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The movie was slow and the environmental agenda wasn't welcome theme of the movie.

The Net
The Net(1995)

I didn't like that she was overly intimate in this movie otherwise the movie plot is even more believable today than when it was made

Brokeback Mountain

Will never watch this movie the synopsis is enough to know it isn't a good movie

All About Steve

Has had some amazing movies, but this movie was awful. I felt really bad for her.

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time

The physics of the movie was totally unbelievable and the movie was painful to watch. I had a headache by the time it was over.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

Not Disney's best movie, but it had a good theme showing revenge is an empty pursuit

Gray's Anatomy

A lot of liberal agenda trying to brainwash the public

Dirty Work
Dirty Work(1998)

It was a dumb movie and kind fo boring. Not really funny at all


Excellent movie. Had a strong message for men to step up and be what God intended for them to be.