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William%20's Review of Avengers: Endgame

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Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame(2019)

Avengers Endgame is amazing. For a three hour movie it flew by and I never got bored. The first two acts are a slower pace but I thought it worked. The story was interesting and there was still good humour. The whole cast gave perfect performances. There were things that I did not see coming in this but I enjoyed the surprises. There were a few things that at first through me off but after a couple of minutes I was fine with it. I have a few nitpicks but those involve spoilers so I won't say them. The final act was absolutely incredible. It had the best scene I have ever seen in a comic book movie. There is a lot of fan service but for me it did not feel cheap and it was deserved. The ending of this felt so satisfying too, the ending for some of the characters stories I thought was perfect. It did not feel like a part 2 to Infinity War, it was its own thing but it still complimented the last avengers film nicely. At this moment it is my favourite movie in the MCU and possibly my favourite comic book movie of all time.