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Kill Bill: Volume 2

While more plot heavy and less violent than Volume 1, it is still packs as much punch. A great bookend that balances out it's predecessor very well.


A stylish and sexy musical with an excellent cast, great numbers, and a surprisingly good story. Well worthy of it's Best Picture win.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Revenge thriller that takes a lot from martial arts films and Japanese Anime all brought together with that classic Tarantino style of long dialogue chains shattered by epic bouts of violence. A lot of fun.


Amazing visuals from top to bottom. Did for ancient battles what "The Matrix" did for guns and martial arts fights.

Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler is almost a super villain in this tale of a man robbed of justice by the legal system. It holds your interest, but it is a violent as hell popcorn movie.


Kenneth Branagh stars and directs in this beautiful, well-casted, and unabridged adaptation of the Shakespeare classic. Really good.

The Legend of Zorro

Lousy, unnecessary, and very silly sequel.

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

Cute film with some sweet moments, but it fails to bring anything new to the table in the "chick-flick" genre.

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

One of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made and a glorious example of neo-noire. A must see!

Requiem for a Dream

One of the most devastating and visually impactful films ever made. Sticks with you forever. Cried my eyes out after barely blinking through the end credits.

Independence Day

A special effects spectacular that epitomizes the Summer blockbuster. Aside from that, very generic plot and characters.

Wild Wild West

Wacky and weird with some cool effects, it fails to entertain even though the good cast turns in some hammy performances. So much going on, but so very boring. Shame.

Men in Black II

Tries to improve on the first one with more visuals and gags, but fails to capture the spirit of it's predecessor.

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

Oofah. Where to begin? Standard "liar revealed" story about a fish who claims to have taken out a shark. Pop culture reference and silliness overload makes this strictly a kids movie.

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

A decent sci-fi action with a little mystery thrown in that has great special effects. It only shares the title in common with the Asimov book that they ignored.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

An environmental and tense post-apocalyptic thriller that lives off of Will Smith's great performance, but falls short due to it's poor special effects and lousy payoff. Overall, a mixed bag.


Starts off fun and exciting, but then loses it's way with a boring love story and grinding plot. Oh, what could have been!

Enemy of the State

A very well-paced and exciting man-on-the-run thriller.


A decent thriller with a decent cast and a lot Hollywood cliches. Accuracy is at an all-time low, tho.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

While it re-creates the impressive visual aspects of the video game, it suffers from the same problems as all video game adaptions; bland characters, bland dialogue, poor plot, and too heavy on special effects.

The Forest
The Forest(2016)

A movie that has all the momentum going for it and it fails terribly. Very disappointing.

Major League: Back to the Minors

As bad if not worse than Major League 2, this film could have been better and at least made more sense had it just been a stand alone feature with a different title. AWFUL!

Major League II

A forced, silly, and awful sequel.

Major League
Major League(1989)

A standard underdog story, but filled with great laughs, memorable characters, and exciting game action. Classic.

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

A suspenseful and tension filled thriller that grabs your attention from start to finish. Great performances all around and well directed by the dubious Joel Schumacher.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

Well produced, well-acted, and the definition of Oscar-bait. Forrest Whittaker does well, but is barely understandable. Oprah Winfrey continues to prove she needs to act more. And the odd casting choices for Presidents are mostly done so you'll pay attention to them rather than for authenticity. A good movie that tries too hard to be great.

Patch Adams
Patch Adams(1998)

Sappy and stereotypical feel-good film. Robin Williams is typical him, as is the buzzkill for hire Bob Gunton, and Monica Potter continues to be the "poor man's Julia Roberts". The film will make you smile, but it's a load of rubbish.

Ocean's Thirteen

The cast of 11 & 12 (minus the leading ladies) goes back to Vegas as the franchise gets back to it's roots. A decent sequel made better by the presence of Al Pacino.

Ocean's Twelve

The star studded crew from "Ocean's Eleven" go to Europe in a good-looking sequel, that sadly lacks any of the style or coolness of the first. Disappointing.

Ocean's Eleven

A clever, well-paced, and fun heist film with a superb cast that just reeks of the word cool.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

An atmospheric and mean spirited addition to the Halloween franchise that has nothing to do with the previous two.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

A very, very, poorly done and forced sequel. Same old scares and cliches that populate every slasher movie. B-A-D bad!

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

The joy of seeing Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis return again are sadly wasted by a poor script and formulaic kills. The opening credits are absolutely amazing, tho.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

A sequel that tries to replicate the original's suspense and scares, but gets side tracked by excessive gore and a high body count. E for Effort.

Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6)

A confusing and boring sequel that adds more questions than scares to this franchise. Donald Pleasance's final performance is the only thing that makes this worth one's attention.

