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Last Knights
Last Knights(2015)

movie suffers in that the second part drags on and on and on. does not have a satisfying ending.

Avengers: Endgame

what can I say, this is how to conclude a 22 movie mega cinema event. this movie is amazing. riveting, heart breaking, exhilarating. Five Stars, best movie of 2019, best movie of the decade! Must watch!


ug, just saw this at the theater tonight. its great for little kids, but teens and adults I would skip. it is sillier than the darker dc's so that at least was better, but overall, no go for me.

Terminator Salvation

ugh! basically, (spoilers) man dies, gets resurrected, and fights. While this is an action packed movie, it lacks dialogue and characters, depth, relies too heavily on special effects. pass

Captain Marvel

Wow! outstanding additional to Marvel universe. a real treat!.

No Way Out
No Way Out(1987)

great washington dc thriller

San Andreas
San Andreas(2015)

please... a workable plot! this is awful

Once Upon a Crime

light comedy, moves quickly, nice scenic backdrop, comedy ensemble of richard lewis, John Candy, James Beluchi and Cybil Shepherd, it is fun to watch belushi and candy, the movie is not that funny, but I did enjoy it more because of the acting between some of the cast. It is a lighthearted fun movie, a comedy mystery who donit. worth the watch.

My Best Friend's Wedding

cute romantic movie, best friend vs bride with a lot of sabotage and wedding gags. its ok. a few very fun scenes.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

amazing animation, lots of heart humor, put the amazing in amazing spiderman. five stars, MUST WATCH


wonderfully funny, heartwarming christmas classic, elf is silly, endearing, and although I didn't exactly love the ending, there was enough laughs to keep you watching all the way.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

what happened!!!! potter world is shattered, not worth the watch, pass on this mess of a movie.


awful convoluted mess of a plot, need more black manta, too many villains, dc just can't get it right, not worth the watch. want my money back.

Crimson Tide
Crimson Tide(1995)

meh...its a Hunt for Red October wanna be. Great performance from Denzel, so if you are a Denzel fan its a must watch, fun to try to pick out the Tarantino uncredited dialogue.

Mystic Pizza
Mystic Pizza(1988)

superb just like the pizza


poor set design, poor props, poor story line, Helen Slater is a good supergirl, but the director and writers were just too cautions and afraid to take risks. movie is hardly watchable. story is convoluted and poorly executed. Supergirl has a bunny running around her as she sleeps in the forest...sheesh.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

not a great movie by any stretch, bit formulaic, some nice action sequences, some suspense.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

rubber abs suit??? Really??? Nuf said.

Blue Crush
Blue Crush(2002)

Bosworth is pretty hot in her bikini...worth the watch, though not as good as endless summer

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

movie is shot well, cgi is pretty bad, maybe this might work for real small children but overall story is predictable, carell is ok as agent 86, but he isn't giveen much to work with.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

really bad movie, only 3 actors carry most of the movie, unlike the original there is no complexity to the cast members, or any emotional engagement, you know none of the three will die, so every "danger" scene is boring, cgi is terrible, story is terrible, there really was nothing entertaining about this film.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Solo: A Star Wars Story

didn't enjoy this one at all.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2017)

wonder woman is perfectly cast, galot is a fantastic wonder woman, and that is about it for this movie, the script, plot and everything else sucked.

Avengers: Infinity War

amazing, edge of seat exciting, must see

Incredibles 2

funny, awesome, good evil villan, this is a must see for everyone in the family.


must watch, incredible, brilliant, touching...simply outstanding, loved the big twist at the end!

Deadpool 2
Deadpool 2(2018)

I just saw this movie, and it was incredible. recommend that you see it twice because the jokes, gages, humor, and action comes at you fast and furious. fun stuff.

The Cabin in the Woods

deconstructs horror tropes, good movie.

Scent of a Woman

Al Pacino Oscar performance is a must watch.

The Warriors
The Warriors(1979)

street gang film, gritty, moves fast, engaging,great use of photography and suspense. it is a peculiar movie, and some have criticized it for its glorified violence, but the reality is that turf tribal and male aggression are inherit part of the human experience as is gang violence. it seems to me that this is a kind of quest movie as the warriors attempt to make it home through various obstacles. while an intriguing story, the end of the quest is left a bit ambiguous.


Terrible movie, long boring scenes of connery in meetings and pouting because his SATELLITE was pointed in the wrong direction. this cold war flop has the audacity to cut in stock footage from at least 2 other identifiable movies, avalanche 1978 godzilla movies. this movie is barely watchable. The missles are the star of this movie, they have the most personality of all.

Magma: Volcanic Disaster

this movie is unwatchable, bad special effects, can't tell if it is trying to be like sharknado or if it is taking itself seriously. it doesn't work on any level. unwatchable.

The Night of the Twisters

a surprisingly good movie for a tv made family cable release. based on the strange odd anticyclonic real life OCCURRENCE of a breakout of a number of twisters that traveled slowly and circled back on themselves for an entire night in 1980's, this movie works with intense scenes. This movie is entertaining.


this is the kind of fun stupid b movie that isn't all that bad, some silly scenes, over acting, stereotypical characters. a small town festival is threatened by a series of meteorites from a comet that is breaking up over the earth. a crazy hermit astronomer and out of work stay at home dad and his wife try to warn the mayor to cancel the festival and head for cover. entertainment if you are looking for a silly movie.

Star Trek Beyond

are studios trying to play it safe and afraid to take risks with new material? beyond is in the same league as the rest of the ST2009 series, high on action, in fact, its fast and furious meets the enterprise. it doesn't have a great story line or plot. enterprise, comprised mostly of young 20 somethings, is in deep space and an alien race lures it for some mysterious reason.. the film is then a bit of a rescue/escape film, and ends with a big surprise that the alien *spoiler* is really a bitter star fleet officer. bits like the bit where music kills aliens just doesn't work for me, and comes across as silly and convenient to the plot rather than serving to make a point . it is lame and if there is a message to the movie it is watered down and generic enough that it doesn't stand up to the star treks of the past, it is way too concerned with getting to the next action sequence to be effective in its message. what fueled star trek was a big idea or social commentary that gave the movie legs. that is what it is missing, or at least what is sacrificed for the action.

