trip.

Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (Hagazussa)

What a weird and trippy movie!. Weird because things are left so open-ended and because your not sure which parts of the movie were a dream/hallucination and which were real. Was she truly a witch or was she a maligned mentally ill single mom prone to bouts of psychosis? It was a very visually appealing and the sound/score was great too. The main actor did a stellar job evoking emotions in a role with a lot of screen time and very little dialogue. The easiest comparison is to The Witch because this is also an extremely slow burn. The cinematography is stunning, taking place in the Austrian Alps. Overall I really liked this movie.

The Cleanse
The Cleanse(2018)

May be I didn't get it, but I thought it was awful. I was very tempted to turn it off mid way through, and every 10min after that, because it showed no signs of getting better. Doesn't help that I found the main character to sound annoying, look irritating and overall be a bad actor. The premise started off ok before veering into left, left, left field.

The Divide
The Divide(2012)

This was surprisingly ok/good. The way it started, it seemed like a low budget indie that had crap acting. But as the movie played on, the acting turned out to be ok (there were protagonists I rooted for and antagonists I despised). The story isn't original at all, but its executed nicely.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

A really good documentary re a cave that has cave paintings that are over 30,000 years old (the oldest ever found). The drawing of animals are outstanding and done by some very talented predecessors. In the cave, in order to protect the cave and some bear and human footprints, they must only walk on a path thats 2 feet wide. Herzog does some great work showcasing some of the best art on this planet.

Ruin Me
Ruin Me(2018)

This should've been a lot better. The concept was somewhat original. But it turns out to be a muddled mess mixing too many genres and too many different tropes. Its interesting in the beginning, though they make it obvious that this movie won't be scary due to some very lame attempts. Then slowly the movie becomes uninteresting as it plays out, because nearly all the characters are unlikeable and the acting isn't very good. After coming to a conclusion near the end, the movie continues on unconvincingly. The finals scene isn't believable nor suspenseful. Hence this film failed to cast well and wasn't executed efficiently.

Deliver Us from Evil

A cut and dry case against the church and its priests re pedophilia. The part that bothers me the most is how strongly the church advocates against gay people and gay relationships but are ok with priests molesting young boys. This is a pressing issue and as long as it continues, a spotlight should be cast upon it. Why would it stop though? None of the priests are held accountable for their actions.

The One I Love

A very trippy and interesting movie. The whole doppelgänger thing was taken to the next level here. Bits and pieces of puzzle are delivered slowly, until a great final twist at the end. The effects were great as it really felt there were 2 different couples with identical bodies. It wasn't a perfect movie, as it could've done so much more, but it was still a very fun watch.

The Hills Have Eyes

A very good suspenseful thriller/horror, led bt the outstanding work of Michael Berrymore. Wes Craven really created the blueprint of 'family taking road trip run into wild cannibal family'. The premise was outstanding and Craven, a master of horror, executed the concept very well. The acting was average, but the action and tension were great.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

A tragic and sad story of the life of Andrew Bagby and the relationship that led to his untimely death. Using stunning home videos and pictures plus actual interviews with everyone involved in his life (family, friends, co-workers). This film is so frustrating as things that seem blatantly obvious are easily neglected re Canadian Justice System. It shines a spotlight on a case that deserves the attention of the whole world.


A documentary about the workers in the largest haunted house in the southern hemisphere. The people really go all out and take the time/effort to get into their horror zone and also re their application of make up to be scary monsters, zombies, etc. They are all lonely people (which is sad to hear) hence they really look forward to this work.

Found Footage 3D

Aside from a couple good jump scares this movie was pretty crap. Lots of their scare attempts fell flat. The main guy was such an annoying, irritating POS. It made it hard to focus on the movie when he was onscreen. I understand having bad guys in movies, but this guy was just a dick. The plot is somewhat unique, but the execution really fell flat.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

What a different movie that was amazing for its time. The ending leaves the story very ambiguous so for more info re how the author really wanted it ending read: https://lithub.com/what-really-happened-to-the-girls-at-hanging-rock/
The story is very eerie and baffling. Small clues are given re how things play out but they come nowhere near explaining how things played out. The setting was absolutely perfect in Australia. It was beautiful. foreboding, and perfectly matched for the story. The girls (and adults) did a great job selling their roles and making this "unbelievable" story a reality. I highly recommend this movie for slow burn movie goers.

Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight(2012)

Wow what a crazy movie. Like WOW! I hated this movie but thought it was f'n brilliant. The antagonist was a slimy, creepy motherf'r, who you prayed would get busted, but... watch the movie to see how that plays out. The acting was amazing, as you really rooted hard for the protagonist and the antagonist made your skin crawl and your blood boil. The direction and cinematography were amazing too, and the movie flowed beautifully and the locations/settings were perfect to tell this story. I highly recommend watching this movie, and if possible don't watch any reviews or watch any previews.

Malevolence 3: Killer

What a way to kill the trilogy. An utter disappointment compared to parts 1 and 2. The film still has that beautiful 70s vibe and a great score, but thats where the positives end. The production value of this instalment feels very cheap and like a beginner made it. The acting is even worse. They try to make up for that fact by showcasing the women in their undergarments or topless, but it can't mask the stink of the crap acting. The plot is decent but executed horribly. I like how it continues right after part 1 and continues the story of Martin Bristol. But again, they don't use the head sack (like in part 2) and that makes the killer look ordinary vs so scary in part 1.


Really good but could have been much much scarier if they had kept the villain wearing the head sack like last time. Instead of seeing the villains face (which makes him seem normal) the head sack automatically gives off a really dark vibe and that the villain is more than just a serial killer. Really loved Kathryn Meisle in the role of the protagonist. She was beautiful, strong, brave, etc. The plot is a blueprint from last film but there were 2-3 twists that really shocked me. And I loved the ending. Well worth a watch.

Dead Shack
Dead Shack(2017)

A pretty bad horror comedy. I don't really like horror comedies so take this with a grain of salt. Of the 4 main characters, 2 were likeable and 2 weren't. The plot wasn't unique... neighbour in the woods is a psycho killer. The acting was pretty bad. The direction and effects were really good, hence it still got 2*.

Knights of Badassdom

Pretty good movie! Has some really good B-level actors. The premise is awesome because it focuses on the world of playing Midevil Times. The acting is pretty good. This is a funny movie.

First Reformed

Its a really good movie. First off, the ending. Its intenionally made ambiguous. The creator of the movie Schrader has said that he was going for 50/50 between: Mary saved the day and Toller finally got some happiness in his life; and he drank the Drano, making that very last scene a hallucination from god showing Toller what heaven will look/feel like. Im partial to the former but am very very interested in the latter.
The movie features Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried, two great actors who carried this film. The direction and cinematography were both brilliant and accentuated the plot and acting. The plot is extremely interesting in this drama, making the church debate very real and significant upcoming challenges. It was like a heavy weight title bout... totally engrossing to view.


Really good movie that had the potential to be so much better. Its an homage to 70s slashers and they do a phenomenal job of getting a scary looking villain plus the score/sound effects are perfect. The problem was half the movie focused on a bank robbery that was pretty boring. But they really made up for that with a great second half. I just wish the villain was featured more, he had such an impressive onscreen persona.

John Dies at the End

Had to stop it with 15min left because I couldn't handle it anymore. Thought it was stupid and not funny.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

I'm normally not a fan of vampire movies but this one was really good. Having Anton Yelchin and the beautiful Imogen Potts, supported by Colin Ferrell and Toni Collette was a great casting decision. They worked really well together and were a treat to watch. The story was initially very cliche, but they quickly set aside the popular tropes and went with fresh ideas. The execution was great and so were the visuals (setting/atmosphere + the locations/prop pieces). This is a really fun watch. The only part that pissed me off was a twist at the end that brought everyone together again... they should've left it as is and had a dark conclusion (how good can a battle be if there aren't any costs)! Would definitely recommend this, not as a scary movie, but as a fun vampire flick.

Red State
Red State(2011)

It had a great premise and first two acts before selling out to a more family friendly ending. They should've continued with the vibe they had established. Dumb luck as way to set up the ending feels like a total rip-off. John Goodman was great as usual. This is a thriller, not a horror.

Odd Thomas
Odd Thomas(2014)

A cute teenage "horror" comedy movie. Its not scary nor suspenseful but its got a barely watchable plot. Anton Yelchin is great in the lead role. Its a very light movie (family movie) so don't expect any fancy twists or intense excitement. It is... what it is.


A teenage haunted house horror that wasn't scary nor suspenseful. The acting is pretty bad from the group of kids so its hard to get emotionally invested. But for all its negatives it is watchable... not that I would recommend it to anyone but if it was on and you had to watch it, its watchable.

Look Away
Look Away(2018)

This is a really bad teenage "horror" (more like thriller). Its neither scary nor suspenseful. The big picture of the movie is figured out within the first ten minutes leaving the only question to be exactly how do said events play out (which is not interesting at all). Can't blame the acting here, as its decent considering who was casted. There is also a central recurring issue of having the main character ((who looks 16 at the most) be naked/topless so many times. I understand art but this just seemed out of place. Overall a uninteresting bad movie that doesn't scare or drum up suspense.


