William%20Olenek's Rating of Aquaman

William%20's Review of Aquaman

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I would say this is one of the better DCEU movies and might be my second favourite out of the bunch. That being said it is not a great movie. Jason Momoa is great as aquaman and the rest of the cast gives good performances. The chemistry between Jason Momoa and Amber Heard is not great and the villain is nothing that we have not already seen. The visuals are good for the most part, but at times the CGI is too much. The soundtrack was great and the was the fight scene were shot was fantastic. I loved the wide angel shots because you could actually see what was going one. There are some funny jokes but a lot do fall flat. This movie is very cheesy which I can handle to a point. Some people will be totally fine with it. One of my biggest issues was that they put almost every single cliche from a superhero movie it this. This made the movie predictable and the cliches made it so the cheesyness was too much for me. Overall I'd say it was entertaining enough and I can see why some people love and mabye on rewatch I'll like it more but after first viewing I was not too impressed by it.