Halloween: Resurrection

Dreadful sequel with more chuckles than scares. This movie sucks.

Halloween H20

Better than most of the sequels, helped by the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, but still not very good.


A re-make of the 1978 classic, it has a lot more violence and exposition than the original, but it lacks the suspense and subtlety that made the original great. All and all, not bad.


One of the most suspenseful and scary slasher movies ever made. It set the bar back in 78, and it still holds up today. Best slasher ever!

Trick 'r Treat

A Halloween movie based around all things Halloween. Four spooky story lines converge on a Halloween night in Anytown, USA. Best Halloween movie ever!

The Boy
The Boy(2016)

Some creepy moments don't make up for this ultimately lacking in substance and somewhat predictable horror movie. Skip it!


This film is worthy of the term, "Epic"

Black Hawk Down

A gritty, exciting, war epic with an excellent cast and masterfully directed by Ridley Scott.

High Fidelity

An excellent black comedy powered by a good soundtrack and a great cast.

The Devil's Carnival

A nicely done musical about several souls who go to Hell, which happens to be a carnival full of deadly attractions and carnies, and what happens to them.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Ridiculous and violent musical set in a dystopian future. Enjoyable. The epitome of a cult classic.

Grave Encounters 2

Lousy and confused sequel. Goes for the same jump scares as the first, but it lacks any coherent plot. Skip it.

Grave Encounters

Creepy found footage film loaded with jump scares. A mix of "The Blair Witch Project" and the "House on Haunted Hill" re-make.

Bad Santa
Bad Santa(2003)

A movie that's all one note. That note being Billy Bob Thornton is a drunk santa.

The Shawshank Redemption

Maybe the most uplifting movie ever made. Great movie all around. Damn near perfect.


Inspirational underdog story that is as boring and predictable as it is famous. Didn't like it.

Coach Carter
Coach Carter(2005)

Combining the "tough teacher goes into a failing class filled with underprivileged youths" genre with "tough coach turns a rag-tag team into winners" story and is led by the performance of Samuel L. Jackson

The Substitute 2: School's Out

Lousy sequel to a lousy movie. I want to say it's a "tough teacher goes into a failing class filled with underprivileged youths" film, but it tries to be action/murder mystery, too. Movie sucks.

Stand and Deliver

Standard "tough teacher goes into a failing class filled with underprivileged youths and inspires them" film, driven by the strong performance of Edward James Olmos.

Dangerous Minds

Generic "tough teacher goes into a failing class filled with underprivileged youths and inspires them to do well" film.

The Substitute

Like many before it, this film gives us the "tough teacher goes into a failing class filled with underprivileged youths" story mixed with the plot of Steven Segal movie. A confusing and forgettable mess.

Lean on Me
Lean on Me(1989)

The gold standard for all "tough principal turns around a failing and chaotic high school" movies, it manages to succeed due to the superb performance of Morgan Freeman and has more heart than others in it's genre.

The Principal

Another generic "tough principal takes over a chaotic and failing high school" movie that fails to deliver any emotional impact or leave a lasting memory.

The George McKenna Story

A generic "tough principal turns around a failing and tumultuous high school" movie shows us an early glimpse of the great Denzel Washington.

John Q
John Q(2002)

A mediocre hostage drama with a message delivered with all the subtlety of a bazooka is only validated by Denzel Washington's strong performance.

Remember the Titans

Heartwarming and inspirational with great performances, but so predictable.

The Siege
The Siege(1998)

Exciting action film given an eerie vibe by it's almost precognitive portrayal of NYC post-9/11.


Generic courtroom drama that gets extra points for it's taboo subject matter and superb acting performances by Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Jason Robards.


Aside from the great performance by John Lithgow, this is pretty pedestrian thriller.


A powerful Civil War movie with great performances all around.

Ready to Rumble

Less a wrestling themed comedy and more of a commercial for WCW. Either way, it fails to deliver any laughs. Maybe one.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Same old same old. Action, zombies, slow motion SFX sequences, and Mila Jovovich. This time with a Mad Max, end of the world theme.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Much of the same from the first, but a little more entertaining. Action a plenty. Probably the best of all the RE films, but that ain't saying much.

Resident Evil

Gore and noise star in this video adaptation. So much going on at once, but I was so bored.

Snow Day
Snow Day(2000)

Awful film. Bland, boring, predictable, and silly.


George C. Scott's epic performance carries a mediocre and repetitive film to overrated status.

Eight Men Out

Baseball fans will enjoy this more than non-baseball fans, but it's still a good all-around film. The rag time soundtrack is one of my favorites.

Alien Resurrection

This film really, really tries to give us a unique Alien experience but fails due to cliches and a boring plot. Props to the cast and their off-beat characters.


