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Chernobyl: Miniseries

I'm only on ep2 but so far this series is easily a 4.75*

True Detective : Season 3

I didn't like it as much as the first season, but overall it's still far better than 99% of the shows out there. It was a really slow burn for the first 6-7 episodes before coming alive after huge revelations. Mahershala did an amazing job as did Stephen Dorff (which was really surprising bc I had envisioned him as a 3rd rate actor that was only good for fighting/action movies... boy was I wrong). The plot is pretty exciting and interesting even during the slow burn episodes. If you're a fan of this series you'll enjoy it, and if you're a fan of dark criminal investigation stories this will give you your fix.

Chambers: Season 1

Sasha was such a bitch! And we're supposed to be rooting for her? Ya, not likely. Even the actress came across as a bitch (the way she looked, her mannerisms). Not sure if that was intentional... if so, she did a phenomenal job. The first 7 episodes aren't very good. The plot had potential at times but rarely was that potential realized. Then ep8 was great and 9-10 were good. So it salvaged itself at the end. I'll give season 2 a try.

Dark Net: Season 2

They've now taken this show to a whole new level. They've increased the number of episodes from 3 to 8 which is amazing. There are so many topics I would love to see them report on, I wish the series was still alive especially considering that we've delved even further into the online world and accepted the cloud.interwebs as mandatory features in our lives. The program is more relevant than it's ever been. The episodes touch on topics that may seem seem totally sided ie there's a consensus for or against this. But Dark Net changes your perspective and question your beliefs. They present information in a balanced and fair way so that you can make your own judgements re the issues. What a phenomenal show.

Dark Net: Season 1

A really interesting show that touches on real work issues that affect nearly all of us, or are associated with things we strongly believe against. The reporting is extremely fair and balanced proving multiple points of views. They've definitely done their research.

Dirty John: The John Meehan Story

What a crazy rollercoaster ride. I knew about this story from the documentary but it was still a fascinating tale of struggle and survival. There any events/decisions that are infuriating, bc they seem so obvious to be horrific choices, but I guess it's easier to say that when the shoe is on the other foot. The actors in this series do a great (even though they're over the top) job of bringing the story to life. I highly recommend this to fans of true crime dramas and thrillers. But don't watch the documentary first, it totally takes away from the suspense/drama.

Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery: Miniseries

Came across as a bit too sensationalistic, But they had interviews with relevant parties so that was good. It's an extremely interesting event/case that had far reaching consequences. True crime aficionados will enjoy this.

Black Summer: Season 1

A really good show. It's not going to break the mold, but it's executed fairly well. The acting is believable and the cinematography really works. The only thing I would've asked for are more shocking twists along the way. There are a few moments where the tension is strong. And the other part I didn't like was how the mom and daughter got reunited at the end (at least that's what it looks like is going to happen - but hopefully there's a shocking twist whereby the daughter gets killed before she reaches her mom, a la Ramsey Rickon and everyone's fav Jon Snow). It's so unrealistic that with all this chaos and the empty stadium that they end up meeting. Regardless it's now on my list of shows that I follow and I'll definitely watch s2.

The Shop: Season 1

A very entertaining and interesting show about famous athletes/rappers/actors/etc who sit in a barber shop where they talk about things they would never disclose via social media or in interviews. It's great to get this behind the scenes look into the minds of some our popular culture stars.

The Case Against Adnan Syed: Miniseries

What a terrible case of injustice for Adnan and Hae Min. Her killer is still out there (imo), a free person. This is such a heart breaking doc, and the documentarians make a strong case for Adnan's innocence. There are issues, such as Jay Wilde's testimony, that are very shaky at best. The fact that Jay acknowledges that police made him say Best Buy... well what else did they make him say? And why have so many of his charges been dropped, considering some were pretty serious? There are so many holes in this case, Jay Wilde just being the biggest one.

I highly recommend this 4 part docu-series, especially if you're a Making a Murderer fan. This is an eye opening case that more people need to know about. The only reason this gets 4* vs 4.5* is because they really jump around from one date to a next date and hardly anything is in chronological order, which makes it a bit confusing to grasp.

A 12 part podcast that focuses on this case and their detailed investigation into the matter. It was produced before this movie, and a lot of stuff discussed you'll have known already from this movie. But it's still a nice opinionated POV discussing the case in detail. Optimally you listen to the podcast first then watch this docu-series.