Extremely slow burn to an uneventful conclusion. And not scary at all.

On The Job
On The Job(2013)

What a great movie especially because of the ending, which I hated, but have to respect because it was the proper way to end the movie vs selling out just to get a happy ending. The plot is a new twist on an established blueprint (there's a far reaching syndicate involving police chiefs, senators, prison guards, etc and there are 2 loyal cops trying to crack the case open. Of the 2 hitmen working for the syndicate, 1 you root for and 1 you hope gets caught. So theres a few characters that you're absolutely rooting for and more than a few that you hate. Whenever a film can evoke emotions like that, they've done an outstanding job imo. The acting is very very good and believable. The locations and settings definitely feel like a foreign country. And the direction was great too as the movie really flowed (even with its 2hr 18min run-time).


This is not a horror... its an extremely slow burn thriller that really really picks up in the second half. Its got a ton of heart and emotion, which is great. The broken english gives it tht truly authentic feel. The plot here is very unique and engrossing. In the first half it deals with a romantic love story thats fun and flirtatious. The second half is an emotional rollercoaster of action and suspense. The acting is really good, hence the relationship feels real, as does the stress and bewilderment in the second half. The fact that its all accomplished in one take is mind blowing. Really really impressive.

Green Room
Green Room(2016)

Didn't like it as much as I was hoping to re reviews because I was expecting a horror. Its definitely not a horror... its a thriller with horror elements. Its got a great premise and if you view it under the guise of a thriller, its very enjoyable. The execution is really good, the acting is great (Patrick Stewart as a villain and Anton Yelchin as one of the protagonists). The music is cool as its hard punk (very different). I would definitely recommend this as a dark thriller.

You Might Be the Killer

I don't think this film was made for me (not a fan of most horror comedies except for Tucker & Dale vs Evil), so take this review with a grain of salt. This movie was neither funny nor scary. It had tons of gore and tons of kills, but that didn't equate to scary. There's a bit of suspense because the movie is watchable so you're left wondering how this will end. They went for the Scream blueprint by being self aware of all horror tropes and calling them out as they come up. But this is NOT Scream. The main character is pretty irritating (namely his voice) so that sticks out like a sore thumb. The rest of the acting is good. The cinematography is great as the setting and the colours and the vibe are very enticing. Another issue I had with it was the ending... it sets up a sequel instead of ending 1 minute shorter which would have been much better (a total twist on the trope of the final girl killing the villain). Anyway this isn't a bad movie necessarily, its just OK, hence 2.5*.

The Cured
The Cured(2018)

A really exciting movie. Tackles the zombie theme from a totally different perspective: say they're cured... what happens after? Are they normal? Will they revert back to their old ways? Can they be trusted. The acting is really good led by Ellen Page (crazy to see how much she's grown up in front of our eyes since Juno). The direction is clean and crisp and drums up suspense. Its not very scary but its damn interesting right to the end.

Ju-on: The Grudge

It has a decent premise and a little bit confusing plot due to the nonlinear series of events. I didn't find it the least bit scary which was a buzzkill. It may have been scary 15 years ago but it doesn't hold up well anymore.

Sequence Break

I really didn't understand this movie, ie how did we get to the conclusion that was presented. How does it make sense? I've tried searching for explanations online but can only find reviews that talk about its ambiguousness. The acting is pretty solid and the visuals/score are great. Its a fun watch for most of the movie before it gets totally weird and confusing.

The Burning
The Burning(1981)

It was a slasher like Friday the 13th, but this came first. The kills weren't unique or innovative, though there were a few scares to be had. The score was great and had an eerie vibe. The most glaring negative was the ending. Justice wasn't served, the weakling weirdo kills him and it was cheesy and rushed. If the ending had been better this could have easily been a 3.5*.

Shivers (They Came from Within) (The Parasite Murders)

This was a very trippy horror. Body horror isn't usually my thing so I wasn't as excited as normal, but still it came across as a good movie worthy of 3*. The blood effects, as usual, were crappy for the 70s movie. But the special effects team did a marvellous job as the effects nearly blew me away for that time period. Way ahead of its time. Another reason it was so different was its use of sexual interaction to spread the virus. Once infected, you have an irresistible urge to have sex with someone else.

The Woods
The Woods(2006)

This movie had some potential due to the premise of a girl going away to an all girl private boarding school that has eerie stuff going on. But its execution wasn't great. The film came across as cheesy at times plus they employed over used tropes. Again, as the movie progressed it had more and more potential (major use of a large dark forest next door) but the movie wasn't scary at all and generally failed to create a dark sinister vibe. But the movie still gets 2.5* due it having such a great premise and the likability/hatred of its characters. You really support the protagonist and hate most of the antagonists. The casting was done very well.

Burning (Beoning)

What a "different" movie. First off its an extremely slow slow burn with a very long run time (159min). The first 2/3 are setting up the final 1/3. Its pretty boring and uneventful for the 2/3, but there is definitely suspense as you know something is going to come... you just don't know when. When its presented, it seems rather trivial for such a build up, but theres still suspense because everything doesn't seem right. Then pieces are revealed slowly and they eventually unravel into a huge crime... but you're still not totally sure until the climax of the film. So it was a good ride because the payoff was sweet. And no explanation was given as to how or why the crime occurred, which leaves you feeling incomplete, but not unfulfilled.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

For a movie that's sole purpose is to be scary, it failed big time. The story was unique and different from the rest which was a positive. Also to note is that I'm not a big NOES fan so take this with a grain of salt. The acting was ok, nobody really stood out. Some scenes were just absolutely ridiculous ie many of the scenes in the hospital. I wouldn't recommend this to a horror fan unless they're invested in the NOES franchise.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

A very unique western anthology. All 6 of the stories were re the American Frontier. Of the 6 stories, 4 were very good and 2 were ok/good. None were bad. Its another great movie from Joel and Ethan Cohen. It's a very unique movie because the only anthologies I've ever seen are of the horror variety. This film was packed with stars, each segment featuring a popular or relatively known star.

Cold Fish
Cold Fish(2011)

What a crazy, insane, crazy, insane, crazy, insane movie. There were so many major twists, each one of the shocking variety. I'm so glad someone from r/horror recommended this to me. Theres tons of gore, tons of blood, but if its possible at all, it still has a great story and the gore/blood is needed to express that fully. It really drives home the point of what's going on. The antagonists are awesome, you hate and despise them so much. The protagonist (i think) is even better because you really feel empathy for him. In typical j-horror fashion the acting and dialogue is way over the top, but it totally fits right into the blueprint of this movie. Even with a very long run-time (144min) its very exciting, suspenseful and interesting, from beginning to end. Definitely watch this movie without seeing a preview or reading a description.

Mortal Remains

Another low budget indie. Most of it was uneventful (no scares), except for 1 great scare near the end. The acting was ok at best, and one of the main actors was absolutely terrible and extremely annoying (pretty sure he wasn't meant to be). The premise was pretty original so that was good (researching a controversial film maker who has passed away and a specific film of his). The execution was lacking. Most of this film was a bore and irritating because of that 1 main actor.

The Dark Tapes

Of the 4 stories, 1 was a bit creepy that had some cool effects. The rest were ok. Granted its a very low budget indie, hence it still got a decent grade. They were all interesting and had good potential, even though most weren't executed well. I was easily able to get through the whole movie without needing my cell.

The Orphanage

A very good film. Not scary at all but a very very nice plot that turns out to be wholesome at the end (a happy ending). Its the blueprint of parents having their child disappear and then desperately searching for them. Not unique but executed very well. The best thing I like about this movie is that you really have to pay attention or you'll miss stuff thats very important and/or not understand the true meaning of the movie. Its layered and each layer is very impressive. The acting was very good... a cute kid, a brilliant mother who evokes a lot of empathy, a non-believer dad (as usual) and a great set of side characters. The fun part is living through the mom's nightmare and trying to gather all the pieces to this emotional puzzle. Pieces are revealed slowly, but this isn't a slow burn.


Really enjoyed this film. Its not often that an Indian horror intrigues me (not being racist, Im African/Indian). The story is very unique and deals with and old folklore. The plot involves sympathy, greed, sacrifice, maturation, etc. Its through the mistakes of the dad that the child learns whats important. This film had a few scares and very dark, interesting story. The scares were actually pretty fun! The acting was great from everyone involved; the entire sold their characters very well. The cinematography was amazing, ie the beautiful/terrifying locations and their usage of dark/light. I would definitely recommend this to horror fans.

[Rec] 2
[Rec] 2(2010)

Nowhere near as good as the first one, but still a very good movie overall. They wisely changed things up from the first one by not using the anchor to start, and by using a SWAT team instead of firefighters. That gave it a bit of originality even though it takes place immediately after part one. Its not as scary, but the zombies are still fun to see. Theres a few moments that get you to shriek but not as many as part1.