A visually good looking movie that has some thrills and good moments, but fails miserably to measure up to it's two predecessors.

Schindler's List

One of the most emotionally stirring films ever made.

Saving Private Ryan

A very gritty and realistic WW2 film, it provided the bench mark for all future projects on the genre. The plot does leave something to be desired, though.

Karas: The Revelation

The second and final act of the Karas franchise, it answers some questions left over from the first while delivering the same level of thrills.

Karas: The Prophecy

Visually striking and action packed, but falls short due to it's confusing story.

The World's End

The Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz guys bring us an apocalypse comedy that doesn't measure up with their previous two films, but is non the less a good laugh.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

The Shaun of the Dead minds take on the buddy cop genre and give us a great satire piece as good or better than any other cop comedy.

Shaun of the Dead

A hilarious and wonderfully gory zombie comedy. Doesn't get better than this.

The Rock
The Rock(1996)

Michael Bay's best film. A great time with a basic plot, but a better one than usual for Mr. Bay's stuff. Ed Harris' Gen. Hummell a highly underrated villain.


One of the most suspenseful and exciting films you'll ever see.


One of the greatest animated films ever made.

The Hunt for Red October

Great submarine thriller powered by an excellent cast.

The Sum of All Fears

A good thriller given more impact by the post 9-11 atmosphere. Closest a film adaptation has gotten to the actual feel and experience of a Tom Clancy novel.


Good looking but generic Prohibition Era gangster film. Solid performances all around.

Enemy at the Gates

Exciting, gritty, and gripping war movie. Hard to get past the distracting love story and the Russians all having British accents, tho.

Das Boot
Das Boot(1981)

One of the greatest war movies ever made.

The Dirty Dozen

Classic "bunch of guys on a suicide mission" movie. Good cast. Well-paced. A really good movie.


Above average flick about a miracle drug that turns a struggling writer into a super genius and the pros and cons that come with it.


This sets the standard for all sci-fi/horror films and gave us one of the most legendary heroins in film history. Must see.

Scent of a Woman

Al Pacino gives a performance for the ages and got his well deserved (and only to date) Academy Award for this movie. Other than that, fairly generic.

V for Vendetta

Exciting and interesting movie.

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal(1981)

Decent Adult-oriented animated film. Pioneer for it's time. A lot of gore, breasts, and cool visuals. Very Michael Bay.

Murder on the Orient Express

One of the best casts ever assembled for a whodunnit. The production value is great. And the plot has a lot of good twists, too. Agatha Christie approved.

Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts)

A movie with so much creativity on it's ghosts and sets with a lot of acting talent. But it fails to deliver a memorable experience. What could have been!

From Dusk Till Dawn

A heist/hostage movie turns into an all out battle with vampires in a Mexican strip joint. Oh, the fun!

Downfall (Der Untergang)

Very powerful re-telling of the last days of the Third Reich as it happened in Hitler's bunker. Well done film.


A mixed bag with a great cast. Won Best Picture 2004, but it feels less than worthy. A very good movie never-the-less.

Big Trouble in Little China

A fun and weird action, martial arts movie. Just a good time to be had here.


A military mystery whodunnit. Told in the P.O.V. he said, she said style. Falls short in many ways. But, it holds your attention.

The Great Escape

Great cast. Great story. One of the best WW2 films ever.

Miller's Crossing

A Coen Brothers classic about an old-school gang war. The best Neo-Noire movie in the past 30 years.

A Few Good Men

Great court room drama with great performances all-around. Lost 1 star because the plot is about as compelling as a J.A.G. or L&O episode.

Apocalypse Now Redux

A raw, dark, and legendary war epic. And this is the spicy version. Hard to get through. Harder to look away. Must-see!

Creepshow 2
Creepshow 2(1987)

One of the worst horror sequels ever made. A bland, boring, cheap version of it's superior predecessor. Half star because the last story was okay. Skip otherwise.


Take George A. Romero, Stephen King, and the effects of Tom Savini, put 'em together and you have the most fun horror movie ever made. A must-see!

Air Force One

Surprisingly good "Die Hard On A Plane" action flick. Helped immensely by the performances of Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

A Bridge Too Far

Great cast and a good war epic. But, it's hard to feel good about a movie where the Allies get their butt's kicked.


Well written, well acted, well produced, and well directed. But boring as heck.


Possibly the best sci-fi sequel ever made.


An epic Shakespearian story of the most famous composer in the world, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told as a confession by his rival Antonio Salieri. Beautiful, compelling, tragic. Well written, directed, and acted. Best Picture 1984 by a mile.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Groundbreaking, innovative, and supremely entertaining. My favorite film of all time.