Twin Peaks: Season 1

I have to cut the show some slack considering it's now 29 years old. It's definitely not close to my fav shows, but it did have some appeal. The characters may be a bit too quirky for me but the plot at times was interesting. I'm watching this show because I'm a fan of Lynch and this is mandatory viewing if you want to call yourself a fan. The storyline is pretty out there in this crazy town of Twin Peaks. It's all about stealing other people's lovers, backstabbing people and murdering people. If it was darker it would've been amazing, but it's more a comedy than anything else (and it hasn't aged very well).

One Strange Rock: Miniseries

A very informative 10 part documentary series re Earth and the perspectives of astronauts who have lived on the ISS. It deals with the entire history of history, important lessons we can learn from life that previously lived on Earth, what makes humans so different from other species of life (our brain), etc. It's unique in the sense that there's a great deal of the series that involves stories/lessons/observations from astronauts who have had the benefit of seeing our planet from the ISS, and hence get to view it as a whole vs our narrow POV of our city/country/continent. They didn't go far enough into most subjects but I guess there were time constraints as they could only fit so much in. But it would have been nice to venture deeper into the material.

Game of Thrones: Season 4

Probably the best season so far this epic TV series. The season was full of shocking developments, immaculate action sequences and the best writing of any show possibly ever. Such major events as the Red Wedding, Jamai return homing after losing his sword hand, the Battle at the Wall, Joffrey finally dying, etc etc etc. Each episode of he 10 was amazing full of suspense and mystery. Not a single episode fell below 4.5*. I'm very much looking forward to season 5.

Carnivāle: Season 2

Another phenomenal season. And you have to watch the youtube video which explains all the mythology and adds many more layers to the story. This show is on The Game of Thrones level re the many missed details each episode and hidden mythology. Sofie shines in season 2 along with the rest of the gang. The only question I have is why the need to add more characters (the new freaks) when they didn't have enough time to focus on all the beautiful freaks established in season 1. The ending is amazing and I only wish that HBO would stop being dicks and sell the show to a network that will follow-up on the first 2 seasons and create seasons 3-6.

Carnivāle: Season 1

One of the best seasons of television I've ever watched (up there with The Sopranos and Game of Thrones). The plot is amazing and very interesting. The supernatural angle is fun and not overdone at all. Theres a variety of characters that are very entertaining... the acting is very very good. The cinematography is stunning and it truly feels like you're in the 1930s Dust Bowl. Like in most successful shows, you really root for Ben Hawkins (the protagonist) and you thoroughly hate the antagonist Brother Justin. Even the show ended 14 years ago, it feels up-to-date and like it could be on TV right now (the effects are not out-dated and as mentioned the cinematography is top notch). The show won many awards (Emmy's) and it's easy to see why.

Deadwood: season 3

What an absolute shame that the series had to end just like that. It sucks that it ends with Hearst winning every single thing. It also sucks that we didn't get the two 2 hour movies that were rumoured to be in the works at HBO. And it sucks that we never got a theatrical release of Deadwood. This was such a good show that had so much still to tell/resolve. How does the camp move on with the Pinkertons running the show, and Hearst owning all the gold claims, and Hearst starting a newspaper to spread his propaganda in response to the Pioneer, etc. It's a tough pill to swallow but swallow it they must... Hearst made sure of that. The plot lines and execution of the story was incredible in season 3. Milch really did a spectacular job of creating a town with so many different moving parts that functioned so well as a whole. Here's to hoping that someone will come to their senses and give Milch the opportunity to wrap up his gem of a series in a befitting manner like it deserves.

Deadwood: Season 2

What a great 2nd season. Much more exciting than the first and so much to look forward to in the 3rd and final season. Like season 1 the acting remains top notch with so many of the actors moving on to great television shows that followed Deadwood. All the new characters mixed into the formula successfully. The season had so many interesting subplots. And character development progressed in a very interesting way. There's lots to love about this season.

Ghost Wars: Season 1

A really really good show. Don't watch it for the scares, because there aren't many to be had. Instead watch it for an original plot that's executed very well. And best of all, it has a great ending. I really wish they had found way to continue the show into season 2.

And Then There Were None: Miniseries

Wanted to enjoy this so much but it wasn't meant to be. I found it quite dull and didn't feel the tension at all. The acting was really good which was a bright spot. The premise was interesting and had potential. But imo the execution failed.

Harper's Island: Season 1

It's a teen network "horror". Terrible to say the least.

Deadwood: Season 1

The show started off great, but then slowly got more and more boring (to an extent). It was still a very very good first season, and the premise has so much potential, I just hope they're able to realize that in seasons 2 and 3. The characters are interesting, namely Ian McShane's Al Swearenger. Imo the show neds more violence and conflict, and at a faster pace... the pacing of the first season was bad.

