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There are only 5 words for this: "Best Animated Film of 2008". Man, a movie that combines Environmentalism & a love story has never been done until 'Wall-E' came out. I mean, movies about this kind of thing had never ever been good, but this one, went to the infinite eternity of space when it took off. The reason I say this is because, most people won't even flinch when watching this, but they won't think kids will even Watch the movie because of the storyline, which is just amazing! There's no words for it. But, some parents would actually question the story for it's commercialism, environmentalism, etc. But, I am only 10 3/4, and I've loved this movie ever since I was only 5! And, I understood it very well, and I actually turned to enjoy it from then on. So, I think it's safe to say that, you shouldn't hold back on seeing new movies, even if the storyline doesn't interest you, you might still turn out to love it. Even though the first half hour barely has any dialogue, and we only rely on facial expressions, it actually feels like Eve and Wall-E have a connection with each other through out the movie, and the ending is one of the best I have ever seen, when the Axiom finally after 700 years returns to earth, and Eve and Wall-E finally found what they were looking for, along with the funny animations during the end credits, you've got yourself one heck of a heartfelt movie and ending.