Star Trek Into Darkness

again, another fun, spectacular action packed movie that fits the same model as 2009 ST, following the alternate timeline this movie reboots more characters and story lines from the original movies, in this case, the classic khan, looking for revenge against the federation. cumberbatch does a great job in the role and all the other crew is back, and its to their credit that they take mediocre dialogue and are able to bring it to life at all.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

proves that it is possible to make an action star trek that works, moves fast, great direction, cinematography, good chemistry and acting, writing, and editing, good score results in a fun movie. While the movie was fun to watch as an action fim that revisions or reboots, or remakes? the original, (unless its part of a confusing time travel timeline???) anyway, the original roddenberry star trek delt with big philosophical questions and that element is missing in this star trek, it mostly takes the younger crew and replaces themor re-establish them into a "new" star trek universe.

Star Trek - Nemesis

Another weak movie, picard meets a clone of himself who has a plan for revenge, could have worked as another episode in the tv series, Patrick Stewart is completely wasted in this role. the film again suffers from poorly written script, weak story lines, plot holes, and a loss of character integrity.

Star Trek: Insurrection

this is more like a tv episode but longer but the series continue to be plagued by lackluster story line and plot holes. in this movie, data and the crew commit treason to protect the inhabitants of an alien world.

Star Trek: First Contact

First contact the second in the TNG series is a good movie, it has decent direction and cinematography, good action sequences, decent acting and a great score. it is not a surprise that this is one of the highest rated star trek movies in the entire collection. The story line with data and the borg queen is good. There is a down side, the story itself suffers from some structural problems, and plot holes and a story line that is not always coherent. the nature of the characters are a bit different than on the tv episode, picard is angrier and trigger happy and star fleet is much more militarized for a typical star trek. their is too much going on, the borg plans seems to be to stop first contact but also to go back in time to simply assimilate humans on earth and to build an arry to call more borg to the site. BUt if the borg have time travel technology they can simply go back and assimilate them before they make first contact. all in all it is a good movie but it shows the weakness of the tng series of star trek that seems to be willing to sacrifice some trekkiness for an action fillm, at least this one is well made.

Star Trek Generations

TNG first foray into the big screen just doesn't measure up, bring together the new, picard, with the old, kirk, the idea of having these two on the screen together was a good one but poorly executed leaving plot holes, shabby story telling, and bad dialogue. the original star trek movies did a good job overall putting together their movies, if this is the start of the new tng series, it has alot of work to do.

Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country

a cold war thriller with the federation reaching out to the klingon empire, kirk deals with issues of trust, but trouble pops up when the klingon's suspect kirk of extracting revenge on a bird of prey. kirk and bones are sentenced and imprisoned on an astroid penal colony. again, this is a good star trek movie with the same great chemistry from the cast.

Star Trek V - The Final Frontier

shore leave is INTERRUPTED as is a badly sung rendition of row row row your boat??? as the crew of the enterprise is called on to rescue hostages, but nothing can rescue this disaster of a movie, the one exception on an otherwise stelar series, written and directed by william shatner v spends too much time meandering in goofiness, and with a confused plot line and undeveloped characters.

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Star trek 4 shows exactly what is so endearing about this series, the characters have great chemistry as they reunite to go back in time in an attempt to save earth from a probe that is looking for whales. this is a movie made good because of the humor and the character development and good direction under leonard nimoy.

Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

a good third film, the title lets everyone know that the crew will be looking for spock, spock sends a message that he is still alive and the crew goes out looking for him, christopher lloyd plays kurg the villain and good cast chemistry makes this a good addition to the star trek series.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

In a truly amazing sequel, star trek roared back to the screen picking up on an idea from the tv series "Space seed" and bringing back the character of khan. richardo montalban brings a strong performance as a villain that draws the audience sympathy, this is a clear example of a better sequal. this second star trek movie brings back the original 'flavor' of the star trek series with a great ending, and an opening for another movie

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

This movie worked for me as the first time star trek is taken to the big screen, it will always be the first tv series to be adopted as a major motion picture. While it is a slower paced movie the subtle, mystical and pseudo-religious theme and nature of this movie makes it work. despite of production troubles, a great score lifts this movie.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Force awakens was a good movie, I was glad to have the taste of the badly made prequels washed out of my mouth. The original cast was back, john williams did a great job with the score, and the film used real sets, creatures, real film and original lenses used in new hope. there wasn't bad cgi, real emotional light saber battles, and overall good acting, loved the new characters and this film delivers. However, the script relied too close to the original new hope formula, i think it works because this is a reboot, but in subsequent films the directors and writers will hopefully take the series in another direction, i don't want to see a remake of empire/jedi. would be nice to see some new original stories.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One is a solid action packed star wars movie worthy of its place in the Star wars universe, with a great collection of rag tag crew led by Felicity Jones this movie pulls us. A motley crew up against a monumental task, it is reminiscent of "The Bridge on the River Kwai" impossible mission movies. It also solves one of the longest problems in the star wars story the vulnerability of the death star, it fills in a gap with a great deal of wonderful movie magic. its climatic end is as sad as it is satisfying, and the ending scenes as well as a few others that add the character of darth vader teases the heck out of the question, will we see more of Darth Vader in the future? There some bad CGI Tarken, but CGI is used to great effect in the battle scenes. Rogue One shows that the Star Wars universe is growing up, the message of this movie, is sometimes heros die in a good cause, Its a grown up message for a grown up Star Wars.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

(this review has Spoliers) While many liked Revenge of the Sith, this last installment of the prequels tells the story of Anakin path to the dark side, but again, it just seems to force the story told in the original saga, the original story line had clearly not been thought out, but this story suffers as a result, Leah can't have memories of her mother as in the original, she dies in childbirth. Yet Lucas still insists on forcing many bits of the old narrative into this one even if it doesn't make much sense. The turning of Anakin into a child killing monster just doesn't fit with his motivation of trying to save his beloved padme or his path to the dark side by placing his trust in a Sith lord just because he tells Anakin that he can save her, (I mean really, he isn't going to go to the Jedi to see if he can get a better offer? seek Yoda advice?) He is going to turn on Mace Wandu on the off chance the emperor might be able to help him for a yet unknown future malady that Padme may contract? And after the Emperor clearly reneges on his promise, Vader seems completely ok with it. The story line is convoluted the characters motivation are unclear, its like you see the direction Lucas wants to take the movie but we end up in a strange place where odd things happen. Obiwan leaves his apprentice and friend to die because he can't bring him to kill him, but won't call for help or at least try to give him medical attention? He clearly is defeated and unable to defend himself. It just seems like Obiwan would know better. All in all, we are left with an uneven, plodding mess of a movie, a shadow of what could have been.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

the next two films in essence have the same weakness, on the positive side, a great Williams score, again, great characters, vehicles, green screen projections of star wars worlds, thrilling action and on the down side, flat characters,horrible dialogue, little to no romance, silly scenes like Anakin and Padme rolling around in the grass, plots that don' make much sense, (who would send young Anakin to be Padme personal body guard? How stupid are the Jedi, you don't need the force to see that coming! Too much green screen and flat uninteresting dialogue kills the movie as well as an over complicated plot line that tries to force some of the story line that had been fleshed out in the original saga but falls way way short.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