The Sinner: Season 2

It was a really captivating and edge of your seat thriller/drama but they failed in the ending by making it a Disney ending. The blueprint for the show is now obvious: someone commits gruesome murder(s) and by the end is given the easiest route out due to unforeseen circumstances. It was nice after season 1 because we all rooted for Jessica Biel... but in season 2 it felt ridiculous. The kid doesn't go to jail and gets out of a home in 3 years. Vera doesn't get charged with anything even though she was part of the abuses and crimes of the cult, she kidnapped her child during the amber alert and she extorted someone for over a decade. Get real. She gets nothing for all that. That's why I hated the ending of this show. Grow some balls, skip the Disney ending and have some actual consequences for the people who commit crimes (especially murder). Nut like I said it was still thoroughly entertaining and captivating for the most part so it still gets 3.5*.

The Sinner: Season 1

It was a very good season except they cheesed out on the ending, which sucked. It was so good up to that part. It's very interesting and unpredictable. The show takes huge twists and turns along the way which keeps each episode fresh and engrossing. The acting great especially Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman but also from the supporting cast. The direction is really good too as it doesn't feel like your average network show... it's much darker. Would definitely recommend this to drama and thriller fans.

Peaky Blinders: Series 4

Easily the best season of this series. It seems to be getting better and better with every passing season. The stakes were upped again, thia time vs the Italian mafia. It was a very rewarding rollercoaster ride. Can't wait for season 5.

Peaky Blinders: Season 3

Once again the stakes are upped in the Shelby world. The big wedding finally occurs and the family gets themselves into most danger they've ever faced, against a priest no less. The show is still going strong.

Peaky Blinders: Season 2

Another great season of the hit show. Events progress as the family gets stronger and stronger. Obviously facing adversity along the way, its fun to watch this family address its challenges.

Peaky Blinders: Season 1

A great show about the seedy underground world set in the 1920's in London (Birmingham). The cinemaatography/set pieces/etc are very beautiful and give the show its authenticity.

Sacred Games: Season 1

Its pretty good but gets boring at times. FYI I'm not the hugest fan of dramas so take this with a grain of salt. Its a nice dark story though and it looks like it will continue into season 2.

Narcos: Season 1

An awesome look into the worlds of the DEA and the cartels during Pablo's reign. The acting is spot on which makes everything believable. The plot is extremely interesting and contains many factoids supported by picture evidence.

Murder Mountain: Miniseries

An extremely interesting look at the lifestyles and events of people living in Humboldt County, specifically Murder Mountain. There are some very shady (as well as normal people) involved in the weed game, both legally and illegally. They go through the town's sordid history which is entertaining and sad. It was a very dangerous place to be. Things have gotten slightly better but it still looks a town out of the Wild West.

Wormwood: Miniseries

An incredible look into the depths of depravity, conspiracy and cover-up that US government sinks to avoid accepting responsibility for a crime they are heinously involved in. As they said in the documentary, with all the circumstantial evidence they gave gathered, it would be enough to convict a person for murder... but because there isn't one single person to blame here (which makes it even worse because there's a huge group of people collectively involved, from 1953 into the 2000's) therefore no one is to blame. It's shocking and sickening knowing this could happen to anyone, even some like Frank Olson who served in the military. I really feel for Frank's son as his whole life has been consumed by this tragedy. Morris once again stuns viewers with his detailed and fact based exposition.

The Innocent Man: Season 1

What a crazy situation going on in Ada. Corrupt cops, negligent DA, coerced jailhouse informant, etc. Its impossible to believe but in a span of 3 years, re 2 different murders, the Ada police managed 4 coerced confessions, leading to 4 men being put in jail. Years later, its proven that 2 of the were innocent (& released from prison) and the other confessions look highly suspicious. Its all hard to believe, but the facts are all there. And this is the "best system in the world" hahaha, ok.

Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist: Season 1

A stunning look into the sordid tale that cost Brian Welles. Its a 4 hour part documentary that gets interviews from all parties involved (law enforcement, the conspirators, people who knew the conspirators, jailhouse snitches, etc), getting facts and assertions. Its a pretty fair and objective piece that shines a spotlight on this tragic and sad case.

Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

An interesting look into the saga that were the Biggie and Tupac murders. They give great insight into the investigation, I just hope they presented more facts than theories. There are numerous theories re what occurred to each of the legends, yet the facts remain murky (at least thats what has been portrayed to the public). Heres hoping one day that the mothers of the deceased finally get their closure, as hard as that is to imagine. Regardless it was a fun ride down memory lane and the soundtrack was great.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: Season 1

An insightful first hand account of Scientology and its practises and misgivings. Leah Remini a long time Celebrity Scientologist and defender of the group, along with Mike Rinder an extremely high up member directly under leader Miscavige, interview former long time members to get their POV of specific dangerous practises. The group when made bare to see is a negative, money grubbing cult that abuses its powers as well as its members, defectors, and critics.

Castle Rock: Season 1

The series is really good but also very confusing/hard to follow all the different subplots. But its got a great eerie and dark vibe to it.

The Enfield Haunting: Season 1

Story was quite different from The Conjuring 2. The acting was good. The setting could have felt more authentic. This story was trying to be more heartwarming. The plot got a bit ridiculous at times. This was drama horror, not thrilling horror.

American Horror Story: Coven

Really good season. The witches were amazing and Stevie Nicks rocked it. Great storyline.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Too many unlikeable characters. The weirdness of the plot was ok, but again the story goes off on too many tangents instead of building the foundation. Many of the side stories were unappealing.

American Horror Story: Roanoke

Got frustrating at times but overall it was a great series. There were some very unlikable characters that got too much screen time, but that just means they played villain too well. Great story and history.

American Horror Story: Murder House

Had such great potential after first few episodes, but then in 2nd half it veered off in different directions that weren't as interesting. First half of season was 4*, second half was 2*, averages out to 3*.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Didn't like this season at all. No likeable characters, convoluted plot.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Aside from the finale, this was a near perfect season of the series. The series has been lagging with boring stories that aren't scary at all. Apocalypse wasn't scary but it was damn interesting. Witches vs Warlocks (and the Son of Satan) for control over the world. Son of Satan wanted to kill all 7 billion people on Earth (aside from a few players in The Cooperative) and rule the apocalyptic Earth. The witches were keen to stop him by protecting the Earth. It was a great battle that took the series back to Murder House and Roanoke and Coven. That was really cool. There were unexpected twists and turns that turned out to be very interesting.

Beyond the Walls: Miniseries

A very good mini-series thats artistically brilliant and a bit suspenseful. Its not very scary, but it does have an eerie vibe to it, and it oozes out mystery and suspense. Not many clues are given at the start, and even when they slowly reveal themselves the film is still hard to predict. The acting is ok, the cinematography and direction are stellar.

The Purge: Season 1

Surprisingly very good! Wasn't expecting much from a PG-13 series about The Purge, but the writers came up with a good plot that was fun to watch. The series starts off a bit slow, but gets really good during the last 1/3 of the series. The ending was really great to watch. The eventual outcome was pretty predictable, but there were many twists and turns along the way there that I couldn't predict. The acting was good for a bunch of unpopular actors. The direction was very solid as there were great camera angles full of vibrancy and darkness. I'm now looking forward to season 2.

Helix: Season 1

Only saw 3 episodes and hated it... felt like a crappy PG cable TV show. Nothing dark or scary about it.

True Horror: Season 1

Entertaining but not very scary. As usual you're left wondering if the stories really are true. [after 3 episodes]

Masters of Horror: Season 1

Not that old but definitely shows its age. The segments weren't as good as I had hoped for considering the heavy hitter directors. But more often than not the segments had a nice interesting plot.

Ghoul: Season 1

Not very scary, but an interesting plot. Its nice and short (3 ep's).

Wolf Creek: Season 2

Very exciting season. Lots of action and suspense. Jack Jarrett is perfectly cast and very scary again. And its quite different from season 1.

Wolf Creek: Miniseries

An entertaining and interesting plot involving our old friend Mic Taylor. Its obviously toned down unlike the Wolf Creek movies. There are still lots of kills and some fore.

The Looming Tower: Miniseries

A very insightful and entertaining look at the events surrounding 9/11 and Al Qaeda. Specifically focuses on the problematic relationship between the FBI and the CIA. Very very good television.

Dark Tourist: Season 1

Interesting but not as dark as it leads you to believe.

The Twilight Zone: Season 1

Simply incredible considering it was made in 1959... almost 60 years ago. The episodes no longer carry the shock value that they once did, but they still leave you thinking about them long after they have ended.

Explained: Season 1

Extremely interesting and very easy to understand.

