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Sherlock: Season 1

Well acted, written, and produced from top to bottom. This is the best modern Sherlock Holmes spin ever made. Thanks in large part to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson.

Elementary: Season 1
Elementary: Season 1 (2012-2013)

It's always gonna be compared to it's superior BBC counterpart, but this new spin on Sherlock Holmes is enjoyable and despite it's formulaic cop show plots, does well mostly thanks to Jonny Lee Miller's wonderful performance.

House of Cards: Season 3

After a great Season 2, the show takes a bit of a momentum dip. While the acting is still top notch, with no higher rung on the ladder to climb, the plot somewhat stagnates now that the Underwoods deal with the pressures of the Presidency.

House of Cards: Season 2

As if it couldn't get any better after Season 1, Season 2 goes darker and edgier than any other show. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright continue to become icons of evil ambition as the Underwoods set their sights on even greater conquests.

House of Cards: Season 1

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright turn in the performances of a lifetime and kick off a show that started a revolution in edgy TV programming that isn't on TV.

House of Cards: Season 4

By expanding Robin Wright's role and going back to the formula of Team Underwood vs. Everyone, Season 4 is classic binge worthy House of Cards.