What is interesting about the prequels, which in my opinion fall short of the original, is that is is the brain child of the same director/producer creator, George Lucas. yet at the same time, they don't measure up to what some fans, including myself, enjoyed about the original saga. I think that Menace is probably the strongest of the three, I would rank them as 1. menace, 2. Revenge of the sith, 3. attack of the clones. While there are dazzling scenes, incredible costumes, good choreographed light saber fights, Darth Maul is a great villain, and it was nice to see the Star Wars universe back on the big screen, the phantom menace pointed to a lurking future menace, and it turned out to be the next two films. There was just too much thrown on to the screen, the jedi are shown having powers that they don't put to use in the rest of the movie, an overly complicated plot, the explanation of the force "mediclorians" or whatever they were called, the Jar Jar character that was annoying as heck. One thing that has to be mentioned however, is the foresight Lucas seems to have had, as democracy dies in the republic and a power hungry selfish politician slowly consolidates power to become a dictator...hmmm who does that sound like?

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

While this was the weakest of the three originals, Jedi is still a great film, and a wonderful satisfying wrap making the trilogy one of the best movie sagas of all time. Without question this is a great film, with a great finish, edge of your seat suspense and by now we are familiar with the star wars formula that Lucas utilized, the film itself is the third part of a three part story, it has the familiar action packed start on the barge, the saving of Solo, and moves into its own third part with the ultimate showdown between Luke, Vader and the Emperor, and the Rebels and Imperial showdown on Endor. Yes, the ending of what Harrison Ford called a "teddy bear" party is a little goofy, but many are endeared to the ewoks, it is easy to parody "empire taken down by space bears" but the nature vs technology, and the little guy vs the big bully is just a classic end to a great saga.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

What could be better than Star Wars in 1977, the movie that proved that sequels can be better than the original, that can't be said of most sequels but it can be said of this one. If I were to rate the first three star wars movies, I would rate them as follows: 1. Empire, 2. New Hope, 3. Jedi. That is what is amazing about this movie, with an amazing clifhanger, introduction of new characters, it advances the story line with romance, humor, great new vehicles (ATAT), and new characters like Lando brought on after complaints about diversity, Boba Fett, and of course the Luke and Yoda training scenes A great follow up to the original Star Wars, empire delivers as the best of the star wars saga movies.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Star Wars is a masterpiece of film, it is in a league of its own, what is amazing about this movie is not the acting that isn't all that great, or the sets which aren't all that great, or the special effects, though revolutionary for their time certainly have been since eclipsed, It is what happens in the rare event, that the right script, the right director, the right vision, the right actors, all come together, in a under dog long shot movie, that went over budget, almost was cancelled, everyone who was involved with it doubted it would be successful, and then, by some sheer moment of movie magic, John Williams score breathes life into it, Jame Earl Jones voice Darth Vader, the sound of light sabers and speeding space crafts all explode on the scene. Suddenly the audience is looking at something we had never seen before, a magical movie with a princess, and a rescue, and a death star and space monkeys and what have you. A surprising and addicting blockbuster that anyone who watches the original (not CGI remake) will recognize immediately as fun and entertaining, and an instant classic. Not because its perfect, but because of its unpolished genius, this is a 100%, a real rarity in film. While Star Wars did not have deep characters, or shared deep insights into the human condition, it did share the basic formal of heroic myth in a very light and entertaining movie...that is the magic of movies.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

there are some surprising well written episodes in this series, and especially well done are the concluding last episodes. The apprentice relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka Tano and Anakin is fleshed out in this animated series based off the star wars franchise.

The Day After Tomorrow

the southern states having to evacuate to Mexico and Mexico closing the border, great irony! that earned this movie an additional 2 stars just for that scene.


Titanic is visually stunning, a masterpiece of detail, costumes, and set pieces, with a simple and relatable love story that makes this a great film, yet at the same time, one dimensional characters, and too many subplots and some annoying acting by Dicrapio, leaves it with some strikes against it. may just be the most well liked hated movie of all time.

Ghostbusters 2

rehashed material from the original, poorly conceived.

Ghostbusters (1984 Original)

funny, hilarious, epic, nothing like original ghostbusters! Who ya gonna call?


loved the all female cast, however, movie was not funny, and it is just a bad movie. There was just no chemistry between the characters, all four characters played the comic relief, I am still confused if this is a reboot, a sequel, or a reboot of the sequel???

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One of the best westerns of all time.

Red Tails
Red Tails(2012)

Excellent movie, good plot and story, great special effects, I think this film is heavily under rated.

Remember the Titans

pure movie magic, Denzel is at his best in this heart warning, moving and inspirational movie that breaks the race barrier and has the courage to vision a society where all people are treated equally.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

same formula as the first, but a better movie, again great sets, Jolie is a great Croft, but again the two suffer from a plot that is hard to follow and doesn't make much sense and its hard to connect with the characters, just an action flick.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Lara Croft brings its goofy movie to an art form, for a movie that is based on a video game, the plot doesn't make a whole lot of sense, or rather, its too basic, raiders have to find two lost pieces to bring together a clock that can do blah blah blah, Croft is great, sets are good, makes for a good movie, but it just ends up getting loud, noisy, and I lost interest.

Ocean's Thirteen

revenge is a dish best served...this last installment of the Oceans goes back to an original formula, but is still entertaining and fun to watch.

Ocean's Twelve

While seemingly over complicated, this movie is really about the long-con, if it is watched from the perspective of LeMarc (who is uncredited), and appears only at the end of the movie, makes more sense. The movie is more about cons then heists, but still makes for a fun flick and a good sequel though not as good as the original.

Ocean's Eleven

Works for its all star cast, heist/comedy, fun twists and turns.