Funny Games
Funny Games(1998)

It doesn't get that rating because I liked it... it gets it because it totally accomplishes what it sets out to do. Its executed to near perfection. The only part I hate is the ending where they rewind back. Nope, not going to accept that... she killed him and thats that. The plot is obviously disturbing and cruel. As its meant to be. There is some caution taken ie they dont kill the kid on-screen, nor do they show the father being stabbed. The acting is great as you truly feel sorry for the protagonists and you thoroughly hate the antagonists. Not much more I want to say about this film. It really pissed me off, so congratulations, mission accomplished.

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom)

This was not an easy watch. It takes A LOT to make me squirm and this movie succeeded twice. The film is broken up into 4 parts: intro, orgies, shit and torture. None being very appealing. This isn't a movie that you can watch and try to put yourself in their shoes. You would have to turn it off. And thats not saying that you watch it with zero empathy... its natural to feel pain and sadness for the victim. The graphic depictions of the 4 sections of the film are filmed extremely well because its goal is to shock and it definitely does that. The acting is also superb as you truly feel hate and vitriol toward the captors, and sadness and pain (as stated above) for the victims. I really question whether all the actors/victims were at least 18 years old. Many appeared younger, which adds substantially to the disgust. It wasn't easy to play a victim for these actors because 80% of the time they're naked and of that, 50% of the time they're being abused or tortured. I hope it was worth it for them. It gets 3* not because its a decent story, but because it really accomplishes its goals (regardless of how much I disagree with them). That deserves praise because its not easy to disgust me, and this succeeded. Forget Martyrs, High Tension, Wolf Creek, Inside, Cannibal Holocaust, Them, etc... this is by far the craziest movie Ive ever seen. Congrats (I guess).


Not nearly as graphic or disturbing as I was expecting. The film was very good but loses points for the protagonists being so stupid. Twice they had the opportunity to kill one of the antagonists and opted not to. Thats very frustrating and irritating to watch. Otherwise it was a fine movie that had a lot of suspense. The acting was very good as you could really feel the dread they were going through. The cinematography was also great as the 3 locations were perfectly isolated and creepy - a huge huge house, a dark forest and underground tunnels. The plot wasn't unique but was executed very well.


Incredible score. Very eerie and disturbing, creating a sense of dread. The acting was very good especially considering its an 80s movie. The movie was very good namely for a great villain and a surprise ending which really worked. This film turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting.


An interesting story based on a Swiss fable. Its not scary or that dark (until the third act) where all is revealed. Theres use of parallel timelines with the 2 sub-plots. The acting in it is really good as you truly feel emerged in Swiss folklore. The cinematography is also brilliant eschewing a total Swiss vibe. The best thing about this movie is plot... its very interesting from start to finish, with no dull lags in between.


Great movie! Had some genuinely good scares and a nice dark plot re zombies. The found footage wasn't annoying or overly shaky. Didn't hurt that the main girl was beautiful. It was also very claustrophobic bc they were sealed in a small building. Very very fast paced and what was really spectacular was a lot of the prolonged action shots were done in one shot. This is the original to Quarantine.

Blood Fest
Blood Fest(2018)

This movie really tore me apart... most of it was stupid horror (totally self aware) but it was very watchable and I finished it with ease. The acting was really good from the kids. The effects weren't particularly good but they weren't trying to be. This was a movie for teens, hence I can only give it 3* max from my pov.

Hangar 10
Hangar 10(2015)

Was on cell for whole thing but it looked really bad, beginning to end.

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(1986)

This was a really good action move. I don't see how its listed as a horror on many lists and sites. The acting is really good for an 80s movie. The plot is quite unique for the time frame it was produced in. It has many twists and turns on the way to an ending that was predictable. Mind you some of those twists are HUGE in the plot and could've been a suitable climactic ending themselves. This was a very dark movie considering how many "good" character died (namely cops). Well done and better than the remake.

México Bárbaro

Not a fan of this Anthology movie. The shorts weren't scary at all and relied heavily on gore as their main trope. None of the stories stood out to me. The was ok at best... on the level of low budget indies. This just wasn't my cup of tea.


A really good movie re a cat and mouse chase. A kid is left alone at his grandpa's house out in the boonies, where the only other person is the next door neighbour. After his grandpa suddenly dies in the middle of the night, he realizes he's now all alone with a dead cellphone (no phone at the house). He goes to the neighbours for help, but he quickly realizes the man is not who he appears to be. Hence the cat and mouse ensues, culminating in a grand reveal before the kid survives and the man is dead. The acting was good namely from the kid. I felt the antagonist could've been better. Its a nice suspense thriller thats exciting and the cinematography and direction are both great.


Couldn't even finish this one, it just wasn't for me. Its part of the Universal Monster Universe and most of those classics are unwatchable for me. The concept of oversized spiders on a killing spree just seems ridiculous to me. I know I'm in the minority as this is considered a classic. It still gets 1.5* bc the special effects of the spiders were done very very well.


80s anthology movie full of 80s camp and horrible cheese. 1 story was really good, 1 was ok and 2 were pretty out dated. Overall, if you're not into 80s camp and cheese then this movie definitely isn't for you.

The Skin I Live In

For those who consider this to be a horror its grossly incorrectly labelled. Its not even thriller... it's mystery and suspense. There are some disgusting scenes involving sex changes and later the doctor being with the kidnapped sex changer. But its definitely a unique story. I'll give it props for that. The acting was great led by Antonio Banderas and Elena Ayana. Its a very fucked up story about revenge.

The Thin Blue Line

A fascination documentary that led to the exoneration of the subject of the movie. Great interviews with all the people involved in the court case of Randall Adams. Errol Morris deserves high praise for taking the effort and time to research this event and put this documentary together.


Very predictable and very frustrating to sit through. The acting is superb, as everyone does a great job of channeling the necessary emotions to sell the audience that this is real life. I hate what happened but considering how mad I was it must be a well crafted movie.

The Cabin in the Woods

After the first viewing I had it rated as a 2.0, and was VERY disappointed with the final product. I found the premise to be stupid, and the actors to be a collection of 21st century horror movie cliches. The last third of the movie saved it from being a colossal bomb. Yet after each subsequent viewing, I find myself more and more a defender of this movie! Yes there are cliches, but on 2nd thought, they're included 100% by design (not just because the screenwriter was lazy). As a classic horror fan it was easy to dismiss the twists/turns of this movie as half-hearted attempts just to be different than the rest... but in the end, when viewed with more of an open mind, they in fact do add up to a pleasant "new" sub-genre.
If you're a classic horror fan who sees things as black and white (ie what can be included in a horror vs what can't be), then this might be a failure in your eyes too. Yet if you're open to re-writing the rules of horror movies, and willing to give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt while you're watching it, then you might find this to be more of a treat than just a stupid trick.

Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom(1960)

Found it to be very slow and quite boring. I get that its suppose to be an artsy psychological look into the mind of the killer, but we actually didn't learn much about him at all. Theres no horror here except for a couple kills which aren't even shown onscreen except for the final one. The acting was ok, nothing great. May be this movie was just not in my alley.


Started off great before taking a u-turn to stupid funny. It went from horror to stupid funny in a second. Im sure others would find this funny, but I can't see it as anything but asinine. Thats it. Nothing else to say. As a reminder so you never watch this again: walrus with tusks.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

What a great movie. This would have easily been 4.5* if the ending was better. Thats the only flaw in the film. Its very anticlimatic and uneventful. Which is a huge surprise considering how eventful and exciting the movie had been prior to that. This was a blueprint that Misery ended up copying. The acting was phenomenal as you really support and feel for the protagonist while despising and hating the antagonist (who was truly villainous considering this was made a calmer time of 1962). I loved the plot and the storyline... it progressed really well. This was definitely a treat to watch.

The Fog
The Fog(1980)

Great movie. Can see how this would've been terrifying back in the '80s. Still carries some scares to today. The mood is very tense and spooky.

Primal Screen

This was made by the same person who made the atrocious Room 237. The theories presented are non-sensical and foolish. Not mucg good to say other than he did a great job of getting the original shows/movies/ads from the 80's that are being discussed (vs reenacting or using CGI).

Black Sunday
Black Sunday(1960)

Considering how highly its regarded I expected more. Its a nice classic that deals with a witch and satanism. The lighting and shadows were incredible in this movie as they were effectively used to tell the story of good vs bad.

When We Were Kings

An insightful look at the event and surrounding events of the Rumble in the Jungle. It looks at the preparation each went through, which was starkly different. Foreman provides insight on the fight in the current day of the documentary.


Its a very good movie but only gets3* because the big picture was pretty predictable (not just the final outcome but the meta twists on the way there). Still a very suspenseful movie in the sense of how does this play out. The acting was really good and the girl was super hot even though she's a f'n bitch.

