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Sunshine is a great thinking man's science fiction film and if not for the final half hour it would be right up there among the finest. Sunshine has a more ethereal look than the average science fiction movie but, considering the subject matter, it works. With the sun in such close proximity, we're treated to a number of shots when bright white bleaches the screen. Other times, there's darkness. The film is in color, but there's a lot of literal black and white. The special effects, while not on the spectacular scale of something like Transformers, are impressive. This is Boyle's third partnership with Garland, and their second consecutive genre effort (following the horror movie 28 Days Later). Hard-core science fiction fans will likely greet Sunshine with a smile. Others may find this to be an odd motion picture, but there's enough going on that even those who are expecting something flashier should still be engaged.(Hard sci-fi looses steam in the end).


Not a great comeback by the man who directed Lethal Weapon. If Timeline is a disappointment, it's because I still have some respect for director Richard Donner, despite his recent lack of success. Because of Lethal Weapon and Superman, I was willing to overlook Assassins. Before Timeline, Donner hadn't made a film in five years. As a comeback, this is a huge letdown. Then again, what could one reasonably expect from a movie that boasts an acting-challenged stud in the lead role. I know⦠Keanu Reeves did it in The Matrix, but, sad to say, Paul Walker is no Keanu Reeves and Timeline is definitely no The Matrix. There are times when the movie comes across as so laughably absurd that it's almost entertaining. Once or twice, I was half-expecting the Monty Python troupe to appear, searching for the Holy Grail. The lengthy battle scene at the end provides a little entertainment value, but we don't care enough about the paper-thin characters for this to have more than a cursory curiosity value.(A poor copy of other great action films).


What can I say about Breezy? Yes, it may reek a little of snobbishness, to take one of Clint(TM)s lesser known directorial efforts and plant it smack-dab in his all-time top five, but Breezy is a dusty jewel of a movie. Similar to the irritating, inter-generational quirk-bomb that is Harold and Maude, Clintï¿ 1/2 1/2(TM)s film tells of a bed-hopping beatnik played by Kay Lenz and her slow, steady and utterly charming relationship with an older, starched-shirt divorcee played by William Holden. In the press of late, Clint has lambasted what he believes to be a be a generation of pampered, politically correct pussies, but a film like Breezy, which is so affirmative about the notion of peaceful co-existence and accepting primal impulses, you canï¿ 1/2 1/2(TM)t help but think that itï¿ 1/2 1/2(TM)s all just stealth marketing for Sully. (May December romance has hardy looked better onscreen).


Society left me wanting more- On the one hand it is quirky and daring, but then it doesn't know what to do with the quirkiness. The problem with Society is that it doesn't realize that quirks and offbeat charm can only go so far and that it needs something more- like a substantial premise or great pacing for the other elements to work. Society gets certain quirk elements alright and the ending where a cannibalistic orgy starts is suitably funny or scary whichever way you wanna look. But overall Society is a miss because ofa lack of a good story. (A somewhat mess of a film that could have been good).


Wall E is a great movie by Pixar that should appeal to all ages. It is a tale of a robot-a very lonely robot and his experiences with love, mortality and human beings. The film works on all levels- there are enough funny gags and jokes to keep the younger audience happy and there is an underlying theme of the effects of capitalism that will be picked up by many older viewers. The setting in space gives an opportunity to the PIXAR animators to try different color palette which is a refreshing change from the colors we are used to seeing. This is an unmissable animation film. (A must watch for the whole family).

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

Quentin Tarantino burst on the scene with Reservoir Dogs and with Pul Fiction he cemented his place among the most exciting directors to watch. Like every other film of his this one contains memorable scenes, memorable dialogues and characters and an execution which can easily be identified as "Tarantinoesque". The film plays non-chronologically and involves two hitmen, a boxer, a mobster's wife and a diner. Each and every actor is amazing, so much so that you cannot imagine anyone else in the role. Travolta is especially good- no wonder this was a resurrection of sorts for the famed actor who was previously known for his dancing numbers. Populated by the Tarantino stock of actors who are seen in his films Pulp Fiction is a very good film that deserves to be seen. (A piece of movie history- a must watch for action fans).