Live By Night

To Ben Affleck...please stop acting, stop directing...just stop...for the love of all that is holy...please...stop...its time to RETIRE

Planet of the Apes

Many years in the waiting, finally the Planet of the Apes remake made it on the screen after years and years of lingering, it ended up with a Burton directed, Wahlberg staring ...meh...film. In this remake, an ape constantly referred to as a monkey that is being trained to fly space ships ? is lost and Mark Wahlberg's character Leo goes after him only to find himself in the future. Like the original he is chased by the apes and rounded up with a group of primitive humans. We see Burton's vision of Ape Planet, and the film makers decided to go with make up and prosthetics instead of CGI, it was a good call as the CGI would not have been up to par in 2001, the new Planet of the Apes showed it was possible to make great CGI apes, but that is now, and this was then. This film again suffers from a watered down and confusing social and philosophical commentary, the caste system is gone, gone is the conflict of race, nuclear war and religion. Instead there are call backs to some of the other Ape films, with humans as pets etc. The humans however primitive do not act that way so again there is some confusion, and the twist at the end is funnier than it is original, the movie lends itself to some silliness that has a B movie quality to it, so it is watchable, but is very much more inferior product.

War for the Planet of the Apes

the last two Dawn and War movie suffer from the same problem, a very weak and predictable plot and story line, without any real social commentary that made the original such a good series, these films are high on great cgi and special effects, but suffer with a weak story. Caesar tries to find the Colonel to end of the war and is taken prisoner leading for the need for an ape revolt but it borrows heavily from so many other movies and reuses ideas that it comes across as a de ja vu type of movie. I think I saw this someplace before, like in the "Last Castle" with apes, or maybe "Prince of Egypt" with apes. Overall this series is much weaker than the original despite its good cinematography and cgi.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Dawn and War both suffer from the same problem, great cgi and effects but a weak plot and story line.

Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes

In conquest,a disease has killed all the cats and dogs leaving humans with no pets, to replace them, people begin to keep apes as pets, but soon they are used as slave labor, one of them however is Caesar the offering of Zira, he leads a rebellion against the evil humans. Man vs ape in the ultimate revolution is the plot of this movie. This film has one of the best ape endings, raw in its emotions and rage.

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

A third sequel was required after the popularity of the second, in this third installment, Zira and Cornelius escape ape planet and end up in 1973 earth splashing down in the Pacific. The apes are initially accepted into American society, but fears about their offspring leads to conflict. This series continues the social commentary tackling racial conflict,. Escapes adds a great addition to the already growing library of ape movies and is over well done and enjoyable movie.

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

Beneath the planet of the Apes is the equal to the Planet of the Apes, with not as subtle political commentary as the first, this film shows peaceful ape youth protesting the political elite decision to go to war with a group of mutant humans that survived and live underground with enhanced psychic abilities. As the war rages, it moves towards the decision of the mutant humans to use a planet destroying bomb. While not as good as the first it suffers from its unsatisfying ending of destroying the apes, who we of course always root for. While Heston may wanted to kill off any more sequels, he failed due to the success of this film, which produced three times the profits of its production cost and ensured three move films, an animated series, and a tv series. Long live the apes!

Planet of the Apes

Sheer movie genius. Planet of the apes featured an adventure story of a group of astronauts that crash land on a planet of apes, but the Rod Sterling script of Twilight Zone fame, based on the novel by Boulle, brought good action and drama to a modern day social commentary on cold war nuclear war, animal rights, science and evolution, and with good monkey ape makeup and costumes for the time, the results was one great film. Carlton Heston is perfectly cast in this role and with numerous humorous and interesting situations and a twist at the end, Apes shows exactly how films can tell a powerful story and a poignant social comment.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the planet of the apes is the first in a trilogy of the remake of Planet of the Apes 2011. As a reboot, it does a good job of laying the foundation of the next two movies, the CGI is good, and the characters are engaging, there are a few scenes that are a bit confusing, such as when the vet girl friend apparently doesn't realize that the exceptionally talented ape Caesar has been genetically modified by experiments from her boyfriend, the "oh how could you' moment is a bit unbelievable, and some of the scenes are a bit predictable. But the unique flip of roles in a scene in this movie borrowed from the classic "Planet of the Apes" is very creative and fun to watch. Over all it falls way short of the sheer genius of the original but an enjoyable movie. 3 stars.

Justice League

Well, I really didn't think it could get worse. I think Justice Leagues serves to remind, that no matter how bad previous films have been, yes it is possible to make an ever worse film and do nothing to learn from your mistakes. By this point and time in the world of cinematic super-heros there is really little excuse for getting certain film elements wrong. By now, any big budget film should know that things like CGI, the villain, a story line that makes sense, are essential to any good film. So, it only makes sense that JL misses badly on each of those categories. The JL movie summary should more accurately read like this: "Batfleck goes on a quest to to enlist the help of wonder woman, and other meta humans to stand against an emerging threat, the emerging threat being of course, a horrid script, terrible CGI, little to no development of characters, and once again a compete lack of any integrity of the characters themselves. Nothing can save this bad movie from itself". Henry Cavils mustache, goat headed Steppenwolf, and many action sequences have about the worst CGI ever seen outside of Sharknado. Aquaman is some kind of brooding cry baby, an egregious casting mistake among many casting mistakes made in the movie. The Flash is relegated to a the comic element. Batfleck is worse than he was in previous films, being even a bigger bore, with humor that doesn't work, and doesn't do much as batman in the end fight scene over superman and wonder woman. (It should be noted that Batfleck will go down as one of the substandard batman on the screen perhaps ranked just after George Clooney) This is suppose to be the world's greatest detective, his intelligence should make him the star of the show, but in this movie no one knows exactly what to do with him. Where is his analytical mind? his problem solving? His intelligence? Like the movie it completely lacks any. This movie gets 1 star, or perhaps deserves 0 stars. This movie is a mess with so many half baked ideas it ends up completely unsatisfied product. Lastly, Superman's return was mishandled. Again, the trailers spoil this so we go in knowing the the will be back, for the life of me, I cannot understand what is happening in these pitch meetings at DC? When I watched it there were actually people that got up and left. I don't recommend this movie, skip it, there is really nothing that merits it, I decided after this movie I will not watch nor review any more Synder directed movies, it is a waste of money and time and not worthy it. If he continues to direct he very well may destroy the superhero genre because there will be nothing left except loud explosions.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Holy movie disaster batman! Is this a disaster movie? No, its a disaster of a movie! Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it got worse. Most of what I didn't like about this movie can be summed up this way: big on effects, and hype, low on characters, story, and heart. The Joker I mean Lex Luthor, who thinks that he is playing the joker, has little motivation to do what he does, the plot didn't makes any sense to me for starting the fight and even less for ending it... "Martha.." This is an overstuffed, overpopulated, loud bombastic movie, a real lost opportunity to see two iconic characters go at each other, instead we end up with a plodding, strange, loud, pretentous movie, I think kids playing with their action figures come up with a better story line than this disaster. Let me break this down, the direction is bad, the music doesn't work, the acting is terrible, Batfleck is a well armed sociopath, and his awful depiction of Batman is somehow overshadowed by the, I don't know what to even call it, shocking cringe inducing mind boggling Jesse Eisenberg Luther. He is a great actor, so I blame the direction which is clearly misguided and produces a number of grating scene. The whole time Luther showed up, I had to pull my shirt over my head and prayed that it would end quickly. I mean I am at a loss, why in the world does Lex pop a JollyRancher in a senators mouth? Strangest product placement in the world. This is the follow up to the epic Nolan series! The Wonder Woman scene is absolutely ruined by the idiot that decided to spoil it in the trailer, so we all knew what would happen, and we knew that how the Batman v Superman fight would end. I went in hoping that perhaps that was a reason the trailer was designed the way it was giving the movie the benefit of the doubt, even willing to give Batfleck a chance after ummm...Gigli and Daredevil. I think there would have been one element that could have saved the film, Matt Damon in the role of Robin would have made it all work. Nevertheless, that did not happen and by the end of this movie, I was a defeated pool of ooze on the theater floor...and by the way...BATMAN DOESN'T KILL PEOPLE OR USE GUNS!!!! This movie really deserves no stars at all, 0. Warning: this is a movie that cannot be enjoyed at ANY level, it can only be survived.