Cold Hell (Die Hölle)

Very very good movie. Suspense thriller. Had 1-2 scares but it wasn't a horror. The acting was great. The story wasn't very unique but it was done very well. The outcome was predictable but the ride there wasn't really. Great action scenes... and relentless action.


Kind of a standard blueprint movie that deals with some dark themes. Doesn't offer anything new to the thriller genre. James Gandolfini had a great role in it as a villain. Nicholas Cage wasn't as irritating as normal, but he still can't act for shit.
Deals with themes of child porn, snuff videos, kidnapping and murder.


Not scary but a somewhat interesting story. The movie isn't as outdated as you would expect. Candyman is a good villain, but could have been scarier. You would expect a movie like this to be a lot scarier.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

The 3rd movie in The Vengeance Trilogy. Not as good as the others, but still a very nice movie. This movie couldn't get me as emotionally invested as the other two, hence the lower score. You really had to pay attention in this one, as pieces were slowly revealed, which made little sense at the time, and only came together when Act 3 began. Its a cool story about revenge.


The 2nd in The Vengeance Trilogy. What a crazy, unpredictable, emotional rollercoaster ride. This may be the best revenge movie I've ever seen (with all due respect to Kill Bill). The story is grotesque and beautiful. The final twist at the end was just earth shattering. Phenomenal movie, but not for the weak of heart.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

The 1st of The Vengeance Trilogy along w Old Boy and Lady Vengeance. This was a very entertaining movie that moved along a bit slow but still had a ton of stuff going on. 3 main storylines co-existed. This movie was definitely about vengeance and it pulled at your heart strings. It had a surprising ending which was great.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

Not a scary movie, but a nice one due to an interesting plot and great acting. Better than the original due to a better lead actors, a better ending, and some better scenes.

Let the Right One In

Surprisingly I found the remake much better than this original. I found the 2 leads to be more appealing, the ending was significantly better, there were really nice scenes that weren't in the original, etc. This is still a great movie, especially so bc its the original. Not really a horror as much as its a romance movie with horror elements to it.

The Vanishing (Spoorloos)

There is nothing scary about this film except for how slow and boring it is most of the time. The ratings it has totally baffle me. Its got a great ending (twist) but its not enough to save the movie.

The Wicker Man

This wasnt a horror movie. There were no scares. Its a suspenceful drama. Decent storyline with a good ending.

Here Comes the Devil

Dubbed (spanish). Not scary at all and seemed like a low budget indie. The story was meh with a minor twist at the end. Def'ly wouldn't recommend to anyone.


Not scary but a pretty good tale. Its a group of 3 teens against 2 separate antagonists. Theres some unexpected twists and outcomes. The acting is really good and the vibe is quite dark.

Down a Dark Hall

It was definitely a teen horror movie, but it still had 2 awesome scares and a decent story that was easily watchable. Starts off very cliche and lame but that morphs into a mystery and decent plot.

The Central Park Five

Stunning and shocking re how far the police will go to "solve" a high profile crime. Its very sad that the 5 had to fulfill the sentences which ranged from 6.5 - 13yrs, as the truth came out afterwards. They truly deserve a settlement from the city/police force.


Tom Hardy is exceptional and the movie is marvellous. Highly recommended for lovers of gangster/crime movies.

Snow on tha Bluff

A crazy "documentary" thats based on the life of a real person named Curtis Snow. Some sites portray the film as being real, but I'm of the belief that its like a reality show: not real but based on actual events from his life. The film is a detailed look inside the hood... stick-up kids, coke/crack selling and the making of it, drug dealing, dealing with a child and baby momma, getting into shootouts with rival drug dealers. Many people, mostly rappers, contend that its very close to real life in the hood. It was a great great movie if its real, and good movie if its fake. Im assuming its based on actual events hence 4*.


A solid 3* low budget indie found footage horror. It was a slow burn for the first half before picking up in the second half and ending with a bang. Only 1 actor of the 5 was horrible (voice was annoying, acting was annoying, etc)... the rest were pretty damn good for low budget actors. Its not unique, its the typical found footage of an asylum.

Big Bad Wolves

A good movie with an awesome ending. A crazy story of a man determine to extract the location of his daughters head, thinking the man is guilty. All movie I was led to be;ieve the man was innocent, but in the end he was guilty. Not only that, but they killed him before he revealed the location of the 2nd mans daughter, who had just found out his daughter went missing. Crazy movie.

The Dirties
The Dirties(2013)

A very low budget ghetto indie movie thats part comedy (didn't laugh once) and part action/drama. The acting is pretty good considering how low budget it is. Its got a twist at the end that you can see coming.

Alien Abduction

Was on cell for most of it but it didn't have scares and looked like a slow build.


A really good movie. The absolute end conclusion was predictable from the start, but how we get there is the beauty of this movie. Tons of twists and turns. Great acting led by Gossling and Hopkins.

Outlaw King
Outlaw King(2018)

Amazing. My lone, single complaint would be that there was more than enough material to have a 10 episode series, instead of writing the conclusion on the screen. The story was awesome... predictable obviously but amazing. chris Pine was amazing in the lead role, being able to strongly evoke feelings of empathy from the viewers. The setting and set pieces were great too... truly authentic.

13 Cameras
13 Cameras(2016)

What a crazy movie!! The ending, like Eden Lake, was beyond surprising. The story was very unique and well written. The acting was great as you really hated the 2 antagonists and loved the protagonist. Even supporting actors did a wonderful job; hence I can say the casting was excellent.

Slender Man
Slender Man(2018)

Was on reddit whole time barely watching but it looked soooooo stupid and a total cater to early-teens.

The Nun
The Nun(2018)

Wow really crappy compared to the Conjurings (along the same line as the Annabelles). The story had a lot of potential but it just wasn't executed properly. Like Annabelle, there weren't any successful scares (except for 1). The casting was all wrong imo. All 3 lead characters could've used better actors more suited for these roles. And worst of all, this is another (in a long line of) Blumhouse movies that is catered to teenagers and casual horror fans vs more seasoned horror fans. Thats a real shame they are choosing to sell out.

The Corpse Of Anna Fritz (El Cadáver De Anna Fritz)

A good movie. Thank god justice prevailed in the end bc it was a harrowing journey on the way there. The ending was abrupt especially considering how much detail went into everything else. The story was great and execution well too.


Really good movie. Suspenseful, mysterious and thrilling. Huge twist at end that made a good movie great. Funky way of telling the story using text messages, FaceTime, news reports and hidden cameras.

May the Devil Take You (Sebelum iblis menjemput)

Very entertaining movie. Not as scary as most 4* are, but it was the plot and the execution that really excelled. The acting was very good, the dialogue was very good and the effects/cinematography was really good. I would definitely recommend this movie to horror fans.

The Monitor (Babycall)

Its definitely a slowburn that has a monster twist at the end. It gets a bit frustrating to cheer foor the protagonist bc her actions get increasingly manic. At first theres sympathy for her, but that slowly waned away for me. Its a confusing movie after the twist is revealed, as it leaves an ambiguous ending.

The Collingswood Story

'A' for effort, but its too low budget to pull off its ambitions. Its a decent premise and the acting isn't an issue... it simply can't execute to deliver tension, fear or scares. But for how low budget it is, they did a great job.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

A mockumentary that wasn't good at all. Like Lake Mungo it didn't feel real and was pretty unentertaining. The premise was good, hence the execution failed.

House On Willow Street

Not good. Wasn't scary at all. Acts 1 and 2 were bad before Act 3 salvaged a bit of the movie. The acting wasn't great, giving it a low budget feel.

The Signal
The Signal(2014)

A very good sci-fi movie (not horror). The story is unique with a great ending. The way the movie is shot looks very good and believable. Its a fun watch thats a bit trippy bc they don't explain a lot as the movie advances, but by the end everything is revealed.


For an '80s slasher flick. its amazing. Cheesy blood effects obviously but not too much gore which I liked. The killer was fun to watch. Loved his chainsaw and his knife. Had some '80s nudity which was nice. A good campy slasher.

The Fog
The Fog(2005)

This movie has grown on me over time. Probably seen it over 5 times now. Its not scary at all and only has a very basic premise. The characters are relatable, even thouh they have some early 2000's cliches. Doubt anyone else would like it, but I'll give it 3* for how the story unfolds plus the beautiful small town setting.

The Blackcoat's Daughter (February)

Unlike the first time (which was surprising bc I thought I was watching it for the first time) I really enjoyed it this time around. Its a slowburn but thats required bc theyre laying out different pieces required to solve the puzzle. Its not scary, but its very interesting while trying to figure it out. Its pretty trippy (parallel timelines) hence I had to watch the first half again AND read its wiki page, both helped me to revise my interpretation of the puzzle.
2* initially.
Rather slow and uneventful. Tries to build its tension around the themes of loss and uncertainty, but as mentioned before, the pace will likely challenge watchers & leave them frustrated/wanting more.


Frustrating movie, Had a decent premise but then went in the wrong direction with it. The acting was ok sat best... its a low budget. The ending was horrible... a twist I didn't like bc the annoying antagonist won.

