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Pick of the Litter

What is not to be loved! Both adorable and insightful -a brilliant documentary.

My Days of Mercy

Loved this- well written, dramatic and heartwarming, and also unravels some major themes along the way. A total treat to see Ellen Page and Kate Mara as leads -they have great chemistry


A complete visual treat that transports you into a new world. Simple but totally effective. Great visuals, music and performances!

Bernie the Dolphin

Entertaining, heartwarming with a strong message. Perfect family watch!

Once Upon A Time In London

Gritty gangster movie - Must see for lovers of this genre. Full of gritty violence, balanced with elements of comedy!

The Accountant of Auschwitz

Insightful and thought-provoking documentary. It totally challenges your first opinions. An interesting watch!

Bauhaus Spirit

Insightful and entertaining. For someone who is not overly interested in history or architecture this was a great eye-opener!

A Young Man with High Potential

Dark and intense. Delivering sinister themes this horror will have you gripped from the start. With a strong performance by lead Piet Carnell.

Office Uprising

Unexpectedly good! This comedy horror is exactly what you need after a hard days graft at the office. Great comic relief with some plot twists and zombie-inspired violence. Great laugh!


Easy breezy shark movie madness. Giving you the thrills of a typical disaster movie, this shark thriller has all the expected ingredients and more. Totally entertaining!

Peter Pan - The quest for the never book

An easy to watch spin on the classic tale of Peter Pan! Well-suited to a young audience.

Alex & The List

A great concept in the rom-com space, with plenty of funny moments and an unexpected conclusion (which is unusual). Fun and easy to watch!


Interesting camerawork help create an intense and thrilling atmosphere for this teenage disaster movie with a surprising twist. Worth the ride!

Brothers' Nest

Brilliantly executed dark comedy with an underlying twisted family drama for good measure. Achieves a great balance between humour and emotion.

And Then I Go

Deeply emotional. A disturbing yet relevant story in such unsettling times centred around the theme of bullying and the mental state of youths. Totally powerful, important and atmospheric!

Lost In London Live

This film is all too impressive, not only for its technical achievement but also because of its fun-filled comedic elements. Woody Harrelson is no doubt brilliant as ever and the creativity of doing a live stream is commendable. Hats off to this unique piece of cinema and film!


A bit of creature feature fun! Ridiculous but is exactly what you expect. Perfect for when you are in the mood for a survival horror. Thumbs up!

St. Agatha
St. Agatha(2019)

Freaky and bonkers all at the same time. A compelling horror with excellent performances by Sabrina Kern and Hannah Fierman. Certain moments will have you squirming in your seat! Fans of this genre will love this.

A Stork's Journey

A fun-filled heartwarming tale of unity and courage with an important message. Definitely a must watch for children!


Contains all the ingredients to create a great epic.Well acted, strong narrative and outstanding production values. Rise of the Viking will have you striving for the lead characters in his goal to bring justice to his people. A brilliant all-rounder!


Fun-filled and brimming with emotion, romance and comedy that also touches on themes of addiction and loneliness. An unexpected film that showcases the giallo style. Must watch for lovers of the 80s.


A compelling remake of the original story. Strong chemistry between Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek who compliment each other throughout the film. Gritty, old-fashioned entertainment!

At First Light

With a Stranger Things -esque vibe, this sci-fi brings the concept of superpowers, aliens and teenage love to the table. Overall, an entertaining watch!

The Guilty (Den skyldige)

Undeniably outstanding movie! This is one of the best thrillers I have seen in a long time. Simplicity fused with brilliant acting, a complex narrative and a climax that will take you by surprise. This is what you would call a complete package. An absolute must watch!


A suspenseful sci-fi which intelligently deals with identity, equality and human emotion. Ansel Elgort plays the characters of both John and Jonathan with distinction. An interesting and intriguing concept which is truly engaging through to the finish.

Speed Kills
Speed Kills(2018)

A fast-paced action that will keep you thoroughly entertained as legendary John Travolta plays a racing boat millionaire! A fun watch!


Based on sleep paralysis this chilling horror provides some thrilling jumpy moments with a brilliant performance by Olga Kurylenko. Recommended!


Stallone does not disappoint in this action-packed thriller! An interesting plot, led confidently by Matthew Modine who brilliantly carries off his role as an amnesia sufferer. Definitely worth a watch!


A must watch for Keanu fans. A chilling, gripping thriller with interesting insight into human behaviour. Definitely recommend!


Intense and intriguing sci-fi to make you question reality. Pushing the boundaries of identity, conscience and human morals, the film has a gripping concept and leaves you with your own interpretations. Get ready to escape reality!

Secret Santa
Secret Santa(2018)

Not your typical Christmas movie. A hilariously twisted holiday movie showcasing the dysfunctional family attempting their annual "civilised" Christmas dinner.... For anyone who fancies a serving of gory madness this Christmas.


Great to see two female leads in this beautifully acted thriller. An engaging and compelling tale, revealing the complexities of trust and human bonds. A worthwhile watch!

The Little Mermaid

Clever twist to the classic family favourite. An easy watch for children, with some lovely on-screen moments.


Awesomely gruesome! A surprise zombie attack in a strip club. Baring all, this comical, sexy and gruesome horror is an entertaining watch. What you see is what you get.

The Captain (Der Hauptmann)

Brilliantly captured true story. The Captain showcases the horrific aftermath of WWII, while delving into the minds of the desperate and outright sinister. Psychologically thrilling and beautiful in black and white.