The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale returns for this great conclusion to what is the best Batman trilogy. It is a brutal epic that is expertly filmed and soars with its amazing cast. Michael Kane, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman,all lend a solid supporting role to the film. Anne Hathaway has a compelling performance as cat woman, the best on screen so far, and Gordon-Levitt as John Blake teases as Knightwing/Robin. The entire trilogy is a powerful collection, and it ends on a perfect note, with an outstanding ending to the series. The Dark Knight trilogy will stand as perhaps the best batman movies set to film and it will be a real task to try to surpass this amazing monumental achievement. The series is also has a great music score by Hans Zimmer and James Howard

The Dark Knight

just as thrilling as the first, in this second of the Dark Knight series, Christian Bale returns as the dark knight but this time, Heath Ledger takes it to a whole new level, with the addition of the definitive and unsurpassed joker. With the help of Lucious Fox, Batman pursues down a trail of clues that leads to Hong Kong, the real villain of the Joker plays him like Alex from a clockwork orange, is the mastermind behind a sinister plan. Ledger is born to play this role and is deserving of an Oscar in his outstanding performing. Nolan fashions what may be the best superhero movie ever filmed and a stronger film than the first if that can be believed!

Batman Begins

Nolan directs the definitive Batman, this is a superb relaunch of this new Dark Knight trilogy that sets the Batman standard and will likely be unsurpassed. Christian Bale is the best Batman to come on to the screen, and this is the first batman movie to come the closest to getting Batman right. This is an engrossing film with great action, and great affects and a great evil scheme. Nolan has placed a great stamp on the Batman franchise, Morgan Freeman, adds a great character and there is a good story to go with it. The movie is filmed in Chicago, so great choice of location, and the city is transformed into Gotham city in a very effective way. This is the beginning of what may be an outstanding series.

Batman & Robin

this movie is a mess. It is way over produced, and seems to have one primary objective, sell toys. The self contradictions and silly lines are all over this film, "You're being a Dick...Dick." lines read by George Clooney, the strange overly sexualized costumes and shots of their bat posteriors, nipples, and groins, just adds to the bizarre quality of this batman film. This batman is a bore. But as time has passed, this has become a bit of a silly "b" watch, and can be fun in places. It will never pass as a good film, but might satisfy in the way campy batman films did in the 60's.

Batman Forever

Tommy Lee jones and Jim Carrey both bring a great performance to this batman. The plot is a bit dumbed down, a "box" in every TV in town to drain the brain power of people into the riddlers brain using his IQ. Robin is included by Chris O'Donnell is finally included into the series. but the script writing and plot were weak. The film lacks any resonance, while its a good watch and I am still 50/50 on whether it is a better movie than Batman Returns. The problem that is beginning to develop with this series is that batman continues to just be screened as an "action hero" and not in the complex character that he is.

Batman Returns

Devito as Penguin, Walken as Shrek, and Pfeiffer as cat woman brings a good sequel to Burton's first film. Keaton reprises his role as Batman again. It is interesting that I never really bought Keaton as Batman, and the original suffered from lack of character development and engagement. I didn't enjoy the story line as much, it was a bit much and convoluted, and the penguin caper didn't quite work for me as an enjoyable or believable story line, but as usually, but it continues the theatrical Burton style with his flair and is a visual feast.


Tim Burton brings back Batman to the screen with his unique comic styled, larger than life look. A much darker batman following the campy Adam West portrayal, this film breaks the mold with some amazing original art direction and incredible screen sets, like the Gotham set. Jack Nicholson does a great job as the Joker. While the film takes a more grown up approach and delves into the psychology of the characters, it does not do as good of a job engaging the characters, which are played flat with little chemistry between Keaton and Basinger who plays Vicki Vale. It still makes for a good movie, Burton took a risk but overall I think it pays off.

Batman: The Movie

Campy to the extreme, its a fun movie to watch for its silliness and straight laced delivery. "Some days...you just don't know where to get rid of a bomb."

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin is a 1949 fifteen chapter serial film released by Columbia Pictures that is a followup to the 1943 Batman. Batman/Bruce Wayne is played by Robet Lowery and Johnny Duncan as Robin, Jane Adams as Vicki Vale and Lyle Talbot as commissioner Gordon. "Batman and Robin" is fun to watch as the cape crusader and boy wonder run around in what looks like home made costumes and their bat mobile Jalopy. I actually liked this movie better than B v S and the rest of the Snyder disaster films. The villain, "The Wizard" steals a machine that can control animate objects through radio wave remote control. It requires some suspension of belief as he remote controls a stick or blows up a plane. Batman and Robin are played as detectives. Robin is seen playing with a chemistry set in the bat cave, his acting is a bit strange, and he comes across more like a sullen henchmen. In good robin fashion he is often beat up. Lowry's batman is a bit wooden, and delivers his lines in a dry manner as if he has just looked at them for the first time, the sets are reused and the locations are bad. Batman and Robin act more like cops in costume, and batman often gets tangled in his cape when throwing his punches. His bat ears often droop off his cowl giving his head a strange doglike appearance and at times it appears that he has to tilt is head upward to see out of his eye holes. Just like Batman and Robin Clooney version, the villain needs diamonds to power his evil machine, and both films are similar in the poorly executed, silly performances that are given. The idea however of an evil doppelgänger Batman, who also has an underground lair, is a millionaire and lives in a mansion has merit. Overall, I recommend this film as fun entertainment.