Fargo: Season 3

as we've now come to expect, fargo manages to find the truly surprising and stunning true stories from which to create excellent tv programming. season 3 again stands out from the crowd by telling us a story that's incredulous and frightening. the thought of these events all occurring together is downright scary. the acting, again, is very good and authentic. it's too bad that the series ends after season 3... it will be missed.

Fargo: Season 2

Again, a stellar season filled with lots of suspense and excitement. the acting is very good and makes the show feel genuine and authentic. the story is very unique, may be an obvious fact because it's a true story. once again fargo creates an interesting and captivating show.

Fargo: Season 1

A great tv show that's captivating from beginning to end. the acting is great, led by billy bob thornton and guest starring bob odenkirk. the storyline is very unique because it's a true story. and that's what really sets this series apart from the rest... the fact that it's a true story. overall a very well executed drama.

Flint Town: Season 1

An entertaining and insightful look into the city of flint and into their police department. Provides an objective pov from both people, for and against the police dept. The interviews are well conducted and passionate.

Black Mirror: White Christmas (2014 Christmas Special)

What an unbelievable special/episode. It has multiple story arcs in the one episode. The use of Hamm as a star in the story really helps as he does a great job of sucking the viewer in with the strength of dialogue. The storying is extremely interesting and keeps the viewer glued to the screen from beginning to end.

The Keepers: Miniseries

Moves along a little slowly at times, but your patience is rewarded in the end with a spectacular conclusion.

12 Monkeys: Season 1

Interesting premise (based on the successful movie), but all the time jumping can get a bit tedious. The acting is great, and casting did a wonderful job. The plot keeps you entertained. Here's to hoping they can continue it in season 2.

Madoff: Season 1

The powerful and gripping true story re Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme. Richard Dreyfuss does a spectacular job portraying Madoff, and he carries the show on his back. The mini series asks important questions that arise from a tragedy like this. This is the best Madoff "documentary" out there.

True Detective : Season 2

A bit more easier to follow and understand vs season 1. The plot is again a police drama, but much different storyline than season 1. Also different is that stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are replaced by Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughan and Rachel McAdams. The season isn't as interesting as season, but is still worth watching.

True Detective : Season 1

The show is sometimes hard to follow and understand, which is caused by it's fast pace and overload of information. The acting is superb as it's led by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. The storyline is pretty unique due to the amount of details given over the season of the show. Looking forward to season 2 if it's anything like season 1.

Breaking Bad: Season 5

What an incredible ending to an incredible TV show. The conclusion is sure to satisfy real fans of the show. Viewership in the 5th season was the highest the show ever had. The plot was still entertaining, interesting and suspenseful even after 5 years.

Breaking Bad: Season 4

What's there to say about this show that hasn't been said already. It's quite possibly the best show on TV at this time. Vince Gilligan continues to drum up excitement for each episode of this series. Even after 4 years, this show feels as though it could go on for another 4 years at least.

Breaking Bad: Season 3

Again the excitement continues to accelerate and surprise the audience. The show is not slowing down at all, actually gaining more and more viewers each season. The plot is still entertaining, interesting and suspenseful.

Breaking Bad: Season 2

Season 2 rocked as the show only got better and better with each subsequent episode. The storyline is extremely interesting and suspenseful. The acting is great and each episode comes across as a mini movie.

Breaking Bad: Season 1

A very unique and entertaining storyline. After initially questioning Cranston as the lead, I'm now convinced that he's perfect for the part. This show has a lot of promise after these first 7 episodes.

Better Call Saul: Season 3

Still extremely entertaining, especially with the introduction of more cast members from Breaking Bad. The story is getting more interesting and more suspenseful.

Better Call Saul: Season 1

A great follow-up to Breaking Bad. It's fun seeing some of the characters again. The storyline is great. Much slower than Breaking Bad, but it stands on it's own 2 feet.

Black Mirror: Season 4

Once again Black Mirror proves that it still has many stories to tell. As usual, the are all captivating and thought provoking. Charlie Brooker really steps up his game in season 4 by ensuring that this franchise is not repetitive at all. Each episode feels like a mini movie with no expense spared. Here's hoping they find a way to continue the series with more brilliant storylines.

Rotten: Season 1

A great documentary re some of the food industry issues that are worth looking into, The 5 part mini0series examines honey, peanuts, garlic, chickens & fish. Each episode is unique re the problems being addressed and the major players involved. I highly recommend this documentary for everyone, especially for people who care about how and where their food comes from.

Channel Zero: Candle Cove

definitely comes out of left field and surprises the viewer. very unique storyline. the acting is very good. the ending leaves a little to be desired. overall a decent series premiere.