From Hell
From Hell(2001)

Was on cell but following whole thing. Its not scary at all. The plot is based on Jack The Ripper, the familiar tale.The setting was great, really making it feel like London in the 1880's. Johnny Depp was OK. nothing special. The movie was ok/good.

When Animals Dream

A decent flick thats part love story, part revenge tale and part monster movie. The film was interesting. It started off being a slow burn before picking up for Act 3.


More suspenseful/thrilling than actually shaking in your boots scary. Def'ly meets the gore requirement, ten fold. If you're a fan of his other works, Im guessing you'll be a fan of this too. Enjoy!

Demon House
Demon House(2018)

Horrible. Ridiculously low budget, thats no excuse for how bad it is. Its a mockumentary about a haunted house with a lead actor thats annoying.

The Ranger
The Ranger(2018)

Way over-rated. The movie is not that fun (may be its made for punk rockers... even though that didn't stop me from liking Green Room). It feels like a teeage horror except for the amount of blood and a couple very gory scenes. Punk rock kids go to cabin in the woods and are stalked by a ranger they previously had a run-in with.

Hounds of Love

Wow! What a great movie. Had some tough scenes to get through, as expected with a kidnapping/torture movie. It worked out in the end but it was a tough road to get there. The ending was a bit weak, and unbelievable to me (slightly) and could have been done better. The acting was phenomenal. The setting was great, really showing the different classes in society.

The Clovehitch Killer

Really good movie. It's a slow burn that really picks up for Act 3. There isn't much surprise who the killer is, but the fun part is wondering how it will all play out. The acting was great, very believable. The setting was nice, it really gave you a small town feel with a strong Christian bond. The direction was ok, nothing special, but nothing bad. The chemistry between the lead actors was awesome to watch as they developed.

Scare Campaign

It gets an extra 1/2 * because its so low budget. There are a few twists and turns but then it settles into a group of killer stalkers picking off the new victims. Its not scary, but its a bit interesting and definitely watchable.


Not very good at all. The premise is ok but there was no horror to it, nor anything scary about it. It was a girl trying to solve a case where she's the victim. Absolutely not scary and no idea why this is considered a horror.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Not s good as the original but still a fun watch. Freddy is up to his usual antics, this time children's ward. The ending of this one was great as they all combined to defeat him, plus there was a very surprising death. The acting was typically average for '80s horror. Not scary anymore, at all, but a fun watch regardless.


Really bad, Wasn't scary and the execution was really bad. Didn't like it at all.


1 of the 6 stories was pretty scary, the first one. It had a number of good scares and decent plot. The rest were mundane zombies attack, aliens attack, etc. The rest didn't contain many scares and weren't eerie enough to generate a chilling vibe. Not worth it.


A horror anthology with about 6-7 stories. None of them were scary. Some of them were a bit interesting, but I didn't like the endings for any of them. The acting was fine, especially for a low budget anthology like this.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Amazing!! I hate horror comedies but this one was awesome. So funny. As usual, there wasn't much horror except for gore, but the laughs definitely made the movie. The acting was very impressive, everyone really selling their roles. The setting was perfect and the choreography was great. Even the direction was really good as the movie looked really good.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Crappy outdated effects only add to the films '80s campiness. Its got a phenomenal premise that may be one of the best themes in all of horror (a killer who gets you in your dreams). The acting could be improved but its not bad for a low budget movie. The story is great and very unique. Lots to love about this film.


Found the effects to be too outdated and not disturbing at all. The acting was ok, but the plot just doesn't cut it for me.

The Omen
The Omen(1976)

Not scary at all and way over-rated imo. The child actor does a good job of appearing eerie, but its wasted on an exorbitant tale that feels really outlandish. I can see how the shock of a child demon may have disturbed audiences in 1976 but it no longer has that effect.

The Exorcist III

A great tale of good vs evil. Turns out the Gemini Killer has reincarnated via demon possessing another man. Which then possesses another man to do his bidding. Its a great movie with a few really really good scares, plus a very entertaining dark story full of mystery and suspense. Its the kind of movie you wish never ends. I was very impressed with effects, the score, the acting and the cinematography. Each setting (aside from Bill's house) has a dark spooky eerie vibe to it. This movie exudes evil. A worthy finale to the original trilogy.

Pulse (Kairo)

Not a scary movie. Limited jump scares that actually work; atmosphere is not very creepy. the acting is pretty bad in those one as it feels they've just included every teen cliche they could find. Not very entertaining.


Haven't seen the J-horror version but it has to be significantly better than this considering all the praise it gets. This was very dumb and not scary at all. The premise had potential in the beginning but then quickly slid into an ineffective bad horror movie.

Sadako Vs Kayako

Much better than I expected for a crossover of 2 amazing franchises. Each of them were individually scary in their own respects, and even more scary as they fought and combined with each other. The acting was great, as the characters were very believable. The direction and cinematography were also above par, creating a dark suspenseful atmosphere. A few of the jump scares were really really good. Even the sound effects of the 2 spirits were amazing. The potential this would've had if it was in 3D was limitless, not sure why they didn't pursue that avenue.


Not nearly as scary as it should've been. The running through the forest at night wasn't very scary because (a) not much happened, (b) it was way to dark to see anything and the camera was too shaky. Decent premise (not original. but a solid blueprint) but not executed well. During scenes with the most suspense and tension, the camera was too shaky and it was too dark.


A good movie that went in unanticipated directions, having some twists and turns that weren't expected. y the end there were no likeable characters except for the statutory rapist drug dealer lol. The acting is great, especially from the 4 main characters. The setting is beautiful, in a gorgeous mansion. The movie was shot very well (direction).

Basket Case
Basket Case(1982)

Found this movie to be ridiculously stupid. Not much about it was good. The premise seemed to be stupid and ended up being lousy. The effects were very bad even for the '80s.

The Prowler
The Prowler(1981)

An '80s slasher that totally falls in line with the blueprint. Theres some good suspense in the movie, especially towards the end.

The Legend of Boggy Creek

I can see how this was groundbreaking and very new to audiences, just like The Blair Witch Project if for us. It doesn't scare or even feel creepy anymore, so most of its *s come from the fact that it was that generation's BWP. The mockumentary format was arguably created by this film, which is ridiculously awesome fact. The creators of BWP have said that this was their inspiration. Also whats great is that used the same people in the movie as those who told their stories about the creature.

Demons (Dèmoni)

Didn't finish it because it was a bad zobie B movie. The story was the issue.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

Its absolutely terrible except for a shower scene in the beginning. Very low budget indie hence many aspects weren't good, namely the plot. Plus I found the comedy to be awful.

Sleepaway Camp

Its a campy 80's slasher flick. Wont scare horror fans, but it's still entertaining. It will definitely go down as a classic with the likes of Friday the 13th, but the scare level is way too low for anyone looking for a real horror. One of the biggest bright spots is the ending.

Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap(1979)

A typical '80s horror movie except this time the theme in mannequins. It has some really cute girls but no nudity. The acting wasn't bad and the direction was pretty good. It wasn't good but wasn't horrible either. It has somme decent twists and turns.


Not a horror. more a dark action thriller. ame plot as usual Predator movies. This onee was better due to talented cast.

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

I can see how this would've been very suspenseful in the '50s, but it didn't quite do it for me. Acts 1 and 2 were good, and Act 3 was great. The direction was really good, the cinematography was ok, the acting was very good. Its a nice movie with a nice pay off in the end (a thrilling ending).


Low budget indie horror. Looked like a professional film so they must've used a good camera. The story wasn't unique: 2 couples take a short cut via a small town and get picked off (2 survive). The acting was very very bad and it was plainly evident that they were amateurs. That really took away from the viewing experience. It wasn't very scary as the jump scares were amateur-ish and the rest of the film just didn't feel creepy. Overall not horrible but not ok either.


Its not bad. Didn't scare except for 2 minor jump scares. Had decent acting, but the movie wasn't engaging.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Surprisingly a very good movie. It has a few scares, which are really good, but the main thing I liked about it was the story which was interesting and entertaining. The direction and cinematography were excellent evidenced by the great film shots and great setting. The acting was awesome as expected with Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox. Plus it has a great ending. So all around, this is a solid 4*.


This was ridiculously good. It's the original Scarface. I didn't put 2 and 2 together. The only diff's are that it takes place in Chicago instead of Miami, and it deals with alcohol instead of cocaine. The films are nearly identical besides that. Obviously there are differences, but not as many as you would expect for a film made in 1932. It's waaaay ahead of it's time. Groundbreaking. Supposedly the film "glorified gangsters" so the movie association made them change the ending and also add in some scenes that talked about how bad it is... I would love to see the original. It's impossible to find a copy of the entire movie in it's original form, but there is one with the original ending. I have got to find that.

Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

Its an extremely low budget alien abduction story. No CGI or visual effects. But it was still a decent story that was well acted considering the budget. Not sure I'd rec to anyone or watch again, but it was fun one time viewing.