The Batman (An Evening with Batman and Robin)

yes, this was racist united states, "Since a wise government rounded up the shifty eyed japs" is a description of Japanese Americans! This was released just a few years after Pearl Harbor, but that of course is no excuse. I would take off points for its racism, its ww2 propaganda, and its cheap cliffhanger cliches. The 1943 fifteen chapter series from Columbia Picture produced by Rudolph Follow, directed by Lambert Hillyer and staring Lewis Wilson as Batman, Douglas Croft as Robin and Shirley Patterson as Linda Page as Bruce Wayne's love interest. The serial centers around Batman involvement as a secret agent going up against the diabolic schemes of Dr Daka. There are some great scenes like Batman sitting in his bat cave behind a giant wooden desk. Like the 1949 Batman, the bat mobile is a jalopy, and while overall the customes, special effects, acting and writing might be described as a bit shoddy and poorly conceived even by 1943 standards, it is a hell of a lot better than the disasterous Zach Snyder abomination that was perpetrated on the good paying people that went to enjoy a batman movie!

Superman and the Mole Men

Superman and the Mole-Men is the first full length Superman movie brought to the theaters, it is a low budget production and was intended to be the pilot for the Superman TV series. The film is short, only 58 minutes long but it does establish George Reeves as the definitive superman for many years at least until Christopher Reeve, and turns him into a national celebrity. Phyllis Coates does a good job as Lois Lane, with some wit. In the movie, Superman and Lane stop by a small rural oil town to do a story on a oil well that is shut down for mysterious circumstances, the drilling had inadvertently opened up a passage for the small furry mole-men to emerge. On the screen is good old fashion US xenophobia as superman protects the mole-men from a mob of angry white gun toting citizens. Great to see that Superman stood for truth justice and the American way, primarily standing against prejudice, and ignorance. He also disarms the misguided, panic driven, xenophobic mob saying "none of you can be trusted with guns so I am going to take them away from you." They could have killed ms. Lane! Would be nice to bring this superman back to our time to disarm the NRA! "its men like you that prevents people from getting to understand each other" superman tells the gun toting mob leader. You go Superman! Given the low budget, this film is still superior to the Snyder directed travesty that tried to pass itself off as a film. I recommend this film and was glad to see that its message about xenophobia and ignorance. It would be nice to see clear social messages in films like this again. Its sad that this message is still needed.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

This is perhaps the weakest of the Reeve Superman series, and the strangest. Reeve worked hard to try to revive the series but the series rights was sold to Globus and Golan, notorious Canon film producers for some of the worst things to come on the screen and this one is no different. With a good message about nuclear disarmament, Superman takes all the nuclear weapons and disposes of them but in the process falls afoul a Luther plan to use the energy release to create 'nuclear man'. The film suffers from horrid special effects, strange scenes like Lacy Warfield's space solo flight and comedic clown Lenny Luther. However, in spite of these defects, its still a "b" styled fun movie to watch, and with Luther and some of the silliness, I still rate this higher than the travesty and mind numbing dumbed down crap ladened sick treatment that Zack Snyder regurgitated onto the screen in 2013. I recommend the film as a fun silly watch, and if you can get your hand of several of the deleted scenes be prepared for even more laughs!

Superman III
Superman III(1983)

Richard Pryor is never fully utilized in this film, playing a reluctant villain he comes across as superman's buddy, his comic genius lends to some funny parts but oh what could have been. The script is poorly written and strange unlikely scenarios that do not match the technology of the day to anyone who is remotely savvy, perhaps the audience in the 80's were more gullible. However, this film highlights Christopher Reeves incredible acting chops when he portrays "evil" superman whose character was altered by the artificial Kryptonite. He not only differentiates himself from Superman/Kent but Evil/Good Superman. The result is astounding and a much see for any superman fan. Evil superman is a delight to watch. His drinking binge and subsequent depressed, angry and vandalizing superman is unmatched on the screen. Although this film is clearly inferior to the others, this scene alone makes it worth the watch.


The trailers for Superman teased the epic nature of this film, with the sweeping theatrical soundtrack by John Williams, the voice of Marlon Brando, the panoramic vistas of the midwestern wheat fields, and Christopher Reeves, making us believe that a man could fly. That is the secret formula that makes this the best representation of Superman to be on the big screen to date. While we have moved on to better special effects, no one has yet been able to replicate what Christopher Reeves was able to do in making this a pop culture icon for all time. With a depth to his acting, and his experience as a glider pilot, Reeves is able to bring an amazing performance that really differentiates his character from Clark Kent to Kal El and really makes us think he can fly. The chemistry between Margo Kidder and Reeves is real on screen magic, she is cast perfectly as Lois Lane, along side of Gene Hackman, Jackie Cooper and Marlon Brando, a great supporting cast. With just enough camp not to take itself too seriously, and no skimping on the special effects, Richard Donner delivers on one of the most ambition projects in movie history. This is great entertainment, and set the stage for its followup sequel nicely. This is one for the ages, an instant classic and great movie fun.

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

Lots of controversy surrounds Superman 2 as Richard Donner was replaced by Richard Lester, the "Donner Cut" as it is known, is a re-edit version of Donner's material as well as Brando's scenes that were cut due to the studio and the actor being unable to come to agreements on compensation. This is a review of the original Superman 2, but it is significant because the film suffers partly from the problem that much of the second film had already been shot one the first one went to distribution. The result is a slightly unbalanced film, with a little bit too much silliness thrown in. Lester's additions with the windy people being blown away scene and the throwing of the S shield are a bit much, but overall, it still is a great film, with good villains in Zod and company, great Romance between Lois and Clark, and an ending that while not liked by some, again, shows the incredible acting chops of Reeves. Superman 1 and 2 remain unsurpassed in producing movie magic and bringing Superman to the screen in a way that set the tone for all other superman movies to come.