Outcast: Season 1

Some episodes drag on slowly but overall its an interesting and entertaining show. Not very scary.

Outcast: Season 2

An improvement over Season 1. Not as many slow episodes and much more suspense and action. This is turning into a very good show with lots of potential.

The Exorcist: Season 2

not scary but a fun season nonetheless. it's a completely different storyline and setting in season 2 compared with season 1. the acting is good and makes the show authentic. could use a few more scares or a more chilling atmosphere.

Mad Dogs: Season 1
Mad Dogs: Season 1 (2015-2016)

An underrated series that manages to mix together some action, comedy, suspense, drama and thrills along the way. It's not your typical '4 American Tourists get Lost While Abroad'. Go ahead and give it a go if you're into the slightly darker side of TV.

Game of Thrones: Season 5

Easily the best show on TV right now. Season 5 felt more like a plot builder than a story arc, but regardless, the magnitude of said plot developments was carried out in a way that stuns the viewer. As usual no expense was spared when it came to set location and props, which creates a genuine extravagant setting that pleases the eyes. Can't wait to see how this story plays out in season 6.

Dead of Summer: Season 1

After 2 episodes, I'd say its intriguing, at best. Not very scary so far, but they are laying some seeds.

Game of Thrones: Season 6

One of the best seasons yet, due to the fact that almost every storyline is so meaningful and important to us. Then we also get another epic battle, that's right up there with Snow vs White Walkers and Stannis' march to Kings Landing. As usual, HBO serves up the perfect receipe of T&A, excitement, suspense, thrills, fear, uncertainty and bewilderment. Just what the doctor ordered.

Banshee: Season 2

So happy to see the show not dip off after the first season. Banshee continues to thrill, amaze and wow the audience with every episode.

Banshee: Season 1

Amazing show with perfect amount of action, T&A, and suspense. Really looking fwd to seeing this show evolve.

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst: Season 1

A shocking and poignant documentary that focuses on the criminal exploits and trials of Robert Frost. The show's creators take us on a trip down memory lane, focusing initially on the early life of Durst. This eventually leads us to the first of 3 people that Durst has murdered (SPOILER: he admits it at the end). The show uses many different interviews with Durst, the victims' friends/family, jurors as well as law enforcement and departments of justice. Due to his high profile nature, press clippings and news reports are also used to round out the story.
The interviewers do a fine job of digging through the myriad of paperwork and people connected with the events, even though most of these events occurred decades ago. Altogether, it's an interesting ride that paints a striking picture and ultimately gets a confession. It's absolute pure luck on how they walked into that confession,
-Bob has to right a letter to Susan that she keeps in her personal belongings,
-the victim's son happened to find an extra box of said personal belongings, and within that box finds the letter from Bob to Susan and calls the filmmakers regarding it,
-Bob has to send the Beverley (sic) Hills police the cadaver letter,
-the filmmakers' investigative efforts got them the cadaver letter written to the Beverley Hills Police that contains Susan's address written the same as in the first letter,
-Bob has to agree to a set of interviews, that only the cockiest killer alive would agree to
-they end the last interview at the perfect time, with the last item discussed being the uncanny similarity between the 2 letters (which in effect proves he murdered Susan),
-they forget to remove Bob's microphone,
-Bob speaks to himself,
-Bob acknowledges that he's fucked and admits to killing them ALL.

You couldn't make this stuff up! And thank god for Jarecki and the filmmakers for doing what the police didn't do. Even without the admission of guilt, this is a fascinating story with murders and situations straight out of a bad Hollywood script. The admission at the end is just the icing on the top. And it's the sweetest icing ever because it directly led to Bob being imprisoned for Susan's murder. And the best part of the documentary: how they leave the screen black with a subtle haunting score right after the admission. I've never been so scared watching a black screen. Great ending fr a perfect documentary.

The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth: Season 1

Must see for any fan of US politics. The journalists as well as a strategist document the circus surrounding the nomination process for the 2016 Election. They do a great job of showcasing each nominee's camp as well as their election strategy. Their travels take them from state to state, on the rollercoaster known as the 2016 Primaries. Heilemann, McKinnon and Druckerman's experience and professionalsm really shines as they objectively tap into the conscious of American society as well as that of the institutions. They are given access to nominees behind the scenes as well as during the events. It will be fun to see how this plays out.
FYI: this review was written after episode 12.