Unbelievably good. Most movies from the '60s you just appreciate them for their groundbreaking movements, not because they still excite or scare or have you in suspense. M was very very suspenseful, I felt emotionally invested and it had me on the edge of my seat. The directing was first class and the acting was almost perfect. Its very close to being the perfect suspense and mystery film. The fact that this was made in 1931 leaves me flabbergasted.


A spectacular look inside the lives of street kids. It's about how they live, where they sleep, how they get money, their family situation, etc. The stories are heartbreaking and emotional. The doc is so well done it feels as if the camera isn't even recording, as the kids really show their true self and are not acting for the camera. I pray to god that some of these kids got a life of happiness.

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

Originally was 2*
This is better than the original, to my surprise. Its still not very scary but there a couple good scares. Samara coming out of the TV is still freaky as hell. The acting is ok at best, nothing stands out from the direction or cinematography, hence this movie could have been a lot better. Again I would mark this as a mystery and suspense with horror elements, rather than straight horror.

Ringu (Ring)
Ringu (Ring)(1998)

I thought the movie was pretty good, but don't understand the very very high ranking it gets in Top horror lists. It wasn't particularly scary except for 1 scene near the end. The best description for this movie is mystery and suspense... not horror. The acting is fine, the direction isn't anything special and the cinematography is just good. May be I'm being harsh for a movie nearly 20 years old. But I'll stick to my opinion: the American remake from 2002 is better.

A Cure For Wellness

Its an entertaining mystery film, but nothing special. Some sites classify it as a horror but thats from the truth. Its a psychological suspense and mystery film. The movie becomes fairly predictable at times, which takes away from the suspense. The acting is good, the setting is perfect and the direction is fine. No problems there.

I Am Evidence

A damning and insightful look into the world of rapes and solving these crimes. Too many rape kits go unchecked in DNA labs and police warehouses. Its a serious problem as most of these men go on to rape more victims.

Kaidan (Kwaidan) (Ghost Stories)

Of the 4 stories 3 were good and the last was bad. Not scary by any means, anymore. But can see how audiences in the '60s would have found these to be unique and creepy. The acting and cinematography for that time period are amazing.

Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes

Paranormal Entity 4. By far the worst of the series, so thats saying something. There were no scares and only very minor attempts to set a chilling vibe. It felt like a PG-13 version of the Anneliese story. About the only positives were the acting was good especially for such a low budget, and they kept pretty close to the actual true story. This could've and should've been a lot better. Even when taking into account how low budget it is.

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

So many aspects of the movie are very very good, but it just failed to scare. Notable achievements came from the setting, the set pieces, the eerie black and white picture, the direction, the acting, the plot (which I'm sure was very unique at the time). The problem for me is that it failed to scare (the scares didn't age well) (though again, I have to give credit for the scares being original at the time). The other issue I had with it is that the story isn't as engrossing anymore due to it being cliche now... but thats forgivable bc movies have copied it, not vice versa.

Jug Face
Jug Face(2013)

Was on cell for most of it but following along. This is not horror at all except for a couple of gory shots. Nothing scary about this. The story is unique, so I'll give it that. Its all about expectations... if you're looking for a horror you'll be disappointed, if you're looking for a drama you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich seh)

Very slow and not very scary. Has some creepy and tense scenes towards the end, but the movie takes too long in setting that up. Not a fan of really slow burns.


Not scary but a very interesting and fun movie. Radcliffe shines as the protagonist. The setting and cinematography really make it feel like you're a small town. The story is about a boyfriend who gets dumped but then tries to find the killer of his ex. Has some really funny moments too.

The Devil's Doorway

Has a couple scares but not scary overall. The movie was more about hating the head of the convent. Acting was solid and cinematography was great.

100 Ghost Street: The Return Of Richard Speck

Paranormal Entity Part 3. As usual the acting wasn't good and the characters made very stupid decisions at times. Acts 1 and 2 weren't very good but Act 3 was pretty good. The final seconds were a bit dumb, but considering the scares in Act 3, it was acceptable.

8213: Gacy House

Paranormal Entity part 2. Not even close to as good as part 1. The characters were extremely unlikeable. They had no clue how to act. The found footage work was horrible with bad angles, ugly night vision and rapid movements which made it impossible to get scared. There were a couple scenes that were good and the premise was ok for low budget movie, hence the 1.5*.

Paranormal Entity

The movie looked so crap and desperately under budget before turning it all around for act 3. The third act contained notable scares and had a very chilling vibe to it. Erin Marie Hogan does a great job of being the daughter in the film (and it doesn't hurt that she has a fantastic body). This was a mockbuster of Paranormal Activity... obviously not as good, but really darn good considering the budget.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Its a good movie that isn't very scary. Its based on a bunch of small creatures that torment people in a mansion. Theres one great jump scare and thats it for the scares. But the story is decent so it was worth finishing. Wouldn't recommend it.

What We Do In The Shadows

Its a comedy not a horror. Theres nothing scary in it at all, and it doesn't even try to scare. I'm not a fan of comedies so most of the jokes fell flat on me. Was watchable but will never watch it again.

Who Took Johnny

A crazy unbelievable story about missing kids, the police investigations, etc. There were so many variables that factored into the outcome. There was a great use of interviews, old news clips, press releases, etc to tell the full story from everyones POV.

7 Nights Of Darkness

Extremely low budget, but also very good. There were numerous scares, spread thoughout the movie (multiple times I stiffened up and got goosebumps... 1 time I shrieked out loud lol). The direction and cinematography were great. The only issue I had was with the acting. Most of the characters were extremely annoying and it wasn't til the middle of act 3 that a couple of them became bearable. Oh and also I have to nit pick re the decisions they made, the things they said (at times) and the plot holes (ie if x happened the how in the hell was y able to occur). Nut considering how low budget this was, and how many times it scared me, its a great movie.

3 And 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets

A fascinating and incredible look inside the case of Michael Dunn who fired 10 shots at a car full of black teens, killing 1 of them. His arrogance and ignorance was on full display during the taped jail house phone calls between his wife and himself. This man deserved llife in prison, which was in serious doubt and required a 2nd after a hung jury trial. Amazing work by the filmmakers to show all the appropriate facts.

Strong Island

A horrific case of racism against a black family whose son was shot by a white man. It doesn't get 5* bc there were some obvious factors to consider that weren't discussed. Other than that, its a powerful, emotional and tragic documentary created by the sister of the slain man.

Black Mountain Side

On cell whole time but it looked stupid and not scary at all.

Creep 2
Creep 2(2017)

Originally had this as a 1* stating its too slow and not scary at all. This time I enjoyed it much more, getting jump scared a few times. Its not as good as part 1, but its still decent. Again, Duplass plays the creep to perfection. The only problem is that you're waiting all movie to kill her. This is where a good twist ending comes into play. The cinematography was nice, focusing on a nice big house in the woods, and the forest at night. I wish there was more tension in acts 1 and 2,

The Houses October Built

Most of the movie is very mild and just setting up the 3rd act/climax. Unfortunately that takes way too long... they needed more scares during that time. The 3rd act is good, but not as scary as I was hoping for. Its got creepy elements but doesn't scare. Plus this faux doc didn't feel real at all (ie vs Hell House).

The Nightmare

As usual with these types of shows, I'm not a firn believer in what they're stating. If its all true, then wowow... sleep paralysis is the scariest shit out there. Its freaky how it penetrates their life even when they're awake. I just need to come to a conclusion re whether I believe in sleep paralysis or not.


Not scary but an interesting plot. The acting is great and very believable. The story and ending are somewhat predictable which prevents it from getting 3.5*. The antagonist does a very good job of being sneaky at start and eventually just horrible person.

The Eyes of My Mother

Its definitely a slow burn. It has a great artsy look ddue to the black and white and the great use of shadows and lighting. The acting is good as you root for who you're suppose to and you root against the eventual antagonist. Just wish there was more to the story and wish it had a better ending. The ending wouldn't be bad at all if there was more during the story. Its a very simple tale

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The definition of a cheesy '80s B movie.

An American Werewolf in London

Solid movie due to its groundbreaking visual effectts that must have blown peoples minds away at the time. The acting is good, nothing great. The plot is nice and easy. Its a fun movie. The soundtrack is really good.

Dead of Night

A groundbreaking anthology for its time. Most of the concepts are still used to this day. Its a genuine classic. 4 of the 5 intertwined stories were very nice.

Sun Choke
Sun Choke(2016)

Wouldn't call it a horror except for 3 gory scenes. It was a trippy drama. The movie was great at making you root for the supposed protagonist before switching on a dime and making them the antagonist. Great acting, good direction, good cinematography. Soundtrack was tame but applicable usually. Its definitely a slow burn.

Dave Made a Maze

Couldn't finish because was sooo ridiculously stupid. The main guy was very unlikeable. Theres no horror at all. Its stupid comedy. May be the ending saves it... I'll never know.