Superman Returns

Bryan Singer's Superman Returns is a much better film than many people give it credit for, it certainly is superior to the disaster visited upon the character by Zach Snyder and Company. Brandon Ruth brings a measured Superman to the screen but one that is still reminiscent of what audiences were accustomed to in the original series, while not as charismatic as Reeves, his touch of humanity resonates however with me, I like his portrayal, forgiving, caring, and gentle. What is wrong with that? Certainly better than more modern portrayals. . Kevin Spacy is an excellent Luther. There isn't a great deal of chemistry between Routh and Bosworth and she is a fair casting for Lane. CGI effects are pretty bad in places. Overall, I think it works as an action film with a very interesting take and twist at the end. It would have been nice to see the sequel and to see where the story would have progressed to. There are a few great scenes including the saving of the airplane and the catching of the Daily Planet sphere. It is a shame that the series did not continue and there was really no reason not to, as Routh established a good character and the movie did well at the box office, unfortunately, we will never know, but this movie works as a great addition to the superman movie world.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

uggg...where to start? the dark tone, characters that are not true to their story roots, its too radical a departure from the past, bad script and dialogue, Some of the scene could have come right out of smallville. This film does not utilize its female characters at all, its too full of itself, too full of machismo, albeit the title, This is a horrible flick and a betrayal of the character not a retelling. 1/2 star. .5

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Who would have thought that a ride movie would end up being a blockbuster hit, after failing with haunted mansion, the country bears, mission to mars, tower of terror, and tomorrow land, they were bound to hit pay dirt. Johnny Depp is responsible for bring this pirate movie to life, while it is fast paced and overly complex its a fun watch.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

WHO...WHO...WHO...decided to sew deadpools mouth shut!!!!!

The Bourne Identity

Bourne Identity introduces the Bourne story so we don't get many answers in the first film about what the movie is about but it is a well put together action movie that works is fun and entertaining.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

An absolutely instant classic. I am rating each of the Potter films independently of the books or at least not in direct contrast to the books but as films that stand on their own. There is no question, that this film burst on the scene with a new universe of Harry Potter. It was one of the 'nothing like this has been seen' instant children's classic. Although the actors were young, so we are not talking Oscar performances, the sets, characters, magic, adventure all add up to a children's and family classic.

God's Not Dead 2

please stop making these propaganda films of fake news meets strange reality...fundamentalism is clearly not dead 2

Licence To Kill

great truck chase scene, suffers from the least Bond film of the Bond films.

The Living Daylights

Introducing Timothy Dalton as the new James Bond. A good bond that should have been given more movies, has one of the most spectacular bond stunts off a cargo net on airplane.

A View to a Kill

May Day and Walken are great in this as villains, killer theme song from Duran Duran

Live and Let Die

Questionable racist portrayals, a tepid script, but great Paul McCartney opening theme song. Introducing Roger Moore, one great car stunt over bridge.


James Bond joins the circus. Car vs train stunt is fun.

For Your Eyes Only

Bond getting old, lacks the intensity of other Bond's, does have a great ski chase scene.

The Spy Who Loved Me

One of the best opening stunt scenes, Bond leaps off a cliff followed by a mind boggling ski jump and the Union Jack, famous Lotus Esprit carsub a bit formulaic,

Diamonds Are Forever

best known for James Bonds Sommelier skills on display

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

this is a surprising good Bond movie, with a lot of very hilarious scenes at Blofeld's allergy clinic.


under water scenes drag out too long weighs movie down


One of the best Bond movies, superb and fresh for being one of the shortest Bond films.

From Russia With Love

A solid second Bond movie, Lotte Lenya plays a deranged SPECTRE agent sent by Blofeld to steal and then ransom a Lector secret message decoder.

Dr. No
Dr. No(1962)

Probably best intro of any movie character.

You Only Live Twice

Japanese Bond with bad makeup, probably inspired Austin Powers, this bond film falls way short.

MAC and Me
MAC and Me(1988)

E.T. rip off doubles as commercials for McDonald, and Coke, just try to get through it when you are looking for a challenge. Kid in a wheel chair going off a cliff is one of the longest running jokes.

The Passion of the Christ

unnecessary gore and bloodlust, veiled anti-semitism

Starship Troopers

Cannibal Holocaust has excessive gore! Starship troopers is a social commentary featuring great examples of propaganda, bad acting, gratuitous nudity, well actually nudity that makes a veiled point, visually spectacular funny movie. Federation experts agree: this movie is 5 stars; Watch it if you are patriotic! only REAL americans watch STARSHIP TROOPERS!


A re-telling of the Little Mermaid, and a lot of movie magic.

Beauty and the Beast

This is an amazing classic, a great family flick to see, the disney animated classic comes alive in a musical that dazzles. The characters are funny, the music as good as ever, Emma Watson is great as belle the funny book worm beauty that selflessly gives herself in the place of her father in the beasts castle. A great musical with golden gilded trappings and disney magic, it is sure to be a family favorite that doesn't disappoint.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

breakthrough in technology, breakthrough in story writing.


I think one day And Lee's Hulk will be appreciated for the artistic work that it is, there is style and depth to this movie, surprises, and great comic book styling, The story centers around two characters Betty and Banner who both are the offspring of egomaniacal fathers. They each have to deal with the damage that results from these relationships. It deals with the results of these damaged relationships and is not just "hulk smash". This is well thought out production that picks up on numerous classic movie references that are fun to pick out, and the Hulk Poodle is sheer genius.

Back to the Future

Few movies come this close to perfection...especially ones involving time travel, this one is a masterpiece, recommend reading the screen play if you want to see exactly how it is suppose to be done!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Fortune and glory kid...fortune and glory

Lawrence of Arabia

wind, sand, the sheer genius and madness of trekking across the desert to sack Aqaba is paralleled to the sheer madness to make this film. This is one of a kind. O'Toole shows the brilliance of his acting, unparalleled.


What's not to like? An epic film of the trojan war between King Prium and King Agamemnon, Brad Pitt was born to play Achilles, Diane Kruger can easily launch a thousand ships, Eric Bans, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Peter Otoole, Rose Byrne, Julian Glover, Trevor Eve, Adoni Maropis, this is a great cast. The CGI is excellent, the fighting choreography superb, the setting in Mexico and Malta was well chosen. James Horner composed the music, it was one of the most expensive movies made at the time. Peter OToole scene when he sneaks into Achilles tent to beg for the body of his son is one of the best scenes in this film and shows the incredible acting talent of O'Toole. It could have used a bit better script in places, the dialogue is a bit muddled and modern, but overall it is a still a very good film of the 'epic' variety.

The Lego Batman Movie

hilarious, fun, this movie deserves to be up with the best of the batman movies. Clever, witty, surprising. This is my #4 after the Dark Knight Trilogy.

God's Not Dead

a Christian propoganda film reflects the bias of the film makers that Christians are a "persecuted bunch", this badly scripted, badly acted, movie is a lame attempt to push a Christian philosophy at the expense of islam, communism, the liberal media, or any other ideology deemed incorrect. The logic of the movie itself is circular, failing to prove the exist of God, or the existence of any intelligence associated with the people involved in this travesty of a film. And, no I am not an atheist.