Scandal: Season 1

It's a good show considering that it's cable TV. Given the shows that Netflix, HBO, etc have given us, cable shows now seem rather mundane and repetitive. Scandal does a decent job of building plot lines that can keep you tuned in if you're willing to invest in it, but therein lies the problem, bc in the end it's still a cable TV show and hence bound by the unwritten rules of CableTV Land. So it's not easy to invest in that, knowing the plot will never venture too far off into the abyss. So even though it's slightly provocative given it's network, it's not interesting enough to make you want to truly invest. Hopefully season 2 surprises and there's a new benchmark for cable tv.

The Walking Dead: Season 3

Unbelievable TV! TWD shows no signs of slowing down, by constantly creating new obstacles and villains for our favourite band of protagonists. There are new settings, new challenges and of course unimaginable losses that the group must face. This was an incredible season for this ground-breaking show. No can do zombie apocalypse the way TWD can. Not even movies.

The Walking Dead: Season 4

Sure, season 4 may not live up to some of the previous seasons, but we're splitting hairs here, as even this near-perfect season is better than 99% of other options available to us. Villains like the Governor only come around every so often, and TWD really knows how to capitalize on them and get the most out of them for the storyline. As usual, no one is safe, and that reality alone is enough to keep us on the edge of our seats for every single episode of this season. There are huge up's and down's for Rick's crew, and fortunately we get to tag along for the ride. Hooray AMC, you are one of the few that were able to create something scary, suspenseful, funny and full of thrills. Thank you

The Walking Dead: Season 5

What is there to say but WOW. TWD continues to build on it's previous successes by having a show that you constantly crave. No character is safe, and that premise alone is enough to leave you on the edge of your seat throughout each episode. This is amazing TV and real treat especially compared to other mundane zombie crap.

The Walking Dead: Season 6

TWD shows that it's still on top of it's game, and can get the viewer to sit on the edge of their seat, episode after episode. There are 1 or 2 clunkers that do little that connect different plot lines, but out of 16 episodes in the season, that's a very small price to pay for the outcome. Not many other shows can get you to not only root for the characters the way we do, but then to also mourn for them and remember them loooong after their gone. Amazing.

Better Call Saul: Season 2

If you're looking for Breaking Bad Part 2, this isn't it. It's something altogether totally different, even though it does feature some of the same characters. First and foremost, it's much slower than BB, bc it actually focuses on character development vs plot development. But don't worry, it does a very good job of hooking the viewers initially by bringing back some of our favourite villains from BB. But from there it transforms itself into the Bob Odenkirk story, and that's actually a great thing for the show. Saul Goodman is an unbelievable character and quite a story at that. From his good intentions to his "true to heart" motivations, Saul is a character you can't help but root for. And though he keeps getting the **** end of the stick for many of the episodes, we can't help but keep rooting for him, knowing eventually that he becomes the Saul we know from BB.
Kudos to the creators for not simply trying to reincarnate BB again, and instead making this a true spin-off, and featuring stories/characters in a totally different light than how they were portrayed in BB. Bc this is a prequel to BB, we actually get a chance to see the characters evolve from where they start off here, to how they end up in BB. BRAVO!

Underground: Season 1

So far so good. I've only seen 3 episodes so far, but it seems to be a TV drama filled with suspense and action. At times it can be extremely riveting and fun to watch. I just hope the show is able to supply the thrills fully, from beginning to end. I'll definitely be watching to see if they do!

Black Mirror: Season 3

Back at the top of it's game, season 3 really impresses. The storylines are unique and compelling. Each episode is captivating and interesting from beginning to end. The best part of this show is that you end up talking about each episode long after the credits roll. Once again the casting is great. Charlie Brooker really knows how to tap into the viewers consciousness and surprise/shock during the viewing experience.

Black Mirror: Season 2

Very good TV. Not as good as Season 1, but still much better that most of the other options available to us.
Season 2 still relies on the formula of using technological innovations we can relate to, yet taking them to extremes that end up shocking us. The acting is supherb, and the stories are told very well. The only difference is that the plot lines in Season 1 seemed to be much more shocking and slightly more interesting than Season 2. But in the end, this is still amazing TV and very ground-breaking, bc it's sci-fi thats far fetched, but probably not as far fetched as we think.