Factory Girl
Factory Girl(2007)

One senses that Edie Sedgwick deserves better than this. It's not that Sienna Miller doesn't throw herself into the role but the screenplay - a conglomeration of truth, half-truth, and fiction - lacks depth and the direction is just as shallow. Factory Girl hints at a greater tragedy than the one it presents. By adhering to surface details and never letting the audience get to know the title character, the movie comes across as a generic bio-pic about another lost girl of the 1960s whose 15 minutes of fame leads to a downward spiral. However Sienna Miller is good and if there's any reason to see this film its for her performance.(average biopic saved only by a tough performance).

Predator 2
Predator 2(1990)

Predator was such a great film it is still quotable to this day and an experience to watch even if you've seen it. Predator 2 is an alright movie but comparing it to the original is futile. None of the main cast return and the setting isn't a lush jungle anymore, it is downtown los angeles. But there are some decent set pieces and one in particular where the Predator descends upon a gang is quite good. Ably supported by well known faces like Danny Glover and Bill Paxton Predator 2 is better than a bad movie but not as good as a great one. Still if you have seen the original you can watch this.(Decent sequel to a masterpiece).

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

Die Hard was a massive success back when it released and its easy to see why: It's an incredibly well paced action film with a wisecracking lead we relate to and an awesome bad guy. Directed by John Mctiernan Die Hard is a template for great action movies- It has relentless action, great one liners and suitable pyrotechnics instead of mindless CGI. John Mclane and Hans Gruber have endeared themselves in pop culture. What is incredible about Die Hard is that it has lost none of its edge and still retains every bit of its charm to this day. No matter how many movies Willis makes he shall forever be best known for running around barefoot atop the Nakatomi building.


Denis Villeneuve didn't debut with Prisoners, but it was this movie that put him on the map as one of the most exciting new talents to come around in sometime. Prisoners is about a pair of girls who are abducted which leads to an investigation and search effort by the father of one girl played superbly by Hugh Jackman. This is a tough but rewarding film to sit through and the pacing is good- you will be transfixed throughout. The acting is superb and everyone from Terence Howard and Jake Gyllenhaal to Paul Dano and Melissa Holly shine, but the star act is Jackman who should have received more accolades for his turn as the distraught father in this movie. Cinematography is stunning as is the direction.


To give it credit 2012 doesn't try to be anything but a high budget CGI fest appealing to the lowest common denominator and as such it should make a killing at the box office worldwide. John Cusack, Woody Harrellson(relishing scenery chewing here) and Danny Glover are all on hand to collect a paycheck for standing or running in front of green screens- depending on your temperament 2012 is your call.(Shut your brains off and watch 2012).

The Green Mile

Frank Darabond is one of those filmmaker's who isn't exactly known all that much, even by people who tend to notice the behind the camera happenings but one look at his filmography and you see that he is special: Shawshank Redemption, The Mist and of course The Green Mile are all not just great but genre defining movies. Green Mile is helped immensely by a great performance by Michael Clarke Duncan and ably supported by Tom Hanks and Sam Rockwell in one of his earliest roles. This crime drama is more heart than suspense or thrills but it is a great, unmissable film nonetheless. (Frank Darabond proves why he is a master).

Deep Sea 3D
Deep Sea 3D(2006)

This is a good documentary and the shots and coverage of the deep ocean is quite pleasing(and harrowing in places). However, with the advent of instant access to so much content, there isn't anything here that you won't find in better resolution on Netflix or Amazon. Still, if you enjoy documentaries or have even the slightest of fascination with sea life I feel you can spend an hour and some time with Deep Sea. (An alright documentary but much better is available elsewhere).


Wolfgang Peterson's Troy is a great period war film with the plot that concerns the Trojan War and takes place in a matter of days(or weeks as opposed to the 10 year timeline of the historical event). Featuring a host of stars like Brad Pitt, Peter O Toole, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom the film is an epic with some neat battle sequences. Among the performers Eric Bana shines the brightest though it is Pitt's Achilles who commands the screen. If you like historical epics then Troy by Wolfgang Peterson is right up your alley. (Great visuals and strong performances make this film a winner).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I was a massive fan of the Turtles growing up in the 90s(who wasn't) and with that in mind I must say this version is an abomination. Even knowing that this was from the Michael Bay camp doesn't help because this ruins and spits over everything you grew up with. It's not even a "so bad it is good" film. Megan Fox, in the last throes of her career plays April O Neill and Will Artnett plays her creepy co-worker. The turtles look and feel larger and more menacing then their cartoon counterparts and even the effects and action is nothing special.(Avoid this Turtle soup).