Sherlock Holmes

Supposed Sherlock Holmes spoof, this movie plays more like Sharknado meets Holmes movie, with a bit of the Dr. Who styled sci-fi as in walking tin iron man, flying dragons and dinosaurs in London. A badly cast Holmes and Watson weakens the movie,

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

In saving Christmas, Kirk Cameron and his grumpy brother in law, "christian" have a chat about the meaning of Christmas, the result is a movie so horrible, that there is no saving it, and the fate of Christmas itself is left in serious doubt. The irony is that Cameron comes off more like Mr Worldly Wiseman and Mr Talkative from the allegory "Pilgrim's Progress", leaving poor Christian reveling in the excesses of the holidays like a doomed glutton. The film itself is horrible, preachy and stuffed like a Christmas turkey full of self righteous non-sense, pious platitudes, as one and all are castigated for not celebrating the holidays the way Cameron thinks we should. The film in essence accuses Christians of being ignorant for not knowing their own traditions, and then of incredible gullibility for accepting Cameron's kooky made up answers so quickly. Don't waste your time on this movie, there is nothing of value in it, (unless you want to see how not to make a movie) we are left with the mind boggling message of embracing the excess, materialism and gluttony of the holidays. Thank you Kirk, exactly what our self centered, capitalistic society needs today (oh...but don't go over your credit card limit!). Charles Dickens understood the message of Christmas with only the slightest of religious intonations, Cameron gushes about Jesus and succeeds only in completely gutting Christmas of any real meaning, spiritual or material. Kirk leaves us empty hearted but with a few new religious icons: hams, butter, snow globes, hot cocoa...can we find a way to work in egg nog and Frosty the Snowman? A sad result and a missed opportunity.

The Brady Bunch Movie

fans of the series will enjoy this movie, a bit of retro nostalgia early 70's meets the 90's.

National Treasure

National Treasure is a fun movie, it moves along fairly quickly, and while some suspension of belief is required nothing that doesn't feel right about a movie we know wouldn't really happen. the "magic" of movies stuff. The biggest problem with the movie is Nick Cage, who struts around with his hairy chest, receding hairline and open collars, he looks like he belongs in a Vegas casino half drunk playing at the tables instead of being an MIT, Navy seal, and Georgetown grad. His persona doesn't fit the character and the movie suffers from his overacting, and condescending attitude towards his co-stars, Diane Kruger plays her role well as Dr. Chase when she isn't relegated to the "girl" that cage gets. The sidekick for humors kid Justin Bartha adds some light moments., Bean is a great villain. The script is good, filming is good, and the plot moves along at a good pace with a good message at the end about our real "national treasures". Panoramic vistas of Washington DC and Philadelphia, and historical tidbits highlighted throughout the film give the movie the flavor of a political thriller/heist movie. This is a good family movie, and probably would have been a great movie if not for the poor casting choice in the lead role.


Thor is an excellent movie, while not as famous as batman or superman, in this movie, you wouldn't know it. Thor thunders on the screen with all the bravado and masculinity of an A listed superhero. Great acting by Chris Hemsworth and a fantastic Loki by Hiddelston, an excellent supporting group, and music score, there is little not to like. Definitely underrated and under appreciated, this is a stellar crew and a great movie with humor, wit, and action.

300: Rise of an Empire

Don't waste your time or money on this loser, you would think people would realize in the 21st century what makes a movie poor, stupid and idiotic, if you don't know than watch this piece of garbage. no stars


this movie can be summed up in one word: IDIOTIC. no stars

Marvel's The Avengers

This is how you make a successful movie franchise, an all star cast of Marvel characters hit the screen in the Avengers and pulls it off brilliantly, this film offers an action packed yet light on its feet, engaging plot, with lots of laughs, and a great ending. Avengers is one of the best of the Marvel movies and shows how to do superhero actions films the right way.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

its funny that some news articles mocked the idea of an iron man movie as a B rated super hero, Robert Downey Jr shows what happens when a great actor takes on a B rated role, the critics were dumbfounded in this likely candidate for best Marvel superhero movie of all time. Iron man sets the foundation for the Marvel Cinematic universe and begins the current franchise run with a home run hit out of the park. Great movie, plot, villain, supporting characters, fun movie to watch, edge of seat excitement and a great interpretation of the character Iron man.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

If you can get past the fact that it is an animated cartoon (not sure why this has been an issue to several people I talked to) this film is better than the Snyder adaptation of Batman, batman is the world's greatest detective and in this well plotted out adventure, with shocking twists and turns, this is a great story that keeps you riveted for the entire movie.


A wonderful original song and great soundtrack, wonderful script, light, comic, yet a great message makes this a must family movie, this is an inspirational movie, this is a movie for both boys and girls, women and men, but it is great and important to see a young girl confidently take her position of leadership she is destined for. Thank you Disney for continuing to be a real leader not just in entertainment and putting together great fun movies, but movies with values and heart.

Captain America: Civil War

Civil war would make my top 10 Marvel movies, picking up on our own cultures culture wars, this movie taps and channels two different visions of what america is about, Cap standing for freedom and Iron Man and his authoritiarian spin, sets up for one of the greatest hero vs hero fight scenes in the marvel universe. With lots of action, humor, the introduction of the new spidey, this movie works and shows why the Marvel formula is so successful, great actors, great script, depth, staying close to the characters origins and yet a fresh new take.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

If I were to rate Marvel movies, Homecoming would have to be in the top 5, it is a fun fun movie, with an amazing actor Tom Holland giving an outstanding performance as the web crawler. The chemistry between Holland and Downey Jr is fantastic as mentor/mentoree, the action moves fast with a solid story, one of the best villains. This movie is action packed with a lot of heart. I love the diversity in this movie, it gives the film depth, humor, and a grounding in reality. The movie within a movie video diary at the beginning of the film is a stroke of genius, this movie does everything right, its one of Marvels best.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok is a great addition to the Marvel franchise. In fact, if I were to rate all the Marvel movies, Ragnarok would have to be in the top 5. It lift it story from Planet Hulk, Christ Hemsworth does an incredible job as Thor, this movie moves quickly, has a great sense of humor, great soundtrack and mix, Blanchett and Goldblum are great in their roles, Tessa Thompson also holds her own in this film, she is tough, funny, and a bit mysterious. The end battle scene involving thor is fulfilling and satisfying, the ending is surprising, it adds up to a great fun film that can be watched over and over again.