Black Mirror: Season 1

Unbelievable! Each episode will leave you in deep thought re the ramifications and consequences of our technological innovations that we crave so much. Much of the success in the shows is attributed to going in directions that are completely plausible, yet no one else has really ventured to yet.
This is a dark, sci-fi anthology series that is akin to being our generations' Twilight Zone. Brooker has done a magnificent job in taking his stories to places which are fairly extreme, but along the way, having the viewer secretly admit that they too do what's being portrayed onscreen. From social media, to applications on your cell, to watching forms of reality tv that we would never openly admit. He has tapped into something that will hit home for a lot of us.
Really well done.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Season 3

entertaining format. Well worth the 20 minutes. You may not agree with all his views, but you have to admire his brutal honesty and willingness to show how entities with an interest shape the truth in their favour - usually with the intention of maximizing their power/finances, and at to the expense of the general public ie the environment & oil co's, predatory lending, tobacco co's, sugar & health ramifications, etc etc etc).

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Season 1

entertaining format. Well worth the 20 minutes. You may not agree with all his views, but you have to admire his brutal honesty and willingness to show how entities with an interest shape the truth in their favour - usually with the intention of maximizing their power/finances, and at to the expense of the general public ie the environment & oil co's, predatory lending, tobacco co's, sugar & health ramifications, etc etc etc).

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Season 2

A social commentary with a conscious that isn't afraid to shine a light on issues that deserve more recognition. Through the use of analogies, comedy and publicly available facts, John Oliver packages his pieces in an interesting and entertaining format. Well worth the 20 minutes. You may not agree with all his views, but you have to admire his brutal honesty and willingness to show how entities with an interest shape the truth in their favour - usually with the intention of maximizing their power/finances, and at to the expense of the general public ie the environment & oil co's, predatory lending, tobacco co's, sugar & health ramifications, etc etc etc).

The Man in the High Castle: Season 1

What a refreshing change and a welcome addition to my TV line-up. Great show that packs a serious punch due to it's ability to mix suspense/thrills/mystery/drama. Talk about re-writing history!
I guess we still have to wait to see how they can follow up on an intriguing season 1, but wowzers, it's quite entertaining so far. The concept comes totally out of left field, and to it's credit, it's that unchartered territory that really adds to its allure. The only (very) minor complaint I have is re the casting. Imho, many of the parts could've been EVEN BETTER had they been cast different. Mind you that in no way takes away from the excitement nor the suspense that the plot drums up. This is a really good show that has so much potential.

Sherlock: Season 2

Wowow, even better than Season 1. The way this reboot is able to add it's own twists and modern takes on the characters/plot is applause worthy. Moriarty is PERFECT. In the exact same way Cumberbatch is as Sherlock. Together this cast may very well indeed surpass any other telling of tale. Season 3 should be banger!

Sherlock: Season 1

Unlike most I actually find this PHENOMENAL AMAZING re-boot to get BETTER with each passing season. Most tend to rate Season 1 the highest, and then each season after is marginally lower... whereas I would venture that Season 1 is just brilliant and sets the stage for the creators to knock it out of the park again and again in seasons 2 and 3.
This is a fresh, modern retelling of the classic that generously pays homage to the source material, while still uniquely adding it's own twists. Cumberbatch, as widely mentioned already, is quite possibly the best portrayer of Sherlock. And that's not a knock against Freeman who basically does the same for Watson.

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

Absolutely riveting TV. It has enough "behind the scenes" info to make the OJ saga feel a bit new. Take into account that this subject matter was analyzed more than any other topic that comes to mind, so if you're going to make a mini-series out of it, you had better bring something new to the table. And that's exactly what the creators of this show were able to do. They managed to present it in a fashion that was entertaining and insightful (a Brentwood Hello). And it successfully manages to portray some of the lead characters in a totally different light than how they've otherwise been portrayed in the past. A minor vindication of sorts.
Anyone who actually lived through these events will definitely enjoy this series... it's fun TV.

Billions: Season 1

Really enjoyable TV... its sometimes challenging to find a character to root for, but considering the abundance of TV Stars included in the cast, the whole ordeal is very entertaining and very well portrayed. There's enough depth to the plot to keep every 10 minute segment interesting, and the characters elicit enough emotion from the viewer to keep you entertained. Overall a success. Especially if you're into stocks and equity markets.

The X-Files: Season 10

If you're comparing this to the original series then imho it's a failure. But as a standalone product, it's quite entertaining and better than 80% of the other crap out there. Plus it's got Mulder and Scully for god's sake, that alone is worth 3*. Members of the X Files Cult (myself included) will watch anything to do with the X Files (even the 2nd movie), so on that note, take the above with a grain of salt.

Game of Thrones: Season 1

One of the best seasons ever for a TV show. The definition of starting with a bang. Wowzers. Will have you screaming, chearing, pulling out your hair and throwing something at your screen... likely all within a few minutes... over and over and over again.