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The Favourite

The Favourite(2018)

The most praise I can give this movie is Olivia Colman's performance. She did an amazing job in her role. Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz gave really good performances as well. The movie itself was huge letdown. I don't know anything about the director to know what kind of movies he makes and I had not seen any trailers before seeing the movie. I was expecting a serious drama like film. At the start I was trown off because it was going for comedy and sometimes weird comedy. Once I had gotten used to that, it would switch tones to the serious drama and would go back and forth throughout the film. These two tones did not work in one movie. The were some scenes that were meant to be funny but instead made me cringe. Olivia Colman's did a great job as Queen Anne and I don't know much about that queen so i don't known how historically accurate the film shows the character but in the film they had two versions of her. At times she is a childish person and other times she is a person how has clearly suffered great loss. Again, I don't what she was like in real life but I wish the film stuck to one version instead of going back and forth. Emma Stone's character was good for the first half of the film but mid-way through her character makes a huge change that had no clear motivation and the character became very unlikable. The directing was okay although some scenes had a Go-Pro like look to them which I did not like too much, some scenes REALLY dragged on, especially the last scene. The sound track was bad and at times the music felt like it belonged in other movies. The film felt like it was trying to be more then one type of film which made it feel messy. Overall I'd say it is a very bad film with great performances.