The Witch in the Window

Aside from a couple really really good scares/scenes, it felt more like a drama. The plot wasn't unique at all, but that wasn't a problem. The acting was ok... none of them really stood out. The few scares were very good, the rest of the movie was ok.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Holy shit this scared the crap out of me! The first half was slow, but thats because its introducing you to the characters and their chemistry,,, then the second half delivers the scares. Not sure if it will work for a second viewing but it really got me good the first time. Theres jump scares, and suspense scares and scares from actual events taking place. The acting is phenomenal as it all feels real. Great job.


They actually made a movie where I was rooting for Nic Cage!! Never thought that was even possible. The best parts of the movie are the direction and cinematography. The visuals were sooo trippy and stunning. The gore and fight sequences were done just right (they didn't overdo it). The plot was a nice tale of revenge.


Not as good as its reviews lead you to believe, but among all the other failed attempts in 2015 at even a basic horror, this one is actually better than most. It deserves credit for its unique blueprint, and great choice of actors. A few more scares would've gotten a 4.5 vs just a 3.5. But again, compared to most other "horror films" of 2015, this one is worth a viewing.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Very good. Didn't feel like a repeat of the previous instalments. Neve Campbell rocks as usual. The kills felt refreshed even though as usual they're all stabbed with a knife. It was hard to guess who the killers were until the end.

Scream 3
Scream 3(2000)

The concept is getting tired and the uniqueness it once carried is gone. The acting was ok at best. The direction was great as usual, evidenced by awesome chase sequences.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

Nowhere near the level of part 1 (because part 1 was so original). Almost feels like been there done that, but its still a good movie. Chase sequences are awesome, guessing who the killer is is fun, etc. Great acting, great direction.

High Tension (Switchblade Romance)

I thought it was torture porn going into it (which it isn't) so I wasn't as shocked by the experience as I should have been. Theres a lot of tension and gore... A LOT. Its a very very good movie due to the twist which you're not expecting at all. Incredible acting and solid direction/cinematography.


It's an extremely emotional movie. Theres no life line, or light at the end of the tunnel, etc. Its grim... bleak... and shocking. And I say all that knowing how bad it was going to be. The acting is beyond remarkable. You feel you're right there with them. The direction is incredible. Its very authentic and captivating.


Horrible movie. No idea why its rated so highly and ranked so high on many All Time Best lists. Almost every character is unlikeable (very annoying). The film is gory B movie that especially doesn't hold up well over time. Not scary in the slightest.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

A decent/good story that follows up on the original. Not very scary but has some tense moments. The acting is good and the direction is really good, truly giving you the claustrophobia of being hunted in a small town.

The Happening

Def'ly not scary or a horror (had 1 good scare). Expectations were very high for this movie hence it hurts that much more that it wasn't good. Acting is ok from a talented cast. The story had tons tons tons of potential, but just went a different direction after an awesome opening.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Much of the same as part 1 except not as "cute" or appealing. Many of the characters over-acted, making their characters come across as obnoxious. The twist wasn't that surprising. Just an overall very bad movie. The only highlight is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

A fun teen horror movie that isn't scary at all. A typical slasher. When viewed from the POV of an adult, the movie has some series flaws.

The Kindergarten Teacher

Def'ly a drama. Pretty slow. Interesting movie about a teacher trying to live thru a kindergarten teacher. Good performance by Maggie Gyllenhall but even better by the child Parker Sevak.

Leaving D.C.
Leaving D.C.(2012)

Gotta go easy because this is a very low budget movie. But theres very little suspense and zero payoff. The acting sucks. And the story had potential but failed to deliver.

Noriko's Dinner Table

This movie was a slow burn with a lot of drama. It definitely addressed some components of part 1 but enough for me to understand the details set out in part 1. The film was frustrating at times moving along very slowly. But it made up for this with a nice ending. Again I didn't understand much of this film but filled in some blanks by reading articles. I still don't see how part 2 answers the main questions from part 1, but I'll definitely be looking into this by reading more articles.

Suicide Club
Suicide Club(2002)

Its a gory film thats very trippy and was tough for me to completely grasp. I understood the big picture but many details and questions alluded me. From reading articles re the movie, many questions were intentionally left unanswered. I took a wait and see approach re part 2: Noriko''s Dinner Table, to see if it would answer the questions. This movie wasn't scary but was very intense and interesting.

The Final Destination

Totally stuck to the original blueprint so none of it was exciting or fun. The acting was terrible and they also killed off the 1 series regular who was really good. It leaves a lot to be desired.

Final Destination 5

Pretty good! Much better than I was expecting. Same general blueprint but they made some nice minor twists. Great ending.

Final Destination 3

Exact same blueprint. Getting boring now. Acting was poor. The story is good... its just too familiar.

Final Destination 2

Exact same concept again so the twists are expected this time. Still a nice premise and good acting. Ali Larter, again, is awesome.

Final Destination

4 - What an awesome premise. The movie has quite a few surprises and even manages to scare along the way too. Imho it gets most of it's *'s from the unexpected twists and surprises. This movie is good right up to the last second.


Interesting stories in this anthology film. Not scary, but pretty gory. As usual with these anthologies, the stories just give you a piece of a story, hence they feel so incomplete. This wasn't as bad as others, but still, each story felt like it would be better served by adding another 10min for a complete ending.


An anthology with 3 stories, None were scary and all of them felt incomplete. I understand that its hard to have a complete story i an anthology, but they had approximately 25min each. Other shows like The Twilight Zone did a great job with less than 30min, so thats no excuse.


Holy trippy movie. Really hit home due to obvious reasons. Acting was unbelievable led by Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon. The ending was a bit... blunt. But totally fits in line with the theme of the movie.

Inside (À l'intérieur)

A crazy revenge story with a twist at the end. Its crazy, gory and freaky. Great acting.

Let Me Make You a Martyr

It was a movie that had all the right ingredients: revenge, drugs, murders, trailer trash, gangsters, etc. Yet the plot left too many unanswered questions re the big picture (the surrounding events and what led to all this) hence that was a disappointment.

Landmine Goes Click

Crazy fucking movie. Hated the ending but the "good" guy always has to win, right? Amazing acting from a bunch of amateurs. Great plot with many twists and turns. Great movie.

No One Lives
No One Lives(2013)

A very entertaining action thriller. Had some gory kills but it wasn't scary. Still... a very good movie.

Livide (Livid)

Wasn't creepy or scary, and no jump scares, so wasn't my cup of tea.


Wasn't expecting much and was very impressed. Was on cell to start and very quickly felt the tension and unease of the movie so I put it away. There were many frights and scares (not just jump scares). The plot wasn't unique at all but the execution and acting were both above average. Really liked this movie.

Near Dark
Near Dark(1987)

Was on cell for whole movie but it wasnt scary and felt extremely out dated.

The 15:17 to Paris

An interesting true story to say the least. I don't get the critism of using the actual people that were involved in the incident. They acted well imo, and I didn't even remember that they weren't actors until half way through. The back story of the characters was nice to see.

Blumhouse's Truth or Dare

Knew it would be stupid but watched it anyway. Bc my expectations were so low it was actually watchable. Not good... not scary... but watchable.

The Last House on the Left

Was using the movie to go to sleep, but ended up watching whole movie bc it was pretty darn good. Its not a horror (except for gore and an extremely graphic scene). This is really a thriller.

The Evil Within

Was on cell for it but was following along for whole thing. Wasn't scary and felt like a low budget movie. The plot was ok at best and the direction wasn't great so it felt like an amateur movie.


Not scary but a very nice story re mother and daughter vamps being chased by other vamps. Good plot, great acting. Was pleasantly surprised.

Extraordinary Tales

Was on cell for all of it bc didn't find it appealing. Wasn't the animation I was hoping for ie dark, grimy.

Dead of Night (Deathdream)

Take it with a grain of salt but this was quite good (for a classic). There was a character that was very unlikeable which kept me emotionally invested. The premise is a bit stupid but the acting was good so that helped.

Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion)

Pretty good for a classic! There were some unlikeable characters that really got under my skin, so that made it even more interesting. The ending is just ok, but the build up is really nice.

They're Watching

Horrible acting and not scary at all. The premise and plot aren't that interesting.

The Counselor

Amazing cast and great premise but it doesn't come together well.

Trespass Against Us

A cool movie re family and crime. Great acting and a nice story w a good ending.

We Are the Flesh (Tenemos la carne)

Definitely a mind fuck of a movie, which was interesting. Theres tons of nudity and sex, which is different for a horror movie. Hard to explain... likely have to watch it again as the ending just totally confused me.

The Last Broadcast

Any comparisons between this and The Blair Witch Project are ridiculous. This is not scary at all and constantly feels like a low budget mess. The acting is noticeably bad which doesn't help.

Terrified (Aterrados)

SUBTITLES. Awesome SCARY movie. Has tons of scares that not only give you goosebumps, but that make you jump in fear! Cool story, awesome characters that acted very very well, making the movie feel very real.

The Midnight Meat Train

Not scary, lots of gore, ok plot/story, waste of very talented cast. Not worth seeing again.

