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Bridgette's Review of The Dust Storm

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Dust Storm

The Dust Storm(2016)

I saw this movie at the Nashville Film Festival back in April and absolutely loved the premise of it - who hasn't had a relationship end where you both still cared for each other but for whatever reason, you just couldn't make it work? It captured that essence perfectly and really dived into how you can love someone but they be completely wrong for you and how some people deal with that loss. It was always surprisingly funny in some places which I loved! The music chosen also told the story just as well as the script did. I had been divorced a little over a year when I saw this movie and it brought an emotional reaction from me when I watched it at the festival - I could instantly imagine myself in Brennan's shoes as the person who didn't want the relationship to end but I could also see myself in Nora and I left the theatre actively wondering which character I would be if I ever ran into my ex husband down the road, what emotions that would bring back for me. The acting was top notch - Kristen Gutoskie captured that person who knew why they had walked away in the first place but couldn't help be drawn to that person again perfectly. Colin O'Donoghue nailed the angst and pain of his character as he once again came into contact with the person who had broken his heart. I would most definitely recommend this movie and plan on buying it on multiple platforms when it becomes available!