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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch(2006)

This is a "How not to make a romantic comedy" guide film. Failure to Launch fails at more than just launching. It fails at romance and comedy. It fails to make the lead characters interesting and their love affair believable. And it fails to develop a consistent tone that would enable viewers to suspend their disbelief and be carried away by a simple tale of two people falling for each other. It's difficult to say whether the leads are miscast or whether the parts are badly written (likely a combination of both), but the pairing of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey generates as many sparks as a soaked match in a rainstorm. Not only are these two unromantic, but their characters are self-absorbed and dull. So it's left to the supporting characters to provide Failure to Launch's few, occasional pleasures. (Abysmal comedy romance fare).