The Housemaid (Cô Hâu Gái)

SUBTITLES. Not scary but has a decent story and a nice ending.

All Hallows' Eve

Has some interesting stories and an awesome villain (Art the Clown). The low budget really shows with bad effects and cheap looking sets. None of the segments are scary, but Art does give you some chills.

22 July
22 July(2018)

A very informative look at the events of July 22, and the aftershocks. The acting is great which makes the film seem authentic.


Was on cell for all of it, but it seemed very interesting. Slow to start then picks up in second half. The actors were great, making the movie believable. And the setting was appropriate, giving off the feeling of authenticity.


It was an ok movie until the end when it became amazing. Great ending.

Red Lights
Red Lights(2012)

Outstanding movie. Thought provoking, exciting and very interesting. The acting is great from all actors involved. Theres a nice bait and switch too.


A very interesting and suspenseful movie up til act 3. Then our protagonists made too many stupid stupid decisions which frustrated me and turned me off to the ending.


This was a really weird/different movie. Its marked as drama and thriller but I wouold say there are little thrills and more comedy. The movie is also pretty confusing at the end. Only after reading multiple articles about it do I understand the ending. And even then theres portions that are open to interpretation. It was watchable but not something I'd watch again.

Stonehearst Asylum

A very suspenseful and interesting movie. Loaded with above average actors, the performances were great. The plot is full of tension and intrigue. Has a nice ending.

We Go On
We Go On(2016)

Had so much promise of being a 4.5* but then the movie switched directions (for the worse). The story is still very good and the acting isn't a problem. Its not very scary but its still a fun movie.

Boys in the Trees

Its a coming of age movie better suited for teens (just like I prefer). The acting is good and the story is ok, truly saved by a twist ending. The film is nearly 2 hours long and you notice that, hence shortening it by 20min would have made it better. Its a good movie but not one that deserves a second viewing.


A very effective thriller that even gets tense at times. The acting is great due to the high-powered cast. The story is very interesting and exciting.


An amazing sci-fi flick that is hard to understand after the first viewing. The general premise of the film is easy to get but the layered point of the story is hard to get. Amazing performances by the actors involved. Great movie.


Typical '80s monster flick. A group of teens do something wrong and then get picked off one by one. Not scary anymore, but can see how I could've found it scary as a kid.

The Lords of Salem

This movie doesn't work at all... on any level. Its not creepy, its not scary, its not interesting, even though the concept had so much potential (the revenge of the witches from Salem). Sherri Moon Zombie ids not the right female for the protagonist role.

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

An ok movie that isn't scary at all. The plot is decent hence the 2*.

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

On my 2nd viewing I increased this from a 1.5* to 3*. There were many jump scares that were effective this time around. I watched it at night, w headphones on, and w an open mind. Unsurprisingly the scares were more effective. The plot isn't that scary, but James Wan knows how to make jump scares.
Another horror that fails to scare. And at the end of the day, if a horror can't scare, then it's useless. It had potential during certain moments/scenes but simply failed to capitalize on any momentum that had built up.

The Witch
The Witch(2016)

It will test your patience along the route to the payoff. But if you can get through the old-English dialogue and plain setting, the movie will deliver it's scares. Its a very slow burn that feels very authentic and true to its roots.

Rigor Mortis
Rigor Mortis(2014)

Couldn't hold my attention, was on cell a lot. But it wasn't scary. May be try again to see if you're more into it.


Decent story but not scary at all. Acting was ok. Setting was nice.


Its an interesting movie but theres nothing scary about it. The acting is ok at best. The plot is great.

In Fear
In Fear(2014)

An extremely claustrophobic horror/thriller. Everything is scary, from the time of day, to the setting, to the villain, to the predicament our two protagonists face. There are definitely scares to be had, though imho there are more scares in Act 2 than then Act 3. Regardless its a really fun scary movie to watch.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

Wasn't a big fan after my 1st viewing, but all that changed after the 2nd viewing years later. Not sure if I was simply in a better horror mood for the 2nd viewing, but there were tons of scares and stressful scenes. The tension was palpable in the second half of the movie. Jill Larson is outstanding in the lead, showcasing a wide array of personalties and looks. Her acting is what really made this scary.


A disturbing and unnerving film about the consequences of nuclear warfare. Considering that the movie is over 34 years old and still strikes a nerve is amazing. The movie doesn't feel outdated. Definitely a great scary watch.

Satan's Little Helper

More lame comedy than horror. Feels like an '80s B-movie.

The Road
The Road(2009)

A great post-apocalyptic story. Viggo is amazing.


Typical B-movie fare. Cool creatures that aren't scary or that interesting. Looked like it had promise in the beginning before venturing off into B-movie territory.


Crazy ending. Crazy trippy movie.


Didnt understand it after watching it. But then read analysis of the movie which made a lot of sense. Its a good movie if you can follow along.

Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Not scary and very unrealistic.

Urban Legend
Urban Legend(1998)

A fun movie for teens, but its not scary at all. Its a whodunit movie that keeps you guessing til the end. Because it attempts to be a horror it only gets 2*.


Its not a horror so don't watch it for scares. As a sci-fi thriller it really succeeds. The acting is amazing for all parties involved.


Extremely slow and uneventful for the most part.


Not great but not bad either. And bc the ending was very good, it gets 3*. The acting is ok, but the casting was waaay off. The actors did not look their parts.

Fire in the Sky

Nice story about an alien abduction. Good/decent acting. The film has aged suprisingly well.

Cannibal Holocaust

A very crazy and disturbing movie. The gore and killings of live animals provides shock value. The plot is good, showcasing the relationships between native tribes and the first humans to come into contact with them.

The Fury
The Fury(1978)

Not scary anymore but a decent plot.

A Corner in Wheat

Unbelievable considering it was made in 1909 (almost 110 yrs ago!!!). Its a simple tale, but also a very powerful and emotional tale. It deals with greed, capitalism, socio economic differences, karma, etc.

The Cottage
The Cottage(2008)

Its a comedy, not a horror. Stupid funnt thats more irritating than funny. Horrible.

Salem's Lot
Salem's Lot(1979)

Extremely long (over 3 hrs). The scares aren't there anymore but its still a decent story. It hasn't aged very well.


An incredible job by David Farrier and Dylan Reeve of looking into the criminal Dave D'Amato. Its a stunning investigative report that found definitive links equating Dave to Jane O'Brien and Terri Tickles; the two companies that threaten and harass young men who have previously worked with the companies. Dave D'Amato is a piece of garbage and I pray karma finds him.

The Act Of Killing

Crazy shit. Outlandish to the point that it gets funny.

Wolf Creek 2
Wolf Creek 2(2014)

Not as shocking and stressful as part 1 because its "been there, done that". But there is still a lot of suspense and gore. The story takes some unexpected twists and turns which is nice.

Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek(2005)

Extremely tense and stressful. Not for the feint of heart. The moody is constantly on edge and theres a sense of upcoming dread. The actors are great and perfectly cast... especially John Jarratt who is terrifying as the villain.

We Are Still Here

If you go in expecting a great horror due to the hype/reviews, I think you'll come away unimpressed. It's a really good film that delivers it's scares frequently. It successfully builds and accumulates tension from beginning to end.
It may a seem a bit slow during the first 15 minutes but don't be fooled, the movie is definitely heading somewhere. Even though the movie lacks popular actors, they are all adept at their roles and they play off each other very well.
This isn't a movie that will be in a Top 20 list or anything like that, but it's definitely better than 90% of the other cookie cutter bland predictable films that try to label themselves as horror.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The scares (namely the jump scares) no longer work on current audiences. But still, there's a nice story and a great ending to look forward to in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The sound effects and visual effects are advanced for their time and really help establish the suspense. The acting is great led by Donald Sutherland.


Its definitely a slow-burn for the first two acts, but then really picks up for the third. Theres lots of suspense and tension. The plot is amazing, especially considering it was almost 30 years ago!! Sigourney does a great job as the final girl. The effects are still pretty cool to this day, which is saying a lot.

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

The Birds still succeeds to this day bc it delivers it's fright via suspense. The theme may sound obvious/mundane (killer birds) but Hitchcock masterfully blends tension with a killer score to scare the viewer. It's well worth a watch, especially on a windy Autumn night.


This movie wasn't for me. I didn't find it claustrophobic or tense at all. Didn't find it scary or even spooky. It was very slow for most of the time. Considering it's incredible ratings, I'm likely in the minority.


It's a movie that they would never let be made today due to exploitation "rules", which makes it even more special. It may not be everyones cup of tea. I found it to be very interesting and entertaining. There are definitely some creepy scenes that give you goosebumps. The plot is different and entertaining.

The Amityville Horror

Horrible. Ryan Reynolds was the worst possible choice for the lead. The story is neither scary nor interesting.

Hell House LLC

Has a couple scenes that literally made me jump in fear. Outstanding job. Great format and great plot. Very scary movie. One of the best found footage films out there.